3 mini stories discovered in my 'improv' notebook that I was sorting through.

1: Little Scott Tracy…

Little Scott Tracy sat in his treehouse gazing out at the sight.

The horses were in the distance.

Grandpa was working hard on the farm. Grandma was hanging out the washing.

Finally, the best sight of all was his mother sitting in a comfy chair nursing his brand-new baby brother in her arms.

He was a big brother, and he couldn't be prouder!

2: Short Scene…

"Virgil, can you hear me?"


"Yeah. Listen, don't worry, I'm going to get you out."

"I know."

"You do?"

"Of course, you are my big brother and can do anything!"

"When it comes to being there for you or any of our bro's. Then yes, you're right. I can and will do whatever it takes to help and protect you!"

3: The Knitting Pile…

It began when Scott was 6 months old. A blanket, Lucille had knitted while he had slept. In all honesty it had meant to be a jumper but her knitting skills were not the best. Yet she did not mind. Becoming an expert was never the plan, at the end of the day it helped her relax, she enjoyed the activity, and got to create something special for her little man. A royal blue blanket. Green, orange, and yellow followed. The red was discovered on her knitting pile. There it remained. Half finished. A reminder of her love forever.