You Are Mine

Chapter VII:  The Fight Begins

In the depths of the castle, a purple haze is seen seeping out from under one of the doors.  It is the room of Naraku.  Behind it, he is looking into a large crystal orb that is giving off an eerie light.  He watches moving pictures that are forming before him.  Inuyasha and his friends are heading towards his palace.  He is also surprised that it seems like Sesshoumaru has joined this group that loathed him so much.

"Hmph, do they believe that this Naraku will simply surrender to the likes of them?" he smirked.  "They yet do not know what I have planned for them.  They will simply bathe in their own blood."  He turned and walked away from the orb then started to head back to the dark bowels of his lair where the miko lies.


It is almost the midst of night and everyone just finished relaxing.  They all knew that they were very close to Naraku's palace and they could not stop now while Kagome is held captive.  The most impatient in the group were Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru.  Inuyasha was pacing around agitatedly and Sesshoumaru had his arms crossed tapping his foot while glaring at his half brother.  Sango was giving her hiraikotsu a last fix, Miroku was organizing his exorcism charms and Shippou was testing his toy weapons.  Soon enough, everyone was prepared and left to Naraku's castle.  The time has come to finally defeat their worst enemy.  The one who created an endless void in their lives by manipulating the ones they love.  Soon, all the anger and revenge will vanish.


In the damp, darkness of the basement, the young girl has her head down with her bangs slightly covering her tired eyes.  The rusted chains are tightly squeezing the miko's wrists, making her hands become a purplish color.  She slowly lifted her head up as she heard the sound of footsteps.  Realizing it was Naraku's, the girl changed her expression from miserable to anger in a heartbeat.  He knelt down in front of his prisoner and cupped her chin.  He smirked at the fact that she had the eyes to kill. 

"Your friends are coming for you as we speak.  Too bad they will die a slow and painful death."  He began to laugh when suddenly a slimy substance hit his face right below his left eye. 

"FUCK YOU!  *SLAP*" Kagome yelled then felt a strong pain on her face causing tears to form in her eyes.  Naraku grabbed her by the neck and pressed her against the wall.

"Bitch, you will die before those bastards even set foot here!!!"  Naraku threatened as he lifted his hand again but stopped when he felt the presence of Inuyasha and the others.  "It seems that you will die with them."  He said as he removed her from the chains and dragged her outside. 

Once outside, he made a deformed like tree come out of the ground and tied the battered girl there.  She desperately tried to escape from the roots that held her but with no luck.  Naraku saw her pitiful struggling and laughs.  "Now you will witness the bloodshed in front of your eyes."


The half-demon appeared in front Naraku as expected.  Just seeing him makes his blood boil to an unbearable temperature.  All the times Inuyasha has faced the real him, he most likely disappears and doesn't come back unless found.  He couldn't help but let out a ferocious growl.

Sesshoumaru on the other hand, is not taking it lightly as well.  Seeing Kagome captive like that wants him to go over to Naraku and destroy him limb from limb.  His unacceptable feelings for her have grown ever since he laid eyes on her.  Thinking like this makes the taiyoukai shudder but somehow makes him…happy? 

"I'm glad you can all make it." said Naraku sarcastically while flicking his dark hair over his shoulder.  He wanted to give them all the torture possible.  In the past, they have always ruined his plans, especially since the brothers almost killed him at one time.  'Now everything will end here and now.' He thought.


A/N: I'm sorry this ended so quick but I need to work on the battle scene.  Oh yeah and sorry for the long wait.