Now you all probably think I'm a weirdo for doing a Kuroinu fanfic, and I understand why you would think so. But I first encountered this as a visual novel, I played it for a bit and then I got disturbed by the large amount of rape in the story. But what also irked me was that the military was fucking useless, which is 100% why the kingdoms totally lost. So I wanted the Kuro Inu to face a truly unbreakable, disciplined and tactical army. Please check out "Deus vult: Norman conquest of Oestia" by Miko 56, it is the OG of this fic so check that out!

The desert sun beat down on the Crusading army as they marched through the desert, as the numerous troops use their strength to push on through the hot and scorching sand. They were too far from their settlement to turn back as they marched forward. And to worsen things, they were already guarding a large number of refugees, who were riding camels and carts along the desert. The general saw numerous soldiers begin to tire, so he asked his companions.

"Men, where is the nearest oasis?"

"We have a few dogs with us, we should be able to send out a few to track down any nearby sources of water."

"Good, we need to rest for the sake of these refugees "

The men unleashed the dogs, and they all ran to a certain direction. The general then shouts.

"Everyone! Follow the hounds! We will rest at the oasis!"

The men complied as they marched in the direction of the hounds. The convoy of refugees also follows in the same direction. The general then tells his subordinate.

"Go lead the march for me, I have some personal matters to attend to."

The subordinate agrees and takes over in leading the march. The general then moves back to a carriage, carrying a woman who was just staring out into the distance. The general seemed concerned at her spacing out.

"Are you well, my love?"

The woman smiled at him and said.

"Yes, thank you for asking."

"Here, take my gourd if you're thirsty, there's still plenty of water to drink." the general said while handing the girl his gourd.

"I can't accept this!" the woman protested, growing a bit red in embarrassment. "You need it more!"

"Nah, I prefer a gourd of ale myself." the general dismissed. "Besides, your lips are getting a bit dry there, love. Wouldn't want to kiss them." the general teased.

The woman covered her lips shyly as the general winked and rode off. The lady's companions were surprised at the exchange. They were whispering and muttering among themselves as they asked the woman.

"Lady Alexandra, was that your husband?"

"Yes, he is my husband."

"He seems so exciting and loving, tell me, what is he like as a husband?"

"Well… He certainly is charming and his affection is genuine."

"In what way?"

"He just gives me a lot of affection in a way that makes me feel important and love.d"

"Ooh, how does he treat you?"

"He pays attention to my needs. He always lends an ear to my words and takes them into consideration. He always tries to make my smile whenever I am downtrodden as he is quite the entertainer."

"My goodness, he is a paragon of chivalry!" the lady expressed. "You have struck gold in finding a husband!"

"I was scared of our betrothal, I'm not going to lie. Marrying the fabled Duke Thomas the Conqueror especially for a minor noble family from Bruges."

"My word, how was your family able to arrange a betrothal with such a powerful man?"

"It was truelove for the Duke when we met, let's put it at that."

The general rode up to a platoon of Mounted Knights Templars, meeting up with their leader. The leader of the cavaliers notices the general and greets.

"Duke Thomas! Pleasure to meet you!"

"Likewise, Grandmaster Thibault de Lorraine. How are the knights?"

"In good spirits, they are determined to escort the pilgrims to safety!" Thibault said while sparing a glance at the refugees. "I could also say the same with the Teutonic Knights and the Hospitaliers."

"Ah, good, we need the morale if we are to escort these people to the next town."

"How's the wife?"

"Good, she seems to be spacing off for now. I was worried for her after that ambush by those damned Saracens."

"Ah, thinking about making an heir soon?" the Grandmaster teased.

"No, maybe when my wife and I are finally safe and sound. Too risky to let her carry a child in this god-forsaken heat."

"You're certainly different from most dukes I've met, most just shut their wife in a castle and do their own thing." Thibault laughed before muttering. "Or do someone…"

"But I've grown close to Lady Alexandra, though we were just strangers when we first married, she had offered to me companionship that I never knew I needed."

"It seems that God has willed your union." the Grandmaster observed. "Very well then, I wish you good luck."

"My thanks."

Duke Thomas rode up to the front, where he had relieved his subordinate of leading the army. He then rides up next to another one of his subordinates.

"Quartermaster! What are our numbers? Including the wounded."

"Well sire, we have a healthy group 7,130 men. I will spare you the details on the army composition. The refugees count to about 5,000 survivors from the pillaged castle-town. We have about two catapults and two trebuchets, with a working battering ram."

"So no deaths caused by that ambush?"

"We only have injured so far, since the enemy decided to break their attack so quickly."

"Good, a good night's rest should energize us for the rest of the journey then."

Duke Thomas then notices the familiarity of the land as he muttered.

"We're in Damascus."

The fellow horsemen look at each other in confusion. As Thomas and the Knights Templars dismounted their horses and did the sign of the Cross. Thomas also kissed his rosary before saying.

"In nomine Patri, et Filli, et spiritus Sancti." he said while plunging his sword into the ground. "Beati Juliani placet nobis intercessione concede ut unus vestrum patiatur homines Hattin."

(Blessed Julian, please grant us thy intercession that we may not suffer the same fate of you and the men at Hattin)

Duke Thomas then mounts onto his horse and continues riding. On the way, one subordinate asks him.

"Milord, why did you and the Templars suddenly suddenly stop to pray?"

"This is sacred land. This is where the prodigy Templar Julian of Canterbury and his squire, Marcus, retreated to when they lost at the Battle of Hattin. Legends speak that while Julian had died in this very land, Marcus escaped to the unknown, to a land where he was needed more."

The subordinates were fascinated by the lore of this land. But their awe is quickly replaced by relief when they saw the waters of an oasis. The oasis was large and had many trees surrounding it, this would make a great stop-over for rest.

"Milord! Water!"

The refugees wasted no time, sprinting towards the source of water, eager for some release from the desert heat. They brought their pack animals and livestock to the water's edge as they began to set up their huts. The children frolicked in the water as everyone began to help themselves.

The soldiers then followed, immediately scrambling to the water's edge, setting up camp quickly and putting up their tents. The soldiers then scramble towards the water, washing themselves and taking a large chunk of water with them. Some soldiers even started spearing the fishes living in the water. Duke Thomas was amused at his soldiers' antics, he let them be as he went to the carriage and brought out Lady Alexandra, his wife.

"My love, we are here."

"Okay, just give me a moment." she said while stepping outside.

Duke Thomas smiled mischievously as he suddenly picked up his wife bridal-style.

"W-What are you doing!?" Alexandra asked, clearly embarrassed.

"Being chivalric of course, no woman should suffer walking in these scorching sands!"

"You are just jesting with me!" the woman huffed as she blushed. "B-But I'll let this pass!"

Thomas laughed as he pecked his wife in the cheek, carrying her into his tent.

Time passes as the sun moved through the sky, until it nearly touched the horizon, signifying sunset, the end of the day. Duke Thomas stood outside his tent as he saw all the soldiers go into their respective quarters. The subordinates then asked him.

"Milord, will we stay the night here?"

"Yes, but keep watch, those Saracens might come back for another bite."

The subordinates bowed and went their way. Duke Thomas then approaches the water's edge, seeing the moon's reflection on it. He stirs the water, seeing a strange picture form. He could have sworn that he saw the water glow, but he shook his head, thinking that his fatigue was simply getting to him. He retreats to his tent. But the oasis waters glow once again.

"Crusaders, you are needed elsewhere. In a land far more godless than here. As my servants, I expect you to uphold the Commandments, and cleanse the land of the filth.

The castle of Thore, one of the bastions of defiance against Volt and his sex empire. But now, the Black Dogs and the Legion grow hungry and set their sights upon the goddess and her people. The castle was under siege and the invading forces were hell-bent on capturing the beauties that lay on the other side. Celestine looked over to see a sea of monsters and mercenaries at her gates. Alice and Claudia walked up to her saying.

"Milady please! We cannot let them take us over!"

"But are we to sacrifice all our lives in a hopeless battle?" Celestine questioned.

"You know what they will do to us if we surrender!" Claudia pleaded.

Celestine grimaced at the thought as she stared outside the castle. The shield-princesses had gathered that day, to try and make their last stand against the Kuro Inu. But not all of them made it.

Celestine could still remember the visions she received from the gods. Luu Luu being raped until her vagina bled. Kaguya being raped on Volt's throne. Chloe being endlessly fucked by monsters together with Queen Olga. Celestine feared the worst would come should they get caught, and yet, she still felt inclined not to fight, fearing a massive loss of life.

"We need a miracle."

A Templar woke up early, it was not the Grandmaster, but a new member. He stretched up and down before donning his chainmail and armor plates. Since he was the youngest, he was the most spry and healthy, which often made him the first to wake up. He notices the sun barely shining over the horizon as he walks outside, to see himself in unfamiliar territory. A sunny grassland with bushes and grass growing everywhere. The oasis was still there, but everything else was different.

"Wait, I could have sworn that the oasis was sparser than this."

He could hear the sounds of growling as he looked beyond the treeline to see a pair of women being set upon by beasts, looking like a mix between hellspawn and wolf. What's even worse was that their stiff, pulsing members were showing, clearly indicating their intent with those poor ladies. The women screamed as the beasts tore their clothes off. The knight couldn't stand it anymore, he raises his sword and shield, screaming.

"By St. George!"

The monsters look confused as they look at the knight emerging from within the forest. They growled at him as he readied his sword and shield, getting into stance. The three monsters faced him, one large, one small and one fair-sized. The knight then charged with the monsters doing the same. The little one tries to pounce, but the knight swats him away with his shield. The second monster tries to scratch him, but he blocks the strike, before bashing down the wolf-monster's head with his shield and then using his sword to stab up, impaling the monster. The largest one tried smashing down on him, but the knight blocks it, wrestling with the much larger monster.

"Back to the abyss where you came from!" he spat as he overpowered the wrestle with one shout. "DEUS VULT!"

The monster staggers back as the knight then cuts off his member, and then proceeds to slice the monster's stomach. The monster still stood strong, but the knight then slices the monster's leg, causing the abomination to finally fall to his knees, where the knight slices off the head of the ugly thing. The knight noticed the little creature try to scurry away, he caught up quickly as he inched closer to the injured monster. He plants his foot onto the creature's head.

"Back to the pits you came from, demon."

The creature didn't have time to scream as the knight fully planted his foot into the monster's head, sending bits of blood and flesh everywhere.

The knight sheathes his sword and stares at the carnage, he was inwardly satisfied in fulfilling his knightly oath. To protect the weak and respect women. He turns to the ladies, who were absolutely terrified from the scene, thinking him to be some savage or ruthless killer. He takes of his helmet, revealing his face to the ladies.

His hair was blond, golden beyond measure. It was curly and wavy, looking slick and shiny under the morning sun. His skin was smooth and light, with a few scars to blemish his sculptured face. His eyes, were a deep shade of blue, a beautiful shade, much like a sapphire. The ladies suddenly felt more inclined to trust him, but then they heard his face.

"Do not be afraid miladies." the man said in a thick accent. "My name is Dominique Celestine de Guines, and I mean you no harm."

He spoke in a thick accent with his English, but it made him seem more charming as the girls blushed a bit from his looks. One girl mustered the courage to speak.

"S-Sir Dominique! We were attacked by the Kuro Inu! They have invaded and are making way towards the Castle of Thore!"

The unfamiliar terms caught him off-guard. Kuro Inu? Thore? These terms were foreign to him, if they were truly in a different world then they would need all the information they could get. He then asks the ladies.

"Do you miladies mind if I bring you to our camp? Our general simply must know of this!"

The girls seemed hesitant, screaming.

"How do we know that you're not with the Black Dogs!? You might bring us to your camp to rape us or make us into sex slaves!"

Dominique couldn't even process the accusation, these women were accusing him and his companions of committing something so sinful, so filthy that it would make the lowliest peasant recoil in disgust.

"Excuse me!" the knight expressed angrily. "The fact that you even considered that thought is an insult to what the Knights Templars stand for! How dare you accuse me and my comrades of being lustful and nothing but animals! God won't simply stand for such filth!"

The girls then recoiled in fear, cowed by the knight's outburst.

"Fine, stay here and wait for the next monster, maybe your next savior will be more gracious!"

The girls immediately wept as they desperately grabbed hold of him. The knight saw that the girls were clearly scared and needed some help. Their clothes were torn, they had no weapons and they were clearly far from home.

"Please… We beg of you… Don't leave us to the Black Dogs! If your army is as righteous as you claim then take us with you!"

The knight, moved with pity, slowly removes their grip on him.

"So be it, but you must do as I say, or else you may get kicked out. Okay?"


"Good, now let's get back to camp."

Dominique and his rescued women return to camp, to only find the soldiers suddenly arming themselves as they charged towards a certain direction. Dominique sees his fellow Knights Templars, Hospitaliers, Teutons, holding a line as numerous upon numerous refugees retreating to a safer position. He runs up to the Grandmaster, saying.

"What is happening!?"

"Demons have raided us! Abominations from the darkest pits! We must hold the line or else these refugees may die!"

Dominique then points to the refugees, saying.

"Join them for now, I will come back for you two, okay?"

The girls nodded as the ran to the crowd. The crowd ran to the edge of the oasis.

Dominique got into position with his fellow knights, who were mounting their horses. He saw the numerous troops next to him. Levies, Sergeants, Billmen, Teutons and Hospitaliers, shouting and taunting as Duke Thomas rode up on his horse.

"Men! We have been brought away from the Holy Lands to some unknown god-forsaken country in the forest! While we may not know why or how we got here, we know one thing for sure!"

Thomas points to the encroaching army of monsters and creatures.

"That these abominations do not come in peace! They are demons! Upholders of all that is wicked and horrible! Servants to Satan! They shall grant us no quarter, and I expect you all to be no different! Hear my words, as I say, killing an infidel may grant you your place in Heaven, but refusing to kill these spawns of Satan will seal your fate in Hell!"

The men cheered, bashing their weapons against their shields, hooting and screaming.


The chant even overpowered the cry of the monsters, who seemed intimidated by the shout but persisted in their advance. Thomas and his army shouted in high spirits. Thomas raised a hand as he gestured to the trebuchet.

"Ready! Aim! Fire!"

The trebuchets let loose, sending balls of fire into the charging enemy, dwindling their numbers greatly. The general then signals the six platoons of Yeoman Archers behind him.

"Light your arrows! We will cleanse them with flame!"

The general then raises his and signals the six Longbowmen at the back

"Longbows, fire at will!"

The archers fire thousands of arrows into the charging enemy, killing even more monsters. The fire arrows did their work and set many of the demons aflame. The demons were now growing scared at their losses as their charge suddenly slowed. Thomas then signaled the Teutonic Knights, Templrs and the Hospitaliers to ride out. The knights ride past the enemy, confusing the charging monsters. But the raining arrows forced them to get closer as they readied themselves to charge.

"Spear wall!"

The billmen and sergeants form a wall of shields and spears, holding the position. Their morale was not easily broken as the monsters came down hard on their defensive line.

"Hold men! No demon can overcome those who believe in the Lord!"

"In the name of God! DEUS VULT!" the spearmen shouted as they defiantly pushed back the enemy.

Duke Thomas then raises his lance, tipped in oil as it burned, leaving a fire on his spear tip. The knights notice this from afar and shouted.

"Fellow knights! That is the signal! Charge!"

Hundreds of mounted knights turned around and charged with their lances down. The enemy saw that it was too late as the knights butchered them with a hammer and anvil. Duke Thomas then shouted.

"Knights! Withdraw! Put pressure on their flank with cycle charges!"

The knights withdrew and went afar, before charging again to the backs of the enemy. The enemy grew weary as they were flanked by the more mobile knights, something they have never encountered. They did the only rational thing. They ran.

"Men! The demons are breaking! By God's grace run them down!"

"Hurrah! We have triumphed over the enemy!"

The soldiers cheered, shouting, praising, raising their weapons in triumph. They all circled Duke Thomas as they shouted.

"Long live Duke Thomas! For he has lead us to victory against the forces of Satan!"

Duke Thomas then turned around to check on the refugees, who were cowering and fearful from what they witnessed.

"If there are more of these things out there, then we won't last long in the wilderness, we must find a fortification!"

His thoughts were interrupted by Grandmaster Thibault riding up to him.


"What is it Grandmaster?"

"The knights have tracked down where the demons are headed! A large castle not too far ahead!"

Duke Thomas was intrigued that the demons were headed towards another fortification after battling with them. He then asked.

"What are they doing there?"

"Milord, it's under siege by even more demons! The walls look ready to fall!"

The general grimaced at it, but he needed to know one more thing.

"What castle is this?"

"Milord! It's the castle of Thore!" a woman's voice explained.

The general and his companion turn to two women riding on a horse, with a Templar leading the horse.

"Master, I have rescued these two native women from a group of demons, their clothes were torn up by the beasts and I have slain the beasts before they could do any ungodly act on them."

The general and the Grandmaster share a glance before the general rode up.

"Miladies, could you tell us the exact nature of these demons?"

The women's faces darkened, their expression silent, as if they could not muster the courage to say. The general notices this and says.

"I understand if you cannot fathom the horrors these beasts have done, but what is this castle of Thore?"

"It's where Celestine Lucullus resides, a goddess incarnated into a High Elf."

"Goddess incarnate" was all that registered into Thomas' and the Grandmaster's mind.

"Blasphemy!" Grandmaster Thibault shouted. "Who dares name themselves a deity in these lands!?"

"Be calm, Grandmaster, we still have wounded to attend to. Gather some priests to oversee recovery."

Thibault rode to the huts, where some priests already sat. The priests exited and tended to the wounded soldiers. One priest brings out a Bible and kneels in front a soldier, crippled by the attacking demons.

"In nomine Patri, et Filli, et spiritus Sancti."he said while making the Sign of the Cross. "*Et oratio fidei salvabit infirmum et adlevabit eum Dominus et si in peccatis sit dimittentur ei."

(*And the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well; the Lord will raise them up. If they have sinned, they will be forgiven.) James 5:15

The priest then touched the injured man's forehead, who also makes the Sign of the Cross after making a silent prayer. Suddenly, the man's wounds disappear. He suddenly stood up, as if his legs were not broken. He jumped, he kicked, he was well. He screamed in French.

"C'est un miracle! Dieu soit loué!"

(It is a miracle! God be praised!)

The same strange phenomenon occurred with the other injured. After the priests gave the man his blessing, the man would get well after praying. It was a miracle. Injuries that should have taken days to partially heal, were now disappearing within minutes. The soldiers and refugees sang praise.

"God be praised! He has given us his blessing!"

"Alllah subhanah wataealaa! 'ant alrrub alhaqiqi wahidan!" the Sudanese auxiliaries screamed.

The general rode up, confused at the cheering.

"What is going on!?"

"Milord, it is miraculous! The men have been fully healed by the Lord! We are back to full numbers already!"

The general stayed quiet, but decides to take advantage of this morale. He then rode to the center of the cheering and shouted.

"People of faith and virtue! The Lord has given us His full blessing!"

The men and women cheered as they shouted in joy and jubilance.

"And that means one thing! That even the Lord will support us in our endeavors against these mad beasts! Our mission in the Holy Lands has been abandoned for a more noble cause. To slay, every last demon that inhabits this land!"

Everyone cheered, the refugees, the soldiers, the knights, showing their full support as the miracle they had witnessed that day strengthened and emboldened them, for they knew the Lord was with them in their endeavors, and with Him, they will triumph.

"Now! There is a castle not too far from here! With a ruler claimed to be a goddess incarnate!"

The crowd booed at that.



The general then calmed the crowd down.

"But we all know that is not the real issue. As we speak, those demons encroach upon the castle walls, determined to get to the other side! We will not stand for it! These demons are a cancer to this land and we will cleanse it!"

The crowd cheers once again.

"Now everyone! Be ready, for we will march in a few hours! For those demons will know the true wrath of the Christian armies!"

The soldiers cheered, as the general then pointed to the castle's general direction, with the daylight finally revealing the tall structure, as the masses of Christians finally march their way to the castle. And may God help those who stand in their way.

Celestine sat on her throne, tapping on her chair worriedly as she stared out her window, the Black Dogs weren't stopping their advance. The people in the town were growing restless, and the endless chanting outside didn't make it any better. But she felt the air suddenly get heavy as she felt something even more ominous approach the castle.

Duke Thomas finally saw the castle in plain view, its walls were filled with soldiers as they tried to push back the demons. He then halts the army and shouts.

"Men! These demons do not even see us coming! For they are mindless and arrogant! But they have yet to face true servants of Christ! Now let's go and gather some demon heads!"

The soldiers cheered as they charged into battle, flanking the Black Dogs. The monsters were intimidated and caught off-guard by the sudden flank as Duke Thomas shouted.

"Give them nothing but steel! Show them the wrath of the Christian armies!"

The monsters quickly routed as the surprise attack left them vulnerable and helpless. The men cheered as they saw the monster run back to the unholy place from whence they came. The soldiers from the unknown castle cheered as well, but their celebration is cut short when they saw the general ride up to the gates.

"Let me and my people in!"

The soldiers on the wall were uncertain of what to do.

"I said, let us in! Lest you wish to have your city burned!"

The soldiers saw the catapults and trebuchets being loaded with flaming ammo.

"I will say it again. LET. US. IN."

Celestine was heavy-hearted, though the Kuro Inu were successfully warded off, another strange army had come knocking down their door and with the threat of fire to boot. She had to surrender, she couldn't risk another massive loss of life. She prepares herself as she readied to meet the men who had taken over her castle. She was expecting men with pleased faces, that of anticipation and lust. She brought her remaining shield-princesses with her, Alice and Claudia as she walked to the outside. But when the members of the army met her, she was met with faces of disgust. The tall, brown haired man in armor with a red cross stepped up and sneered.

"Okay, now that we've met the harlot, where's the real leader? He has some nerve to send out a whore to meet the Knights Templars!"

Celestine wasn't expecting such a deep insult as the man basically wounded her pride as goddess incarnate. She then bows before them and says.

"Milords, I am Celestine Lucullus, goddess incarnate and ruler of the Kingdom of Thore."

"Blasphemy!" one of the knights behind the Grandmaster. "This harlot dare call herself goddess! Her clothing shows no example of divinity and purity, that's for sure!" the knight laughed, as did the others.

"How dare you speak of the goddess like that!" Alice growled.

"Oh look, the harlot has accomplice whores!" one of the soldiers laughed.

"Grrr! I'll make you eat those words!"

Alice moved forward to engage the soldier, but a shout from behind stopped her.

"Shut your pie-hole, or so help me, there'll be a flogging!"

Everyone froze, as the soldiers made way for the leaders, Duke Thomas and Grandmaster Thibault, who walked up, expressionless and fearless. They gave off an air of leadership that made the soldiers keep their distance. Duke Thomas was a tall but gentle looking figure, giving off a fatherly aura, a benevolent figure so to speak. The man next to him, the Grandmaster, was heavily armored from head to toe, taking his helmet off, revealing an aging man, looking no more than fifty years, wearing slick, smooth grey hair with a thick beard.

"You are the goddess incarnate, correct?"

Celestine nodded.

"Cuff her." Duke Thomas said while pointing to her.

Two knights moved up with chains in their hands.

"What is the meaning of this!?" Alice growled.

"As the leader of the Dawn Templars, I will defend Celestine with my life!"

The two improperly dressed women moved up to engage the two knights, but one knight bashes Alicia aside, while the other kicks Claudia away.

"Stop! We surrender!" Celestine pleaded. "No more bloodshed!"

The two knights moved to bind Celestine's hands, and the two other shield-princesses were taken away. Celestine kneeled before Thomas as she said.

"Do whatever you wish."

"Very well then." Duke Thomas said as he turned to the guards. "Bring this woman to the nuns and dress her properly. She is a political prisoner, so let no one do harm to her. Understand?"

"Yes milord." the knights said as they bound Celestine as brought her away.

"We'll talk once conditions allow us to." Duke Thomas said reassuringly as he turned to the servants of Celestine.

"Hear my words, servants of Thore. Your so-called goddess has been overthrown." he said while gesturing to the Great Cross being carried. "From where she sat, we will put up this Cross, to remind the land of the one true God."

The servants muttered fearfully as the soldiers broke Celestine's throne and placed the cross on where the throne used to be.

"Now that we have overthrown the blasphemer, we must know more about the enemy we face." he said while facing the plethora of women servants. "Does anyone here wish to enlighten us?"

"Milord, why would you want to know more about these demons? They're nothing but trouble!"

"But we must know the nature and the numbers of the enemies we faced, or else we will only be running blind in this land."

One voluptuous looking mage walked up, a pink-haired woman. Her outfit was more modest than that of the goddesses and knights, a dress, but it seemed too tight as her figure was still seen. The Duke averted his gaze for a moment.

"M-Milord, I can show you all the acts of evil done by these Black Dogs and monsters…"



The soldiers moved up in agitation, not expecting witchcraft, but Duke Thomas raised his hand.

"At ease men." he said before turning to the mage. "I'll permit you, but the practice of sorcery and supernatural will be prohibited until proper laws have been established."

The woman opened her book and conjured a spell, showing a light, a moving picture, to all the inhabitants of the room. Duke Thomas and his men lay witness to the horror that was the Kuro Inu. They saw the ogres, lycanthropes and goblins, raping women in groups, in forced orgies. They saw men ganging up on women, inserting their members in every available orifice. The women, having an empty look on their faces, broken by the ecstasy of sex and lust. But they then saw the wrost saw a small girl, being raped by a very large ogre, the size of his member alone tore her apart, causing her vagina to bleed profusely. The men were disgusted, sounds of horror filled the room as some men already shielded their eyes, others even keeled over and vomited. The endless amount of rape and disrespect to women had caused Duke Thomas to lash out.

"End the vision, now!"

The woman ended the vision, shaken at how angry Duke Thomas was. He grit his teeth, his body sweating from the ordeal he had witnessed.

"Do you swear that what you have shown us was the truth?"


"ANSWER ME!" Duke Thomas shouted.

"Y-Yes! I swear on the name of the goddess!"

"No, swear in the name of God." Thomas snarled.


"SWEAR IT!" he shouted.

"I-I swear…" the girl stuttered, tearing up from the Duke's outburst. "In the name of God."

The girl broke down in tears, with the Duke noticing the girl's age, she looked young enough to be his daughter. He kicked himself mentally for being so rough on someone so young. He felt weak for being so angry against a girl who was also scared, scared of the godless fate of the other women had been doomed to live in. He needed some time alone as he turned to his soldiers and knights.

"Good." the Duke said as he turned to the soldiers. "You are dismissed, help the refugees set up their homes and bring order to any rebellious areas."

As the knights walked outside, the Duke said.

"Knights, remember. You are the keepers of order. You are the lawbringers. You are justice!"

"Yes milord, we will quell any signs of rebellion." the commanders of the Knights declared as they walked out.

Grandmaster Thibault stayed behind, but another nod from the Duke signaled him to leave with his men. The Duke then went over and bent to the crying girl, who still wept in fear.

"Child… What is your age?"

"S-Seventeen, m-my master brought me here as her apprentice."

"Where is she?"

"She was taken by the Kuro Inu…"

Thomas then pulls the girl up and puts his hands on her shoulders.

"I don't know what you're thinking right now, but trust me, we are nothing like those demons you spoke of. I will take it upon myself to end the terror that plagues this land. Your people will not be harmed."

The Duke then pat the girl's head.

"I am ashamed for making you weep, if there is anything you need, do not hesitate to approach me." the Duke said kindly while walking away.

The Duke walks to the doors, but he feels a tug on his cloak, he sees the girl shyly grab his cape.

"I want… to become your apprentice and help…"

The Duke was surprised that she had come to a decision so quickly, he gently removed the girl's hand.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, under Celestine, I felt helpless and useless in fighting the Kuro Inu…" the girl said before looking him straight in the eye. "I want the honor of helping you eradicate these beasts! I want to stand by you to make sure the Kuro Inu dies!"

The nuns and servants gasp as the young mage had the gall to ask their new ruler to take her in as his apprentice. The Duke smiled benevolently and said.

"I accept, but under one condition, that you do not argue with whatever order I give you. Clear?"


"Good, now as your first assignment, accompany me to our War Council. You'll certainly contribute to the discussion."

"Y-Yes sir!"

"Now go, pack your belongings, you will be transferring quarters shortly to our new headquarters."

"Thank you so much milord! You won't regret it!"

The girl practically skipped as she happily went to the quarters to pack her belongings. The Duke walks out the door, to see Grandmaster Thibault glaring at him.

"You brought in the sorceress as your apprentice."

"She's a child."

"You know she won't replace your sister."

"I know." The Duke dismissed as he went down the stairs. "But I want to make up for my failures as a brother. Maybe this is more than just a Crusade against demons, maybe this is a chance for us to redeem ourselves."

"Redemption only requires self-forgiveness Thomas." Thibault said curtly. "God forgives all our sins, the challenge you face is forgiving yourself."

The Duke was left to reflect on these words as Thibault walked down the stairs. His thoughts were interrupted by the mage girl bringing out her stuff.

"I'm ready master!"

"Before we go, what is your name?"

"D-Denise, sir!"

"Okay Denise, the War Council will begin shortly, now you'll join our discussion."

"Yes sir!"

Grandmaster Thibault and the knight commanders held a discussion in their rooms as they waited for the others.

"This is insane! How do we expect to defeat such an overwhelming force?!" the Teutonic commander voiced. "We'll die before the first castle is even taken."

"God has given his blessing, we use it correctly, and no one has to die." the Hospitalier responded while looking at the map.

"Ha! At least we'll do better than those "Dawn Templars"!" the younger Templar laughed. "They looked more like harlots roleplaying as knights! It was insulting of them to even bear the Templar name."

"Watch your tongue Dominique, if their military order is that pathetic, then we have no hope of using this country's military!" Thibault chastised.

Everyone silenced as the Duke entered, together with Denise and a woman wearing a extravagant looking outfit. The Duke looked around to see if everyone was gathered.

"Now that everyone is gathered here. Let's first question the general on how they combatted this threat before, they may hold valuable insight to fighting these beasts."

Everyone looked at the general as she unrolled the scrolls in her hands.

Everyone was silent as they heard everything. The kingdoms were too weak to combat the monster threat called the Legion, so they had created the shield-princesses to combat the threat. But soon, mercenaries and adventurers were hired to fight these monsters. The monster threat was largely contained during the Guild ages, when great heroes like the Goblin Slayer and Orcblog suppressed the monsters. But those glory days were soon gone as the aforementioned events happened a millennia ago. Now the mercenaries that were hired now turn on their employers and seek to build an empire dedicated to sex and pleasure. Everyone turned their heads at Duke Thomas, who was deep in thought.

"So your telling me… That for the past years, you only depended on these adventurers and mercenaries to guard your people?"

"Yes, we have trained the finest to fight these goblins and ogres."

"Then that's not good enough!" Thomas snarled as he skewered his dagger onto the table, agitating everyone. "You were fools to depend on "heroes" and "adventurers" to do your work for you!"

"You dare insult the name of the Goblin Slayer!" the woman general snarled, picking up on Duke Thomas' tone.

"These stories of heroes exist for one good purpose, to set an example for all men to follow!" Duke Thomas countered. "What if you had more than one Goblin Slayer? A whole company of men dedicated to killing these beasts! Would you have been in this situation?"

"What are you going up on?" the woman general asked, crossing her arms.

"Face it, your ancestors just depended on these mercenaries and heroes to do their work for them! Not once has your government ever created an effective force against these monsters! You were just content in sending these mercenaries against these beasts! And see where that lead them!"

The general was cowed as she fell silent from the Duke's arguments. He had a point, if the government had not fell dependent on these swords-for-hire, then maybe they would have had a better way of fighting the threat. She steps back and keeps silent, leaving only the knights and the Duke to speak.

"Now sire, what is our next plan?"

"How many of the townsmen can be turned into levies?"

"Er, we count about five thousand able-bodied men."

"Good, get the commanders ready to train. If any women wish to join, then let them."

"Milord, with all due respect, what are you suggesting we do?"

The Duke had a vision in his mind, that of these beastly mercenaries and beasts, burning to a crisp in a pit. Of God's servants standing triumphantly, as all their enemies fell before them. The Cross standing tall over a thriving city.

"Defend our world." the Duke said before plunging his dagger into the Black Dog insignia. "Destroy theirs."

Cookies for those who get all the references in this fic. You see? The knights will finally bring retribution to all those damned monsters. Jesus, I've never seen an anime where women get raped by goblins, it's plain disgusting and this fic will satisfy my sadism towards such barbaric monsters.

If any of you are curious about my army origin, I was leading a Crusading army under the Kingdom of England, with the Duke of the same name. We meant to take over Egypt but got stuck at Damascus, I crashed and rebooted the game, my large army is suddenly gone.

And yes, this shares a universe with "The Exiled Crusader"