Another fanfic.

This one was mainly inspired by wanting to write a story where Danny isn't the one who lost something, but rather his family… you'll see what I mean later on. But let me know what you guys think as the story goes.

Oh, by the way, Phantom Planet didn't happen but the last season did.

So… I don't own Danny Phantom or Rise of the Guardians.

And without any further ado, let's get this story started.

Santa's workshop has always been a very hectic and busy place to be. And today was no different. Santa Clause, or as he was known by his friends, North was busy carving ice sculptures of his latest toy designs. The elves were waddling around the workroom stuffing their faces with cookies and generally being a nuisance. North waved away an elf as he started up his chainsaw. He was about to start cutting up a massive chunk of ice when one of the yetis barged in. North turned off the chainsaw and glared at the yeti.

"What? I was about to start my next project," North grumbled disappointedly. The yeti garbled something and North's eyes widened.

"Show me!" North demanded and dropped his chainsaw onto his chair. Two elves eyed the ice and then the chainsaw before grinning mischievously. North poked his head back around the open door.

"You touch that chainsaw and you are all on Naughty List!" he warned and then disappeared to follow the yeti. Both elves frowned and didn't even bother to look at their friend who had stuck their tongue to the ice block and couldn't free themselves.

North marched through the workshop, throwing comments to various yetis about their progress. Changes of colour, if the hairstyles on dolls were too curly, teddies not stuffed enough and so on. He stopped beside the guardians' corner of his workshop and the yeti pointed through a skylight above a massive globe illuminated by numerous dots of light to a full moon shining inside. North's eyebrows rose in surprise.

"Man in Moon?" North muttered and turned to a handle on the console. He lifted it up, turned it and pushed down. The northern lights erupted through the sky and signalled to the other guardians that they were needed at the North Pole.

Bunny, the Easter bunny, had been relaxing in his native Australian outback but the second he saw the lights he jumped to his feet and tapped the ground, opening a hole to his tunnels and dove in. Within minutes he arrived in the North Pole. Sandman, or Sandy, had been busy bring sweet dreams to the children of the world and saw the lights in the dark sky. He instantly changed his dream sand into a fighter jet and flew to the North Pole.

Tooth, the queen tooth fairy, was out in the field collecting teeth and leaving change. She smiled happily at the little girl she was visiting before the northern lights caught her eye through the window. She glanced one last time at the girl.

"Try to remember to floss," she whispered and flew through the window towards the North Pole. Jack Frost, the newest guardian, was busy having fun bringing the first frosts this side of summer to his favourite town, Burgess. He laughed as he froze the leaves on a bush before noticing the sky. He frowned and jumped into the air, controlling the winter winds and flying like a snowflake, went to the North Pole.

"North what's up?" Jack called as he arrived, the last one there.

"Nice of you to join us," Bunny grumbled.

"Don't start Bunny," Tooth quickly interjected before the two guardians could start bickering like usual.

"Man in Moon wants to talk to us," North announced. Jack and Bunny ended their staring, no glaring, contest and looked up to the skylight and noticed the full moon. A large beam of light shone down to the ground and illuminated the five spoked star on the ground. The guardians newly redesigned seal, including Jack.

"Wait, is he appointing a new guardian?" Tooth queried. Bunny and North shared a look.

"Why would he do that? I mean we haven't had any trouble for years, not since we stopped Pitch six years ago," Bunny retorted. Sandy shrugged. The centre glowed bright white and a bluish crystal rose up from the hole created.

"So this is how the Man in the Moon chose me?" Jack wondered aloud. Tooth nodded.

"Please not the Groundhog," Bunny began to repeat under his breath. Jack raised an eyebrow at the oversized rabbit. Blue light reflected up from the moonbeam and a figure began to take form.

The figure had messy hair but the colour couldn't be seen since it was only an outline. The figure wore a t-shirt under a thick jacket with a small symbol like a school crest on his chest. They wore fingerless gloves, jeans and sneakers. Everyone frowned in confusion.

"Who is that?" Jack ventured, having never seen the boy. He looked young, probably around Jack's age before he died. Tooth looked shocked and glanced at North and Sandy nervously.

"Woah woah woah! Danny! Manny wants to make the Spirit of Fear a guardian!" Bunny exclaimed incredulously. Jack blinked in surprise.

"Spirit of Fear?" he repeated.

"He's a new spirit. Only been around for four years as far as I know," North explained.

"We might as well ask Pitch to join us!" Bunny growled and glared at the moon as it began to fade, the light no longer illuminating the crystal. The crystal slowly shrank back into the ground and the central panel resealed itself.

"Well, the Man in the Moon has never been wrong before," Tooth pointed out. Sandy created a number of shapes above his head and Jack nodded in agreement.

"Exactly, you didn't want me to be a guardian at first," Jack agreed.

"That was different. You were just a reckless, irresponsible show pony. Danny… he's the Spirit of Fear. He goes around scaring kids! How can that be a good thing for a guardian," Bunny argued.

"Man in Moon doesn't make mistakes," North remarked. Bunny nodded.

"Which means that he's overdue for one. I'm telling you. If he becomes a guardian then I quit. Making him a guardian won't work!" Bunny threatened. Jack laughed.

"Don't tempt me cottontail," Jack commented. Bunny glared at him.

"Look, Manny obviously thinks differently. Besides as of now, he already is a guardian. The oath is only a formality. We need to inform Danny of the news. So Bunny?" North interjected before bickering could start.

Bunny scowled at North.

"What? I'm not getting him!" Bunny growled.

"I'll go. I think I can think of an easier and better way to bring him here than shoving him in a sack and getting kidnapped by yetis. I'll be back soon. Oh and North. Don't make a big deal of it. Might scare off Danny, trust me, trumpets, torches and the shoes were a little overwhelming," Jack volunteered. North frowned.

"I thought that was a good idea," he mumbled. Jack shook his head and smiled before jumping into the air and flew out of the skylight and flew through the sky. The Spirit of Fear couldn't be all that bad right?

And we have our characters introduced. So, Danny will be introduced properly in the next chapter.

Until the next chapter.