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Chapter 8. Healing the Family Tree

Monica and Wendell Wilkins were having a great time at the Spiritual and Cleansing retreat that this Brussels Playhouse resort and spa turned out to be.

They could barely believe their luck as they received a letter with their Medical and Dental Magazine. At first it seemed like a joke, however, they received a brochure and an exclusive invitation, plus all paid expenses and transportation for a week, at a retreat in Belgium!

She called the number and confirmed that it was no charade, and the Wilkins were assured that the promotion was real.

They made the arrangements and found themselves on a plane, and later at this very beautiful resort that had a Medieval Fair feel and a gorgeous setup.

The Wilkins were not the kind of people who would look a gift horse in the mouth. The doctors decided that this trip would be to renew their wedding vows.

The ambiance, chocolate, food, art gallery, the Forêt De Soignes in the background, experiencing the luscious summer and the treasure that is the Cathedral Library, to the couple it all seemed like uncovering Ali Baba's Vault of hidden treasure.

They decided to visit the restaurant for their dinner and it was then that Monica blushed like a teen, for the first time in a while, when a face in the crowd smiled and made a hand gesture to join them at the table.

"What is it Mon?" asked Wendell.

"It's that breathtaking male from the Airbus Shuttle, Ernest..." She and Wendell started slowly walking up to the McGonagall's table.

"Oh, yeah, his wife is a stunner, Minerva, yeah I remember, you want to sit with them? I mean, I already feel awkward as it is? Oh Mon, I would kill to have their smiles as publicity for the Dental practice."

"Oh, let's not overthink it, but yeah, you're right dear, it would definitely increase our income with five percent in the first month alone, but if we have them sign a contract as our models, plus an ad campaign, I'm sure it could work… if we can afford them"

"Good evening mister and missus Wilkins, would you like to join us? Minnie and the girls are about to order dinner." Ernest rose from his seat and introduced the table's occupants. "This is Mrs. Ginevra Potter and her good friend Hermione J. Granger, and you already met my Lady Minerva McGonagall."

"Hi, I'm Monica and this is Wendell."

Both Ginny and Hermione nodded and Monica asked:

"Are you sure we are not imposing?"

"Not at all, please sit down," said Minerva.

"You have a very commanding voice, are you a barrister?" asked Monica.

"No, I used to be a teacher, I recently retired," answered Minerva.

"Really? You do sound quite formidable," said Wendell.

"And you recently retired? Wow, I can only imagine retiring at 30," said Monica.

"Oh, she's over 30," Ernest commented.

"Really? How is that possible? You both look so good," Monica said, surprised.

"Thank you, and yeah, she's 35, and I know because I've met her when she was eleven," said Ernest with a wink at Minnie.

"I bet she was very pretty," said Wendell, to which Ernest goofed off, and replied:

"Nope, she was skinny, plain, had a lot of raven hair and big bright black eyes, made barely any noise when she walked in and already had the same commanding tone, which scared the bejesus out of me. She was spooky," revealed Ernest.

All of them laughed, and Ernest added:

"But I was smitten like a puppy without a leash. I just kept denying it, until one day she decided to twist my arm and take away my free will, and I knew, she was the one."

Minerva was laughing and added:

"I hated you, I mean, I could never understand why you were such a pain." Minerva was interrupted by Monica.

"I thought I was the only one. Wendell was annoying as hell. It was a competition to get the attention of teachers, he was always so challenging at Dental School." Wendel added to the argument:

"Woman, do you know how difficult it was for me to get your attention, and your nose out of the books? I got desperate."

The rest of the table sniggered, while Monica blushed and then questioned Ginny:

"Mrs. Potter, how did you get your husband to notice you, or was he just as annoying as this cave man of mine?"

"Um, I joined the football team and he started acting weird. He used to get tongue tied and I decided to kiss him and it worked."

"It's every male's fantasy to have a hot, red headed woman, captain of the football team in uniform to kiss you, not a mystery… I got her autograph!" said Ernest

Monica asked Ginny, "Are you waiting for your husband?"

Ginny answered: "Yes. My husband Harry and Hermione's beau Doctor Yasen Prince."

Before the conversation advanced, Harry and Yasen walked in and Ginny called out:

"Harry, love, come on, let me introduce you to the lovely couple here, this is Wendell and Monica Wilkins."

It was then that a waiter appeared and everyone ordered their drinks and appetizer platters.

Harry then said: "Good evening to you." His expression immediately shifted to one of quiet joy.

"Oh my goodness Ginny, he is quite an impressive young man," said Mrs. Wilkins.

Yasen sat close to Hermione and she embraced him gently. The Wilkins were sitting at their table and her demeanor was silent and grateful.

Mrs. Wilkins then asked: "You must be Yasen Prince, Doctor if you don't mind me asking, what is your specialty?"

Yasen nodded and answered: "It's a combination of two, Psychiatry and Dermatology, plus I'm a practical Biochemist." Monica and Wendell looked quite taken aback, Minerva instead looked quite proud, Wendell, however, was not convinced and asked:

"Any recent cases that call your attention?"

"Now that you mention it? yes… there was patient around 15 years old, a victim of malicious larceny. She had seventy-five percent of her body burned, and I developed a treatment that healed her burns, and later finalized a soothing ointment that worked as a minimally invasive micro dermabrasion and restored 2 layers of skin. She was quite happy."

Monica got excited and asked: "Do you keep a record of that recovery? I get the feeling that Beauty Moguls are going to sniff you out and make you a millionaire if this restorative cream is a success?"

Yasen smiled and said: "I'll drop my secret weapon at them to work a deal."

Harry, Ginny and Ernest asked: "Secret weapon?"

Yasen embraced Hermione and added: "She is going to be a barrister, what do you think is going to happen to anyone that even looks at me, or my work, funny?"

The Wilkins smiled completely enchanted and Wendell said:

"Good, nothing better than your wife to defend the family wealth, oh, you should see Monica on a budget and organizing the tax return, no one beats her at this, there is always a set of instructions that includes color coding and a plan on how to better spend our hard earned money."

Monica blushed and added: "It's just a little hobby of mine and every now and then, I do enjoy the light reading, speaking of which, the Library here is gorgeous!"

Hermione had a lump in her throat and Ernest added in a casual tone:

"Minnie, should we tell them of the second best-kept secret on the Playhouse?"

"What is that darling?" said Minerva.

Yasen added: "The hidden spring."

"Excuse me? A hidden spring?" asked Monica.

Ernest continued. "Yes, Doctor Wilkins, there is a hidden spring that has healing waters. In ancient days, before the Playhouse was a reality, this was a gathering place for Celts and Druids, as a sanctuary for wounded warriors, healers, and scholars. After the little Playhouse was built the tradition continued. I'm sure you have already seen the pictures of so many historic figures passing through the doors of the little Playhouse, but most came in pilgrimage, so to speak, due to the spring. Tomorrow, Mr. and Mrs. Potter have an appointment."

Harry and Ginny blinked and blushed. Yasen added: "The young couple went through a very traumatic set of events, and tomorrow they take a dip and try to heal a bit of that sorrow."

The Potter's nodded: "Would you like to accompany us, Mr. and Mrs. Wilkins, we have space to invite a couple of friends?"

"We don't want to impose," replied Wendell, however, Monica asked: "Is there a fee? Or a big cue?"

"Neither," Minerva answered. "Let us gather here tomorrow at 11:30 am and continue to the spring together," she continued with a glance towards Hermione. The girl was worrying her lip, her eyes anxious, her arms on top of Yasen's as if holding on to him for dear life. She felt for the girl and wished, with all her heart, that the ritual would be successful.


When everybody agreed and started to disperse, Yasen gently coaxed Hermione to his chambers. He too had noticed how distraught his mate was getting.

"Come along, love. You can see them again tomorrow," he murmured, holding her hand in his and guiding her with his other hand at the small of her back. When they arrived, he gently pushed her to sit on the bed and kneeled in front of her, both her hands now in his.

"What if the ritual doesn't work?" she asked in a small voice. "What if it gets worse?"

"We must have faith," he answered, rubbing circles on the back of her hands with his thumbs, hoping it would calm her.

She looked at him doubtful and started biting her lip again. He reached up and pulled it down and away from her teeth. "You'll damage that pretty lip of yours if you keep doing that." There was a moment of silence as his thumb repeatedly brushed over her full bottom lip.

"Make love to me, Yasen," Hermione finally said, her eyes pleading. "Make me stop worrying, make me forget for a while. Please?"

"Whatever you want, love," he answered before rising and kissing the lip his thumb had been caressing. He lavished her body until she was utterly relaxed and sated. He tucked her under his arm and murmured sweet nothings in her ear until she fell asleep.

The next morning, Hermione woke with a start, shooting up into a sitting position and looking around wildly. An arm snaked around her waist and roughly pulled her back, making her squeal in surprise.

"Go back to sleep, love," Yasen's sleepy baritone mumbled. "I'm not ready to get up yet."

She smiled and turned to face him. Softly, she caressed his face, swiping his hair out of his eyes. Moving closer, she kissed his nose. "But I'm hungry," she said, mock petulant.

He opened one eye and looked at her. His arm pulled her so close she could hardly breathe. "No," he answered, equally as petulant. He knew he was acting silly, but he wanted to distract her from the ritual that would take place later that day.

"Oh, come on Yasen! Our workout last night made me hungry."

Again he opened one eye. "Workout hmm?" In a lightning fast movement, he was on top of her, tickling her sides.

Hermione was giggling madly, trying to get him off of her but failing miserably. "I concede, I concede," she managed to say between giggles.

He pinned her hands next to her head and kissed her. "A workout?" he asked between kisses. "You call that a workout? You offend me."

She could feel him smile against her lips and knew he was joking. "Well," she said, sighing as he nuzzled her neck. "How about 'expert love making'?"

"That's more like it," he murmured, once more kissing her, sliding his tongue between her lips to play with hers.

They continued snogging for a while, arms and legs entwined but neither taking it any further. Eventually, Hermione came up for air. "Let's take a shower," she said. "Get ready for the day."

Yasen felt her stiffen in his arms and realized he could no longer avoid the inevitable. "It will be fine, love," he assured her. "Let's take that shower, shall we?"


As agreed they gathered at half past eleven. "Where is this hidden spring situated?" Monica asked.

Noh and Mads in their Druid white robes walked up to the group and greeted them.

"Good morning, please come with us, the spring is this way," said Mads, Noh nodded.

Monica added: "Oh my, I should have brought my camera, these Druid gentlemen are imposing."

Both Mads and Noh smiled, and Wendell added: "Goodness your teeth are wonderful!"

The gathering was almost complete and Yasen listened to the exchange, after, he whispered in Hermione's ear: "It's no wonder you are so warm and friendly, you are their most smart and beautiful offspring, I love you."

Hermione whispered back: "I love you too."

Harry and Ginny joined the line. Minerva and Ernest were already at the site.

Once there, Ginny and Harry stripped to white swimsuits and Mads and Noh made a gesture for them to walk into the depth.

Then Noh said to the couple as he walked into the spring and close to them: "There must be a sacrifice of blood, for both Harry and Ginevra, who would sacrifice here?"

Both Minerva and Hermione answered: "I will do it."

Minerva sided to Ginny and Hermione to Harry. Mads produced a dagger and Noh produced its twin blade.

Both Druids asked for their palms and the Wilkins shuddered as both Hermione and Minerva stood with stoic faces while the steel simultaneously cut them.

The blood was flowing and each palm went to the recipient's chest, where the heart of each Potter was beating.

Both Elders said:

"Pray for the Mother Goddess for healing, love, and kindness, so she may cleanse all the sorrow of the past from these two."

Harry was crying and so was Ginny, both of them got embraced by their supplicants, Minerva and Hermione, and both began an individual prayer.

Minerva said: "Ginny daughter of love, I know your pain, the loss of a brother, and how Magic was tainted when that wraith tampered with your soul. You were never alone, my beautiful surrogate daughter, your soul could not be tamed, that's why he poisoned your mind, to try to take what he could not have, a body. But your soul could not be taken from you because unlike his Horcruxes, you were anchored by love, you were so brave and you are loved still, and where love resides, there is no place for taint, resentment, pain, and loneliness..."

Hermione plead: "I know your life has been devoid of love before you arrived at Hogwarts before you won the war. I know your tears, and your fears, and your loyalties, and I'm so sorry Harry, but you were loved, always loved, you were never alone, you were my little brother and I felt so responsible for you… I know you didn't ask for it, and the burden became too great, and you lost so much. But now it's time to let go, it's time to heal, to welcome love in a complete and true form. Let it fill the void, let it turn you into a being of hope. You are loved and where there is love, death, despair, and madness have no place..."

Again light of silver, blue and gold filled the chamber. A voice accompanied the light and softly whispered, in reply to the prayers:

My beautiful Children are correct, there is no place for regrets, pain, loneliness, resentment, despair, and madness, where love resides, and love does reside within all the souls in this chamber. Blessed are those who can see and those that, without looking, believe.

Mads and Noh plead:

"Mother please bless Monica and Wendell?"

The light walked up to the Wilkins, and the couple felt the energy shift and the two noticed Yasen instruct:

"Please go into the water, it's your time."

The Wilkins stepped in and noticed the strange display of color that started dancing in front of their eyes, shapes of light descended and touched their heads and a voice surprised the couple with its sweet soothing tone.

Next, Yasen made a cut on his right palm and he dabbed a couple of dots of blood on both the Wilkins, who remained mute in shock as they felt the mystery of the Mother Goddess unfold before them.

Yasen enunciated: "Legilimens" on Monica and in a soft voice summoned the mental blocks as lines. He then jumped into Wendell's mind and found the Obliviation barriers. Soon both of Hermione's parents were ready to understand the message of the Goddess.

Ah, my beautiful children of thought, unlike my children of magical gift, these two were a rare and wonderful combination of ingenuity and generosity, but ah, I see. Step forward Hermione, daughter of Monica and Wendell, and let the magic of your love and your mate the Dark Prince of Serpents make a bridge, and make them remember how much they have been missed... Monica and Wendell, understand that she loved you and tried with inherent ingenuity and generosity to spare you from the atrocities of the Magical war in Britannia... Your Daughter made a great sacrifice, my dear, dear children, remember Love will patch what despair took away, build new memories and heal... love continues its path and soon your houses will be filled with new blood, teach them of the old Magicks, Ritual, and Lore, that is my will.

Hermione's magic infused the circle with the intent of recovery, as she projected her memories as a daughter. She too marked her parent's foreheads with dots of her blood.

Wendell and Monica had tears rolling down their cheeks as they started remembering the missing pieces of memory from their lives, reversing the Obliviation charm, tracing Hermione up to her birth.

Just like an old and cherished love song, the life of the former Granger's filled with them, as tears and hugs closed the gap and again they held as one unit and a family.

Harry and Ginny embraced, and Ernest and Minnie retreated. Mads, Noh, and Yasen shook hands and walked away, letting the Granger-Wilkins made up for lost years.


Harry waited for Yasen to leave and fortunately, Healer Prince walked out alone. Taking that moment as a good sign, Harry asked:

"Healer Prince may I have a word with you?"

Yasen nodded and followed Harry until the two were standing near the lake. Harry then said:

"I just want to say that you remind me of Severus Snape, I don't understand it, I mean I know that Minerva was responsible for your health, but, there is something annoying about you... that? and your magical trace is similar to the late Potions Master Snape."

"I'll say it again… never in a million years would I have admitted that Harry Potter has a Brain."

Harry nodded and replied:

"Yeah, well I hate you too, you Git!"

"Let's get a drink, and hate each other like civilized men."


Yasen and Harry walked up to the restaurant and Harry said:

"I guess you want to remain just Yasen Prince, correct?"

"Yes, I do."

"Alright, but is kind of nice to have you still with us sir, even if you do look like a girl."

"Okay Potter, I know you had a crush on me, but I hate to break it to you, I'm straight, and yes, even though you do look like a male version of Moaning Myrtle, I don't bend that way."

"I don't know, you could have fooled me, I mean, just add fake boobs and a dress and you would be Hogwarts Drag Queen 2001, and Lucius Malfoy would be runner up!"

"The award presented by former Drag Queen 2000, Moaning Potter!"

"Shut up already!" Both Yasen and Harry turned around to the yell and found Bern who just added: "Let's celebrate that you are both close to getting your dreams to come true… by the way, stop denying your affair, the two of you argue just like an old married couple"

Harry just added:

"Oh come on Bern, you know we love you too, step up you pesky Elf and give us a kiss."

"Fuck off Boy who lived, or I'll finish Riddle's work and take your wife as a trophy. I love women in a Quidditch uniform!"

The men laughed and Harry added:

"Yeah right!"

The three males entered the Restaurant and noticed the scene unfolding.

Ginny, Minerva, and Hermione were being entertained by Ernest, he was making them laugh and was a natural seductor in his element, surrounded by gorgeous women. His allure made most of the females of the house want to play court around him. Suddenly Bern turned around and said:

"Keep basking in the glory of your affair, while Ernest cleans up the house?"

Yasen sneered and Harry threw daggers with his eyes at the Host of the Little Playhouse, while Hermione and Ginny made hand gestures to the males, to join the table.

Bern added:

"Do remember you are happy, engaged men."

Harry muttered.

"I believe, Mr. Prince, that we can both agree on one thing?"

"And, pray tell, what is that Mr. Potter?"

"I'm going to kill Bern."

"Oh, yes, I'll help you dispose of his carcass."


The next day, the Wilkins and the Druids were at the Library and the couple was amazed. They could see the House Elves and the other magical beings around the little Playhouse. The two were enchanted by Magic being real and - this time - tangible.

The Druids had been invaluable information sources about what happened during the time gap between their move to Australia and current Magical Britain.

The Granger Wilkins witnessed through a Pensieve documentary the ravages of Magical war, and at the end, there was a photo journal of the victims of war, and in those Hermione appeared with her Mudblood scar.

The Granger Wilkins became ill at the last image and realized the high cost of their only child. They decided to follow the will of the Sacred Mother, heal, and learn for the ancient magics and lore, and to return home, to be present again in England as proud Muggles who became instructed in Magic.

Later they would open a cost free counseling center, to help, guide, and instruct parents of other muggle-borns wizards and witches as families.

Mads and Noh were respected in Britain, so they would be the guides, and the Muggle parents that decided to enter such a group would be part of a Celt group of Magic and Lore, protected by treaties older than the Ministry of Magic.

Once a plan was made, the Wilkins returned to their bedroom and cried like babies in the arms of one another. They vowed that they would learn and be ready, for their grandchildren, since they weren't there for their Daughter.

It was a harsh wake-up call, but they had to digest the process as best they could. In their minds, no war, or ignorance, was going to wreck havoc on another muggle-born family, ever!


On the same evening that the Wilkins made their decision, Yasen and Hermione were sitting on a bench, watching the moon and its reflection on the lake.


"Yes, Yasen?"

"There is so much need back in England, due to the aftermath, I need to go back home."

Hermione nodded, and he continued:

"I am going to open a Healing Practice near Stonehenge, but I can't do this alone, come with me?"

"Of course, I will go with you."

"Will you marry me?"

"Yes, of course, I'll marry you."

"I don't deserve you."

"Probably, but-"


"I, cannot imagine my life without you, I love you Yasen, and wherever you go, I'll follow."