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Chapter 22 –Derange II

- In the castle-

Screams erupted in the air as several foot soldiers began to go berserk. Fellow dragonkins face off their derange companions in the hopes of stopping the carnage but the death toll continues to rise. Several servants were killed along with low rank foot soldiers that were just starting with their training.

As soon as the attack occurred, Darius and his companions run to the palace with the intention to help. The prince initially wanted to turn but had to control such impulse as it will only cause more political problems. Besides, there is still the strong possibility that he will go deranged as well like last time. Galk and Raki push forward with the defense as they assisted several of the wounded soldiers. They slashed their way to the battle field bringing down their swords on limbs and heads as they dealt with the increasing number of derange dragon kins. Fortunately, it seems that those who are loosing their mind have not yet fully develop as their transformation only reflects that a lizard like dragon. They are still strong though.

"This is…." Darius gritted his teeth. Memories of pain and regret flooded his mind as he continues to slash through these soldiers. Though he knew it is his duty, he could still feel regret at the unnecessary deaths. "Premature Awakening..."


A sudden surge of dragon kin energy was suddenly release. Darius look around to the source of that power and found Ragu in his transformed state - a humongous dragon with extremely thick hides and wide six wings. He flap his wings and created a whirlwind of power that drove the weaklings out of castle grounds.

"That man – "What is he up to?"

The question though remain unsaid as more derange soldiers rush towards Darius and his group. If things remain as is, then politics - Be Damned!

- King's Room-

Clive coughs out some blood as he blocks a knife attack just at the nick of time. Right before the moment, he was watching over his ailing father (current king) when a group of fully armed soldiers came in to the room. At first, he thought that they have come to protect them from the series of derange soldiers but then everything went downhill from there. Their quick movement indicated that they were all experience fighters and that they were not derange. If anything, these men are traitors.

Clive could only look helplessly and one man jump right on top of the king. He screamed helplessly as the blade was about to reach his father's heart. The blade was suddenly blocked by a sudden individual. With quick movement, the stranger slashes right back at three soldiers and caused one to loose a limb.

"It seems … that we have no choice." Claire glared at the group of traitors standing right before of them.

"Hmph…" Deneve stood beside her with her sword drawn out.

"Let's move." Miria ordered.


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