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She giggled seductively, snapping her fingers and making the igloo cuff his wrists and ankles to hold him against the wall in a painful position. "I'm not going to hold you like that, if you behave," she said, releasing him with bruises where he was trapped. "In the animal kingdom, some females are larger than their male counterparts who must work tirelessly to please the superior sex or else get killed during the act."

Kakashi kept his cool, but he also wanted to keep everything else. "Like spiders, the female will eat the male if he's not careful."

"So then you know what will happen to you if you don't do exactly as I say," Esdeath said.

"I'm not a bug," Kakashi said, playing along, "I won't be that easy to destroy."

Esdeath sighed. "Seryu told me you would say that," she said, "it's what they all say." She pressed her bountiful chest against his, grinding her thighs against his and chuckling at the result. "Wow, you're growing so much already," she said, sliding her hand down his ribs and past his pelvis slowly to suddenly rip off his pants, "maybe it's because now I'm allowing you to stare, don't think I haven't noticed."

He hated himself for it. She had a tall, athletic build with large, busty breasts that bounced with pink, perky nipples, a delicious butt that was fat and tight that ate up her underwear between her slappable cheeks, a set of long, toned legs and thick thighs that he wanted to stick his head in between, and a dominating aura that he was determined to challenge. Her shining blue eyes stared up at him as she kissed around his sensitive thighs with her luscious, pouty lips, using her slick hand to tickle his member awake.

"Ah, yes," she said with satisfaction, staring at his long, girthy, curved aching for her touch again, "and you shaved too, naughty boy- did you know this was going to happen sooner or later?"

Kakashi's toes curled into the sand with her wet, smooth hand sliding slowly up and down his length with her squatting in front of it. "I thought you said you've never done anything like that before."

"Seryu and some of my servants educated me in what to do with you thoroughly," Esdeath said with a wolfish grin, "if I had known I could control another human being with this, I would have started a long time ago. You're practically melting in my hands, ironic."

"It goes both ways," Kakashi said, "who knows, at the end of the night, you might be the one asking me to-" He bit his tongue with a sudden painful squeeze on his shaft.

"Good boy," she said, "I hope you can handle me, once I get started on something I enjoy, it's nearly impossible to get me to stop."

"Are you sure we should be doing this without protection?" Kakashi said, feeling her other hand dig its nails into his clenched bum.

"That's the challenge," she giggled again, "Seryu warned me that most men would climax far too early, this way, you will be forced to last as long as I command you to."

"That's not how the male body works," Kakashi said, his eyes rolling into the back of his head as a thin, spinning bulb of ice spread his cheeks apart and pushed an inch of its way into his sacred Shinobi temple to drive shocks up Kakashi's spine. "Maybe it was a personal issue with Seryu."

Seryu scowled at him, grabbing the base of the shaft. "Are you saying you're not up to the challenge?"

"No, no, it's not that at all," he laughed anxiously, "I'm just cautious, that's all."

"Then be prepared," Esdeath said, pulling her cold lips to his hot head and making him squirm, "for I will attack without mercy!"

Kakashi had to fight back a loud, defenseless moan from her pointy, cold tongue lapping around his head like a kiss of death before torturing him with her tight, hot throat. Whatever Seryu showed her, either it was extensive and intimate or Esdeath was just a natural, sucking out his soul with a vacuum around her lips making his knees weak from his head all the way down to the base and back again. She released him with a loud pop, with strings of saliva hanging on from her lips to his aching head begging for more.

"You taste wonderful," Esdeath said, laughing at his stunned expression, "well now I don't know if I should continue, you look like you're about to have a heart attack."

"Oh, please don't stop, love," Kakashi said, the taboo of the enemy turning him on even more.

"No, I'm going to make you work for it," she said, standing up and turning around. She bent over slowly, beckoning him forward with her jiggling ass. "Make me climax with just your mouth, if you touch yourself at any point, I will freeze it and snap it off, understand? On your knees!"

Kakashi complied for the sake of any children he would want to have later in life, bringing his face right up to her tantalizingly evil, round, perfect butt.

"What are you waiting for?" Esdeath said, slapping her own ass with an echo through the igloo. "Get to work this instant!"

Kakashi carefully bit the white thong hiding in between her pale, heavenly mounds, letting it roll down her legs to reveal her pink, juicy and wet, small ice crevice with a neatly trimmed, tiny, blue triangle of hair just above her pink button of a clit that dripped like a melting icicle in the spring. As his face got closer he could feel the heat coming off of it unnaturally, giving her tight folds a quick lick to confirm what he was feeling.

Esdeath yelped in surprise, turning it into anger. "Do not tease me, slave! If you do well, I'll continue to pleasure you with my mouth, but if you fail, we will stop this instant and I'll leave you here in a casket made of ice, am I understood-"

Kakashi dug in because his life depended on it, tasting her sweet, slick melting member with a sweet and tangy twinge to it, completely the opposite of what he'd expect of a person this vile, but as long as he kept her purring, he wouldn't stop. Her ass seemed to fold around his face, her cheeks soft, squishy, but with a firmness that made him work to put his mouth to her pussy. It was the only part of her body that was warm, even her thighs he wrapped his arms around to stay planted were as cold as as her soul. Leone would kill him if she knew, and revive him just to kill him again if she knew he was starting to enjoy it.

"Oh my, yes! Don't you dare stop now or I'll pierce your heart, I'm so close!" Esdeath said, biting her bottom lip and swishing her rear in his face. He entire body was on fire from his rapid, experienced work on her clit, licking and kissing her little love knob with just the right amount of precision and speed. She chuckled as his dick throbbed in response, just begging for attention. "I'm almost- almost- oh, oh GODDDD-"

Kakashi's face was covered in a freezing, icy steam that blew him into the sand with a thick frost settling over his knees and lower legs as she stood up suddenly, marking her territory with a stream of hot, glistening squirt that froze over his legs on contact. "I'm lucky my tongue wasn't there," he said under her screams of delight, "it would have been like licking a telephone pole in winter-"

"Yes, that was just what I needed!" she said with a sigh, turning around to loom over her captive with a devious grin. "So, how do I taste?"

"I could eat you out all day," he said, grunting with a kick to his side that laid him out on his back.

"Wish granted," she said, sitting on his face and leaning forward, feeling him moan throughout her body as her cold breath formed steam on his hot, burning head. "Do you want me to suck it?" she asked him cruelly, massaging his heavy balls with just her fingertips, running her hand up and down his shaft lazily while her other hand tickled around his tight butt with an icy nail, making him buck every time she slipped in a thick pillar of ice. "I can't hear you," she said, grinding on his face.

"Please, don't leave me like this, I beg of you!" he squealed.

"You look like you're about to come already," she teased, licking him everywhere but his head to make him howl, "maybe I shouldn't…"

Kakashi let out a muffled whimper as his answer and she gave him an overwhelming reprieve, lapping around the head once before diving down to the base. Kakashi wanted to pass out from the stimulation, her hot, coiling, tremoring throat contrasting with her soft, freezing lips and fast and merciless tongue melting his head like an ice cream cone under the sun. Combined with the intoxicating, numbing aroma of her frothy igloo dancing on his nose and mouth, there was no match between his tongue and her entire body. She took his length down her throat over and over again, making eight to nine inches look like nothing with every sloppy, wet swallow with her cold hands pressing hard on his prostate with her icy battering ram on her middle finger. "I'm coming!" he screamed, nearly crying as she ignored it, moving faster with every second.

She felt him swell and throb in her throat and released him suddenly, letting his red hot, painful rod swing freely in desperation for release. "Not yet," she scolded, pointing her hand back and freezing his arms deep through the sand and planting him to the rocks underneath like his legs. "You will not come unless I want you to," Esdeath said grimly, pointing her hand at him and letting the ice that flowed from it stand him up and pin him against the wall.

"I'll do anything you want, just please let me come!" he cried out, making her overjoyed.

"That is exactly the kind of dedication I want," she said, seeing his eyes widen in fear like a helpless deer staring into the eyes of the wolf as Esdeath wrapped her soft snow pillows around his lightning blade, "but you need to prove to me that you can take it." Kakashi's head tilted back with a moan that could be heard all around the island from the soft, squishy pleasure of her creamy white mounds rolling over his head and the shaft, his entire body sweating and shaking from the slow torture, her elbows squeezing her puffy, perky tits together to envelop him in all directions, tugging and pulling with slow but deliberate motions. Her skin was smooth, silky, and hot, with her lips pecking the gleaming precum oozing out of his head and rolling it on her lips. "It tastes like vanilla," she said, smiling victoriously at the man melting between her wonderful breasts. "I think I want more, can you give it to me?"

"I think at this point, i can give you a gallon or-"

She drove another ice pillar up his rear, this time making him cry with a twisting pressure whirring on the fuse for his creamy explosive tag. "I did not ask for a quip," she snapped, flicking her cold tongue on his head rapidly while she alternated the up-down motion with her snowballs on his shaft and head, even using her pointy nipples to fiddle with the tip. "I want a simple yes or no, dear."

"Yes, yes!" Kakashi pleaded, his chest beginning to hurt from the stress of holding it for so long.

Esdeath stared into his eyes with a cold, dead, emotionless glare, slowly wrapping her lips around him and sliding down to the hilt of his sword yet again. Kakashi's toes curled into the sand, feeling the burning surge from the swirling ice stake inside him pushing him past his limit. She continued glaring at him and a cold, painful sensation right around the base. She lazily released him, laughing devilishly at his look of horror etched on his face from the ice ring squeezing him shut. He had grown even bigger just before the clamp was placed. "I will give you the chance to prove yourself, she said, standing up and gripping his shoulder, "you're going to melt it yourself."

She rolled her throbbing, boiling staff between her chilly thighs, making him numb in the pleasure while she purred into his ear. "God damn it, you're good at this," he grunted, moaning every time her clit clashed with his head.

"You can thank Seryu for that when we get back," she said, grabbing the sides of his head and forcing him to stare into her crazy gaze, "but right now, I want you to just focus on me." She pushed him inside, ripping moans out of them both from the absorbing, engulfing, swallowing force of her magma hot glacial geyser and Kakashi's edged and powerful ice pick jammed on her womb's licking, invasive entrance that flicked the inner entrance to his penis with one quick magical motion. Every part of Esdeath's demonic insides moved, blowed, sucked, vibrated, and massaged him on their own in different patterns and shapes attack the shaft and glans, rolling, gripping, pushing, pulling, licking, and kissing in extremely tight, gooey, and squishy goodness that was hot and trembling, sucking him in like a vacuum as if she was trying to steal his soul through it. His entire body felt warm and tingly like he was just getting drunk and his head spun, he could barely lift his arms without feeling like he was going to pass out in ecstasy that made him drool. Her tight vice kept an overlaying pump over all the other hundreds of stimuli coursing up to his lulled brain only processing his most carnal desires, as if it was ready to coil and twist around him like the wet, gushing, slick towel it was and then turn his balls into the sand they stood on. He tore through the ice on his arms immediately and wrapped around her tightly, kissing her deeply and passionately. He kept one hand behind her back, rubbing it lovingly and massaging her luscious, silky blue hair while the other arm kept her close around the waist, rubbing her thick thighs and apple-bottomed tush. He crushed her chest with his, their nipples brushing against each other so he could feel her heartbeat through her beautiful, snowy pale skin. "What you're feeling right now is a side effect of my Teigu," she said, "at least I believe it to be so."

"It's supernatural," Kakashi said, sliding out just to get sucked right back in. "It's not letting me go!"

"I am not letting you go," she said, flicking the ice to slide him on his back with her on top. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head with a maniacal cackle as ice swirled around her aura. "I will never let you go!" she roared, sliding up his entire length, feeling ever vein begging to blow throb inside her core and his head ramming against her deepest part as she came down. She started to pick up speed, leaning forward and looking down past her swinging breasts brushing against his chest to watch her swallow him again and again. The ring made a satisfied clink every time her powerful butt slapped his thighs under their combined moans. She grinned through the pain with Kakashi gripping her thighs hard, leaving red imprints on her skin. For him, it felt like every pump was its own orgasm, making his chest flutter and his fingers dig into her, his teeth clench and his legs shake. Every time her thighs grazed his, shocks ran from their spines up to their brains and back down to their toes, turning them into a senseless, panting ball of sex that stopped only for her to turn around to pick up speed. Kakashi held onto her thighs again as her pants mixed in with her excited, crazed laughs in a voice that almost wasn't her own, fucking like an animal as her ass crushed his pelvis with satisfying, squishy, wet, sloppy smacks. "What a kick!" she growled. "We're a perfect match in mind and body, I love the way it hurts, just a little, and you are loving the pain, aren't you?"

"It hurts so much," Kakashi said honestly, his arms nowhere near as strong as her thighs plunging him into her over and over. "If you damage it, I won't be able to-"

"I'm not stopping any time soon, so you'd better learn to love it!" she bellowed, turning back around and laying on his chest, licking his neck and face. "Just give in, make it easier for us both!"

Kakashi's face turned red from the horrific pain below while she cocked his jammed gun refusing to let him fire, his hands digging into the sand with a greater, burning buildup growing with each thrust. He started to buck upward fast and hard, making her moans shake and her breasts flop into his face and over his chest. "You want it, do you? Well fine! Try this!"

His knees crashed through the ice and he dug his hands into her waist forcefully with a fight between his pelvis and her thighs commencing. "I love it when they fight back!" Esdeath howled, clamping down tightly and wringing him out. "That's it, my love, make me come agaAAAAAAIIIIIaaaaaaiiin!"

The cold steam from her spectacular squirt shrouded him in a tingling mist. His Sharingan turned on involuntarily, letting him slip from coils of ice around his arms and legs and maneuver around Esdeath silently.

"Don't run away," she giggled, summoning ice from the ground to hopefully trap his feet. Kakashi was already in the trees, looking down at the General waiting for just the right moment to pounce. He looked down at the ring, seeing only the slightest bit of melting on the outside of the base. Maybe if he was the one who moved, it would be much faster. She looked around, scowling at the wet sand from his sweat but failing to find her man. "Come out, face me like a warrior!"

Kakashi waited until her back was turned, drooling while staring at her ass calling his name. He darted down from the branch and she whipped around with a kick that just barely missed his face. "I'm right here, woman!"

"Thought you could sneak up on me from behind, did you?" she said, her cocky smirk fading as the Shinobi flipped onto her leg as light as a feather and vaulting off her shoulder. She whipped around with a spray of ice to freeze him on the spot but he was no longer there. He tapped her shoulder but she knew better, turning the opposite way and swinging at the nimble warrior's broad chest with a deadly backhand. Kakashi ducked, sliding between her legs and rising with his cock between her thighs and his hands cupping her perfectly ample, heavy breasts.

"I got you now," he whispered into her ear, bending her forward and sliding inside her tundra trap again to elicit a sharp, drunk outcry of ecstasy from the ice queen.

Esdeath's heart skipped a beat at the sentiment, the fullness and warmth inside her steamy core that warmed even her frozen exterior, but she was never one to lose easily. "Do you?" she chuckled, getting him right back. He pulled back to thrust in again, feeling a dull, cold prod suddenly attacking his prostate again to plant him in between her insides and his own. Kakashi didn't care to her surprise, Leone had teased him enough with it to be used to it. He smacked her ass hard, making her yelp as he made her ass jiggle with his hard, long thrusts all the way from her lips and knocking on her womb. She wanted to kill him for a split second, but the thrusts driving her wild convinced him to let him do it again. "What was that?! Hit me harder!"

Kakashi grunted with every wet squelch from his pelvis hitting her thighs and his key unlocking her tumbling walls, drooling all over her glistening, shiny butt that rivaled Leone's in softness, bounciness, and squishiness. He closed his eyes, pumping faster and faster. He hit her harder, making her groan with a growling laugh. "How's that?"

"Pull my hair, you little bitch!" she barked, pumping back with equal force on her hands and knees while screaming out commands that he followed dutifully for 30 minutes straight.

Kakashi's Sharingan spun again, and in a flash he was holding her up with her facing him, thrusting upward as fast as he could with the pressure around his base dropping ever so slowly. "You're going to drive me insane!" he howled.

"That's the point, dear!" Esdeath said, hyperventilating in his face and staring into his eyes again, seeing his spinning tomoe as one black ring under the red. "You're swelling so much, I love the way you're throbbing too, are you going to burst?" She slammed down hard, pushing him against the side of the igloo and fucking him back hard and fast. "Am I too much for you?"

She licked up a trail of drool from his mouth. "I think you're just right," he panted tiredly, giving her his all.

"You're so rough now," she teased in between squeaky outcries, "and you're much deeper than before, you realize that if you come in me after all the milking I've done on your prostate, I will most certainly get pregnant."

Kakashi had always realized that, but every time he would try to pull out, she would clamp back down onto the head and drowning him in pleasure again. "We- nng- gurg-"

"Are you going to give me what I want now?" she asked him, breaking the wall with her powerful thrust and making him land hard on his back. She bucked up and down violently on him with a hand tight around his throat, her nails drawing blood with his mind going completely blank turning into a machine. "You're at your limit now, I'm too much for any man, even you! This pussy will defeat you, and I will claim you as mine forever!"

They both groaned with a sudden expanse in girth splitting her in half, bucking up so fast they could no longer distinguish one thrust from the next.

"This can be yours forever, just remember that if you ever think about running away!" she said, his crossed eyes indicating his utter submission. "Go ahead, squirt everything you have inside me, do it now!"

Kakashi desperately tried to push her off but her thighs locked him in. She squealed in delight while he howled, the pair writhing in heaven together as Kakashi exploded deep into her womb and gushing around their waists, sticking to her milky thighs. "Oh shit," he said with tired exasperation, his head spinning and chest heaving while she actively drained him dry.

She watched spurt upon spurt gush out of her giddily as she slowly pulled back from her kill, with frozen, shining, white clumps of everything that shot inside her womb falling out and melting in the sand. "You're mine," she said victoriously, "and as long as I keep myself cold in there, we can go again and again and I'll never get pregnant, unless I wish to sire a child. What do you think?"

Kakashi didn't respond for a moment, waiting for the world to stop spinning.

"At least now I'm certain that if anyone would do it, it would be you," Esdeath said, lying on top of him with his still hard member poking in between her thighs. "Your sword seems to want to continue battling," she said in a low, sultry whisper into his ear. "Let's satisfy its bloodlust 'till morning!"

Kakashi screamed internally, moaning externally with her starting the process all over in her inescapable, unrefusable honey pot. Any chance he had to escape now was completely screwed.