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A lone spaceship flew over the skies of the city of Chicago. Its pilot, determined to find a place to land so she wouldn't be seen by the humans that lived in the city.

She found a suitable spot, just outside of the City's limits and brought her ship down for a landing.

The ship touched down in a large field of wild grass and weeds, with the turbulence from the engines bending the tall grass and weeds far away from the spaceship.

The pilot shut down her ship and left the cockpit towards a cargo hold. As she approached the door, her left hand brushed against a light switch, turning on the lights in the cargo hold, revealing a bright red racing bike. Painted on both sides of the tank was a picture of very angry looking storm clouds and by the gas cap the words emblazoned in light blue, 'Love you forever Storm, Slipstream.' She kissed the tank before saying, "I wish you were with me to see our grandkids, my ever loving husband."

Storm glanced at herself in the mirror of the bike and saw her fur graying as well as her waist length hair. But she still had curves on her body that attracted many males attention, especially when she wore her form-hugging black leather racing suit. The suit conformed to every one of her curves and showed off her backside perfectly. Just to poke a little fun at herself, she turned her back to the mirror and made her hips sway. "For a mouse as old as I am, I still got it!"

Storm got on her bike, put the matching full-face helmet on her head, and started the impressive machine. She patted the tank, then said, "Let's go and see my family girl." Storm revved the motor and popped the clutch, causing the rear tire to spin rapidly against the metal flooring, causing a smoke cloud to form and when she released the front brake, the bike took off and leaped out of the cargo hold, onto the ground, leaving the scene at a high rate of speed.

A normal day started at the Last Chance Garage with mother and daughter working in the garage on a customer's bike while the two males took turns watching the baby, who always seemed to get into things that he shouldn't.

It was currently Victor's turn to babysit while Vinnie cleaned up the kitchen from breakfast. And since he decided to cook, almost every pan Charley had was used for something. As Vinnie washed the dishes, he heard a loud bang from the living room. While his hands were full of soap, he asked, "Victor, what was that?"

Victor had grabbed Angel just in time to prevent his little brother from getting crushed by the falling vase of flowers that once was on the dinning room table. "Angel, you certainly are handful. You need to be more careful," Victor said before he nuzzled his baby brother, causing him to giggle. Victor didn't think he would like being a big brother, but Angel latched onto him and he became Angel's favorite relative. As Victor hugged his baby brother, he answered his father, "Angel being Angel dad."

"You need to watch him better Victor," Vinnie said as he continued washing the dishes.

"How can I watch him when I have to clean up after him after every step? Why did you name him Angel anyhow? He's more of a devil," Victor asked.

Vinnie finished the dishes and wiped his hands dry on a blue and white rag. He had to laugh when he heard Victor saying Angel was more of a devil than his name sake. He left the kitchen and found his two sons playing with a small red ball on the wooden floor. Vinnie watched as Angel chased after the ball that Victor rolled to him with his small tail high in the air. "Victor, as much as you complain about Angel, you know you love him."

Victor lifted his gaze away from Angel and towards his father and responded, "I do dad. You should see him attract the girls at the park. He's an absolute chick magnet."

"I hope your mother doesn't hear that Vic, or she will kill you, no matter how much she loves you," Vinnie said as he picked up Angel from the floor. Vinnie then smelled something foul and scrunched up his face before he said, "Someone needs a changing, let's go and take care of this Hazardous material spill." He left with his baby son to change his diaper.

Storm found the garage rather easily. She parked her bike in front of the garage and shut off the motor. Storm removed her helmet and shook out her hair before she said, "I can hardly wait to see my grandkids, as well as see my son and meet his wife. How he managed to get a woman like her to marry him, I'll never know." Storm dismounted her bike, put her helmet on the right handgrip, and walked up to the front door of the residence quarters above the garage.

Victor was busy cleaning up after his baby brother, when he heard a knock on the front door. "Who the heck would be here at this hour of the morning?" He asked himself as he got off of the floor and walked over to the door to answer it. Before he opened the door, he said, "The garage entrance is downstairs."

"I'm not here for a mechanic, I'm here to see Vincent Van Wham," Storm said.

Victor heard the very feminine voice on the opposite side of the door asking for his father and instantly he thought that one of his dad's old flames was coming to pay a visit. So to avoid a situation that could wind up with his father losing part of his anatomy, Victor decided to confront this woman and deal with her himself. He opened the door and saw a very curvy, long-legged woman's body with an ample chest. All wrapped up in a tight fitting leather body suit that left almost nothing to the imagination.

Storm looked down at the young mouse and saw his snowy white fur and braided auburn hair. 'This must be my grandson. He's cute, just like his father was at his age' she thought but she also noticed his gaze didn't leave her chest. "Hey, my eyes are up here boy." She said.

Victor didn't realize it but he was staring at her chest and when she mentioned it, his eyes darted up to her face and noticed she was gorgeous, and an older female mouse. "Please excuse me if you think this is rude, but you are one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen," he said.

"Thank you, Victor, right?" Storm asked.

"Yes, that's right and you are?" Victor asked.

Storm reached out and put her right hand on his left shoulder as she answered, "Oh. That's right. You have never met me before. I'm Storm, your grandmother."

Victor gently removed her hand from his shoulder as he said, "There is no way you are my grandmother. You are way too hot to be a grandmother to anyone."

Storm laughed at Victor before she said, "I appreciate the compliment Victor, but let me assure you, I'm your father's mother. I have a picture of him when he was a teenager as proof with me. Just give me a second to get it out of my suit." She grabbed the tang of the zipper at their throat and pulled it down over her chest, revealing a lot of the swell of her breasts to the young mouse.

Victor felt like his eyes were going to fall out of their sockets the more her zipper fell open, revealing more and more of Storm's breasts.

Once the zipper reached her sternum, she reached inside of her suit and pulled out a few pictures. She looked at the photos and then handed them over to Victor. "This is your father right before he went out on a date with a girl who happened to be a little too loose, if you get my drift," Storm said.

Victor looked at the photo and saw his father dressed in a pair of tight fitting jeans and a matching shirt as well as a female mouse with a red dress so short, you could easily see her risqué underwear. "Dad dated that?" He asked. "She doesn't look as good as mom does."

"I never met your mother Victor. I guess I should meet my daughter-in law and your sister," Storm said before she asked, "Where are they anyhow?" She then zipped up her suit.

"They are in the garage, grandma. It feels so strange to say that to someone as beautiful as you are." Victor said as he stood aside to let Storm in."

Storm entered the residence and once she walked past Victor, he could not help himself and he let his eyes drift to her tail which the tight leather showed off perfectly. "Oh, grandmother." He muttered as he watched the two perfect globes move with every step she took.

Storm felt her grandson's eyes on her so she stopped walking and put the palms of her hands on the sides of her butt. She then asked, "Like what you see Victor?"

"Oh yeah," he muttered in reply but quickly shook his head then said much louder this time, "Grandma, I'm sorry but you are gorgeous. If I was older and you were younger, I would date you in a heartbeat!"

Storm turned around and walked back over to where Victor was standing. She looked down at the young mouse, then hugged him tightly, burying his face in her chest. "You are just like your father was when he was younger. You are going to have the girls falling all over themselves to be with you. Just do an old mouse a favor and keep it in your pants. My son scared me on more than one occasion by coming home and telling me and my husband they were going to be grandparents. Luckily it was a false call. But he gave me more gray hair than I need," she said.

Victor hugged her back and definitely liked having his face in line with her chest. He tried to pull back but she held on tighter to him. "Can you let me go, grandma?" He asked.

Storm let go of Victor and stood back a few feet, then said, "Sorry." She looked around the room and asked, "Where is my son anyway?"

"He's changing Angel's diaper and possibly giving him a bath," Victor responded.

Storm rested her weight on her right hip, then asked, "In that case, can you take me to see your mother and your sister?"

"Sure grandma, come with me," Victor said.

"Please call me Storm, grandma makes me feel old," she said.

"You've got it, Storm," Victor said as he led his grandmother down to the garage.

Mother and daughter had their hands buried in a bike's engine, completely covered in grease and oil. Both of their hair was pulled back into a pony-tail so it didn't get covered as well.

"Mom, can you hand me a 3/8" open end wrench please?" Victoria asked.

Charley reached back into the small tool tray behind her and felt for the wrench her daughter needed. She found an open end wrench, but she wasn't sure if it was the right size since the markings were covered in grime. She picked up the wrench and handed it through the bike's frame to her daughter as she said, "I hope this is the right one."

Victoria took the wrench from her mother and took one look at it. "Close mom, you gave me a 12mm, not a 3/8", she said.

Charley had to let go of the spring she was holding onto in order to get the wrench. "Can you hold on to this as well? I need to turn around to see what I am doing," Charley said.

"I'll try to mom, Victoria said as she reached further into the engine to hold onto the valve spring her mother had compressed with her hand.

When Charley felt her daughter's hand touch hers, she quickly moved her hand out of the way and Victoria placed hers right on top of the spring, keeping it in place.

While Charley turned around to find the wrench for Victoria when she heard two sets of feet coming down the stairs. As she handed the wrench to Victoria, she said, "I hope that is not Angel coming down those stairs without his father!"

Victor's feet hit the floor first and he said, "No mom, Angel is with dad, getting changed. But there is someone here that you are going to want to meet."

Charley lifted her gaze from the tool tray and saw a shapely female mouse wearing a tight riding suit and how her eldest son reacted around her. She asked, "Who are you and why are you in my garage?"

Storm's feet touched the floor before she turned her body to Charley, flipped her hair over her shoulder, and answered, "Now I can see why my son married you, he always had a thing for red-heads. As for who I am, I'm your husband's mother. You can call me Storm."

Charley gave Storm a once-over with her eyes as she stood up and wiped her hands with a red shop rag. "You don't look the motherly type Storm," Charley said referring to Storm's body and very tight attire.

"And you don't look like you pushed out three kids either dear. So I guess we are even," Storm said as she crossed her arms under her chest, making her breasts look even bigger.

Victoria finished tightening the bolts on the engine to keep the valve train in place as she heard the conversation between her mother and her grandmother. She put the wrench down and rose from her position. She finally saw her grandmother for the first time and asked, "You are our grandmother? My mother is right, you are way to curvy to be a grandmother to anyone."

Storm eyed her granddaughter who's clothes were covered in grease and oil. But she also noticed that Victoria was developing a body very similar to her own and she said, "I'm definitely your grandmother Victoria and as your grandmother, I have to say, wow! You are going to be a man killer in a few years. Come here and let me get a good look at you."

Victoria stepped out from behind the bike she and her mother were working on to be examined by her grandmother.

Storm walked forward and around her granddaughter. "I'm right, you are going to knock the boys dead in a few years when you fill out more. But those clothes you are wearing don't flatter your body at all. You are going to come with me and I'm going to get you a few ensembles that will make the boys drool and worship you Victoria."

"Now wait a minute Storm. You can't come into my home and garage and go and steal away my daughter," Charley said. "I need her here, helping me with these bikes. She is just as good with a wrench as I am."

"I'm sure she is but that doesn't mean she can't be feminine as well," Storm said before she turned to Victoria and said, "Go and clean up, we have a date with the local clothing store Victoria!"

"Can I go mom?" Victoria asked.

"Yes, you can go, I'll put your brother to work; if he can remove his eyes from Storm's tail," Charley said.

Victor was staring at Storm's ass when he heard his mother's comment. He turned his head to his mother and said, "I was not looking at my grandmother's tail mom!"

Victoria went around both women, grabbed Victor's left ear, and said as she dragged him upstairs, "We need to have a little talk brother!"

After they left, Charley said, "I don't know what came over Victor, he has never acted like that before. I apologize for his behavior Storm."

"He's going through puberty Charley and its probably the first time he has ever seen a female dressed like I do. Don't worry about him too much, he'll grow out of it," Storm said.

"Your son hasn't grown out of it Storm," Charley said as she cleaned up her tools.

"He never will Charley. Vincent is and will be a hopeless flirt to anything in a short skirt for the rest of his life. But one thing though, from what Stoker tells me, he loves you and his family more than anything. One day, you will change him, for the better," Storm said as she put her right hand on Charley's shoulder.

"You know Stoker?" Charley asked.

"I hope so, or I have been dating and sleeping with someone else with that name," Storm said.

"What's wrong with you Victor? She is our grandmother and you are staring at her like you want to sleep with her!?" Victoria asked her brother.

"I don't know what has come over me Victoria. Next to you and mom, she is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen," Victor replied.

"That's sweet of you to say brother, but it doesn't excuse you from leering at our grandmother," Victoria said.

"No, it doesn't Victoria and I feel ashamed that I looked at her like that. I'll apologize to her when we return to the garage," Victor said.

"Good, I would hate to think my own brother is a sexist pig!" Victoria said as her tail whipped in agitation.

"I'm not a sexist pig and I don't want to be one either. I'll try to be better behaved around her. But its going to be very hard considering how hot Storm is," Victor said.

"How hot who is son?" Vincent asked as he returned after changing Angel.

"You have to go down into the garage to find out dad," Victor replied. "Come on sis, let's get you cleaned up."

After his kids walked down the hall, Vincent went down into the garage and saw his wife, bent over a slop sink, cleaning her tools. The jeans she wore were just tight enough to her that they showed off her lower body perfectly to her husband. He went over to her and gently put the palm of his left hand on her backside as he said, "Lookin' good there babe."

Charley slapped his hand away as she said, "Thanks but if you keep touching me like that, I'm going to remove your hand Vincent. Oh, and you have a visitor."

"I do? Who is it?" Vincent asked.

"That would be me," Storm answered.

Vincent turned around and saw a shapely female mouse, wearing a tight-leather riding suit but could not place her face. He asked as he handed his baby son to his mother, "Who are you?"

Storm crossed her arms under her chest and cocked her hips to the left before she asked, "You don't know your own mother!?"

"Mo..Mom? What happened to you? The last time I saw you, you were bigger," Vincent asked.

"Good diet and lot's of exercise Vinnie. This is how I looked before I had you, do you like?" Storm asked as she turned around so her son could get a good look at her body.

"Mom, you look great but why the riding suit?" Vincent asked.

"I started riding again, with my boyfriend," Storm answered.

"You're dating again! Who is he so I can make sure he is good enough for you," Vincent said as he rubbed his right fist with his left hand.

"You'll find out sometime soon son, now where is my granddaughter so I can take her to get some suitable clothing," Storm asked.

"You're taking Victoria out clothes shopping mom? Since when does my daughter like clothes shopping?" Vincent asked.

"Since I told her that she needed outfits that accentuate her body and not just jeans and baggy shirts," Storm said.

Vincent turned around to his wife and asked, "You knew about this?"

"Don't go and drag me into this Vinnie, this is between you and your mother," Charley said. "Come on Angel, let's go back upstairs so your father and his mother can talk." She walked out of the garage, carrying Angel in her arms.

After Charley and Angel left the garage, Vincent turned to face his mother and said, "My daughter doesn't need clothes to accentuate her body mother! She is only nine years old and does not need to know how to accentuate anything on her body!"

"Oh calm down Vinnie," Storm said. "You started noticing your body maturing at seven and had your first date by the time you were eight. You, my son begged me to get you clothing to show off, and I quote, 'My great tail!' Now, are you going to let me take Victoria out for some decent clothing or not!?" The look on her face meant business not to mention the aggressive movements of her tail. Storm was pissed at her son and she was not afraid to let her son know it.

Vinnie gulped the longer he looked at his mother and gave in. "Fine, you can take Victoria out. But nothing overly tight or short! She is still MY daughter and I will not have her looking like a tramp!"

Storm bent her left knee and put her hands on her hips before she asked, "Do I look like a tramp?"

"Ye.. No mom, you don't look like a tramp. But that riding suit is overly tight for someone your age," Vincent said.

"For my age!?" Storm yelled. "I'll have you know, I attract men your age and even younger with this body and I'm not that old!" She stormed out of the garage as soon as she finished berating him for calling her old.

After his mother left him alone in the garage, he said, "I'm hoping she is only here for a short visit, I don't think I can handle being with her for any extended periods of time."

Just as soon as Storm entered the living room, she noticed her daughter-in-law playing with her baby son. She leaned against the wall to her right and crossed her arms and legs as she said, "He's such a cute baby. I hope he doesn't grow up to be like my son."

As Charley tickled Angel's stomach, she said, "Your son is an amazing father and husband Storm. He would do anything for his family."

Storm removed herself from the wall and walked over to where Charley was playing with Angel. She fell to her knees and her long tail draped on the floor behind her before she asked, "Can I play with my grandson too?"

"I don't see why not Storm, his name is Angel, by the way," Charley said.

"Angel huh?" Storm said as she looked down at the tiny white mouse in front of her.

At the same time, Angel looked up at his grandmother and reached out to her with his hands.

"I think he wants to touch your face Storm," Charley said.

"Well, then l will have to let him," Storm said as she lowered the front half of her body so Angel could touch her.

Angel's little hands brushed against Storm's muzzle and stroked the fine fur. He giggled as he played with the fur on her face.

"Someone likes you Storm," Charley said as she watched her son.

"What's not to like Charley?" Storm replied. "After all, I am his grandmother. A smoking hot grandmother but a grandmother none the less."

Victoria and Victor returned after Victoria changed into a fresh pair of jeans and a clean shirt. "Are you ready to go grandma?" She asked.

Storm swept up Angel in her arms before she lifted herself from the floor. "Just give me a few more minutes with this handsome mouse and then we can go Victoria." Storm said before she nuzzled Angel's nose with hers.

"How long are you planning on staying grandma," Victoria asked.

"I'm not sure, I was planning on staying for about a month to visit my family. But now that I have met all of you, I might have to stay longer," Storm replied.

"Where are you staying," Victor asked.

"My ship is not that far from here, so I was going to stay there," Storm said before she kissed Angel.

"Mom, we can't let her stay on a cold ship by herself, can she stay here with us in the spare room?" Victoria asked.

"Yeah mom, Storm can help out around here by watching Angel while you and Victoria are in the garage and dad and I are working outside of the house," Victor said.

"I don't see why she can't stay here. But its her decision," Charley said.

"I would love to stay here with my family. Thank you, I'll get my things when Victoria and I finish shopping this afternoon," Storm said as she handed Angel back to Charley. She turned to Victoria and said, "Let's head out, I saw a store o the way here that has a few dresses that are going to make the boys fall over dead when they see you in them!" Storm walked over to Victoria, latched her arm around hers, and pulled her out of the house.

"I hope her staying here is a good idea Victor, she seems a little too, aggressive," Charley said.

"Storm will be fine mom, I wonder how dad is going to react when he finds out his mother is staying with us for a month or more," Victor said.


End of Chapter