When Dumbledore left the threshold of number 4 Privet Drive, he didn't notice the man standing in the park watching him intently. The man was looking around his 60s but had blue eyes that were much older and that have seen more than anybody should ever had.

After checking that everyone was gone he stepped in front of the door and took the baby in his arms.

On his forehead was a lightning bolt scar. His name was Harry Potter.

"Don't worry little Harry" said the man "I'm going to take great care of you. Not like those muggles here who would have treated you badly. You will be loved and you will be trained for your future. I mean you no harm and neither does my wife. Welcome to our life Harry Potter." He finished with a smile and a tear leaking through his eyes.


When Dumbledore came back into his office, he settled down. What a day it was ! Two of his best Order members were dead and Harry was an orphan. But he couldn't go and live with anyone else than his family. It was for the greater good that he stayed there. the blood-wards would protect him better than anything else.

'Speaking of the blood wards' he thought 'Let's check over my monitor to see if they are correctly anchored'.

He stepped up and found something that disturbed him greatly. The wards were anchored all right but they weren't charging ! which meant only one thing possible. Harry wasn't at Privet Drive.

Dumbledore always congratulated himself on keeping a good physical body. He picked a run and went through the gates of Hogwarts to apparate where he just left.

After searching through the whole area, he still couldn't find Harry. It was a heartbroken Dumbledore that came back into his headmaster's office at Hogwarts. The was only one solution, Harry had been captured by someone that didn't mean harm to him, since he bypassed the wards. Dumbledore could fool the ministry for eleven years before Hogwarts started but the ministry would start asking questions after that time.

It was after these thoughts that Dumbledore went to sleep.


11 years later

Dumbledore was having a hard day. It was the day where Harry Potter was supposed to be going to Hogwarts and Dumbledore was worried like a madman. The only good thing that eased slightly Dumbledore's mind was the fact that Harry Potter could come to Hogwarts. That meant that he was at least alive. But if Harry decided not to show up he would be in great trouble from the ministry and from almost every wizard or witch living in Britain.

He watched anxiously as the queue of first years was aligning Dumbledore couldn't recognise anyone with messy black hair. He watched each and everyone of them but they weren't the Boy-Who-Lived.

Dumbledore regained his composure and made his start of feast speech with his voice slightly broken and his face sad. Everyone in the great hall noticed this but no one dared to mention it to their favorite headmaster.

At the end of the feast, Dumbledore gave everyone the usual rules about Filch, no magic between the corridors etc… But he was loudly interrupted when the doors of the great hall burst open, only to reveal a young man with messy black hair and a lightning bolt scar walking in there confidently.

Dumbledore was more than shocked, he couldn't quite register the young boy that was walking between the Halls.

He waved his hands in the air and a banner arrived with a message written on it

"Please welcome Harry Potter, the son of Prongs and mighty prankster of Hogwarts!"

Dumbledore couldn't move and his jaw started to ache from gaping at the boy.

First, he walked into the great hall, secondly he performed incredible wandless magic and thirdly he appeared to be another James Potter.

"Welcome here Mr. Potter, please be allowed to be sorted, I do have some questions for you though if you could come to my office after being sorted." said Dumbledore after having found his voice again.

"That would be my pleasure headmaster"replied the young boy.

Dumbledore brought the stool back along with the sorting hat, but then, something unexpected happened. A ball of fire appeared in the great hall only to reveal Fawkes. Apparently, he came to watch Harry getting sorted. It was the first time he did that and Dumbledore could feel his heart leap, if Fawkes was there, the boy couldn't be dark at all.

He placed the old hat on Harry's head.

Harry could hear muttering

'Hello there, you like making an entrance don't you? Anyway, I see a lot of courage, a passion for books, an incredible loyalty and great cunning too, now where shall I put you ? Let's take a look at your memories, you lived your life with WHO you were trained by HIM ! No wonder you can do excellent wandless magic ! I have another dilemma, you could fit in all four houses so it's yours to choose.'

'I would like to pick Gryffindor please, since it was my parent's house'.

'then you shall be in GRYFFINDOR" yelled the hat.

The gryffindor table started to applause, along with the other houses. Two red headed twins were chanting "we got Potter" together while Harry was met by a prefect.

Harry bid goodbye to everyone while he was being led by McGonagall to the Headmaster's office. In there, he could see Dumbledore with Fawkes sitting on his perch. Seeing him, Fawkes leapt and landed on his shoulder.

"Hello …"

"Fawkes" said Dumbledore

"Hi Fawkes ! I'm Harry ! I hope we'll be great friends."

"Now Harry, I need you to tell me where you were during your childhood, you see-" but Dumbledore couldn't say anything else since he heard a loud crack meaning someone apparated right into his office.

"I raised him" said a calm voice.

McGonagall recovered first while Harry was smirking like mad.

"Nicholas Flamel ?" she gasped.

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