Neon Genesis Evangelion: Legacy – Gundam Invasion
A Mobile Suit Gundam Wing and Mobile Fighter G Gundam Crossover

Chapter 11 – Death of a Revolution
November 10, 2016 – Outside Kozyrevsk, Kamchatka Krai, Russia

Trente was pacing around his office once again. He was becoming more unraveled as the launch of his beloved Virgos approached. His uniform was no longer perfectly neat, but it was disheveled and dirty. His hair was no longer combed either, it was messy and gnarled. The bandages had been removed from his right hand, and his hand and forearm were scarred quite badly.

"I can't believe I allowed this to happen." Trente muttered. "I let inexperienced children force me into a corner, force me to attack in such a stupid way! But it's the only way, I should have used my preferred method of fighting from the beginning, strike like lightning and never let up, I outnumbered them, and now I need to press my only advantage, my large attack force. I will make them scurry out of their city while I burn it to the ground. I won't allow the Mobile Dolls to take all this glory though, I must also make an appearance as well…"

Trente walked quickly out of his office, storming by everyone in the command center, disregarding everyone who snapped to attention and saluted him. The Major saw him rushing through and decided to follow him. Trente walked outside and moved even faster towards a single Mobile Suit Carrier that was smaller than the rest. He walked inside, and the Major followed. There was a single object inside, under a large tarp. Trente was muttering to himself and undoing the ties on the tarp.

"Supreme Commander, are you alright?" The Major asked. "Shouldn't you be readying yourself to command the Mobile Dolls?"

"No, Major, the Mobile Dolls onboard computers will guide them in this fight." Trente said.

"Then what are you doing, Supreme Commander?" The Major asked.

"I'm preparing myself to join the battle." Trente said.

"Supreme Commander, you cannot go into the field, you're far too important to our cause!" The Major said. "You are our cause!"

"Major, I personally want to help level that city, and I brought along the one thing that will help me accomplish that." Trente finished untying the last rope on the tarp and began pulling it off, revealing a massive Mobile Suit, some 23 meters in height. It was colored a deep red with burnt orange highlights. "I will walk into that city and slaughter those Gundams pilots myself with my ultimate Mobile Suit."

"Supreme Commander, what is that thing?" The Major asked. "It's… massive."

"This is the OZ–16MSX–D, better known as Mobile Suit Scorpio." Trente explained. "This is the final Mobile Suit commissioned to be built by OZ during the war against the colonies. I designed it myself to be the brutal powerhouse of the Mobile Doll forces."

"Is it a prototype?" The Major asked.

"Yes, it's the only one that could be built before those fools surrendered like weak little children." Trente said. "When that cunt, Lady Une, surrendered to the colonies, I had to quickly hide it before those weak fools destroyed my work. I just wish I had been present during that battle about Earth, we would never have surrendered, and we would have won with ease." Trente smiled maniacally. "So I removed its Mobile Doll framework and equipped it with a standard cockpit, and armed it with 20 micro–missile launchers, a beam bayonet, and an A.S. Planet Defensor."

"With what, Supreme Commander?" The Major asked.

"Why do you ask so many questions?!" Trente shouted. "The beam bayonet is a combination of a beam rifle and beam sabre, and the A.S. Planet Defensor is meant to be a massive beam shield, completely impenetrable to any beam based weapon! It's the ultimate Mobile Suit capable of destroying anything that comes at it!"

"Supreme Commander, are you sure this is the wisest course of action?" The Major asked.

Trente rushed the Major and backhanded him across the face, knocking him to the ground. "Are you questioning my combat abilities, Major?!" Trente shouted.

"No Supreme Commander… I was just…" The Major started.

"Then inform the Colonel he will be in command of this base until my triumphant return!" Trente shouted. "Have the flight equipment for this Mobile Suit attached immediately, we leave in 30 minutes, and I will to be the spearhead of this operation!"

"Supreme Commander, would it not be more practical to just use this Mobile Suit Carrier?" The Major replied while he rubbed his face and got back to his feet.

"Because then this glorious Mobile Suit will be hidden away." Trente said. "I want the enemy to know I'm coming to crush them personally."

"Understood, Supreme Commander." The Major replied. "Will there be anything else, Supreme Commander?"

"Yes, fetch my flight suit." Trente said. "I wish to dress the part like a true soldier would."

"Yes, Supreme Commander." The Major said. "And good luck."

"I don't need luck, Major." Trente said pridefully as he stroked the armor of the Scorpio. "My skill and superior Mobile Suit will win me this day. I'll be sending all those fuckers straight to hell with my Empire being built over their rotting corpses! No one defies Trente Khushrenada and lives to tell about it!"


Misato was standing nervously behind Maya as she, Hyuga, and Aoba were monitoring the launch of their assault forces. Behind her, leaning against the base of the command platform where Gendo and Fuyutsuki were sitting, was smirking as he saw Unit–01 and Unit–02 take off and then have their planes cloak moments after takeoff. Ritsuko was standing off to the side, looking at some additional calculations for the attack, and updating the flight plans accordingly so the cloaks wouldn't be effected. On the command platform, Gendo had his hands in front of his mouth like usual, and if one looked close enough, you could see the edges of his grin while Fuyutsuki stood stoically behind him.

"Colonel Katsuragi, what is the status of the assault forces?" Gendo asked.

"Commander, Both Evangelion transports are in the air in a holding pattern, and the three transports hauling the Gundams are taking off now." Misato said. "Archangel Squadron is launching in two minutes."

"How long until our forces reach their base once everyone is in the air?" Fuyutsuki asked.

"Just over three hours." Kaji replied. "If they stay at altitude and stay cloaked."

"Which they will be able to do." Ritsuko said. "Without fail."

"Very well." Gendo said. "Proceed with the mission."

"That may be a problem Commander." Maya said. "OBSAT–10 is passing over their base, and we're picking up a lot of movement… a whole lot of movement."

"How much movement?" Misato asked.

"Most of their Virgo force is launching." Maya said. "I'm detecting roughly 80,000 launching along with a… unique Mobile Suit."

"Can you transmit those images to me please, Lieutenant Ibuki." Lady Une asked. "I'd like to see this monstrosity for myself."

"Sending them now." Maya said.

"This is impossible… it can't be…" Lady Une muttered. "This thing was confirmed destroyed after the surrender. All that was left were… scraps."

"Just like how I tricked OZ into thinking I'd destroyed Wing Gundam?" Milliardo asked. "It's not that hard to trick some lazy fools."

"Well, Lady Une, what is it, exactly?" Misato asked. "You're worrying me."

"Miso, we have 80,000–ish enemies launching towards us, and this is worrying you?" Mari asked.

"Yes, this is worrying me, they've never sent anything but Virgos at us, why change now?" Misato said. "So, Lady Une, can you identify it?"

"Yes, I can… it's the OZ–16MSX–D Scorpio." Lady Une said. "It was designed and partially built by Trente Khushrenada just before the war ended. After the surrender while we were destroying all of the Mobile Dolls, we found his research base and destroyed the prototype inside… clearly it was only a decoy, that bastard. "

"So are you telling us that your Hitler–lite is leading the attack himself?" Kaji asked.

"That's my assumption." Lady Une said. "He must've gotten tired of watching from the sidelines. He has an awful temper and does hate to lose."

"So what, we pissed in his cornflakes and now he wants to fight us directly?" Asuka asked.

"No, we shit on his Cheerios and he wants revenge." Mari said. "Get it right princess."

"Well, you're both right, as crass as your statements were." Lady Une said. "He will be leading the attack force. So, what should we do, Colonel? We can't send everyone t the base with the incoming enemies."

"Well, we can't attack them halfway, then they'd be able to alert their base…" Misato said. "We'll have to split everything up and wait for their force to arrive here, and attack the assault force and their base simultaneously." Misato sighed. "What's the altitude limit for those Virgos?"

"50,000ft and no faster than subsonic speed.." Trowa replied. "But with that many Virgos they will probably fill up most of the sky."

"Hyuga, what do the MAGI predict their course will be?" Misato asked.

"Calculating now, ma'am." Hyuga replied. "MAGI predict a 97.85% probability of the same course being used again."

"Alright… then the assault force will have to divert course to avoid colliding with them." Misato said. "Ritsuko, how fast can the aircraft go while under cloak?"

"As fast as they need to, but the altitude limit is over 60,000 ft." Ritsuko replied. "They could just fly over them."

"Yeah, but I don't want any possibility of our team colliding with those Mobile Dolls." Misato replied. "Lady Une, you're going to divert eastward to avoid any issues, and you're going to push top speed to make up the lost time."

"What about our attack force?" Lady Une asked. "How are we splitting them up?"

"Ok… Archangels 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, and 10 will continue towards their Russian base all the Gundams, and we'll launch Unit–01 and Unit–02 to defend the city…" Misato started.

"If Trente is coming to attack the city, I will stay behind and stop assist Shinji and Asuka." Heero said.

"And if the puppy and the princess are staying, I'm staying too." Mari said. "Me and Wing Gundam."

"Rain and I will also stay." Domon said. "As long as she agrees."

"I think we'd be better off here than fighting somewhere else." Rain said. "I think my limited fighting skills would be put to better use here."

"Fine…" Misato said gruffly. "Unless someone else wants to stay behind, Archangels 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, and 10 and the three transport planes carrying Deathscythe, Heavyarms, Sandrock, Tallgeese, Epyon and Altron. That group will assault the base as planned and wipe out their forces. Lady Une will be in direct command of those forces. Once outside the city limits, all assault aircraft will maintain radio silence until their base is destroyed."

"Alright, so what about the rest of us?" Asuka asked. "Are we just going to loiter here like assholes or something?"

"No, Asuka, you, Unit–01, and the remaining Gundams will set up a defensive along the northern edge of the city and wait for them. We'll deploy weapons for your EVAs shortly." Misato explained. "Archangels 1, 4, 6, and 9 will stay in a wide holding pattern outside the city limits and surprise them on their final approach."

"How long until the attacks take place?" Fuyutsuki asked.

"Based on weather patterns and the speeds the planes will be pushing, they attack in Russia will happen before their Virgos arrive here." Hyuga explained. "It looks like that new Mobile Suit… the Scorpio, flies slower than the others, so the MAGI are now predicting that the enemy will arrive in four and half hours, and our forces will arrive in four hours."

"Won't they turn back when the attack on their base begins?" Shinji asked.

"No." Rain said. "The electromagnetic pulses will knock out their communications immediately, they wouldn't be able to end a distress signal."

"And they would be too far away to assist anyway." Lady Une said. "Just worry about defending the city, we'll deal with the ones that stayed behind."

"Shame we lost both Gundams with massive beam rifles though." Duo said. "Other than Heavyarms, we're kinda light on the ranged weaponry."

"Hey Duo, did you forget that Tallgeese has a beam rifle?" Noin asked.

"Oh, yeah, kinda." Duo said. "Whoops."

"Well, the Gundam transports are in the air, so how are the Gundams getting out?" Kaji asked.

"We'll simply deploy." Heero said. "Open the hatch, I will close it when I leave."

"Yep, I'll do the same I guess." Mari said. "So, how well does this sucker fly anyway?"

"It has wings and it's called Wing Gundam…" Milliardo said. "What do you think?"

"Pretty well then I guess…" Mari said.

"What about us, Misato?" Shinji asked. "Can we launch or what?"

"Once the Gundams are clear." Misato said. "Maya, prepare the alarm, set Level–1 battle stations, activate the AIS, and set the city to battle configuration in two hours, that'll give the civilians enough time to get to shelter." Misato ordered.

"Understood, Colonel." Maya said.

"Hyuga, inform the civilians of our new state of emergency." Misato said. "Just a general warning… after almost two years, they should know the drill."

"Understood ma'am." Hyuga replied.

"Great! Now, is everyone clear on the plan?" Misato asked.

"Quite clear." Lady Une replied.

"Roger." Duo said.

"Ready." Asuka said.

"Yep." Mari said.

"Let's go." Domon said.

"Sure." Shinji added.

"Mission accepted." Heero replied.

"Right… then mobilize." Misato said. "We got a war to win."


It was lunchtime and Hikari was sitting in class looking at the empty seats of her friends, wondering if they were alright. Toji was happily chowing down on what Hikari had made for him, eating so fast he barely had time to breathe. Kensuke was eating quietly, occasionally glancing at Toji to make sure he was still breathing.

"Toji will you slow down?" Hikari asked. "Can you even taste what I made?"

"That's why I'm eating so fast, babe…" Toji said with a mouthful of curry. "It so damn good, I wish there was more!"

"You know, you could at least slow down and enjoy lunch." Hikari said. "Maybe even talk to the rest of us."

"I could, but then I wouldn't have time to eat." Toji said as he took another helping of food.

"God you're idiot…" Hikari said as she shook her head. "Are you even worried about our friends?"

"Not really. I'm sure they'll be fine, whatever they're doing." Toji said

"Toji, that's so insensitive!" Hikari said angrily. "They could be in danger!"

"That's kind of their job." Kensuke said. "They pilot Evangelions, Hikari."

"I know that, but they're missing from class again!" Hikari said. "Something must be up!"

"Again, that's when they disappear." Kensuke said. "They're probably on a mission with the transfer students."

"Yeah, plus, they all know what they're doing." Toji said between bites. "Plus, I bet the alarm will go off any time now telling us to get to the shelter."

"Why would you say that?" Hikari asked.

"Always happens." Toji said as the alarms started to sound. "See? Look at that, almost like I'm psychic."

"I bet the message is some generic bullshit." Kensuke said as a high–pitched tone came over the school's intercom system.

"This is the Tokyo–3 Emergency Broadcast System… A state of emergency has been declared for the Tokai Region. We request at this time for all civilians to evacuate to the closest emergency shelter in a quick, calm, and orderly fashion for their safety. Failure to do so could result in injury from hazardous conditions. We repeat… this is the Tokyo–3 Emergency Broadcast System… a state of emergency has been declared for the Tokai Region…"

"See, same generic bullshit." Kensuke said.

"How have you two gotten so used to this?" Hikari asked.

"No idea… kinda just happened." Toji said.

"Hey, instead of going right to the shelters, let's go to the roof." Kensuke said. "We can go and see what's going on."

"Sure, why not?" Toji said.

Hikari glared at both of them for a moment and then her look softened. "Fine, but let's try not to get caught, shall we?"

The trio grabbed their bags and walked calmly, being sure to not be seen sneaking away from everyone else. When they got to the roof, they saw two planes decloak and fly over them, carrying Unit–01 and Unit–02 respectively.

"See, there they are!" Toji said. "They look fine!"

"Yeah, but why are they mounted on planes?" Hikari asked. "I thought they were launched differently."

"Maybe whatever plans Misato had were interrupted." Kensuke said. "Those planes are designed for long range transport."

As the planes made it to the northern edge of the city, both Evangelions were released from the aircraft and fell gracefully to the ground.

"Think they'll be ok?" Hikari asked as Wing Zero, Wing Gundam, Shining and Burning Gundam flew past the school after the planes.

"Yeah, thy even have back up." Toji said.

"But where's everyone else?" Kensuke asked. "There should be more Gundams."

"Maybe they didn't need everyone out here." Toji said. "And does it really matter? We'll just ask Mari or Shinji when we see them and they'll tell us."

"Yeah, you're right." Kensuke said.

"Look…" Hikari said as she pointed to the city. "I've never really the city do that before."

The buildings in the central black gracefully slid below the surface of Tokyo–3, leaving a flat, heavily armored slab behind as the AIS buildings around the city opened, revealing their weapons.

"Yeah, it's kinda cool." Toji said. "But if they're doing that, it must be serious."

"So, should we go?" Hikari asked. "I'd rather to get to the shelter than get caught in another attack like last time."

"Hey, when those nuts attacked the last time, it was a surprise." Toji said. "This time it looks like we know they're coming, so Shinji and Asuka are gonna go kick their ass."

"Nah, I don't want to use the school's shelter." Toji said. "Let's go to the one near Misato's apartment, not many people live on that side of town."

"Fine, but call your sister so she can meet us there." Hikari said.

"Aren't you going to argue about staying with the class?" Kensuke asked.

"No, I'm too tired to care." Hikari said. "Besides, I'd rather it just be the four of us hiding somewhere then having to be cramped up with some of the jerks we go to school with."

"Cool." Toji said. "I texted her, she'll sneak away and meet us at the front gate here."

"Thankfully it's a short walk." Kensuke said.

"How long should we wait?" Hikari asked. "We could still get caught leaving the school."

"We could go right now…" Toji caught Hikari's glare. "Fine, we'll go in a few minutes." Toji said. "Everyone should be in there by now, it's not rocket science or anything."

"That's better." Hikari said. "I don't care if they think we're missing, I just don't want to actually get caught breaking the rules."

"Man, babe, you really love to live dangerously, don't you?" Toji joked.

"No, I just don't like getting in trouble." Hikari replied.


All though no one could see it, there were nine cloaked aircraft flying high above the ground. Inside was a compliment of 12 modified N2 Mines spread between six bombers, meant to only create an electromagnetic pulse to disrupt the super–compact fusion reactors of the enemy Mobile Dolls. On the other three planes were a total of six Gundams (Deathscythe, Heavyarms, Sandrock, Tallgeese, Epyon and Altron), lying in wait to deploy after the EMPs dissipated so they could wipe up the remaining enemy forces. On the lead transport aircraft were Lady Une and Relena. Relena had insisted she accompany the attack force top support her friends, but was visibly downtrodden when Heero decided to stay behind in Tokyo–3.

They had left Tokyo–3 more than three hours ago, and were nearing the end of their trip. They had seen the massive force of Mobile Dolls descending towards Tokyo–3 while they flew stealthily towards the enemy's base. And now, Lady Une looked patiently out one of the observation windows on her cloaked aircraft. She could see the ocean being replaced by rolling hills.

"How close are we to the target?" Lady Une asked.

"Just a few minutes, ma'am." The pilot replied.

"Alright, prep us for our attack run." Lady Une said. "Send the coded signal for the bombers to spread into the modified attack formation."

"Roger." The pilot replied.

"And set the red launch lights for the Gundams." Lady Une added. "They need to be prepared."

"Understood." The pilot replied.

Lady Une walked over to one of the technicians on deck. "Can you tell me the disposition of the enemy forces?"

"Yes, ma'am." The technician said. "It appears that the majority of their Mobile Suit forces are on standby with their remaining Mobile Dolls being docked inside their ships. Mobile anti–aircraft cannons and missile launchers are deployed in a wide fashion around the base. They cannot detect us."

"Let's keep it that way." Lady Une said. "How are the bombers?"

"In formation and ready to attack." The pilot replied. "We're slowing to attack speed now."

"Range to target?" Lady Une asked.

"27 km and closing." The pilot replied. "Three minutes until drop zone."

"Be ready for full throttle once the bombs drop." Lady Une said. "Are the bombers returning to Tokyo–3 right away?"

"Yes, ma'am." The pilot said. "Those orders never changed. We'll continue flying away from the operations' area to avoid the crossfire. We'll return for them when the all clear is given by the pilots."

"Good." Lady Une said. "Relena, are you alright?"

"Yes…" Relena said absentmindedly. "I just wanted to watch the fight."

"For a pacifist, you sure do see our fair share of battle." Lady Une said. "Or was there another reason you wanted to tag along?"

"No reason…" Relena said.

"Sure there wasn't." Lady Une said. "Perhaps your crush on the boy is just a figment of my imagination."

"What boy?" Relena asked.

"Relena, why are being difficult?" Lady Une asked. "I just wish to… help."

"There isn't anything to help with." Relena said. "I just wish that Heero was still here… I'd feel safer knowing Wing Zero was here."

"You do know there are plenty of other pilots here that are more than capable of protecting us, right?." Lady Une asked.

"Of course." Relena replied. "But…"

"Heero means something to you." Lady Une said, but before Relena could respond, they were interrupted.

"30 seconds to drop zone." The pilot announced.

"We'll finish this later." Lady Une said. "Prepare for surface bombardment."

"Roger." The pilot said. "Brace for potential turbulence."

"Launch the Gundams 10 seconds after the detonation." Lady Une ordered. "Then get us the hell out of here."

"Roger." The pilot said. "Drop zone reached… bombs are away."

The 12 N2 Mines dropped from 50,000 feet and whistled towards the ground. Just a few hundred feet above the ground, the N2 Mines exploded into a compact fireball, but the real damage of the weapon was the massive blue, shimmering electromagnetic shockwave expanding outward from the epicenters of every explosion. Each blue shockwave intersected with the others, forming an even more massive shockwave that reached towards the cloaked planes, just barely enveloping them. The lights on Lady Une's aircraft flickered for a moment, and then the explosions on the ground started. The ultra–compact fusion reactors of several hundred Mobile Suits had destabilized. As they exploded, the Mobile Suits next to them also exploded, creating a devastating chain reaction of explosions which turned the makeshift base, its defensive weapons, Mobile Suits, Mobile Dolls and all its transport craft into a massive crucible.

As the fires intensified the Gundams launched, seemingly appearing out of thin air, flying out from within the cloaked transport containers. Only a few hundred Leos and Aries were still intact, yet they were not manned. Deathscythe, Sandrock, Altron, and Epyon headed right for these inactive Mobile Suits and destroyed them before they could be brought online. Heavyarms and Tallgeese flew towards several of the enemy's remaining structures and opened fire, taking out the soldiers before they could mount any sort of defense. It only took a few minutes before the firestorm around the base subsided and all that remained were the six Gundams and the ashes around them.

"Lady Une, we're ready for extraction." Milliardo said. "The base has been completely annihilated."

"Are there any survivors?" Lady Une asked.

"Not that we can tell, ma'am." Noin said. "There isn't anything left near us at all."

"Do a thorough sweep before clearing it." Lady Une said. "We don't want any surprises later on if we missed something. We'll enter a holding pattern above your position until you're sure and decloak when you're ready to depart."

"Understood." Milliardo said as the six Gundams fanned out and began an extensive search of the base.

"I'm more curious to know if they were able to get any messages out." Trowa said.

"I doubt it." Duo said. "The battle was fast, and I'm pretty sure the EMP would have knocked out their comm equipment."

"Duo, I wouldn't call this a battle." Quatre said. "It was a surprise attack at most. It only lasted a few minutes…"

"Maybe five in total." Wufei said. "They didn't put up much of a fight."

"That just means the element of surprise was on our side." Noin said. "And we didn't take any damage either."

"Hey, are you guys finding anything?" Quatre asked. "All I'm finding are… charred bodies and melted metal."

"I have found nothing as well." Trowa added.

"No, I think we're clear." Duo said. "My scanners aren't picking up any movement besides us."

"Neither is Epyon." Milliardo said. "Lady Une, we've verified our assessment. There are no survivors. We're ready for extraction."

The three transport aircraft shimmered into existence above the battle zone, doing a wide elliptical pattern above the Gundams at just above stall speed. They began to descend towards the Gundams as they de–cloaked.

"Then get on–board and let's head back." Lady Une said. "The battle in Tokyo–3 should be starting soon."

"Shame we're gonna miss it." Duo said.

"Not really." Wufei said. "I doubt it'll be any more exciting than what we did here."


Domon stood impatiently inside of Burning Gundam waiting for the White Zodiac's assault force to arrive. Burning Gundam and the others were standing just outside of Tokyo–3, well out of range of the EMP blasts. The four bombers were flying cloaked in a tight circle several kilometers out, waiting to strike the unsuspecting attack force.

"How much longer do we have to wait?" Domon said impatiently. "I'd like to get this started."

"Muscles you gotta be patient." Mari said as Wing Gundam pointed its rifle at Burning Gundam. "Otherwise you're gonna end up fighting one of us to take the edge off."

"Can I do that?" Domon asked.

"No, Domon, you may not." Rain said. "Save your energy for the actual fight."

"But…" Domon pleaded.

"No." Rain said bluntly.

"Fine…" Domon said.

"Well, you don't have to wait much longer." Misato said. "The main attack force is only a few minutes out from bomber range. Once the EMP dissipates, then you guys can move in at your leisure. Asuka, just keep an eye on your battery power. We don't want to have to airlift Unit–02 back to base, alright?"

"I'm not an idiot, Misato." Asuka said sarcastically. "I'd rather not have that happen either."

"So… how long, Misato?" Shinji asked.

"Look for yourself." Misato said. "The bombs should be dropping now."

As Misato mentioned it, Domon noticed 8 large objects falling towards the ground. They each exploded into small fireballs with a massive blue, shimmering electromagnetic shockwave expanding out from each explosion. Each of the eight shockwaves intersected with the others, creating a nearly identical massive shockwave that knocked out power to almost all of the attacking Virgos. The Virgos then began falling out of the sky, exploding before they hit the ground. Domon watched as tens of thousands of explosions filled the sky with bright flashes of red and orange light filtered through the remains of the blue EMP shockwave as it finally dissipated.

"There are so many pretty colors!" Mari said happily.

"Yeah, and each flash is one more we don't have to fight." Rain said.

"Maya how many are left?" Misato asked.

"Less than 2,000…" Maya replied.

"Seriously?" Asuka asked. "That seems almost easy compared to the last few times they came calling."

"Trente is still alive though." Shinji said with Unit–01 pointing to his red Mobile Suit.


"Why don't we fix that problem?" Mari asked. "His voice is irritating."

"I second that." Asuka said.

"Mission accepted…" Heero said.

"GUNDAM FIGHT, READY…?!" Domon asked no one in particular.

"What are you on about?" Mari asked.

"GO!" Domon cried as Burning Gundam charged forward towards the remaining Virgos, fists clenched.

"Oh… never mind then…" Mari said.

Burning Gundam charged at several of the approaching Virgos, pulling his twin beam sabres out from his hips. In a fluid, spinning motion, he cut through four Virgos, causing them to explode.

"What, is that it?!" Domon said angrily. "They explode that easily?!"

"Yeah, kinda ironic." Mari said as Wing Gundam fired a full powered shot at a group of approaching Virgos, vaporizing about a dozen of them. "They're almost like paper soldiers."

"Why are you complaining about that?" Asuka asked as Unit–02 fired its Gatling Gun towards the approaching Virgos. "Just makes our lives easier."

"Shining Finger!" Rain cried as Shining Gundam cut through three different Virgos' heads. "I know, even I can fight them well enough." Rain said. "And I'm not a great fighter."

"She's not, but she tries." Domon said. "I was just expecting them to be… more menacing. At least from how you described them."

"Sorry to disappoint you." Shinji said as Unit–01 charged at a Virgo. "I think they're more annoying than anything else."

"I would have to agree with you!" Domon shouted as he stowed Burning Gundams beam sabres. "ERUPTING… BURNING… FINGER!" The attack connected with a Virgo and split it in half at its waist, and continued onto the next four in the same fashion.

"This it too easy!" Domon shouted. "I need a real challenge!"

"Perhaps you'll soon get one." Heero said. "He's approaching. ZERO can't predict his movements either… which means he's gone insane."

"How exactly does that work?" Asuka asked. "I thought it was supposed to predict everything?"

"Only when the opponent is in the right frame of mind." Heero said. "Constant illogical movements will make any predictions from ZERO null and void."

"Which means?" Mari asked.

"Prepare for a fight." Heero said as Wing Zero raised its Twin Buster Rifle and aimed it at Trente's approaching Scorpio. "This won't be as easy as it looks."

Heero fired a full powered shot at Trente, only for him to dodge it and counter by firing several shots from his beam bayonet, causing everyone to scatter.

"I WILL DESTROY YOU!" Trente screamed.

"Not likely!" Domon shouted as he charged Trente's Mobile Suit, and attacked him with a flurry of fists. "Fight back you coward!"

"If I must!" Trente shouted as his Scorpio fired off all of its missiles at Domon, causing Burning Gundam to fly backwards, only to get hit by a flurry of missile explosions.

"BASTARD!" Domon shouted. "You're going to pay for that!"

"Not if I destroy your friends first!" Trente shouted as he charged Unit–02 with its beam bayonet, landing a deep jab to its chest.

"Motherfucker!" Asuka screamed as she swung her right fist at him. "Oh, I want to kill you!"

Scorpio then moved quickly towards Wing Gundam, slamming it in the back, and sending Mari tumbling to the ground.

"Fucker!" Mari shouted. "I will castrate you with a blunt rock!"

Trente moved on Heero from below, catching the ace pilot off guard, and shooting Shining Gundam, catching it in the chest.

"He's moving too fast!" Asuka shouted.

"We need a plan…" Rain said.

"We attack him together." Domon said. "Just warn whoever he's going for, and then we strike."

"We're gonna combo hit him to death?" Mari asked. "Like a pinball machine?"

"Yes." Domon said.

"Awesome!" Asuka said.

"Shinji, he's heading for you!" Mari shouted as she stopped Wing Gundam's fall.

"I got it!" Shinji shouted. "Hey guys, get ready!"

"YOU CAN'T STOP ME!" Trente screamed. "I AM UNBEATABLE!"

Scorpio recklessly charged Unit–01, only to be swatted aside towards Unit–02 which combo hit it with a well–placed roundhouse kick towards Wing Gundam. Mari fired a shot at the reckless Mobile Suit, partially destroying its right arm below the elbow. Wing Zero charged in and cleaved off its left arm near the shoulder. However, Trente, unable to accept his impending defeat tried to activate his self–destruct so he could try and take his enemies with him.

"I will not let you defeat me!" Trente screamed. "If I'm about to die, I'm taking you all with me! SEE YOU HELL YOU BASTARDS!" After a pause nothing happened. "NOOOOOOO! Why didn't it work!?"

"Someone has difficulty performing under pressure!" Mari said mockingly.

"No wonder he's such an impotent ruler…" Asuka said venomously.

"Are dick jokes really appropriate right now?" Shinji asked.

"YES!" Mari and Asuka shouted in unison.

Domon stared down the psychotic ruler's Mobile Suit and glared at him. "You want to die, do you?!" Domon shouted. "MAYBE I CAN HELP YOU WITH THAT!" Domon held his right fist up near his face, the mark of the King of Hearts burning brightly on its back. "THIS HAND OF MINE IS BURNING RED!" Domon roared as he charged Scorpio. "ITS LOUD ROAR TELLS ME TO GRASP VICTORY!"

The particle collectors on the back of Burning Gundam opened up, creating a red and orange mandala within them, and then the chest plate opened up to reveal a particle accelerator that flashed the emblem of the King of Hearts and then glowed a deep red after it came online.

"ERUPTING!" The blue gantlet around the right hand slid down, armoring the hand with it and morphing it into a three fingered piercing weapon. The golden claws on the forearm armor also popped out and made the attack look all the more menacing.

"BURNING!" The right hand began glowing with a tremendous orange light.

"FINGER!" Domon drove the glowing hand right through Scorpio's torso, just above cockpit causing Trente to scream in agony.

"YAAAAHHHHH!" Trente screamed.

"AND NOW!" Domon cried. "HEAT END!"

Scorpio exploded in a brilliant flash of fire and light as the mandala on Burning Gundam's back dissipated and its particle collectors folded back down and its chest plate closed back up. The right hand returned to normal, its armor folding back where it usually was a some steam came off of it.

"The fuck was that?!" Mari asked.

"The final part of my Erupting Burning Finger." Domon said nonchalantly. "It blows the excess plasma into the enemy, causing a chain reaction or something… Rain knows how it works. It just makes them explode, or damages them a whole lot."

"You didn't tell us about this before?!" Mari asked.

"Well, I didn't think it was important." Domon said.

"Would you have done that to Shinji?!" Asuka asked angrily.

"Do you want the honest answer…?" Domon asked.

"No, I want you to fucking lie!" Asuka shouted. "Of course I want the truth!"

"Well… probably." Domon said. "It's just what I do?"

"How much like a character from Mortal Kombat of Soulcalibur are you?" Mari asked.

"What are those exactly?" Domon asked.

"Oh goodie…" Mari said. "Muscles, when we get back, I have some things to show you."

"Mari we can focus on that later." Shinji said. "There are still enemies to deal with."

"Puppy, the princess is rubbing off on you." Mari said as Wing Gundam took aim at an approaching group of Virgos. "You're killing all the fun."

"Whatever." Shinji said as a group of Virgos fired on Unit–01, hitting its chest with several shots. "Let's finish this before any of us get seriously hurt by these things.."

"What does he mean by that?" Domon asked as a familiar blue field began shimmering around Unit–01. "They can't really hurt us. They just sort of explode."

"Oh, you're about to find out." Asuka said. "Do it baka."

"Right…" Shinji muttered as one of the Virgos came in close and aimed right at Unit–01's head. "Go away, and take your friends with you!"

The blast wave emanated from Unit–01 like it had done before, disintegrating the few hundred remaining Virgos, starting with the one mere feet from Unit–01's face. Domon stared in awe as he witnessed the enemy Mobile Dolls disappear into nothingness.

"What the hell was that?" Domon asked. "Where the hell did they all go?"

"That was the puppy doing his thing." Mari said proudly. "He's not someone you should piss off…"

"He could have done that to me… or to Rain…" Domon muttered. "We're very lucky…"

"See Domon, this is what happens when you act recklessly!" Rain said. "He could have… uh… disintegrated us."

"I know!" Domon said. "And I already apologized!"

"Oh, get a room you two." Mari said.

"Mari, stop." Shinji said halfheartedly. "Why don't we make sure there aren't any more before we celebrate."

"See, puppy, I was right…" Mari said. "You're killing all the fun."

"Shut up, four eyes." Asuka said. "He's just being responsible… something you're wholly incapable of."

"HEY!" Mari shouted. "I'm responsible!"

"Sure…" Asuka muttered. "That's what you like to think…"


Everyone was standing in stunned silence in the Command Center. Misato stared in shock at the screen, while Maya, Hyuga, and Aoba stared blankly at the radar screen.

"All clear…" Maya muttered. "Again…"

"How does he keep doing that?" Hyuga asked. "They're just gone…"

"Who cares?" Kaji said. "As long as they aren't a threat anymore, it doesn't matter how they were eliminated."

"Doesn't it?" Maya asked. "I mean, Unit–01 is stored here… on this base… and it can do that at will…"

"But Shinji appears to be in control of it." Kaji said. "Better than before anyway…"

"That's beside the point." Misato said. "We'll have the good doctor look into that, won't you Ritsuko…" Misato glared at Ritsuko as though Unit–01's actions were her fault.

"Yeah, whatever." Ritsuko said hatefully. "I'll add it to my to–do list."

"Enough you two." Fuyutsuki said before they began arguing again. "Let's focus on getting everyone back here."

"And perhaps we should check on the assault force as well." Gendo said calmly. "It would be wise to know if we have had a total victory here today."

"Right…" Misato said. "Maya, break radio silence and contact Lady Une."

"Understood, ma'am." Maya said. "Breaker, breaker… Aquila this is Jackdaw… do you copy, over? We are clear for radio traffic."

"Copy that Jackdaw, this is Aquila." Lady Une replied. "We read you 5–by–5, we're clear for radio traffic."

"Ok, enough with the callsigns." Misato said. "Is the line secure?"

"It is on our end." Maya said.

"It's secure on our end too." Lady Une replied.

"Good. Then I'll cut to the chase… has your operation zone been cleared of all enemy hostiles?" Misato asked.

"Nothing left but ash and smoke." Lady Une said. "We searched the area and found no survivors."

"None?" Misato asked. "And the Gundams?"

"They're boarding the planes now." Lady Une said. "Are we cleared to return to base?"

"Yes, everything's been cleared out here. Nothing but some debris here." Misato replied. "You're clear to return to base."

"And Trente?" Lady Une asked.

"Deader than Elvis." Misato said.

"Who?" Lady Une asked.

"Never mind… he's just really, really, dead…" Misato said.

"Good we'll see you in a few hours." Lady Une said. "Aquila, out."

"Good, now tell everyone here to get back to base." Misato said.

"Sure thing, Colonel." Hyuga said.

"And shut off the comms, too." Misato said, noticing Kaji was eyeing her.

"Sure thing." Hyuga replied.

"So, when are we explaining everything to them?" Kaji asked.

"Saturday." Misato said. "Gives them a day to rest."

"And what about Shinji?" Maya asked.

"I'm sure Asuka or Mari will talk him off the cliff." Kaji said. "He's a natural worrier, but we can't keep the truth back any longer. Everyone needs to know why they're here."

"Still, shouldn't we be concerned about Shinji?" Misato asked.

"He's a big boy, he can handle it." Kaji said. "And it's not like he meant for this to happen, it just… happened."

"I'm glad you have so much faith in him." Misato said. "I'm still guessing he'll be a complete wreck."

"He'll get over it." Gendo said from above. "He has no choice. Just inform every one of the reason they are here and the plan to return them home again."

"Understood Commander." Misato said as Gendo left. "I just hope Shinji won't be as despondent as he was after Rei got hurt."

November 12, 2016 – NERV HQ

It was early morning once again, however compared to the last time they were dragged in early, everyone was in better spirits. With Trente and his Neo–Nazis gone, things had become a lot brighter, especially with the prospect of everyone going home soon. So the group waited for Ritsuko to explain everything.

When Ritsuko walked in with Misato, Maya, and Kaji, all eyes were focused on Ritsuko, and before she could even say anything, she already had a question to answer.

"Can you actually tell us how we got here?" Milliardo asked.

"Yes I can, but wouldn't you rather hear how you're getting home?" Ritsuko asked.

"You told us it was some kind of rifle that you're modifying to open up a return wormhole, right?" Relena said.

"And if you've figured that out, you know how we got here." Heero said.

"Well, yes." Ritsuko said. "But I wanted to discuss the mechanics of getting you back."

"The only mechanics I'm concerned with is making sure we don't end back here." Milliardo said. "But I would rather you'd tell us how this happened."

"Well… the reason for all this is slightly complex." Maya said.

"No, it's not that complex, we've known for some time." Ritsuko said. "But it was thought the reason wasn't important, but rather unimportant."

"How is the reason for us being trapped here unimportant?" Wufei asked.

"It was thought it would be a distraction." Ritsuko said.

"Why would it be a distraction?" Mari asked.

"Because…" Maya started.

"Maya, we can't hide it anymore." Ritsuko said coolly. "Shinji is the reason you're all here. Hs outburst in Unit–01 over Rei's… supposed death. The blast Unit–01 shot into the air was what opened up these wormholes."

"So, why couldn't you tell us that before?!" Asuka shouted. "Why keep it secret."

"So that Shinji would still fight." Misato said. "The Commander made that decision."

"My father made that decision?!" Shinji shouted. "He decided we shouldn't know I fucked up again?!"

"Shinji, calm down." Misato said. "It was for the best."

"WHY?!" Shinji shouted.

"So that you wouldn't be distracted and you would be able to fight." Ritsuko said. "You do have a record of refusing to fight, remember?"

"And there's also a record of you holding me back from fighting!" Shinji shouted. "Or did you forget that one?!"

"That was one time." Ritsuko said. "You're far more unlikely to fight."

"That's not the point!" Shinji shouted as he stood up. "If I caused this, I should have known! What if every time I wiped out those Virgos, I drew more shit here! That shockwave, what if it's like that blast you mentioned?! What if my fighting has made this worse?! Whenever I fight I just make things worse!"

"There is no evidence…" Ritsuko started.

"I don't believe you!" Shinji said. "It's not the first time you've lied!" Shinji turned to leave. "I'm done listening to this, I have other things to do."

"Shinji, get back here!" Misato shouted as Shinji disappeared. "That's an order!"

"You know that's not gonna work." Asuka said. "But we should go after him."

"Right, princess, let's go." Mari said as the pair of them stood up.

"You two aren't going anywhere." Misato said. "You've got to stay for this."

"No, we don't." Asuka said. "Shinji's more important."

"We'll come with you." Milliardo said as he and Heero stood up.

"You don't have to." Asuka said. "We've dealt with this before."

"Yes, but this involves realities beyond your own." Heero said. "If we tell him directly that we don't blame him, that could help."

"Then I'll go too." Domon said. "I don't blame him for coming here, it just… happened." Domon looked at Rain. "You should come too… just in case we need to explain that… sciencey stuff…"

"Sure, why not." Rain said.

"Wow, this is almost like a party!"

"Well, then let's go after him before we can't find him." Asuka said.

"What about the rest of us?!" Duo asked.

"Enjoy the PowerPoint presentation." Mari said as the group left.

They saw Shinji walking angrily down the hallway towards an elevator.

"Shinji, stop!" Asuka shouted. "Come talk to us!"

Shinji ignored them and walked into the elevator.

"Damn him…" Asuka muttered as they ran to the elevator to only see a set of closed doors.

"Great, now where's he's going?" Domon asked.

"Well… the elevator is going down…" Mari said as she looked at the floor indicator above the elevator door. "That's not taking him home… the surface exits are levels above here."

"So why would he be going down?" Heero asked.

"I think I know why…" Asuka said as the elevator appeared to stop.

"How do you know?" Domon asked.

"Cause… we're in love." Asuka said as she called the elevator. "He's feeling guilty, and there's only one place he can go."

The group exited the elevator in the Medical Wing, much to everyone's confusion. Asuka led them out of the elevator and down the hall towards the ICU.

"Wait… he came down here to visit her?" Mari asked.

"Who else would he visit?" Asuka said. "That idiot still feels guilty for letting Rei get hurt."

"Who's Rei?" Domon asked.

"The other Evangelion pilot." Asuka said. "She got hurt really badly just before this all started happening. Shinji watched her blow her Evangelion up to save us… he still thinks he could have done something to help."

"Even though he probably couldn't have…" Mari said.

"Why not?" Heero asked.

"Well, I know we didn't explain this… but that last Angel we fought put the two of us into a coma, and left Rei an inch from death. Shinji got off easy, he wasn't really hurt that badly."

"Didn't he have the power he's got now?" Milliardo asked.

"No… he didn't…" Asuka said. "But I think that's why he's blaming himself."

"Well, let's find him…" Mari said as they turned down the hallway to see Shinji slumped on the ground, crying, with his back to the window that showed Rei floating serenely in a tank LCL.

"So that's Rei…" Domon said.

"Yeah…" Mari said.

"So, what do we do?" Rain asked.

"Talk to him." Asuka said. "Baka…" Asuka said gently as she knelt down in front of him. "Why are you crying?"

"It's all my fault…" Shinji said despondently. "I caused all this… if only I was able to save Rei… none of this would have happened…"

"Baka, it's not your fault." Asuka said kindly. "So stop blaming yourself for everything."

"I can't!" Shinji shouted as he stood up. "I watched Rei try and kill herself to save us… and then I drew all these people here! I brought more danger to our reality! And the worst part is, I could've used all this power to save Rei and kill that Angel! I FUCKED UP!"

"Shinji, stop being like this." Asuka said. "You didn't do anything wrong!"

"Yes I did!" Shinji implored. "I should have used the power I had before! Rei is like this because of me!"

"No, she isn't." Asuka said. "She's like this because she saved us."

"But I could have stopped her!" Shinji shouted. "She wouldn't be in here if I was smart enough to realize what I could do!"

"Shinji, enough!" Mari shouted as she moved forward.

"NO!" Shinji shouted.


Shinji staggered backwards into the glass separating them from Rei, causing it to rattle.

"MARI!" Asuka shouted. "What the shit?!"

"We don't have time for Shinji to have a shame and pity spiral right now." Mari said. "And Shinji, you need to snap out of it, right now. Thinking about things from the past isn't going to change them, so suck it up."

"But…" Shinji said as he rubbed his face.

"Shinji, did you mean for this to happen?" Heero asked.

"No, I was upset when Rei got hurt." Shinji said. "I thought she died."

"Then you didn't cause this." Heero said. "Your actions did not have the intent to cause our realities to collide."

"How does that even make sense?" Shinji asked.

"Without the intent to cause harm, you can't be blamed for what happened." Milliardo said. "Sure, it's inconvenient we're here, but you haven't caused any lasting harm."

"And your attacks on the Virgos are completely different than what caused all this." Rain said. "So anything you've done since then has only been to help people."

"Are you sure?" Shinji said. "Because…"

"Shinji, Mari is right." Domon said forcibly. "This isn't your fault, and crying about it won't change things. We've defeated our enemies, and you should be proud of your accomplishments."

"But…" Shinji stammered.

"No." Domon said. "You shouldn't feel shame for lamenting the loss of someone you care about. It just shows that you're human."

"So, do you believe us now?" Asuka asked. "Or are you going to keep being an idiot?"

"I… I guess…" Shinji said. "I guess I understand what you're all telling me. But it doesn't mean I'm going to believe you."

"Well, it's a start." Asuka said.

"So, should we leave?" Milliardo asked.

"I don't see why not." Asuka said. "As long as my baka is done having a meltdown that is."

"I wasn't having…" Shinji started.

"Yes… yes you were." Asuka said. "Now, do you want to go? I'm sure you're yelling isn't helping Rei get any better."

"She has a point." Mari said. "Negative vibes like that don't help healing."

"Yeah… I guess." Shinji said. "Let's go home."

"Sounds like a plan." Asuka said.

"Perhaps a slow walk back will help things too." Rain suggested.

"With dinner on the way?" Domon asked.

"I don't see why not." Shinji said. "We can call and let everyone else know where we're going."

"Where are we going?" Milliardo asked.

"Karaoke bar?" Mari suggested. "Might be fun."

"Seriously?" Heero asked.

"Yeah, might be just what we need." Mari said.

"Sure, let's go." Domon said as everyone but Mari turned to leave.

"Hey, Mari, are you coming?" Shinji asked.

"Yeah, in a minute." Mari said.

Shinji smiled slightly. "Alright… if we don't see you before you leave, you know where we'll be."

"I know, puppy." Mari said as she stared through the glass towards Rei's still figure. "I just need a minute."

"Ok." Shinji said as he left, leaving Mari alone.

"Hey there beautiful." Mari said. "Did you miss me?" Mari smiled, knowing that Rei couldn't answer her. "I know it's been a few weeks since I came down here to visit, but we've been busy. That doesn't mean I haven't thought about you every single day." Mari sighed. "I can't wait until I can you all about what you're missing. But I guess I just have to be patient… but I'm not very patient, so it'll be kinda tough." Mari smiled. "I still love you, blueberry…" Mari said as she turned to leave. "Don't forget that."

November 18, 2016 – Outside Tokyo–3

It was a peaceful day around Tokyo–3. The sky was clear with not a cloud to be seen. That changed when a rip in the sky opened up ad blossomed into a shimmering, swirling blue portal. A small hovercraft came through, smoking from several blast marks on its hull. The craft slammed into the ground at high speed with Tokyo–3 barely visible in the distance.

The cockpit canopy shattered, leaving its lone occupant barely conscious. She had aqua colored hair, and wore a pink denim vest with a blue, sleeveless jumpsuit. She was bleeding quite severely from her wounds inflicted on her both in the attack on her craft, and the crash itself. She was barely able to utter a single word before passing out. "Domon…"


At the same time that the teenaged girl was crashing near Tokyo–3, a second wormhole opened over China. Out of it flew several aircraft, some smaller vehicles, and a single Gundam… the Gundam was violet and black with red highlights, and had massive horns on its head. There were two massive red pods with yellow highlights mounted on its back.

As the Gundam and its escorts landed, a shadowy figure exited the Gundam, and looked out on the remnants of Hong Kong in the distance as one of his companions walked up behind him.

"This was once a proud city." The shadowy figure said. "That is if we're near Hong Kong."

"It is Hong Kong, sir… or what's left of it anyway." The man said. "This planet appears far different from our own."

"Well… is this planet uninhabited?" The shadowy figure asked. "It would make our plans far easier."

"No, it's not." The man said. "From what we can tell, the planet suffered a cataclysm that melted the ice in Antarctica. We assume the population is under 3 billion, if not less."

"So, will our plan still work here?" The shadowy figure asked.

"Yes, it will work as well as it would have on our Earth." The man replied.

"And our cargo?" The shadowy figure asked. "The trip didn't damage them, did they?"

"No, sir… everything is intact." The man replied.

"What about our test subject?" The shadowy figure asked. "Were we able to catch her?"

"Her craft was damaged but exited a different aperture than we did." The man said. "We're searching for her signal now… but there is another signal you may be interested in."

"What signal?" The shadowy figure asked.

"The signal from Burning Gundam." The man said. "I believe I know why we lost track of Domon Kasshu… he's come here."

"So… Domon is here?" The shadowy figure said. "Miss Mikamura must be with him as well…"

"That would be a safe assumption considering they were last seen together." The man replied.

"Excellent…" The shadowy figure said. "Now I can go teach my former pupil a lesson he won't soon forget."

To Be Continued

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