Neon Genesis Evangelion: Legacy – Gundam Invasion
A Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Crossover

Chapter 10 – Rhythm Emotion
October 28, 2016 – North East of Tokyo–3

Domon Kasshu was disoriented. The trip though the disturbance he and Rain were investigating had been a rough one.

"Rain, are you ok?" Domon asked.

"Yes, Domon, I'm fine." Rain said. "And so is Shining Gundam."

"I was more worried about you." Domon said as he saw Shining Gundam hover next to him and give him a small wave.

"Well it appears your Burning Gundam is also alright." Rain reported. "But where are we, Domon?"

"I feel like we're on Earth…" Domon said. "But it feels wrong. I mean… this city was destroyed by something powerful. It almost looks like the old Tokyo I saw in the history books…"

"How can it feel wrong?" Rain asked. "It certainly looks like Earth."

"I dunno…" Domon said. "Call it a gut feeling… and I've got a really bad feeling about this… we should be on guard."

"Well, you're right again, Domon. I can't get any of the colonies on the comms…" Rain said sullenly. "And I'm detecting elevated levels of radiation commonly associated with thermonuclear warheads…"

"None of the colonies?" Doman said worriedly. "This is far worse than I feared…" Domon looked around the ruins of Old Tokyo. "This is all wrong…"

"Well it's not all bad, there's a city not far from here." Rain said. "Should only take a few minutes to get there. Maybe we can ask for help."

"I still don't like this, but we don't have any other options." Domon replied as Burning and Shining Gundams jetted off, heading southwest towards the unidentified city.

"Rain, is there anything out there?" Domon asked as they flew along. "Any other Gundams?" Domon sighed. "My gut just keeps telling me something bad is going to happen, and considering what we've seen, I'm inclined to agree."

"Nothing yet." Rain said as Domon heard a beeping go off. "Wait… there are three contacts, coming in fast from the direction of that city."

Domon saw the large purple Evangelion first, running towards them at high speed, not quite understanding its size until he stared at it and zoomed in to see Wing Zero and Epyon riding on Unit–01's shoulder pylons.

"Those look like Gundams…" Domon muttered. "But… what is that thing? It's… massive… it reminds me of the Dark Gundam."

"Domon, it's not the Dark Gundam." Rain said.

"How can you know that for sure?" Domon asked.

"It captured me and used me as its Core Life Unit." Rain said. "Trust me, I'd know. We killed it together, so there's nothing to worry about."

"Fine, but I don't like it." Domon said. "I should destroy it."

"Domon, it may not be an enemy." Rain said. "At least let me try and contact them."

"No time… that is the Dark Gundam." Domon proclaimed of Unit–01. "I'll protect you, Rain! Get back!"

"Domon, don't do it!" Rain shouted.

Domon held his right fist up near his face, the mark of the King of Hearts burning brightly on its back. "HERE I GO!" Domon shouted as he and Burning Gundam charged Unit–01 and the other Gundams.

"THIS HAND OF MINE IS BURNING RED!" Domon roared as Wing Zero and Epyon moved away from Unit–01. "ITS LOUD ROAR TELLS ME TO GRASP VICTORY!"

The particle collectors on the back of Burning Gundam opened up, creating a red and orange mandala within them, and then the chest plate opened up to reveal a particle accelerator that flashed the emblem of the King of Hearts and then glowed a deep red after it came online.

"ERUPTING!" The blue gantlet around the right hand slid down, armoring the hand with it and morphing it into a three fingered piercing weapon. The golden claws on the forearm armor also popped out and made the attack look all the more menacing.

"BURNING!" The right hand began glowing with a tremendous orange light. Domon felt a shockwave emanate from Unit–01, but he didn't stop.

"FINGER!" Domon drove the glowing hand right at Unit–01's chest, but it was blocked by a flashing octagonal barrier.


"Domon, stop attacking!" Rain said. "Whatever that is, it isn't the Dark Gundam! You're overreacting for absolutely no reason!"

"Rain, I know what I'm doing!" Domon shouted. "I'll try again!" Domon assumed a fighting stance again. "I won't let this beat defeat me!" Burning Gundam charged Unit–01 again "ERUPTING… BURNING… FINGER!" The attack was once again deflected by, but Domon didn't relent, he kept the attack going, trying to force his way through, but was unable to and retreated back a short distance and saw Wing Zero and Epyon hanging back as well, not wishing to interfere.

"Fine! I have no other alternative! I must defeat you!" Domon shouted. "The School of the Undefeated of the East, Ultimate Secret Technique!"

"No, there are other alternatives, Domon!" Rain pleaded. "Stop attacking and talk to them! Someone's going to get hurt because of you!"

"Rain, it's the only way to defeat this monster!" Domon shouted.

"Domon, be rational!" Rain shouted. "Before you hurt some innocent person! Think before you act!"

"Rain, you know that a fighter only thinks with their fists!" Domon said proudly as he held his right fist up near his face once again, the mark of the King of Hearts burning brightly on its back. "THIS HAND OF MINE BURNS AND ROARS!" Domon roared. "ITS LOUD CRY TELLS ME TO DEFEAT YOU!"

Both of Burning Gundam's hands began to glow brightly, as energy crackled around them. "HERE I GO!" The energy began to form into a great ball of light that brimmed with power and crackled with electrical discharges.

"SEKIHA…" Burning Gundam drew its hands down and turned to the right, crouching and preparing to throw the attack. "…TENKYOKEN!"

The great ball of fire was thrown towards Unit–01, and impacted the A.T. Field with a massive shockwave knocking Wing Zero, Epyon, and Shining Gundam backwards. The blast was starting to dig its way through Unit–01's A.T. Field, but when Wong Zero recovered, it countered with a shot from its Twin Buster Rifle, causing the Sekiha Tenkyoken to explode in a brilliant flash of light and heat, sending all the Gundams tumbling away from the explosion, and enveloping Unit–01's entire A.T. Field.

"DOMON!" Rain cried out.

"RAIN!" Domon screamed as his eyes were bombarded with a bright white flash from the massive explosion, in which he lost sight of Rain and Shining Gundam, the enemy, and was thrown into the back of his cockpit at great speed.


Back in the Command Center, everyone watched as the screen turned bright white, and the visual of the fight was lost.

"Shinji… Heero… Milliardo…" Misato said loudly. "Someone, respond! Can any of you hear me?!" But all Misato got was static, and she turned to her bridge bunnies for answers. "What the hell was that?!" Misato asked. "Maya, what was that attack? Is it an Angel?!"

"No, it's not an Angel, ma'am." Maya replied. "It's looks consistent with a Gundam."

"A Gundam that just put out a massive buildup of energy from its hands." Hyuga said. "It was very close to breaching Unit–01's A.T. Field."

"How close?" Misato asked.

"Another few seconds and that blast would have hit Unit–01 square in the chest." Hyuga replied.

"I swear when he gets back here I'm so rubbing this in his face…" Asuka muttered.

"Why bother, princess?" Mari asked.

"Because, I told him he'd get hurt if he went out there, and look what happened, we can't see anything now!" Asuka exclaimed.

"Are we getting any readings from Unit–01?" Misato asked.

"No, the feed was cut when that blast went off." Aoba said. "There's some kind of electromagnetic interference that's scattering the signals."

"So what do we do now?" Relena asked.

"We wait for them to contact us." Kaji said. "Can't do much else."

"We could deploy another Gundam." Lady Une suggested. "To go and recon the situation."

"Yeah, I'll go!" Duo said.

"No one's going anywhere." Misato said. "I think between the three of them, they can this, or am I wrong?"

"Miss Misato is right." Quatre said. "Heero and Zechs have been through a lot worse than this, I'm sure they're alright."

"And Shinji has luck on his side." Kaji added.

"Fine, we wait and see." Asuka said. "But if he doesn't answer in the next few minutes, I'm going out there to kick his ass for making me worry."

Shinji was groaning in pain as he opened his eyes again. The last thing he saw was a bright burst of light that knocked him backwards. Indeed, the explosion had collapsed his A.T. Field and Unit–01 was sent flying several hundred meters, and skidding even further on the hard landing had given Shinji yet another injury in his long list he'd sustained as an EVA pilot.

"Well… it doesn't feel like another concussion." Shinji said. "I think they added more padding to these seats, I remember these kinds of landings being a lot more… violent."

Shinji looked around and identified the other Gundams laying on the ground. Wing Zero and Epyon were still down, as were the other two. Shinji eyed the one that had attacked cautious, worried that it would attack again before he could get his A.T. Field back up.

"Ok, let's see if I can stand us back up." Shinji said as he eased the controls forward. "Oh, this is gonna hurt a bit." Unit–01 slowly sat up and eased itself to its feet, almost as though it were wincing in pain. Shinji's face was flushed when he finally succeeded in getting Unit–01 upright again. "Ugh… I may not have gotten hurt, but Unit–01 is certainly in pain. My ass is killing me."

"What was that attack anyway?" Shinji muttered. "It was really strong. If Heero hadn't intervened… I'd probably be writhing in pain instead of complaining about a stupid bump on the head." Shinji fiddled with the comms. "Heero, Milliardo, are you alright?" Shinji got nothing but static. "Damn it, why isn't it working?" Shinji sighed and tried to contact NERV itself. "Misato, are you there? Can you hear me?" More static. "Great… so that's broken now." Shinji looked outside and saw Burning Gundam standing back up. "Oh… shit." Shinji started hitting the comm button repeatedly. "Anyone… I could use a little help! It's getting back up!"

Burning Gundam got up again and hovered in the air, level with Unit–01's chest. Shinji reacted and deployed both his Prog Knives to counter whatever attack as coming. Burning Gundam's right hand was glowing again as it charged and Shinji met that hand with one of the Prog Knives, blocking the attack, but Unit–01 was still pushed back several feet by the sheer power of the attack colliding with it.

"You might be strong!" Shinji shouted as Unit–01 sent its other Prog Knife in a jabbing thrust towards Burning Gundam, which forced the attack to stop in order to dodge. "But I'm not letting you beat me this easily!"

Burning Gundam charged again, but stopped as beam blast passed between the Gundam and Unit–01. Shinji looked over and saw that Wing Zero was back up and aiming its rifle at Burning Gundam. "Heero!" Shinji said happily. "Oh, wait, the comms are still down."

Shinji watched as Wing Zero started rapid firing it's Buster Rifle at Burning Gundam, only for each shot to miss, but still come successively closer to hitting their mark, when Burning Gundam turned sharply, its hand glowing, and flew right at Wing Zero. "Look out!" Shinji cried as Unit–01 leapt forward and Wing Zero quickly dropped its Buster Rifle and pulled out its beam sabre, and was just able to block the attack in time. Unit–01 ploughed into Burning Gundam, knocking it to the ground and making it a two–on–one fight.

"Get away from him!" Shinji shouted. "You're gonna have to beat both of us if you want to attack the city!"

Wing Zero retrieved is Twin Buster Rifle and flew back up so it was level with Unit–01's head. The Gundam nodded at Shinji, as Burning Gundam charged once more, with both its beam sabres held firmly in its hands. Unit–01 brought up its Prog Knives, and Wing Zero circled around from behind to try and catch Burning Gundam off guard. Wing Zero fired at Burning Gundam with a volley of shot that it dodged, but lead it into a tight spot where it was too close to Unit–01, and received a head butt from the Evangelion. Unit–01 followed up with a Prog Knife attack as Burning Gundam fell away. It was blocked by Burning Gundam's beam sabre as Wing Zero charged in, and clashed with its other beam sabre

"We've got you now!" Shinji shouted.

Just then, Burning Gundam emitted a shockwave, pushing both Wing Zero and Unit–01 away from it. Then it split into nine different Gundams, all poised to attack.

"Oh… this isn't good…" Shinji muttered. "Is it… an illusion?"


"BURNING SHADOW!" Domon cried. "Now try and figure out which one is the real me!"

The illusion copies of Burning Gundam moved in perfect sync with real one as they all charged towards Wing Zero. Wing Zero began firing quickly at all of them, but Domon moved Burning Gundam in such a way that made each copy dodge whatever blast was coming at it. Burning Gundam got in close for one more strike.

"Take this!" Domon shouted. "ERUPTING… BURNING… FINGER!"

Wing Zero anticipated the attack, and had blocked with its own shield, which was holding up to the attack well enough, but Unit–01 interfered again, sending Burning Gundam tumbling away from Wing Zero and forcing its clones to disappear.

"I need to find a way to make this a fair fight again…" Domon said as he looked at both his enemies. "Maybe… this would work…" Burning Gundam drew both of its beam sabres again, and prepared to strike. "Try this on for size!" Domon cried. "BURNING SLASH TYPHOON!" Burning Gundam began spinning around at high speed, creating a whirling vortex. Wing Zero fired at it, but the shots were deflected by the fast moving beam sabres. The vortex started to move towards Wing Zero, which dodged, but the vortex continued to follow it. When the vortex finally made contact with Wing Zero, Wing Zero was sent to the ground below and Burning Gundam stopped spinning ad stowed its beam sabres back on its hips. It took up its midair fighting stance and faced down Unit–01.


Burning Gundam charged right at Unit–01 once again, but once again, Unit–01 blocked the fierce attack with its Prog Knives. However, this time, Domon had a plan.

"I've had enough of you!" Domon shouted. "BURNING FIELD DASH!" Burning Gundam's mandala lit up brightly, and created a swirling energy vortex. The vortex gave Burning Gundam more force to put behind it's attack and it began to push Unit–01 along the ground. Unit–01 tried digging its feet in, but its arms were struggling, and it lost its footing under the immense strength Burning Gundam was displaying. Unit–01 fell to the ground, flat on its back as Domon stopped his attack.

"I've won!" Domon shouted. "I've slayed the Dark Gundam once again!"

However, even though he had taken them both down, they were both getting back up.

"Fine… then we'll continue fighting till we have a clear victor!" Domon shouted, taking up a fighting stance once again. "AND I DON'T INTEND ON GIVING UP!"


While the battle between the boys raged on, Rain was working on restoring communications with Domon. She had opened several panels inside her cockpit to try and find the issue, but she was distracted. Every so often, she'd look up from her task and look over at Domon and two of the other three machines getting knocked around. However, it worried her that the third enemy has disappeared.

"When will Domon learn that fists aren't the best way to introduce yourself to someone." Rain muttered as she fiddled with the communications system. "But he's so set in his ways, and his friends don't help, always appearing and sparring with him with their Gundams… oh well, I'm not dumb, I should be able to figure out how to convince him to not react so volatilely when he sees something as a threat."

The panel she was working on sparked and came back online, and s Rain was finally able to

"Oh… here's the problem. That explosion wiped the comm processors… it can't calculate the frequencies to communicate on anymore." Rain sighed as she set to work resetting the comm system. "When we get back, I'll have to shield these better to avoid this from happening again." Rain continued to try resetting the system to no avail. "I don't have the right equipment to fix this, unless I just transmit on every frequency simultaneously… but then Domon can't hear me… oh, but the emergency transponder still works, maybe I can transmit on that, cause tis circuit is separate from the rest."

As Rain attempted to try her fix, an alarm went off in her cockpit warning of an approaching enemy followed by Shining Gundam being struck by a whip like object, sending Rain and the Gundam to the ground.

"I was wondering when that maroon thing would show back up…" Rain said as she rubbed her head. "Activate Mobile Trace System."

Shining Gundam resynced with Rain's fighting suit, and it responded to her movements. Rain eased herself up and faced down Epyon as it activated its massive beam sabre.

"I can't block that." Rain said. "Unless…"

Rain raised her right arm and thought of one thing as Epyon charged forward. "Here goes!" Rain cried as the face mask opened, shoulder pauldrons slid up revealing golden plating behind them, the arms and legs extended themselves a bit, making the Gundam taller, the outside of the calves popped open, revealing golden thrusters, and finally, the right arm reached out as Shining Gundam charged at Epyon. The guard on the right forearm raised itself off the main arm, and the right hand extended itself at each articulating joint, with a rush of green plasma exploding from the joints. "SHINING… FINGER!" The beam sabre and Shining Finger collided, sending out a powerful shockwave that even surprised Rain.

"Domon made this look so easy during the Gundam fight…" Rain muttered as her right arm tensed up as she felt the feedback in the Mobile Trace System. "Domon never mentioned how much concentration it takes to keep this attack up!"

The entire right arm of Rain's fighting suit was glowing green, showing that it was under a lot of strain. "I can't keep this up forever… and neither can the Gundam… I need to end this somehow…" Rain suddenly had thought. "Domon did two of these once…" Rain concentrated and attacked. "SHINING FINGER!"

Shining Gundam's left hand collided with Epyon, sending it flying off to the right, and Rain followed up the attack with a roundhouse kick the Epyon's chest, sending Epyon flying motionless into the ground.

Rain breathed a sigh of relief. "I need to pay more attention when he explains things, if I'd remembered that sooner, my arm wouldn't hurt so much." Rain sighed again. "I think he tries harder when I explain things to him, which really isn't fair…" Rain said as she resumed her work on the comm system. "Maybe if I can just contact him…" Rain looked over and saw the fight between the others still raging on.

While Epyon laid on the ground, Rain was finally successful in getting the comm system to send and receive on all frequencies simultaneously, and she overheard a transmission clearly intended for someone else from a very irate sounding girl.

"I swear to god, baka, if you don't answer me, I'm going to kick your ass when you get back here!" Asuka shouted. "We can see you fighting that new thing, so take a second and answer me!"

Rain cocked her head to the side at Asuka's comments. "Fighting… is this the enemy?" Rain muttered.

"Baka, stop beating that thing and answer me! Heero can handle it for a second!" Asuka shouted irately.

"You better do it, puppy, her face is redder than her hair." Mari purred.

Rain hit a button to activate the transmitter. "Hello, may I ask who I'm speaking to?" Rain asked politely.

"Does Shinji have a woman in the Entry plug with him?" Relena asked.

"Who is this?" Misato asked.

"Yeah, you're interrupting my tirade!" Asuka fumed.

"Asuka, not now!" Misato said. "Sorry about that, but why are you on this channel?"

"My name is Rain Mikamura." Rain said. "I believe I am one of the two Gundams you're currently engaged in combat with. May I ask your name?"

"My name is Misato Katsuragi." Misato said. "And which Gundam are you?"

"The Gundam not currently hitting anything." Rain replied.

"Oh, well, what are you doing here?" Misato asked.

"And how are you contacting us?" Ritsuko asked.

"I can answer how I'm contacting you, but knot how we got here." Rain said. "At least, I can only explain it to you if we can end the fighting."

"And why would you ask that?" Misato asked. "You're outnumbered."

"That may be the case, but we didn't come here to fight." Rain explained. "And my… companion viewed the purple thing as a threat. It looks similar to something he's fought before. It's just a very complicated misunderstanding."

"You bet it's a big misunderstanding." Misato said. "How do I know you're not evil or something? I can't exactly trust you based on your unprovoked attack."

"If me and my companion surrender to your custody, would that be acceptable?" Rain asked. "Then if you believe us, you can let us go, and if not, we'll be at your mercy."

"If you can stop the fight and explain how you contacted us, it's a deal." Misato said.

"I will do my best." Rain said. "Now, how I'm contacting you is simple. The explosion caused by that rifle fried our communications equipment, and based on that girl's shouting, your equipment is also disabled. The computer can no longer discern different frequencies, so I'm transmitting on all of them at once."

"Quite brilliant." Ritsuko said.

"Thank you." Rain said. "Now, do we have a deal?"

"Stop the fight and then you can surrender into our custody." Misato said.

"Thank you." Rain said as she shut off the comm. "Ok, now how do I accomplish this…"

Rain moved Shining Gundam over to where Epyon was lying. The Gundam moved into a kneeling position next to it and Rain opened the cockpit. She climbed out and looked for the access panel on Epyon's chest and pressed the button. When the hatch opened, Rain saw an injured Milliardo lying there looking at her confusedly.

"Who are you?" Milliardo asked.

"My name is Rain Mikamura." Rain said. "I was asked to stop this fight by a Misato Katsuragi and the surrender into your custody."

"That's an odd bargain to make." Milliardo said.

"Well, because of him, I didn't really have a choice." Rain said, pointing at Burning Gundam as it charged Unit–01 from behind. "So, will you help me?"

"I probably should." Milliardo said. "Although my comms are down, so how were you able to contact anyone?"

"I fixed it so I could transmit and receive all channels simultaneously." Rain replied.

"Sounds like a legitimate reason." Milliardo said. "So, how do you plan to get anything across to them? Get their attention and wave our arms at them?"

"Or, they'll just come over here and see what's happening themselves." Rain said in amazement.

"Is that really your plan? Hope they notice in the heat of battle?" Milliardo asked.

"No, I mean that's what's happening." Rain said. "I guess the noticed I landed next to you. They're coming over now."

"Then we should greet them together." Milliardo said as he unbuckled his restraints. "Would you give me a bit of assistance, Miss Mikamura?"

Rain extended her hand. "Sure. But I didn't catch your name."

"Milliardo Peacecraft." Milliardo said calmly as Rain helped him up. "Pleasure to meet you, Miss Mikamura."

The two of them clamored out of the cockpit and stood on Epyon waiting for the others to land. Unit–01 knelt down next to them while Wing Zero and Burning Gundam landed behind Epyon. Heero and Domon stepped out of their cockpits and looked down at the two of them, while Shinji activated his external speakers so he could speak without emptying the LCL in the Entry Plug.

"Milliardo, what's going on?" Shinji asked.

"Rain, why are with that man?!" Domon shouted.

"I'll let this kind woman explain." Milliardo said. "Miss Mikamura, if you please."

"Domon, we're surrendering." Rain said. "They aren't the enemy."

"Then why is that thing talking?!" Domon shouted as he pointed to Unit–01.

"There's a pilot in there you simpleton." Heero said loudly.

"What did you call me?!" Domon shouted. "You want to continue our fight?!"

"Gladly." Heero said.

"No one is fighting anyone!" Rain shouted. "Domon, we're following them back to their base, and we're going to explain why you attacked them without provocation! If they believe our story about how we got here, then we'll be released!"

"Who's going to believe that some kind of wormhole brought us here?!" Domon called back. "It's stupid!"

"Oh, you'd be surprised." Shinji said. "Miss, who did you talk to?"

"A Misato." Rain called to him.

"Well, if Misato said it's ok, then we'll lead you back." Shinji said. "How will you be surrendering to us?"

"Can you carry our Gundams?" Rain asked.

"Most likely." Shinji said. "But then how will you get back?"

"Can someone carry us?" Rain asked.

"Rain, no one is carrying my Burning Gundam!" Domon shouted.

"Domon, stop it already!" Rain shouted. "You caused this, you'll deal with the consequences!"

"Fine, but I don't have to like it!" Domon shouted.

"I will carry the both of you back." Milliardo said. "We'll keep you safe."

"Thank you, Mr. Peacecraft." Rain said. "Domon, get down here so we can leave!"

"Fine!" Domon said gruffly as he leapt down from the cockpit to the ground without a second thought.

"He is so stubborn." Rain muttered.

"Proud warriors can be like that." Milliardo said. "It's simply in their nature,"

"How do you know?" Rain asked.

"I'm one of them." Milliardo replied.


After a brief walk back, the new arrivals were standing in the Cage surrounded by everyone. Misato wanted an explanation for why there were there as soon as they arrived so they could decide what to do right away, so after some brief introductions, and without much prompting, Rain began explaining their odd circumstances.

"So, we were in space investigating an interesting phenomenon not far from our colony, Neo Japan." Rain said. "When we got within range, it appeared that we were looking at an actual wormhole. It was putting out a strong gravity well, and Domon warned me not to get too close, but as I was investigating it, I needed to get a bit closer to get some more readings, and that's when I got trapped in the gravity well. Domon did best to try and save me, and he got caught too. Then we got pulled through and ended up here."

"So why did you attack us?" Misato asked.

"Domon was jumpy after we arrived here." Rain explained. "Your purple machine…"

"It's called an Evangelion." Kaji said.

"Your Evangelion looked like an enemy that we faced once, or at least similar enough that made Domon attack without thinking." Rain finished as she glared at Domon. "We simply want to get back to where we're from, that's all we're asking."

"How do you know you're on a different world?" Kaji asked.

"This world is very different from our own." Rain said. "You have no indications of advanced technology, and your world, while a damaged landscape, is vastly different from the battered wasteland of our own Earth."

"Wasteland?" Shinji asked. "Why is your Earth a wasteland?"

"We evacuated our Earth and formed space colonies. Then the people who stayed behind warred on the planet. The colonies stepped in and ended the war, but then they used the planet to test their weapons, and also to fight the battles that decide who runs the planet for four year terms. Our Earth is a desolate battle ground, used in 13 separate Gundam Fights and endless weapon's tests, yours is more like the victim of a sad tragedy compounded by the human condition." Rain explained. "That's how we can tell it's different."

"Well that makes sense, I guess." Misato said. "But that still doesn't excuse the unprovoked attack ya know."

"Yeah, about that…" Rain said as she glared Domon again. "I can only apologize so much for actions that are not my own."

"Yes, I… apologize…" Domon said with Rain's less than subtle prompt as he bowed his head in shame. "I shouldn't have done that… and Rain warned me not to. Please accept my sincerest apologizes for my hasty actions."

"I think you're only saying it because she's making you." Misato said. "Which would lead me to believe you're lying."

"Look, I'm sorry if I hurt anyone, but I was only trying to protect my wife!" Domon said forcibly. "But after what we've been through you'd have made the same choice!"

"What have you been through?" Kaji asked.

"Does it matter?" Misato asked.

"Finding the reason behind one's actions can lead to a better understanding." Trowa said.

"Yes, perhaps hearing them out would be beneficial." Lady Une said.

"Sure… so why did you react to our Evangelion the way you did?" Misato asked.

"It looked like an emery we faced over two years ago." Domon explained. "It was called the Dark Gundam, but originally it was named the Ultimate Gundam. It was designed by my father, Dr. Raizo Kasshu, and my brother Kyoji. It was designed to restore the Earth to its former beauty and repair the damage we humans caused to it. However two men wished to use it for their own advancement…"

"It's ok Domon." Rain said. "My father was one of them."

"Right." Domon said. "Rain's father and Major Ulube Ishikawa framed my father and brother to try and take the Ultimate Gundam for themselves. During the raid, my mother was murdered by the soldiers and my father arrested. My brother escaped with the Ultimate Gundam, but when it crash landed on Earth, its programming was corrupted. I was asked by Neo Japan to participate in the 13th Gundam on the condition I found and destroyed what then had become the Dark Gundam and also my brother. If I were to do this, my father would be freed. Once I won the Gundam Fight, my father still had not been freed. Ulube betrayed us, kidnapped Rain, and then he offered her up to the Dark Gundam as its Core Life Unit."

"How does that work exactly?" Ritsuko asked.

"The Dark Gundam had three abilities given to it by my father and brother through the use of nanotechnology, Self–evolution, self–replication, and self–regeneration." Domon continued. "With these abilities, Ulube realized the best way to enhance its abilities was by using a woman's reproductive system. After fighting to get Rain back from that beast and killing it with her, I just didn't want to see her get absorbed by another monster. I couldn't lose her again."

"So you reacted out of love?" Shinji asked.

"Shinji, it's a lot more complex than that." Misato said.

"Not really." Shinji said. "Look at all the stuff I've done out of love. The Twelfth Angel, the Fourteenth Angel, and defiantly the Fifteenth Angel. Love makes you do dangerous and reckless things. If they react out of love, then I think we can trust them."

"Sometimes I'm astonished at what comes out of his mouth." Kaji said. "Are we sure he's not more mature than the rest of us?"

"No, but he does make an excellent point." Milliardo said. "Love is a powerful motivator and certainly explains his tenacity on the battlefield."

"There is certainly nothing wrong than living life by your emotions." Heero added.

"Colonel, I believe you're on the losing end of this argument." Fuyutsuki said.

"I believe I am, sir." Misato said. "Looks like we've got some new allies after all."

"Thank you very much, miss." Domon said as he bowed. "I promise to not make a fool of myself again." Domon lifted his head back up and looked at the group. "So which of you were the two I fought against?"

"I was one of them." Heero said, stepping forward. "I was piloting the white Gundam."

"You fought very well." Domon said. "You were a worthy opponent."

"As were you." Heero said. "Your attacks were quite… different than what I'm used to."

"Where I come from, we fight up close without the aid of beam weapons." Domon said. "It's far more enjoyable during a fight."

"Where I come from fights are less about joy and more about survival." Heero said. "We don't have the luxury of using hand–to–hand tactics in that way. "

"Shame… war is an ugly thing." Domon muttered. "So, who was the other brave warrior in the giant purple monster?"

"I… I was…" Shinji muttered.

"You were a strong opponent." Domon said. "I thought you were going to kill me at one point."

"Funny, I felt the same thing when you attacked me with that ball of light." Shinji said. "What was that by the way?"

"My ultimate attack." Domon said. "The Sekiha Tenkyoken."

"Your ultimate attack?" Mari asked. "What are you a super sentai anime character?"

"No, I'm a martial artist." Domon retorted. "I'm not some campy anime character."

"Sure, whatever you say." Mari quipped.

"Anyway, whatever it was, it was strong." Shinji said.

"Not strong enough to break your forcefield." Domon quipped.

"It was close." Shinji said. "If Heero hadn't shot it, I'd be in the hospital right now instead of talking to you."

"Well, I didn't know there was a person in there…" Domon said.

"That's understandable." Shinji said. "And it's not a monster… Unit–01, it's saved me far too many times to be some kind of monster."

"I realize that now. The Dark Gundam is dead, Rain and I destroyed it." Domon said. "I was overreacting, and I'm very sorry."

"I understand that too." Shinji said. "I've done a lot of stupid and reckless things for love."

"Then we're more alike than different." Domon said. "Perhaps we could get along."

"Probably." Shinji said. "I like making new friends."

"Wait I got a question before we start the friendship ball rolling." Duo said. "If she's your wife, why don't you both have the same last name?"

"She doesn't need to give up her last name just to prove she loves me." Domon said. "Love is deeper than one's surname."

"But Domon, I told you I wanted your name." Rain said. "It just sounds better."

"Rain, it's not a prerequisite for marriage." Domon said. "And we shouldn't be discussing this now."

"Oh, by all means, go ahead." Mari said. "I like dinner theatre."

"Mari, shut up." Asuka said. "You're being annoying again."

"Actually, she's always like this." Quatre said. "It's quite… endearing."

"Awww… thanks blondie." Mari said. "You're cute too."

"Well, anyway…" Kaji said. "If you'd rather go somewhere else, we understand, but if you want to stay, we can find you somewhere to crash until we can get you home."

"I wouldn't mind staying for a while, they seem nice enough." Domon said. "What do you think, Rain?"

"I think it's the best option." Rain said. "But do you have any theories on how to reopen the wormhole and send us back?"

"That is a good question." Milliardo added. "We'd also like to know of any progress."

"They are only theories at this point in time." Ritsuko said. "But we're all working on it, as is your friend Howard."

"Do you mind if I assist?" Rain asked. "I think I could be of some help."

"Additional hands would be very much appreciated." Ritsuko said.

"Then it's settled." Misato said. "We'll find you somewhere to stay, and Ms. Mikamura here can help with the Stargate their building."

"What's a Stargate?" Domon asked.

"Don't worry, we'll explain everything later." Mari said.

"Explain what later?" Rain asked.

"Oh, about our Earth and what goes on here." Mari said. "But we expect a more detailed explanation of your world too."

"I think we can handle that, right Domon?" Rain asked.

"Yeah, I think so." Domon said. "I'll do my best explaining everything. I'm more accustomed to fighting, not talking."

"Alright, let's go!" Mari said. "I wanna nap, let's go home!"

As the group started to disperse, Asuka grabbed Shinji by the shoulder and poked his head several times. "Are you forgetting something?" Asuka asked.

"What?" Shinji said with a confused look on his face.

"My sync clips." Asuka said, putting her other hand out. "I'd like to put my hair back up."

"Oh, right." Shinji said as he took them out of his hair and handed them back. "But your hair looks so much better down than up."

Asuka looked at Shinji funny and blushed. "Well… thank you baka, that's very sweet." Asuka kissed him lightly on the cheek. "You really know how to compliment a girl, baka."

"I was only telling the truth." Shinji said. "You just look… prettier that way."

November 1, 2016 – Comfort 17 Apartments

Domon woke up in the morning sunlight. He looked around the still somewhat unsettling surroundings. He went through the past few days in his head. He and Rain were brought to an upscale apartment complex, and they joined everyone in Misato's apartment for a dinner of sorts. He and Rain explained everything about their world, and Shinji, Mari, Asuka, and Kaji explained about theirs. Heero, Quatre, Milliardo, Lady Une, and Noin explained everything about their reality as well. Domon had found out the previous night that he'd be going to school today as a cover while Rain worked with the other scientists at NERV. Domon rolled over on his side and saw Rain sleeping sounding beside him and smiled.

"Well some things never change." Domon said. "She was never one to wake up early."

"No, I just don't think rising at the crack of dawn is the most practical thing in the world." Rain muttered. "And you always wake me up when you toss around in the morning."

"I thought you liked tossing around in the morning." Domon joked.

"You know, when I fell in love with you, I didn't know you were a secret pervert." Rain joked.

"Rain, it's a joke." Domon said. "Don't be such a prude."

"We've been married over a year, Domon." Rain said. "You know I'm not a prude." Rain chuckled. "Don't you know that I was kidding?"

"Well, it's always good to check." Domon joked. "You're so serious all the time."

"Says the guy who yells "Gundam Fight… Ready? GO!" Every time he meets someone." Rain said.

"Ok, ok." Domon said. "Let's be a bit more serious now, are you ready for today?"

"Of course." Rain said. "If I can help find us a way home, it's all for the best." Rain sighed. "What about you, are you ready for school?"

"Not really." Domon said. "I've never been to school before. You know Master trained me since I was 10. And before that my father taught me everything. You know that."

"I never really noticed, Domon." Rain said. "Because our fathers were friends we were always spending time together, with Kyoji being our babysitter…"

"Yeah… Kyoji…" Domon muttered.

"You miss him don't you?" Rain asked.

"Of course." Domon said sullenly. "He was my brother… and then he was my enemy… and then he was Schwarz Bruder… and then he was gone again… I had to kill him to save him…"

"Hey, don't worry about that now." Rain said. "He was proud of you. You saved him, remember?"

"Yeah, I remember." Domon said. "I freed him from the Dark Gundam." Domon rolled over and looked back at the ceiling sullenly. "And it helps to know all he meant to do was save the planet."

"I know, Domon…" Rain said. "Just try and relax, then we should go get ready."

"I really don't want to get ready." Domon said. "I'm too old for junior high school."

"So, you can at least try to have fun." Rain said. "Try and get to know everyone else better. Besides, from how everyone described it, you're not gonna be doing much learning anyway."

"Still, I don't want to wear the uniform." Domon said. "It looks tight and uncomfortable."

"Domon, don't be such a baby." Rain said as she slid out of bed, revealing she wasn't wearing anything. "You'll be fine, it's no tighter than our fighting suit."

"Yes, but that is comfortable!" Domon complained as he stood up, also wearing absolutely nothing. "It's not exactly designed to fight in either."

"Who would you be fighting, Domon?" Rain asked. "It's a school, not another Battle Royale…"

"Rain, I always like being ready." Domon said. "You never when you may need to fight."

"You're so hopeless…" Rain said as she walked towards the bathroom. "So, are you going to join me… or what?"

"Right behind you!" Domon said, rushing to the bathroom.


Domon was sitting almost catatonic at his desk. He had been listening to Nebukawa no Sensei drone about absolutely nothing in particular. He looked around the room at the disinterest and catatonic states of almost everyone in the room and sighed.

"If this is school, I didn't miss much growing up." Domon muttered to himself as he glared at Nebukawa no Sensei. "I wonder… if I hit him, will he stop droning on needlessly?"

Ding dong ding ding… ding dong ding ding

"Oh, that must mean the day is over…" Domon said happily.

"No muscles." Mari said. "Lunch time."

"Rise… Bow… Sit!" Hikari said commandingly.

As he class followed her directions, Domon turned to Mari. "How much longer must we suffer after lunch?" Domon asked.

"Four more hours, muscles." Mari said. "You'll get used to it."

"I doubt it." Domon said.

"Hey, Domon, do you want to eat with us?" Shinji asked. "We're going to eat in here."

Domon eyed Shinji's sincere smile for a moment. "No, I want to walk around, I'm tired of sitting."

"You sure?" Asuka asked. "Are you hungry?"

"No, I had a large breakfast." Domon said. "Don't worry, I'll blend in."

"Yeah, you'll blend in…" Duo said sarcastically.

"And what's that supposed to mean, priest?" Domon asked angrily.

"Just your big unhappy scowl doesn't exactly say "blending in" does it?" Duo said. "That and how you look so much older than the rest of us."

"I'm 22!" Domon said loudly. "I'm a lot older than you!"

"Will you quiet down?!" Milliardo said. "We're trying to blend in, Duo, not cause a problem!"

"Yeah, Duo, who cars where he goes?" Noin added.

"Fine, I'll leave the big guy alone…" Duo said.

"Just be careful, Domon." Milliardo said.

"I'll be fine." Domon said as he wandered out of the room into the hallway.

Domon walked around the school, getting odd stares from the other students that had not yet evacuated. Domon shrugged this off as he wandered around, going by classrooms and glancing in, he saw the routines of everyone, enjoying lunch, fooling around, and having fun.

"I guess I didn't have a typical childhood." Domon said as he looked at the crest on the back of his right hand. "But something good came of it. The King of Hearts and the responsibility that comes with it… and Rain… Rain loves me, so my life isn't all that bad."

Domon kept walking until he got to the lunchroom. He'd never really eaten in a cafeteria before, generally he ate from a campfire growing up, and now he only ate home cooked food that either he or Rain had made.

"Huh, processed food." Domon said as he saw the line of people and the pre–wrapped or reheated food they were getting on their trays. "I wonder what that tastes like…"

Domon walked into the cafeteria and looked around. He saw a few dozen kids in line, and another dozen or so sitting down. However, a pair of students standing not far from the door caught his attention. One student was against the wall, scared and unable to escape while the other looked to be intimidating the scared student. Domon's fist clenched, as he walked closer to the pair so he could hear them.

"Where is it?" The angry boy asked.

"I… I don't have any!" The scared boy replied.

"I think you're lying to me!" The angry boy said when he grabbed the scared boy by the shoulders. "Give me your lunch money, you little bitch!"

"I said I don't have any!" The scared boy said. "Just leave me alone!"

"Nah, I think I'll beat the money out of you." The angry boy said. "I can't let some little bitch show me up."

Domon shook uncontrollably as the crest on his hand glowed a fiery red. "HEY, YOU!" Domon shouted. "LET HIM GO!"

"Hey, fuck off buddy, I'm busy here." The angry boy said.

Domon decked the angry boy with a strong right hook, knocking the angry boy to the ground, it the surprise of everyone in the room. "I don't think you heard me right." Domon said. "I told you to let him go."

"The fuck did you hit me for?" The angry boy shouted as he staggered back to his feet. "You're gonna pay for that!" The angry boy threw his right fist at Domon's face, which Domon caught in his right hand. Domon followed this up with a swift uppercut to the boy's jaw, knocking him to the ground, unconscious.

"Who are you?" The scared boy asked.

"My name is Domon Kasshu." Domon said. "I'm the new transfer student." Domon helped the boy up. "Are you ok?" The other boy nodded silently. "Is this the first time that's happened?" Domon asked and the boy shook his head. "Do they all just watch?" Domon said as he pointed to the rest of the lunchroom.

"Yeah…" The scared boy said.

Domon turned to the crowd. "YOU ALL JUST WATCH!" Domon shouted. "You let this jerk take this boy's lunch money every single day, and do nothing?!"

The crowd looked shocked at being called out and only one person was brave enough to respond. "There isn't anything we can do." The girl bemoaned. "He'd just steal our lunch money if we tried to stop him."

"Are you sure about that?!" Domon asked angrily. "All fifty of you are powerless against one person?! Stand up to him! Stop him!"

"Even if we do that, what stops him from doing anything else to the rest of us?" The girl asked.

"Working together and showing him you no longer fear him will keep him in line." Domon said. "Even if I'm not here to help, you can help yourselves." Domon turned to leave. "I think you can handle that."

"We can try." The girl said. "But can we ask you a question?"

"Go ahead…" Domon said.

"Why did you help him?" The girl asked.

"It was the right thing to do." Domon said as he left. When he walked out of the cafeteria, he saw two of Shinji's friends, Toji and Kensuke, standing there.

"Nice, pal." Toji said. "I thought Shinji said you guys were going to blend in?"

"I was simply helping the boy…" Domon muttered.

"Hey, I'm fucking with you." Toji said. "It's nice to see someone else take on the bullying epidemic here."

"You're uh… Domon, right?" Kensuke asked.

"Yeah." Domon said. "And you're…. uh… Kenny?" Domon pointed to Kensuke. "And you're… um… Toji."

"Yeah, Toji Suzuhara." Toji replied.

"No, Kensuke." Kensuke replied. "It's ok though."

"No, I should remember your names." Domon said. "I'm not going anywhere for a while."

"It's fine." Toji said. "So, you fight pretty well, did you train to fight or something?"

"Yes, I'm a martial artist." Domon said. "I fight for a living."

"That's so cool…" Kensuke said. "So, what's your Gundam like?"

"How do you two know about Gundams?" Domon asked.

"Shinji tells us." Kensuke said. "We're friends."

"Well, how about I tell you about my Burning Gundam over lunch." Domon said.

"Oh, that sounds awesome!" Kensuke said happily. "Let me buy your lunch, Mr. Domon!"

"Just some tea, Kensuke." Domon said.

"Hey, you're a pretty great guy." Toji said. "If you keep this stuff up, you'll be a bonafide hero."

"That wasn't my intention." Domon said.

"Intentions mean shit, Domon." Toji said. "Actions speak louder than words. And you knocked that fucking asshole out."

"I know all too well…" Domon said as Toji walked off to get lunch.


Ritsuko was in her office working hard on her, for lack of a better term, Stargate. With her were Maya, Howard, and Rain. They were all reviewing the preliminary plans and the extensive data Ritsuko had collected, plus what had been retrieved from the Shining Gundam's sensor logs.

"You've got a lot of data from these wormholes, Dr. Akagi." Rain said. "It's all very extensive."

"I'm only working with what I've got." Ritsuko said. "Which I still think is barely enough."

"No, it's enough." Howard said. "Power output, phase variances, stabilization data, particle densities, and even more stuff I can't decipher. You know how these wormholes operate, and with Ms. Mikamura's data… we have an even clearer picture."

"So, will the device work?" Maya asked. "The…"

"We're not calling it a Stargate, Maya." Ritsuko grumbled. "I think I made myself clear."

"I don't care what you think about the name, Misato's right." Maya said. "You're literally building a Stargate."

"What's a Stargate exactly?" Rain asked.

"It's a fictional device." Ritsuko said. "From some overrated, halfcocked, shit science sci–fi show. Don't pay any attention to it."

"Hey, it's a great show!" Maya said angrily.

"No… all sci–fi shows are useless, Maya." Ritsuko said coldly. "And you call yourself a scientist."

"So… what does the Stargate do in the show?" Rain asked, trying to change the subject.

"It's a big, round device that creates artificial wormholes that have proven to travel not only through space, but time and dimensions as well." Maya said. "It's kinda cool."

"Well, then I second the name Stargate for what we're building." Rain said.

"Sounds good to me." Howard said.

"I'm not liking this…" Ritsuko muttered.

"Too bad, we picked a name." Maya said. "So, will it work? At least in your opinions."

"Of course it will…" Ritsuko said.

"Not you, Akagi." Maya said with an eye roll. "Their opinions."

"Well… let's see." Rain said. "How were the wormholes started? It's not mentioned in here."

"Ah…" Ritsuko said. "Well, Shinji had an outburst in Unit–01 and it fired a beam into the air, which matches the energy signature of the wormholes."

"Was this the fallout that led the other pilot to be isolated in the hospital by chance?" Howard asked.

"Yes, that pilot." Ritsuko said. "He thought she had died and responded…"

"The way any person would." Maya said. "He was heartbroken."

"But why did the Evangelion react the way it did?" Rain asked. "Are they connected somehow?"

"The way the pilot interfaces with the Evangelion, they are linked." Ritsuko said.

"Aren't they mechanical in nature?" Rain asked.

"No, biological." Ritsuko said. "A beast with no soul. The pilot lends their soul and gains control of the Evangelion through their sync ratio."

"So, it fired the beam." Rain said. "Does Shinji know?"

"No." Maya said quickly. "He gets distracted by things like this, he'd blame himself for causing all this trouble… its best he doesn't know."

"You'll gave to tell him at some point." Howard said. "He'll need to know."

"Yes, just not until we're clear of the White Zodiac." Ritsuko said.

"Fair enough." Howard replied.

"So, back to the plan." Rain said as she flipped though some rough sketches and notes on Ritsuko's Stargate. "You want to use an externally powered Positron Rifle used against the… Fifth Angel." Rain looked up. "The octahedron?"

"Yeah, that one." Maya said. "How did you know?"

"Mari showed us the footage the other day." Rain said. "Some of those battles were… intense."

"Well, of course they were." Ritsuko said. "Angels are no laughing matter."

"No they're not." Rain said passively. "So, Positron Rifle… modify its emitter to focus the energy like the wormhole's, directing them back to our respective realities. The modified rifle would keep the wormholes open until safe passage has been confirmed, and then it would be closed. Then using the same device you would fire a beam at the inverse frequency of Unit–01's original blast to seal the dimensional rift and stop random stuff for appearing here."

"Correct." Ritsuko said. "So, what do you think?"

"Well, we can use trigonometric functions to try and extrapolate the frequency of Unit–01's beam, and then try and adjust the rifle to somehow to match it in intensity."

"We can calculate the power output by using the data from Unit–01's data telemetry." Howard said. "Get a best estimate from the best available data."

"What about the device itself?" Ritsuko asked.

"Well… your idea has a lot of merit, but it needs work." Rain said. "Your energy calculations are too rough. That and we need to refine how everything works with your device. We'll need a better superconductor than copper."

"I concur." Howard said. "Maybe an experimental superconductor?"

"Well, those cloaking devices that we recovered from the downed enemy Mobile Dolls uses some kind of highly resilient superconductor alloy."

"Well, maybe we can synthesize it." Maya said.

"Yes… but…" Rain said. "You said cloaking devices?"

"Yes… why?" Ritsuko asked.

"Well, they have a well defended base of operations from what Colonel Katsuragi explained, correct?" Rai asked.

"Yeah…" Ritsuko said.

"Well, do these devices still work?" Rain asked.

"Some of them do." Ritsuko said. "We recovered several hundred of them."

"So, why not plan an attack on them the same way they attacked you?" Rain asked.

"Why would you bring that up now?" Ritsuko asked.

"My husband must be rubbing off on me a bit." Rain said. "But would it work? A surprise strike on them could eliminate your problems."

"She has a good point." Howard said.

"Yes, but this isn't our department." Ritsuko said. "We're here to work on getting you all home, not some damn attack."

"Doesn't matter, Akagi. It's a good idea to attack them for once." Maya said forcibly. "I'll call Misato, Kaji, and the Sub–Commander. Howard, can you call Lady Une?"

"Sure, I think she'd want to help plan this out." Howard said. "Teach those fools a lesson they won't soon forget."

"How does planning an attack help anyone?" Ritsuko asked.

"If we can defeat your enemy, we can focus our time and effort on getting us all home rather than defending ourselves." Rain said. "Wow… Domon is rubbing off on me…"

"Right, then let's get to work." Maya said as she pulled some data up on the cloaking devices. "So, Ms. Mikamura, do you have any ideas?"

"Yeah… a few." Rain said as the group set to work.


Domon was very glad to be out of the classroom. After his heroic actions during lunch, kids began looking at him with looks of awe on their faces, which disturbed him a bit. Domon viewed what he did as the right thing to do, not some heroic act to be put on a pedestal for. He was also glad to be out of there so that Nebukawa no Sensei couldn't put him to sleep anymore. On his walk, Shinji, Mari and Asuka had decided to show him around Tokyo–3, as he hadn't really gone anywhere besides the apartment or NERV since he'd arrived. Heero and Milliardo decide to tag along to give the group some additional protection. Shinji decided to also make the walk into the nightly take out run, just out of convenience.

"So, it's been an eventful day, hasn't it?" Milliardo asked.

"You mean me beating that guy up, don't you?" Domon said.

"Yes, that made it far more interesting than the usual droning on by the teacher." Milliardo said. "But was it the smartest thing to do when we're trying to blend in?"

"No, it was more about doing the right thing." Domon said. "That's all."

"That's an acceptable reason to me." Heero said.

"So, how badly did you fuck him up?" Asuka asked. "Did you go full Kung Fu on his ass?"

"No, I just him." Domon said. "No special techniques needed."

"Do we have to keep talking about this?" Shinji asked. "I think we've covered it."

"I'd rather not dwell on the past." Domon said.

"Fine, we can talk about something else." Mari said. "How about you tell us more about this Dark Gundam of yours."

"There isn't much more to tell you besides what I already have." Domon said. "It was meant to help the world, and it ended up trying to destroy it."

"What about the Gundam Fights?" Asuka asked. "Why do you have to fight every four years? Seems kinda silly."

"No, it's meant to keep the colonies and the countries on Earth from warring with each other." Domon explained. "Each colony sends a Mobile Fighter like myself to the battleground on Earth. We fight until we're either disqualified by having our Gundam's head destroyed or we go on to the finals and fight however the ruling country decides. When only one Gundam remains, that country gets to rule all the other countries for the next four years and its Earth side counterpart gets to host the finals of the next Gundam Fight. It's as simple as that."

"How did you win?" Shinji asked.

"Well… luck and skill I suppose." Domon replied. "It was a hard fight to get to the finals, but, I was able to win in the end. I had to fight my former master, and I learned his reason why he was siding with the Dark Gundam. When I defeated him… he died in my arms."

"Did you…" Milliardo asked.

"No, he had cancer." Domon said. "He died from that. I didn't kill him, even if I wanted to… I don't like killing. It's senseless unless they are so evil, they can't be left to their own devices." Domon sighed. "Although, considering your reality is rife with war, I'm guessing you've killed more than your share of people."

"Not us." Mari said. "We kill Angels, not people."

"No, I meant them." Domon replied, pointing at Heero and Milliardo. "They live in a war torn reality, right?"

"It's less war torn than it was." Milliardo said. "But tens of millions died during the war, civilians and soldiers alike. But your world at least found a way to avoid the costly side effects of war."

"The Gundam Fight might be a smart idea, but your reality seems to have found a way to avoid the horrors of war as well." Domon said. "Those Mobile Dolls you were talking about."

"Those aren't a way to avoid the horrors of war, they're used to justify war." Milliardo said. "When human lives no longer need to be sacrificed to fight for what they believe in, war has no greater meaning, it's simply a show of strength and a way to cause mass amounts of destruction to prove a point."

"So, they're used to justify war?" Domon asked.

"When you have a way to tell your citizens that none of their sons or daughters will have to fight, war can be far more readily used as a response to other countries actions." Milliardo said. "When you take the cost of human lives out of war, like I said, war becomes a meaningless conflict fought by cold, emotionless, machines."

"So, how do you win against a machine like that?" Domon asked.

"That's how we're able to destroy the Mobile Dolls so quickly and effectively, they can't think or anticipate, because they're only machines." Heero explained. "On their own, they are machines with a set amount of responses, and even when augmented by using a system similar to ZERO, with a person exerting direct control, it's still only one person splitting their focus across thousands of units, lowering their overall combat effectiveness against small or even large groups of enemies. The human spirit will always defeat the machine with it propensity for innovation and quick thinking."

"But doesn't your ZERO System remove emotions from your thought process?" Domon asked.

"The ZERO System cannot be utilized by a simple A.I. computer. It still requires a human mind to operate and process the large quantities of data the ZERO System collects. ZERO needs the most powerful computer known to exist, the human mind." Heero explained. "The downside to this is the immense strain it places on the pilot, which can lead to psychosis among other things, which is why the system is not as widespread as it could be. It's too dangerous for… causal use."

"Psychosis?" Domon asked.

"It's a long story, don't bother asking." Asuka said.

"How do you know?" Domon asked. "I thought you were an Evangelion pilot?"

"I piloted the Epyon in the last battle, and Shinji piloted the Wing Zero." Asuka explained. "Simply put, it makes you see things that aren't here until you can gain control of it and use the system properly. Shinji and I tried to kill each other under its effects."

"Yeah…" Shinji said glumly. "It's true."

"How…" Domon said. "You're in love."

"Well, we have…" Asuka started.

"A long and complicated history." Shinji finished. "It would take several long stories to explain."

"It can't be that complicated." Domon said. "I rescued Rain from an evil monster trying to destroy humanity by professing my love to her, and then we killed it with the power of love… that's complicated."

"No, ours is wayyyy more complicated." Asuka said. "Trust me."

"Yeah, it's super fucked up." Mari added. "They were almost like… retarded puppies." Mari smirked. "Yeah, that's about right…"

"MARI!" Shinji shouted. "How is that appropriate?!"

"What, it's descriptive and drives the point home." "I'm being… colorfully descriptive."

"No, it's more like you're being an idiot." Asuka muttered.

"Oh, shut up princess." Mari said. "You know it's true. You and Shinji were retarded puppies up until he shouted to everyone how much he loved you."

"Well, you're a…" Asuka stammered. "Just shut up, four eyes! You're being a huge pain in my ass!"

"No, that's a puppy's job!" Mari purred. "He's supposed to bury his bone in your ass!"

"Are they always like this?" Domon asked.

"Apparently they used to be worse." Heero said. "Although I find that almost impossible…"

"Trust me, this is an improvement." Shinji said. "The sex jokes ever change though."

"So… by puppy's bone…" Domon said.

"She calls me puppy." Shinji said. "And I'm Asuka's boyfriend."

"I thought that's what it meant…" Domon said. "She has a real foul mouth."

"Wait till you piss her off." Milliardo said. "Then you'll really be surprised."

"Pervert!" Asuka screamed.

"Prude!" Mari shouted back.

"And we've devolved to this again…" Shinji muttered. "Enough you two! Neutral corners, NOW!"

"But…" Asuka said.

"She was…" Mari started.

"What did you two promise?" Shinji asked. "No more fighting… I know we're all stressed and you two seem to get off on this, but you need to stop!"

"Fine." Asuka said curtly while Mari gave Shinji a pouty face.

"Good, now can we finish walking without you two shouting at each other?" Shinji asked.

"I guess." Asuka said. "As long as she keeps her huge mouth shut."

"Mari?" Shinji asked.

"Yeah, fine." Mari said. "I won't say anything else mean to the puppy's little princess."

"Good, now let's go, we have a lot of food to pick up from the restaurant." Shinji said. "And we don't want it to get cold."

As they kept walking, and Asuka and Mari were both in soul moods, Domon and Heero walked next to Shinji. Shinji turned to Heero and sighed.

"Hey, Heero, can I ask you something?" Shinji asked.

"Go ahead." Heero replied.

"How did you get Unit–01 to do the explosion thingy?" Shinji asked. "It seemed… odd that you could do it."

Heero looked at Shinji intently for a moment before replying, keeping his answer as vague as he could while hiding Yui's secret. "I believe Unit–01 was responding to you saying we have to finish these guys off. You're very heavily bonded to your machine, as you're well aware."

Shinji stared blankly at Heero before realizing what he meant. "So, Unit–01 reacted to me without me being in the Entry Plug?"

"That's my belief anyway." Heero said. "I'm not sure why it's possible… but you should be glad Unit–01 is on your side."

"How were able to pilot though…" Shinji asked. "When Asuka tried to, I had to, uh, tell Unit–01 to let her pilot."

Heero thought for a moment. "I believe Unit–01 knew why I was there and allowed me to."

"Did you… talk to Unit–01?" Shinji asked.

"Yes." Heero said. "It responded by allowing me to pilot."

"How do you communicate with a… machine?" Domon asked.

"Well, it's not purely mechanical." Shinji said. "It's alive, I guess, and needs a soul to pilot it or something… Maya or Dr. Akagi would be way better at explaining it than me."

"I guess I'll ask one of them, or maybe Rain, she'll probably have asked the same question." Domon said before he leaned down to whisper something to Shinji.

"How do you deal with them all the time?" Domon asked indicating Asuka and Mari. "Them fighting and all that. It seems… endless."

"Lots of patience." Shinji said as the group continued meandering through the city. "That and I love them both so much, Mari's my best friend, and I love Asuka, and I just want them to get along, so if I need to shout sometimes so they see how dumb they're being its fine, because in the end, we're all great friends."

"That's how you keep it all in perspective?" Domon asked. "They're friends on some level?"

"Well, yeah." Shinji said. "They may argue, but I know they both care about each other. They're just too damn stubborn to admit it."

"Sounds like how I was with Rain." Domon said.

"And what made you realize you cared about Rain?" Shinji asked.

"Almost losing her." Domon said. "It forced me to admit it to myself."

"Well, I hope it doesn't come to that for them…" Shinji said. "But the way our lives are, it may be the only way for them not to act all…"

"Childish?" Domon asked.

"No, idiotic." Shinji said with a grin as Asuka glared at him from behind.

"I am not idiotic!" Asuka snarled.

"You are with Mari." Shinji said.

"No I'm…" Asuka started. "Damn it, I hate when you're right…"

November 8, 2016 – NERV HQ

Everyone had been awoken early for an emergency meeting at NERV. Several of those present were still half asleep, namely Mari, with others being frustrated they had been called in without any enemies to fight. As they sat and waited for the presentation, Mari started to fall back asleep until she was awoken by Shinji poking he shoulder, which made her fall out of her seat.

"Hey!" Mari said. "What was that for?!"

"I was only trying to wake you up." Shinji said. "It's not my fault you were up so late playing videogames or something."

"I wasn't playing videogames." Mari said.

"Then what were you doing?" Relena asked. "There's really no reason to be up so late for no reason."

"There is a good reason, it's just none of your business." Mari said with a grin.

"She was touching herself." Asuka said bluntly. "Don't let her make it all mysterious, she's got some kind of addiction."

"There are worse addictions, princess." Mari said. "It's not drugs or anything."

"Why are we talking about this?" Milliardo asked. "It seems inappropriate for public conversations."

"Well, that's Mari in a nutshell, isn't it." Duo said. "All she says is inappropriate things."

"It's not inappropriate, people just don't like hearing it." Mari said. "What's wrong with masturbating?"

"I don't see an issue with it." Domon said.

"Domon!" Rain said as she walked in with Howard, Ritsuko, Maya, and Kaji.

"Ha, someone's in trouble!" Mari said.

"As tantalizing as this conversation is, perhaps you could all refocus on the reason we're here in the first place." Ritsuko said snidely.

"It's not tantalizing, it's erotic." Mari quipped.

"Mari, be quiet." Shinji said.

"Yeah, Akagi, why are we here?" Asuka asked.

"It wasn't vague." Ritsuko said. "I said to get here because we had a plan."

"What kind of plan?" Mari asked.

"A plan to take out the White Zodiac." Misato said.

"We can't take them out." Milliardo said. "Even with a surprise attack, there would be too many, we lose our defensive advantage."

"We'd also lose whatever weapons' protections Tokyo–3 offers if we attack them directly." Trowa added. "And the Evangelions, they aren't exactly portable."

"The Evangelions can be transported, but it requires a lot of prep." Misato said.

"Yes, but how would we get there undetected?" Wufei asked. "Only Deathscythe has that ability, and as good of a pilot Duo is, no one's that good."

"We've found a way around all that." Ritsuko said.

"Actually, Rain found a way around all that." Misato said. "Didn't you?"

"Yes, I did." Rain said. "At least, I hope so."

"Well, are you going to tell us the plan, or make us sit in here in suspense?" Duo asked.

"Well, it's your plan, Ms. Mikamura." Ritsuko said begrudgingly. "Why don't you explain it to everyone."

"Alright." Rain said. "Maya, would you mind doing the slides for me?"

"Not at all." Maya replied as she turned on the projector.

"Alright, so while working on a plan to get us back home, we were looking at the recovered cloaking devices from the last enemy attack. I had the idea to use them to mask our own attack force to destroy." Rain explained. "Ritsuko explained to me about the N2 Mines and their electromagnetic pulse aftereffects, and Misato explained how they're deployed from large bomber aircraft. I came up with the idea to use the cloaking devices on the 10 bombers currently stationed in the city to assault the base directly."

"What about the civilians?" Relena asked. "There are hundreds of innocent people out there! They'd be injured in that kind of attack!"

"No, they wouldn't." Rain replied. "I've been shown the N2 Mines, and I can modify them to only release an electromagnetic pulse, an even more powerful one. The explosions would be localized to about 100 meters in diameter. As long as the bombs are dropped only on the base, the civilians would be fine."

"What happens when the fusion reactors on those things overload?" Quatre asked. "Those chain reactions would be just as devastating."

"No, they wouldn't be as devastating, those explosions only have a range of about 10 meters, and they wouldn't harm the populace." Lady Une said. "Unless I'm mistaken."

"No, you're absolutely right, the explosions would be confined to the base. The transport ships would be the dangerous part, they could be far more explosive." Rain said. "But the N2 Mines would be aimed at the ships to maximize the damage to the stored Virgos."

"So, you have a bunch of planes with bombs, that's not exactly a plan." Duo said.

"Well, that's where I come in." Misato said. "The plan is, using a cloaked Archangel squadron to bomb them back to the stone age, and four cloaked Evangelion transports to move Unit–01, Unit–02, and all the Gundams to their base in Russia to mop up the survivors and wipe them out once and for all."

"How will Unit–02 be able to operate without a power source?" Asuka asked.

"And who's gonna pilot Wing Gundam?" Noin asked.

"Wing Gundam will be piloted by Mari." Lady Une said.

"And Unit–02 will have additional batteries equipped to last for 45 minutes." Ritsuko said.

"I get to pilot another Gundam?" Mari asked.

"Yes, just try not to break it or anything, I just finished fixing it." Howard said.

"No promises." Mari said.

"So, we're going to bomb the shit out of them, then deploy the Gundams and Evangelions to wipe them out once and for all?" Duo asked.

"That's what they just said." Heero said. "I know you're not stupid, Duo, but you pull off the act quite convincingly."

"I was just making sure that's the plan!" Duo said. "Cause it sounds pretty awesome!"

"Of course it does, but it's certainly a risky plan." Trowa said. "We have to assume that they aren't going to attack us first, and pull off the attack before they can attack us."

"It's a risk we're going to have to take." Lady Une said. "It's the only way to do this without this fine city being leveled with our conflict."

"How long before we can attack?" Heero asked.

"A day or two." Kaji said. "Right, Ms. Mikamura?"

"No more than two days." Rain said. "It won't take that long to integrate the cloaking devices into the planes."

"And the modifications to carry the Gundams in the Evangelions transports shouldn't be that hard either." Maya said.

"Ok, so that plan is all well and good, but what about getting us home?" Domon asked. "I thought that was the reason for you to be meeting."

"Well, we have a plan for that as well." Ritsuko said.

"Well, don't leave us sitting here in suspense, Dr. Akagi." Noin said. "Tell us."

"We're modifying an advanced Positron Rifle to create wormholes to send you home." Ritsuko explained. "We'll also use it to close up the rift that was created as well."

"So does that mean you know what caused all this shit?" Mari asked.

"Yes, but… that'll be explained in greater detail after we wipe out those assholes." Misato said. "That's our main focus right now."

"Well, can you at least tell us how long until we can return home?" Wufei asked.

"The device will take two to three weeks to complete, depending on how well things go." Rain said. "So you guys go out there and fight, and we'll stay here and focus on this."

"Three weeks, and then we can return home…" Quatre said. "It seems almost unreal."

"I can promise you that it's quite real." Howard said. "Just let us work our magic and we'll be heading back to our corner of reality soon enough."

"So, is that a definite time frame?" Milliardo asked. "Three weeks and we can return home?"

"Barring any unforeseen circumstances, yes." Ritsuko said.

"And what could those be?"

"No idea, but if you live here long enough you get a sense that things could go wrong at any moment." Kaji said.

"You mean the Angels, right?" Domon asked.

"Yeah them, or more surprises through another damn wormhole." Misato said.

"I think we've had enough surprises to last us a lifetime." Asuka said.

"That doesn't mean more surprises won't arrive on our doorstep." Mari said. "Weirdness is the norm for our lives, so I'd expect nothing short of more shit to pop into our laps at some point."

"I hope you're wrong." Misato said.

"Well, considering all of us are here, I think Mari's correct to assume that more will arrive through." Heero said. "I just hope that you can finish your device and send us home before that happens."

"I think we're all hoping for that, soldier boy." Mari said.

"Well, then, let's get started." Misato said. "We've got two days, so get some rest, cause we don't need any of you falling asleep in the cockpit." Misato glared at Mari.

"I never fall asleep in there!" Mari said angrily. "I'm too excited to fall asleep when there's fighting to do! I get all tingly!"

"I did not need to know that." Misato said. "Regardless of how alert any of you think you are in a battle, we're not taking any chances. Go home, get some sleep, and no school for the rest of week. That's an order."

"No school and we get to nap all day?" Mari said. "You don't have to tell me twice!"


Trente was pacing around his office, his hand still bandaged from his violent outburst the week before. After his second defeat at the hands of everyone holed up in Tokyo–3, he was livid. His full–frontal assault was stopped, and his surprise attack was also thwarted by the quick reactions of the Gundam and Evangelion pilots.

"I still don't understand how I could have lost to those children!" Trente shouted at a wall. "I am the most brilliant tactician in history, I can't be stopped by some backwater rabble!"

Trente continued to pace around in an increasingly erratic fashion, muttering nonsense to himself. "I need to finish this fight once and for all and conquer this fucking planet so I can harvest its people and resources to the backbone of my empire!" Trent slammed his uninjured fist into the intercom on his desk. "Major, get in here!" Trente shouted into the intercom. "And bring the Colonel!"

Moments later, The Major and the Colonel walked hurriedly into Trente's office and saluted their usual way.

"Yes, Supreme Commander?" The Major asked.

"What is left of our attack force, Major?" Trente asked.

"90,000 Virgos remain, Supreme Commander." The Major replied. "All of them are on standby, and can be readied on your command. All of their flying units can be equipped within a 12 hours."

"Good, and Colonel, the disposition of our base defenses?" Trente asked.

"5,000 Aries and 20,000 Leos are on standby in their ships, awaiting your orders." The Colonel replied. "The missile batteries and point–defense beam cannons are deployed strategically around our position."

"Muster all our forces to active standby." Trente said. "And ready 80,000 Virgos to launch an all–out assault on that citadel city. Have them equipped with missile pods and heavy weapons."

"Sir, that will slow their approach considerably." The Major said. "Perhaps, just a standard…"

"No!" Trente screamed. "We are not going to go easy on them this time! We are sending one massive wave of Virgos, 80,000 of them to attack and level that fucking city and make them regret the day they rebuffed Trente Khushrenada! It will be an example to this planet that they are defenseless against my mighty Empire!"

"What about the other 10,000 Virgos, Supreme Commander?" The Major asked.

"Have them prepped for base defense until further notice, and have the pilots of the other Mobile Suits ready to deploy on my orders, is that understood?" Trente ordered.

"Supreme Commander, if I may, the Mobile Doll Control system is still not function properly…" The Colonel began.

"I did not ask for your opinion on my orders, Colonel! The Mobile Dolls will be attack and destroy that city without fail! We cannot lose with an attack this size!" Trente shouted. "Carry out my orders immediately, and without question! I want to attack within 48 hours!"

"Yes, Supreme Commander!" The Major replied.

"Understood, Supreme Commander!" The Colonel added.

"Now, get out of my sight!" Trente shouted.

"Hail Trente!" The Major and Colonel said in unison with a stiff salute before they left. "Glory to Trente's Empire! May it live for 10,000 years!"

To Be Continued

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