Im sorry it taken me so long to update i will try to keep up regular updates just been really busy with work an course work so been to busy to update. thanks to everyone who stuck by and read me updates. xx


it would be 3 days until the next time i saw Jeremy again. The only people i saw in those 3 days were Antonio and Clay. Clay was the one who would bring me food. we would ignore each other except for the occasional grunt when i asked him what time it was.

Antonio was different. He would come down and sit in front of the cell and read his paper when he was finished he would tell me about the things happening in the world that i was unable to witness for me self while stuck in hear. The first time he did this i had ignored him and told him i didn't want to Liston to him. That if i wanted to know i could read about it my self when he left. He had walked away but left the newspaper in the chair out of my reach but he returned ten minutes later with a coffee and took the seat same as before and began again telling me about what was in the paper. After he had left i was alone in the cell i realised i had enjoyed Antonio's companie more the i wanted to admit. The next morning he came back and did the same again with the newspaper he didn't leave again when he had finished like he did yesterday he asked me random questions about my life and work.

Today Antonio had brought my breakfast down and placed the tray in fount of the call instead if clay and took his usual seat in fount of me. i ignored him while i pulled the tray under the gap in the bottom of the cell door. i gulped down the bottle of water and the bacon sandwich all the while i could feel Antonio's eyes on me. once i had finished i pushed the tray back through the opening and moved to the back of the cell.

"i hope you managed to get some sleep." he said after a few minutes.

"is that a serious question?" i replied.

He raised an eye brow and smiled amused by me.

I gave a big Shy before answering "as well as anyone could on a old spring mattress." i moved back to the bars and starred in to his eyes "how much longer is he going to keep me locked in hear?"

Antonio leaned forward resting his elbows on to his knee "You have to stay in hear for as Jeremy decides is necessary."

i moved away from the bars after that and ignored him while he did his normal thing. He must have realised that i wasn't in the mood for chitchat today as when he finished telling me about what as happening in the world he rose to his feet, collected the tray and left.

whenever i was alone i would test the cell trying to find a weakness in it but i was unable to find any. while i had Liston to Antonio this morning i had realised maybe i had been sat on my escape plan all along. i moved in front of the mattress and let the change take over my body when my hand changed in to a claw i pulled the change back. i placed my now clawed hand on the mattress and clawed at it. the material pulled away exposing the springs. i pulled my change back fully letting my hand change back to its human state and pulled a few springs free of the mattress.

i took the springs over to the cell door with me. put my arm through the bars of the door and placed the spring in to the lock and started to try to forcing the lock to open. as i was putting so much pressure on the spring it slipped leaving a nasty gash n the palm of my hand. gritting my teeth i concentrated of the lock while blood ran down my arm.

a few moments later i heard a door open and voices enter the room. after i realised that the voice ere moving further in to the room i yanked the spring free of the lock. moving back to the mattress i through the springs on to it and pulled the thin blanket over the mattress so the damage wouldn't be seen and moved away from it and to the other side of the cell and sat against the wall. i wrapped my bleeding hand in the bottom of of the shirt so it couldn't be seen fully trying to stop the bleeding. Jeremy made his way towards the cell an once there he stood there with Antonio behind him.

"have you had enough time to consider your answer?' Jeremy asked.

"i have" i told him.

"and" he asked pushing for an answered.

"ill join your pack a long as you can promise me that no harm will come to my family and they will be left alone."

Jeremy stared at me for a few seconds before nodding his head. "you have my word on it." he told me while Antonio began sniffing the air in the room and frowning.

"I'm going to let you out" Jeremy told me while pulling the key out and moving towards the cell door. "you will follow us but you must not.."

"Jeremy" Antonio cut him off. "Jeremy i can smell blood and the blood drops on the cell floor."

Jeremy look on the cell floor then at me. he opened the cell door and he and Antonio moved towards me.

"where are you hurt?" he asked concern flashing in his eyes.

"I'm fine." i told him pulling my self up from the floor while keeping my hand hidden. "you said you were letting me out."

" and i will." he told me "but your alpha asked you a question and you will answer." putting more authority in to his voice.

looking at him i know i would have to answer him if i wanted out of hear. i withdrew my hand from where it was hidden so he could see the deep cut on my palm.

he glanced at my hand before moving forward and taking a hold of the top of arm pulling me out of the cell and towards the exit an up in to the main house.