Neon Genesis Evangelion: Legacy – Gundam Invasion
A Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Crossover

Chapter 1 – It's a Gundam!
February 14, 196 A.C. – Lagrangian Point L4

The year is After Colony 196, after a fearsome battle pitting the Gundam pilots against not only the separatist group the White Fang, led by Quinze and Milliardo Peacecraft, but also the military organization known as OZ, led by Treize Khushrenada. In the final battle staged above Earth, Treize is defeated by Gundam pilot Chang Wufei, which leads to the OZ forces falling apart.

Following that is the concluding fight between Milliardo and Heero, where the two pilots and rivals finally realize they have nothing left to fight over, and that their continuing battle is meaningless. Finally the last stand of the White Fang in the space battleship Libra, with its main weapon disabled, it was set on a collision course to crash into Earth and exterminate all life on the planet. Milliardo Peacecraft, using his Gundam Epyon, scarified himself to destroy Libra's reactor, destroying most of the vessel. However a piece of it still survived as it entered Earth's atmosphere, and taking his Twin Buster Rifle, Heero Yuy, pilot of the Wing Gundam Zero destroyed the remaining piece of the ship, ending the war and saving the Earth from total annihilation.

Now in the new time of peace, the new Earth Sphere Unified Nation has maintained order for the past several months, but a new problem has emerged, an unidentified energy signature in space has been detected and four people have been dissipated by the vice foreign minister to deal with the potential threat before it becomes unstoppable.

A large Mobile Suit transport was flying through space. It held inside of it four pilots and their four Gundams on a mission to investigate a strange energy disturbance in space.

"Hey, why are those guys sending us way the hell out here?" Duo Maxwell asked his fellow pilots exasperatedly.

"Because we're the most qualified to handle strange situations, Duo." Quatre Raberba Winner replied as he piloted the large transport. "Besides, don't you enjoy doing missions?"

"Yeah, when we have something to do!" Duo exclaimed. "This is boring, we're just going somewhere cause they detected something!"

"Are you sure you're just not afraid of the unknown nature of our mission." Trowa Barton asked. "That may explain why you're being so fidgety."

"Heh, the God of Death afraid of the unknown." Heero Yuy quipped. "How ironic."

"Shut up, Heero!" Duo exclaimed. "We can't all be as reckless as you. I bet you just said 'mission accepted,' grabbed your Gundam and came here."

"Relena asked me to investigate, and I am." Heero replied. "The worst that happens is we have to battle, and we're all more than capable of combat." Heero crossed his arms and looked over at Duo. "Or have the few months you've been spending with Hilde left you soft? If so, you should have stayed behind, because you'll only be in the way."

"What!" Duo shouted. "Are you insinuating something pal?!"

Quatre laughed. "Alright guys, just relax, there's no need to fight." Quatre said kindly. "We're getting close, so we should probably prep our Gundams for launch. We can set the ship to hold its position till we get back."

"All right then, we'll go prep our Gundams while you get us in position." Trowa said, gracefully floating though the ship towards the cargo area.

"It's always something with guy…" Duo muttered as he left the cabin.

"Quatre, do you want to prep your Gundam, or should I?" Heero asked as he got up.

"Could you please get Sandrock ready for me, Heero?" Quatre said thankfully. "It would be a big help to have all of us ready to go at once."

"Mission accepted." Heero said, floating away to the storage compartment.


Outside the ship, the four Gundams moved forward towards the singularity. Each Gundam had been cleaned up considerably following the final fight in the skies high above Earth. Heavyarms and Sandrock moved with their weapons in hand, while the Deathscythe had its bat–like wings closed. Wing Zero was moving with its main thruster pods closed, its Twin Buster Rifle in its right hand, and its pile Wing Shield in the other. Heero sat calmly in his cockpit looking at the data flowing in from the ZERO System. The lights dances over his face as the data was fed directly into his mind.

"Hey, Heero, are you picking anything up?" Quatre asked.

"Yeah, what the hell is that thing?" Duo said. "I can't see anything."

"Just because you can't see something doesn't mean it's not there." Trowa said calmly. "Heero, do you have anything?"

"ZERO has found nothing but a gravity well extending from a point in space." Heero said. "This system was meant for combat, to scientific research, that I believe is all we're going to get."

"So caution is of the utmost importance." Trowa said. "Understood."

"Should we move in?" Duo asked.

"No, we should wait until we have more information." Heero said. "Rash actions only lead to mistakes."

"Heero's right, Duo." Quatre said. "I don't think we can rush into this."

ZERO beeped at Heero as they approached the singularity. "Hold on, ZERO has detected the gravity well is expanding." Heero's eyes narrowed. "We should move." Heero threw his throttle to maximum and turned his Gundam about face to escape.

Wing Zero opened its thruster pods and attempted to move away from the area, but it was trapped, and was being slowly dragged towards the singularity. The other Gundams also opened up their thrusters to escape, but were also unable to move.

"This ain't good!" Duo shouted.

"Panicking will solve nothing." Trowa said calmly. "There must be a way out."

"Heero, does ZERO have an answer?" Quatre asked.

"No, ZERO sees no way to win this battle." Heero said. "We cannot escape this."

"So what the hell do we do?!" Duo shouted.

"We wait and see what happens." Trowa said.

"And I think what's coming is very close." Heero said. "Brace for impact."

And with a quick flash everything went dark and Heero lost consciousness.

A flash lit of the lit sky over a city on Earth. The Gundams tumbled out of the flash towards the ground. Heero regained consciousness to alarms blaring inside the cockpit. He pulled up on his controls and leveled out the Wing Zero just as the others were recovering from their own shock.

"Where the hell are we?!" Duo shouted. "What the hell was that?!"

"It looks like Earth…" Quatre said. "Its beauty is here… but it's not the same."

"It does not look like anywhere we've ever been on Earth before." Trowa said. "I don't see any mobile suit storage facilities anywhere."

"I am not picking up any communications from the Earth Sphere." Heero said. "And our geographical location puts us above Hakone, Japan…"

"Wait, this is Japan?" Quatre asked.

Its buildings were massive and reached to the sky. It was like no city they had ever seen. A large blast crater was located outside the city limits, and the city itself seemed more like a fortress than a city. ZERO detected the weapons systems hidden inside the surrounding hills and false buildings, and could also detect a cavern beneath the main cityscape.

"I do not know where we are, but we are on Earth." Heero said. "But this is not the Hakone I am familiar with. It is an insignificant city, not a citadel."

"Well we have a new problem." Duo said. "We've got incoming!"

ZERO focused in on the incoming targets, several aircraft that looked as though they were hovering and flying up towards the Gundams. The VTOLs had been deployed as NERV had detected the Gundams. "What are those things?"

"They look… weak." Trowa said.

"Yeah, but there's a fucking swarm of them!" Duo shouted.

"We have to either get rid of them or evade them." Quatre said. "But if they sent out those things, they must not have mobile suits."

"So we destroy them." Trowa said.

"Mission accepted." Heero said as Wing Zero moved its Buster Rifle into its left hand and opened its left shoulder pauldron, exposing a handle. Wing Zero pulled the handle out of the pauldron and a green beam sabre ignited as Wing Zero moved rapidly towards the advancing VTOLs.

October 3, 2016 – NERV HQ, Medical Wing

Asuka and Mari were being released from the hospital today. After the battle with Armisael, things had been kinda shitty. But Shinji was happy today as even though Rei was in isolation recovering from her supposed extensive injuries, Asuka and Mari were ok, and Shinji wanted to walk them home, mostly because Misato was busy at work.

Shinji walked into Asuka and Mari's room without knocking, and yelped as he opened the door. Both girls were completely naked, their hospital gowns at their feet, as they were changing to get ready to leave.

"For fuck's sake, Shinji!" Asuka shouted "Do you know how to fucking knock?!"

"What… I…" Shinji stammered.

"Are you embarrassed, princess?" Mari asked. "I mean, he's going to eventually see you naked… unless you're that much of a prude…"

"Fuck off, four eyes!" Asuka shouted. "Our relationship has nothing to do with you!"

"Well, I swear to god, if I hear you two fucking in the middle of the night and it wakes me up, I'm coming in to watch." Mari purred.

"I said to shut up!" Asuka shouted as she turned to Shinji. "I thought I told you to close your fucking eyes!"

"I… uh…" Shinji stammered as he hastily covered his eyes with his hands and blushed a deep crimson. "You're very pretty Asuka."

"Flattery to keep me quiet… fine… you're not in trouble… this time." Asuka said. "But we're gonna talk about certain boundaries later."

"Ok…" Shinji said. "I'm sorry though… I was just so excited you guys were getting out."

"Yeah, well…" Asuka said. "I'm glad you're excited to see me."

"Oh… you see the bulge in his pants too?" Mari asked.

"The what!?" Asuka asked.

"He's hard, princess. I guess the puppy wants to bury his bone somewhere…" Mari purred.

"Didn't I tell you to shut up?" Asuka asked as she pulled on her panties with a great deal of effort.

"Princess, you know I ignore at least half of what you shout at me." Mari said. "Besides… I wonder which of our fine bodies elicited that response anyway?"

Without pause, Shinji responded before Asuka could say anything. "It was Asuka. I… I really like seeing her that way… she's…. beautiful…"

Asuka stared blankly between Shinji and Mari before she gained the ability to speak again. "I… I want to call you a pervert, but what you said was sweet…" Asuka's tone however changed as she looked at Mari. "You however… stop it. Otherwise I'll kick your ass."

"Yeah, whatever." Mari said impatiently. "Now, will you hurry up and get dressed, princess, I'm done already."

"I know." Asuka said. "Baka, you can look now. I don't mind if watch my wonderful body get dressed."

Shinji opened his eyes and looked at Asuka sheepishly. She had panties on, but nothing else, and Shinji went slack jawed.

"Like what you see, baka?" Asuka asked.

Shinji nodded. "You look… pretty…"

"Well, I'm glad you like the way I look." Asuka said as she pulled on a skirt. "I do have one question… do you like my breasts?"

"Those tiny things?" Mari asked.

"Hey!" Asuka shouted.

"Mari, stop." Shinji said. "They look very perky, Asuka. I like them."

"Good." Asuka said as she pulled on a loose t–shirt. "You're such a gentleman."

"No, I'm just telling you my honest opinion." Shinji replied.

"Kiss ass." Mari muttered.

"Mari, don't make it where I have to choose between you and my girlfriend." Shinji said. "I don't want to make that choice."

Mari stared at him. "Seriously?" Mari asked. "You'd have to choose?"

"I'd choose Asuka." Shinji said.

"Ha!" Asuka laughed.

"Et tu, puppy?" Mari asked. "Could you kindly take the knife out of my back?"

"Oh, don't be so over dramatic." Shinji said. "You're still my best friend."

"Then kiss me." Mari said as she puckered her lips.

"He will not!" Asuka shouted.

"Mari…" Shinji said. "Why are you being so difficult?"

"It's fun for me, puppy." Mari said. "Simple as that."

"It's annoying for the rest of us." Asuka muttered.

"That's why it's fun, princess." Mari said.

"Will both of you stop?" Shinji asked. "I'm tired of taking sides." Asuka and Mari looked at him. "Don't give me that look, I never liked moderating your fights, don't act so surprised. I literally just said I didn't want to take sides."

"Baka… I can't promise you we won't fight." Asuka said.

"Yeah, it's our… thing." Mari said.

Shinji rolled his eyes. "Well, just don't shout at each other all the time. I just don't like hearing you argue." Shinji said.

Asuka walked over and kissed Shinji lightly on the lips. "I promise I won't yell at her as much, is that better?"

"It'll have to be." Shinji said. "And don't bribe me by kissing me either, it's not fair."

"Then how will I ever get you to do what I want?" Asuka asked.

"By asking nicely." Shinji replied as he kissed her gently on lips.

"God… I'm aroused and disgusted by this…" Mari muttered.

Shinji and Asuka shook their heads. "She's hopeless." Shinji said tiredly.

"Well, we're kinda stuck with her." Asuka said. "There's no return to sender for defective products like her."

"I'm not defective, I'm unique." Mari said.

"Potato, potato." Asuka replied.

"Ok, enough." Shinji said. "Let's go see if we can see Rei."

"Oh, can we?" Mari asked.

"I though Kaji and Misato said we couldn't?" Asuka said. "Did that change?"

"No… but there isn't any reason not to try." Shinji said. "Maybe you two ca yell at the nurses enough that they'll let us at least see her."

"Hmmm…" Mari said. "I like this plan."

"So, do I…" Asuka said. "Let's go do it."


Misato was standing behind Maya in the Command Center. It was a routine day, and the mood had considerably improved since Rei's recovery. Maya had, after being ordered by Misato to sleep after three days without leaving her post, just come back to work. Hyuga and Aoba were also back at their posts, glad that everyone was ok.

"Colonel…" Maya said as she turned and looked at Misato. "Have you been able to see Rei? Is she really ok?"

"No, they said she's in isolation." Misato said. "Don't know why… she's unconscious."

"Isn't she in an LCL healing tank?" Maya asked. "Wouldn't that mean she's ok?"

"I don't know, the doctors we have seem to be afraid that these kids are all infected with Angels or some such bullshit." Kaji said.

"Has there even been a case of lingering Angelic contamination?" Hyuga asked.

"Nope, each one of them has been cleared." Misato said. "Even Toji."

"Besides, I don't think Rei will be alone for long." Kaji said. "There are three people who really want to see her, with two of those people being extremely adamant when they want something."

"Asuka and Mari." Aoba said. "I hope the doctor they shout at relents before Shinji as to hold them back from beating them senseless."

"Do you really think Asuka or Mari would attack a doctor?" Maya asked.

"If they had the surname Akagi they might." Kaji joked. "Or don't you remember her outburst with Ritsuko, I believe she threatened to beat her to a pulp. Trust me, they'll convince the doctors to see her."

"Well that's nice." Maya said.

"Yeah, maybe the kids will tell us how she's doing." Hyuga said.

"Are Asuka and Mari getting out today?" Maya asked.

"Yeah, they are." Misato said. "Shinji's picking them up now."

"Oh that's…" Maya started, but was interrupted by the consoles in front of her beeping. "Colonel, we have a problem. Some sort of energy spike just popped up in midair."

"Where?" Misato asked.

"Right above where Unit–01 was the other day." Maya reported. "Altitude approximately 15,200 meters."

"What kind of energy spike?" Misato asked.

"The kind that looks like it could be a wormhole." Maya said. "I haven't ever seen these kinds of readings, they're similar to the Sea of Dirac, but exhibit different properties, no gravity wells or anything like that."

"So why is there a wormhole?" Misato asked.

"No idea." Maya said. "Perhaps we should… contacts detected!"

"What?!" Misato shouted. "Can you identify?"

"No, ma'am." Hyuga reported. "They appear to have come out of the wormhole… they're in an uncontrolled descent. No waveform pattern has been detected."

"So they aren't Angels?" Misato said. "That's a relief."

"Yeah, but Misato, what are they?" Kaji asked.

"Good question, sir." Maya said.

"Have the MAGI plotted where these things will impact?" Misato asked.

"Yes, the tracks put each impact outside the city limits, margin of error is 1.4%" Aoba said.

"They came out of the wormhole?" Misato asked. "Do you know what they are?"

"MAGI cannot identify what they are." Aoba reported. "They're falling too… they've arrested their descent! They are holding at an altitude of 5,200 meters."

"Get me a visual!" Misato shouted.

"On screen, ma'am." Hyuga replied.

A magnified visual of four humanoid looking machines appeared on screen. One had large engine pods on its back and was equipped with a rifle and a shield, the second had what looked like a set of wings on each shoulder, with a long rod in one hand, and a shield mounted to the other arm, the third had a double barreled weapon on one hand and a folded up knife mounted to the other, and the fourth had two long blades mounted to its back, and what looked like a massive submachine gun in one hand.

"What are they…" Misato asked.

"Trouble no doubt." Kaji said. "They look like suits of armor… but enormous."

"About 17 meters enormous." Maya said. "Head to feet anyway."

"They're tiny compared to the Evangelions." Misato said.

"Yeah, but larger than what we can actually handle…" Kaji said. "At least without using an Evangelion that is."

"The EVAs are four and a half times that size." Hyuga said. "One should be able to take them out."

"Just because they're 75 meters tall doesn't mean the numerical advantage can be discounted." Kaji said. "Size is only one part of combat, or have you never heard of David and Goliath?"

"Of course, but this is different." Hyuga said. "The Eva has an A.T. Field to protect it!"

"Yeah, Unit–01 can take them on!" Aoba said proudly.

"Enough arguing!" Misato ordered. "What do the MAGI have to say?"

"The MAGI have unanimously marked each of them hostile." Hyuga reported. "Heavy weapons and armor, all of unidentifiable type."

"Let's listen to the computers then…" Misato quipped. "Level–1 battle stations, switch the city to battle configuration, issue an emergency order to get people to the shelters." Misato ordered. "Aoba, deploy the AIS and notify the JSSDF to intercept, maybe bullets will work against these machines. Hyuga, find the kids and get them up here, we need to brief them, Maya, go prep Unit–01 for launch."

"Me, ma'am?" Maya asked.

"Yes, you." Misato said. "Somehow I think that it's our only option."

"Understood." Maya said as she got up and left. She was replaced by Sumire Nagara.

"Kaji…" Misato started.

"Go get the Commander…" Kaji said. "On it."

"There is no need, Agent Kaji." Gendo said as he entered his platform with Fuyutsuki. "We heard the alert, but it appears Colonel Katsuragi has things well in order. Is Unit–01 being prepped?"

"Yes, Commander, Maya is overseeing it" Misato replied. "Unit–01 should be ready in ten minutes."

"Excellent. Do not deploy Unit–01 until we have assessed the abilities of these machines. There's no need to waste an Evangelion sortie if we don't need to." Gendo said.

"Of course, Commander." Misato said.

"Colonel, the JSSDF picked up the unidentified objects, they were just waiting for your approval to attack. All VTOL squadrons have launched to intercept." Aoba reported. "They're moving in at high speed, two minute to contact."

"Understood." Misato said. "Hyuga?"

"The kids are down in Rei's hospital ward." Hyuga replied. "They're just looking to see that she's actually there or something."

"I'll get them." Kaji said.

"Ma'am, the lead… uh… contact." Sumire said nervously. "It's activated some sort of energy sword and is charging the VTOLs at high speed. It's… slaughtering them…"

"Kaji… hurry up and get them." Misato said. "I think Unit–01 needs to deploy sooner rather than later."

"Rather obvious, but ok." Kaji said as he left.

"Order the VTOLs to retreat, and aim the AIS at the attackers, it should be able to occupy them until Unit–01 launches."

"Yes, ma'am!" Aoba and Hyuga replied.

After having stormed towards the isolation wards, and with a great deal of yelling and threatening, Asuka, Mari, and Shinji convinced the doctors to let them see Rei.

So now they were standing outside a containment room where Rei was floating naked in a tank of LCL. Her body was covered in bruises, cuts, and burns, which disturbed them quite a bit. She looked peaceful at least inside the cylinder, where her injures would take at least six to eight weeks to heal.

Mari stood there silently with tears in her eyes and running down her face as she looked at the girl she loved in such a state while Shinji and Asuka held each other's hands tightly.

"She looks pretty awful…" Asuka muttered.

"I'm not even sure how she survived." Shinji said in awe.

"She's an extraordinary person…" Mari muttered. "I'm just glad she's alive."

"I know she is, Mari." Shinji said. "I just want to thank her properly… I just want her to get better."

"So do I…" Mari muttered as she wiped her tears. "Do you think she's ok?"

"What are you talking about?" Asuka asked.

"I mean… will she be… different?" Mari asked. "Stuff like this changes a person."

"I'm sure she'll be fine." Asuka said. "She's apparently tougher than any of us give her credit for. I'm sure she'll still love your eccentric ass."

"Asuka… be a bit more sensitive, will you?" Shinji asked.

"Yeah, sorry." Asuka said. "I was hoping to make her smile."

Mari leaned over and kissed Asuka on the cheek. "I appreciate the effort, princess." Mari said. "But I'm not eccentric, I'm quirky."

"I stand corrected." Asuka said. "But I'm serious… she'll be just fine."

"Do you think she'll have any scars?" Mari asked.

"Do any of us, after all the injuries we sustained?" Shinji asked. "That LCL stuff, whatever they do with it really works. I'm sure you won't even notice where the injuries used be once she's all better."

"You're not lying to me, right?" Mari asked.

"Do you remember those wounds I got from the Tenth Angel?" Shinji asked. "It took a few days, but those bleeding holes you called…"

"Stigmata." Mari replied.

"Yeah, that, whatever that is." Shinji said. "I don't even have a scar. I'm sure Rei will be just fine if LCL could heal my shit."

"Alright." Mari said as an alarm went off. "Oh no…"

"It can't be another one, can it?" Asuka asked. "We barely got through the last one."

"Are the EVAs even ready?" Shinji asked. "It's only been a few days."

"Well from what I remember, mine's pretty much busted." Mari said.

"I don't know about mine either." Asuka said. "But I think we should go find Misato and ask her what she wants us to do."

"Yeah… that's probably for the best." Shinji said. "Come on, we should go." Shinji looked back to Rei and smiled. "We'll be back soon, Rei, don't worry."

Asuka said as Shinji tugged her arm and pulled her out of the room. "Will you be careful, baka?! My arm is not your dick!"

"Enough with the masturbation jokes already. It's getting old." Shinji said tiredly. "Come on, Mari, we have to go!"

"I know." Mari said as she paused and put her hand to the glass separating her from the room Rei was in. "I'm sorry, blueberry." Mari said sullenly. "I don't want to leave, but I can't leave those two unprotected. You know how it is, they attract trouble." Mari looked at Rei's sleeping form. "I love you, blueberry… get well soon."

Mari ran after the others who had made it a considerable distance. "Will you guys slow down?!" Mari shouted. "I'm too hurt to be running like this!"

"Tell that to him!" Asuka shouted. "He's the one pulling me!"

"Puppy, slow down!" Mari shouted. "I can't keep up!"

"No, Mari, we need to hurry!" Shinji shouted back as he turned his head to look at Mari limping down the hallway. "We need to find out what's going on!" Shinji in his haste wasn't paying attention, didn't see Kaji, and ran right into him, falling down on his ass and pulling Asuka down on top of him.

"Shinji, you idiot!" Asuka yelled as she tried to get up. "You're going to hurt me!"

"You should listen to them, Shinji." Kaji said. "Rushing around doesn't do anyone any good, especially if you get hurt in the process."

"Yeah, I'll keep that in mind." Shinji said. "Sorry, Asuka… are you hurt?"

"No… just don't do it again." Asuka said as she struggled to her feet.

Mari wandered over just as Asuka helped Shinji to his feet. "Oh… I have something for this…" Mari joked. "Asuka, we know you love Shinji, you don't have to literally fall for him…"

"The moment's gone four eyes." Asuka said.

"Worth a shot." Mari said. "So, scruffy, are you here for us?"

"Yeah, at least you guys were trying to get to the Command Center." Kaji said. "Come on, you need to be briefed."

"Who's being deployed?" Asuka asked.

"Well, when I left, no one." Kaji said. "Unit–01 was being put on standby, but Misato wants to assess the situation first…. To avoid any more accidents."

"You mean the Sixteenth Angel and Rei, right?" Mari asked.

"Probably." Kaji said. "Come on, we don't need things getting worse while waste time."

"Yeah, yeah, keep your shirt on, scruffy." Mari said. "In case you forgot, some of us are actually injured."

"Sorry, but time is of the essence." Kaji said.

"Didn't you just tell me not to rush?" Shinji asked.

"I said not to hurt yourself in a rush." Kaji replied. "So watch were you're going and come on!"

Kaji and the kids got to Command Center as fast as they could. However, when they got inside, things were far more dire then they were when Kaji left.

"What happened?" Kaji asked. "Why the commotion?"

"Apparently the giant robots have some impressive weapons and armor." Misato said. "They cut through the VTOLs with energy swords, literally slaughtered them all before they could retreat."

"Seriously, lightsabers?" Shinji asked.

"Yes, really." Misato replied. "Anyway, three of them seem to have these close in weapons, while the fourth with the huge gun hasn't fired any shots."

"Conserving ammo, probably." Kaji said.

"What about the armor?" Asuka asked. "Why is it so tough?"

"It can deflect a high velocity round that doesn't even scratch an Angel." Misato said. "And that's if you can actually hit the damn things. They're too maneuverable, they just dodge most of the shit thrown at them."

"Where are they now?" Shinji asked.

"Heading towards Tokyo–3 at high speed, the AIS is keeping them busy, but it'll run out of ammo sooner rather than later." Misato said. "Shinji, get your plugsuit on, you're going out in Unit–01."

"What about us?" Mari asked. "Don't tell me you want us to sit here and watch."

"Yeah, is Unit–02 ready?" Asuka asked. "I wanna back up Shinji."

"Unit–01 is the only Evangelion being deployed." Gendo said for above them. "There is no need to use an Evangelion without an S2 Engine."

"You want him to fight four giant robots alone?" Asuka asked. "Are you crazy?"

"Shinji should be more than capable of handling them." Gendo replied coolly.

"Sorry, Shinji." Misato said. "Asuka's too inured to fight, and Mari doesn't really have an Evangelion at the moment."

"He can't out against superior numbers without backup!" Asuka insisted. "He needs backup!"

"Asuka, I'm sorry, this is the best plan." Misato said.

"Asuka, I'll be fine." Shinji said. "They're only tiny robots, right?"

"Well, they might have pilots, Shinji." Misato explained. "We're honestly not sure, we can't pick up any communications."

"So, what do you want me to do, disable them?" Shinji asked.

"If you can." Misato said. "Just be careful…"

"Shinji…" Asuka said. "Are you sure you'll be ok?"

"I think so." Shinji replied. "I know who to call for help though." Shinji kissed Asuka on the cheek. "The great Asuka Langley Soryu."

"You did it wrong, baka." Asuka said as she kissed him gently on the lips. "We're dating, we kiss in the lips now."

"I'll try to remember that." Shinji said coyly.

"Well, maybe you should give him a different kind of kiss before he leaves." Mari suggested. "You know, a kiss with a happy ending."

"MARI!" Misato shouted.

"Really, Mari?" Shinji asked.

"Just trying to lighten the mood." Mari said.

"What the hell was she talking about, baka?" Asuka asked. Shinji leaned in and whispered in her ear, and Asuka's face contorted in rage. "The fuck is wrong with you?!"

"So many things." Mari said. "Probably as many as you, princess."

"Damn it, four eyes." Asuka said through gritted teeth. "I'm perfectly normal."

"So says you, princess." Mari reported.

"Enough." Misato said. "Shinji, get to Unit–01 immediately, Asuka, Mari, you'll stay here with us, got it?"

"Right!" Asuka said.

"Sure… I don't have anything else to do." Mari replied.

"Bye, guys." Shinji said as he rushed off.

"Hey, four eyes, do you think he'll be ok?" Asuka asked.

"Well, you're the one that jokes he's the invincible Shinji." Mari said. "What do you think, princess?"

"I have a bad feeling about this." Asuka replied.


Wing Zero and Deathscythe were moving at high speed. They were charging the last of the VTOLs as they hurried towards the city in the distance. Heero was looking for the best moment to strike, as they were dodging weapons fire from tanks and missile batteries on the ground.

"Heero, we can't let them escape!" Duo shouted. "Come on, we gotta finish this."

"Guys, perhaps we're being a bit too hostile." Quatre said. "Maybe we should try talking to them or something."

"I believe it is too late for that." Heero said as he moved closer to one VTOL and sliced it in half with his beam sabre.

"Quatre, they shot first." Duo said. "We can't let them get away with that."

"They have also not answered any of my broadcasts asking to discuss the situation." Trowa added. "Therefore, they are enemies."

"They are no longer a problem." Heero said sternly. Wing Zero responded and raised its Twin Buster Rifle and took steady aim. Heero got a lock on tone from ZERO and pulled the trigger, sending a bright yellow beam towards the remaining there VTOLs, dissolving them in midair. "Mission complete." Heero said.

"Nice, shot Heero!" Duo said exuberantly as Deathscythe deactivated its Beam Scythe, and Sandrock stowed its Heat Shotels.

"Yes, but I believe we have another problem." Quatre said. "That defense net of weapons, they appear to be targeting us!"

"See what I mean, enemies!" Duo shouted.

"Duo, we did just wipe out their interceptors." Trowa said. "But they have not attempted to return contact with us."

"So, should we destroy the weapons?" Heero asked. "We do not know if there are civilians in this city. We cannot risk innocent lives."

"Well, considering the main cityscape has retracted into the ground, it is a safe assumption that there are civilians in the city." Trowa said.

"So we destroy the weapons on the towers, and minimize damage?" Duo asked. "That's gonna be hard considering how much fire power they have."

"We've pulled off more impossible stuff before." Quatre replied. "I'm sure we can do this safely."

"Uh–oh…" Duo said. "Looks like their launching something else."

"What is it?" Trowa asked.

"Dunno, just see a hatch in the ground opening up." Duo said.

"Perhaps they have a Gundam." Heero said. "We should be ready, perhaps those aircraft were simply a test."

"Yeah, let's go." Duo said as Deathscythe activated its Beam Scythe once more.

"Are you guys sure we should do this?" Quatre asked. "Perhaps we can still talk to them."

"We don't have any other options." Trowa replied. "We're Gundam pilots, we fight, and we survive. That is our lives."

Sandrock drew its Heat Shotels again. "Fine, but I'm not going to like this."

"You don't have to enjoy it Quatre." Heero said. "You just have to ignore the feelings to accomplish your mission."

"So that's how you do it!" Duo exclaimed.

"There is no other way to do it." Heero said. "Now get ready… ZERO is detecting an object coming up the shaft…"


Shinji was sitting patiently in his Entry Plug as Unit–01 was moved to the launch platform. Asuka came over the comm with a lot of concern in her voice, even though she was trying to sound calm, Shinji could tell she was nervous.

"Shinji… are you sure you're ok?" Asuka asked. "I don't like sitting here and doing nothing."

"Orders are orders, Asuka." Misato said.

"Whatever." Asuka quipped. "Baka, you didn't answer me, are you ok?"

"Yeah, Asuka, I'm fine." Shinji said calmly. "Don't worry, I'll be ok, Unit–01 will protect me."

"Fine, just be careful." Asuka said. "And don't be afraid to ask for help."

"That's rich coming from you princess." Mari joked.

"Enough you two." Misato said. "This channel is for combat only, not small talk!"

"Yeah, cause we follow that rule when we're in our EVAs." Asuka pointed out. "We're sitting here not helping, we should be able to at least talk to him."

"Yeah, he needs to know we're there for him in spirt." Mari said.

"Fine, but he needs to launch." Misato said.

"Misato, I have a question." Shinji asked to try and steer the conversation away from Asuka and Mari having an outburst and getting in trouble.

"What is it, Shinji?" Misato asked.

"Are those… uh… things still in the air?" Shinji asked.

"Yes, they are." Misato replied. "Why?"

"Well, how am I intercepting them?" Shinji asked. "If they're maneuverable, I need to attack them and surprise them."

"Well, yeah, but EVAs can't fly, Shinji." Misato said.

"Yeah, but they can jump." Shinji said. "Remember what I did to the Fourteenth Angel? I can launch up without being locked in place. When I get off the elevator, I'll fly into the air… I should be able to hit one of them."

"How are you going to boost that high?" Maya asked.

"Retro thrusters in the shoulder pylons." Shinji said. "I should be able to use those for some thrust, right?"

"Well, they are designed to be used in cases like this." Maya said. "It should work, Colonel."

"Are you clearing his plan?" Misato asked.

"Yeah, it sounds good." Maya replied. "Good thinking, Shinji."

"Thanks, Maya." Shinji said. "So, other than that plan, what do I use when I'm back on the ground?"

"Well, we have a Gatling Gun and Portable Positron Rifle ready for ranged combat." Misato said. "I think you can use your Prog Knives for close combat considering their size."

"Puppy, are you sure about your plan?" Mari asked.

"Yeah, it'll work." Shinji said.

"Ok…" Mari said unconvincingly. "Don't fly too hard into the danger zone."

"I already told Asuka I'd be careful." Shinji said.

"Alright, Shinji are you ready to launch?" Misato asked.

Shinji gripped the control yokes tightly and settled into his seat. "Yeah, I'm ready." Shinji replied. "S2 Engine is stable… and is selected as the power source."

"I can confirm that, Colonel." Maya said. "Readings for the S2 Engine are nominal. Sync score stable at 92.5%, synchrograph is normal… Shinji's clear for launch."

"Ok… Maya, set the elevator launch speed to maximum, Hyuga, remove the restraints from Unit–01, Aoba, check that the launch path is clear."

Shinji could feel the restraints being removed from Unit–01 and he moved Unit–01 into a slightly crotched position for launch.

"Restraints have been removed." Hyuga said.

"Launch path is clear, hostiles are right above the egress point." Aoba reported.

"Launch elevator is set to maximum launch speed, safeties removed." Maya said.

"Let's do it, Misato!" Shinji exclaimed.

"Alright… Evangelion Unit–01… LAUNCH!" Misato ordered.

Shinji felt the elevator shoot up much faster than he had ever experienced. As Unit–01 picked up speed, Shinji flipped a switch to prep the retro rockets to fire when he was ready. As Unit–01 approached the surface, Shinji was ready to launch off the pad.

Using the momentum gained from the launch, the moment the pad slammed into the surface, Unit–01 jumped with all its might and flew into the air at near supersonic speed, heading straight for the Gundams. The retro rockets in the shoulder pylons erupted with streams of blue fire, and Unit–01 flew right at Sandrock. Even though Sandrock and the other Gundams flew out of the way, it was no use.

"YAAAAHHHHH!" Shinji screamed. "Take this!"

Unit–01 reached out its hand and grabbed Sandrock by the waist. Shinji cut the power to the retro rockets and shifted Unit–01 so that it fell towards the ground. As they were falling, Sandrock struggled against the grip, but Unit–01 held firm.

"You're not getting away from me!" Shinji shouted as the free fall continued.

Unbeknownst to Shinji, Wing Zero was aiming its Buster Rifle at Unit–01's back and prepared to fire. The yellow beam blast hit the lower back, just below the ribcage on Unit–01, causing Shinji to lose his grip on Sandrock. Sandrock jetted away leaving Shinji alone in his free fall.

"Son of a bitch!" Shinji shouted. "That hurt!"

"That's a powerful weapon, Ma'am." Maya said. "Just as powerful as the Fifth Angel's beam. Armor has been warped and melted at the point of impact, the A.T. Field defected about three quarters of the blast."

"Wonderful…" Misato said. "And we all know how that went…"

"Badly, I'm guessing." Mari said.

"Yeah, it was…" Misato said. "Shinji, what are you doing, slow yourself down before impact!"

"I'm trying!" Shinji said. "Some of the controls aren't responding!"

"Shit, the blast fried some of the nerve connections." Maya said. "I'll reroute."

Unit–01 was falling fast towards the ground just outside Tokyo–3. Shinji was unable to do anything to slow down the Evangelion's fall, and braced himself for impact.

"I can't reroute everything in time!" Maya shouted.

"What the hell are you talking about?!" Asuka shouted. "Type faster or whatever!"

"Asuka, there's only so much we can do!" Misato said. "Shinji, brace for impact!"

"Shinji!" Asuka shouted.

"Mother… help me…" Shinji mumbled.

In response to Shinji's plea, Unit–01's A.T. Field intensified and started to turn the sky red. As Unit–01 was just above the ground, the A.T. Field impacted first, slowing Unit–01 down, causing the ground to buckle beneath the massive Evangelion, and Unit–01 landed gracefully on the ground. The Evangelion righted itself and looked up at the sky where the Gundams were circling as the sky went back to its normal color.

"Thanks, mother…" Shinji mumbled to himself.

"Shinji, are you ok?" Misato asked.

"I'm good." Shinji replied. "No damage or anything."

"What the hell were you thinking, baka?!" Asuka shouted. "You had me worried sick!"

"Sorry…" Shinji said. "I'm ok though. Misato, send up the Positron Rifle."

"One Portable Positron Rifle coming right up." Misato said. "You're just outside the city, try to keep the battle out there."

"I know that, Misato." Shinji replied. "Where am I going for my weapons?"

"Just outside the city limits, there's an armament building." Misato replied. "We'll send the Positron Rifle there."

"Copy that…" Shinji said.

"Shinji, be careful." Asuka warned. "Otherwise you're in big trouble."

"I know, Asuka." Shinji replied. "You don't have to keep reminding me."

"No… I do." Asuka retorted. "You tend to get reckless when and make stupid decisions when you're in trouble. Just get back here safely, ok?"

"I promise, I'll be careful." Shinji replied.

"Enough talking, move out!" Misato ordered.


Heero stared at the beast on the ground below them. ZERO had minimal data on what had just happened, which worried Heero, as ZERO always had an answer.

"What… in the fuck… was that?!" Duo shouted. "What is that thing?!"

"Unknown." Heero said. "There isn't enough data on this… machine. We need to be careful though, whatever it just did was something extremely powerful."

"You mean the thing were it landed without a scratch after turning the fucking sky red?!" Duo shouted. "Do you mean that?!"

"I believe he does." Trowa said. "It was most impressive. I don't think any of our Gundams would have survived that impact."

"No, I'd be dead if Heero hadn't shot that thing." Quatre said nervously. "Thanks, Heero."

"Don't thank me yet." Heero replied. "It's still a threat to us, the shot didn't destroy it. Something… deflected it."

"So it's doing something a Virgo can do…" Duo said. "Except its massive and angry looking. That's just fucking great…"

"How did it deflect the shot?" Trowa asked. "I didn't see anything."

"ZERO says the beam lost strength." Heero said. "That means it has some sort of shielding system we can't detect."

"So, what do we do?" Quatre asked. "If we can't predict its abilities, how do we fight it?"

"We charge it as a group." Trowa suggested. "If we overwhelm it with our numerical superiority, we should be able to win."

"I'm good with that plan." Duo said. "But we should probably hurry up!"

"Why?" Quatre asked. "Rushing into an attack never won us any battles before, Duo."

"Because that thing is moving towards the city." Duo said. "We should probably stop it before it reaches whatever it's moving for."

"It could be retrieving weapons. ZERO picked up armament buildings just outside the city limits, it could be heading there." Heero suggested.

"If it arms itself, we could be in trouble." Quatre said. "Duo's right, we need to attack now before it's too late."

"Then let's go!" Duo said as Deathscythe charged Unit–01.

"Duo, wait, we're supposed to attack together!" Quatre shouted.

"Forget it." Heero said. "Attack."

The other three Gundams charged Unit–01 as it moved quickly to the armament building. Deathscythe, having charged first got close and ignited its Beam Scythe and swung a heavy blow at Unit–01's left arm, and Unit–01's arm absorbed the blow, taking nominal damage. Unit–01 swung around and landed a right hook to the Gundam's chest, sending it flying away, with the Beam Scythe flying in a different direction.

"Damn it!" Duo shouted as Deathscythe skidded on the ground. "I'm down!"

"That's what happens when you attack recklessly." Quatre scolded.

"Fine, just get that guy!" Duo shouted. "Man this sucks… I need to find my scythe… the God of Death's gotta have a scythe."

"Stop whining." Heero said. "Just get back in the fight."

Unit–01 reached the armament building and slammed the button to open it, revealing the Portable Position Rifle. Unit–01 took aim at the three charging Gundams and fired five shots in quick succession, missing Wing Zero and Heavyarms, but landing two shots on Sandrock, causing minor systems disruptions.

"My systems… they're malfunctioning!" Quatre shouted. "Be careful of that rifle!"

"Roger." Heero replied as Wing Zero drew closer to Unit–01 with Heavyarms right behind him. "Trowa, follow my lead… aim for the joints."

"Copy that." Trowa replied.

Wing Zero and Heavyarms armed their guns and began firing, Wing Zero with its Machine Cannons, and Heavyarms with its multiple weapons. Unit–01 raised its injured arm to block the shots from. Unit–01 raised the Positron Rifle again and fired at the Gundams, missing with each shot. Wing Zero countered with close range shot of its Buster Rifle, which hit Unit–01 in the chest over its Core, warping and melting the armor around it. Unit–01 fired its Positron Rifle at the same time, hitting Wing Zero to the left of its search eye.

Inside the cockpit of Wing Zero, the ZERO system malfunctioned, as did the search eye with the massive electrical overload of the close range shot.

"I'm falling back, Trowa, don't let up." Heero said.

"I'll do my best." Trowa replied.

"I'm right behind ya, buddy!" Duo said. "The God of Death is back!"

"I'm with you, too, Trowa." Quatre said. "Sandrock, let's do this!"

Deathscythe, and Sandrock moved in at high speed, charging Unit–01 and backing up Heavyarms, who was firing volleys of missiles at Unit–01, which bounced off the A.T. Field, exploding uselessly.

"It is blocking my attacks." Trowa said.

"Hold on just a sec!" Duo shouted. "Quatre, frontal assault, I'll attack from behind!"

"Got it!" Quatre replied.

Deathscythe and Sandrock attacked from either side of Unit–01 while Heavyarms supplied heavy cover fire. Deathscythe swung at Unit–01's back, hitting the right shoulder blade and narrowly missing the Entry Plug, and Sandrock activated its Heat Shotels and swung them at its abdomen. Both weapons impacted the armor, causing blood to spurt from the slices.

"What the fuck?!" Duo shouted. "It's fucking bleeding!"

"Is it alive?!" Quatre shouted. "Does it have a pilot?!"

"I don't know." Trowa said. "But we should press the attack."

Wing Zero was able to reboot, bringing the ZERO system back online it shot past the other Gundams with its Buster Rifle and shield in its left hand. The left shoulder pauldron opening, and Wing Zero's beam sabre ignited as it was pulled out.

Wing Zero moved its Buster Rifle into its left hand and opened its left shoulder pauldron, exposing a handle. Wing Zero pulled the handle out of the pauldron and a green beam sabre ignited as Unit–01 opened both its shoulder pylons and pulled out its twin Prog Knives, and raising them to intercept Wing Zero's assault.

The Prog Knives and beam sabre collided, sending sparks in all directions. Wing Zero increased the thrust to its engines, trying to push through the Prog Knives, but Unit–01 braced and held its ground against the smaller Gundam. It took all of Unit–01's strength to hold back Wing Zero, and it was starting to lose its footing. Deathscythe and Sandrock charged again from behind, intent on cutting into the armor while Heavyarms continued to fire volley after volley of bullets and missiles.

Unit–01 responded by charging its A.T. Field, casting a deep red glow outward, expanding it outward quickly and sending the Gundams flying in all directions. Each Gundam hit the ground hard, creating small craters and stunning each pilot.

"What hell was that?" Duo shouted. "It blasted us on our asses!"

"I don't know…" Quatre murmured. "But I felt it resonate in my heart… a cry of sadness and pain…"

"Sometimes you don't make any sense, Quatre." Duo said.

"But I did!" Quatre said defensively. "That blast felt sad!"

"Regardless, we can't move in close like that again." Heero said. "We risk getting destroyed before we accomplish the mission."

"What an impressive attack…" Trowa said. "But I agree, ranged combat is better."

As the Gundam pilots recovered, Unit–01 broke its jaw restraints once again, and let out a sickening sound. "ROOOOAAAAAARRRRRRRRRR!"

"I think we pissed it off!" Duo said.

"It is alive…" Quatre muttered. "We're attacking a creature… that's the sadness I felt…"

"Interesting." Heero said simply. "It has a lot of teeth."

"What should we do?" Trowa asked.

"Well, kill it before it kills us!" Duo shouted.

"I concur." Heero added. "We must destroy the enemy and find a way home."

"But Heero, my Sandrock and Duo's Deathscythe aren't equipped with ranged attacks." Quatre said. "We need to try and confuse it instead."

"Quatre, that is unwise." Trowa said. "We have to stay away from it."

"The God of Death doesn't run from a fight!" Duo shouted. "I kill my enemies up close and personal!"

"Duo's right, we need to get in close." Quatre said. "Heero, what does ZERO say?"

"ZERO still has no answers." Heero said. "The beast is too unpredictable."

"Then let's go kill it!" Duo said. "Quatre and I can attack from opposite sides with our blades, and keep it busy."

"Heero, I will stay behind you." Trowa said. "I will supply cover fire with my remaining ammunition to detract it."

"Sounds like a good plan to me." Quatre said.

"Then we attack." Heero said firmly.


Unit–01 stowed its Prog Knives as the Gundams impacted the ground as the red haze around it dissipated once more. Inside the Entry Plug, Shinji was in a great deal of distress. He was bleeding through his plugsuit, after having received mirrored sympathy injuries from his EVA and high sync score.

"AAHHHHHHHH!" Shinji shouted. "I'm bleeding!"

"Shinji, you can do this!" Misato shouted. "You just have to focus!"

"I'm trying, but there's too many of them!" Shinji retorted. "They move too fast!"

"Shinji, stop complaining and attack!" Misato ordered. "We're all in danger if those machines are allowed to stay intact!"

"Hey, don't yell at him like that!" Asuka shouted at her. "He's doing his best, on his own! If you're so worried, let us back him up!"

"Asuka, no one else is being deployed!" Misato said. "Those are our orders."

"But what about, Shinji?!" Asuka asked.

"Asuka…" Shinji panted. "I'll be fine… I don't want you to get hurt…"

"You don't sound fine!" Asuka shouted. "You're hurt, so stop trying to be all tough!"

"Asuka… I've handled worse." Shinji replied. "I'm not going to hold back anymore… I'm going to kill them… I'M GOING TO KILL THEM ALL!"

"Shinji…?" Asuka asked. "What are you talking about?"

"The EVA…" Shinji said his breathing became rapid. "Just like with the Fourteenth Angel… I'LL SLAUGHTER THEM!"

"Shinji, no, don't do it!" Asuka shouted.

Unit–01 roared mightily once again as the Gundams charged for another assault. "ROOOOAAAAAARRRRRRRRRR!"

"Plug depth increasing to dangerous levels!" Maya shouted. "Nearing negative values! It's the Fourteenth all over again!"

"Shinji, stop this right now!" Misato shouted.

"NO!" Shinji roared as his eyes started to turn red. "I'M NOT LETTING ANYONE ELSE GET HURT… I'M GOING TO FINISH THIS!"

Unit–01 expanded its A.T. Field once more, sending out a powerful blast that ripped the ground apart. The gushing wounds all over Unit–01's body healed, and partially sealing Shinji's own wounds, and as Wing Zero raised its Buster Rifle, Unit–01 charged the Gundam, Wing Zero dodged, but Heavyarms was right behind and took the brunt of Unit–01's right hook, sending it careening into the ground. Unit–01 skidded to a stop on, ripping up the ground beneath its feet, and faced Sandrock, the next closest Gundam.

"TAKE THIS!" Shinji screamed.

Unit–01 charged Sandrock with reckless abandon. Sandrock braced itself and threw its Heat Shotels at Unit–01, both of which buried themselves in Unit–01's shoulders. Unit–01 kept charging however, its mouth wide, and eyes blazing with fury as it grabbed Sandrock by the shoulders and slammed it to the ground. Unit–01 began to punch the defenseless Gundam until both Heavyarms and Wing Zero shot it in the back, ripping a hole right next to the Entry Plug.

"AAHHHHHHHH!" Shinji screamed out in pain. "You're gonna pay for that!"

Unit–01 left Sandrock alone and pulled the Heat Shotels out of its shoulders, and threw them to the ground. It then charged at Heavyarms and Wing Zero. It pulled out one of its Prog Knives and threw it at Heavyarms, where it slammed into the breastplate making Heavyarms stagger backwards. Deathscythe attempted to charge from behind again, and Unit–01 turned on its heel and charged at the approaching Deathscythe raising its arms to block the Beam Scythe and body slammed the Gundam, knocking it to the ground.

Unit–01 stood still and looked at the downed Gundams getting back to their feet and looked up into the sky. "ROOOOAAAAAARRRRRRRRRR!"

"Shinji's synchrograph is unstable!" Maya shouted. "And his heart rate is through the roof! He's going to have a stroke is he's not careful!"

"Shinji, stop this, now!" Misato pleaded.


"Shinji, listen to her, we don't want to lose you!" Mari shouted.


"Shinji, stop being a fucking idiot!" Asuka shouted. "I don't want to lose you, not again!"


Unit–01 charged again towards Wing Zero again as its Buster Rifle took aim and fired, Unit–01 deflected the shot with its arm, melting the armor. Wing Zero fired again, this time with only half the shot defected away, while the rest hit Unit–01 square in the chest, melting some of the pectoral armor. Unit–01 swung at Wing Zero, but Wing Zero avoided the hit again. Unit–01 countered by jumping up and brought its knee into contact with Wing Zero's torso, causing it to lose attitude control momentarily.

"FOOLED YOU!" Shinji roared.

The other Gundams charged together, Heavyarms with the Prog Knife from its chest in its hand came from behind, Deathscythe coming from the left, and Sandrock coming in from the right. As Wing Zero regained control, it charged from the front, beam sabre out, at full speed.

Shinji did his best to focus, but Unit–01 had only healed its own wounds, Shinji's were barely closed up, but with the strain of his assaults on the Gundams they were opening back up. Shinji was starting to lose blood and focus.

"I can still fight…" Shinji said as he started breathing heavily. "I can… still win."

The Gundams all attacked at the same time, ripping through armor and flesh, causing more blood to spurt from the Evangelion. The A.T. Field only blocked so much, and the weapons were still able to do enough damage.

"AAHHHHHHHH!" Shinji screamed as his eyes returned to normal. "I can still fight, and I can still win!"

Unit–01 was now surrounded and trapped, without is massive power boost. Its eyes followed suit with Shinji's and returned to their normal yellow glow. Now being assaulted on all sides by the Gundams, Unit–01 did its best to block or counter the attack, but with Shinji's older wounds, and the newer ones being opened with every strike, Shinji was in a lot of pain, and whole lot of trouble.

"AAHHHHHHHH!" Shinji cried out in pain. "I'm not going to let you beat me!"


In the Command Center, everyone watched in utter horror as Unit–01 was assaulted on all sides by the four Gundams. Its movements were becoming slower and less coordinated, and Shinji had stop screaming after a while.

"SHINJI!" Asuka screamed. "Shinji, are you ok, answer me damn it! ANSWER ME!"

"Asuka, stop, shouting won't get him to respond!" Misato snapped.

"Bullshit, he always listens when I yell!" Asuka shouted. "Shinji you idiot, are you ok?"

"Asuka, calm down!" Mari said. "You're only going to distract him!"

"Maya, what are his vitals?" Misato asked as the battle raged on in front of them.

"Unstable." Maya replied. "His blood pressure is dropping, and his pulse is thready at best. There's also a considerable amount of blood in the LCL… I think he's losing a lot of blood."

"Damn it!" Misato shouted. "Aoba, keep trying contact Shinji."

"Right, ma'am." Aoba replied.

"Misato, you have to do something!" Asuka shouted. "Let me go out there."

"Or let me do it!" Mari shouted. "I'm tired of watching this, he needs help!"

"No one else is being deployed." Gendo said calmly. "Shinji always finds a way to win his battles, whatever the cost."

"His life isn't worth this!" Asuka screamed. "What the hell kind of father are you?!"

"The kind who abandons his son!" Mari added.

"Enough!" Gendo shouted back.

"Tell me it's not true!" Mari shouted. "Tell me you didn't abandon him in Atsugi after his mother died! Go on, tell me I'm a liar, Commander!"

"Mari, that's enough." Fuyutsuki said sternly as he lowered his voice to address Gendo. "Ikari, perhaps it would be best to send out Unit–02… Shinji does appear to be in distress."

"No, he has face worse." Gendo replied quietly.

"We don't need another Berserk incident, Ikari." Fuyutsuki insisted. "Asuka can help divide their forces, and give them a better chance of winning."

"Then let it be done." Gendo said begrudgingly. "But if she gets hurt and Shinji destroys something important, I will hold you responsible."

"Understood, Commander." Fuyutsuki said before returning his voice to a normal tone. "Colonel, have Unit–02 prepped to engage the enemy."

"Understood, sir." Misato replied. "Maya, go handle that, Sumire can take your place. Asuka, go get ready, you're getting your wish."

"Yes, ma'am." Maya said as she got up and left the room.

"About fucking time you guys pulled your heads out of your asses…" Asuka muttered. "Mari… you'll stay here and keep an eye on Shinji, right?"

"Of course, Asuka." Mari said. "No get out of here and go save him."

"Right." Asuka said as she left and passed Ritsuko as she entered, giving her a hateful look.

"Where is she going?" Ritsuko asked.

"She's being deployed, Ritsuko." Misato replied. "Shinji needs backup."

"How kind of you to join us, Dr. Akagi." Gendo said coldly. "The alarm went off some time ago."

"There was no Pattern Blue announced, I saw no need to rush up here." Ritsuko said.

"Yet, here you are." Fuyutsuki said. "Why show up at all?"

"Rei is now stable, so I saw fit to see why we were still at Level–1 battle stations." Ritsuko replied. "I had not realized any Evangelions had launched either."

"Well, this is what happens when you show up late." Mari said. "Being on time is key, doctor. Someone as smart as you should know that."

"I wasn't talking to you, pilot." Ritsuko said coldly.

"Yeah, and you're asking stupid questions." Mari shot back.

"Mari, leave it alone." Misato said. "She's not worth it."

"Yeah, sure." Mari said, turning her back to Ritsuko.

"Figures, you'll listen to her but not me." Ritsuko muttered.

"Fuck you!" Mari said. "Why don't you just leave and stop distracting us. You're just being a nuisance… and you could care less about Shinji living or dying." Mari looked at Sumire and Misato. "Is he any worse?"

"No, Ms. Makinami." Sumire replied. "He's still in bad shape, but it hasn't gotten any worse."

"I think you're the nuisance, Makinami." Ritsuko retorted. "You always have something to say, don't you… like a retarded dog…"

"That's enough!" Fuyutsuki shouted. "Inspector Kaji, remove the good doctor."

"Yes, sir." Kaji said as he walked over to Ritsuko and grabbed her arm. "Time to go, Ritsuko."

"Why?" Ritsuko asked. "I haven't done anything."

"I highly doubt that." Kaji said as he lowered his voice to a whisper. "I don't think the Rei in the Medical Wing is the Rei that went out in the Evangelion… which means you did do something to that poor girl…"

Ritsuko looked at him in shock. "Fine, I'll leave."

As Kaji took her outside, Mari and Misato looked at each other, shocked that Ritsuko looked so scared at what Kaji whispered. Mari walked next to Misato and talked quietly to her. "Think he threatened her?" Mari asked.

"Probably." Misato said. "With some secret info he knows… he wouldn't hit a woman, he's not like that."

"Well, I want to hit her." Mari said.

"I think you have to get in line behind Asuka." Misato joked.

"Yeah, whatever." Mari said. "You hold her, m and the princess will beat her."

"Uh, Colonel… I don't mean to interrupt." Sumire said nervously. "Maya just called, Asuka is in the Cage heading for her Entry Plug."

"Good." Misato said. "Clear a launch path for her to the surface, as close as you can get her. Hyuga, make sure the Gatling Gun is deployed to an armament building near her, along with another Positron Rifle."

"I'm on it, ma'am." Sumire said.

"Right away Colonel." Hyuga replied.

"Let's get this battle over with before it's too late." Misato said.

"You mean before Shinji dies, right?" Mari asked.

"Yes, that's what I meant, Mari." Misato replied.

"Good, cause I don't think you'd be able to stop Asuka's rampage if Shinji were to actually die. You'd have to kill her too…"

"Why don't we try and avoid that." Misato said. "Sumire, tell Maya she's clear to activate Unit–02, and tell her to double time it back up here."

"Right, ma'am." Sumire said.

They continued to watch the fight rage on, and Mari grimaced as Unit–01 did its best to defend itself from the onslaught.

"I'm not going to die!" Shinji shouted.

"Hold on, Shinji…" Mari said. "Asuka's coming to save you…"

Kaji was leading Ritsuko to her office, to avoid her getting into yet another conflict with the pilots. Ritsuko kept tugging against Kaji's grip as he led her towards her office. As they entered the elevator, she finally pulled out from his grip.

"How do you know about Rei?" Ritsuko asked angrily.

"It's my business to know these things, Ritsuko. A whole room of spare bodies? How is that even a secret in this place?" Kaji said. "You better prey Mari doesn't find out you hurt Rei… even if it was a new body. She'll kill you."

"What does that slut care about the doll?" Ritsuko asked.

"Mari is in love with Rei." Kaji said. "And you and I both know how well you handled people around you being in love before. So if you interfere with them or Shinji and Asuka in any way, I'll kill you myself."

"You wouldn't dare." Ritsuko said.

"No, I would, you're too unstable to be left alone." Kaji said as the elevator arrived at her level. "Now, I think you can find you're office on your own, I'm going back to the Command Center."

"Why?" Ritsuko asked.

"Because unlike you, my presence isn't despised." Kaji said. "And honestly, I hate being around you and you shitty attitude."


Shinji was in a great deal of pain. The usually clear LCL was muddied with a great deal of his blood, and he was having trouble thinking clearly. He had stopped responding to the comm, ignoring it as he tried his best to keep up with the four Gundams attacking him.

"I can do this…" Shinji muttered. "I'll be able to save everyone… even Rei…"

Try as he might, Shinji was trying to ignore the comm, but a different and far more annoying voice was shouting at him, someone who could be extremely annoying to prove a point.

"Shinji, stop ignoring the comm, answer me!" Mari shouted. "Come on, I know you're busy, but you need to answer me!"

"I'm fine!" Shinji replied. "But I am really busy!"

"Good, you're still conscious." Mari said happily. "Good news, Asuka is deploying."

"I don't need her help." Shinji said as he dodged another hit to be attacked from another direction. "She's safer down there."

"Bullshit, she's been shouting to go help you since you launched." Mari said. "Even if you wanted to stop her, you couldn't."

"I said I don't need her help, watch!" Shinji shouted as Unit–01 ducked a heavy attack by Deathscythe, only to be hit by Sandrock. Unit–01 then countered with its right hook slamming squarely into the Sandrock's chest, knocking the Gundam down, with its movement entirely ceasing. "See, now its three on one, Asuka can stay safe." Shinji said.

"Shinji, stop being an idiot!" Mari shouted. "You're bleeding out, she's helping you, get the fuck over it."

"But…" Shinji muttered.

"No buts." Mari said. "Just don't die before she gets there, Shinji."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Shinji asked.

"In case you didn't notice, you're bleeding out." Mari said bluntly.

"Mari!" Misato said scoldingly. "He didn't need to know!"

"Yes he does!" Mari countered. "He needs to know that if he dies before Asuka gets there, she'll hate herself even more than she already does… you got that Shinji?"

"What?" Shinji muttered.

"Don't fucking die, Shinji!" Mari said. "Fight like you've never fought before."

"I'm not going to die…" Shinji muttered. "I'm going to fight."

"Right, keep thinking that and just do it!" Mari said encouragingly.

"I'm going to win!" Unit–01's A.T. sent out a powerful burst, giving Shinji a brief respite while he stared the three remaining Gundams down, some of Shinji's wounds started to close up, but he had still lost a lot of blood, so even with a new rush of adrenaline and a healing boost from his EVA, he still needed help, no matter how much he wanted to protect Asuka, he couldn't fight the Gundams alone.


As the Gundam pilots recovered from the most recent blowback from Unit–01, Heero looked and noticed that Sandrock wasn't moving, meaning Quatre had to be injured.

"Quatre!" Duo shouted. "Quatre, answer me!"

"Quatre, please respond." Trowa said calmly.

"I don't believe he's conscious." Heero said. "That hit landed near his cockpit."

"Damn bastards…" Duo muttered. "I'm gonna kill that beast!"

"Dup, just remember, we attack together." Heero said. "We can still overwhelm it. Trowa, how much ammo do you have?"

"Not a lot." Trowa said. "But I have this large weapon."

"Exchange it for Quatre's weapons." Heero said. "I don't think he'd mind."

"Understood." Trowa said as Heavyarms dropped the Prog Knife and picked up the Heat Shotels. "I am ready to attack again, Heero."

"Yeah, so am I." Duo said angrily. "Let's kick its freaky ass…"

"Attack." Heero said as the Gundams charged once more.


Asuka was sitting impatiently in her Entry Plug. Her hands were on the control yokes as she waited for her Evangelion to be cleared for launch.

"Misato, what's taking so long?" Asuka asked. "I don't like wasting time, there isn't a lot of it to waste!"

"Ease up, Asuka." Misato said. "We're making sure you're sync score is stable."

"It's stable, ma'am." Maya said. "It's actually more than doubled… she's holding at 32.7%, synchrograph is stable. Asuka's good to go."

"Launch path is clear, elevator in launch position." Aoba said.

"Weapons are ready to be deployed, intercept course is laid in." Hyuga said.

"Asuka, are you ready?" Misato asked.

"I was ready when you sent Shinji out alone." Asuka said tensely. "Can I just go?"

"Fine… Evangelion Unit–02… LAUNCH!" Misato ordered.

Asuka held on while she felt her Evangelion shoot up towards the surface of Tokyo–3 to assist Shinji. As the Evangelion moved towards the surface, Asuka gripped the control yokes firmly and gritted her teeth.

"Hold on, baka, I'm coming…" Asuka muttered. "Those fuckers picked the wrong person to mess with… I'm gonna teach them a lesson… not to mess with Asuka Langley Soryu or her baka Shinji…"

To Be Continued

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