After the events at the cabin and traveling through time Ash had been happy that Jenny had made it through it with he had allowed himself to hope for a bright future where he might marry Jenny and one day have kids of their own but that wasn't to be an overworked bus driver would send that dream crashing and burning in a firey wreckage that would kill Jenny instantly.

The night had started out bad being it was the three year anniversary of Jenny's death.

Ash and the others were standing across from the old Asian man who sat cowering on his throne with the two possessed guards standing in front of them they were more concerned about keeping Ash and the others away from the stones Ash and the others quickly dispose of the guards that blocked them from moving farther they picked up the kitana's on the stone ground and readied themselves to attack.

Loud sounds of steel connecting with steel sent sparks flying as blows landed missing their targets.

"Keep hitting em with everything you got!" Kent shouts.

" Ash look out! " Adam shouted.

Ash rolled out of the way of a sword blow that would have sliced his shoulder near his neck.

"Thanks for the warning Ad!" Ash shouted.

The group adrinaline pumped high in their veins as more possessed guards started to attack regular human guards rushed through the open doors standing in shock at the possessed guards fighting with Ash and the others their leader still frozen in fear a roar of war rang out as Mongolian warriors led by Genghis Khan rushed in. blood stained their clothes as they too had been battling possessed people all along the journey to get to this final destination.

The old man locked eyes with the opposing figure of Khan who smirked at the old man who was obviously scared of the deadites that surrounded him.

Then he steps forward swinging his sword aloft killing deadite guards in his way.

In the midst of combat Genghis Khan turned and looked at the unfamiliar people fighting in confusion though he hid it behind a steel hardened mask.

The group continues to fight while watching Khan and his men continue to fight black blood covering their armour.

"Son of a bitch!" Annie exclaimed.

"What's the matter Annie?" Mustapha asked.

"The stone the old man intended to use it to give himself the advantage over Khan but it backfired on him we can't let Khan get a similar idea. "Annie replied.

"Oh he won't just keep getting closer to the stone and when I give the signal grab it."Ash said.

Inch by inch the group cleared a path with the help of guards and Mongolian warriors.

The stone started to fall from the old man's lab and Adam dove to grab it.

"I got it!" Adam said placing it in his bag.

"Good catch son!" Kent shouted as he continued to fight.

"Thanks Dad!" Adam shouted.

As he dodged a blow missing his head by inches.

Their backs were facing the open doors as more dead came in joining the fight screams of rage and pain rang out in the cloudy night sky neither side was giving ground to the other.

"Where the hell are they coming from?" Annie asked.

"There must be a portal outside were gonna have to close it we can't keep fighting these assholes all night the first chance we get we get the hell outta here and back home."Ash said.

Making their way toward the open doors working together they made it just outside.

Mustapha goes into his bag pulling out a cup tossing it into the rift with a great exhale they watched the rift slowly close and the howling wind grow silent once again.

"Come on now let's get somewhere we can get back home." Ash said.

They walk toward the far end of the building finding a door they quickly enter locking the door putting anything they could find against the door Annie took the stone from Adam and began to open a portal making sure to give the stone back to Adam.

One by one they walk into the portal finding themselves back in Dearborn inside the museum.

"Well nothing seems to have changed here." Kent replied.

"No deadites no demon dogs just blood body parts and a hell of a lot of damage."Ash said.

"You know someone's gonna wonder what the hell happened here. "Bashir replied.

"This isn't our first rodeo we know the moment Trisha played that recording live on air she doomed this town. "Annie said.

The walked the streets of Dearborn it was completely slient but showed signs of what happened hours earlier.

"Come on we better get to our cars we'll meet up at Ash's house."Kent said.

The drive was familiar for all of them tired spiritually mentally and physically but the dark ones lost another battle Ash's hand wrapped around the steering wheel his knuckles were white from how hard he held the wheel.

Kent along with his two children drove behind Ash's car Kent for his part thankful they all survived another ordeal.

Behind him rode Annie and the Alzeez siblings.

Annie was feeling tired and angry her father trusted Eldridge and they way he defiled her father's work didn't sit right with her she was going to go to Eldridge's office and take everything that was part of her father's work.

Mustapha looked at Annie he could see the wheels turning in her head as well as the tension in her body.

Finally they arrive at a different location from the place Ash had lived with Jenny which they could understand.

Getting out of their cars they follow Ash inside his house. Ash walked into the kitchen grabbing a whiskey bottle and some glasses setting them down on the counter pouring a little in each glass the group picked up the glasses and drank the contents in one gulp.

They set the glasses down and went to sit on the couch no one said anything for several minutes. Ash played back the events of the night in his mind.

Fleetingly he wondered what happened to the people who ran for their lives as he and the others ran toward the danger.

"Listen I think we should just go to bed and see how things are in the morning then we can help Annie in Eldridge's office.

Their stomachs growled so they made sandwiches and got ready for bed.

As the next morning dawned everyone took their time getting showers and breakfast then proceeded to get in their cars heading to Eldridge's private office where Annie was certain she would find everything Eldridge took from her father.

As they drove they had expected to see people going about their daily lives but no so surprisingly as they got closer to the university professors office buildings they found the parking lot filled with damaged cars windows broken and the building was unlocked.

Walking inside carefully they took stock of the damage that was evidenced throughout the building when the got to Eldridge's office door the frosted window had cracked down the middle and inside was a mess a desk lamp light bulb seemed to flicker as if the bulb was getting ready to die papers were all over the floor the office looked like it had been looted but Annie didn't care about that she needed everything Eldridge knew about the book and all he had taken from her father.

Everything that had anything to do with her father Eldridge or the book was taken and loaded into the vehicles and taken back to Ash's house.

When they returned to Ash's house they took the boxes inside and started going through everything.

Kent sat on the couch reading what was in front of him. "One thing I can say about the man he kept very detailed notes."Kent said.

"That's what professors like my father would do it's part of the research and study aspect as well as treating it like a journal to record their thoughts my father never said an unkind word about Eldridge at all infact he seemed like he got along well with both my parents and I. "Annie replied.

"Annie Eldridge was nothing more than a deadite without the possession"Ash said.

"What do you mean Ash? "Annie asked.

"You remember your mom in the cellar how her face changed to normal to trick you into letting her out. "Ash said.

"Yeah I remember."Annie replied.

"Well Eldridge did the same time to your father the whole time they were working on this your father had no clue that his partner was waiting in the wings to elevate himself at your father's expense. And he did it by writing that book making the necronomicon seem like a misunderstood novel. "Ash said.

"It seems he kept alot hidden from my father."Annie replied.

Ash shook his head trying to wrap his head around the mess they only seem to keep at Bay until the next time the evil is woken again.

The truth was more then the book played a role in this while it was buried until Raymond Knowby found it the dark ones had other means to mess with people like the scrolls Hitler had a hard on for or the stones Eldridge used.

This was turning into a larger puzzle something with more pieces then were given in the box.

"Listen everybody are going to lock all this away in a secret location and continue to be prepared because we all know something or someone will let them out of the box again and we will have to be ready for when it does we gather any information we can get."Kent said as he looked at the others with a serious face.

"Your right we need to keep this stuff safe but where it's not like we could but this in a storage unit. "Annie replied.

"No but being the type of family we are we have a place inside our house where we keep all our stuff that has been collected."Babette said.

"Alright let's get this show on the road. "Ash replied.

They loaded up the cars again and drove across town stopping in front of The Alzeez siblings house taking everything inside they go down into the basement toward the very back Mustapha pricked his thumb using the small drop of blood to draw a door hearing the walk creak like an unoiled hinge the door opens revealing a lit room on the other side the group walks in carrying their boxes placing them on the ground inside the room as Mustapha once again draws an outline of a door.

Just like the other door it opened revealing a larger room with all kinds of things inside they take the boxes inside setting them down.

"How long has been this been down here?" Kent asked.

"Oh this was something our ancestor came up with after he broke the dark ones hold every occurrence that the dark ones or the book were involved in was documented and placed here to help the future generations they knew would have to one-day faceoff with the evil."Amani replied.

Ahmad walked up behind Annie wrapping his arms around her waist as a source of comfort they had started dating 2 years after everything happened and had married 2 years after they had officially become a couple.

"Thanks hun," Annie said as she turned in her husband's arms.

"Don't worry about it sweetheart." Ahmad replied.

"This place reminds me of an archive mixed with a storage unit."

"Reminds me of my dad's office when he used to bring his work home with him."Kent said.

"Really?"Ash asked.

"Yeah all that's needed was the desk file cabinets eggshell white painted walls. I will never forget it mom kept his office just like my dad had left it the last time he was home.

We hardly went inside that office after Dad was killed but when Brock got old enough Mom and I would tell him stories and show him the kind of work my dad did. "Kent replied.

"That's understandable you and your mom did the best you could with your brother."Mustapha said.

"I know I don't feel the least bit bad about that I just wish he wasn't an asshole or at least acted like he wasn't one but I've given up on that lost cause a long time ago."Kent replied.

"Uncle Kent you can't take responsibility for they way Dad is he gave me a hard time all throughout my childhood and just like you I accepted that he would always be the way he is even though when I returned home to tell him what happened to Cheryl and he treated me like shit I honestly don't know what mom saw in him."Ash said.

Kent walked over by Ash and sat beside him patting him on the back.

"Ash your mom had a very high decernment ability she could she the good and bad in people and she saw a lot of good in your dad she didn't like him being too hard on you she even told him that he could lose you because of of he treated you she told him teaching you how to grow up and be a good strong man is all well and good but going too far with the consequence of losing your only son isn't a price he should be willing or want to pay. "Kent replied.

Annie watched as Ash and Kent continued their talk it made her miss her parents in truth she never really stopped missing them or being angry that the book they all thought had been a wonderful discovery ripped their world apart.

Annie walked over to Ash and Kent sitting on the chair next to them she sighed.

"Listen Ash we all understand what your going through survivors guilt is a cancer of the mind it eats away at you until you overcome it or let it destroy you.

"When we escaped the cabin I went home and when the shock and realization hit me that I would never see my parents or Ed again I cried till I couldn't cry anymore then it took me a while until I could go to my parents house or even deal with Ed's stuff because I was overcome with survivors guilt it didn't matter to me that my parents died"Annie said.

Mustapha looked at them for a few minutes before he collected his thoughts.

"We are no different than those men and woman who left their homes families and countries to fight in a war.

"Though we didn't enlist we were drafted the moment the first soul was taken and just like any war there were casualties and there will continue to be as long as there is a chance that those things can wake up and possess the living.

"We've been lucky even with the mistakes made we've been lucky and survived and we must never forget that."Mustapha replied.

Ash reached in his shirt pocket pulling out two pieces of Jewelry the necklace he had given Linda and the bracelet he gave Jenny for her birthday.

Kent watched as silently as he saw the look on Ash's face as he rubbed the jewelry in his hand Kent remembered that face well seeing it on his own mother's face after his father was killed she would sit for hours rubbing his wedding band she placed on a chain she wore around her neck with the photo album that told their story from the day they met until the last picture they took together as a family before his brother Brock was born.

She would continue to take photos with just him and Brock but they wouldn't be the same her smile that shine bright with genuine joy was now forced the sparkle that shine in her eyes was gone too.

Kent shook his head trying to shake the memories of his past there was work to do that wasn't going to be done taking trips down memory lane.

Mustapha walked over sitting next to Kent seeing the man lost in thought.

"Ash is really struggling isn't he?" Mustapha asked.

"Yeah because of a scroll a stone and that goddamn book. It's like the fucking Grey's sports almanac form back to the future for the dark ones they knew all this was going to happen. "Kent said.

"I agree with you about that. The fact is knowledge is power and that ball has been in their court longer than anyone in this rooms been alive. But we can now level the playing field because they need us the dark ones see this world as an endless buffet of souls for them to swallow using the book the scroll and the stone as bait to lure us in and then the shitshow begins. "Mustapha replied.

"Your right but Ash was also right, back when I had my encounter with the Deadites no one back home knew what was really going on the whole government cover-up bullshit.

"And they didn't want to cause mass panic but what the fuck do they think would happen with the ignorant citizens targeting by the deadites I really don't think they give a shit as long as they survive."Kent spat looking at Mustapha.

"Easy their killer you don't want to have a heartattack."Mustapha replied.

"A heartattack I can handle soul stealing bastard's I won't make it that easy." Kent said.

"Annie what are you doing?"Ash asked.

"I'm looking at the events of history trying to see if our dead pals played a role in those stories. "Annie replied.

"Why? "Ash asked.

"Because the dark ones could have played a role in every monumental tragedy through out our history and no one outside of the government knew about it until Kent and his fellow soldiers returned after winning against Hitler. "Annie replied.