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Sarutobi Asuma did not consider himself a ladies man.

This, he supposed, was an unfortunate side-effect of his questionably ruggish looks and appearance. He was built strong and hardy, and his finely developed beard was one thing that accentuated his appearance more firmly than anything else. Of course, the fact that his lips were almost often occupied with a familiar white stick, and his breath unfortunately stank of dry, acrid smoke could also be a major detractor.

That was why, on this particular day, he had made sure to get the strongest breath mints he could find before he entered the Jonin's lounge. Recently back from a rather successful mission, wallet filled to the brim with suitable wealth and satisfaction, all that was missing from his life at this moment, was a companion to which he could share all his victories and successes.

Being a former member of the Fire Daimyo's own elite bodyguard squad, the Twelve Guardians, had often put him in many situations where he would find young and beautiful women, and where he would have to either protect or kill these young and beautiful women as the job required.

Bedding them, of course, had happened, once, or twice, but he knew, and they knew, that the act in and of itself had no real meaning, and it was merely two people attempting to release some steam from the rigid routines of their daily life, with the sweet caresses and touch of the opposite sex. A relationship was an impossibility, as he was a shinobi, and they were most certainly not.

Hence, it made sense to him, as to find someone who he could possess a relationship with, someone who would not be squeamish as he regaled her with the grimy and unfortunate details of his job, someone who could understand and relate with said grimy and unfortunate details, and someone, who overall, could stand at his side if need be, facing off enemies in a valiant defense for their home and their loved ones.

And he felt, that he knew exactly just who that person was.

Walking into the lounge, his breath was as fresh as newly plucked and squeezed mint leaves, his gait and back as straight as a kunai thrown by Kami himself, his chest puffed up, shoulders broadened, and the thick, wafting smell of cologne trailing around him like a wispy specter whispering encouraging words into his ears, Asuma was certain that nothing could go wrong.

Until the sound of sweet, melodious laughter entered his ears, the laughter of none other than the very person he felt, could be his destined soulmate.

"…Wow, did she really?"

A small part of him grew irate, as he realized, that there was someone there chatting her up, another Jonin most likely. It was to be expected, as she was a reasonably new Jonin, freshly promoted from her previous rank of Special Jonin as her Genjutsu skills had ultimately gained recognition, and her work in the field had marked her as exceptional above her peers. She was also beautiful, incredibly so – with an appearance that often left him a blithering mess, abandoning all forms of grace and finesse that his occupation had drilled into him, and leaving him able to do nothing but smile at her.

He eventually walked forward, ready to see who could possibly be the one he would deem as his competition, the one who could possibly make her laugh as sweetly as she did –

His eyes were not ready for the orange.

Nor the green.

Nor the spandex.

Nor the bowl cut.

"Ah! Asuma-san! How YOUTH-ful of you to join us!"

Nor was he ready for the yelling. No one was ever ready for the yelling.

His lips crinkled into a grimaced smile. "Gai… nice to see you too."

Barring the exception of his father, the Hokage, and perhaps, the Copy Ninja, Kakashi, Maito Gai was the strongest shinobi presently within the walls of Konoha. Asuma could not hate the man, because he had accomplished a great deal of feats, and he was a true and trusted ally of the village, who would sooner kill himself than betray it, and he would be just as willing to give his life in defense of it.

Still, his eyes trailed over to her form, the woman who often had him turning in his bed for many a nights, whose chilling red eyes could stun him to stupor, whose laughter could make him melt and float and burn all in one instance –

Yuuhi Kurenai stood, actually happy to be in the man's presence.

There was nothing inherently wrong with Gai of course, he was a good shinobi, a strong shinobi, a loyal friend, an honorable man, a great man even. However, he was flashy, visible, boisterous and extremely, extremely eccentric –

Surely Kurenai had no interest in him right?


"Kurenai-san,… great to see you as well."

"Likewise Sarutobi-san."

He inwardly grimaced. "Please. Call me Asuma – anything but Sarutobi-san."

The name Sarutobi was the name of his clan and the name of his father, and it was not his name. Not his legacy. He wanted as little to be connected to it as humanly possible.

"Gai-san was just telling me about some of the exploits of the sole female student on his Genin team."

Asuma rose an eyebrow at that. "Really?"

Idly, the Guardian Shinobi wondered if it was possible for Gai to have gotten even more enthusiastic.

"Of course! Young Tenten is a vibrant and budding flower amongst the large field that is youth!"

Could this man create a sentence that did not have that damned word in it? Still, Asuma could not help his lips twitching into a slight chuckle. There was no mistaking the emotion that was clear in Gai's eyes, the sheer unbridled pride which permeated from his form like the thick musk of scented candles.

"Tenten not only graduated as the Kunoichi of the Year, she was so far ahead of her female peers, that had it not been for Sandaime-sama's law about the graduating age, she would have graduated the Academy much sooner."

Kurenai's eyes were sparkling at this point. "Oh?"

Crap, this was not particularly good. Kurenai was the type of woman who enjoyed hearing about other successful kunoichi, particularly if they were still young and budding. If Gai went on further about his student, Kurenai might be interested in seeing her, and if she got to see Gai's student on a regular basis, it meant that she got to see Gai on a regular basis, and if one thing led to another –

"Oh, Gai-san," Kurenai said, now clad in iconic green latex, smiling and winking "Please show me your... power of youth."




Get a grip man!

What was he thinking? This was Gai he was thinking about! This was Kurenai! Come on! And even if she did, somehow, end up dating someone else, sure, it would suck, and it may leave a vacuum in his chest, but it wasn't like he owned her, or could make her decisions for her. So why was he so goddamned paranoid about losing something that didn't even belong to him?

He coughed awkwardly. "You know, I was thinking of taking on a team as well from the next graduating set."

Kurenai and Gai turned to him at the same time.


No, not really. He was not exactly the best type of person cut out for teaching, because he enjoyed a simple and sweet lifestyle. Sure, he had gained a few students here and there and taught them, but that was entirely different from having a Genin team. Hell, he couldn't even imagine himself sitting down a bunch of troublesome brats and constantly being responsible for their lives and ensuring that they didn't go out there to get themselves killed.

Of course, he couldn't say that now could he? Kurenai was looking straight at him.

"Of course," he said, the words escaping his lips as though it were not the furthest thing from the truth. "There's something about children… the amount of potential they have in them. They can do great things, greater things than we can imagine, if only we let them, teach them, and help them."

Her eyes softened, and in his mind, a mini-version of himself did a small victory dance.

"YOSH! Your words ring so true Asuma-san! I should have known that a man directly related to the Sandaime would be truly so honorable!"

He mashed his teeth together, forcing it into a smile. There it was again. Always, everywhere, every time, every single bloody time –

A man directly related to the Sandaime.

Twenty-seven years. Twenty-seven full years of living, and it still happened.

Genin at nine. Chunin at twelve. Jonin at sixteen. Black Market bounty of thirty-five million Ryo. One hundred and fifty A Rank missions completed. Eighteen S-Rank missions successful.

None of that mattered when your father was the bloody, damned God of Shinobi.

Or worse, all of it was expected.

Damn, he needed a smoke. The reprimand he would get for smoking the familiar white stick from Kurenai would be far more preferable than the surly repercussions continuing the conversation in his slightly irritable mood.

As expected, Kurenai's nose wrinkled when she saw his slim white companion.

"Those things will kill you, you know."

He laughed even as he whipped out his lighter. "Kurenai-san, if I'm killed by these… I'm one of the lucky ones."

It would mean that he had lived long enough to for the smoke to do significant damage, and that alone, was of course, a rather grim fact. She realized it too, and her face immediately went slightly grim.

Smooth Asuma. Real smooth. Way to kill a mood.

"Ah, now that the youthful Asuma-san brought up the issue of children –"

He rose an eyebrow as he realized that Gai seemed slightly less solemn, and then he turned his attention to Kurenai.

"I will confess Kurenai-san, the reason I started up a conversation with you today, was not entirely random. It has to do with a rather serious matter."

Asuma choked on his cigarette.

No, no way – Gai was – was Gai about to ask Kurenai out? The issue of children – did – did he want to have –

It seemed that he was not the only one with that thought in mind, as Kurenai's eyes widened, her eyes flicking over to him slightly.

"O-oh? And w-what exactly is the reason?"

Gai slowly let out a hefty – but still hearty – sigh. "I am afraid that I do not quite understand the workings of a maiden's mind, let alone her heart, and alas, I wish to make my proposal to you."

No – No – This was not happening! Asuma stared at his cigarette as though it were a completely foreign object, questioning if the nicotine within had been replaced with some foreign substance that was responsible for this unbelievable scene.

However, the one consolation, was that Kurenai looked unusually… distressed.

Could it be –

YES! She didn't like him! And now that Asuma thought about it that was kind of sad for the big guy, but that was so much, much better for him.

"Actually, Gai-san," Kurenai said, cutting him off before he uttered another word and also clearing her throat "I just remembered, that Asuma and I have not been entirely honest with you either."

"You haven't?"

"We haven't?"

A heeled foot slammed on his pinky.

"I mean," Asuma said, wincing "Yes – we haven't."

Sarutobi Asuma was not a religious person, but even he could not help but feel that this was the work of some sort of god, pleasantly interfering in his life for once. Kurenai's eyes flickered over to him, and it didn't take long for him to interpret and act.

His arm slid over her shoulder.

"Kurenai and I have been… together… for some time now."

At her smile and nod, Sarutobi Asuma knew without a shadow of a doubt:

There is a god.


Two sets of confused eyes stared in unision.


"Come again?"

Asuma had not realized that it was possible for Gai to be even more enthusiastic than normal.

"It is absolutely amazing! Asuma-san! Kurenai-san! May your blossoming love flourish into something of legend!"

Wait, wait, wasn't he supposed to be… disappointed?

"You –" Asuma tested the word, "You're not mad?"

Gai blinked in confusion. "I do not understand. Why would I be?"

"Your proposal –"

"Ah, yes! I was going to request that Kurenai-san aid me in assisting my student Tenten. She has been…" Gai frowned "…slightly under the weather lately, and she refuses to explain what the matter is. As she is adopted by her sole father and is lacking in a key feminine parental figure in her life, I was hoping that Kurenai-san could step in and shed some light, or perhaps assist her with her issues."



"So when you mentioned children –" Kurenai began.

"I was referring to my student yes."

"And when you said you did not understand the workings of a maiden's mind or heart –" Asuma continued.

"I was still referring to my student…" he clarified, before his eyes lit up once more "Oh but, this is such great news! Two wonderful friends of mine are together and bound by the most youthful force of all!"

"Ha. Ha-ha. Yeah… we're… together alright…"

Wait, why was Kurenai glaring at him? Wasn't this also partly her idea?!

"Ah, that reminds me, Kurenai-san, about my request –"

"Of course, I'd be absolutely happy to help your student."

Gai beamed. "WONDERFUL!"

Then, he smiled. "Ah, as Sandaime-sama has contracted me to engage with him in a series of spars in an attempt to rekindle his flames of youth, I must be off! But Asuma-san, Kurenai-san, I am certain your father and all our friends would be pleased to hear about your relationship!"

Kurenai's eyes widened. "Wait, Gai-san –"


And the man was gone in a soundless, silent, and utterly professional Shunshin.

And it was at that moment, Sarutobi Asuma began sweating bullets.

"… So… we're together now?"

If looks could kill, Asuma was certain that he'd be a dead man.

Uzuki Yugao had far more important things to do than this.

"Oi – ANBU-san! ANBU-san! Come on ANBU-san! Please?"

One, amidst the list of important things she needed to handle, was the completion of her mission assigned to her by the Hokage himself. It was a folly, she realized, to have, even for a second, delegated authority to someone else in aiding her to complete the mission. Umino did not show up at the required time to hand her the important documents, an error to which she realized, was caused by her own oversight as to the level of competence possessed by the scar-nosed man.


Yugao ignored the urge to grit her teeth. Rather than completing her mission, here she was, stuck in the Hokage's Office with the primary cause of the mission she very wished she could complete. Leaving things uncompleted was for the lazy and the incapable, the procrastinators and dreamers – the foolish idealists who were more enamored with the 'idea' of doing things than they were with the actions themselves. She was a doer. She got things done. Efficiency was a primary watchword. Her career and life was centered firmly around an organized schedule of optimal actions which were to be conducted at optimal times for maximum results.

"It's just one jutsu –ttebayo!"

Perhaps the boy would realize, that it would be a waste of his time to continue to pester her on ninjutsu knowledge. Somehow, he had known that she was present in the room, despite it being seemingly empty after the Hokage's departure with her colleagues for a hidden training ground which could only be used by the military ruler of Konohagakure no Sato.

The greatest taijutsu expert in the village and the strongest, long-lived Hokage in Konoha were going to engage in a full out duel. Rather than being there to observe and learn, to improve the mediocrity of her own skill in the might of titans, she was here…

"Jiji would never know!"


To call it mere babysitting however, would be a slight oversight. Instead, she chose to view her actions as important, as she was protecting the Hokage's Office and the doubtless, numerous important documents and secrets which were kept within them.

Her gaze through her mask flickered down to the boy in the room, who was bouncing up and down excitedly around her. A part of her questioned why the Sandaime would ever do such a thing as granting full access to his office library to the boy, to visit and peruse as he so desired. Another small part of her, would not deny, the spark of envy that came with the realization that this boy was essentially being mentored by the Professor, the God of Shinobi himself, albeit indirectly, and he may not even realize it.

She ruthlessly crushed that part of her with all the might of a Sannin slaying a naïve Academy Student. It was not her place to decide what or who the Hokage chose to impart his wisdom to, and perhaps, as far as she knew, the young boy might actually be capable or worthy of his knowledge.



The boy let out a long sigh. "Oi, Anbu-san – if you won't teach me a cool clone jutsu, could you at least teach me how to dispel Genjutsu and stuff?"

Her gaze lowered by slight fractions. Thankfully, her mask was still in place, so he could not see her left eyebrow slightly ascend. Yet, despite standing at attention, her body never moving nor making any slightest indication as to the change of her willingness to either listen or aid him in any manner, he somehow knew she was intrigued.

"Oh! Yeah, that's right you wouldn't know!" He grinned, "I made an awesome deal with jiji about mastering the entire Academy syllabus in one week and acing the graduation exams! Once I've done that, he'll let me become a Genin-ttebayo!"


The word had escaped her mouth out of pure reflex. It was an incredible failing, considering her status as a distinguished member of the ANBU corps, known and renowned for impeccable emotional control.

However, she could not help it.

The boy in question merely blinked at her.


Her opinion, she knew, could not supersede that of the Hokage's, yet, she inwardly debated on whether or not it was the wisest thing to do to state it. Though the Sandaime may deny it, or perhaps, refute it, there was a clear bond between him and the young boy – Uzumaki Naruto. The last thing she needed was a reprimand from her superior officer.

"What d'ya mean by 'impossible?'"

She decided there was no need to continue. Her initial utterance had been instinct, a slip of tongue, a rare moment of embarrassing lack of professionalism caused by the inherent surprise and frank, sheer ludicrousness of the boy's claims.

"Oi! There's no way I'm gonna let you just clam back up after that!"

Her amusement was mostly internalized. What exactly did the boy think or believe he could do to her that would make her speak?


Did the boy actually click his tongue at her?

"Oi – ANBU-san, just cause you don't think you can do something, doesn't mean you should place that limitation on other people-ttebayo."

Excuse me?

Was he baiting her? Was that a comment made purely to incite a negative reaction? Because if it was, Yugao would applaud the stroke of genius at the boy finding just the exact right buttons to push, and then she would promptly concede to her ANBU training, stifling her emotional response in turn and not deeming him worthy of a rebuttal.

However, it wasn't. She could tell, from his eyes, his posture, the manner in which he had said it, the stress and articulation –

Those words had not been uttered as fighting words. They had been uttered as facts.

"To believe," she began, "For even a second, that you could master the entire Academy Syllabus in one week is the height of either arrogance, or ignorance."

"Oi –"

"Such a belief is both an insult to the entire Konoha Academy, and every student who required years to pass through its halls and become distinguished Shinobi of the Village. You are essentially dismissing their struggles, growth and achievements there as a complete waste of time and energy."

"But…" he frowned, "Isn't it?"

She scoffed. "And what, you think you are better than them? Than everyone else?"

He was grinning. Grinning like a loon, the fool.

"I know I am-ttebayo! I'm going to become the strongest Hokage that ever lived!"

Yugao merely shook her head. What in the world did the Sandaime see in this boy exactly?

"Arrogance and stupidity make for a rather dangerous combo."

The boy held up his right palm, all five fingers outstretched.

"Five days."

There was a glint in his eyes, one that wasn't there before, she noted. A spark, like a tiny firefly had been placed into round, cerulean lanterns. Depth filled those orbs with a sense of severity that Yugao was not certain she had ever seen from accomplished ANBU Commanders, let alone upstart academy students.

"In five days ANBU-san – I'm gonna make you eat those words."

She watched him, as he grabbed a handful of scrolls, books and parchments that had been scattered around, all the Sandaime's notes, and then, he headed towards the door, his right hand still raised.

"Five days dattebayo."

The door to the Hokage's office closed with a soft click.

The resounding silence made the professional woman let out a brief, slightly irritated breath. Her head shook. This was no time for her to be contemplating the inner workings of a child's delusions of grandeur. She had a job to complete, and a Chunin to question about the nature of a particularly mouthy student.

"Uzumaki Naruto…"

Somehow, there was a nagging sensation at the back of her mind that she would be hearing that name a lot more often than she would like.

Sarutobi Hiruzen was annoyed.

Powerful explosions rocked a desolate training ground. Earth shattered and was sent uprooted into the sky as though the very foundations of soil had been replaced with gunpowder and dynamite. Sonic booms echoed repeatedly, like chaotic claps of clamoring giant.

In a blur of speed, the aged Hokage appeared on a treetop, fully garbed in his combat form, scuffled, battered, and clearly exhausted. Yet, despite this, he found his left eye twitching heavily in annoyance as he heaved a giant staff in his hand over his shoulder, and a stream of words came pouring into his right ear.

"…clearly the stupidest thing you have ever done Hiruzen! Even counting the time with Daimyo Hakamura's four daughters! Telling Maito Gai to "not hold back", do you possess a death wish? Are you impatient for the Shinigami's blade Hiruzen?"

The Sandaime Hokage continued to let his left eye twitch. "Enma-dono… perhaps I… underestimated Gai-kun's zeal…"

"Underestimated?" the voice was baffled "Did you not see the fire burning in his eyes as he declared he would beat the youth back into your body?!"

"I had assumed he was speaking metaphorically…"


The echo of a loud battle-cry was the only warning both individuals received as Hiruzen leaped backwards, not a second too soon, as the tree that had owned the branch he was standing on, faced a brutal execution by a green blur. The tree was uprooted from the ground with a sickening crack that could only have resounded from the force of a kick, and it was then immediately sent as a missile towards the airborne Kage.

Twirling the adamantium staff in his hands in the manner of fan blades, Hiruzen smashed the tree into millions of unrecognizable splinters, before creating a one-handed sign that sent a nameless generic wind technique rushing towards the splinters and transforming them into razor sharp weapons soaring through the air towards their target.

"Amazing! Hokage-sama, your adaptability is a feature of pure YOUTH! I will respond in kind most earnestly!"

The green clad man launched forward, a powerful fist slamming into the air, creating enough pressure to completely disperse the storm of splinters.

Enma grumbled. "Is there anything this man cannot do with his fists?!"

There was no time for Hiruzen to respond, as Gai appeared in front of him in a blur of movement, and his hands had already began moving in anticipation.

Every punch that Gai threw possessed the same force as a cannonball launching at Mach speeds. Every block that Hiruzen made successfully with his staff had the side-effect of rattling and cracking his bones, skidding him backward with every successive hit.

The Hokage found himself entirely on the defensive in the midst of the fierce assault, as his speed was outmatched, his strength was outmatched, his reaction time was utterly outmatched –

Only instinct, pure, unadulterated instinct born from years and years of combat experience –

It was all he could rely on.

Only instinct enabled him to block every incoming punch, to time every fiery kick, to account for every feint and every surprise maneuver.

Still, instinct alone was not enough.

A kick finally connected with his stomach, the aged Hokage's eyes going wide as spittle and blood flew from his mouth. He folded in half like a chair from the impact, even as he felt the sandaled leg shatter his armor like tissue, certainly crack a rib or two, and sent him soaring backwards like a hapless old man.



The staff in his hands transformed into the form of the Monkey King, as Enma was able to stop their momentum and shield the Kage before they crashed into, and through a series of trees.

Hiruzen felt his entire world spinning, as dizziness and fatigue crashed into him all at once. His bones felt as though they were on fire and his legs were numb as though he had been struck by concurrent lightning techniques.

Belatedly, he supposed it was indeed a bad idea to have insisted that Konoha's foremost taijutsu specialist not hold back against him in their spar. Yet, despite his age, Hiruzen possessed his pride, he had his pride as the Hokage, as the man who was supposed to be the guardian of the people of Konoha. Telling Gai to have gone easy on him would be an insult not only to himself, but to Gai and to the people of Konoha in its entirety.

Still, he had not expected such a one-sided battle.

"Age has most certainly not been kind to you Hiruzen."

Most would have taken offense to the comment, yet, Hiruzen knew his partner, he knew Enma, and he knew that the Monkey King was a being to tell it as it was, and he could detect the trace of melancholy in the creature's words.

Hiruzen, for his part, laughed, however little he could without hurting his damaged ribs, as he lay on the ground and gazed up into the large blue skies above him.

"I suppose it has not."

Perhaps, it was a folly of him to have clung on to this post for far too long? Perhaps, he supposed, it was time to storm mourning his successor.

"Eagle. Boar."

Two brief bursts of smoke accompanied the arrival of the ANBU agents.

"Send a messenger bird to Jiraiya… and Tsunade."

Mizuki was not a content man.

He did not feel any true satisfaction from slaving away for the children in the Academy, the ungrateful bunch, to whom he hoped, and prayed, that they would get brutally slaughtered on their very first missions. Some of them perhaps, like the Uchiha boy, showed promise, tremendous promise, and those rare talents that were actually capable of becoming deadly shinobi, he cultivated and promoted. The rest however, were an amalgamation of welcome mats and dusty staircases in which their more talented colleagues would eventually step on and climb in their ascent to greatness.

The Academy's syllabus was a joke, the type of joke that could be found in a fifty ryo book on the clearance pile in a discarded gift shop. Either the Hokage had grown senile from his numerous years in office, or it was all a deliberate ploy by some higher powers to cripple the development of Konoha by methodically severing the roots.

He snorted, shaking his head as he enjoyed his cup of coffee. Lunch break was not the time to begin contemplating possible conspiracy theories. For now, he would enjoy the relative safety and paycheck offered to him as a member of the teaching staff. Less than what he would get if he was in the field, but the lack of life-threatening situations was a suitable trade off.

It also helped that the… thing had long since stop attending the Academy. With such horrible attendance rates, there was no doubt in Mizuki's mind that it would never graduate, much less wear the proud headband of the village and perform missions in her honor.

Hence, for the first time in a long while, life was looking up for Mizuki.

"Holy shit! All of you get in here! Umino's finally snapped!"

And, it seemed that it was about to get better.

Dropping his tea in the teacher's lounge, a group of his co-workers all turned to stare at each other, before they followed the shout of another one of their peers.

"Umino? You're telling me that pansy finally lost it? Took him a while."

Mizuki could not help but agree. Umino Iruka was one of his least favorite people in the world, perhaps, if only because the man was a venomous serpent who had chosen to hide his fangs and live as a glorified worm. He was a well-rounded shinobi, perfectly well-rounded. The idiot probably did not even realize how amazingly absurd it was to be talented at every major shinobi art, and be suitably knowledgeable in every minor one. Most Chunin focused on merely one, whereas those who had the potential for Jonin or Special Jonin focused on two, and even then, they didn't have the aptitude necessary to be well balanced at three or more. Umino on the other hand, was a passable sensor, passable genjutsu specialist, passable taijutsu specialist, passable ninjutsu specialist, passable shurikenjutsu specialist, slightly below-passable fuinjutsu and weapons specialist –

There had been one person like that, a man who was a jack of all trades in his younger years, who had no special redeeming abilities or overwhelming clan bloodlines – all he had, was a well-grounded base and talent for every shinobi art.

That man eventually became the Sandaime Hokage.

Yet, someone like Umino, had chosen instead to spend the rest of his life wiping noses and cleaning asses. A complete and utter waste. Mizuki felt, that if he had the same aptitude Umino did, there was no doubt in his mind that he would have become a Special Jonin by now, if not Jonin or ANBU.

"You have to see this – I – I'm not sure if what Umino is doing is allowed… or legal."

Mizuki rose an eyebrow. Had the worm finally grown fangs?

He, alongside a group of other teachers made their way outside, where they found the class which they had dubbed the "Clan Kids and Co.", and Umino Iruka, standing all around something large, white, and most certainly dangerous.

Mizuki blinked.

"…is that a wolf?"