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(On the road to Wave)

Naruto is currently walking next to Tazuna as they encroach upon wave talking with him. Drinking with him and even joking around a bit about Civilian things. Naruto had talked to Tazuna about how ready the team will be and he had to say that while everything about sakura had changed Sasuke was in a good way. Not such an asshole and not so arrogant. Even going so far as to ask for help from him when he needed to learn about sealing things in scrolls, how to calm his temper when in a fight to better use his aggression to focus his attack. To figuratively and literally planting Sasuke waist deep into the dirt leaving his legs kicking at the air. Naruto has to admit that this Sasuke . . .he can call an Ally. Every now and again Naruto and Sasuke would even get in fights and butt heads while also insulting each other with one liners. While no hatred was there it was more of a game to them. Sasuke and Naruto had been playing it since day one on the team.

Naruto would improve or show off his power when teaching flaunting what little ego he did have only to have Sasuke Shoot it down with a soft insult which lead to Naruto getting angry. Naruto did the same thing to Sasuke more often than Sasuke did it to Naruto but then it really was just a game and the first one to snap and attack the other gives the win away and they know that. As Naruto is explaining this all of them pass a puddle which Naruto silently signaled to Kakashi warning him of the danger a few hundred meters back.

As soon as the figures emerged a shuriken chain wraps itself around kakashi shredding him into butchers chunks. The two nins look towards Tazuna as Kakashi is seemingly dead. Naruto before they can react is in front of them as his hand is encased in ice with spikes of blood protruding out of his open hand. Slamming his palm into the chest of the Nin on the left The nin groans in pain as he feels his torso freezing solid only to have his life snuffed out as Naruto slams his hand and body forward shattering the frozen torso into bits and chunks as his entire arm, head, shoulder and a bit of his own torso is shown to have pushed through the man out the other side.

Naruto immediately slides back letting the nin he just killed grab at his chest as the last of his life leaves him dropping him face first onto the floor. Reacting quickly to a berserking Clawed strike Naruto grabs hold of the attacking limb with his left hand and twisting it in his grip before sending his right arm upwards in a palm strike slamming into the elbow snapping it like a dry twig only to keep going upwards and in a gruesome display severing the limb as the muscles, tendons, ligaments tear and are removed. The nin screaming in pain only has time to watch Naruto grab his leg with his right hand and lift it up only to slam his open left palm down onto the kneecap removing his leg in the same fashion before sending a devastating closed right punch to the man's abdomen. The force of the blow is enough to not only send the nin Flying backwards, but split him in half in the same gruesome manner as his other two limbs.

Naruto for his part just scoffs and shakes his head at how quickly those two died. He sighs as he cracks his fingers merely by clenching them into a fist.

"Pathetic. . . .And here i thought i was going to get a challenge. Instead i get a play date." Naruto remarks readies himself by pulling out the pistol he always carries aiming it at the person who appeared behind him. Getting Kakashi to freeze and hold up his arms in surrender.

"Whoa whoa don't kill me." Kakashi says a little freaked out that his reaction time was so perfect.

"You surrender quicker than a frenchman Inu." Naruto says shocking Kakashi to the core as he uses his old ANBU moniker while simultaneously confusing him as to what the hell a frenchman is.

"Before you ask, I have my sources." Naruto speaks as he looks to Tazuna.

"Tazuna. . . . This mission wouldn't happen to deal with Gato would it? His MO is all over this would be assassination. Missing nin from one of the five great villages, Ambush attack far from civilization and it was a team. Probably more nearby or down the line." Naruto speaks having already known this to happen but is playing Detective for now.

"Care to explain Tazuna? Why would that money hungry tyrant be after your head?" Naruto hears Kakashi ask only to get Tazuna to spill the beans on everything. Gato shipping, the bridge, the hopelessness and the taxes. Even the slavery. Naruto looks at Tazuna as Kakashi just begins thinking. Naruto already decided that he needs to do this. He's doing it For the greater good of god. He knows the others will agree to watching over Tazuna no problem. After a short discussion on rank changing Kakashi just continues walking with Tazuna. Soon they meet with a rowman and Naruto sees that with his equipment he doesn't want to seal away he'll have to walk on the water. Sighing irritatedly Naruto just begins walking out onto the massive ocean leading to the Island that's at least a few miles away. This action shocking them all as none of them can sense him even using Chakra.

As they finally reach the shore line Naruto takes a moment to rest and reprieve as he thinks on his battle strategy for now. After about half an hour Naruto gets back up and begins walking once more. Soon after they come a fork in the road Naruto hears a rustling in the bushes and immediately reacts pulling out his M1911 and pulling the trigger popping a bullet into the rustling bush. Walking forwards into it he pulls out a scared and shaking little white bunny. Knowing what's to come Naruto quickly turns grabbing hold of Tazuna and Throws him to the floor keeping him down there with his foot.

"EVERYBODY FUCKING DUCK!" Naruto yells as Sasuke, Sakura and even Kakashi duck in that instant only to barely miss a swirling blade as it would have cut them all in half. Naruto throwing his hand forward mimics his Sensei and slams his open hand onto the blade catching it mid swirl not even feeling a sting as he holds the massive blade like a paperweight. Zabuza mimicking what happened last time lands on the blade handle and stares down at Naruto. Naruto not even feeling the added weight merely looks up at Zabuza. Both of them having bandaged faces for different reasons. But the hidden message in both men's eyes is the same to each other. A mutual respect is earned as Zabuza nods his head.

Naruto looks at Zabuza and nods back before Zabuza hops off his Blade handle and grabs it taking it from Naruto who gives it back willingly before Zabuza merely puts the blade on his shoulder and walks a bit away from them all and turns to face them when at the fork in the road.

"So . . . .Kakashi of the Sharingan. . .2 Genin and 1 master swordsman. . . .No wonder i found the demon brothers 6 feet under. I assume you know why i'm here?" Zabuza says getting all four of the people on the ground to raise an eyebrow.

"Master swordsman? Sasuke doesn't use Swords." Sakura says getting a question mark over her head only to have Soldier answer.

"I use them. . . Not often but i do. Just like chakra. I have it. I'm very well adept in using both of them. I just choose not to use them as a way to spread my family name and honor my tribes teachings. But mostly it's to remain one thing and one thing only." Naruto says finishing his explanation.

"Whats that?" Zabuza asks a bit confused.

"That i won't divulge. At Least not yet. You are indeed correct in assuming i'm a Master swordsman. I was trained in Close Quarters Combat and one of the things i learned to use was swords. But before that i had to master how to make one. I built the best one suited to me and merged it with the soul of a willing Marine in hell. Rather than let the demons have his soul . . .My brother in arms Sanford gave it to me and told me to use it in making my blade. Would you like to see it?" Naruto asks getting Zabuza to nod a little intrigued at this. Naruto merely smiling a little bit tightens his hand before a Lavender and black flame coats his hand Shocking them as Kakashi having his sharingan out alongside Sasuke seeing that what coated Naruto's hand was his Chakra.

"Prepare yourself Zabuza because you're about to face Pure, Unadulterated Badass." Naruto says until Sasuke scoffs.

"More like Pure, Unadulterated Ego." Sasuke retorts getting Naruto to speak back.

"I HEARD THAT PINK EYE!" Nauto yells getitng Sasuke to smirk.

"Oh i'm sorry, Is that Okay?" Sasuke says sarcastically.

"AS A MATTER OF FACT GO FUCK YOURSELF!" Naruto responds getting Sasuke to blush before he says just barely loud enough for the others to hear. "That's gonna be your job soon." Shocking Sakura and even Kakashi who hear him say that.

(Que song God's Gonna Cut You Down start.)

Naruto ignoring the peanut gallery for now just smirks at Zabuza beneath his bandages as when lifting his hand up a blade handle emerges. The blade handle is a solid Navy blue metal coated with thick leather. The guard extends out in two different ways seeming to be bars but the one on the left side is snapped off. The blade itself is pure beauty to the swordsman's eyes showing expert craftsmanship. From the sharpening of the blade to the materials used Zabuza can tell that this blade is deadly and sharp. His theory is proved true when Naruto sets the blade gently against his shoulder. The blade itself seeming to slice the air apart.

"You can run alone for a long time. . .Sooner or later god will cut you down." Naruto says as he looks at Zabuza who's still a little distracted.

"Meet my Greatsword. . I call her Pilgrim." Naruto says as he looks at his massive 7 foot tall Greatsword. Zabuza looking at this piece of art is Awed by it's beauty as he sees Naruto slash at him. Thinking quickly Zabuza brings Kubikiribocho up to block only to see Naruto's blade slice into the solid metal Zanbato half way towards his face as if his blade was nothing but flesh. Quickly kicking Naruto away Zabuza readies himself and flies through hand-seals stopping only once mist rolls into the area shrouding everything in a haze.

"Suiton: Kirigakure No Jutsu" (Water Release: Hidden Mist Technique) Naruto for his part just smirks and closes his eyes knowing this technique all too well as it brings back good memories.

"I've read up on you soldier. A new bingo book was published 2 weeks ago. It seems the picture was of you with crossed arms in an x while surrounded in rather black and white fires. Problem was it just gave a basic description of height, weight and what you were seen wearing last. No ranking, No information on skill. Lets see what you're made of." Zabuza says as he goes deathly silent only to seemingly appear behind Tazuna only to have the Bridge builder nearly piss himself seeing a sword heading for him only to see Zabuza explode like potato put in a microwave for about 8 minutes without poking holes in it.

The Zabuza behind him turns to water and melts into the ground beneath him only to see Naruto behind the clone with his sword in front of him showing he cut the clone in half. Naruto looking around remembers his first months of training and closes his eyes. Calming his heart beat Naruto hears nothing but silence. Soon the silence dies down as Naruto hears his client and teams Heart beats and heart rates. Hearing one off in the distance he realizes it has to be Haku only to then hear a 7th heartbeat show up. Naruto's team looks at him in shock as they see him with his eyes closed only to immediately afterwards disappear in a hazy blur like normal only to then hear the clashing of metal as the thick heavy blades meet edge to edge sending sparks flying everywhere lighting up the mist in a strange golden shower.

Sparks fly through the mist lighting up and causing flashes the two Master swordsman meeting blade to blade only to have the mist drop as Zabuza seems to have the upper hand on Naruto. Kubikiribocho being swung in a wide diagonal arch towards a downed Naruto. The only thing running through most of their minds is worry until out of nowhere The Naruto on his back poofs out of existence only once Zabuza's blade slices into it's skull. Naruto appears behind Zabuza and taps his shoulder gently.

Zabuza quickly throws a punch behind himself only have his arm caught by Naruto. Zabuza panics and swings around with another punch only to have Naruto leap over him entirely still holding his first hand but now he holds both of them and is currently pulling them very painfully behind his back. The muscles in his arms, shoulders and chest showing that if Zabuza wasn't as muscular or trained as he was. His limbs would have been torn off.

"Look at you Zabuza. . . A big shot in the past when with your crew. Boasting about how powerful you and all the others were. But now look at you at my mercy crying like a woman." Naruto says rather smugly as Zabuza's eyes fill with tears before he screams out.

"I AM A WOMAN!" With that everything in the area stops. Naruto merely holds her arms in that same position not moving them or allowing them to go slack straining Zabuza's arms.

"What?" Naruto asks plainly.

"I said i am a woman." Zabuza says as her body poofs away surrounded by smoke revealing a very slender and sexy woman swordsman. Her chest covered with bandages to keep her rather ample D-cup breasts to her chest. Naruto shocked by this merely stares astounded.

"WHAT?!" Naruto screams in his confusion letting Zabuza go who drops to her knees panting tired from the fight she's had. Soon Naruto encroaches upon her and merely looks into her eyes. He grabs hold of her head as his own eyes shift into solid royal purple with concentric black circles as he whispers.

(Que song end)

"Ningendo" (Human path) Naruto says softly as he grabs Zabuza's soul and sees all her memories. All the important ones anyway. He just smirks a little bit as he lets her go and then picks her up bridal style as his eyes return to normal beneath his sunglasses.

"You're now mine Zabuza. . Call your apprentice Haku. I won't let a fine Warrior and Woman of your caliber be used and abused like this only to die. Do you accept becoming a slave to me and my family?" Naruto asks as he quickly explains what will be expected of her. Which is nothing. He merely wishes to use the title on her so she will not be killed nor abused by the Konoha Civilian Council.

Hearing him speak this way gets Zabuza to think. Never before had anyone beaten her so soundly enough to reveal her secret. The only one who knew of it was Kisame and She was currently hiding elsewhere after her successful assassination of Yagura. The void left by Yagura was enough to plunge the powder keg that was Kiri into a Civil war forcing her to flee with the other swordsman such as Ameyuri, her Apprentice Raiga and others. She just shudders at the calm soothing aura she feels around her. Like a blanket or strong arms that seem to let her know it will be okay. Nodding her head she calls out.

"Haku . . .Get out here. These shinobi are not our enemies any longer." As soon as Zabuza finished her sentence a Second Figure appeared before them wearing a rather elegant Kimono and a Kiri hunter Nin mask.

"Z-Zabuza. . .I. . Are you alright?" Haku speaks in a rather feminine voice seeing his father figure turn into a woman.

"Yes i'm fine Haku don't worry. Soldier here is now our new master. You'll follow his orders as if they were my own. Now we need to deal with our . . .Employer." Zabuza says as she just leans into Naruto a bit tired.

"H-Hai. Um, Z-Zabuza?" Haku asks a bit embarrassed.

"Yeah kid?" Zabuza merely replies already expecting this.

"Why didn't you tell me?" Haku asks a bit nervously as he rubs his head.

"Because i didn't feel it was important at this moment. I was going to tell you after this job though. We'd have earned enough to support Mei. But now that's a non issue." Zabuza says as Haku nods. After a little meet and greet Naruto holds onto Zabuza still carrying her bridal style as he applies a seal made of chakra onto her neck. The seal forming a circle with symbols rather than Kanji confusing the group only to have them ignore it as they soon arrive at Tazuna's. As they enter the house Tsunami is surprised as Naruto merely makes his way upstairs and into one of the spare rooms setting Zabuza down on the bed next to Haku who is tending to his apparent mistress's wounds.

Naruto walks back down stairs to the living room and den of the house before sitting down on the couch and relaxing a little bit as he just sighs contently.

"Feels good to be able to kick my feet up and relax. Tsunami-San thank you for your hospitality. You to Tazuna-san. I promise while i'm here you have nothing to fear." Naruto says getting both of them to smile as Tazuna had explained to Tsunami who Naruto was.

"Soldier.. . . we have to talk. NOW!" Kakashi says rather heatedly as He narrows his visible eye at him. Naruto knowing this was coming just smiles as everything is falling into place. His plan is now set in motion in Konoha and here in wave will begin Phase 2. He nods towards Kakashi and grabs his arm. Naruto looking at Kakashi just raises his free arm into the air making them both explode in a black inky goop that turns into shadowy wisps as the goop evaporates leaving nothing behind.

(Uzushiogakure Uzukage office.)

Both Naruto and Kakashi reappear in the main office of the Uzukage of old. Naruto looks at Kakashi and crosses his arms.

"Speak Kakashi, You wanted to talk so . . Talk." Naruto says as Kakashi just shivers and shakes at the feeling that had just overcame him. He shudders in displeasure before looking at Naruto.

"No one. . .No one knows i was Inu in ANBU except for the Hokage, the current Captain and a rogue Nin from Konoha. How did you know of my ANBU moniker. And don't give me that bullshit about Hokage-sama told you because i know he didn't. Now spill, Just who are you soldier?" Kakashi screams as he gets himself ready for a fight he'll most likely lose.

Naruto for his part just tsk's his tongue before he slides off his SA106 Red circle lense sunglasses. He closes his eyes and removes the bandana and the bandages around his entire head. When the last bandage falls Naruto opens his eyes revealing to Kakashi his entire face. Kakashi looks at Naruto as his eyes widen to dinner plates. He takes a step back as Naruto looks at him before crossing his arms.

Staring Kakashi in the face is Naruto. The boy looks nothing like he thought he would. No longer the golden haired blue eyed ball of sunshine he once saw running through the village. Now in his place is a blue haired Multi eye colored warrior dwarfing Hiruzen the elemental nations proclaimed "Kami no Shinobi" in power. Naruto's face has no baby fat as his features are slim and lithe. His whisker marks are far more defined just as his jaw seems more angular. His eyes piercing in appearance as his blue and green eyes stare Kakashi down. His hair as blue as a sapphire and looking as if it were made of the softest of velvet. His hair kept its spikiness. The most notable feature Kakashi sees is the two scars on his face. One on the right cheek under the eye going down and reaching to his whisker marks. The other on the top of the left eye is pointing upwards and meets at the start of his hairline. Naruto looks at Kakashi and smirks.

"Hello Kakashi-sensei. It's nice to formally meet." Naruto says reaching his hand forward.

"N-Naruto? Naruto is that really you?" Kakashi asks shocked at the revelation infront of him. His sensei's son was ALIVE! Not just alive but the single most powerful person in all of Konoha. He internally jumps for joy at the prospect only to then realise he achieved this without his help. No longer will he be able to teach Naruto what he wanted as he doesn't need it. That thought breaks Kakashi's heart. Naruto seeing this just laughs softly to himself before patting Kakashi on the shoulder.

"Kakashi-Sensei don't worry. After i explain a few things you'll understand better. And don't think bad or depressing thoughts. If it makes you feel better you had a hand in turning me into what i am right now." Naruto says getting Kakashi to raise an eyebrow at this.

"What? How could i have helped train you into becoming what you are? What's going on? I thought you were dead. . .EVERYONE THINKS YOU'RE DEAD!" Kakashi screams at Naruto making him nod some.

"Yes and that's how it's going to stay. It needs to stay that way At Least until the final matches at the Chunin exams. Kakashi don't interrupt me again or you'll have a fight on your hands that you will NOT want to lose." Naruto says dangerously getting Kakashi to nod frantically hoping to placate the agitated man.

"I'm from the future Kakashi. . .Kami sent me back in time to stop a massive war that ends up destroying the planet. Everyone we know and love dies. Sakura, Dead, You dead, Gai dead, Kurenai dead. . . everyone dies but me and my wife. Kami not liking what happened because of one man decided to send me back but gave me added . . . .improvements rewriting my paternal DNA to be that of a warrior who trained me to use his abilities before i was sent back here." Naruto speaks telling Kakashi a somewhat truth. Withholding the real information for a believable lie.

"K-Kami sent you from the future? How can i know this is real and not just a lie." Kakashi says a bit on edge.

"Because before you died you taught me your signature move. Out of the thousands that you've copied you showed me the one you created yourself." Naruto says as his hand soon is engulfed in lightning as the area fills with the sound of 1000 chirping birds. Kakashi seeing his signature move on Naruto's hand reveals his Sharingan and see's it's Naruto's chakra and is indeed his own Chidori. Kakashi drops to his knees looking at Naruto with tears in his eyes.

He smiles happily at Naruto grabbing the boy and pulling him into a deep hug.

"N-Naruto-Sama. . . I'm so happy it's really you. I'm so happy to have you back.. . .What happened to you?" Kakashi asks a bit confused.

"Simple . . .when Kami was rewriting my DNA she told me the Uzumaki genes inside me were just perfect and she needed to rewrite the portion of DNA from my father due to the instability and mutations caused by my father's civilian mother and father being sister and brother. The incestuous relationship made my dad powerful yes simply because the right genes were in play and dominant but in me i got all the worst of the waste genes making me . . .Unstable and genetically inferior to him so that i would always remain at a small 10% of my true power. SO obliterating that DNA from me killed any relation to Minato i had. She rewrote it so I had the DNA of a man who had owed her a favor. Bringing him out of hell and away from his other Marines she had him train me in using all his abilities and weapons as well as his technologies. It took 8 years in Kami's realm to get me this powerful. When my training was finished the man who i was training under became a father to me in every meaning of the word including blood. He was proud to call me his son. He was even prouder to name me an official Marine stating that when i die I better regroup with the others before giving me my Brand and my Tattoo himself. Kami sent me to the past 6 years ago where i merged with my younger counterpart keeping everything i had trained in while in Kami's realm. Kami sent my wife back in time too and she merged with herself of this timeline." Naruto says getting Kakashi to nod at this information thinking on everything as he takes the information in.

"Kakashi i revealed myself to you right now because i've done some thinking. I've been thinking long and hard on this subject for a long time. I've held it in for 15 years. I finally decided that i need help." Naruto says looking at Kakashi with a broken expression. Kakashi seeing this just immediately grabs Naruto's arms and looks at him.

"What do you need help with Naruto-Sama. Please tell me what i can do for you. I'll do anything. I swear it." Kakashi begs hoping to be of some assistance to his sensei's son.

"Kakashi. . .I've dealt with the death of everyone. . .My revived Father Minato. . My first wife Kushina, My sister Tayuya . . . .You." Naruto says as he looks down.

"You taught me everything in your attempt to make me powerful enough to fight in the war. You became my father figure in that time and you were killed right in front of me by your best friend and rival Obito. I was devastated. After you died I became the next in line for Rokudaime Hokage. Once I was put into power . . .Obito attacked in full force and killed everyone. . . .no one survived."Naruto continues as Kakashi looks at Naruto with worry knowing where this is probably headed.

"I decided that it's time i face this and let someone . . . anyone help me with my burdens. Will you be here for me when i need someone to talk to?" Naruto asks hoping this is working.

"Of course Naruto-Sama i'll always be here for you." Kakashi says getting Naruto to nod and smile.

"Thanks Kakashi-Sensei. Now please i need you to keep my identity secret. And i mean SECRET. Not even the Hokage can know about this. NO ONE!" Kakashi nods furiously at this as Naruto spoke those words.

"Of course Naruto-Sama. My lips are sealed." Kakashi says only to then realize something.

"Wait first wife Kushina?" Kakashi asks a bit confused.

"Yeah Kushina. My Kaa-san. Uzumaki DNA is so perfect in the royal line of Uzumaki like myself that Incestious relationships only breed stronger better Uzumaki. While women had Red hair Men had Blue hair like myself. And because of that Kaa-san convinced me that me and her should repopulate the Uzumaki with the Royal line. Her full blooded genes mixed with my own . . .altered genes made for the perfect genetic makeup to have a better stronger family. I loved her so much. She was my very own Benihime." (Crimson Princess) Naruto says getting a faraway loving look in his eyes.

"Ah i get it. Clan politics about pureness of blood. Plus it's true that Uzumaki's chakra and Gene based Kekki genkai were said to be the ultimate form of Kekki Genkai even better than Sharingan, Byakugan and the fabled Rinnegan of the Rikudo Sennin." Kakashi says in understanding as Naruto laughs a little bit before he shocks Kakashi with his eyes opening and revealing his rinnegan. Kakashi just stares at him astonished as Naruto closes his eyes and lets them revert back to normal.

"Oh you have no idea Kakashi-sensei. Due to my Uzumaki genes amplified by my new Tou-sans genes not only am i Immortal due to the uzumaki regeneration and longevity factors but my Tou-sans DNA made it so that only weapons of certain make can even HOPE to scratch me. And none of the weapons shinobi use are able to do that. Only weapons like the ones i wield. So seeing as how i'm the only using them." Naruto says letting Kakashi finish the thought himself.

"Not many people or creatures could possibly hope to injure you. And because of how powerful you are." Kakashi shudders at the memory. "Not many people will survive even if they could harm you. The future was really so bad Kami herself had to send you back here at this level of strength. . . .Was anything about the memories Inoichi showed us true?" Kakashi asks a bit confused.

"Yes a great deal of it was true but the first half of when i was young is falsified. That last stand you saw where i fought all those demons and with others help gave them a severe asskicking with Deimos and Hank was real but i was 12. That was the last day i spent in hell training with my tou-san. I merely altered the location and the age of myself in it but that is one hundred percent true. As a newly named United States Marine I stuck by my brothers in arms in hell's fire. The army of demons and undead that rampaged at us was relentless but we were able to stop that portal and many others before they could lock on and destroy another helpless world by flooding hells influence into them. It's what those marines in hell are doing. Fighting tooth and nail to survive while protecting all that they love and can by closing the portals and sacrificing themselves in the process of saving billions of people they don't even know. They even kept a portal from opening here in the elemental nations once. I'm glad to say that I was part of the task force that attacked that particular portal and stopped it." Naruto looks down sighing before he continues.

"When you die and your soul is sent to either heaven or hell it doesn't matter if you're in either of those realms. If you die a second time it's not like you have anywhere else to go. You just sort of . . .resurrect or respawn or something where you originally started or were able to lay down a special rune or marker to act as a beacon for your soul. So yeah in hell dying is all too easy. It's remaining sane after countless painful deaths that's the hard part. It's the same in heaven, While you feel no pain you can still die in heaven. But you basically just respawn or resurrect or restart or something inside your own personal heaven or where you last were. It's hard to explain but think of it like this. If you die and go to hell and you're killed by demons it's not like there's another type of realm you can traverse to so you just begin again inside wherever you were sent after your first death." Naruto says getting Kakashi to nod in agreement.

"I see. . .well that's disconcerting but also interesting at the same time. There anything you can tell me about these Marines or hell that we can tell Hiruzen and the Shinobi council?" Kakashi asks wondering if it was at all possible to join up and maybe help the Marines if any Shinobi winds up there.

"I can tell you one thing about the Marines you don't know Kakashi. It's that there's no better warrior in heaven. hell, on earth or the elemental nations then a Marine and his weapon or weapons of choice. As for Hell. . . .Hell is Infinite, Hell is pleasure, Hell is pain, Hell is darkness and Hell is light. Hell is retribution and evil. Hell is even good and neutral. Hell is all these things as Hell is merely a realm where the unjust or unworthy go to be either punished, redeemed or denied the paradise that is heaven. For a Marine after death Hell is home. And we will defend that home until every last aspect of our souls are broken." Naruto says getting. Kakashi to nod in understanding.

"And what of Hell? How does it work?"Kakashi asks eager to learn more as he actually hopes to maybe fight alongside Naruto as an equal. After all if Hell made him this powerful couldn't it do the same for him or others who wish to join him.

"As I said Hell is many things but the jist of it is this. Normal souls such as Civilian souls are to adhere to the lords strict rules and laws in order to gain access to Heaven which is your personal paradise. If you're a civilian and do not sin and are a good person you achieve heaven if you are of the right faith and heart. If you are evil and sin you go to Hells lower depths to suffer the consequences and are punished according to the sins you committed as there are 9 circles of Hell. 7 of these circles encompass the 7 deadly sins and other evils you commit during your life. If you are a good person over all. A little evil and a little good while not having the right faith you are not punished but you are not rewarded either. You are sent to Hell but you are in the Upper 2 circles which are Judgment and Limbo. While neutral in life and you do not sin if you do not have the correct faith your punishment is merely the denial ment of heaven while you wait for your soul to be reborn where you lived before your death. It is that way for all races of any Sapient species such as us Humans." Naruto speaks getting Kakashi to nod but he thinks for a moment on Naruto's words. He was saying Civilians. Does that mean something different applies to people like Shinobi or Marines. Going to voice his question Naruto beats him to the punch.

"Before you ask I'm about to explain something else. For soldiers such as me, you and all other forms be it police forces, naval or air fleets and mostly ground troops like us. We are set to a different standard of rules. Because we are FORCED to fight and sin for the protection and advancement of the civilians who then use the earned freedom soldiers fight for to live how they normally do. As such we are given leeways for certain things. While we are soldiers in life in death we are all sent to Purgatory to await a trial of Kami, Yami and Shinigami. They review our lives, the actions we took and the decisions we made. And decide if we go to Hells upper or lower circles, Remain in purgatory to be Reborn or are given our Heaven." Naruto explains as he gets a bit tired and just lifts his legs off the ground using his mastery over Futon Chakra to stay flying in the air and relax a bit. Looking at Kakashi's astonished face he merely chuckles.

"I'll teach you how to do this Kakashi-Sensei. It's really cool. Anyway where was I? Oh yeah! Marines like myself though. . . we never accept the trial. We're always sent to Hell. Not because we are to be punished. But by our own choice. We forgo the trial and demand we go to Hell. Hell Kami, Yami and Shinigami have literally made a portal labeled "trail" and a portal Labeled "hell" simply for us marines so we can choose which one we go to because they got tired of all Marines just saying "Send me to hell". We do it cause we know every one of our brothers and sisters in arms choose Hell so we can regroup with our fallen brothers and sisters to continue the fight in the name of our own lords no matter who they may be. Marines of all ages, races, colors, genders and religious beliefs all stand as one connected fighting force. We sleep together, we train together we worship together. It's to better cement our understanding of each other not just as soldiers. But as people. Ignoring ignorance and racial bias we fight as one, We die as one and we make sure to watch our fellow Marines backs. And if one of us is to fall behind all of us stop our advancement as no one is left behind." Naruto finishes saying as he he begins reapplying his bandages and sliding his sunglasses back into place he looks at Kakashi and smiles.

"Shall we head back to Tazuna's? I'm sure dinner is ready and the others are going to be wondering where we are." Naruto says grabbing hold of Kakashi as Naruto raised his arm once more this time disappearing in purple flash.

(Tazuna's house.)

Currently no one is in the livingroom when Naruto and Kakashi appear in a very loud thunderclap accompanied by a very bright purple flash of light. Kakashi smiles as he looks at Naruto with happiness happy he had mastered his father's Jutsu. Naruto on the other hand just relaxes and sits down on the couch once more kicking his feet up on the table and relaxes. Kakashi leaves the area to mull over what Naruto had said to him and all that info he had gotten. He will tell Hiruzen everything but in order to keep Naruto's trust he'll leave out that Naruto is soldier. Knowing what he does now He feels that Naruto knows what he's talking about and will take care of whatever comes for them.

Naruto on the other hand is just closing his eyes and breathing softly as he listens to some music on the portable headphones he has. The same ones he had given the shinobi council happy they connect on Bluetooth to his old sensei's music player. Looking through his sensei's music albums he stops and hits play on one specific track letting the music from his sensei's world fill his ears and take his mind to cloud nine as he hears Dream of Mirrors playing by Iron Maiden.

Naruto lost in his own little world as his mind conjures up his happiest memories while listening to them finds a connection to the song in more than one sense. Ever since he got sent back to the past his dreams were only ever in black and white as his emotions seemed to lock away and he became unfeeling. It's true what Mathias had taught him of hell. Hell will lock your emotions away and make you as big a monster as the demons that dwell there when on your own. To be unfeeling is to lose a piece of your soul and losing any part of your soul is a horrible thing to suffer. Getting that piece of himself back will be the hardest trial he'll ever complete. But to do that he needs his plan to go without a hitch. He will see to it The fourth Shinobi war happens and when it does, He'll crush the enemy before him beneath his boot and save his wife Kaguya. His rabbit Goddess will no longer be a tortured Pawn but a free and happy Queen. Madara's plan will fail. He'll make sure of it. With those thoughts on his mind Naruto falls asleep in the living room going limp on the couch and missing dinner entirely. The others leaving him alone as they think he must be tired.

Hours pass and soon everyone in the house is asleep but Sasuke Uchiha. His mind filled with thoughts of Naruto and him in many different scenario's. Mostly in a relationship. Sasuke can't fight it as his heart begins beating rather fast as his mind conjures up an image of Soldier and himself sitting on the Hokage Monument with a picnic blanket and basket next to them. Sasuke leaning in and kissing Soldier on his exposed lips. Sasuke Sighs and gets off his Futon and stands up only in his boxers and looks around the room. Sakura is currently snuggling a rather large pillow calling out his name while Kakashi is sitting Lotus style in a deep meditative trance to gain his rest. Sasuke playing it off just walks out of the room in his boxers going down to the living room. There on the couch is his desire just laying limp and relaxed with his head turned towards the right looking right at him.

Sasuke walks closer to Naruto with a blush on his cheeks and he sighs a bit before looking at the bandages on his face where the lips would be and he licks his own suddenly dry ones. Sasuke carefully moves the bandages to reveal Naruto's soft looking lips and leans in closer to Naruto closing his eyes as he purses his lips together only to feel cold hard steel press into his lips making him open his eyes. Sasuke is shocked beyond belief to see Soldier holding a very VERY large pistol to his lips. The thing has to be at least 12 inches long, solid black with inlaid silver spelling out "A light Shining in Darkness" on the Barrel of the massive Pistol. Sasuke looks to see Naruto's eyes are Narrowed dangerously.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" Naruto asks dangerously getting Sasuke to blush in embarrassment before he stutters out.

"I'm. . .Sleep walking?" Naruto looks at him a bit angerly.

"Well i'm about to be Sleep Kicking your ass. Go back to bed and if i catch you trying anything like this again dream or not i'm going to use my greatest seal to swap your conscious and unconscious minds making everything you dream and fantasize about become irrelevant and pointless while making all that you've come to know and love becomes complicated and impossible to grasp. Also every 10 seconds it stabs your balls." Naruto says as he puts his gun back in the black vest over the bandages on his torso making Sasuke nod frantically as he races back upstairs.

"Freaking great. . .I made the wrong Uchiha fall in love with me. You're just yucking it up in hell aren't you Tou-san you bastard." Naruto says only to suddenly feel as if something slapped in the back of the head hard.

"OW! Shit sorry tou-san jesus." Naruto says rubbing the back of his head as he chuckles to himself before getting a good look at the clock and he see's that it's 4 AM in the morning. Good time to start his morning training. His music still playing in his ears only this time it's "For the Greater Good of God." that's playing in them and he smiles before leaving the house and going to the woods out a ways to begin his hellish morning training regime.

A few hours Later Sasuke, Kakashi and Sakura all walk down into the kitchen when Tsunami had made Breakfast and began to eat very happy about the arrangements. Tsunami however is worried about Soldier and just sighs some before looking at the clock reading 9 Am. She looks at the others and is about to ask Where Soldier is only to see him walk into the kitchen beaten, bloody, and missing his right arm. His left leg looks like it's broken and she gasps some as Naruto just continued walking as if it's nothing. Seeing Tsunami's reaction Kakashi turns to look at Naruto only to see his condition and gasp in horror as Sakura screams her banshee head off. Naruto just takes his left arm and puts his hand over her mouth shutting her up.

"Shut the fuck up, god damn i can still hear, you know." Naruto says ignoring the damages to his body as he sits down at the table next to Tsunami whose stuttering in worry asking him if he's alright and pleading he go to the local hospital to get himself checked out. Naruto just stops her with one look. The look makes Tsunami stop her ranting and she just looks into his different colored eyes with an intense blush coming to her face as Naruto just smiles beneath his bandages.

"I'm fine everyone. I was training is all. . .I lost a limb and broke my leg. No big deal. So what's for breakfast?" Naruto says and asks a bit confused as to what everyone was eating.

"Soldier what the fuck? What the fuck happened to you?" Kakashi asks frantic hoping it wasn't anything serious.

"Nothing really, I opened a portal to hell and let a few demons out and kicked there asses in my training regime. Problem was one of the fuckers got a lucky shot in and took my arm. No big deal watch." Naruto says as the blood that's leaking out of his severed and torn nub of a limb soon has bones form rapidly replacing what was lost as muscle, sinew, tendon and skin all begin growing over it and he smiles some clenching his fist and cracking the knuckles and bones back into place in his newly grown limb.

"See everythings fine." Naruto says as he looks at the plate in front of him and he begins eating with everyone looking at him like he was a freak of nature. Naruto sighing just looks at them all.

"TL:DR: My father's Genes." Naruto says Making Kakashi and the others nod some a bit astonished at the healing factor he has.

"Jeez it's like that's a Kekki Genkai." Sasuke Comments while Naruto laughs.

"It is. It's a beautiful thing considering My lineage is the purest of my people. On both sides of the family." Naruto says getting team 7 to nod a bit astonished and getting everyone to calm down when Naruto explains to Tsunami that his regrowing limbs are as normal to him as Sasuke's Sharingan are to him. Tsunami nods a bit still worried for Naruto's health making Naruto smile at her warmly before hugging the older woman in his arms and tenderly patting her back bringing Tsunami to blush deeply at how well toned and strong he is.

Tsunami how ever eeps in surprise when Naruto grabs hold of her ass and gives it a gentle squeeze before letting her go. Tsunami grabs hold of her own butt blushing up a storm as she moves to the kitchen getting Naruto some more breakfast as the front door is knocked on surprising everyone but Naruto who smiles happy his note got to the Hokage. Naruto stays put where he is as Kakashi answers the door only to see Kurenai, Asuma and Gai with their teams assembled and ready as Kakashi is a bit shocked.

"Hi guys why are you all here?" Kakshi asks a bit curiously as Kurenai looks at him.

"Soldier asked for us to show up and help. Since Gato lost his Nukenin body guard, Soldier feels that he'll get really stupid and order an army of mercenaries for protection and to attack the bridge. While normally not a big deal with Gato's wealth he could hire more than enough to outnumber you all kill you. Soldier not really worried just being precautious sent word to the hokage and he in turn sent all of us to help on this mission." Asuma states rather blandly as Gai nods.

"This will be a perfect time to fan our flames of YOUTH! Come my rival let us train as hard as Soldier does." Gai says with a happy face as Lee looks at him with pride.

"Sensei, Let me train with you i want to fan my flames of youth too. I swear i will keep up with you and if i can not do that i will run around the village of wave 100 times on my hands and if i can not do that i will walk 10 miles only on my index fingers" Lee shouts making his own Good guy pose as Gai begins crying manly tears.

"That's the way to go my student. Your flames of youth are as bright as ever." Gai says while his lip quivers.

"Gai sensei" Lee speaks.

"Lee" Gai says as he picks up his student in a gentle hug making his sunset genjutsu appear having everyone block their eyes shielding themselves from it all but Naruto who only smiles at the display with a soft chuckle and a shake of the head as he walks up next to Kakashi. Kakashi having seen it so much while not as affected as everyone else is still a bit shocked to see Naruto not even flinch in viewing it.

"Soldier how can you watch that Genjutsu and not be affected by it at all?" Kakashi asks shocking everyone there even Gai and Lee as mostly everyone tells them to knock it off cause it's weird.

"Why would i be effected by a sensei and student who so adamantly hold such a close respect for one another? That genjutsu while unbreakable and mind shattering for everyone who see's it cause it's two guys doing it i bet if Gai and Lee were girls you'd be all for it because of how romantic it is you perverted Chrome headed Cycloptic mongoloid." Naruto says looking to Gai and Lee with a smile giving them a thumbs up.

"Keep this up you two. Don't let the world change who you are simply because they don't understand the bond you two share. I understand it completely and i just want to say if it makes you happy never stop doing it." Soldier says as Gai and lee both cry manly tears and nod their heads.

"Of course Soldier-Kun we will fight the world to stay as we are cause it makes us happy and it's who we are. Would you like to join us in training?" Lee asks hoping to get him in on fanning his flames of youth.

"Nah i'm fine Lee, Gai-Sensei. I'll tell you what though. While here i'll run you both through one of my training sessions. If you survive . . . .you both will get a special gift." Naruto says making them both clench their fists and scream.

"Of course we will train with you in your way Soldier-kun. Your strength is something i know first hand and Lee and myself will take it head on and win. And if we can not do that we will do 1 hundred thousand jumping jacks Naked. And if we can not do that we'll do 10 thousand pinky push ups." Gai says shocking everyone as lee nods in agreement with his sensei both their eyes alight with fire as Naruto just laughs his ass off.

"Oh believe me on this, If you survive you earn the right to what i will teach you. If you fail though it's not a big deal." Naruto says as everyone just stares at the exchange dumbfounded that a person like soldier actually likes and doesn't care about all that youth nonsense Gai and Lee preach about. Neji on the other hand just scoffs and looks away.

"Another freak and a dobe thrown into the mix. It will be his fate to die at whatever comes our way next." Neji speaks as if he doesn't even care only to have Kakashi, Asuma and Gai go pale as the temperature drops and ice forms around everyone. Naruto's hands covered in ice with spikes tinted red with blood as he looks at Neji.

"What was that you filthy, plebian, reprobate?" Naruto asks as he glares at the pale eye'd Neji.

"I said you're another freak and Dobe thrown into the mix of us actual good Shinobi. You can't use chakra just like Lee can't and you're an abomination on earth. I'm pretty sure your Prostitute of a mother and your " Neji speaks only to have his entire body frozen solid in a casing of ice as Naruto threw his hand forward launching his winter's fury projectile nailing Neji Square in the head.

"Listen here and listen well you inbred, slanty pale eyed prancing geisha. Make one more comment on my beautiful mother or MY MARINE FATHER! That's you spitting on my entire clan and what we stood for. I don't care if you're my comrade. You insult my way of life, my family, or my beliefs like this again and i will not even hesitate to put a bullet in your head and fuck the brain hole." Naruto says pulling out the gun he pulled on Sasuke last night only to pull the trigger as he aims the gun at a very thick tree. The resulting impact of the 13mm round on the tree is instantaneous. The tree violently explodes toppling over and crashing into the others around it creating a very large clearing next to Tazuna's house as Naruto punches Neji in the chest shattering the ice surrounding him and causing him to cough up a copious amount of blood and drop to his knees holding his now broken ribs.

"Think on what i have said Hyuuga. . You get no second warning." Naruto speaks as Gai picks his student up to check on his injuries while Lee and TenTen both look at Neji like an idiot for doing that.

"Soldier-kun i'm sorry for my student's words. He doesn't know of what you are, what you do or of what you have lost. Please forgive his brash actions and harsh words." Gai pleads to him as Naruto just looks at gai with a gentle smile.

"No problem Gai-sensei. He's forgiven. But as i said. I don't forgive twice and he better keep his mouth shut before it gets his arrogant ass killed." Naruto speaks getting Gai to nod as the other Rookies all look at one another scared out of their minds. Only to then tense up as Naruto looks their way before his eyes lock onto shino.

"Shino Aburame. . .How are the shuriken and Kunai holster treating you?" Naruto asks hoping to at least regain one of his previous friends.

"They are treating me well Soldier-San. I thank you for your generosity." Shino says bowing to him.

"Please don't bow. . .I don't deserve it. Also drop the formalities. Soldier is just fine. Now how are your kikaichu coming along? Are they hungry?" Naruto asks his oldest friend hoping he'll answer.

"They are fine Soldier. A little hungry but they refuse to eat any more of my chakra as it would be dangerous for me." Shino says as Naruto smiles happily seeing his chance.

"Let them out then. They can feast on my chakra. I have plenty to spare and i'm sure they'll love it's taste." Naruto says as Shino thinks for a minute as the other rookies stare in wonder at how he's so easily able to get Shino to speak when he was always so quiet during the academy.

"On one condition." Shino says getting Naruto to raise his eyebrow in wonder only to then remember and nod.

"What condition." Naruto asks already having his idea on what it is.

"My father wishes to speak with you about your "Hive" ability. He wishes to know more about it if you are willing to share it" Shino says and Naruto just chuckles a bit before looking Shino.

"I'll do you one better Shino. Just let your Kikachu feed on me. Keep quiet about it and follow me. I'm sure you'll be pleasantly surprised." Naruto says as He walks away from the group. Shino intrigued by this offer of doing better than telling his father about it decides it's logical to go and see why he is being so forthcoming and helpful. He looks to the others and nods at them before leaving following after Naruto.

"What the FUCK just happened?" Kiba states a bit stunned as Kurenai just rubs her head wondering if she could tell them. Looking to the other sensei's They nod in agreement as Kakashi sighs and also nods.

"Sasuke, Sakura, Kiba, Hinata, Ino, Shikamaru, Choji, Tenten, Lee, Neji. You all need to see something. . .It's about who Soldier is, What he has lost and what he believes. Neji, you need to see this the most as it should knock some sense into you." Kakashi says sternly as everyone looks to him a bit confused. Kurenai do you have that Portable computer Soldier supplied to the R and D department of the Village for production to the civilian populace?" Kakashi asks getting her to nod some and reach into her small bag pulling out a sealing scroll and unsealing the device turning it on.

"I have to say his family were very highly advanced to make things such as this. It's easy to use also. More so than the ones already sold and they're a lot cheaper and better made then Kizashi haruno stock. Do one of you have " Kurenai says before Kakashi pulls out the USB stopping her from continuing and plugs it into the device bringing up the video only to pause it.

"Tsunami . . .Bring everyone here trash cans, bags or anything that will hold the contents of our stomach. Please. . .We'll need them." Kakashi says sadly as when Tsunami hands everyone a waste basket or something to hold it all Kakashi hits play on the device and soon the show begins.

(With Naruto and Shino)

Shino and Naruto are currently alone in the back while everyone else is currently watching what transpired in Hell with Naruto fighting with the Marines. Naruto turns around to face Shino and smiles some beneath his bandaged face.

"Let them out Shino please." Naruto says as Shino nods and his kikaichu immediately surround Naruto and begin siphoning his chakra away devouring it as it if was a drug. Shino is surprised beyond belief as they only got this way with one other person. Shino's eyes widen behind his shades as he speaks.

"N-Naruto?" Shino asks almost unable to be heard it was so low.

"Yup. . . Shino my friend. . .I'm sorry about the academy i couldn't let my guard down and i couldn't show mercy because of what i need accomplished. Can you forgive me?" Naruto asks as the Kikaichu continue to devour Naruto's addicting Chakra.

"Naruto-san. . .I forgive you. What happened Naruto? You just disappeared without notice. Without Provocation. . . without telling me." Shino says with a sad tone as he walks over to Naruto who then hugs him. Naruto returning the gesture to the stoic aburame.

"I'm sorry Shino. I couldn't tell anyone where i was going. The village would have never let me get as strong as i am now. I never would have been able to stop what's coming. I had to leave or i would have been killed by the civilians or by my own hand due to the abuse." Naruto confesses to Shino making his eyes widen.

"Naruto what do you mean you would have been killed. You're not making sense." Shino says getting naruto to smile and nod.

"Shino i'm the container of the 9 tailed fox that attacked Konoha 12 years ago. They see me as the fox in human form and attacked me every chance they got. I was tortured, Beaten, poisoned, set on fire, electrocuted, impaled, stabbed, blown up, hung, skinned alive, delimbed, attacked by animals and so much more. . . .all before i was 6. I only survived because of the Fox. Shino i had to leave or i would have died thanks to them abusing me like that and releasing the Kyuubi to attack once more. Or by me killing myself and letting the fox free myself." Naruto says as he looks at the floor as Shino instantly goes stiff hearing that. He had always wondered why naruto had so many bruises and injuries when he played with him when they were younger. In the three years he knew him Naruto became his best friend. Hearing this he just sighs knowing Naruto can sympathise with his clans burden. As they also house great beasts inside themselves. The kikaichu bugs would have run rampant and destroyed the whole village if they didn't house them in their bodies for them to feed on.

"Naruto . . I understand. I just can't believe you've gotten so strong. You must have been put through hell to achieve it." Shino responds as his Kikaichu return to him full as can be while naruto just chuckles darkly.

"You have no idea Shino. . .No idea." Naruto responds before looking at his long time friend.

"Shino . . .I will always have your back no matter what you know that right?" Naruto says getting Shino to nod happily before he hugs Naruto once again.

"Now onto doing you one better. Shino would you like to have my Hive ability?" Naruto asks getting Shino to look at him astonished before shaking his head.

"No Naruto that is something you were given by your new family. I couldn't ask you to give it to me simply because of our friendship." Shino responds getting Naruto to laugh a little bit.

"Shino, I'm the last of my kin. . .the last of the Marines in the elemental Nations. The good thing about that is the fact there's no one to tell me who i can and can not give my families abilities too. Besides, I want you to have this Hive ability. . . I was thinking of you when i created it." Naruto says shocking Shino as Naruto holds up a rather large Syringe filled with a deep crimson red substance with the picture of a Suzumebachi on it.

"Naruto . . .if you're certain that you want me to have it i'll take it with a smile on my face my friend." Shino says as Naruto smiles and nods.

"Of course shino no problem. Just please . . .Don't tell anyone who i really am. They need to think that I'm dead for just a little while longer. I'll let you know when the time to reveal myself comes. But until then just relax your body and be ready. This will be a real kick from a mule because your entire genetic code will be rewritten. Nothing will change besides the fact you have my hive ability. The best part is that you can breed children and they'll also unlock this ability after they turn maybe 6 or 7. Instead of it being an artificial blood line due to contract. . .Your family line will now have an actual Kekki Genkai based on my Hive ability." Naruto says as Shino holds out his hand and arm trusting Naruto completely. He nods for Naruto to give the okay only to regret the action for a moment as when the fluid is injected into him he drops to his knees and keeps quiet as Naruto is there with him assuring him all will be okay as his body convulses and twitches in agonizing pain.

Shino for his part is quiet as the process is taking place until the last part. He screams as loud as he possibly can in pure and utter agony as he feels as if his flesh is being drilled into in hundreds of places all at once scaring the shit out of all the wildlife around themselves while Naruto just assures him it's almost all over. Shino see's that his arms, legs and he can feel his chest and back are all covered in hundreds of holes as insects begin crawling under his flesh and through his bones before he clenches everything. Soon enough his chest, back and legs return to normal as his arms both turn a sickly greenish brown combination as if they were a constructed hive. Looking at it Shino smiles happily feeling the insects inside his flesh coming out seeing the massive Suzumebachi and others meeting with his Kikaichu as all the insects meet and integrate with each other. Shino is propped up onto his butt sitting upright as Naruto pulls out another syringe and injects Shino with it. Shino grunts at the sting only to feel his pain subside completely as Naruto smiles.

"Congratulations Shino, You're finaly a "Hive" Mind." Naruto says with a cheesy tone.

Shino for his part looks a bit pissed at Naruto only to then let slip one chuckle which then turns into rather boisterous laughter at the pun he made. Shino just sighs contently as Naruto stands up and Shino does the same only to wobble a bit due to exhaustion.

"Naruto . . .would you mind helping a friend reach the house to rest?" Shino asks completely trusting Naruto as Naruto smiles softly beneath his hidden face. Naruto just grabs Shino's arm and lays it over his shoulders before picking Shino up in a marine style carry laying him over his shoulders before Carrying him towards the house. Naruto smiles some as he begins to softly sing to himself unaware that shino is listening.

"They've been preparing for some weeks now. For when the crucial moment comes. To take their refuge in the shelter. Let them prepare for what will come. They make the tea and sit there waiting. They're in the shelter feeling snug. Not blind to wait for absolution. Don't make a fuss just sit and wait. Can't believe all the lying all the screens are denying that the moments of truth have begun. Can't you see it on the TV don't believe them in the least. Now the days of our ending have begun! " Naruto speaks softly as Shino begins following with the beautiful tune Naruto is singing as he begins humming to it.

"Say a prayer when it's all over. Survivors unite all as one. Got to try and help each other. Got the will to overcome. I can't believe all the lying the screens are denying that the moments of truth have begun. Can't you see it on the TV don't believe them in the least, Now the days of our ending have begun! "Naruto sings softly mostly to himself as he begins crying as this moment right now reminds him of how he lost Shino the first time before being sent back. How Shino after fighting with him against Madara had bled to death on his shoulders singing this very song together before he could reach Tsunade to get him help. Shino soon joins in on singing making Naruto surprised but happy his friend is still just that, His greatest friend and brother to join in on singing with him.

"When they found them had their arms wrapped around each other. They drink the poison near by their clothes the day they mistook the earthquake for the fallout. Just another way the wild wind blows" Shino and Naruto sing together as Naruto smiles as they enter the house where the other teams are all there. Looking at them all he sees the point of the video where he drops to his knees crying as everyone looks at him astonished as they are all crying aswell in tune with the video. Kakashi ends the video there and looks to Naruto seeing Shino on his shoulders in that weird type of carry. Shino looks at the screen seeing Naruto drop to his knees and cry his eyes out Shino looks to Naruto when Kakashi ends the Video and Naruto just stares heatedly at Kakashi.

"Why did you show them that?" Naruto asks angry as he gently Lays shino down on the couch getting Kakashi to hold up his hand,

"I showed them Soldier. . .They needed to know just who you are and why what Neji did was wrong. Isn't that right Neji?" Kakashi says looking at the Hyuuga who is currently mind blown at what he had just witnessed. Someone like Soldier was also deemed trash just as he was but fighting fate he broke the chains that bound him and was able to forge his own destiny and change his fate to his own whim. Neji looks to Naruto with fear and regret as he just remains silent sweating bullets as Naruto speaks.

"Now you know i mean business when i tell you not to insult my culture, beliefs, my family or my way of life. Do it again and it'll be the last time." Soldier says getting Neji to flinch and nod rapidly before Naruto is hugged tightly by a very Frail and shaking form he see's is Ino.

"I'm so sorry you had to deal with that Soldier. My father . . .Inoichi had told my mother and I that he would never be the same after walking your mind. I thought you had done something horrible to him and i was going to try and fight you but my tou-san yelled at me telling me to stay away from you if i mean any harm. You have suffered enough in your life time. He was so scared and frightened by what he saw he has nightmares about it. He was also just astonished you turned out as sane as you are considering . . . Now that i know what he knows i'm just sorry you've had no one since you were Six. " Ino says as she hugs Naruto tightly getting him to sigh some and hug her back gently before patting her back and letting her go.

"It's fine. It was years ago and i'm over it. I just want to move on with my life and have a family. . .restart the Marines in Konoha." Naruto says as he smiles a bit getting Sasuke to walk up. It was Clear he was also crying.

"Soldier. . I didn't see anyone in my clan die. I only got there after it was done and was forced into a genjutsu that showed my brother killing my mother and father once and i was rendered in a coma because of it. You truly are stronger then even an Uchiha Elite like myself to have not only witnessed their deaths but . . .fought alongside them till your very last breath. It is an honor to be fighting by your side soldier. I only hope you come to see me as a worthy comrade." Sasuke says shocking Naruto to the core even more as he isn't demanding anything. "What fresh hell is this. Did Tou-sans arrival to train me really change things so much it turned Sasuke into what he was?" Naruto thinks to himself as Sasuke then shocks him again as he bows to him.

"Yeah whatever, Listen we have things to discuss and things to go over. Now everyone outside as i know for a fact that not everyone here will be able to sleep in this house. Come outside right now." Soldier says getting everyone including the Jounin to nod their heads and get everyone outside while Shino just stays put on Naruto's orders.

"Now then, This right here will prove to each and every one of you idiots that i can in fact use chakra. Hell my chakra is so potent and pure it's a wonder why i don't use it. And to answer that there's a saying. It's that the greatest masters of their trade never have to use what they mastered but only a sparse few times. I use my family's weapons and techniques because i'm not as well versed in them as Chakra. And before you all ask this will reveal my middle name." Naruto says as Kurenai and Kakashi both have their eyes widen as in the memories she saw he was only ever referred to as Croqvist which he himself has said was his last name.

Naruto quickly runs through a set of Hand Signs. Snake – Rat – Ox – Ram – Snake. When he ends it Kakashi's eyes widen immensely as Naruto shouts.

"Mokuton: Shichuka no Jutsu" (Wood style: Four Pillar House Jutsu) Suddenly a massive House erupts from the earth in the clearing next to Tazuna's house building and reinforcing itself into a massive two story building that was seen in the Video of Naruto's home. Looking at Naruto he smiled some and turns to look at the others.

"My middle name is Uzumaki while the last is Croqvist. Uzumaki are the true Heirs of the Rikudo Sennin. Ever wonder why Hashirama was the only Senju with Mokuton? It's because it was originally an Uzumaki Kekkei Genkai." Naruto explains as he laughs at their stupefied faces.

"Someone please hit me. I must be dreaming." Kiba says as Naruto only see's a chance to show it wasn't a fluke.

"Mokuton: Shinpon Tsuru Yari no Jutsu" (Wood Release: Judgement Vine Spears Jutsu.) He quickly makes the snake hand seal again feeling the spear head form in his hand as he throws his arm forward sending the large wooden spear head attached to a vine directly at Kiba impaling him in the chest making Kiba take a few steps back.

"GET OVER HERE!" Naruto yells as He yanks on the vine pulling it towards him along with Kiba who is currently on a path With Naruto as Naruto gives Kiba a jaw Shattering uppercut with his hand engulfed in Azure flames making Kiba fly into the air and land on the second Story balcony of the house he just manifested from his Mokuton unconscious.

"Now you're dreaming for sure bro" Naruto says with mirth as he laughs at Kiba while the others stare at him still in shock.

"Kami . . . Soldier you're just full of surprises aren't you?" Asuma says wondering just what His old man would say if this were to become common Knowledge and how the civilians will react to this child now that he shows to have the famed Shodiames Kekkei Genkai.

"Yeah well i had an amazing Sensei and Tou-san before he was murdered by demons. He taught me everything he knew. And when he couldn't teach me about my mother's side of the family and Chakra he had tried his best to understand and learn about it so he could teach me. I used to catch him up late into the night when i was younger talking with my mother about her blood lines and what i need to know and if she could either teach me or teach him so he could teach me. My father was. . . The best. You now have two of my names Jounin. You will soon have my name in full. The things that have happened within my time in the village have made me feel i can truly consider it a home." Naruto speaks getting Kakashi to look at Naruto who nods at him that this is his plan. Naruto leaving the area after his showing off takes a quick Glance back at everyone there. Jounin and Gennin all look on in Awe at what was just displayed and what they have witnessed. He doesn't see sadness in their eyes.

No he doesn't see sadness but determination. His training and time in hell when showed to them broke them of what they believe to be real and morphed it to show what life and reality is truly like. Life is never fair and there's never a fairy tale ending unless you yourself make one for yourself through blood sweat and tears. In the determined eyes of all his comrades he sees they will train. He sees they will get stronger and they will no longer hold back or hold onto tales of heroism and saving Damsels in distress. They will train to fight alongside Naruto and only hold hope that they can be seen as his equals in the battlefield. They all walk inside the building and pick out their rooms as Team 7 stays inside Tazuna's house to guard them incase Gato goes full retard and hires mercs to kill them all.

As Naruto wakes up at 4 Am again he's surprised to see that the Jounin and Gennin all are up at this hour with him asking to train with him. Naruto looks at every last one of them and smiles some. He'll turn some of them into soldiers and he knows this. He'll pick 6 to take with him to train in being Marines just as his Tousan did for him and 5 others. He needs them ready for the war that is to come and he happily agrees letting them know that they will hate his guts the entire time they are training.

Naruto smirks as he currently sits atop a tree watching as everyone is scrambling back and forth dodging his clones. Currently an army of over a thousand Clones is hidden everywhere popping out of nowhere and hunting down every member of the training stealthily only to then explode if they get close enough or take a hit. After only an hour of this 10 other gennin are currently in a smoking heap of bodies unconscious from not having survived the exercise in a sense and were piled like corpses as punishment till the exercise is over.

"Come on puke nuts you got this. Don't be a fairy and fight these bastards head on. Do it." Naruto says as Kurenai, Shino, Kakashi, Gai and Asuma are the only ones left in the exercise before a sudden pop is heard as they all turn around and see that in the middle of their circle is a naruto clone who detonates launching all 5 of them into a separate pile all by themselves as they pant.

"Alright good warm up everyone. On to the next training exercise. DUCK DODGE OR DIE!" Naruto says pulling out a rather unique Rifle. A Type 91 R.O.C. Close quarters Rifle in a special camouflage made specifically for night missions. He aims the weapon at the still tired Genning and opens fire at their feet sending them all up and scrambling off as he continues firing his weapon at them making the Jounin and Shino sweat drop when Choji is hit right in his asshole with one of the bullets. Said bullet being made entirely of rubber Making Choji squeal like a pig at he screams in pain that he was violated making Naruto laugh his ass off screaming.

"RIGHT UP MAIN STREET!" The sounds of the gun going off in more than one location shocks everyone as they realize Soldier had made even more clones than before for this exercise as they all begin to duck dodge and try to escape him. The exercise has gone on for 3 hours with everyone trying to survive his training all the while the real Naruto is just manically laughing his ass off hanging upside down in the middle of the air floating about casually as he slaps his knee.

"Jesus Tou-san now i see why you had so much fun with this training. It's great to watch it happen to someone else when your ass ain't on the line HAHAHA" Naruto says as he just sighs contently when feeling that more than enough of his clones were killed safely as Soon Shino appears from a Genjutsu with Kurenai on a tree top tackling the real Naruto out of the sky and landing on the floor ending the exercise making everyone drop onto their knees and hands tired from the ordeal.

"By Kami this training is hellish. And he's dumbed it down to where we'll survive it. His father used Live ammo and true explosives that would have killed him. . . This makes no sense." Sasuke says mostly to himself but everyone else agrees with him as they all soon hear a rather familiar voice speak up.

"Oh come now what fun is their in making sense?" Naruto speaks to everyone as soon the world around them bleeds into nothing turning into the red rocked fire filled landscape of hell as all the people in the training are set upon by monsters screaming in fear as a Hunter demon Leaps towards Sasuke only to explode in a burst of pink paint and Dye soaking him completely. Other demons all do the same only in varying colors and combinations leaving everyone in the circle Jounin and Gennin alike soaked and coated in different rainbow like colors as the world around them bleeds again to nothing before reverting back to what it was Revealing it was Kurenai who cast the "Hell Viewing Jutsu" on them all as Naruto Henged some water balloons to look like demons. Both Naruto and Shino holding balloons filled with dyes and paints as Kurenai and Shino both chuckle with Naruto.

"Wow Soldier-Kun you were right. This stuff is fun when it isn't your ass on the line." Kurenai says with a smile on her face as her studen't cry generic anime tears with their heads down sad their own Sensei pranked them.

"listen up people that was a good job out there. You atleast survived the beginner training for today. We'll do this training again tomorrow at the same time at 0400 no exceptions. Now go relax and do whatever it is you want. I however am going to do my own training." Naruto says walking away from everyone in the clearing. Everyone shivering and shuddering at the hell they were put through as Choji nurses his sore butthole.

"That guy is crazy." Choji says while rubbing his butt.

"Yeah but you have to admit that it was pretty funny where he shot you." Kiba says jokingly as he laughs pointing at Choji.

"It wasn't funny it hurts. . . Talk to me when it stops hurting then maybe i'll agree with you." Choji says while thinking about it a bit realizing that it is kind of funny where he got shot and chuckles a bit remembering what Soldier said when he hit him there.

"Ha Main Street." Choji remarks as the Rookie 11 get up and sigh some before heading into tazuna's house to wait for their wounds to heal. This hellish Training goes on for 3 straight weeks as The teams Switch off on Guarding Tazuna at the bridge and his family at home. All the while Soldier goes off to train by himself secretly. The entire time he is training them it turns out this training is the same training his father put him through when he was 3 years old only with LIVE ammo. To most of the rookie 11 the Marines were fucking crazy. A fact Kiba voices once during a training session only to see Soldier appear before him with a manic looking smile on his face. Kiba thinking he fucked up is relieved to hear that Soldier merely Agrees with Kiba stating that Marines are quite insane. You have to be so you can survive the training and battles you're thrown head first into.

As time goes on Shino and Naruto spend a lot of time together training as Naruto shows him all the ins and outs of using the Hive ability he had been given as well as Naruto teaching him how to decrypt the files and runes himself so he can read the cryptic messages and instructions when on his down time or when the mission ends. Naruto just smiles telling Shino he'll happily give the Aburame exclusive rights to the Ability so long as they follow a set codes of conduct which Shino finds to be logical and reasonable. Shino will drop them by his Father before his meeting with Naruto.

Soon enough team 7 and Kakashi were all in the house for the first time ever all awake and ready to eat as Naruto walks out of the kitchen laying down a rather large feast of lobster, steak, crab, chicken and even a few local animals of wildlife with cooked , boiled, mashed and baked Potatoes even something he made called potato salad. Naruto had spent the entire day cooking it all for Tazuna's family and his team as a way of saying thanks for letting them stay in the house. Everyone is eating and conversing having a wonderful time. Inari who had been silent the entire time looking at these people just growls before finally breaking and he opens his mouth.

"How can you all just sit here like this. Gato will kill you all he's to strong." Inari says getting Kakashi to give him an Eyesmile.

"Oh i don't think so Inari trust me. Gato is nothing." Kakashi says as Inari just tears up and throws his food at Kakashi.

"How dare you say that. Gato has killed everyone who's stood up to him Including kaiza. None of you know what it's like to suffer." Inari yells getting everyone to stiffen up.

"Inari calm down now. They're here to help us and you yelling like that isn't helping." Tsunami says looking at her son a bit upset he would do this now.

"No i won't shut up they don't know what it's like to suffer. They live in a nice village protected from Gato cause he doesn't come after them. They have everything they could ever want. None of them know how to suffer and the one that made this crappy food sure doesn't know what suffering is. I can tell because of how happy his eyes are." Inari yells pointing to Naruto who just gently sets his eating utensils down.

Looking at Inari Naruto walks over and pats his head gently before leaving the house entirely. Tsunami and Tazuna go to ask if he's going to be alright only to in that instant hear a massive Demonic roar followed by a huge explosion and a hell of a lot of loud bangs making Inari wet himself in fear and Tsunami and Tazuna hit the deck as the fighting fades into the night and deeper into the Island. Tsunami and Tazuna both lift up when it all stops as Team 7 rises as well.

"What the fuck just happened?" Tazuna says as Kakashi sighs.

"Your son just made the biggest mistake of his life saying that Soldier has never suffered. It took Soldier a long time to get over what happened to his family and in one night your son just ruined it by calling his suffering worthless." Kakashi says getting Tazuna and Tsunami to gasp a bit.

"But he seems like the happiest little guy in the world. How could he have been put through any suffering?" Inari indignantly responds.

"Inari his suffering lasted every day for 8 years. I'm not going to show you what he suffered through. You'll have nightmares for the rest of your life. Just know that he fought alongside his family as they were slaughtered and murdered before his eyes. He didn't bitch and moan about it. He stood with his father and teachers as his entire clan. . .everyone he knew and loved were slaughtered, raped, eaten, beaten and killed. You're just lucky he decided to take his anger out in training rather than on you. I wouldn't be surprised that if we wake up tomorrow Gato and his entire army were slaughtered and their limbs were strewn about the entire village." Kakashi says as he looks at Inari pissed.

"B-But he . . .If that happened why is he so upbeat?" Inari contests.

"Because he finally started to accept the help he was given. He's strong. . .stronger than even our Hokage. But he kept his emotions hidden. He's barely started to get better since he's joined us almost 2 months ago. He hides his pain through his actions and you just sent him into his work persona. Last time that happened in the village the entire drug and slave trade cartels in Konoha were wiped out of existence. To find Soldier all we had to do was follow the bodies." Kakashi says with a saddened voice as he and team 7 go to their rooms certain they won't see Soldier till he's ready to come back.

A short time later in the early morning a figure is seen walking into Tazuna's house. The figure is seen wearing a simple navy blue zip up hoodie, black dress pants and his mouth and nose hidden by a special sleeve attached to the Hoodie leaving his green eyes open for all to see. The man is wearing normal leather steel toe boots sitting on Tazuna's couch Lotus style with one of the Laptops in front of him Simply typing away as his hands are covered with simple black and gray leather thread combo gloves. The man just seems to not be paying attention as he's off in his own little world staring at the screen of the computer in front of him.

Soon enough the Shinobi inside Tazuna's house wake. Kakashi walks downstairs on his way to the Kitchen only to stop as he turns his head seeing the man that entered earlier. Still sitting in the same position typing away on the portable computer. Kakashi gets on alert as this man just seemingly walked in and got passed every last Jounin and Gennin in the area. Looking at him Kakashi takes a step forward and talks to him.

"Excuse me, You shouldn't be" Kakashi says only to realize he frightened the man as soon the Male in the hoodie turns his surprised gaze towards Kakashi and leaps behind the couch's arm closest to him and fortunately, also the Corner. In this action Kakashi is confused as he takes a step forward seeing the man before him cowering trying to hide behind his own arms.

"Uh relax? I'm not really going to hurt you but you shouldn't be here. It's not safe." Kakashi says taking another step towards the man only to have him throw his right arm forward while twisting and twirling his fingers. Kakashi soon finds himself stopped in his tracks as his entire body spikes in pain seeing thin hairline like cuts surrounding his body as he's slowly and carefully lifted into the air and has his limbs pinned outward. The male looking at Kakashi still in fear as his index and pinky fingers are currently pointing towards him.

Kakashi looking at this just sighs at being caught like this. He can't make a move as anytime he does it causes him extreme pain while causing blood to spurt from a new or deeper wound. Sakura and Sasuke both come down stairs thinking that the slight noise they heard was Naruto knocking kakashi onto his ass walk downstairs.

"Hey Kakashi-Sensei what did Soldier. . . .You're not soldier" Sasuke Uchiha says as he charges forward only to get caught much the same as kakashi. Sakura racing away screaming only to also have her legged grabbed by a seemingly invisible force as she is dragged towards the cowering male. The scream attracting the other teams who immediately race into the house spotting the male with the trapped gennin and Sensei.

"Kakashi status?" Asuma asks as he takes out his Combat knives ready to kill the one holding them.

"Stop you guys. . .We can't risk losing them. Nobody move." Kurenai says as Neji ignores the order and charges forward. The man sitting in the corner still scared just throws his left hand outwards and flicking, snapping and twisting his fingers catches Neji in a very compromising position. Lucky enough the Hyuuga are flexible so the way Neji's feet are now resting next to his ears as his own ass is pinned on top of his head with his arms stretched out towards the direction he came from. Blood leaking out of hairline cuts in his skin same with the others he has trapped.

"Please sir just calm down. This is all a misunderstanding. You don't have to be afraid. Look you just came into the wrong house. No one is dead, Injured sure but nothing serious has happened please just let us go and we can let you walk away alright?" Kakashi says as The man shakes his head frantically as he takes his left hand and begins bashing it softly against his own head shaking it back and forth hard. Asuma and his team thinking this is an opportunity charge forward only to all get caught in very much the same way the others did as both the man's hands are in use this time as he waves his hands around and twists his body in tune as if dancing only to stop as he resumes his spot in the corner behind the arm of the couch with his arms crossed into an X pattern . Small gleams of light passing onto what was once near invisible. Hair thin small wire threads are spread out just like crossing multiple spider webs. Asuma trapped in a very awkward position as Shikamaru just gained a tick mark over his head.

"This is just way to troublesome." He speaks getting asuma to nod in agreement. Their position is the most sexual in nature as shikamaru's right arm is pulled beneath his waist and groin towards his back with his left leg in the air resting on Asuma's shoulder with his left arm wrapped around Asuma's waist. Connecting Asuma's left hand to Shikamaru's has Asuma with his left arm bent and pinning Shikamaru's leg to where it is as the threads make Asuma's right hand wrap around his own back and just underneath his ass with wires threading through and wrapping around Shikamaru's neck making it seem like he and Shikamaru are in a very very active love making session.

"You're telling me Shikamaru. . .let's keep this between us okay?" Asuma says trying to lighten the mood. Kurenai, Her team, TenTen, Lee and Gai all stay back keeping Inari, Tsunami and Tazuna safe from whatever the mystery man has planned not knowing what he was here for.

"Please sir. . My name is Kurenai Yuuhi . .. please can you tell me what you're here for?" Kurenai says as Calmly as she can. Her voice seeming to get the man to look out from his position and stare at her a bit worried.

"Sir we mean you no harm please just calm down." Kurenai says as the male hides again and shakes his head staying silent never once speaking. Soon enough the front door opens up revealing Soldier in front of everyone as he steps forward.

"What in Gods name is going on . . . in." Naruto says as he stops when seeing what position Shikamaru and Asuma are in.

"The fuck is wrong with you two ass maggots? If you're going to do that get a room." Naruto screams at Asuma.

"We're in a room" Asuma says rather snidly to piss soldier off.

"Well then lose some weight." Naruto quips before he looks over at the situation as his eyes widen to dinner plates as he races forward.

"GHOUL YOU'RE ALIVE!" Naruto screams as he barrels through the the others dodging and sliding through the threads expertly as if he was dancing getting the now identified man to immediately stand up and bring Naruto into a very VERY tight hug. Who then returns it in the same intensity.

"Jesus fucking christ Ghoul i never thought i'd see anyone from the clan again. I thought i was the only survivor." Naruto speaks happy to see one of his fellow marines.

"Who the fuck is that guy Soldier?" Sasuke says a bit curious as to how he is able to gain Naruto's attention so much while he an Uchiha was cast aside.

"He's a Marine you brain dead bastard." Naruto speaks getting everyone to gasp looking towards the previously cowering man who is currently holding onto Naruto rather tightly.

"It's okay Ghoul i'm here brother. No one left behind right?" Naruto speaks as Ghoul nods softly only to softly hold out his hand to the man in front of him.

Naruto knowing what's coming grabs hold of Ghouls hand and shakes it a few times before tightening the grip and bringing it up before getting his finger in a gun position. Ghoul soon follows making his own and He and Naruto meet the thumbs together forming a W.

The now identified Ghoul just tears up and hugs Naruto again before pointing towards the trapped teams and cowering once again as Naruto chuckles.

"It's okay Ghoul don't worry. Just let them go. They won't attack you. Cause if they do i'll fucking murder them" Naruto says looking to everyone as seriously as he can making everyone flinch at the tone.

Ghoul looks to Naruto and Naruto looks to Ghoul. Looking in Naruto's eyes Ghoul just flicks his right and left wrist to the side suddenly before bringing his arms up and down in a rather quick wave. The action easing up all the wires dropping the trapped people on the floor as the wires retreat into Ghouls gloves. Ghoul then proceeds to grab hold of his head and shake back and forth before getting Grabbed by Naruto and getting his back rubbed.

"Soldier. . .who the fuck is this?" Asuma asks a bit pissed off he was put into such a position.

"This my friends is Ghoul. . . The strongest Marine in the clan even stronger than myself." Naruto speaks as Ghoul just gets back onto the couch wearily going back to typing up on his Laptop soon calming down as his eyes go from frightening to dull.

"That . . .Weakling is the strongest Marine? How he's a fucking pussy. He broke down like a bitch and was cowering for the better part of an hour." Sasuke says smugly looking at Ghoul who's now ignoring everything around him.

"Sasuke, Shut up before i gut you like a trout and feed Ghoul you're worthless remains." Naruto speaks getting Sasuke to shut up instantly.

"Ghoul is the strongest Marine in my clan. Stronger than me not due to strength or having no fear. No he has many fears unlike most Marines but despite his many fears he nuts the fuck up and fought side by side with every last Marine he could to ensure they are safe not letting that handicap of fear stop him. Marines are taught that Courage is not the absence of fear. But the measure of how far you're willing to go in spite of it. He's also an Antisocial, Introverted Apathetic Nihilist who believes in the power of god." Naruto says as he sits down by Ghoul who looks at him and just smiles softly.

"I'm sorry i left you behind Ghoul. . . I looked around for days in the clan's area but i couldn't find anything or anyone even after searching high or low for anything. I assumed you and everyone else died." Naruto speaks getting Ghoul to just point to his laptop.

"You were working on your laptop and had your wire traps set up so that when something came for you, you would know and slice them to cold cuts am i right?" Naruto asks getting Ghoul to just nod.

"Well. . . that explains the pile. Can you ever forgive me Ghoul?" Naruto asks getting Ghoul to pat his closed fist over his heart twice with a nod.

"Good i don't think i could stand having another Marine hate me." Naruto says as Kakashi steps forward.

"Soldier what do you mean by he's an Antisocial, Introverted, Apathetic Nihilist?" Kakashi asks wondering just what the hell that would mean.

"It means he doesn't do well meeting groups of people. Especially large ones like you cavulcade of fuckups over here. He doesn't like NEW people unless slowly introduced to them over time. Kurenai you were the only one to introduce yourself so it's why he almost responded to you. If he gets to know someone he accepts them into his inner circle. Once that happens you'll never want to be anywhere else because his circle is something that is very special and no matter what he'll do whatever it takes to make those in his close circle happy. Apathetic means he literally gives no shits about what happens to himself so long as things go according to plan. Which with him always happens. He's a one man Marine slayer this one. And you can research what Nihilism is later on your own." Naruto says as Ghoul just looks at Naruto.

"How long you been dead soldier?" Naruto jokes to Ghoul who just looks back at him underneath his hidden face with a soft smile who then shrugs his shoulders.

"Yeah thought so. . . . How'd you find me?" Naruto tilts his head to the side as Ghoul just looks at him.

"Ah true. . .Well still it's amazing to have you here with me Ghoul. Listen there's someone i want you to meet. His name is Shino aburame. He's the one wearing those shades with the jacket that's covering most of his face." Naruto says pointing to Shino who waves at Ghoul.

Ghoul looks towards Shino and sees the Hive flowing through him as he looks to Naruto who nods at him.

"Yes i did Ghoul and don't worry . . .With my life." Naruto says cryptically as Ghoul stands up and walks towards Shino aburame. The stoic shinobi just looking into Ghouls eyes as they both share a few traits. Ghoul hugs Shino who hugs him back and Ghoul lets Shino go before sitting on the couch once again typing up on his Laptop.

"Holy shit Shino. . . .it took me a 2 years to get a hug from this undead looking bastard and you just get one right off the bat. Fucking lucky asshole." Naruto says a bit confused as Shino shrugs his shoulders.

"We understand each other i guess. Our eyes told each other enough about ourselves. That's all it really takes for people like us. Naruto . . . is Ghoul plagued by something?" Shino asks and whispers the last part to him in a bit worry for someone who could potentially be a new friend.

"Yes he is. . . So many voices bounce around in his head. Some tell him he'd be better off dead. He can't shake the urge when madness calls. Others are the very voices of hell which affect all Marines when in Hell after we die. Unfortunately for Ghoul those very voices plague him even while he lives. He's able to fight them off and keep sane. But it takes a MASSIVE toll on his mental health. So much so it's rendered him completely mute. If you ever hear him speak, and i mean ever. Even if it's a simple "Hi" or "Hello" He's let the madness take him." Naruto speaks getting Ghoul to look down as he grips his head and shakes his head rapidly with his eyes scattering back and forth looking around as if trying to find something.

"It's what's made him apathetic. Those voices tell him to kill, to devour his fallen enemies alive or dead. To rape, pillage and spread the taint of the fallen titan." Naruto speaks gently looking at Ghoul who stares up at Naruto. Ghoul then points to the Laptop and starts typing bringing up a very detailed map of Gato's compound pointing to certain locations with one hand while drawing on a napkin with another.

"Jesus Ghoul you scouted Gato's mansion by yourself? How'd you do it?" Naruto asks turning to Ghoul who's looking at him with eyes basically saying "really?" and Naruto just rubs the back of his head.

"Right sorry bro. I forgot you're our best stealth operative besides myself." Naruto speaks with a chuckle getting Kakashi, Kurenai, Gai and Asuma all to look over the map and what was written on the napkin which were times for start and ends of Guard shifts.

"Wow Ghoul this is amazing. Not even our greatest infiltration and assassin expert could get details like this without being noticed. How'd you do it?" Kurenai asks Ghoul who then freezes up and grabs hold of both sides of his head and pulls his legs directly into himself. He just rocks back and forth before shaking his head and looking towards Kurenai then to Naruto. Naruto for his part just Gives him a smile and a half nod getting Ghoul to calm down. Ghoul looks at Kurenai once again and pats the seat next to him for her to sit. When she does Ghoul just points to the front gate then follows along a path to the front door leading inside the building. From here he just pokes the napkin then the southernmost wall closest to the receptionist desk.

"Okay so what you're telling me is that you just walked into Gato's private complex through the front gate and entrance. Went to the receptionist and posted behind her were Guard start and end shifts for the next 2 weeks?" Kurenai asks getting Ghoul to nod before bringing up a file on the laptop showing it to everyone reminding them that he's a business Tycoon and not a Drug lord.

"So because his main base of operations is his own workplace building simply fortified with more guards. . . " Kurenai starts only for Kakashi to finish.

"He posts all guard duties for his new hires since they're thugs and bandits and don't really know how to remember orders. But mostly because it's illegal to not have a secondary posted time schedule somewhere that all future or previous employees may have easy access too." Kakashi says slapping himself in the face at how stupid he and everyone else was.

"Ghoul you beautiful mute bastard. With this we know what's going on with his main headquarters. After we settle things at the bridge we'll be able to infiltrate his office and confiscate everything he's stolen." Naruto says getting Ghoul to nod as he looks to Naruto who smiles.

"Ghoul you don't even have to ask. Of course you can come to the bridge with us today. Asuma and Gai's teams are going to be here to watch Tsunami and Inari. So it won't be too big a group." Naruto speaks getting Ghoul to nod happily.

"Ghoul . . .i'm really happy you're here brother." Naruto says only to get hugged by Ghoul.

"Ha thanks ghoul that means a lot." Naruto speaks getting Ghoul to let go as he stands up fully. Everyone there freaks out a bit as when Ghoul does stand up he towers over everyone else at 7 feet 2 inches tall. Ghoul then looks at Naruto who points upstairs.

"Second door to the right. You wearing your usual gear?" Naruto asks getting Ghoul to shake his head only once before rubbing his head and closing his eyes.

"Then you might want this." Naruto says pulling out a rather simple weapon. A rather fat and very thin blade only 3 feet long including the handle everyone knows is called a Machete. Naruto tosses it to Ghoul who catches it. Once he does the blade erupts in a slight reddened fog. The fog soon dissipates into Ghoul who breaths deep before heading upstairs to the shower.

"Must feel great to be whole again." Naruto says with a chuckle as everyone hears the shower turn on.

"Soldier are you sure it's a good idea bringing someone like . . .That with us?" Kakashi asks a bit confused at what this Ghoul will bring to them.

"Kakashi, Never doubt me and never doubt Ghoul. Ghoul is a very . . . eccentric Marine. He frightens easily because of his mental instability brought on by the voices of hell plaguing him. But despite those fears he's always at whatever marines back he's assigned to. Never leaving them behind. I was sent on a fucking suicide mission at the age of 5 before my clan was murdered. Ghoul was on another assignment that he accomplished by himself and was debriefed about where i had gone saying i needed back up and since he was the only unit close enough he was to provide me with aid. I was surrounded by 54 Kumo Jounin all of them firing their strongest attacks at me. When ghoul got there you know what he did?" Naruto sks as Kakashi and the others all shake their heads except sasuke who scoffs.

"Pissed himself with fear and hid in a hole?" Sasuke asks getting Naruto to chuckle darkly.

"Funny, but no sasuke. Ghoul found me face down in a ditch taking cover and freed the beast. He let the voices take over and he disappeared in a green fog walking away from me. A short time after the Jounin were screaming their heads off as Ghoul himself took his Machete and began hacking away at them. When he lost it he pursued them bare handed and beat them all to death taking bolts of lightning, Blasts of fire and even faced off against powerful water techniques that tore his body wide open. He killed each and every one of them leaving only 1 jounin alive before heading to pick me up and take me home. He was struck in back right through the left side of his body with the most powerful lightning technique i had ever seen. It left a full hole in his chest the size of a man's fist. Ghoul fell to the floor dead on his back. But when he lay motionless on the floor a bolt of lightning struck him from the clearest and bluest sky ever. His entire body was covered with lightning for a brief moment and he sat back up as if the Yami herself denied him entry to hell and made him resurrect. He stood up and grabbed the Jounin by the chest and waist lifted him into the air and slammed him on his bent knee snapping the Jounins spine completely in half. He didn't end there. He tossed the body up and grabbed him by his now broken back and one of his legs before slamming him back down on his knee TEARING HIM IN TWO!" Naruto screams at Sasuke who swallowed rather hard.

"He tossed the broken dead body aside as if it was garbage and he picked me up like i was a fuckin princess and carried my broken near dead ass back home to our tribal lands. That was 600 miles away from where my battle took place. Despite his fear. . . .despite his frail nature Ghoul is a United States Marine. And he will sure as hell fight like one. I believe you've had the glorious chance to fight me if i recall. And how exactly did that go for you?" Naruto asks getting Sasuke to shut up as all the Jounins eyes widen in fear. They all knew of the kumo border massacre. It was as if a wild demon tore through them all without mercy.

"Ghoul has survived far more injuries than any other Marine. Honestly Ghoul even knows about a tantine we had going about our Marine Deadpool on who would die on a mission. Ghouls name wasn't even on that list since no matter what wounds he sustains he always gets back up again. I've seen him get his liver crushed inside his body and ripped out by a fellow Marine in training who was training his Winter's Fury abilities. The ability froze the bloody useless organ into a very deadly ice spear which was then impaled into Ghouls face. Ghoul after just a momentary lapse of death sat right back up made that marine shit himself in fear and pass out. Ghoul instead of finishing the death fight picked the marine up and carried him to the showers so he could get himself cleaned up. He doesn't kill unless he feels it's for the defense of a Marine's life or to protect those he finds Innocent. And he never . . .NEVER! Turns his back on a fellow soldier no matter what. He's coming with us. That's final." Naruto speaks seriously getting Sasuke to nod before looking up at the ceiling where the shower is going on.

"Naruto Ghoul seems like a very Gentle soul. . . Aren't there other avenues for your people to pursue in the ways of work and dreams?" Kurenai asks wondering how someone like Ghoul could have been in the marines.

"Of course Kurenai. He wanted to be a computer programmer and game maker. But i was his friend. His only friend. When he heard i was going into the Marines he joined up to see that no matter what i'd be safe. Even a gentle soul such as him is sent through our training in the begining to ensure that everyone can fight. He gave up his dreams for a short while to ensure my safety and during training everyone said he'd be the one to die first. Fuck weren't they surprised." Naruto says chuckling at the memories.

"Alright then . . .well that's enough remembering. When Ghoul gets back down here we're all to head to the bridge with Tazuna to oversee it's construction for hopefully the last time." Kakashi says looking at Tazuna who nods.

"So long as nothing blows up or destroys parts of the bridge then yes it will be the last day we're working on it." Tazuna speaks drinking some more sake as Ghoul walks down the staircase. His new suit showing torn blue jeans with the same boots. On his chest is a simple dirty grey undershirt that's above a black undershirt with a deep olive green jacket on over that open in the middle. Cuts and tears in the undershirts begin revealing his rather pale skin but also revealing his rather large toned muscles. His hands still have gloves but these are now solid black leather. Resting upon his neck is metal chain necklace with one section leading down towards his chest. Upon his face is a rather strange metal mask that covers his entire head showing that his head is in fact shaved. The metal mask is tinted a cream color with slight tan showing age of the material. On it's face are what seem like Divot holes showing only black that litter the mask with one red painted bar just above the eyeholes in a very obtuse curve with two red marks just under the eyes. The eyeholes are just as dark as the other divot holes within the mask. Everyone looking at Ghoul now understand just why he was given that name.

"Jesus Ghoul . . . No fucking around this time huh? Going in full tilt?" Naruto jokes as Ghoul just turns to look at him silently. Ghoul just stares at his comrade silently knowing that they are the last two Marines. He will protect his brother, No matter the dangers Even if it means giving into the madness for his strength.

"I see. . . Well Ghoul let's go. I'll take point you bring up the rear." Naruto says as Ghoul just walks towards the staircase once more disappearing in a green mist that forms behind him.

"Soldier, how do we keep Ghoul from eating us?" Shino says jokingly getting Naruto to laugh.

"Oh there's no way to stop him if he decides to eat you. If he wants to eat you. You're lunch. Plain and simple." Naruto says walking to the bridge with the others. When everyone leaves the house and Kakashi is in the back of a diamond formation to protect Tazuna Ghoul appears from the greenish mist once again silently just behind Kakashi never once alerting the Cycloptic Jounin.

As everyone approaches the bridge something is wrong the entire bridge is covered in mist and screaming can be heard inside of it. Everyone stops dead as Tazuna races forward and picks up an injured bridge worker.

"Saito, What the hell happened here?" Tazuna asks as Kurenai and Kakashi both stand at the ready.

"It was awful. Gato is here, He attacked the bridge with an army of mercenaries. Bandits were everywhere killing and taking everything. You have to leave Tazuna they're going to " Saito says before screams are heard as everyone turns and looks at the charging Bandits.

"KUSO! Everyone get ready we have a fight on our hands." Kakashi says as the bandits race forward only to see Ghoul appear from the mist with Naruto beside him. Ghoul takes his Machete out and begins hacking and slashing away at the bandits slicing them clean in half in many different ways. Even going so far to charge forwards with a devastating right hook so hard it launches a bandit's head clean off his body. Naruto on the other hand is in the middle of Unloading his weapons into the Bandits racing towards the others and pulling out his own Combat knife to hack and slice away at the bandits.

Kakashi looks over to his Genin and Kurenai's seeing they're a bit freaked out at what they are seeing before he nods to himself.

"Everyone get ready. We have to protect Tazuna and the others if any of those bandits get passed Ghoul and Soldier." Kakashi says as Shino nods to himself and has his new Hive spread out in rather thick clouds laying traps in front of them having learned it from Naruto.

Hinata and Kiba both nod as Akamaru just whimpers a tad before barking in the affirmative and having Sakura hide behind them as Sasuke gets by Shino with a simple Hn as a response. Kurenai and Kakashi both take up defensive stances in front of and behind Tazuna keeping an eye out for ambushes.

Naruto and Ghoul are currently just walking forward through the bandits killing off as many as they can in process. Ghoul silently disappearing in his mist and reappearing only to slash and hack away at bandits or when he loses his machete beating them into submission bare handedly never once switching to his side arms or main weaponry. Ghoul sees Naruto having a rather good time before he a large club comes down and strikes Naruto in the head knocking him into the floor. Ghoul sees red and charges forward slamming a right hook into the man dropping him to the floor only to pick him up and punch him in the face again crushing the man's skull making all the bone shards impale his brain killing him and launching him backwards into a group of other bandits knocking them onto their backs. Ghoul leans over and picks up Naruto getting him to his feet only to have a bandit ram a Tanto deep into his jugular and Carotid Artery. Ghoul merely back hands that particular bandit so hard it snaps the bandits neck twisting his head all the way around to face backwards.

Soon the bandits all stop fighting as Clapping is heard echoing through the area. The bandits spread apart revealing Gato standing their with two strange men in cloaks with red clouds while wearing straw hats with tassels. In Front of them is Raiga Kurosuki who's smirking rather condescendingly at them all as the mist clears up showing the devastation around them. Kurenai and her team including Sakura and Sasuke all vomit at the state the dead are left in. Especially the pile Ghoul accumulated. They're mostly mangled and disfigured in the most brutal of ways while others are hacked to bits barely identifiable. Seeing everyone stop they find Gato infront of everyone with the strange men behind him and Raiga to his left.

"So these bandits weren't even enough to stop two Shinobi from Konoha? Pathetic. At Least i always have my plan B." Gato says smirking.

"Itachi who's the one with the Machete? I don't recall the orders or intel including that guy." The now Identified man merely shrugs his shoulders as they walk towards the others.

"I don't know Kisame but this will be a perfect test for our new recruit Raiga here. I saw everything that Mask wearing Maniac did in the mist. He's strong. . .If raiga can beat him then he will be able to join us." Itachi says as the identified Kisame nods.

"Well who cares. Just as long as i can shave him to ribbons with Samehada i don't care." Kisame says as he looks the 7 foot tall monster in the face only seeing the strange mask.

"Shut up the both of you. I'm not paying you to chit chat i'm paying you to kill them all and destroy this bridge. " Gato screams as Kisame and Itachi nod to themselves.

"Kisame go to Kakashi and the others. Leave my idiot brother Sasuke alive but make sure he's unconscious the whole fight. Keep Kakashi and the others busy but don't kill them. I'll deal with the one in the bingo book Dubbed "The Soldier" After all Leader-sama wants him to join us. Raiga your test to be admitted into training before joining the Akatsuki is to kill the one in the strange mask." Itachi says while Kisame knows not to kill Tazuna either as Pein also needs the bridge completed. While Kisame races passed Naruto who Stops Ghoul from going after him saying Kakashi and the others will handle it. Raiga pulls out two normal Katanas as he stares down the taller then Kisame Mask wearing man.

"Of course i'll take care of him. I'll give him a grand funeral." Raiga says as him and Itachi both head forward and meet Ghoul and Naruto face to face.

"Soldier i wish not to fight merely speak with you, Alone. Raiga do it." Itachi says as Raiga flies through hand signs before yelling out.

"Suiton: Suiryuudan no Jutsu" (Water Release: Water Dragon Missile) Raiga throws his arms forward sending a water dragon at Ghoul who takes the hit head on and is only pushed back a few dozen feet with Raiga racing after them.

"You know that man just signed his own death warrant right?" Naruto says to Itachi who just shrugs his Shoulders.

"It doesn't matter. I just wish to talk to you." Itachi says looking at him as Naruto raised an eyebrow beneath the bandages covering his entire head while his red sunglasses tilt downwards showing his different colored eyes.

"What about inbred?" Naruto responds getting Itachi's eyes to Narrow before he just sighs.

"Leader-sama wishes to extend an Invitation to join our Organization known as Akatsuki. We were sent here not to destroy the bridge or kill Tazuna but to test our newest recruit Raiga and to Invite you to join. If you refuse Leader-sama is prepared to merely allow you to walk away so long as you swear to not reveal our existence to anyone. He knows that i am not strong enough to beat you and neither is Kisame. Even Leader-sama would have trouble fighting the Sandaime Hokage, His son Asuma, Maito gai at full gate release and Kakashi Hatake. But you took them down like Gennin." Itachi says as Naruto looks into Itachi's eyes seeing he's telling the truth.

"I have to decline your offer to join Akatsuki Itachi. Not for the reasons you think though. I will not reveal its existence either. Not till you yourself tell Jiraiya about it when you report to him after the chuunin exams." Naruto says getting Itachi on guard as he looks Naruto in the eyes.

"I have my sources Itachi. I also know the real reason behind the Uchiha Massacre. You bear a burden not seen since my father ages ago. Don't worry i won't reveal that either. Also Sasuke seems to have gotten help for his trauma. He's getting stronger under me as i teach him. Tell your leader Pein that i decline the offer with regret." Naruto says as Itachi nods to him.

"Sure Soldier. Shall we watch the fight between our newest Recruit?" Itachi asks only to get Naruto to nod.

"Of course, It'll be fun watching Ghoul kill that weak ass idiot." Naruto says turning to look at Ghoul who's currently holding onto Raiga's hands having both Katanas in his chest and exiting outside his body from the back taking a blow to the heart meant for Kurenai.

"Well seems like Raiga completed his Task. So has Kisame." Itachi says only to hear Soldier laugh when he sees all the Genin knocked unconscious while Kakashi is fighting Kisame alone.

"I don't think so Itachi. Ghoul is unkillable. There's a reason we marines never had him in our Tantine deadpool." Naruto says as he looks to Ghoul ending the conversation right there.

(Ghoul and Raiga minutes earlier. Que song: Let The Madness Begin by Fozzy)

Ghoul is standing firm against the water dragon as he's pushed back by the one named Raiga. He looks to Naruto seeing he's only speaking with the man knowing he can read the body language showing he isn't going to fight. With that in mind Ghoul firms up and stands tall against the smaller man before him.

"So what kind of funeral do you want. Open casket or maybe . . .Closed Casket." Raiga asks wondering how he's going to kill him.

Ghoul merely looks Raiga in the eyes and reaches up to his neck and grabs the Tanto sticking out of it. He rips it from his body and tosses it aside taking a step forward staring Raiga down.

"Closed it is." Raiga yells happily as he charges Ghoul only to get a massive boot to the chest sending him flying back. Ghoul races forward and thrust punches Raiga in the head three times before picking him up by the neck strangling him hard before twisting his hand and a very loud Snap is heard before Ghoul slams Raiga into the floor by throwing him.

Raiga stands up uneasily as He charges forward Slashing away at Ghoul with his Katana's cutting into Ghoul who is merely pushed back slightly. As Raiga goes to slice into Ghouls neck a large bolt of lightning strikes Ghoul dead on covering his entire body in it shocking Raiga as his final hit lands in Ghouls shoulder launching him backwards. Ghoul leaps into the air and slams his hands down into Raigas head making Raiga slam face first into the bridge and bounce into the air rather high as Ghoul grabs Raiga's ankles and slams him face first into the ground making him bounce again as blood gushes from his wounds only to have a devastating uppercut land on his chin and jaw launching him backwards screaming in the air as he lands face first on the ground after a few backflips.

Ghoul silently leans forward tilting his head to the left and to the right examining Raiga before righting himself up as Raiga stands up tall and growls at this thing in front of him.

"You bastard. JUST DIE ALREADY!" Raiga screams charging forward hacking away at Ghoul impaling and slicing at his flesh. Ghoul just getting pushed back once again as Raiga mixes in a few punches and kicks with his Katana strikes causing fair amounts of damage to Ghoul as he is soon impaled in the stomach with both Raiga's Katanas before being lifted into the air and Raiga screaming.

"Raiton: Jibashi no Jutsu" (Lightning Release: Electromagnetic Murder.) Raiga yells as Ghouls entire body is electrocuted to the point you can even see his bones in flashes of light before a small explosion is heard launching Ghoul off the Katana's as Raiga smirks happily that he finally killed Ghoul. Only for Ghoul to stand up once more shocking everyone as Ghoul disappears in his green fog and reappears behind Raiga only to lift him into the air by his shoulder with one hand before slamming his fist inside Raigas gut impaling him with his outstretched fingers. He pulls out taking some blood with him before curling his right hand into a fist and punching Raiga hard in the face breaking his nose and sending him flying backwards towards Kurenai and the others.

"Kami, fucking Damnit. WHY WON'T YOU DIE!" Raiga screams as he gets up before looking behind himself seeing Kurenai standing defensively behind Kakashi as Kakashi himself is fighting Kisame. Raiga smiles and uses a Shunshin to appear before Kurenai.

"If i can't kill you i'll kill her." Raiga yells as he brings his Katana's down behind Kurenai to impale her in the back through the heart. In that instant Kurenai turns and sees Raiga poised to stroke. At that moment in time she sees her life flash before her eyes before Ghoul appears in his trademark mist and takes the blow through his chest and heart grabbing Raiga's arms keeping him pinned so he can't push any farther. Kurenai taking this chance immediately jumps away leaving Ghoul to his fate before she regains her senses and calls out in worry.

"GHOUL NO!" Ghoul's hands soon go limp as Raiga pushes his Katana's deeper into Ghouls heart before ripping them out of him having Ghoul fall onto his back in front of Raiga.

"Well looks like that did it huh? Haha you were a tough fight but in the end i win" Raiga brags only to soon see a large bolt of lightning from the sky smash down into Ghouls motionless body shocking it rather extensively.

That instant Ghoul leans his top half up rather quickly looking to Raiga pissed off. Ghoul stands up once more as Raiga takes a step back in fear. Ghoul grabs his jaw with his right hand and the top of his head with his left hand before twisting his hands towards each other causing a very loud snap to be heard as Ghoul points his left hand forward towards Raiga.

Raiga begins freaking out and begins flying through Hand Seals to use another Jutsu only to stop midway. Ghoul had pulled out his Machete from his hiding spot and rammed it inside Raiga's stomach hard impaling him clean through halfway. He pulls the blade out a bit before shoving it inside completely as he pulls Raiga towards him. Ghoul stares Raiga in the eyes as he then twists the Machete as it's inside Raiga before pulling his hand upwards slicing cleanly through Raiga upwards Splitting his top half in two before having his Machete wielding hand lay at his side.

Ghoul lets go of Raiga's corpse as it falls backwards splatting on the bridge forming a Y as it lay their. Ghoul looks towards Kisame as the Sharkman was above Kakashi. Having seen that he's now being targeted Kisame stops his attack and shunshins back to Itachi's side a bit freaked out at the giant man's actions.

Naruto smirks looking to Itachi as Ghoul walks away from the corpse of Raiga into green shrouding mist only to appear once again at Naruto's side staring both Akatsuki members down.

(Que song: Let The Madness Begin, end)

"Told you Inbred. You can't stop a marine. Especially Ghoul." Naruto speaks as Ghoul just stares them both down behind his mask getting both members of Akatsuki to pale as they find out Ghoul is a Marine just as he is.

"Well then, Soldier the offer still stands and If you want you may bring Ghoul with you to be your partner. Until then. . . We'll be watching you." Itachi says as both he and Kisame disappear via Raven Shushin. Gato is left defenseless as the bandits all stare in fear at Ghoul and Soldier.

"You idiots attack them. Get them, Kill them. I'll pay you all whatever you want just don't let them get to me." Gato yells and screams as Soldier and Ghoul both get ready to resume fighting only to find that an arrow impacts infront of Naruto and Ghoul at the feet of the bandits. Looking back to the town behind them They all see that Inari and the village of wave are their in their entirety all with weapons and blunt tools.

"Let's not let these Ninja fight our battle. They've done enough already. Come on everyone we have to fight for our freedom. Not rely on the strength of others." Inari yells as he rearms his crossbow. The village all cheer in agreement as they race forwards towards the few bandits that were left after Ghoul and Naruto were finished with them. The remaining bandits all yell in fear and flee leaving Gato alone as the Village continues chasing the bandits out of town. Gato freaking out is grabbed by Kakashi and lifted into the air with one hand as he has Tazuna and the others tie him up.

"Well . . Looks like this is a new chapter in the life of everyone in wave. Inari how did you get the courage to rally the whole village?" Kakashi asks as Inari looks down.

"Well after the little outburst i had when you told me of what he did. Kurenai came into my room a little while after and told me in a bit of detail on what he suffered through. Seeing that even after all of that happen to him if he can still fight why can't i do the same. I rallied everyone because we can't be strong by relying on others. I realised that we need to fight for ourselves. So i took my fishing crossbow and gathered everyone. It wasn't much but I had to do something." Inari says getting a hand on his shoulder. Looking up he sees Naruto and smiles.

"All it takes for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing. By being brave and getting everyone you know to rally for change you started a revolution and freed your people from tyranny. By staying this path your people will be free from Tyrants like that for a long time. You did the right thing. So now that Gato's in your custody. . . What happens to wave?" Naruto asks Tazuna who just shrugs.

"Well we finalize the bridge Tonight with a celebration and Tomorrow we'll take Gato to his headquarters and regain all our money before hiring a new Daimyo. You all are welcome to stay for the celebration." Tazuna said as Naruto nods to him.

"We'd love to but we can't. We have to head back to Konoha to report a job well done. Zabuza and Haku are staying here as My liaisons to inform me of how things are going." Naruto says getting Tazuna to nod.

"My daughter has loved having Zabuza around. Good bye everyone." Tazuna says knowing they'll have it from there as Naruto and Ghoul both walk towards Tazuna's house to retrieve everyone else from Tazuna's place and to get their things. After gathering the others and leaving with their things. Ghoul having his Laptop inside one of Naruto's scrolls. Ghoul is then tapped on the shoulder by Kurenai which makes Ghoul flinch and turn facing her blocking his face.

"Sorry Ghoul i didn't mean to startle you. Listen i'm sorry about just leaping away when you took that attack for me." Kurenai says getting Ghoul to tilt his head to the side before continuing his stride with Naruto. Naruto looks back at Kurenai and he chuckles.

"Don't worry Kurenai Ghoul forgives you." Naruto says as Ghoul just continues walking next to Naruto as everyone heads towards Konohagakure. Naruto and Ghoul the entire time just walking in silence towards Konoha. Ghoul merely trying his best to stop the thoughts in his head as Naruto thinks on how Ghouls appearance changed things greatly. He'll have to deal with the Council himself in terms of Ghoul since Ghoul would literally just ignore them all . . .or kill them. Whichever is easier for him.

"Ghoul when we get to the Village They might go about and attack you through the Council." Naruto speaks getting Ghouls attention as he just stares Naruto down.

"Yes politically. Listen i know how you would deal with them but let me do it this time okay? If they call you there personally without me ignore them completely as you normally would. You got that buddy?" Naruto says as Ghoul just silently continues his stride with Naruto at his side.

(Konohagakure entrance 5 hours later)

Sitting at the front gates of Konoha are two new faces to the job. Replacements for the usual gate guards who are currently on a very well earned vacation. These two men are Iruka umino and Mizuki Chunin and former instructors at the Shinobi academy. Former for the fact it's closed down for the summer till the new enrollment year starts. Iruka and Mizuki are just sighing some bored out of their minds as they just watch the never ending landscape.

"Hey Iruka." Mizuki speaks getting Iruka to look at him a bit curious.

"Yeah Mizuki?" Iruka asks a bit confused.

"You think anything interesting will happen today?" Mizuki wonders getting Iruka to think to himself.

"Hmm i have a feeling something interesting will happen but i can't quite put my finger on what that something is. Why do you have a guess?" Iruka asks getting Mizuki to nod.

"Yeah i kind of think that a group of teams will come home today with a new addition. . . It just feels . . . .right to assume this for some reason." Mizuki says as he leans forward a bit curious at this as Iruka nods his own head.

"Yeah, Like the addition is something or someone just as powerful if not moreso then Soldier?" Iruka asks getting Mizuki to laugh.

"Now lets not get ahead of ourselves. We both know that what we saw . . .No one is stronger than Soldier." Mizuki says sweating bullets as he only refused Orochimaru's orders by giving him all information he had on Soldier which peaked Orochimaru's interest. His new orders were to see if he could get into Soldiers good graces and learn more information. If not to just observe and report his findings.

"True that. . .Hey what's that?" Iruka asks pointing to the road. Sure enough Kakashi, Gai, Kurenai and Asuma with their teams are walking towards the gate getting Mizuki and Iruka to smile at the people coming up.

"Hello Iruka-san, Team's 7, 8, 9 and 10 returning from a successful C-rank turned S-rank mission with success." Kakashi says as he himself signs everyone in. Iruka seeing there's one more name then their should be looks around only to see the man on his knees holding his head shaking it back and forth as if trying to fight something.

"Who's the one in pain?" Iruka asks seeing the Name on the form says Ghoul.

"A fellow Marine" Naruto speaks getting Mizuki and Iruka's eyes to widen as they look at each other. Mizuki and him sharing a nod of the head before they look towards Ghoul who is then helped up by Naruto. Ghoul stands tall fully upright towering over everyone else getting Mizuki and Iruka to gulp hard as they see him in full gear and the way his body posture is as well as his skin tone and the way he looks.

"Uh should we get him to a hospital Soldier? He doesn't look to good." Iruka asks a bit worried for him.

"He's fine Iruka-san Now just let us in. We have a debriefing to handle." Naruto speaks rather angrily at the Chuunin who's holding them up only to see Mizuki had disappeared. He growls knowing where Mizuki had gone off to.

"Okay then guys don't let me keep you." Iruka says hoping to get the behemoth of a man in front of him as far away as possible.

Soon the entire group of Shinobi leave the gate entrance towards the Hokage tower only to have Kakashi stop all the gennin.

"Okay group that was a great mission. We got some great training in and completed an S-class mission with no casualties. That's almost unheard of. Genning you're dismissed and are able to use your free time how ever you wish. You all earned a respite so me and the other Sensei's agreed that you have tomorrow and the next day off to rest. Soldier. . .Ghoul. You'll have to come with me as since Ghoul is a marine you need to speak to the Hokage about having him join the Village." Kakashi says getting everyone to nod. Most of the Genin happy to get away from the monster Soldier calls brother. Shino looks to Ghoul and Naruto before speaking.

"Ghoul, Soldier, When finished with the Hokage if you can come to my clan's Compound tomorrow i would really appreciate it." Shino speaks getting both Naruto and Ghoul to nod towards him. At that Shino walks away with the notes on Hive and a few doses of the ability sealed into a scroll for his father after he signs the agreement. Naruto and Ghoul both follow Kakashi and the others to the Hokage's office. After 4 hours and a long debriefing Hiruzen is rubbing his temples in frustration before turning to the titan before him and standing next to Naruto who is currently just staring off into space turning his head to and fro as if turning to listen to the voices better when they speak to him only to see Ghoul begin flailing his arms around in an attempt to shoo the thoughts away.

"So . . what you're all telling me . . .Is that you Kakashi Hatake abandoned your students when two Chunin assailants attacked." Hiruzen speaks looking at Kakashi.

"I had to determine who their target was." Kakashi says justified in his actions.

"You Soldier then proceeded to single handedly kill both of said Chunin missing nin with extreme measures. One your ability in Winter's Fury and the next is a move you copied from Ghoul here?" Hiruzen asks getting Soldier to shrug his shoulders.

"I thought they'd be a challenge. . .instead i got a play date." Naruto speaks to Hiruzen shrugging his shoulders.

"After which you got the explanation on the situation in Wave by an assumption from old Documents about how Gato does things." Hiruzen asks a getting Naruto to once again shrug his shoulders.

"It's common knowledge in the underground that Gato uses that method. It was simple deduction to make." Naruto answers.

"You then proceed to continue the mission despite the dangers because you alone were enough to complete the mission. But as a precaution requested for reinforcements after encountering Zabuza Momochi who is still residing in Wave as your slave and Liaison. Of which in terms of teams you claim i sent to many." Hiruzen asks getting Naruto to nod.

"We only needed an Additional team. Not 4 full ones. What we had was essentially a platoon." Naruto answers again.

"You then proceeded to train Jounin and Gennin alike the same way you yourself were trained only substituting live ammunition for Rubber bullets nailing Choji in his asshole dead on?" Hiruzen asks wondering why that was included in the debrief besides the chuckle factor it brings.

"I thought you could use a good laugh." Naruto says getting Hiruzen to raise his eyebrow.

"So it didn't happen like that?" He asks a bit confused.

"Oh no it's true. I just kept that in cause i knew you needed a good laugh." Naruto speaks getting Hiruzen to nod.

"Right now to top all of this off, A thought ot be dead Marine just showed up out of nowhere because he heard Rumors you were alive and in wave. He then gave you and all of wave valuable information on Gato that will allow them to regain their wealth so they can pay proper recompense for our services." Getting Ghoul to just stare Hiruzen down silently.

"Don't forget the part about where Ghoul and I massacred an entire battalion of Bandits together. Oh and that Ghoul sliced Raiga into a letter of the alphabet." Naruto says pointing to the report as Hiruzen just sighs.

"Alrighty then. . . Soldier you're completely fucking insane. Other than that good job to everyone present. Now Naruto i'm sure you know what is to come with Ghoul?" Hiruzen asks as the Jounin take this time to leave as an Anbu lands in the office kneeling.

"Hokage -sama the civilians have convened a council and called you and the clan heads. They are awaiting yours and the new arrivals appearance." The neko masked woman speaks getting Ghoul to leap away instantly to a corner as he begins pushing himself away from the woman to a corner of the room.

"It's okay Ghoul calm down. You're amongst friends. You have no need to fear anyone here." Naruto speaks getting Ghoul to look at the Neko masked Anbu before he just carefully and slowly stands up walking over to naruto timidly keeping an eye on Neko just incase.

"It's okay Ghoul-san, From the report Soldier gave us you feel better around those who introduce themselves. My real name while Classified due to security i'm sure you understand. I can tell you to call me Neko. As that is my "callsign" As you and soldier call them." Neko speaks getting Ghoul to ease up a bit on the fact she revealed that to him.

Ghoul just pokes his two index fingers together as he nods some to her before Hiruzen stands up.

"Well Ghoul you already know me. Now will you follow me and Soldier to the council chambers?" Hiruzen asks getting Ghoul to harden his gaze as he stands at Naruto's side. Naruto begins walking with Ghoul towards the council chambers.

Inside the council chambers everyone has gathered. Clan heads and Civilians alike with the elders. Mizuki had immediately raced towards the council members only telling Kizashi Haruno as he was the one he knew would be easiest to get the word spread. Kizashi did the rest of the work. As the main doors open Hiruzen, Naruto and Ghoul all walk into the council chamber. Everyone on the council, Elders included are shocked at seeing such a giant of a man is named a marine. The civilians eyeball Ghoul lastingly as they feel they can trick him into marrying their daughters.

"This council meeting will hereby be called into order. What is on the Agenda this time?" Hiruzen asks getting Shibi to speak up first before the civilians.

"The swearing in of Ghoul to Soldiers Clan and the final documentation that Soldier had promised to sign to for me." Shibi Aburame to stand up and hold up the Codes of Conduct papers that Naruto sent with Shino. They are signed and initialed where needed.

"Soldier i wholeheartedly agree with you on every code in this contract. I signed immediately upon finishing. No fine print is their am i correct?" Shibi speaks getting Naruto to smile.

"What you see is what you get Shibi-san. No fine print, No hidden contracts or clauses. Just the rules you must follow to obtain your reward." Naruto speaks to him getting Shibi to hand the Papers to an Anbu who hands them to Naruto. Naruto then signs the paper getting it stamped by Hiruzen who looks over the files as his eyes widen at what is happening.

"What's that about shibi-san" Shikaku Nara asks a bit curious as to what the Clan head would sign off on.

"Why, Soldier has ever so generously offered the Aburame clan exclusive rights to begin a special Serum that will give every member injected the hive ability he displayed not to long ago." Shibi says rather simply getting Everyone's eyes to Widen as Naruto kicks his feet up onto the desk making all the Civilians rage internally.

"YOU GIVE YOUR ABILITIES TO THAT GARBAGE CLAN? WHY NOT GIVE IT TO UCHIHA-SAMA? HE NEEDS IT MORE THAN THOSE - " Kaiza, a rather hairy and obese man begins screaming before he feels himself being lifted into the air struggling to breath as Ghoul is there staring him down with a look of Madness and murder in them. Ghoul crushing the 350 pound man's windpipe before twisting his hand again like with Raiga only this time he snaps Kaisa's neck like a twig killing him instantly. Ghoul then tosses the dead body to the floor before walking away disappearing in a blood red mist as he re-emerges next to Naruto.

"Thank you Ghoul i was just about to do the same." Naruto speaks before getting Ghoul to nod to him as Naruto stands up looking at the civilian council.

"You all fail to realize something. None of you civilian Cucks, have any right to tell me how to distribute my clan's abilities or technologies. Kizashi, Your Proposal about putting a board of directors directly influenced by your merchant guild and the council? Yeah i burned that shit the moment i got it. I opened my own shop next to the only people in town not part of your guild. The Ichiraku's. My shop is outselling yours by the millions and you're pissed you aren't going to see a dime of it. I don't charge 350% percent above the normal asking price when selling to Ninja and I also sell the same items to Civilians at the same prices so everyone can have a piece of what should be theirs. Your shitty ass contract? It would have had me selling subpar goods at extreme price increases where only the rich could benefit or afford it. Fuck right the hell off and if you try this shit again? I'll crush you financially by opening a general goods store and sell everything your stores do at drastically reduced prices. Your guild will fall apart without me having to lift so much as a finger. As for MY CLAN'S ABILITIES! Those are mine and mine alone to chose what to do with as I'm my clan's head. Ghoul here is my brother in arms and he's completely mute. He can't speak due to certain . . . Circumstances. I chose to give Shino Aburame the Hive ability as his Clan specializes in insects of all kinds and it would better Benefit them and Konoha." Naruto speaks looking towards Shibi who smiles and nods towards Naruto.

"The other clans of Konoha will be getting other abilities i have in the form of Serums which will give them all abilities like mine. But only one per clan. Which clan gets what is my decision not yours or anyone else's. Speak like that to me again and I'll have Ghoul let the madness consume him for a short time like back in wave and let your heads roll on the floor before he most likely crushes them beneath his boot. A stronger clan means a stronger defense for Konohagakure. A stronger defense means we're more likely to survive tragedy. Survival of tragedy will make Konoha stronger which will allow the clan to gain more strength to better defend the village. Marines believed that to truly be powerful no one person is better than another. All people, Civilian and soldier alike are equal in all things. While soldiers had powers like me and Ghoul the civilian populace was given technology and weapons to fight against us if we ever became too powerful and began abusing it. While Soldiers were there to make sure the civilians didn't turn out like you idiots. Power hungry using the soldiers for their own purposes to make themselves more money and giving them more power." Naruto speaks getting Ghoul to look down as he grabs his head hard and violently shakes back and forth remembering the cult of the priests that he had slaughtered for just that offense.

"Balance was everything. As the Clans gain marine abilities the civilians will be given a way to defend against those abilities so that they grow in tandem with the Shinobi in power. Not greater nor weaker but parallel. For to truly be strong Konoha must stand as one mighty tree. Not a forest of separate tree's vying for a dwindling spot resource and realty." Naruto speaks getting Danzo's eyes to widen. The speech rings something in his head loose and Danzo begins thinking on it. Since all the clans will be gaining an ability it does mean that all clans will gain a power to make them strong. But with all clans getting a power it would make sense that with Soldiers thinking each power given would be to cancel out another should one clan stray. No power will be better as they would all be of even strength. As for the Civilian populace it is true that unless the Civilians feel safe even amongst the Shinobi the great tree that is Konoha of his vision will never be whole. For if the Civilians are fearful it weakens the trunk of the tree. And without the trunk there is no support for the rest. Danzo thinks for a minute before making a decision he knows will be the right one.

"That is true and it does make a lot of sense but Uchiha-san could use your abilities to kill his brother and avenge the fallen clan returning the clan's name to greatness. If what you say is true then you should give Uchiha-sama your abilities as well." Homura speaks hoping to get through to him.

"Listen here Homura-chan" Naruto speaks getting Homra to blush a bit.

"I know Sasuke-san needs an ability. But the problem is he isn't strong enough to handle the procedure. Shino Aburame barely survived it with his mind intact. It's why i had Shibi sign that Codes of Conduct contract before allowing his clan access. I want to give Sasuke one of my abilities and leave him notes on how to master it. The problem being that I don't currently have the tools handy to make a proper syrum that won't end in the death of the receiver. " Naruto speaks getting Homura to nod in understanding.

"Besides he only gets one ability. One ability to one clan. That's the deal. Are we done here?" Naruto asks getting the Civilians to stand up.

"No we are here to ask you just what the hell that . . .THING! Next to you is." Kizashi asks getting Naruto to look at him pissed as Ghoul being the timid soul that he is hides underneath the desk frightened shivering shocking the Shinobi council that this monster of a man is frightened so easily.

"Now look what you did you fucking asshat. You upset Ghoul. He's not a thing. He's an unstoppable Marine like myself. Don't let his appearance fool you. Nothing will stop him from completing his mission no matter what it is and no matter the cost to himself. He's blindly devoted to the Marines and as his brother in arms He's Completely loyal to me and me alone. He's under my Clan's name and he will not be forced into anything without MY DIRECT CONSENT!" Naruto speaks with finality in his voice.

"Soldier i thought you were the last of your Clan? Who is Ghoul and where did he come from?" Tsume Inuzuka asks getting Naruto to look at the woman he knew in his past life as a short term lover.

"Tsume-san, Ghoul is a very Timid and gentle soul. Even more timid than Hiashi-sans Daughter Hinata. He even has many fears. . . Far too many to count. But that is for a good reason. As you know Marines when they Die go to hell. . .once in hell the voices of demons, devils, angels, false gods, tortured souls and the souls of the anguished all bombard your mind constantly leaving you rendered completely insane. Marines are able to filter this so they may fight back but it's usually only one of those things i mentioned that effect a single Marine. Ghoul here. . .has had every Variation of what i mentioned Berating and screaming orders at him all at the same time since he was born. It takes a MASSIVE mental toll on him rendering him timid, easily frightened and most of all Mute. The reason is because it takes every ounce of Ghouls brain power to fight the voices that plague his mind. Yet despite these problems Ghoul is undisputedly the most powerful Marine to have ever graced its ranks. Hell just this mission alone he's been stabbed in the jugular and carotid Arteries with a tanto and ripped it out of his neck, Got electrocuted and blown up and even impaled in the heart with two Katana's at the same time. Yet no matter the damages he sustains, He rises from fatal blows as if they are nothing and gets back into the fight. We marines leave no one behind. . . And we never turn our backs on each other. Ghoul here? He embodies those beliefs with so much faith that not even death seems to be able to keep him in his grasp." Naruto speaks as Everyone's eyes go wide. Inoichi looks to Ghoul who is currently just bashing his closed fists against his head rocking back and forth as if trying to drown out multiple yelling voices.

"Ghoul was. . . hidden away unaware of what was happening with the clan at the time as he had set up his wire traps throughout his house making it impossible to get in or out of his home. He was there under orders not to come out until a certain date according to him. His orders after that were to Regroup with me. As our clan died he remained unaware as any demons that even came within 20 feet of his front door were sliced to deli meat before they could realize what was happening. I searched for days and when i saw the pile of dead demons . . .I had assumed he died with the rest of the clan. He surprised me by just . . . Appearing out of the blue. Best damn surprise i've ever been given." Naruto says looking to Ghoul as he is still bashing his hands against his head.

"Poor guy, His mind must be a shattered mess unfixable even for the most gifted in my clan." Inoichi speaks getting Naruto to nod.

"Unfortunately yes that is true. But Ghoul is sane, Very sane. He's even smarter and stronger than me by a mile. I only win our fights because i have just a bit more Stamina than him and he tires out before i do." Naruto speaks getting Everyone to look at Ghoul who is now just standing up and feeling around for something before pulling out his Machete. Naruto looks at him confused before Ghoul walks over to a seemingly empty space in front of the room. He takes a massively hard swing in a downward arc with the Machete in hand. The machete slicing into a seemingly invisible Shinobi as everyone sees Blood gush from nowhere only to see a shimmer and then a body reveal itself. Ghoul then pulls the Machete out before slashing down once more in the same spot cutting into the body more deeply. Pulling the Machete out again he takes one last swing at full strength and cuts clean through the shinobi that was hiding. The body sliding apart after hitting the floor when falling backwards. The body of the shinobi in Anbu gear is seen wearing the Hitai-tei of the hidden star village.

Ghoul then walks away from the center of the room before resuming his silent stance next to Naruto as Anbu all swarm the body and pick up the two chunks of dead Shinobi as Hiruzen stares at Danzo a bit angry knowing it was most likely a Root anbu that was just killed.

"Oh and he will not be joining the CRA. I have decided i will take that task upon myself as Clan head. I will not accept marriage contracts and will only Marry those i deem worthy. Now are we done here?" Naruto asks getting everyone to nod and Agree except Kizashi. But by majority vote he's overturned and the Meeting ends.

"Good with that out of the way i can begin showing Ghoul around his new home. Which i'll have you know He'll defend with every last undying breath in his body." Naruto says getting the clan heads to sigh in relief as Naruto And Ghoul leave the council chambers. Danzo looking at their retreating forms finding that he didn't need to train better shinobi tools. He only needs to get Soldier to train better Marines. He'll have the one United Konoha with either himself at the helm or maybe even Soldier himself if Soldier sees things the same. Danzo has to rethink his whole plan and stop current missions to truly weigh the options set before him as Soldier has laid them out to bare. Yes Danzo will think things over. After all Konoha deserves to be the strongest Shinobi Village ever. With Soldiers help he knows that dream will become a reality.