You Are Mine

Chapter I: A Close Enemy Appears


The miko that I was reincarnated from, the former protecter of the Shikon no Tama,  the one who holds Inuyasha's heart...his true love. How it hurts me to say this. Surely, he has no place in his heart for me....yet I still have feelings for him. Even after numerous times that I've tried to runaway from him, he always comes back to get me. Does he really have a place for me besides finding the Shikon shards? Nah, I must be hallucinating.

Kagome opened her eyes to see the bright sunshine blinding her from the shifting leaves of the trees above. Miroku, Sango, Shippou and Kirara were all still sleeping peacefully. Kagome realizes that Inuyasha was not amongst them and sits up rubbing her weary eyes. She looks around and sees that he is by the river cooking up some fish over a fire. Noticing her stomach growling, Kagome stands up and walks toward him.

"Good morning Inuyasha. Thanks for making breakfast." Kagome says lifelessly and picking up a fish on a stick. "Keh! You don't even sound appreciative about it! Not like I care." said Inuyasha angrily. "I'm surprised that you even know the meaning of 'appreciative'!!!" Kagome argued back while biting her fish. "And I know you don't care!!"

"Hey…" Miroku says now awake from his slumber. "I was having the nicest dream when...OW!!" he said getting cut off by a familiar oversized boomerang on his head. "Don't even finish that sentence you lecherous monk!!!" yelled Sango with a yawning Kirara by her side. "Why am I always the one wakes up with all this arguing!!!" cried Shippou.

Awhile later after everyone had breakfast and their share of bickering, the group set out to find the Shikon shards and their arch enemy Naraku.

"Hey, you guys can we stop for sec.? I have to go to that lake over there." Kagome pointed. "But we've only been walking for half an hour! You must be the laziest bitch in both worlds!" Inuyasha yelled. "OSUWARI!!!!!!!" screamed Kagome now looking at a flat Inuyasha. "Besides it's not because I'm tired, it's a girl thing!" said Kagome and then ran to the lake.

She stopped in front of the lake and got on her knees looking at the crystal blue water. Before she could dip her hands in it she saw her reflection. Suddenly it changed to an image of Kikyou staring at her with cold gray eyes. "Inuyasha is mine." The reflection echoed. Kagome became angered with sadness at slapped the water to rid of Kikyou's image. "I HATE YOU!!!!" she yelled angrily with tears blurring her eyes. "I…hate…you."

From a distance…

"Is this the girl who is known to be Inuyasha's wench?" said an unknown tall figure.

"Yes, master." said a small sized figure.  "She is the one your hanyou brother often worries about without hesitation."

"Worries about, huh? I will have fun with this."


A/N: Sorry this was a short chapter but this is just the beginning. The next chapters will be much longer.