Back again, this might be the first story out of them all that I finish because, it's pretty sort but pretty long as well. Anyway, I used to, I used to do recaps of my fanfics, but no one does that anymore. So now we're doing this without recaps peeps.

So, let's do a review on Davis' team.

Miracle Hunters

General: Davis

Digimon: Veemon, MetalKabuterimon, MetalTyrannomon, Renamon, Gaogamon, Angewomon, Lilymon, Seadramon, Flamdramon, Ignitemon, and BanchoLeomon

Fusions: MechaVeemon, WereVeemon, AngeLilymon, Veemon Aquia Mode, FlamIgnitemon, and KnightLeomon

Digivolutions: UlForceVeedramon

If some of you are still wondering why Flamdramon the Courage was with the Bagra Army as if he were a coward, it wasn't because he was a coward, he was just doing it because Ignite was doing so.


"What?... I see… Another dimension? As in another Earth and Digital World?... Hmm, interesting."

Title: Deep Trouble in Canyon Land!

"So this is Canyon Land, huh?" Christopher said after seeing they arrived. "What, no welcoming party?" He then asked. "Guess they weren't expecting us. But the Dark General behind those gates, is gonna wish he never met me." He then said as he saw that there was a gate where the doors weren't opened.


A voice whispered through his head as he grunted. "… *Sigh* Say whatever you want, you're not stopping me." He then said as he ignored the voice.

"Where're your scouts now Monitamon? Let's check in on them." Mikey then said as the others were looking at Monitamon.

"They've just reached the gate. As soon as they climb the wall, they'll switch on the live feed, then we should see what they are seeing." Monitamon stated showing his screen.

Meanwhile, the other ones were at the gate jumping from rock to rock in order to get over. "Why are you always on top?" Scout 1 asked.

"Quiet. I'm sending this back to the others." Scout 2 said switching to live feed.

Back with he others, they exclaimed when they saw what Digimon were on the other side while Davis and Veemon both looked more nervous from the Endigomon and Hippogriffomon and Cerberusmon that were on the other side.

'No way, they have those guys too.' The maroon haired boy thought nervously as he remembered the Cocomon problem he had the deal with.

"I thought Olegmon had a lot of guys, but this just nuts." Mikey stated after seeing the army.

"*Scoff* What are you so afraid of?" Christopher said when looked at the screen as well. "So he's got a flock of Hippogriffomon, hundreds of Cerberusmon, and a horde Endigomon. So, what?" He then stated as the screen changed to show a Digimon on a throne. "The Dark General is all that matters. Gravimon the Earth Spirit. Defeat him and the rest will be a cake walk… and I'll finally win." He then said in a dark tone.

(With Gravimon)

"Soldiers, we have all heard the rumors. And the stories are true, the invaders have conquered Gold Land and even now approach out gates." Gravimon said as he stood from his throne. "When the enemy sees the fearsome might of my army they will most likely retreat, rather than fight us. If not, we will mercilessly crush them to pieces!" He then said as he closed his fist and his army made their battle cry.

(Back with the others later around a fire)

"Going head-on against an army that size would be crazy." Mikey stated.

"You make a good point, we're gonna need a plan if we're gonna fight against them." BanchoLeomon stated.

"What if we disguise ourselves and sneak in, like we did in Vampire Land?" Nene suggested.

"Our enemies know about that lame tactic by now." Christopher said gaining their attention. "I'll take the lead on this one." He said while looking out at the flag that was far from them.

"Oh really? Just like that?" Shoutmon then said unsure.

"Sounds like you got a plan figured out. Tell us." Mikey asked curious as to what he had in mind.

"There's only one thing we need to win this battle." The blonde was saying.

"Enough with the drama already, just tell us!" Veemon said getting annoyed.

"Strategy." He then finished.

"What?" Shoutmon asked confused.

"You think so?" Mikey asked as well.

"Exactly, that's it. When you hear my plan, you'll understand what I'm talking about." He then told them.

'Why do I get the feeling that he's acting like Matt?' Davis then thought.

Christopher then draw his plan down in the dirt. "Okay, here's Gravimon's wall, the X is where we are. There are two narrow canyons that lead to the front gate." He said while pointing with a stick. "First up is Nene." He said dropping a rock. "You are gonna attack from the air. As a response Gravimon will send out his Hippogriffonmon." He said before moving a bigger rock near then.

"Next is Mikey, send the fasted fighters you got to the right canyon. That will force him to use the Cerberusmon." He then said as he dropped a rock then moved another bigger one. "Then the strongest forces, down the left canyon. Gravimon will have to commit his strongest fighters, that's the Endigomon to go up against you. I'm sure you could figure something out Davis." He said dropping one more rock and moving another bigger one to it.

Davis and Veemon were taken aback when they heard they were supposed to be against the Endigomon, meanwhile BanchoLeomon and Gaogamon had a look of concern since they knew something was probably gonna go wrong with this plan.

"Wait, what are you gonna do for this plan?" Gaogamon asked getting suspicious.

"Don't worry about us." Christopher then said as he dropped one more rock. "While his forces are fighting you, I'm going for him." He stated as the look of concern on said Digimons' faces grew more.

"No fair! Why should we do all the fighting and leave you with the General?" Shoutmon then asked annoyed.

"Plus I'm worried that we won't last long if we all have to fight separately like that." Nene said concern.

"I'm with her on this, this idea…" Davis was about to say.

"Ten minutes!" Christopher then said before stomping his foot on the largest rock. "Ten minutes is all we need out there." He then said with a dark smile on his face before pushing his foot even further. "If you can hold the forces that long, I guarantee one less Dark General." He then said before pulling out his Fusion Loader.

"Hold on." BanchoLeomon said putting his hand on the boy's shoulder. "This plan of yours is not a guaranteed victory, there is a very slim chance this won't fail. I suggest that you think this over first." He stated.

Christopher then grunted before forcing the hand off him. "There's nothing to think over, this plan is how we claim victory. We're doing it and there's nothing worth wasting time thinking about." He then spouted.

"Think about what you're doing. This plan has a bigger chance of being a backfire then success, we don't know what the Dark General is planning and therefore this plan unacceptable. We cannot take that risk." The lion man then said back to him with a mild anger.


Christopher then grunted and had an angered look in his eyes. "… This is not your call. From this point on, I'm in charge and this is my plan and if you can't cooperate then what good are you for!" He yelled at him in anger.

Everyone was shocked at how fast his tone changed as the two were now glaring at each other. "Prepare yourselfs… tonight, Gravimon falls." He then said as he looked and clenched his Fusion Loader.

"And what if we can't hold them for that long, what we all get destroyed instead?" Gaogamon then came in.

"Second best to Mikey Kudo…"

"SHUT UP!" The boy then shouted at the hound. "The battle hasn't begun, so quit acting pathetic. I don't have time to deal with losers. If you're not in, I'll fight on my own then." He then said before walking away.

Mikey was just about to say something, but Davis went in front of him to ask first. "Christopher, why are you in such a hurry to win this fight?" He asked with a little bit of concern.

"Because, I can see the goal now. The only way to win is to rely on my true nature and nothing else." He then stated.

"What does that mean?" Mikey then asked him.

"Victory alone isn't enough. I need to prove to everyone that I am the strongest. Something you wouldn't get." He replied.

"But defeating the Bagra Army should be our main goal, why do you need to prove?…" Davis then tried to ask him.

"That's your goal. Think of it anyway you want to. But remember… I'm here to make it crystal clear who the strongest is, don't get in my way." He then said determined. "Are you with me or against me?" He then asked.

They then looked at each other and when Davis saw his smile, it reminded him of the emperor version of Ken. He didn't think it was possibly, but deep down he knew that all sanity was probably lost from his fellow ally.

"Uh… you got a lotta nerve!" Shoutmon then said annoyed.

"What's with you Christopher?" Nene asked as she took a step forward before Mikey put his arm in front of them.

"… We have no other choice." Mikey then stated as everyone gasped.

"Have you lost it, Mikey? Didn't you hear him?" Shoutmon then asked shocked.

"I still have faith in Christopher. He's still on our side. We got this far together, and I'm not quiting on him." He then told them.

"…*Chuckle* Smart idea." Christopher then said with a smile.

Mikey then walked in front of him and took out his Fusion Loader. "Let's conquer Canyon Land together!" He then pulled out his Fusion Loader and held it high then showed the three-way flag.

(With Gravimon)

"*Chuckles* Ooh, aren't you tough? Christopher…" He then said as he had a plan. "Two arms!" He then commanded.

(With the others)

The gate was now opening and the army of Digimon were emerging from it. Nene was already in the air with Sparrowmon and was heading for the Hippogriffonmon, meanwhile Mikey and his crew were on ground level heading for the other wave of minons and same could be said for Davis and his group.

'Phase one has begun, the war in the sky.' Christopher thought to himself as he watched the battle from afar.

Nene and Sparrowmon made it out of the horde then flew up before Nene got off and Sparrowmon flew down, then she summoned Mervamon. "Digi-Fuse!" She then yelled as she fused them together.


"Alright, you're up." The girl stated as she was on the Digimon's back again.

"Medullia Mist!" JetMervamon yelled as she released a toxic mist around here taking out her opponents.

"There's too many!" Nene yelled out through the noise.

"Way to gather the enemy into a target for me." Christopher said to himself.

Davis was on MetalKabuterimon watching and saw the Hippogriffonmon surrounding Nene and got a little concern then saw MetalGreymon fly over. "What the?..." He said confused.

"Giga Blaster!" Christopher then commanded as the Digimon began firing, not seeming to care that Nene was in there.

"What on Earth is he doing?" Veemon then said shocked as the boy was worried.

"What is wrong with you!?" The girl yelled after the attack was over.

"Quit your winning, you're still flying. Now get back to work! We an't done yet." He then said with a smug look on his face.

Davis was angered by what Christopher just did, he could've hurt his own teammate and still he gives no remorse what so ever. 'Why did he just do that?' He thought angrily.

Meanwhile, Gaogamon, Dorulumon, Cutemon, Renamon, BanchoLeomon and Beelzemon were at the other canyon. "Enemy just ahead." Beelzemon said as the Ceberusmon were coming.

"Let's get'em!" Dorulumon exclaimed.

"Right with ya!" Gaogamon then said as they went to fight.

Meanwhile, Christopher was still spectating. "Well, the ground battle's begun already. Phase 2." He then said as the Digimon were going all out. "I'm sure that's enough. Deckerdramon, let's go." He then reloaded said Digimon then headed down for them. "Fire right into the rock walls above them." He commanded.

Deckerdramon then fired as he was told and hit the wall creating rocks that fell down. "What the heck!" Renamon said confused.

"Barrior Dome!" Cutemon said as he created as shield that covered everyone as the rocks hit.

"That should do it." Christopher then said as he saw his mission was done and he sent Deckerdramon into the loader before getting picked up by MetalGreymon and taking off.

Meanwhile the Digimon he almost crushed pushed off the rocks annoyed. "What is wrong with that kid?" Dorulumon stated.

"Hmm…" BanchoLeomon was thinking as he stared to where he was heading. 'I thought something was wrong.' He then thought before more Ceberusmon appeared. "Looks like we're not yet." He then stated.

Back with Christopher, he was looking for two left. "Now to find Mikey and Davis." He stated. "*Scoff* I can hardly wait to see what they're up to." He then said sarcastically.

Meanwhile with Mikey, Davis and their group, it was barely a challenge since they weren't even fighting. Not to mention, the Endigomon seemed dumber than they thought so they pretty much got around them without them even knowing where they were.

"You got to be joking." Christopher then said annoyed.

"We gotta keep moving around and confusing them, guys. The longer we can avoid a fight the better the chances are." Mikey whisper as the four were hiding behind two separate trees.

"Agh, fine but this goes against all my instincts, I just wanna pound'em." Shoutmon growled.

"Yeah, but the less chaos the better. Right?" Davis then said until they heard something in the air and looked up to see… "MetalGreymon?"

Then the mecha dinosaur shot down an attack and the whole place exploded. "I'd rather blow'em all up." He said with a sick smile on his face.

Back with the others. "What on Earth is he doing?" Veemon asked confused.

"He's trying to burn down the whole forest." Mikey then stated looking around.

But then the ground suddenly began to move. "We're sinking!" Shoutmon shouted as they began to fall and yell.

"Mikey!" Dorulumon yelled as he jumped down.

"Perfect timing." The boy said as he took out his Fusion Loader.

"Hey guys, you ready?" Davis asked his friends in his loader.

"Just say the word." MetalTyannomon said ready to fuse.



"Oh, yeah!"




"*ROAR! *"

"Starmon, Pickmonz!"



"Shoutmon X4!"




"At your service!"


"I'm ready!"



The Digimon all fused into their respective fusions and saved the human generals along with themselves. "That's cutting it close." MechaVeemon said after they were safe.

There was still Endigomon around though. "Not too many left, we got this." Shoutmon then said as he readied his sword.

"Ya got that right." MechaVeemon then said also ready.

Davis looked over to where Christopher was and was confused. 'Christopher, do you want to win so bad that you don't care if anyone of us get hurt?' He thought.

Back with said blondie, he was heading for his goal; the Dark General Gravimon. "All right, that takes care of most of his troops. Now, I'll take care of him." He said as he made it to the gates only to see them closing. "Hmph, getting scarred Dark General?" He said smugly.

"It's too late." He then said as MetalGreymon rushed the gates. "You're not getting rid of us that easy!" He shouted taking out his Fusion Loader. "Reload, Deckerdramon!"

Said Digimon was sent flying at the gate doors and created an explosion and dust. When the dust cleared, there he was with his Digimon coming through the door. "Surrender or be destroyed Gravimon!" Christopher threatened him.

"Hmm, such arrogance." Gravimon then taunted him.

"*Grunt* You're gonna regret saying that!" The boy then said angered.

After Deckerdramon broke through the door, he sensed something. 'What? What is this power I'm sensing.'

"Get up off your throne and face me!" Christopher yelled at him still angry as two Digimon appeared and attacked. "What'cha afraid of General? Digi-Defuse!" He then broke the fusion and Greymon and MailBirdramon attacked the two as he headed for Gravimon.

"Really, you're gonna fight me with your pathetic human body?" He laughed as ropes came from his back and after the boy.

"Cyberdramon!" Christopher then yelled as the metal dragon was out of the loader and got him out of the way, then to wrap the Dark General in his own trap.

"Huh? No way!" Gravimon then said shocked as the dragon flew behind him.

"You honestly make this too easy." The boy then said as he took out his loader again. "MailBirdramon, Greymon, Digi-Fuse!" He said as he fused them into MetalGreymon again. "Now! Digivolve!" He shouted.

"MetalGreymon Digivolve to, ZekeGreymon!"

"So, this is his full power." Gravimon said in absolute shock.

"Destroy him!" Christopher then commanded.

Then ZekeGreymon ran forward and stabbed his claw into him creating a big explosion. When that happened Mikey, Davis and the others made it over to see Christopher land on the ground.

"C-Christopher?" Mikey asked concerned.

"We… we finally wo… no… 'I' have won it all!" He then shouted. "ZekeGreymon, finish him!" Then said Digimon ripped his claw out going up and slicing him to pieces as the boy did his sick smile again.


He grunted again hearing the voice. "What?... wh… why hasn't it?..." He was saying to himself as Deckerdramon also sensed the voice.

"Nice try General, but…" He flinched when he heard Gravimon's voice then he looked up to she the cut in three Gravimon still smirking at him. "All that effort for nothing." He said as he began to disappear with his throne.

"N-no way…" Christopher said as fear grew inside him.


He then flinched hearing the voice go on, over and over. "I'm sorry, but everything so far has happened exactly the way I planned it." Gravimon said as he disappeared.

"Oh no, that's not good." Davis said as he was worried now.

"Nothing about this is good." Gaogamon said as he had his guard up.

Then the fortress wall seemed to be coming down. "What's happening?" Mikey said confused.

Christopher had a look of fear in his eyes the entire time. "The forces you defeated were nothing but a small fraction, humans." He said as the wall was now down showing that he had about hundreds of more in store. "Now you see a sight few have witnessed before. The full might of my unstoppable army!" He said as there were now Centarumon, Sagittarimon, and way, way more.

The fear kept growing in the poor boy as he watched the army march forward. "This is way more than too much." Shoutmon said nervous.

"No kidding." Mikey said just as nervous as they were all surrounded.

"Now what? What should we do?" Shoutmon asked.

Then Davis saw the blonde boy shaking. "Christopher! What are you doing!? We can't fight like this!" He yelled over to him worried.

"N-no…" Christopher said as he tried to hold up his Fusion Loader. "I am the strongest… I won't quit!" He yelled as he stuck his loader out.

"Christopher, no!" Mikey yelled out.

"Get'em ZekeGreymon!" He commanded as the gold Digimon flew forward.


"I'm not PATHETIC!" He then screamed out as ZekeGreymon was about to attack until…

(Slowed time)

'I can see the darkness in your eyes. Let it control you… let darkness consume you.'

(Normal time speed)

"High-Gravity Grip!" Gravimon yelled before pulling his arms back then forward crushing ZekeGreymon in the process, making Christopher flinch again.

"W-what?" He muttered in confusion.

"Surely now you can accept that you have lost, yes?" The Dark General then asked as he dropped the defused Digimon.

"I…" Christopher then fell to his knees. "I lost?... N-no, that can't be true…" He seemed to out of it.


This time the voice got even more aggressive sounding. "Christopher." Davis said seeing his friend lose.

Then Mikey got a call from Nene. "Mikey, what's up? Did we win?" She asked.

"No where close, where are you?" He asked worried until he looked up and saw her with JetMervamon.

"Just above you, what happened?" She asked confused.

"Attack our position!" He said to her.

"What, are you kidding me?" She asked.

"It's the only chance we have of escaping." He told her. "You gotta believe me. Use the Madness Merry-Go-Round! Do it!" He said to her.

Gravimon then looked up and saw where she was. "Madness Merry-Go-Round!" JetMervamon yelled as she did her attack and destroyed the ground below them making their escape as the ground sealed up again.

"My, very cleaver… except you left one behind." He said looking down at the blonde boy.

"M-Mikey… D-d-avis…" He said before passing out.

Meanwhile in a tunnel in who knows where. "Bleh, back in water again." Shoutmon said as he got out.

"Yeah, but aren't you glad we're alive?" Mikey asked.

"Yeah, ya make a point." Veemon then stated.

"So, you knew there was an underground river down here?" Nene asked amazed.

"Yeah, when we fell into it before when Christopher blew the forest up." He told her.

"Wait…" Davis said gaining their attention. "Where is Christopher?" He then asked as the others looked around and noticed the boy wasn't in sight.

"Did we miss him?" Veemon asked confused.

"Or else Gravimon." Mikey then said as now they were worried.

(With Christopher)



"Christopher…" A voice echoed through his head as he opened his eyes and saw a locket in front of him wide open showing a younger version of him with what could be his parents.


"I'm disappointed in you."


"You lost and proved you are weak. And I've already told you many times, that you need to be strong. Only the strong survive, and no one respects a loser."

"Father no!"

"You are nothing but a weakling, Christopher."

(Flashback over)

"F…father…" He muttered reaching out for the locket, only for it to be taken.

"Darkness, I can see it deep in your heart." Gravimon said as the boy's eyes widened.

"S-STAY BACK!" He screamed pulling out his loader.

"Easy now, I just have a little story to tell." He said taking the boy in his grasp.

"WHAT STORY?!" The boy screamed out.

"Did you know that Lord Bagra was the one who called you to the Digital World?" Gravimon began to speak.

"LIAR!" Christopher shouted out losing sanity.

"He was interested in you because he heard of your strength. Even planned to make you a Dark General." The Digimon told him.

"Bagra… wants to have me for a General?" The boy asked still insane.

"Yes… but not anymore. Not since you recklessly challenged me and lost everything." The Dark General told him. "Had it not been for Mikey Kudo's leadership and that dimension hopper Davis Motomiya your entire force would have wiped out." He explained.

"*Grunt* What? How do you?..." Christopher asked shocked that he knew about Davis.

"That's a little something that I can't necessarily explain myself. My point is that the only enemies of the Bagra Army left standing are the Red and Gold Generals, Mikey Kudo and Davis Motomiya." He told him again. "No place for a weakling like you in the Digital World." He continued saying.

"Me…. Weak?" Christopher asked again.

"I told you, the weak are beneath contempt. Only the strong survive, and no one respects a loser." Gravimon started saying.

"You are weak, you are nothing but a loser!"

Then Christopher began screaming and thrashing about until he fell to his knees. "Well, guess that's the end of the story." Gravimon said as he was about to walk away.

"No…" The boy said stopping him. "I don't wanna be a loser… I don't wanna be weak." He told him. "I can change, I can find a way… I'll get stronger! I'll do whatever it takes." He then said looking at him.

"Hmmm, interesting. Anything, you say?" Gravimon asked him.

"Christopher! Don't give in!" Deckerdramon from his Fusion Loader tried to tell him but was unable to get him to listen.

"Yes! Anything!" The blonde then stated.

"Christopher! Please, this is the enemy you're talking to!" Dracomon tried reasoning with him.

"Anything, to show I'm not weak." He continued.

Then Gravimon smiled. "Then prove it to me. Prove it by defeating worthy opponents." He told him as he held the locket in his face. "Defeat the Red and Gold Generals; Mikey Kudo and Davis Motomiya."

"… Mikey and Davis, huh?" Christopher asked before a smirk appeared on his face. "Had to happen eventually I guess." He then said as he took the locket back.


Mikey and the others were running back through the tunnel in hopes they are in time. "Hang on Christopher, we're coming back for you!" Mikey said with determination.

"Christohper! Where are you!?" Davis then yelled when they made it out.

Then they saw MetalGreymon appear. "There he is." The red general said in relief at first.

"He must've escaped from Gravimon." Shoutmon then said.

"Christopher! We came back for you!" Mikey then said happy.

"Too bad… because I'm here to destroy you!" Christopher then said taking out his Fusion Loader.

Davis then flinched. "N-no way." He muttered as the others just seemed confused.

"Fire, Giga Blaster!" The blonde commanded as MetalGreymon charged his attack while the had his sick smile again. "No one will see me for a loser again after this." He then said sinisterly.

(Davis' world)

Kari was walking around the beach, it was pretty early in the morning, but she really needed to get her mind off something. "I really need to stop thinking about last night, I was probably just really sleepy. Yeah, that's probably it. I was tired and seeing things." She couldn't stop thinking about the hallucination she had the night before

It brought back so many terrifying memories and she wanted nothing more to do with that place. Especially, since she knew who she sent back there. Then she also thought of something; Davis didn't seem to be around, which is odd because she thought he'd be going to do some soccer, since he was getting a little better at it.

He did seem to finally stop and give up on trying to win her heart which seemed off about him, but she guessed he was finally maturing and moving on. Or he might even have his eyes on someone else. But she thought that she would at least see him somewhere around, seeing as she did happen to come across the rest of her team.


"Wait, you haven't heard from Davis at all?" Kari asked Ken.

"No, usually on Saturdays he'd call asking if he wanted to hang out. He didn't do it so I went to see if he was doing some soccer or basketball or anything and I haven't seen him around the city at all." He told her a little worried. "Do you think he's still asleep?" He asked.

"I guess that could be possible, but I don't remember him being able to sleep that long." Kari then stated.

"Well, I can't really think of any other reason, maybe DemiVeemon kept him up or something?" Ken said trying to make sense. "Maybe he's got a cold and can't get out of bed." He said reasonably. "I'll give him a call right… Huh?" He said taking out his phone only to realize something. "Shoot, forgot to plug my phone in the battery's dead." He then said sweat-dropping.

"Well, I'll call when I get the chance, right now I need to get some fresh air." She then said before leaving. "See you around."

"Alright, see ya." He then responded before he left.

(Flashback over)

Kari didn't understand, sure she'd get the part where he was moving on and giving up on trying to get with her but to not want to hang out with his friends made no sense at all. 'Maybe he is sick, I should give him a call.' She then pulled out her phone and began calling him, but after a few seconds after ringing it went to voicemail.

"What?" She said confused. 'Okay, something's definitely off. Why would he just ignore his phone like that?' She then thought as she had a suspicious look on her face.

She then dialed his home phone hoping one of his family members would tell her. "Hello, this is the Motomiyas, Jun speaking." Jun's voice came through the phone.

"Hey, Jun I was…" She was about to ask until she was cut off.

"Oh, Kari! How have you been? We haven't talked in a while." The girl then asked her.

"Yeah, we really haven't, have we? Look I'm calling about Davis and want to know if he's alright." Kari asked.

"You wanna know if Davis is okay?" Jun then asked.

"Yeah, the others haven't heard from him and he's not answering his phone, I just want to know if he's sick or something." She asked with concern.

"… He hasn't answered his phone?" Was her friend's question as she looked confused for the moment. "He didn't come home yesterday so we thought he was having a sleepover with one of you guys."

Then Kari's eyes widened as she dropped her phone. Davis didn't come home last night? How could that be? Where would he have gone and why wouldn't he have told his friends? All these questions swarming her head, and they just kept coming and coming. Did Davis get kidnapped? What happened to him? As these questions kept coming she was getting that feeling again, the feeling of dread in the air.

TK was walking down the street trying to find something to do, then he spotted Kari out on the beach standing there. He was about to go down and talk to her but then said from the distance that she wasn't moving which didn't sit right, then he began to see a mist swarming around her and his eyes widened.

"N-no…" He then started running over to her. "Kari!" He called out as she was snapped out of her trance and turned her attention to him. "Kari, get out of there now!" He yelled out worried.

She then saw the mist and was now scared when she saw the mist that she knew all too well. "No, no, NO!" She screamed as she tried to flee from it and to TK.

"KARI!" He yelled diving to get to her losing his hat.

"TK!" She yelled also diving as the mist engulfed her.

TK hoped that he made it but when he landed in the sand and saw that Kari and the mist was nowhere to be seen, he knew he was too late. "Oh no… Oh no, oh no, oh no… Not again!" He then said he his hands on his head dead worried, then he got up and pulled out his phone and started making calls to his other friends, but Davis never picked up.

To be continued…

So, Christopher has joined the dark side and now Kari is in the last place she'd ever want to go back. Does this mean we're see some more than just whoever Bagramon is working with? Maybe, all I can say is since this fanfic is coming to a close soon, it's gonna go out with a bang and I'm gonna make sure of it. Again, thanks to poseidon7 for helping me with this, really most of this stuff wouldn't be possible without him.