Neon Genesis Evangelion: Legacy – Gundam Invasion
A Mobile Suit Gundam Wing and Mobile Fighter G Gundam Crossover

Chapter 13 – Dark Gundam Reborn
November 20, 2016 – Ruins of Old Hong Kong

Asuka was tied to a chair, struggling against the ropes she restrained with. She had blood all over her face from the ride back from Tokyo–3. She had awoken during the trip back to Old Hong Kong and had to be knocked out again with another tranquilizer dart after having bitten one of the men's ears off as she tried to get away. She was still a bit groggy after the second tranq dart, but it didn't keep her from being pissed off.

"Where am I you motherfucking assholes?!" Asuka screamed. "I swear to whatever being you believe in, I'll make you regret kidnapping me!"

"I highly doubt you could do that, girl." Shuuji said as he came out of the shadows laughing. "It's very noble that you're struggling so much, but it won't help you in the long run. The more you resist, the worse things will get for you."

"Yeah, cause I'm supposed to be afraid of a man in a ponytail down to his ass." Asuka scoffed. "You better just let me go now, otherwise it'll get worse for you."

"I don't see how that's possible." Shuuji said. "It was very easy to abduct you, and those guards you had shadowing you were little more than pin cushions."

"Please, your guys were just as fucking weak. How many did I take out? Three I think? Plus that asshole's ear." Asuka spat. "Whole bunch of weak ass pussies who need drugs to knock out a girl… fucking pathetic."

"Yes, it's taking a lot of restraint on my part not to let them take revenge on you for taking that poor boy's ear." Shuuji said. "And for blinding that other man's eye."

"They got what they deserved for grabbing me." Asuka scoffed. "And I doubt I'd even notice their micro penises."

"Well, fortunately, I need you in peak physical condition for I need you to do." Shuuji said. "Otherwise, that's what you'd have to deal with."

"Well fuck you, you creepy ass pedophile." Asuka sneered. "I don't intend on helping you with whatever stupid, crazy, dumbass bullshit you have planned."

Shuuji's temple twitched as Asuka said the word pedophile, but ignored it when he spoke. "Well, girl, I don't plan on giving you a choice."

"What, you're gonna rape me or something?" Asuka asked. "Guess I was right calling you a pedophile…"


Shuuji had backhanded Asuka's face, drawing blood from her cheek with the strike. "You will show me some respect girl, otherwise I'll make this far more difficult on you than it needs to be."

"Funny, I thought with the whole kidnapping and slapping the girl that's tied up that it was already pretty bad." Asuka said coldly. "And it takes a pretty weak man to hit someone who can't defend themselves." Asuka spit some of the blood out her mouth. "So I don't think you deserve any respect considering you're just a bitch."


Shuuji slapped Asuka so hard, she was knocked over onto the floor, still attached to the chair. Asuka smirked as she lay there, and then she started laughing.

"Can't take criticism well, can't you, bitch?" Asuka cackled.

"Enough out of you, girl!" Shuuji shouted. "I will not take your lip!"

"Yeah, well, I have no idea why you took me, but it was a big fucking mistake." Asuka said. "When my boyfriend breaks me out of here, he's going to fucking murder you."

"I highly doubt a teenager could do much damage to me." Shuuji said.

"Well, he's got a fucking temper." Asuka said. "He'd destroy the world to protect me, so you're pretty much fucking dead."

"Well… then perhaps my plan will work better than I thought…" Shuuji said. He whipped Asuka's chair back to its feet, giving Asuka some minor whiplash.

"What the fuck are you on about?!" Asuka asked. "Your plan won't work, I guarantee it. I'm not helping some psychotic pedophile."

"Your consent for this activity isn't needed." Shuuji said. "You won't have any choice in the matter, girl."

"It's nice that you think that, but as soon as you let me out of these ropes, I swear I'm going to fucking kill you." Asuka spat.

"I doubt that." Shuuji said. "You might have spirit, but you don't have the skill."

"You wanna test that theory, asshole?" Asuka shouted. "Come on, let me out of here so we can have a fight. I'll fuck you up!"

Shuuji laughed. "I could kill you without any effort, girl." Shuuji said. "You're meaningless challenge is wasted on me."

"Afraid to fight a girl, old man?!" Asuka shouted. "Stop being such a pussy!"

"ENOUGH!" Shuuji roared.


Shuuji had backhanded Asuka again, only to get another smirk in response.

"Go ahead, keep hitting me." Asuka sneered. "I've handled way worse than some bitch like you can dish out. But you better make it count… the moment my boyfriend sees me like this, he's gonna slaughter you."

"I still doubt that very much." Shuuji said.

"Yeah, talk to the last thing that tried to hurt me, or the one before that." Asuka sneered. "Oh that's right, they're dead because of him." Asuka smirked. "So, tough guy, why don't you tell me your name so my boyfriend slaughters the right fucking asshole."

"You can call me Dark Asia, girl." Shuuji, or rather, Dark Asia said as he injected Asuka with another dose of tranquilizer. "And it's time for you to get ready for my little experiment…" Dark Asia laughed. "I doubt very much you'll live through it…"


Shinji stormed into the Command Center with Mari hot on his heels. He was absolutely enraged, and it showed in his eyes, which had a red hue similar to what happens when he taps into Unit–01's hidden power. He walked right up to Misato and grabbed her by the jacket and shook her somewhat violently.

"WHERE IS SHE?!" Shinji shouted as the base shook around him. "DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHERE THEY TOOK HER?!"

"Shinji, we're working on it." Misato said nervously. "And I can't work on it unless you let go of me…"

"Shinji, remember what I said about staying calm in the car?" Mari asked nervously. "Let miso go and hold my hand… ok?"

Shinji shoved Misato back towards the console and glared at her. "How did she get taken?! Aren't those Section 2 goons supposed be prepared for this kind of shit?!"

"Shinji, these kinds of things are unpredictable." Misato said. "I wish it were different, but it's not. We're doing our best to find her, but that craft they used had cloaking abilities… which makes things… difficult."


"Shinji… I'm sorry…" Misato stammered. "I… I didn't think we were in any danger… none of us did…"


"What about waiting until we have more info, Shinji?" Mari asked worriedly.

"THEY HAVE ASUKA, THEY'RE A THREAT!" Shinji roared as the base once shook again. "I'M DONE WAITING, THEY NEED TO FUCKING DIE!"

"Shinji… please… calm down." Mari said as she squeezed his hand as the base shook around them. "If you keep this up, Unit–01's gonna go nuts…" Mari looked at Maya and Misato. "Unless I'm wrong, of course."

"No… you're right." Maya said anxiously. "Unit–01 activated a short time ago, and Mr. Kaji confirmed the time coincides with Shinji learning the news about Asuka…"

"See, Shinji, if you don't stop, you're gonna cause another wormhole, or kill us all." Mari said. "Do you want that?"


"Very passionate speech, Shinji." Milliardo said. "But you won't have to go alone. We'll help too."

"But please calm down first." Mari said. "We'll get Asuka back, and we'll let you slaughter all the bad guys you want. I bet Unit–01 could swallow them and shit them out or something…"

"I'm not going to calm down until I know she's safe!" Shinji shouted. "Why doesn't anyone understand that?!"

"Shinji, we have to think about everyone's safety, not just Asuka's." Misato said.

"She knows I'd risk my life to save her, and if you're worried about everyone else's safety, don't be!" Shinji shouted. "I told you, I'd go alone!"

"Shinji, you're not going alone." Domon said as he and Rain walked in. "It's too dangerous."

"How do you know it's dangerous, exactly?" Kaji asked.

"Allenby woke up and started muttering things." Domon said. "Disturbing things."

"Well, what are these disturbing things?" Shinji asked. "They can't be that awful, you don't even look worried."

"She didn't say anything definite." Rain said. "It was all heavily veiled."

"Can you explain this veiled stuff?" Duo asked. "Or…"

"Or are you gonna keep cock teasing us with all this shit." Mari finished.

Domon sighed. "She mentioned something about the Berserker System." Domon said.

"And that is?" Lady Une asked.

"It's a fighting enhancement system that boosts a Mobile Fighter pilot's abilities to 120% but the side effects are that the person's mental faculties are pushed well beyond the limit, and the upgraded system was even worse." Rain explained.

"Let me guess…" Milliardo said. "Every time the system tries to improve the fighter's output, the mental stability of the pilot is put in even more danger."

"Exactly." Rain said. "So if they brought that system with them with the Gundam we know they have, then we'd be in very big trouble."

"Rain, that wasn't the Master Gundam." Domon said. "I know you showed it to me, but the Master Gundam was destroyed. Its pilot is dead."

"It was Domon, but other people could pilot it." Rain retorted.

"So, who are you talking about?" Mari asked.

"My former master, Master Asia." Domon said. "He died in my arms, so that Gundam can't be here, it's gone, just like him."

"What else did Allenby tell you?" Heero said.

"Yeah, I feel like we're getting off subject." Misato said.

"Allenby told us about some kind of darkness." Domon said. "Which I think can only mean one thing… the Dark Gundam."

"Domon, it can't be the Dark Gundam." Rain said. "We've disintegrated every single last piece of that thing, it's totally gone."

"Still, what other darkness could she be talking about?" Domon asked.

"Perhaps it's some sort of unseen threat." Trowa suggested.

"Can we focus on the definite things we know?!" Shinji shouted as the base started to shake again. "Asuka's missing and those fucking assholes have her! Can we come up with some kind of plan to save her, or are we just going to keep screwing around?!"

"Shinji, we can't do anything until we get eyes on that base of theirs." Kaji said. "It's going to take a few hours."

"I don't care, let's just go and attack them before they try to attack us!" Shinji shouted "I'm tired of always waiting, someone's life is at stake."

"Shinji, we will get her back." Mari said. "They just need a few hours."

"I don't care!" Shinji said. "We never take time to come up with plans, but now we decide to!? We almost get killed every time we fought an Angel, Rei almost died because of that bullshit, and with those crazy assholes with the Mobile Suits, we had 3 hours to plan, but now, Asuka's been kidnapped, so we're gonna waste our time and come up with one now?! Fucking seriously?!"

"Shinji we…" Misato started.

"I DON'T CARE ANYMORE!" Shinji shouted. "I'll go launch Unit–01 myself and bring her back here without anyone's fucking help!"

Shinji stormed off, and Mari ran after him.

"Shinji, wait!" Mari shouted. "You can't just run away like this!"

"I'm not running away!" Shinji shouted back. "Seeing as no one else is going to deal with this, I'll go rescue her myself!"

"Someone should probably go after him." Kaji said as Shinji ran off.

"I'll go." Mari said as she ran after him. "I think I can talk him down before he does something too drastic."

"Funny, and we used to be concerned about him running away from trouble." Ritsuko said. "Now he's running right for it."

"Yeah, and he's risking our only deep strike Evangelion." Misato said.

"You guys really need to choose how to react to Shinji better." Kaji said. "You don't sound happy that he's taking the initiative. I'm proud of him for that."

"You shouldn't be, he's just going to save that damn fool Asuka." Ritsuko said angrily. "He's being an insolent and stubborn child only thinking about what he wants."

"Oh, for fuck's sake." Kaji said. "Can we just let him go? He's so pissed off, he's just going to go and wipe them all out, so what's the harm?"

"That our Evangelion could get damaged in the process!" Ritsuko retorted.

"You're a single minded idiot, you know that?" Kaji shouted back.

"I'm not sure why you're arguing about this." Heero said. "The only way to live a good life is act on your emotions, and Shinji's doing just that. You can't fault him for wanting to protect those he cares about."

"I can when the decision is selfish." Ritsuko retorted.

"Asuka's in danger, and she's one of your pilots." Trowa said. "How is that selfish? She needs to be rescued, and Shinji has the best motivation to do that. Heero is correct, you cannot fault him for that."

"Protecting the people you care about is what you're supposed to do." Domon said. "But he's risking himself by going alone when there are people that can help him. It took Rain being taken from me to realize working with others is better than working alone."

"Yeah, but you're not a hormonal teenager that has a god–like machine that can wipe things from existence." Misato said. "He does."

"God Gundam sounds like a cool name though." Duo said.

"It does…" Domon muttered before he caught himself. "But that's beside the point. If Shinji's going to attack, we should assist him any way we can instead of stopping him."

"I thought you said that things were too dangerous now." Misato said.

"I did." Domon said. "And they are."

"So why the change of heart?" Ritsuko asked.

"Love triumphs all." Domon said as Ritsuko scoffed loudly.

"Sounds like an anime troupe to me." Ritsuko said. "Idealistic crap."

"Tell that to the Dark Gundam." Domon said as he stood up. "I think I'll go help Mari with Shinji, if he's half as stubborn as I can be, she'll need all the help she can get."

"In any case, I'm putting a guard around Unit–01." Ritsuko said as she rushed off. "I'm not letting him steal it and destroy it in some sort of Ahab–esque crusade."


Dark Asia was standing in one of the gutted buildings, his Master Gundam standing tall next to him. In front of him was a Gundam that resembled the manga character, Sailor V. It had feet shaped like high heeled shoes, and a large heat sink on the back of its head that looked like a flowing mane of blonde hair.

"Is that girl ready yet?" Dark Asia asked as he looked over the second Gundam.

"She's still unconscious." The advisor replied.

"That's probably for the best." Dark Asia replied. "Load her in and lock out the controls until she's in the drop zone."

"Understood, sir." The advisor replied. "And the Mobile Trace System?"

"Activate while she's unconscious and lock it out somehow." Dark Asia said. "I don't need her going berserk before she goes Berserk."

"Very well, sir." The advisor replied. "Is there anything else?"

"Is the transmitter ready?" Dark Asia asked.

"It's set up and ready to transmit the activation signal on your command." The advisor replied. "It should work well enough, even at the range we're pushing it to."

"Good, then my plan is coming together." Dark Asia said proudly. "With this distraction, we should be able to gain a powerful foothold here. How is it doing?"

"Well, the new Core Life Unit is working out well, but it's still growing." The advisor said.

"Has the little devil spawned yet?" Dark Asia asked.

"Yes, there are 50,000 standard units standing by, hiding in the bay, out of sight." The advisor said. "But we have a problem."

"How can we have a problem?" Dark Asia asked.

"There isn't enough power here to help it… grow… I guess." The advisor said.

"What do you mean?" Dark Asia asked. "It can self–evolve, self–replicate, and self–regenerate."

"Yes, with enough power to sustain it." The advisor said. "Right now, we've drained a lot of power from what's left of the power grid here, but it's just not enough. It's barely stable as it is, there isn't enough for it to complete its growth cycle to become fully operational."

"Where would be enough?" Dark Asia asked.

"Perhaps if we use your attack as a diversion we can move it closer to a more powerful power source." The advisor suggested.

"And where would that be?" Dark Asia asked.

"There is a very high voltage trunk line near that massive city, it has plenty of power that this assist in the growth, by our calculations, and it should just barely be enough."

"How long would this take?" Dark Asia asked. "We've already prodded the sleeping dragon, we do not have the luxury of time."

"Well, if my calculations are correct, two weeks before all capabilities are operational." The advisor said "It will be able to span soldiers, but its DG Cells will have minimal regenerative and replication capabilities, and no evolution capabilities to speak of. We'll have the Dark Army to protect us, but they won't be as formidable as the last time."

"Can they replicate or regenerate enough to make a difference?" Dark Asia asked.

"No, they can't regenerate more than absolutely minor damage, and can split into four units upon destruction, but those units will not have the ability to regenerate or duplicate after that." The advisor said. "They would be little more than cannon fodder."

"What about the Dark Gundam?" Dark Asia asked.

"It can't heal from it wounds until it's completely grown. Until then, it's as vulnerable as any other Gundam." The advisor said. "With enough damage, it will be completely destroyed."

"Will the Dark Gundam be able to survive the flight to this… place?" Dark Asia asked.

"Yes, it should be able to with minimal degradation." The advisor said. "And I believe the location is south of something Ashinoko… it's about 15 kilometers away from that city."

"Very well…" Dark Asia said. "We will move the Dark Gundam once the attack commences. Send all the Dark Army grunts with the Nobel Gundam… have them walk along the sea floor to get there undetected. It should only take them a few hours if they run fast enough, Nobel Gundam can catch up."

"Yes, sir." The advisor said. "Right away."

"One final question." Dark Asia said. "Is the transmitter mobile?"

"Yes, sir, it is." The advisor said. "I… planned ahead in case we needed to execute this while moving the Dark Gundam."

"I'm glad you thought ahead." Dark Asia said as the advisor hurried off.

Dark Asia then left that building and walked causally to another with a hulking form sitting inside it. The massive form had massive holes in its structure, some of which you could see right through. It was in pretty bad shape, as even its head was only half formed, with the rest being a tangle of dark green tentacle–like cables. Dark Asia looked up at the half–alive Dark Gundam, its chest wide open. He could see the new Life Core Unit sitting inside a mess of wires, an older woman. She had brown hair, a kind face that was extremely pale, and was wearing a hospital gown.

"Ahhh… Mikino Kasshu… how nice to see you again…" Dark Asia said snidely. "Shame you can't hear me, but I'm sure your son will love to see you again. From what I remember, he misses you very much…"


Mari was still searching for Shinji. With a heavy guard around Unit–01, he had disappeared into the base, unable to be found. Mari, with Domon's help had searched the most likely places that Shinji may be holed up, so Mari decided it was time to look in the unlikely places. Mari wandered in and out of people's offices, even venturing warily into Ritsuko's office to see if he was there.

"Mari, how long are we going to keep looking?" Domon asked. "We've already been at this for over two hours and we haven't heard him trying to steal Unit–01 yet."

"Until we find him." Mari said. "Although… the only places we haven't really checked are the entire command staff level, the EVA Cages, and the… oh shit… I know where he is."

"Where?" Domon asked.

"The Cages." Mari said. "He'll hide there till he can sneak up and take Unit–01."

"So, its guarded, he can't get though, right?" Domon asked.

"If Shinji gets pissed enough, he'll just rush them or Unit–01 will activate and then it'll just be a bloodbath…" Mari explained. "Come on, let's go."

Mari and Domon ran to the elevators and made straight for the Cages when the doors opened again. When they got to the Cage they saw the hundred or so Section 2 agents mulling around the Evangelions and Gundams. Unit–01's eyes were glowing brightly, but it was completely still. The guards tensed up when they noticed the two of them. Their fingers subtly moved over the triggers of their guns rather than holding them to the side.

"Mari… we should move." Domon said quietly. "They're ready to shoot."

"No they're not." Mari said. "Guns are still down, they're not aiming. Come on, he'll be around here somewhere."

Mari looked around, searching high and low for Shinji with Domon tagging not far behind, and finally found him hiding on the upper levels near Unit–02.

"Well… look what we have here." Mari quipped.

"Yeah, it's a wonder why Section 2 got slaughtered by those kidnappers when they can't even find me hiding here." Shinji said sullenly.

"So, why are you waiting here?" Domon asked.

"Well, I heard the guards come in and sweep the place." Shinji said. "I heard their radios say to keep me away from Unit–01, so I hid on Unit–02 until they took their positions."

"And they didn't find you at all?" Mari asked.

"Nope." Shinji muttered. "Completely incompetent. I'm just waiting for an opening to get to Unit–01 and go get Asuka."

"Shinji, you need to stop acting so irrationally." Mari said. "You can't go alone, you're gonna need help."

"No I won't." Shinji said angrily. "I don't want to put anyone else in danger, and I can handle it. I took on four Gundams myself and Asuka saved me from them, and I can do the same for her."

"Shinji, you love her and that's blinding you to the danger." Domon said. "You need the help and support of your friends to be able to save her and not kill the both of you in the process. Do you really want to recklessly risk her life and yours to prove a point?"

"No, but there isn't that much danger." Shinji said, his voice shaking. "One Gundam really isn't a threat, they don't even have other Mobile Suits. I can handle this."

"Shinji, they could have more things we don't even know about." Mari said calmly. "What happened to all your talk about being careful? You're starting to sound like Captain Ahab, on a crusade that'll get you killed."

"Asuka wasn't in danger then!" Shinji shouted, his voice echoing throughout the Cage, with Section 2 raising their weapons, looking for the source of the sound.

"Shinji, will you calm down." Mari implored. "They'll probably shoot us!"


Before Mari could respond, the alarm klaxon went off signaling something was happening one again with a new message from Maya coming over the intercom. "Level–2 battle stations, we have an incoming unidentified contact, potentially hostile. All pilots report to the Command Center for emergency briefing."

"See, Shinji?" Mari quipped. "If you had gone all Ahab, we'd be fairly defenseless without Unit–01."

"If I had gone sooner, I could have stopped the attack before it happened!" Shinji shouted.

"Enough, we should go see what's attacking us and figure out what to do next." Domon said. "The longer we wait, the closer whatever it is gets to the city."

"Fine, let's go." Shinji said. "The sooner we deal with this, the sooner I can get Asuka."

"See, everything's working out, puppy." Mari said happily.


In the several hours since Shinji had stormed off, the Command Center had emptied out to only contain those who actually worked in there, but now that a new threat was looming, the Command Center had just become a bustle of activity once again. The main display was showing a single Mobile Suit on the move towards the city, with a mass of unidentified somethings in the water heading towards the same point Sachiel came ashore over a year and a half before.

Shinji, Mari, and Domon ran into the Command Center at the same time Heero, Milliardo, Duo, Trowa, and Wufei did to see what the commotion was. Kaji was leaning against the wall like usual, nonplussed by what was going on.

"What is it this time?" Duo asked.

"Just what's on the screen." Misato said. "One Gundam, and a mass of unidentified material coming ashore over here."

"Can you zoom in on the Gundam?" Domon asked. "Maybe I can identify it."

"Sure." Hyuga said. "Zooming to max magnification."

When the image depixelated from the zooming, a single Gundam was shown walking, its hair spread very far out and a red aura enveloping the whole thing.

"But that's Nobel Gundam…" Domon said. "It's hair… the Berserker System… Allenby was right. I've got a bad feeling about this…"

"Yeah, but who's piloting it?" Milliardo asked. "How many people do they have working for them?"

"Something tells me we already know who's piloting it." Kaji said nonchalantly.

"What, you think Asuka's in that thing?!" Shinji shouted. "She would never do that!"

"She may not have had a choice, Shinji." Heero said. "They were willing to kidnap her, we have no idea what else they may have done."

"Heero… way to be tactful buddy…" Duo muttered.

"Heero's right, Shinji." Kaji said. "She may not have had a choice. She could have been drugged."

"That's if it's her at all." Shinji said defiantly.

"Domon, do you know that Gundam's transmitter frequency?" Hyuga asked.

"No… but Rain does." Domon replied.

"What do I know?" Rain asked as she walked in.

"Nobel Gundam's transmission frequency." Domon said.

"Why?" Rain asked.

Domon pointed at the screen. "That's why." He said sternly. "Just put it in so we can listen to the audio."

"Alright." Rain said as she walked over to Hyuga's console and entered in the frequency which garnered some static mixed with heavy breathing.

"So, who's gonna talk to the mouth breather." Mari quipped.

"I will." Misato said. "It's my job after all…" Misato sighed. "Unidentified Mobile Suit, stop your approach at once or we'll be forced to defend ourselves."


"Asuka, what are you talking about?" Shinji asked.

"SHINJI, GIVE ME MOMMA!" Asuka shouted.

"Asuka, your mother is dead." Misato said.

"For fuck's sake, Misato…" Kaji said. "Way to be sensitive."

"MOMMA'S ALIVE!" Asuka screamed. "GIVE ME MOMMA!"

"Asuka, we don't have your mother…" Misato replied.


"Asuka…" Misato started.

"Misato, shut up." Mari said. "You're not helping. Puppy, you talk to her."

"I'm not sure what to say." Shinji said. "She doesn't seem like herself…"

"She's not." Domon said. "The Berserker System has taken over her mind. She's not thinking clearly, especially if her mother is dead and believes she's alive…"

"Yeah, that entirely insane…" Mari said whimsically.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Ritsuko asked.

"Nothing." Mari said.

'Well, according to my mother, Asuka's mother is in Unit–02…' Shinji thought. 'Maybe she subconsciously knows she's in there…'

"Shinji, what are you thinking?" Milliardo asked.

"That I have to go save her before she…" Shinji started as another alert activated. "Before that I guess."

"What is it now?" Trowa asked.

"A whole load of whatever those things are." Aoba said. "Putting them on screen."

A mass of one–eyed, tan Mobile Suits matched out of the ocean, each holding a spiked club like a rifle as they moved swiftly towards Tokyo–3.

"It's the Dark Army." Domon said. "Which means… the Dark Gundam is somewhere…"

"Wait, that thing you said you completely destroyed?" Duo asked. "It's here?"

"That's the only possible explanation." Domon said. "The Dark Army is created by the Dark Gundam… it has to be here…"

"Which is a large problem, right?" Wufei asked.

"Yes, the Dark Gundam will want to destroy everything." Rain said. "It has to be destroyed."

"But how?" Mari asked. "We don't even know where it is."

"I don't care about something we can't find." Shinji said. "I need to go get Asuka, and if I have to go alone I will. I can take out… how many are there?"

"50,000… or so." Maya said. "It's like the last time all over again…"

"Yeah, I can take them myself in Unit–01." Shinji said.

"You're not taking Unit–01." Domon said. "You're taking Burning Gundam."

"Wait, what?" Shinji said. "But Unit–01 can do that thing…"

"Yeah, Domon, what he said." Rain said sharply. "Are you insane?"

"No, Unit–01 and Nobel Gundam are mismatched in size." Domon said. "Burning Gundam will put you on the same level, and with your piloting skills you should be able to effectively use my Gundam without any issues. You'll be able to save Asuka without hurting her too severely."

"Wait, really?" Shinji said. "Are you sure…"

"It's basic fight mechanics Shinji." Domon said. "Equal footing and all."

"What about me?" Mari asked.

"You can take Shining Gundam." Domon said. "Someone will have to back Shinji up."

"You'll do no such thing!" Rain shouted. "Domon, you're being crazy."

"No I'm not." Domon said. "The Dark Army won't be easily beaten by large Evangelions. They need an advantage. I can sit this one out and let Shinji rescue the girl he loves."

"But why the Shining Gundam?" Rain asked.

"Mari's an excellent pilot, and she should be able to help her friends." Domon said. "I don't see the Evangelions being very useful in this situation."

"Domon… I don't like this." Rain said. "What happens if…"

"Nothing is going to happen except Asuka getting rescued." Domon said.

"Well, then can you tell us how your Gundams work?" Shinji asked.

"First we need a plan." Misato said. "Even if Shinji and Mari are Burning Gundam and Shining Gundam, there are still 50,000 of these things."

"And they can replicate." Domon said. "They're really hard to kill."

"Then we mobilize everyone." Misato said sternly.

"No." Domon said. "Only those designed for hand to hand combat."

"That leaves out Noin, Heero, Trowa, and whoever would be piloting Wing Gundam." Milliardo said. "The rest of have melee weapons only."

"So, then those other four would be in reserve." Misato said. "Fine, as long as Domon's sure Shinji and Mari can handle those Gundams of his."

"I'm very sure." Domon said. "Otherwise I wouldn't have suggested it."

"Fine, now that we have a plan, can we go?" Shinji asked. "Asuka and those things are storming towards us, and I'd like to save her before she gets hurt… again."

"Yeah, go." Misato said gruffly.

"Alright." Shinji said. "Domon, you'll tell us how everything works, right?"

"Yeah, we'll go over it on the way down." Domon said.

"I'll go get everyone else and tell them the plan." Heero said. "We should be able to deploy shortly."

"Shinji and Mari will deploy first." Domon said. "They'll be ready sooner."

"Fine, just get going." Misato said sternly as they left.

"So how does that Mobile trace System of yours work, muscles?" Mari asked as they left.

"Misato, don't sound so hurt." Kaji said as soon as Shinji and Mari were out of earshot.

"I'm not hurt." Misato said. "It just seems like the kids don't really trust me."

"Can you blame them?" Kaji asked. "We tell them we'll keep them safe, and they're the ones getting into comas and almost dying every other week. We're not exactly holding up our end of the bargain."

"Oh, shut up." Misato said. "Maya, get them ready to deploy."

"Still can't handle the truth, eh, Misato?" Kaji joked.

"Didn't I tell you to shut up?" Misato asked.

"You know I don't listen that well when you're avoiding the truth." Kaji said.

"You are really annoying at times." Misato muttered.

"It's part of my charm." Kaji said coyly.

"Maya, have you informed the Cage yet?" Misato said loudly.

"I sent the instructions down already, ma'am." Maya said.

"Good." Misato said loudly to drown out whatever quip Kaji had. "Tell me when Shinji and Mari are ready for launch."

"Understood, ma'am." Maya replied.


Mari was standing inside the cockpit of the Shining Gundam. When she had activated the Mobile Trace System, her body was enveloped in a tight, form fitting, fighting suit that would mimic her movements and apply them to the Gundam. Hers was very similar to Domon's, with a colored heart in the middle, which had the same exact color of Rei's hair, and the main body of the suit was pink like her plugsuit.

"This fighting suit is fucking awesome!" Mari said as she bounced her boobs up and down for fun. "My tits look absolutely amazing in this thing, so bouncy and perfectly round, like they were drawn on or something! And my pussy feels like it's being gently caressed by the hands of god!"

"Mari, is that really appropriate?" Misato asked.

"If you were wearing this, you'd feel the same way." Mari said excitedly. "I'm literally flooding my basement right now!"

"Mari, can you focus?" Shinji asked tiredly as Burning Gundam walked past her towards the launch elevator. "I'd like to rescue Asuka and deal with all this as quickly as possible."

"So impatient, puppy." Mari said. "Maybe when you get Asuka back she can take care of that obvious tension you have…"

"MARI!" Shinji shouted. "Get ready to launch!"

"Fine… if you'll stop being so grumpy and killing this erotic buzz…" Mari muttered as she moved the Shining Gundam to the launch pad.

"Burning Gundam, ready to launch!" Shinji said angrily.

"And you Mari?" Misato asked.

"Shining Gundam ready." Mari said. "Let's go get our angry German back."

"Wait a second, where is everyone else?" Shinji asked.

"Don't worry." Lady Une said. "Milliardo should be along very shortly with Duo, Quatre, and Wufei t back you up."

"And if we need more help out there?" Mari asked. "Cause 50,000 to 2 aren't exactly what I'd call the best odds in the world."

"We'll be fine, Mari." Shinji said. "Remember when I said they'd regret taking her?"

"Yeah, you were a little dark." Mari said. "Like Dark Side dark."

"Well, once I rescue Asuka, I'll make the regret taking her by destroying all their shitty little machines." Shinji said coldly. "So let's go."

"You guys sure this time?" Misato asked impatiently. "Cause they're moving in quickly, from the west…" Misato paused. "But they were approaching from the south!"

"They took a path to intercept the Nobel Gundam." Maya reported. "They're backing it up, and I've confirmed precisely 50,000 of them, plus Asuka."

"Wonderful…" Mari muttered. "Yeah, we're ready, miso, let it rip."


The two Gundams slammed to the surface when the elevator stopped abruptly at the end of its run. They exited the elevator on the western edge of Tokyo–3, looking ahead to see a large mass not that far from them. Shinji was trying to stay calm, but had some difficulty considering what he had to do. His fighting suit was an exact duplicate of Domon's, right down the red circle symbolizing Japan emblazoned on his chest. He began moving forward very cautiously when he heard Misato swear loudly over the radio.

"Motherfucker!" Misato shouted.

"What's wrong Misato?" Shinji asked.

"The launch systems are down!" Misato shouted. "You two are on your own for the time being until we can fix this."

"You've got to be fucking kidding me!" Mari shouted. "Are all the elevators busted?"

"The entire system shut down once you got the surface." Misato replied. "It literally broke down…"

"What's wrong with it?!" Mari asked angrily.

"The electromagnetic systems been depolarized or some shit." Misato said. "Don't worry about it though, it's our problem."

"No, it's our problem too, Misato!" Mari shouted. "We're the assholes out here with no fucking backup to speak of!"

"Mari, I told you we won't need backup, I can handle this." Shinji said calmly.

"Puppy, you're not in Unit–01, there is no magical solution to this!" Mari shouted. "We're in big trouble!"

"I don't care." Shinji said coldly as Burning Gundam took an offensive stance. "I'm not letting anything get in the way of rescuing Asuka. Just follow my lead and keep those fucking things off my back till I've got her back safe and sound."

"Fuck me sideways you're more stubborn than she is…" Mari muttered. "But I guess if we work together…"

"No, we split up." Shinji said. "Less of a chance of us accidently hitting each other with our attacks."

"Puppy that is literally the worst fucking idea ever!" Mari said angrily.

"Mari, its way safer, and I don't want to accidentally hurt you in my rage." Shinji said as he gripped the twin beam sabres tightly.

"Fine, whatever makes you happy, puppy." Mari said.

"Good, let's go!" Shinji shouted as Burning Gundam flew off towards the approaching Dark Army. As he got closer, he ignited his beam sabres and struck the first two he saw, slicing them in half and causing them to explode. But then they reformed into eight more.

"Wait, what?!" Shinji shouted. "I just destroyed you! GO BACK TO HELL WHERE YOU FUCKING BELONG!"

Burning Gundam charge them again and cut them to pieces again with a bit of difficulty due to their crowding of him, but once they exploded a second time, they didn't reform again. However, a large group of several hundred were bearing down on Shinji, which worried him greatly.

"Huh… they only reformed once." Shinji said. "I guess that's good."

"That must mean that the Dark Gundam is still weak." Rain said.

"Still… how many did they reform into when they blew up?" Misato asked.

"Four each." Shinji replied.

"That means they have an effective force of 250,000 attacking us, not 50,000." Misato said. "We need to get those elevators fixed."

"Yeah, we're aware miso." Mari quipped as Shining Gundam flew away from Shinji towards the other end of the enemy line. "Puppy, I'm breaking right. I'll take the 25,000 of these fuckers on that side."

"Fine, I'll deal with Asuka and the rest." Shinji said.

"Good luck puppy, may the Force be with you." Mari said jokingly. "Alright you fuckers, let's get it on!"

"Right." Shinji said sternly as he faced the oncoming Dark Army soldiers raising the beam sabres once more. "Let's finish this!"

Burning Gundam charged at the approaching Dark Army soldiers and sliced through several dozen of them. Shinji then turned around with the Machine Cannons opening and taking aim at the reforming Mobile Suits, cutting through them with ease before charging the rest with the extended beam sabres, cutting through the remaining ones near him just as even more of them showed up.

"Shit, there are a lot of these stupid things." Shinji said. "Mari, how are you doing?"

"Not that great!" Mari shouted. "Too many of these things to kill! FUCKING DIE YOU BASTARDS! SHINING FINGER!" Shinji heard several explosions before Mari spoke again. "How are you doing puppy?"

"Still looking for Asuka while trying to deal with all these things!" Shinji said as a dozen Dark Army soldiers charged at him, that he cut up and then had to deal with those that reformed. "Their reforming ability is really fucking annoying!"

"I know, right?" Mari shouted. "Almost seemed like cheating!"

"Misato, how long till the elevators are fixed?!" Shinji asked while cutting through and shooting several Dark Army soldiers.

"We are working on it!" Misato said angrily. "Just hold on!"

"Yeah, hold on… great advice, miso…" Mari said sarcastically. "We'll just get on that… get the fuck away from me you MOTHERFUCKERS."

"Yeah, Misato, any time would be great." Shinji said. "I can't find Asuka while I'm dealing with all these fucking things!"

"What happened to you can handle it yourself." Misato said sarcastically.

"Misato, now's not the time to be a bitch." Kaji said. "Shinji, I'll go kick Ritsuko in the ass and see if she can hurry this along, ok?"

"Thanks Kaji." Shinji said. "Now back to work!" Shinji shouted as he charged even more Dark Army soldiers cutting through them again.


Misato was angrily looking at Kaji. She slammed the button on the comm to shut it off and went off on Kaji.

"What did you call me?!" Misato shouted.

"A bitch." Kaji said. "It's really not the time to be going off on Shinji."

"After all the shit he's shouted at me today? And I have to be nice to him?!" Misato shouted at him. "Seriously?!"

"Yeah, Misato, it's called being an adult." Kaji said nonchalantly. "You're the adult, you can't be acting like them. They're just kids in a difficult situation, and you're the person of authority. It's time to act like it and ignore what Shinji said."

"How can I ignore it?!" Misato asked angrily.

"Because he'll probably apologize as soon as Asuka is back safe and sound." Kaji said. "So just wait for it and accept it when it happens. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go try and get Ritsuko to fix this faster so they don't die or something."

"Fine, whatever, just let me know how long it'll take." Misato said gruffly. "How are they doing, Maya?"

"Not well, Shinji still can't find Asuka, and it looks like she's looking for someone… maybe she knows Shinji is out there." Maya reported.

"What about Mari?" Rain asked.

"Well, she's fighting just fine, but both of their adrenaline levels are fairly high." Maya said. "I don't know how long they can keep all this up…"

"They'll be fine." Domon said. "You just have to believe in them."

"What are you talking about?" Heero asked. "They're in trouble."

"No, they're not that far for unlocking some serious power increases with those Gundams." Domon said. "Just wait, once they reach that threshold, those Dark Army soldiers are finished."

"You're almost insane…" Misato muttered.

"Or just overconfident." Hyuga said.

"No, just optimistic." Domon replied. "You gotta have faith after all…"


Shinji was valiantly trying to fight off the Dark Army soldiers around him, but he was getting winded. Without any backup to deal with the overwhelming amount of bad guys currently replicating around him, Shinji couldn't find Asuka anywhere. That's all he wanted, to find Asuka.

"Come on, get out of my WAY!" Shinji shouted as he cut though more Dark Army grunts. "Asuka, where are you?!"

"Shinji, shouting isn't going to find her!" Mari said angrily. "Try not doing that."

"The hell it won't!" Shinji shouted back.

"I mean unless you put it over an open channel, she can't find you, dummy!" Mari replied. "I sometimes worry about you, puppy."

"Well, right now focus on yourself." Shinji relied as he punched through one of the Dark Army grunts. "I'll be fine for a little while longer… wait… there she is!" Shinji's face lit up as he activated his comms. "Asuka, Asuka its… ooof…"

Shinji's moment of distraction cost him. The Dark Army grunts took advantage of his distraction and swarmed him, beating him to the ground. Nobel Gundam pulled out its beam ribbon and sliced through the Dark Army grunts around Shinji destroying them all, and Shinji couldn't be happier to see her. Burning Gundam got unsteadily to its feet, with Shinji beaming from ear to ear.

"Asuka, I'm so glad you're back to… WAHHHHHHH!" Shinji said as Nobel Gundam sent him flying backwards. "Asuka… why are you doing this…?"


"Asuka, I don't know where your momma…" Shinji started before he was picked up off the ground and tossed by Nobel Gundam several hundred yards.

"Asuka, please stop this." Shinji said. "You're not yourself."


Shinji pulled himself and Burning Gundam to its feet. "Asuka, I have no idea where your momma is, just stop this, please…"

"NOOOOOO!" Asuka screamed as she charged Shinji. "GIVE ME MOMMA!"

"Shinji, you can't reason with her." Domon said as Shinji dodged. "You have to attack her before she actually kills you."

"He's right, Shinji." Heero said. "You need to fight back, she will kill you."

"I can't attack her, it's not her fault!" Shinji pleaded as he dodged another attack from Asuka. "What if I hurt her… or… or kill her?!"

"Shinji, love is about risks, and you have an attack that can handle this without killing her." Domon said. "You need to do this Shinji, I know you can do this."

"How?!" Shinji asked angrily as he got grazed by one of Asuka's furious attacks. "Where do I aim or whatever."

"Right below the cockpit." Rain said. "It's where the control systems for everything are. Damage that and Nobel Gundam will shut down."

"You just have to be spot on with the aim because it is right below the cockpit." Domon said encouragingly. "Just believe in yourself and do it, Shinji."

"But… I could kill her if I miss…" Shinji stammered. "I don't want to lose her! I CAN'T LOSE HER!"

"Shinji, use the attack, it's the only way!" Domon shouted. "YOU CAN'T HOLD BACK ANYMORE! JUST DO IT AND SAVE HER BEFORE SHE KILLS YOU!"

"FINE!" Shinji replied. "If it's the only way!"

"It is the only way, Shinji." Domon said calmly. "You can save her. Now attack!"

"Do I have to say the line though?" Shinji asked. "It seems kinda corny…"

"Of course you do!" Domon said emphatically. "It's the only…"

"If you do not stop, I will kill you." Heero said in an annoyed tone. "Shinji, as ridiculous as it may sound, you must." Heero said calmly. "To use the attack, you must believe in it, and to believe in it means you have to focus, and that ludicrous line does just that. Remember what I told you, Shinji, remember what ZERO showed you… live your life by your emotions, Shinji, you know why you're out there, accomplish your mission."

"Right!" Shinji said facing down Nobel Gundam once again. "Asuka, please, I don't want to hurt you!"


"Fine this is the only way…" Shinji said with tears in his eyes. "I'm sorry… Asuka… please understand why I had to do this…"

"THIS HAND OF MINE IS BURNING RED!" Shinji roared as Nobel Gundam charged once again. "ITS LOUD ROAR TELLS ME TO GRASP VICTORY!"

"HERE I GO!" Nobel Gundam leaped toward Burning Gundam as the particle collectors on the back of Burning Gundam opened up, creating a red and orange mandala within them, and the chest of Burning Gundam opened up to reveal a particle accelerator which glowed red as it activated.

"ERUPTING!" The blue gantlet around the right hand slid down, armoring the hand with it and morphing it into a three fingered piercing weapon. The golden claws on the forearm armor also popped out and made the attack look all the more menacing.

"BURNING!" The right hand began glowing with a tremendous orange light.

"FINGER!" Shinji drove the glowing hand into the waist, just below the cockpit to short out and destroy the Berserker System.

"AAAAHHHHHHHHHH!" Asuka screamed. The attack worked as it should, as the Nobel Gundam returned to its normal state and shut down, the Berserker System utterly destroyed, but, Shinji was worried he may have injured Asuka in the attack.

"ASUKA!" Shinji screamed as the cockpit viewer focused on the now open Nobel Gundam cockpit. He saw Asuka laying on the ground, unconscious from the attack, but otherwise unscathed.

"Shinji, you have multiple incoming, get out of there!" Misato said. "Come on, get moving!"

"For fuck's sake, miso, we know there are incoming!" Mari shouted sarcastically. "They're like fucking herpes, they just won't go the fuck AWAY!"

"And I'm not leaving Asuka!" Shinji shouted. "She's unconscious, I have to stay and defend her! I'm not leaving her to DIE! I REFUSE TO LET HER DIE!"

With those last words, Burning Gundam exploded into a shining beacon of light, with every system on board showing a massive power increase, and the mandala on the Gundam's back glowed even brighter. Shinji was even bathed in a golden glow, and his demeanor changed significantly.

Rain was shocked. "He's activated Burning Gundam's Hyper Mode!"

"So then he does truly love her." Domon said. "Shinji, do you remember the other technique I told you about?"

"YES!" Shinji said loudly.

"Use it to protect the woman you love, and blow those guys straight back to hell!" Domon said loudly. "The School of the Undefeated of the East, Ultimate Secret Technique!"

"RIGHT!" Shinji shouted. "YAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" The ground around Burning Gundam fractured and compressed under the power being pumped out from its golden form.

"Domon he can't use that!" Rain exclaimed. "It's too much for him!"


"If he can activate the Hyper Mode, he can use this without a problem." Domon said confidently. "He's more than strong enough. I knew he could do it."

"He also successfully conquered the ZERO System." Trowa said. "Anyone who can do that can certainly master just about anything."

"If you think so…" Rain said.

"I do… finish them Shinji, destroy the Dark Army!" Domon said. "Attack now!"

Both of Burning Gundam's hands began to glow brightly, as energy crackled around them. "HERE I GO!" The energy began to form into a great ball of light that brimmed with power and crackled with electrical discharges.

"SEKIHA…" Burning Gundam drew its hands down and turned to the right, crouching and preparing to throw the attack. "…TENKYOKEN!"

The great ball of fire was thrown forwards, obliterating any Dark Army soldiers it came near, causing them to disappear into thin air. The attack dissipated, and left a large gap in the enemy forces, however it didn't last long, as even more took their place.

"Oh my god… how many of them are still active?" Misato asked.

"Too many… because they keep replicating, we can't pin down an exact number!" Maya reported. "They're both in danger…"

"Shinji, hold them off as long as you can, I'm coming to get you!" Domon said.

"Fine, I can do that!" Shinji said loudly. "Domon, use Unit–01! You can carry Asuka to safety that way! I'll hold them off as long as I can!"

"Alight, Shinji!" Domon said. "But what about the launch elevators?!"

"Still offline!" Misato replied. "Just get to the Cage and prep for immediate launch when they're online!"

"Shinji doesn't have that kind of time!" Domon shouted.

"Don't worry about me!" Shinji shouted. "I have an idea!" Shinji drew his hands back again. "SEKIHA…TENKYOKEN!"

"Shinji, don't overuse that!" Domon said sternly. "You could die!"

"I don't care, I'm going to protect Asuka, no matter the cost! It's the only thing I can do to slow these fucking things down!" Shinji shouted. "Bring it on you bastards! SEKIHA TENKYOKEN!" Shinji cried, firing another blast and destroying a bunch more enemies. "SEKIHA TENKYOKEN! SEKIHA TENKYOKEN! SEKIHA TENKYOKEN!" Shinji fired repeated blasts, to no avail, the Dark Army kept advancing, and Shinji was near powerless to stop them. It did however, keep them a safe distance away, so Shinji continued his strategy of spamming attacks. "SEKIHA TENKYOKEN!"

"Domon, get going already!" Rain cried.

"I know, I know." Domon said.

"Domon's right though… Shinji won't last long like this though." Rain said. "He needs backup right now."

"You're right, his heart rate is topping out, and his blood pressure is way too high." Maya said. "Colonel, he needs help, like now!"

"Mari, we need you now!" Misato said.

"Sorry, Miso, I'm busy at the moment!" Mari exclaimed. "I'm being overrun too! There are too fucking many of them to kill! Where is our fucking backup though?! I feel like the forgotten redheaded step child over here!"

"Shit!" Misato exclaimed. "We're still working on it! Give us some more time!"

"That is something we don't have a lot of!" Mari shouted.

"Yes we do!" Shinji shouted as another wave of Dark Army Mobile Suits charged towards him and Asuka. "Take this… SEKIHA TENKYOKEN!"


Mari was getting exceedingly tired. The amount of enemies she was dealing with was well past overwhelming. As good as her stamina was, she had her limits, and was very close to reaching them.

"Hold on Shinji, I'm coming to help!" Mari shouted. "If I could just get away from these fucking guys!" Mari raised her right hand. "SHINING… FINGER!"

She took out a few more Dark Army soldiers, just for some of them to reform and swarm her again and knock her to the ground with a flurry of club strikes and beam blasts.


The Shining Gundam began to glow and sparkle with a golden aura, the Gundam turned gold, and its shoulders, the face mask opened, shoulder pauldrons slid up revealing golden plating behind them, the arms and legs extended themselves a bit, making the Gundam taller, the outside of the calves popped open, revealing golden thrusters, and Mari took a fighting stance. Mari herself erupted in a red glow, her eyes filled with fury as she looked around her.

"Mari, you've activated the Super Mode… perhaps it's time to use the other move Domon most likely told you about." Rain said. ""

"Oh, right… THIS HAND OF MINE GLOWS WITH AN AWESOME POWER!" Mari screamed as she drew out one of the beam sabres on Shining Gundam's hip. "ITS BURNING GRIP TELLS ME TO DEFEAT YOU!" Mari ignited the beam sabre and it glowed and crackled as Mari raised it in the air, it exploded with energy, extending farm beyond its normal length, and the color of the beam sabre changed from bright red to Shining Finger green. "TAKE THIS…! MY LOVE… MY ANGER… AND ALL OF MY SORROW! SHINING… FINGER… SWORD!"

Mari swung the massive sword around her several times, taking out the Dark Army grunts and many of their duplicates, but because there were so many of them, as soon as Mari ended the attack, she was quickly surrounded once more.

"Motherfucker! Even with this I won't be able to make it in time!" Mari shouted as she heard Shinji continue his barrage of attacks. "Hold on Shinji, I'll figure something out! That is if we don't die first…"

"Mari, stop exaggerating." Misato said. "You're not going to die."

"Easy for you to say!" Mari shouted as more Dark Army soldiers advanced on her menacingly. "If we don't get some kind of miracle soon, not even Shinji's good luck streak can save our sorry asses now…"

To Be Continued

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