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Note: This story takes place just after the end of the Frieza Saga.  At the time that I wrote the fic, I hadn't even seen the very end of that saga, so I wrote my own adventure in after it.  I disregard almost everything after that.  If you don't like it, then don't read it.  I do not intend to change my story drastically from its original version.  Rating is for violence and language.

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                                                                        "From The Past"

                                                                        By: Dreamwraith


            There is always something that will come back to haunt you, even when you believe you have put it behind you.  This is a tale of two such beings, both powerful enough to destroy the world, neither one willing to do so.  Their assignments were clear: one was to destroy all life on the planet known as Earth, and the other was to kill the first and prepare the way for Hell-On-Earth, a realm of vile demons and darkness.  Neither of the two completed their respective missions, and in doing so, or rather not doing so, incurred the wrath of beings stronger than they.

            Son Goku, the Saiyan once known as Kakarot, was sent by his race to exterminate all life on Earth.  The Saiyans were a vicious warrior race, used by the tyrant Frieza in the planet trade business to "purify" a planet and ready it for his own purposes.  The infant landed on the planet and lost his memory after hitting his head, never again recalling the real reason behind his presence on the planet.  He grew up defending the planet and its people and keeping it safe from its own evils, believing himself to be a human, one of the natives of the beautiful planet.  This new mindset eventually led him to a confrontation with his brother, one of the few remaining Saiyans in the universe.  He teamed up with his arch nemesis, Piccolo, and together they defeated the strange man.  The price was high for Goku; he lost his life in the battle.  He was sent to train with the North Kai, known as King Kai, in the Afterlife, while his allies on the planet prepared for the arrival of the Saiyan's two partners.  He was brought back to life with the magical Dragonballs, only to find out that the new evil on the planet was none other than the Saiyan prince and the ex-commander of the Saiyan military.  Only two of his six allies survived: his son, Gohan, and his best friend, Krillin.  Even his former enemy, Piccolo, had fallen in battle.  He defeated the two Saiyans after a long and bloody battle, and the rest of the story is history…

            Piccolo, a Namek and a demon both, was created with his father's last vestige of energy.  "One day, my son…avenge your father…we can't lose our roots…" were the final words of Piccolo Daimao, Lord of Demons, as the egg that held his son was hurled far from the battleground.  The child's one goal in life, as given to him by the dying demon, was to eliminate Goku and establish a realm of darkness on the planet Earth.  He hated that man with a passion, and he trained day after day, working to become more powerful than the man who had killed his father.  After being defeated by Goku at the Tenka'ichi Budokai, he began training anew.  With the arrival of his adversary's brother five years later, his chance to destroy Goku came, and he took it.  As his most-hated rival lay dying in a pool of his own blood, though, he felt no satisfaction.  And he had yet to establish this Hell-On-Earth.  He was free of Goku for a year, but he never once attempted to take control of the world.  The rest of his tale is also history, for there are more important tales than his to be told…

            Those responsible for giving the two warriors their specific duties waited for many years for their own diabolical goals to be fulfilled.  As the years passed, however, they grew angry.  Kakarot had not purged the planet of all life, and Piccolo had not killed Goku and created Hell-on-Earth.  Day after day they watched for the destruction, and day after day they were disappointed.  Then one day, within mere hours of each other, the two powerful groups decided to do something about the "incompetence" of their wayward comrades.  That fateful day would change the defenders of the Earth forever…

            And standing quietly on his planet in the Afterlife, antennae stiff and glowing with incoming information, King Kai felt an evil stirring in the universe, an evil that had not been felt in years - one capable of destroying the Earth's defenders.  So he waited, waited for the day when the evil would rear its ugly head, as it always did in his Quadrant of the Universe.  Then it would be the task of his students to destroy it, as they always did.  But would they be strong enough?  Only time could tell…

Chapter One

            Goku watched with emotionless green eyes as Frieza was slowly disintegrated in his blast.  "You could have chosen the path of life, Frieza," he murmured into the wind.  "You could have chosen to forsake your evil ways, but you did not.  Selfish bastard.  May you be judged swiftly by King Yemma."  The mighty Super Saiyan put an extra burst of energy into the ki ball, and he held the attack steady until he could no longer feel the ki of the evil creature.  Even so, he was not entirely sure that Frieza was truly dead.  The logical part of Goku was telling him that the planet was about to explode, but his conscience told him to do a quick sweep of the area.

            Goku was on the planet Namek, the place that Kami hailed from long, long ago.  Through a series of unfortunate and outrageous events, beginning with the arrival of his brother Radditz and culminating in this, the unsuspecting "human" had learned that he was, in fact, a Saiyan, and a member of the most powerful warrior race in the universe.  He had died with his older brother, spent a year training in the afterlife under the great King Kai, mastered the Kaio-ken and the Genki-dama, defeated the only other full-blooded Saiyan alive, traveled through space, and fought with the most powerful being alive and won, all within the span of a year.  And he was only in his mid-twenties.

            He was also the first Saiyan in over a thousand years to attain the legendary status of Super Saiyan.

            As he flew over the quaking ground of the dying world, Goku dropped out of his Super Saiyan form.  The once-shimmering, golden hair regressed to its original jet color, and his eyes darkened to their black coloring as well.  How had this all happened to him? he asked himself.  One moment he was just an ordinary (well, not ordinary, he amended) boy, and the next he was the strongest fighter alive.

            "Well, I suppose I could blame all of this on Piccolo," he said out loud.  "After all, if he had just kept his big mouth shut about the Dragonballs, none of this would have ever happened."  He then chuckled silently, remembering how he had heard, before his death, that his friends would resurrect him with those magical orange spheres.  He continued talking as he flew towards what was hopefully one of the pods used by the Ginyu Force.  "If he hadn't told Radditz, Radditz wouldn't have told Vegeta, and then Frieza would never have found out about the Dragonballs on Namek, and the Nameks wouldn't have been killed, and Gohan would have never been trained by Piccolo, and he wouldn't have had to wish everyone back with the Dragonballs, and I wouldn't have ever been out in space ever again…hell, I'd still be on Earth right now, wondering about what I was going to eat for dinner!  Damn him!"  Of course, Goku said it all in jest – he had never been one to harm someone without a very good reason, and he wasn't about to start now.

            Without warning, a geyser of molten rock spewed forth from the ground in front of him, and he had to swerve violently to avoid being roasted alive.  "That was close!" he exclaimed.  "I'd better hurry!  This sucker's about to blow!"  Beneath him he could see that various sections of the earth below him were beginning to sink, only to be replaced by magma.  He frowned and increased his speed.

            The planet Namek was a mere minute away from its fiery end, and Goku knew it.  Within a few seconds, he spotted the landing site of the Ginyu force and heaved a sigh of relief.  Without even pausing to touch down, he flew full-speed into one of the ships, knocking it over and causing it to shoot off into the distance, closing the door even as he did so.  Topsy-turvy the Saiyan was, and he began pressing buttons in hopes that one of them was actually the launch button.  "Come on, come on, start already!  I don't have much time before this – shit!" he swore as the ground beneath the ship dropped at an alarming rate.  He could see the molten core of the planet closing in fast as the ship fell.

            Then, to his astonishment, the magma seemed to collapse in on itself.  "This can't be good!  Come on!" he screamed at the ship as he pounded on the console.  Even though he had only a bare minimum of education, Goku could tell that magma should not be able to do that.  The phenomenon only left him with one real option, then: Namek was exploding, and he was caught inside the blast radius.

            "Noooo!" he screamed again as the core began rapidly expanding outward.  He slammed his fists down on the console one last time.  Ever after that, Goku believed that miracles were possible even in the darkest of times, because against all odds, he had hit the hyperdrive launch.  He only had time to open his mouth in shock before his head hit whatever the top of the ship was at that particular instant.  Prying himself out of the metalwork, he pressed his face against the window in time to see the rapidly-disappearing planet meet its fiery end.

            Goku watched in awe as the mantle of the planet seemed to crumble before his very eyes.  Then, in a blazing nova of color, the core of the planet exploded, hurling pieces of the planet past the speeding space pod.  The ship was struck by several of the smaller pieces, but a strategically formed ki shield managed to deflect most of the debris away from it.  After a few minutes, no more debris flew past, and all that was left was a dark space where no light touched…an epitaph to the once-beautiful planet.  The Saiyan heaved another sigh before he settled back into the seat.

            "Now," he said to himself as the pod hurtled through space, "I have two problems.  First of all, how do I work these controls?"  He pondered the thought for a while before continuing.  Looking out the window at the glittering stars, he added, "And how am I going to get home?"

* * * * *

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