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Six years had past. Victor and Victoria are now 15 years old, making them teenagers with bodies of twenty-somethings.

Even though they are still two of the best kids any parent could ever want, both of them attracted several members of the opposite sex. This didn't sit well with their father at all, especially when teenaged boys started showing up on their doorstep, trying to woo his little girl.

Stoker and Storm got married over four years ago and are very deeply in love with the other. They both fell into the roles of Grandparents and loving every minute of it.

Speaking of the Van Whams, Victoria had it correct. The night Stoker asked Storm to marry him, her father managed to knock up Charley yet again. She was now holding 5 year old Charlotte in her arms, while Vincent helped Angel with his homework.

Storm and Stoker arrived at the garage on her racing styled bike, full of gifts for the Day of the Great Goddess. She parked her bike right next to her son's, then said once she took off her helmet and shook out her graying hair, "Can you believe we are the grandparents of four beautiful kids?"

Stoker held his wife tighter to his body, kissed her neck, then answered, "I still can't believe I got hitched to the baddest, as well as the hottest biker babe on Mars. And you know what? I can't imaging my life without her by my side."

She said as she stroked his muzzle, "You had better, or I'll show you why my parents named me Storm." She lifted her left leg over the bike's saddle, grabbed a few bags from the saddle bag, and slinked her way to the front door.

Stoker's eyes were locked onto his wife's ass and tail as it flexed as she walked in the tight leather pants she was wearing. "She still can make my motor run, what a Mouse!" He quickly caught up with her, snaked his tail around her waist, then said, "Too bad we are not at home doll, cause if we were, those pants wouldn't be on those shapely legs of yours."

Storm not-so-gently removed his tail from her as she said, "If we were home, you could put this hot tail where ever you want dear. But while we are here, behave yourself and you might get to see me in this little slinky thing I picked up."

He put his tail in check, then said, "I'll be on my best, for you, doll."

She kissed him, then pushed the button for the doorbell.

Victoria was busy preparing dinner for the family with her brother, when she heard the doorbell. She dropped the knife she was wielding to the cutting board, yelling, "I'll get it," and took off towards the front door.

The young mouse bound through the house, smiling from ear to ear, knowing her grandparents were on the other side of the door. The soles of her healed boots slid across the wooden floor as she halted herself right in front of the door. She straightened out her skirt, then opened the front door. "Storm! Stoker!" She said as she leapt at her grandfather.

Stoker caught his granddaughter mid-flight and swung her in his arms. "You look so much like your mother Victoria!" He said with a smile on his face. "I hope you have her brains as well?"

Victoria wrapped her arms around Stoker's neck, kissed the side of his face, then said, "Stoker, stop poking fun at my dad."

He held his granddaughter in his arms, looked into her beautiful eyes, then said, "Can't help it Vic." He finally noticed what she was wearing, especially her long legs poking out from under the semi-short skirt she was wearing. "I hope you aren't wearing that for some boy?" He asked.

"There is no boy, Storm bought this outfit for me, and I like it," Victoria said.

"Good, I'd hate to have to bury some kid for trying to get his hands on you," Stoker said.

"You won't have to grandpa, anyone trying to get his hands on my sister answers to me!" Victor said.

Victor filled out, just like his father. With the exception of the long auburn braid that fell down to his mid-back, he would be an exact copy of Vinnie.

"Victor! You know I can take care of myself!" Victoria stated as her head whipped around to face her brother.

Victor went over to his sister, laid his left arm around her neck, then said, "I know you can sis, but dad would kill me if I didn't protect my little sister."

Victoria elbowed him in the gut, nice and hard, then said, "You don't have to worry about dad killing you, big brother, cause I will!" She walked away towards the kitchen with her hips swaying.

"You are going to have your hands full with your sister Victor," Stoker said.

Victor was rubbing his gut and he said, "I think your right about that Stoker."

"Right about what?" Vincent asked, holding Angel in his arms.

"Me, keeping an eye on Victoria, dad," Victor responded.

"And who is the cutest mouse there is?" Storm cooed as she went over to take Angel from his father.

As soon as Angel saw his grandmother, he instantly started reaching for her, screeching in delight, "Grandma!"

Storm took Angel from his father. She brought the younger mouse up to her mouth, then kissed him. "You are just as cute as your father was, maybe even cuter, when he was your age."

"Hey, you used to say I was the cutest kid on Mars," Vinnie said.

"You were, then you grew up. Now my grandson is the cutest mouse there is on both Mars and Earth," Storm said.

"And what about your new granddaughter Storm?" Charley asked as she entered the room, carrying Charlotte in her arms."

"She's not cute, she's completely adorable Charley," Storm replied.

As Charley handed Charlotte to Storm, she said, "Then you can hold your Adorable Granddaughter while I take my son back to the shop. We still have three bikes to finish Victor." And dragged him back to the garage.

After Charley and Victor disappeared, Stoker said, "You married one hell of a woman Vinnie."

"That I did, and I love her more every day," Vincent said.

Stoker went over to him, leaned against his right side, and softly asked, "You two planning on making more grandkids?"

Vincent shoved Stoker away from him, then growled, "You are lucky you married my mother, coach!"

"What? Back on Mars, you always said you didn't want kids, but you loved making them," Stoker said as he stood back up. He dusted himself off, faced Vinnie, who looked like he was going to kill him, then said, "Soldier, you are a great father, look at your eldest son. He is a complete gentleman, even though he looks like you and even though your daughter is going to be a guy killer out there, she is the best daughter anyone would want. Any kid would want you and Charley as parents."

"Stop poking fun at my daddy grandpa Stoker!" Angel said.

Stoker went over to his wife, tickled Angel, then said, "Alright, just for you," he then tickled Charlotte and continued, "and your sister!"

"You love your grandkids so much, you hold them for a few minutes," Storm said as she handed Stoker his two grandchildren.

He kissed both of his grandkids on their cheeks, then said, "Gladly. Come on you two, we have presents to open!"

The presents were opened and now, the two youngest mice were playing happily on the floor with their new toys. Their parents were curled up together on the couch, watching their kids play, while Stoker sat in a large arm chair, holding Storm in his lap.

Victor and Victoria decided to give their parents a break and were in the kitchen, cleaning up. Victoria was washing the dishes while her brother dried them.

"You ready for your exams Victor?" She asked.

"Barely, there are a few formulas I can't get right no matter how hard I try," he replied.

Victoria turned off the water and grasped her brother's right arm, then asked, "Why didn't you come to me? I could help you study Victor."

"Cause you have your own exams to study for Victoria. I don't want you to give up the time you have to study by helping me. I actually have a tutor coming over to help me."

"You actually have someone coming over on the Day of the Great Goddess!? We are supposed to be spending today, being a family, not locked away, studying," Victoria said.

"I know that Victoria! But I need help, or I'm going to flunk my exams!" His ears drooped, then said, "I can't let mom or dad down."

Victoria laid her right hand on her brother's shoulder, then asked, "Why would you think you would be letting mom or dad down?"

"Both mom and dad are very smart in their own ways. I may have dad's looks and body, but I want a mind like mom's. I don't want to have to rely on as dad says, 'My studdly physique.' To get through life. I want good grades, get into a good college, and eventually, have a great career. I can't have that if I fail my classes Victoria. I want to see mom and dad watching me as I walk across the stage, getting my diploma."

She embraced her brother, then said, "You could never let mom or dad down Victor. We all see how hard you work, both in the garage and at school. I'm proud of you Victor and I love you, dear brother."

He returned he embrace, then said, "I love you to, Victoria. I couldn't have asked for a better sister."

Storm entered the kitchen and noticed her grandkids in a tight embrace. "If you two were any closer, I would say you two were lovers," she said.

"Grandma, I do love her, just not like that," Victor said.

"Storm, I also love him," Victoria said. "Now, if he wasn't my brother, I wouldn't mind having my shot at seeing his hot tail out of those jeans he wears," she teased and ran out of the room, after grabbing Victor's butt.

"Victoria!" He shouted before he ran after his sister.

Storm shook her head as she said, "Kids. I'm glad Slipstream and I only had Vinnie. I can't imagine two of him running around, I think Mars would have imploded!"

Another hour past, and the two youngest members of the household started tiring. Both Charlotte and Angel tried to fight it, but eventually their young bodies decided to crash. They were now completely sound asleep on the floor, curled up into theses cute little mouse balls with their tails between their legs.

Vinnie kissed his wife, got up from the couch, and went over to pick his children up from the floor. "Come on you two, time to tuck you into bed," he said as he carried his kids back to their rooms.

Charley watched as her husband carried their children off to their bedrooms, then said, "He's an amazing father, I'm so lucky I married him."

"Not to mention he's very good in the bedroom, my dear," Storm said.

Charley's head turned to face Storm, then asked, "How would you know that?"

"His past girlfriends were very loose with their lips and gossip flew rampantly throughout the Martian female community."

The doorbell rang and Charley asked as she got up from the couch, "Who could that be?"

She went over to the door, opened it, and saw a teenaged blonde girl about Victor's age standing there wearing a short pleated skirt and a sweater. "Can I help you?"

"I'm here to help Victor study," she said.

"And you are?" Charley asked.

"Oh, I'm Natalie, Mrs. VanWham," she answered extending her right hand.

Charley took her hand, then said, "Welcome to our home Natalie, come in and meet my family."

"Can my brother come in too? He's sort of my ride," Natalie asked.

"I don't see why not, let me get Victor for you," Charley said before she entered the house to get her son.

Natalie's brother walked up behind her and asked, "I hope Victoria is home? From what I heard, she's one hot girl!"

"You had better behave Dennis! I want to see if I can get Victor to date me. Besides, from what I heard, her brother and her father are quite protective of her."

Victor appeared at the door, smiled at Natalie, then said, "Hey Nat, thanks for coming over." He then noticed another guy with her. Victor scowled, then asked, "Who's this guy?"

Natalie almost started to salivate as she looked over Victor in those jeans and shirt that hugged his very muscular form, leaving almost nothing to the imagination.

Dennis wasn't expecting a five foot eleven inch tall white mouse to be addressing him and his sister. 'If Victoria's brother is this built, I wonder what her father looks like?' He asked himself before he responded for his sister, "I'm Dennis, Natalie's brother, nice meeting the guy my little sister can't stop talking about." He extended his right hand to Victor, which Victor took and gave it a good firm shake.

Dennis winced, then withdrew his hand.

"Sorry Dennis, I guess I don't know my own strength. Come in and you can meet my family," he said, stepping aside so they could enter.

Victor closed the door as soon as they crossed over the threshold, lead them to the living room, then said, "Natalie, Dennis, this is my mother. Mom, this is Dennis, Natalie's brother."

"Hi," Charley said as she got up from the couch. She made her way over to Victor's tutor and her brother, then asked, "Can I get you two anything?"

"We're fine, Mrs. VanWham but thank you," Natalie answered.

"The two over on the arm chair are my grandparents, Storm and Stoker," Victor said.

Storm and Stoker were is a passionate lip lock, with no intent of stopping anytime soon.

Victor rolled his eyes, then said, "Please excuse them, they are still newlyweds, sort of. Come on Natalie, Algebra is waiting." He then lead Natalie into the kitchen to study.

Dennis walked over to the couch and sat next to Charley on her left. That was when everyone heard the sounds of heels clicking on the stairs. He turned around to see a pair of black leather high heeled ankle height boots, followed by a pair of very shapely calves covered in white fur. Those calves lead up to a pair of very feminine thighs that disappeared under a short black leather skirt.

Victoria left the stairs and walked into the living room, revealing her upper body in the low cut white shirt and black leather vest she was wearing.

Dennis' eyes never left her and when she sat next to him, he actually thought a goddess was sitting next to him.

She turned to him and said, "I'm Victoria, nice to meet you." And when she smiled, his heart thumped in his chest.

Dennis took her right hand in his. But when he rubbed her fingers with his, she started feeling very warm, if not hot. She rose from the couch, and said, "Please excuse me, I'm going to get something cold from the kitchen." And walked away.

Dennis rose from the couch and followed her into the kitchen.

He found her over by the refrigerator, filling up a glass with water from the dispenser. He went over to her, took the glass from her, and gently set it down on the counter before he said, "Please forgive me for what I'm about to do."

"What do I need to for.." was all she managed to get out of her mouth before Dennis sealed his lips to her own, stealing away her first kiss.

She eventually shoved Dennis away from her, wiped her mouth with the back of her right hand, then asked, "Why did your kiss me!? You barely know me and yet you think you can kiss me!?"

"I'm sorry Victoria, but I couldn't stop myself. You are one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen," Dennis said.

"Wait.. What?"

"Can you two keep it down, I'm trying to study. Oh and Dennis, if you keep kissing my sister like that, and she doesn't want you to do so, I might be inclined to beat the shit out of you. Understand?" Victor stated.

Dennis turned to face Victor and saw his upper body's muscles tensed. Victor's shirt was stretched to the point of ripping at the seams.

Natalie saw how Victor flexed his muscles and started getting aroused herself. 'Not only is he smart, but a fuckin' hunk! I wonder if he's as large in his pants as the rest of his body?' She thought. Her gaze drifted lower to his lap. That was when she noticed the large bulge in the front of his jeans. 'I've got to get rid of my brother and his sister, then I might be able to get a feel of what he's hiding in those tight jeans,' she thought.

Dennis gulped, then said, "I apologize for kissing you like that Victoria. I simply could not help myself, as I mentioned earlier, I have never seen a girl as beautiful as you. Care to get out of here and let me take you out on a date?"

Victoria had never been in this type of situation before, she didn't know what to do at all. However, she knew today was very special on Mars. The Day of the Great Goddess was meant to be with your family, and not out on a date. "As much as I would like to Dennis, today is the Day of the great Goddess. It's a very big deal back on Mars, where my father and grandparents are from. It's a day to celebrate with your family, which I plan to keep on doing. Sorry, but maybe another time?"

This is not what Dennis wanted to hear. He wanted to take her out, show her a very good time, and hopefully, get to kiss her sweet mouth again, and possibly see how soft that fur really is. "It alright Victoria, can I stay and possibly learn more about where your family came from?" He asked, praying she would say yes so he could get closer to her.

Victoria liked that idea, she answered, "I don't see why not. Come on, lets head back into the living room." She took his hand in hers, and gently led him out of the kitchen.

Victor and Natalie watched them leave. Then Victor said, "Now, where were we."

Natalie now had her chance and she was going to take it. "I think we were about here," she said as she brought her hands up to his muzzle, brought his face to his, and kissed him, nice and hard.

Victor went wide-eyed when her lips touched his, but gave in to the power of Natalie's kiss. He closed his eyes, wrapped his arms around her shoulders, and kissed her back.

Natalie couldn't believe Victor could kiss her the way he was. She always thought of him as reserved, kind, gentle, and somewhat shy around girls. But yet, here he was, kissing her with as much passion, as someone with much more experience than he had. 'He's a natural at this, wonder if he's as skilled in the bedroom as he is at kissing?' She thought and tapped his lips with her tongue, hoping he would let her gain entrance.

Victor felt her tongue, then gently broke the shared kiss, and even gentler, pushed her back. "That was.. wow Natalie. Why did you kiss me, not that I minded, as you can see?"

"Victor, I have been wanting to do that since the beginning of the school year. If you haven't noticed, there are several girls at school, wanting to date you for the way you look alone," she answered.

Victor didn't want to hear that. He wanted to be known for his personality and mind, not just for his body. His disappointment clearly shown with his body and face as he started to slip out of his seat.

She grabbed his right arm tightly with both of her hands, then continued, "At first, I wanted you for your body, but then, I got to know the man that body belonged to. To be honest, I like that man, a lot. Victor, there is a beautiful soul and heart in that great body of yours and if you let me, I would like to get to know you better. Will you go out with me, on a real date?"

Victor sat back down and looked into Natalie's eyes. He saw that she was telling the truth and she did like him. "Natalie, my father was and probably is the biggest flirt out there. I love him to death, but I don't want to be only known as Vincent VanWham's son, second best lover in the universe."

This made her laugh until he touched her left cheek, then said, "If you don't mind taking things a little slower, I would like to go out with you."

This is not exactly she wanted to hear, but at least she was going to be dating him, an not someone else and who knows, if he's anything like he said his father is, she might get to take him to bed sooner than she thinks. She quickly kissed him, then said, "I can try, but its going to be very difficult, keeping my hands off of you."

They both laughed, then Victor said, "I think we are done studying, care to join my family in the living room?"

"Sure," she responded.

They both slid out of their chairs and walked towards the living room. But before they left, Natalie reached down, grabbed a hold of Victor's ass, then said, "Sorry, couldn't help myself." And slipped out of the kitchen.

Victor rubbed the spot where Natalie grabbed him, as he said, "I'm in for one hell of a ride." And left the kitchen to join his family.

End of Chapter