Neon Genesis Evangelion: Legacy – Gundam Invasion
A Mobile Suit Gundam Wing and Mobile Fighter G Gundam Crossover

Chapter 15 – Endless Waltz
November 30, 2016 – NERV HQ, Medical Wing

Shinji was just waking up. He had slept in Asuka's room again so he could sleep as long as possible. As he opened his eyes, the early morning sunlight blinded him briefly until his eyes adjusted, and he saw Asuka staring at him.

"Wow, baka, I didn't think you were going to wake up." Asuka said jokingly. "Not that I mind the company or anything."

"What time is it?" Shinji asked.

"Quarter after seven." Asuka replied. "I think you should get ready, don't you?"

"Yeah, I guess." Shinji said. "I just want everyone to get home so they can get back to their lives…"

"Well, go kick this Dark Gundam's ass, and then murder that asshole who kidnapped me." Asuka said. "Forget what Misato tells you, just go do that."

"You know I'm literally going to be attached to Mari, right?" Shinji asked.

"So?" Asuka said. "She'll go on any adventure if you bait her hard enough." Asuka said. "Just promise me you'll pay that asshole back for me, ok?"

"I know Asuka, you told me." Shinji said.

"And promise that you'll keep Mari from wrecking my Unit–02!" Asuka said angrily.

"I told you I'll keep her from doing any major damage." Shinji said. "I can only do so much, you know."

"Just try your best, baka." Asuka said. "And can you promise me something else?"

"Asuka, I'm promising an awful lot." Shinji said as he got up and stretched.

"So?" Asuka asked. "Why does it matter?"

"I don't know…" Shinji said. "What's in it for me?"

"You're making me happy, isn't that enough for you?" Asuka asked.

"This feels like a trap…" Shinji muttered. "It is Asuka… it was a stupid question."

"Yeah it was." Asuka said. "But seeing as you need more motivation…" Asuka eased herself up and pulled down her hospital gown, revealing her supple breasts. "If you do that stuff for me, you can feel them up when you get back safe and sound."

Shinji blushed a bright shade of red. "Asuka… you… you don't have to do that…" Shinji stammered.

"What, are my breasts not good enough for you now?" Asuka asked. "Would you rather have Allenby's?"

"Asuka… I…" Shinji stammered. "I'm sorry…"

"This is why I like you, baka." Asuka said as she covered herself up and beckoned Shinji to sit on the bed next to her. "You get so flustered so easily, it's kind of adorable."

"I'm sorry…" Shinji muttered. "Why do you have to tease me like that though… it gets very confusing."

"Oh, deal with it." Asuka said as she kissed him on the cheek. "That's just how I am."

"I know." Shinji said. "And I promise to keep Unit–02 safe… but what was the other thing you wanted to ask me?"

"Well… don't tell the four eyed idiot this, but… keep her safe too. I don't want her thinking I care about her and stuff, she's too annoying."

"Asuka, that's really sweet." Shinji said.

"Yeah, but you can't tell anyone." Asuka said. "Got it?"

"I know Asuka, I know better than that." Shinji replied.

"Good." Asuka said. "So, when you come back, you can feel my breasts as a reward for a job well done."

Shinji shook his head. "I'm lucky to have an odd girl like you."

"I'm not the odd one in this relationship, baka." Asuka quipped. "But that's what I like about you, Shinji… you're different, and you make me feel happy."

"Asuka, are you ok? You're acting a bit out of character." Shinji asked. "Did you get a concussion?"

"No… I'm just expressing my feelings for you, you idiot!" Asuka shouted.

"I know… but you usually, you know, don't talk about your feelings." Shinji said.

"Yeah, well, I just want you to know, you know…" Asuka muttered. "If anything happens and I'm not there to protect you."

Shinji looked at Asuka, and saw a single tear roll down her face. "Asuka, I told you, everything will be fine. Everyone is going out there to fight, but I'm stuck here."

"I know the feeling, Asuka." Shinji said. "You'll be back in Unit–02 in no time."

"Yeah, yeah, now get going!" Asuka said. "But let me give you another kiss before you leave… for uh… luck or whatever."

"Good luck, baka." Asuka said as she kissed him on the cheek. "And don't you dare get hurt, otherwise you'll be in big trouble."

"I know Asuka, you're the only one allowed to kick my ass." Shinji said.

"You bet your ass I am." Asuka said as Shinji got up. "And don't you forget it."

"I won't Asuka." Shinji said a she left. "I'll see you in a few hours."


Shinji walked into the Cage after having changed into his plugsuit. He saw everyone getting ready to head out. He saw Unit–01 restrained in the back, looking calm and relaxed, but everyone else was in a hurry getting their respective Gundams prepped for launch. Shinji looked over and saw Rain prepping Shining and Burning Gundam herself, and was surprised that Domon wasn't helping her.

As Shinji walked up to Unit–01, he saw Mari mulling around near Unit–02, getting her pink plugsuit adjusted, and bouncing her boobs around for what Shinji assumed to be just for shits and giggles. Mari waived to him as he walked towards Unit–01.

As he got to the bottom of Unit–01 scaffolding, Shinji saw Domon waiting for him.

"Hey, Domon, what's up?" Shinji asked.

"I wanted to ask you something." Domon said.

"Is it about your mother?" Shinji asked.

"No, it's about your mother." Domon said.

"Did she talk to you when you used Unit–01?" Shinji asked.

"Yeah… but I thought you said your mother was dead." Domon said. "Was that really her?"

"Yeah, it was her." Shinji said.

"How long have you known about her?" Domon asked.

"A few months." Shinji said. "It's a bit complicated."

"No, I get it." Domon said. "And I'm guessing that you're the only one that knows?"

"Yeah, as far as I know I am." Shinji replied.

"Does being close to her all the time make a difference?" Domon asked.

"Yeah, it does." Shinji said. "I know she's there, and I know she's protecting me. It's kinda nice to know she's at least… around."

"Is that why you think rescuing m mother is a good idea?" Domon asked.

"Yeah, at worst you get some closure, and at best you get to have your mom back." Shinji said. "How long's it been since you saw your mom?"

"A long time." Domon said. "When I went off to train with Master Asia, I left everything behind, including my family. I never really got to say goodbye to her. By the time I was conscripted into the Gundam Fight, she was already dead."

"So, are you worried you won't get to talk to her again?" Shinji asked.

"I'm worried if we mess this up, she'll end up dying because of me." Domon said. "I don't want that to happen."

"She won't die because of you." Shinji said reassuringly. "She'll be saved from whatever that thing is because of you."

"You think so?" Domon asked. "Because… I just want her to be ok. I mean, she was still shot when Major Ulube came to steal the Dark Gundam, but, I'm not sure how she survived, my father said he was dead."

"Well, I don't know if she'll be ok." Shinji said. "But I know that we won't know for sure until we try."

"I guess you're right." Domon said. "Thanks, Shinji."

"Twenty minutes until launch." Aoba said over the intercom.

"Guess we better get going." Domon said.

"Yeah." Shinji said as Domon walked away. "And don't worry, everything will work out."

"I know." Domon said. "Thanks for the pep talk buddy, I really needed it."


Mari was sitting in front of Unit–02. She was a little apprehensive of going inside Asuka's Evangelion, more so because she knew Asuka's mother resided within its Core. Mari sighed deeply before she walked towards the awaiting Entry Plug.

"Sorry, Kyoko." Mari muttered. "This wasn't my choice."

Mari climbed inside the Entry Plug and waited at it was hoisted into place and locked into Unit–02. Everything came on like normal, and the LCL flooded the Entry Plug, and everything felt perfectly normal.

"Mari, your sync rate is steady at 42%." Maya said. "All systems normal, you're synced with Unit–02."

"Ok, I'm ready." Mari replied as she saw a bright flash of light and was left standing in a bright, white room, facing an old friend.

"Kyoko…" Mari muttered.

"Hey there cutie." Kyoko said. "I wasn't expecting you to end up in here… what happened to my Asuka."

"She's fine, mild concussion, some bruised organs, a mild kidnapping… nothing too serious." Mari said sheepishly.

"She was kidnapped?!" Kyoko shouted. "What the hell, Mari?!"

"Not our fault." Mari said. "In case you haven't noticed, we've had some weird shit going down. She got grabbed after she offered to go to the store for Shinji."

"And…" Kyoko prodded.

"She got put in a Gundam, and Shinji disabled the Gundam, but injured her a bit in the process. He did his best, and protected her, and almost died doing it." Mari explained.

"So, you're in here because she's injured?" Kyoko asked.

"Yeah, it's all hands on deck, and seeing as she's out, and I'm without an EVA, I was a match made in heaven." Mari said. "And my EVA is all busted up from that last, lovely fucking tentacle rapey Angel we faced."

"Ok, so, Asuka's going to be ok?" Kyoko asked.

"Yeah, the princess awake and everything." Mari said. "Shinji spent the night wither in the hospital to keep her company."

"Are they…?" Kyoko asked.

"Nope, the puppy's too scared and the princess is a bit shy when it comes to intimacy." Mari said. "Although, I'd bet they would make cute babies."

"Well, Yui was right about them." Kyoko said. "They are kind of perfect for each other."

"Well, they have their issues." Mari said. "You know, tough childhoods and all…"

"I've seen Asuka's mind… during that Angel's invasion into her mind… it was not pretty… I didn't… I didn't realize my mind had fractured as badly as it did. And Oscar… that bastard made her feel like nothing… my special little girl…"

"I know… I've seen her file." Mari said. "It's not pretty…"

"After finding all that out… I almost regret being trapped in here." Kyoko said. "She was all alone, and it's my fault."

"Hey, some things are unavoidable." Mari said. "And despite everything that Asuka's been through, she survived it, and she found someone to love her. And I'm there too, so it's not all up to Shinji."

"I know you're there… way out of your element I might add." Kyoko said.

"I'm doing just fine, Kyoko." Mari said defensively. "Shinji and Asuka have helped me adapt in their own way. And Fuyutsuki gave me a lot of advice."

"So, you're doing ok, kid?" Kyoko asked. "It must be weird to be around our kids instead of us…"

"It was at first, but after a while, it got easier." Mari said. "That's all thanks to Shinji."

"Well, I'm glad you're doing ok." Kyoko said. "How's the uh… love life?"

"Better than it was." Mari said sheepishly. "There's this girl I met… she looks a lot like Yui, and we're kinda dating…"

"That Rei girl Asuka's always upset at?" Kyoko asked. "Good for you."

"Thanks…" Mari said.

"What's wrong?" Kyoko asked.

"I still love Yui." Mari said.

"Well, that's not gonna change overnight, Mari." Kyoko said. "You'll always love her as long as she's still around, even if is in a giant monster like thingy."

"Yeah, I guess…" Mari said. "You know, I've missed you guys a lot."

"I've missed you too, Mari." Kyoko said. "I've only got Yui to talk to on occasion, but other than that, it's kinda lonely."

"Well, you still have Asuka." Mari said. "Even if she doesn't know, she will eventually. She's not… you know… that dense."

"Well, if she's anything like me, she is that stubborn." Kyoko said.

"She's not so bad." Mari said. "Shinji tones her down quite a bit."

"I'm glad to hear it." Kyoko said. "But don't you have a battle to get to?"

"Yeah, I do, but I don't really want to go." Mari said. "I'd rather just relax and not have to run every time there's an attack."

"What, are you quitting on us?" Kyoko asked.

"No, I'm just tired." Mari said. "All this fighting is fucking exhausting."

"It's one more battle, kid." Kyoko said. "Just one more time and everyone goes home. Do it for Shinji… do it for Asuka… do it for your girl Rei. Whatever your motivation, you'll be fine. You survived that last fight, and you'll survive this too."

"Yeah, I know." Mari said. "Stop with the pep talk already… I'm going."

"Good luck Mari." Kyoko said. "I'll be right here to help you… in case you need it."

Mari was faced with another bright flash of light and found herself back in the in the Entry Plug. She sighed briefly and looked over to see Unit–01's Entry Plug locking into place.

"Ten minutes until launch." Aoba said over the intercom.

"Well, almost time…" Mari muttered. "Time to get psyched."

Mari clicked a few buttons on her control yokes and pulled up a hacked music player she installed awhile back and started playing her "Pump It Up" playlist.

It's early morning, the sun comes out
Last night was shaking and pretty loud
My cat is purring, it scratches my skin
So what is wrong with another sin?

The bitch is hungry, she needs to tell
So give her inches and feed her well
More days to come, new places to go
I've got to leave, it's time for a show

Here I am
Rock you like a hurricane
Here I am
Rock you like a hurricane

"Yeah… that's more like it…" Mari muttered. "Time to kick some ass."


Misato was standing anxiously behind Maya. The main view screen was covered in various camera angles of the enemy's mountain encampment, and several different angles of the Cage.

"How's everything going?" Misato asked.

"Looks like everyone's ready." Maya replied. "Unit–01 and Unit–02 are online, and Mari's sync level is holding steady."

"Glad they're on time." Misato said. "And the power situation for them?"

"The power share cable is attached to Unit–01." Maya said. "All Mari needs to do is plug it in, and it'll link Unit–02 directly with Unit–01's S2 Engine."

"How?" Misato asked.

"It's a one way plug, one end takes power and the other gives it out." Ritsuko said. "As long as Mari doesn't snap it, it'll be fine."

"And why would she do that?" Kaji asked.

"Her idiotic tendency to break things." Ritsuko replied.

"She'll be fine." Misato said. "And Shinji?"

"Perfect as always." Maya replied. "He's holding at 99.2%, which I think is a personal best for him."

"Excellent." Kaji said. "He's really gotten pretty good at this."

"I'm more surprised Unit–02 synced with Mari." Aoba said.

"Which means you owe me ¥12,500." Maya said.

"Sucker." Hyuga joked.

"Why are you calling him a sucker?" Maya asked. "You owe me ¥12,500."

"Why would bet against Maya?" Kaji asked. "She knows the synchrographs like the back of her hand… nice job Maya."

"Thanks, Mr. Kaji." Maya replied.

"What about the elevators?" Misato asked. "Are they actually going to work today?"

"Yes, they've been fully repaired." Ritsuko replied. "I'm not sure how it got damaged, but it may just be the excessive use over the last few months."

"Really, because we've used them they broke?" Misato asked. "I call bullshit then. What does maintenance do with them, look at them and figure they won't ever break down, or are they just hourly?"

"I… I'm not in charge of maintenance!" Ritsuko said angrily.

"Could have fooled us." Kaji muttered.

"Excuse me?" Ritsuko asked incredulously.

"You heard me, Ritsuko." Kaji said. "You're dense, not deaf."

"Enough." Gendo said from above. "Akagi, save your petty squabbles for later, there is important work to do."

"Commander, perhaps it would best if Dr. Akagi were to monitor the Evangelions from her lab. Her lack of tactical knowledge may impede Colonel Katsuragi's ability to think." Fuyutsuki said.

"Perhaps that is best." Gendo said. "Dr. Akagi, if you please."

"Fine." Ritsuko said as she stormed out.

"Perhaps now you can focus, Colonel Katsuragi." Gendo said.

"Yes, Commander." Misato replied. "Ok, how long till launch?"

"Five minutes." Hyuga replied.

"Ok, everyone looks like they're in their Gundams, so set up the launch path and move the launch elevators into place." Misato ordered.

"What about our alert status?" Hyuga asked.

"Set us at Level–3 battle stations." Misato said. "And have the AIS on cold standby. No need to deploy the heavy guns and worry the civvies unless we need them."

"So the city stays in its normal position as well?" Aoba asked.

"Yes, the threat is 15 kilometers away." Misato said. "If something happens, we have time to react."

"Aright, turn on the comms, it's time to get this show on the road." Misato said.

"Roger that, ma'am." Maya said. "You're online."

"Alright, everyone." Misato said. "We have some new intel…"

"How bad is it?" Milliardo asked.

"Well… there are a lot of enemies." Kaji said. "Like 250,000 of them or so."

"Or so?" Allenby asked.

"What's the over under on that?" Mari asked.

"50,000" Kaji replied.

"That's not an over under, that's just insane!" Duo shouted.

"Well, with the caves, it's difficult to get a solid read on the numbers." Kaji said.

"That problem aside, we know that killing the Dark Gundam will shut those things down." Misato said. "So the objective is that everyone needs to keep the grunts away from Domon and Rain, and they will need some backup."

"Me and Mari will be doing close in support." Shinji replied.

"So will I." Allenby said.

"Allenby, I think we'll be fine with Shinji and Mari as backup."

"Actually, we could use some more help." Shinji said.

"Alright, Allenby, you'll be backing them up." Misato said. "Now, we've got two minutes till final launch. Everybody, confirm you're ready to launch." Misato asked.

"Ready and raring to go, miso." Mari said.

"Same here!" Allenby added.

"I'm ready, Ms. Misato." Quatre said.

"Sure, let's go do this." Chibodee said.

"Let's get this show on the road." Duo quipped.

"I'm ready, miss." Sai Saici said.

"Let's do this." Noin said.

"Nataku and I are ready." Wufei replied.

"Ready." Argo said.

"Wing Gundam, ready." Lady Une said.

"Epyon, ready." Milliardo said.

"Shining Gundam ready." Rain added.

"I am ready, Colonel." Trowa replied.

"As am I." George added.

"Mission accepted." Heero replied.

"I'm ready, Misato." Shinji said.

"Gundam Fight… Ready?!" Domon asked.

"Don't…" Rain muttered.

"GOOOO!" Domon shouted.

"Alright then… Gundams… Evangelions… LAUNCH!" Misato ordered as Unit–01 and Unit–02 shot up towards the surface and the Gundams flew up into the air.

"Good luck everyone…" Misato said. "Something tells me you're going to need it."


As Domon got to the surface he saw the two Evangelions unlock from their launch elevators. Unit–02 took and unraveled a cord attached to Unit–01's back and plugged it in, tethering the two of them together.

"Is that normal?" Domon asked.

"No, it's not." Shinji replied. "We're going to be too far from a power source, so Unit–02 needs a constant source of power."

"That way I can kick some ass." Mari said. "Hey, miso, are we going to have weapons drops?"

"Well, is everyone clear?" Misato asked.

"Yeah, we're clear." Domon said.

"Alright, stay low." Misato said. "Try to mask your approach using the terrain."

"Understood." Heero said.

"Let's go." Domon said as he pulled up a private channel with Rain as the group flew off. Wing Zero and Epyon transformed into their Mobile Armor configurations and flew just meters from the ground ahead of the rest of the group. Unit–01 and Unit–02 moved gracefully next to each other, crouching low to the ground. The rest of the Gundams flew in some form of another, in a spread out, low flight level, with Domon flying near the back.

"Rain, are you there?" Domon asked as the moved along at high speed.

"Domon, don't worry so much." Rain said.

"How did you…?" Domon asked.

"I can hear it in your voice." Rain said. "And I know you're worried about your mother, but you'll see her one way or another. We'll do our best to save her, ok?"

"Yeah…" Domon said. "I just hope we can."

"Domon, a positive attitude will help us more than your current mood." Rain said.

"I'm trying, Rain." Domon said. "But it's difficult when I'm trying not to think what could happen if we screw up."

"Domon, just focus on the mission and everything will be fine." Rain said.

"I will…" Domon said as they approached. "But that could be difficult."

"What do you…?" Rain said as she saw the sight in front of them. "Oh my god…"

As everyone got close to the enemy camp, all they saw was a sea of Dark Army grunts. They swarmed towards the approaching Gundams, trying to stop their advancer towards the Dark Gundam's cave.

"This looks difficult…" Quatre said. "There are far more than we anticipated."

"Nah, this looks like fun!" Mari said. "Miso, where are my weapons!"

"On the way Mari." Misato replied.

"So, I guess I'll go left." Duo said.

"Then I will take the right." Trowa replied.

"I don't think any direction we go in will have much of an effect on how many enemies we run into." George said sarcastically.

"What are you waiting for?!" Milliardo shouted. "Clear the way for Domon!"

Once Milliardo shouted at everyone, the Gundams all flew headlong into the enemy formation, drawing their various weapons and opening fire. However, Domon stayed where he was and flew above the fray.

"Domon, what are you doing?" Rain asked.

"Looking for Master Gundam." Domon said. "It's something I need to do."

"Domon, we have to deal with the Dark Gundam first!" Rain shouted.

"No, I need to deal with him first!" Domon shouted back. "I need to know!"

"Domon, if you head for the Dark Gundam, he will most likely find you." Shinji said. "So, let's head there together."

"We'll be right there with you." Allenby added.

"Fine, but I'm clearing a path for us!" Domon shouted. "SEKIHA… TENKYOKEN!"

The massive ball of energy flew down from the sky and ripped through several hundred Dark Army grunts vaporizing them and leaving nothing but a smoking burn mark on the .

"Nice." Mari said.

"I'm not done yet! Get the hell out of my way!" Domon shouted as he flew Burning Gundam towards the ground at high speed. "TAKE THIS!" Domon shouted as Burning Gundam's hand erupted in a bright orange light, and clenched into a fist. "ERUPTING… BURNING… SEKIHA TENKYOKEN!"

Burning Gundam's fist impacted the ground, sending out a massive shockwave, and vaporizing all the Dark Army grunts within several hundred meters.

"Wow, that's some Shinji level stuff right there." Mari quipped.

"Where do we go from here?" Shinji sighed.

"The Dark Gundam cave is this way." Domon said.

"We'll do our best to clear the way." Shinji said.

"Well, the good news is they aren't replicating." Rain said. "So, it's one and done."

"That explains why there are so damn many of them!" Duo shouted.

"Alright then, let's move." Domon said.


The ZERO System was straining. There were so many enemies, it was having trouble keeping focus on any one of them. Heero however was nonetheless doing his best to focus on everything he could, and wipe out as many enemies as he could. Wing Zero had its beam sabre out in the same hand as its shield was attached to while the left hand held its Twin Buster Rifle. As a group of enemies descending on him, Heero let out a single, powerful, charged blast and destroyed several hundred Dark Army soldiers.

"This is quite taxing." Heero muttered.

"Come on, buddy, it could be worse." Duo said as Deathscythe landed nearby. "We could be fighting in space again. This 2D shit is easy compared to that."

"An extra dimension of movement allows for infinitely more possibilities to deal with enemy combatants." Heero replied as he fired on the group of enemies Duo was going after.

"Hey, those were my kills!" Duo shouted.

"They don't count until you actually kill them." Heero retorted.

"Is that sarcasm?!" Duo shouted.

"Heero, watch out!" Milliardo shouted as a group came from behind and attempted to catch him off guard. Epyon flew in and cut them to bits with his Heat Rod. "Heero, don't lose focus! We can't be distracted in conditions like this!"

"I'm aware of that Zechs." Heero said as he fired a heavy beam shot on another approaching group of Dark Army grunts. "Perhaps you should heed your own warnings."

"Touché, Heero." Milliardo retorted. "Do either of you know where Domon is? Is he close yet?"

"No." Heero said. "I was focused on the battle."

"Again with the sarcasm…" Duo muttered. "I miss the old you that just threatened to kill people and pull through on the promise."

"If I recall, I did say id kill you." Heero said. "Perhaps I should follow through on that."

"Shut up, Heero." Duo muttered.

"Enough you two." Milliardo said. "Colonel, do you have any updates?"

"The five of them are moving towards the cave, but its slow work." Misato replied. "Just keep up what you're doing and this will be over soon."

"Can't Shinji just do his thing with the explosion?" Duo asked.

"I don't think it works like that." Heero said.

"There needs to be a need, and no one at risk." Kaji said. "And Domon's other is there attached to the enemy. So, that option is out for now."

"So, we just keep fighting?" Duo asked.

"Yep, just keep fighting." Misato replied.

"Mission accepted." Heero replied. "Perhaps we should split up. Being this close together will not assist us in destroying the enemy."

"I agree, we'll do better separated by a few thousand enemies." Milliardo said.

"Very well." Heero said as Wing Zero jetted off towards the Dark Gundam cave. "I'll move closer to our objective and assist Domon and the others."

Mari was getting aggravated. Every time she moved to attack with her twin Gatling Guns, or did much of anything, she was restrained by the power tether that attached her to Unit–01's S2 Engine. They were surrounded by enemies, and even with their four heavy weapons, they could barely cut through them fast enough before more swarmed in and stopped their path.

"Fuck me, when is this shit going to be over with!" Mari shouted. "I want to run off an attack like I usually do!"

"Mari, you're not going to do that." Shinji said. "You'll damage Unit–02, and then Asuka's going to kill both of us."

"Why would she kill you, puppy?" Mari asked.

"Really?" Shinji asked. "Mari, you're not stupid."

"No but I am annoyed." Mari grumbled as she aimed her guns at more approaching Dark Army soldiers. "That there are endless supplies of these fucking things around here!"

"We know, Mari." Rain said.

"Yeah, but she's right." Allenby said angrily. "As much as I like fighting, there is such a thing as too much."

"Puppy, can't you do your thing with the explosion that destroys all the baddies?" Mari asked. "Help us out here…"

"I don't think I can." Shinji said. "I… I can't risk trying that and hurting Domon's mother… so we have to do this the old fashioned way." Shinji sighed. "And I don't want to open another wormhole when we're almost done mopping up the problems we have now."

"Damn it, puppy." Mari said. "Well, what about muscles, can you do anything to help us out, muscles?"

"Well, I can try something else." Domon said as Burning Gundam activated its Hyper Mode. "BURNING SHADOW!" Burning Gundam made four copies of itself, lined up in an arrowhead formation, with the real Burning Gundam standing at the head.

"Oh, I forgot about that…" Mari muttered.

"Domon, what are you doing?" Rain asked.

"Clearing a path!" Domon cried.

"Domon, wait!" Rain shouted.

"Now… TAKE THIS!" Domon shouted as he charged an energy ball in his Gundam's burning hands. "SEKIHA… TENKYOKEN!"

The five Burning Gundams fired their five attacks, which merged into one great big Sekiha Tenkyoken, ripped through the enemy lines, clearing a path directly to the Dark Gundam's cave, leaving nothing but a smoking trench when the attack cleared.

"Wow…" Mari said. "Impressive."

"Well, let's go." Shinji said. "I don't think we've got a lot of time before the enemy becomes overwhelming."

"We're already there, Shinji." George replied. "There are too many of them."

"Then, let's go." Shinji said. "And we have to hurry."

"Obviously, puppy." Mari said. "Otherwise, we're all gonna be in deep shit."


George was in the middle of a large group of enemies. Even with his best effort, he was having trouble cutting enough of them down to be of any help.

"How many thousands of these things have we killed?" Chibodee muttered angrily.

"Probably ten or fifteen thousand." George mused.

"Really, that many?" Chibodee asked. "It doesn't seem like we've made a dent!"

"Well, perhaps if you stop talking and start fighting, you can do something about that, Chibodee…" George said.

"Shut up!" Chibodee shouted. "CYCLONE PUNCH!"

"Did that do anything?" George asked as he prepared his own attack. "ROSE SCREAMER!" George cried as several Rose Bits emerged from the cloak on Gundam Rose's left shoulder and created a small, swirling rose colored vortex around a small group of Dark Army soldiers. The vortex ripped the Mobile Suits apart, leaving not more than scrap metal behind.

"Nope…" Chibodee said. "Maybe this'll work better! BURNING… MACHINE GUN… PUNCH!"

"Still not enough eh…" George muttered. "Perhaps I should try a little harder too."

"ROSE HURRICANE!" George shouted as Gundam Rose's Rose Bits emerged from behind its cloak and spun in a wild motion, creating a large, magenta, hurricane, with the rose bits firing in every direction and cutting up every enemy within their death cloud. When the Rose Bits receded, there was nothing left but smoking debris and brush fires.

"Well, that's more like it." George said as more Dark Army soldiers moved in to take their fallen comrades place. "Or… not…"

"Well, let's hope Domon gets his shit together and deals with all this!" Chibodee shouted.

"Don't we all…" George muttered as he readied for another attack but felt his Shuffle Alliance mark burning on his hand.

"Hey, guys, I could use your help!" Domon shouted. "One big attack!"


Domon was getting anxious. He could see the cave they were going for less than a 100 meters in front of them, and even after his amazing attack had cleared the way in front of them, but with so many Dark Army soldiers around them, it was difficult to move any closer, so he had come up with an idea.

"Did you guys hear me?" Domon asked. "One big attack!"

"What was that Domon?" George asked.

"Yeah, bro, are you serious?" Sai Saici asked.

"Yeah, there are just too many of them." Domon said. "Try and draw as many with you as you can."

"Seriously, bring the hoard with us is your plan?" Chibodee asked.

"Yeah…" Domon replied. "We can draw them together so we can get rid of as many as possible."

"We'll do our best, Domon." Argo replied.

"You heard him everyone!" Misato ordered. "All units move towards the cave and draw the attention of as many enemy units as you can!"

"Copy that." Trowa said.

"Sounds like fun…" Duo said.

"Let's go, Nataku!" Wufei cried.

"I'm in." Milliardo said. "What about you, Heero?!"

"Mission accepted." Heero replied. "Wing Zero engaging."

"Very well." Lady Une said. "We'll draw the whole crowd."

"This is the best plan we have?" Noin asked.

"It's better than fighting them alone." Quatre said. "Mutual backup is best."

"Domon, you're crazy if you think that could work." Rain said.

"It's worth trying, isn't it?" Domon asked.

"Hey!" Mari shouted. "What's the big deal with you calling the others for help?! Are we not good enough now?!"

"No, it's just that we can do a very powerful attack together." Domon said. "It's the best way to clear some of this out so we can get to the Dark Gundam."

"I still feel insulted…" Mari said.

"Mari, now isn't the time." Shinji bemoaned. "Domon, we should get behind you, right?"

"Yeah, that would be best."

"Gentleman and ladies…" Milliardo said.

"We're bringing the party with us!" Duo shouted.

A massive force of Dark Army soldiers was flying behind all the Gundams as they approached Domon's position. The formation was so large that they looked like a menacing cloud. Domon took a ready stance and Unit–01 and Unit–02 moved behind the Burning Gundam and provided cover fire as everyone moved towards them. Gundam Rose, Gundam Maxter, Bolt Gundam and Dragon Gundam broke formation and landed next to Burning Gundam as the rest landed behind them.

"Let's go guys!" Domon cried. "Let's finish these guys off!"

"Right!" The other four replied in unison as all five Gundams erupted in a golden glow and the particle collectors on the back of Burning Gundam opened up, creating a red and orange mandala within them, and then the chest plate opened up to reveal a particle accelerator that flashed the emblem of the King of Hearts and then glowed a deep red after it came online.

"OUR SPIRITS ARE AFLAME!" Chibodee cried as Gundam Maxter clenched it's right hand and the Queen the Spade emblem glowed on its chest.

"IF WE FEEL THE FIRE…!" George cried as Gundam Rose stuck out its right fist and the Jack in Diamond emblem glowed on its chest.

"…THERE IS NOTHING…!" Sai Saici cried as Dragon Gundam thrusted its fist outwards and the Club Ace emblem glowed brightly on its chest.

"…WE CANNOT DEFEAT!" Argo cried as Bolt Gundam's fist began glow with in unison with the others and the Black Joker emblem glowed brightly on its chest.

The energy from the five Gundam's hands began collecting into large spheres and crackling with electrical discharges. The more they focused, the bigger the attack got.

"THESE HANDS OF OURS…!" Argo roared.

"…ARE BURNING RED!" Sai Saici roared.

"THEIR LOUD ROARS TELL US…!" George roared.

"TO GRASP VICTORY!" Chibodee finished.

"ERUPTING…!" Domon roared.

"SHUFFLE ALLIANCE…!" The other four roared in unison as their five energy balls fired off towards the advancing Dark Army swarm.

"ATTACK!" Domon roared as the five balls of light grew larger and larger as they moved farther away from their point of origin. The balls of energy combined into one giant sphere just ahead of them swarm and engulfed them in a dazzling array of fire and light. Dust, wind and smoke were flung everywhere as the attack exploded, blinding everyone and everything from what was going on. Everyone braced themselves as the shockwave moved towards them, knocking everyone down when It made contact.

"What the shit!" Mari shouted. "I'm fucking blind!"

"Mari, be quiet!" Shinji shouted. "You're not the only one!"

As the dust settled and the wind died down, everyone looked up to that the swarm had been largely eliminated, leaving a massive crater in the ground where there was just moments ago lush, grassy hillside.

"Well, that worked out well." Mari said. "So shy didn't you guys think of this sooner!"

"You never go all out in the beginning of a fight." Domon said. "That way you can use your ultimate attack once you have no other choice."

"Otherwise the fight wouldn't be any fin." Chibodee added.

"That is both the dumbest and smartest thing I've ever heard…" Mari said. "Don't be a Goku, that's just stupid."

"A what?" Argo asked.

"Anime character, always holds back until the last minute, nearly gets people killed out of sheer stupidity." Mari explained. "Don't be like that, end the fight quick, there aren't any spectators, this shit is life and death."

"We'll remember that, Mari." Domon said halfheartedly.

"You better." Mari said threateningly.

"So what do we do now?" Shinji asked.

"Hold them off while we go into that cave." Rain said. "Looks like there are still several thousand left."

"Over 9,000 actually." Maya said.

"Still enough to be a threat, even if you did a pretty good job of wiping these things out." Misato said.

"Better than 250,000 thousand plus or minus 50,000…" Shinji sighed.

"Well, I think we should focus on something else…" Allenby said worriedly.

"What could be more important than dealing with the Dark Army?" Rain asked.

"I believe she's talking about me!" Dark Asia shouted.

The Master Gundam landed directly in front of the cave, directly across from Burning Gundam, blocking their path. "I don't think you could have forgotten about me… Domon…"

"You are not my Master!" Domon shouted. "You do not get to use my name!"

"What are you going to do to stop me, Domon?" Dark Asia asked.

"He's not going to do anything, you son of a bitch." Allenby said angrily as Nobel Gundam stepped between the two.

"Allenby, what are you doing?!" Domon asked.


"I'm settling a score, Domon." Allenby said defiantly. "Go deal with the Dark Gundam, I can handle this jerk myself."

"It's insulting you think that you can handle me." Dark Asia said.

"Shut up and fight asshole." Allenby said. "You're not stopping Domon, so get ready!"

"To fight you?" Dark Asia asked. "I'd rather just wait until Domon isn't busy anymore."

"Shut up!" Allenby roared. "You're going to pay for kidnapping me!" Nobel Gundam activated its thrusters and charged at Master Gundam at high speed.

"Allenby!" Domon shouted.

"Just go Domon!" Allenby shouted. "I'll be fine! I upgraded the Nobel Gundam to do THIS!" Nobel Gundam's hair fanned out again, and its right hand erupted in a bright orange glow.

"ERUPTING… BURNING…!" Allenby cried as she closed in on Master Gundam.

"EXPLODING… SHADOW… FINGER!" Dark Asia cried to try and counter Allenby's fierce attack.

"FINGER…!" Allenby roared as the two attacks collided, pushing Master Gundam back several meters, digging its heels into the ground.

"Well, get going, Domon!" Allenby shouted. "Go save your mother!"

"Thank you Allenby…" Domon murmured.

"You don't have to thank me Domon…" Allenby muttered. "Just do what you came here to do…"

"Right." Domon said as Burning Gundam and Shining Gundam moved towards the cave.

Master Gundam tried to break free of Allenby's attack, but couldn't risk the attack connection when the connection was broken. "Where are you going?!" Dark Asia shouted. "Come back and fight me!"

"Why is everyone standing around?" Misato asked. "This isn't an exhibition match, there's work to do!"

"We know, Misato." Shinji said. "Mari and I will guard the cave entrance from any interference."

"Yeah, give us an ammo drop, miso." Mari said happily. "We're gonna need it."


Burning and Shining Gundam walked into the cave unaccompanied by anyone else. They were all outside keeping the rest of the enemies away. As they walked inside, they could see a large, hulking form not far from them. As they got closer, they saw that it was the Dark Gundam, and that it was in bad shape. It had a mottled appearance, its armor appeared to be in even worse condition than the recon photos they'd been shown. Domon looked at it in shock, as he was expecting something far more horrific to be in front of him.

"It… it looks like its dying…" Domon muttered.

"It is." Rain said. "That means the Core Life Unit isn't…"

"Rain, just say it." Domon snapped. "I hate when you try to spare my feelings from something. I'm an adult, I can handle the truth."

"It means the Core Life Unit is dying." Rain said.

"My mother is… dying…" Domon repeated as he looked over the Dark Gundam and saw where his mother was trussed up by the various cables and conduits holding her graying body in place.

Domon turned on his exterior speakers. "Mother!" Domon shouted.

The Dark Gundam's eyes lit up and seemed to look straight at Burning Gundam. "D… Domon…?" Mikino Kasshu said wearily.

"Yes, mother, it's me, Domon!" Domon shouted.

"Oh, my sweet boy…why are you here son…" Mikino said.

"I'm here to… I'm here to save you!" Domon cried.

"Domon… I am dying…" Mikino said. "I am beyond help… why did you come here truly?"

"To… to destroy the Dark Gundam!" Domon said.

"But you did not know I was the one inside this Ultimate Gundam…" Mikino replied. "Call it the Ultimate Gundam, Domon…"

"Mother, it stopped being Kyoji and father's creation the moment it decided the human race needed to be wiped out!" Domon said. "It almost destroyed the world the last time it was released, it has to be stopped. Once I knew you were here, I knew I needed to try and save you first!"

"I appreciate the sentiment my dear boy…" Mikino said. "But it is lost on me…"

"Mother…!" Domon shouted.

"Do not argue with me, Domon." Mikino said. "Otherwise it will be even harder to ask this favor of you…"

"Anything!" Domon said as tears started to fill his eyes.

"Let me see you when I ask you this…" Mikino said.

"Domon…" Rain started.

"Rain, leave it alone." Domon said. "I have to do this."

Domon opened his cockpit and climbed up and out and stood in front of Burning Gundam's neck. "I'm right here mother!" Domon shouted. "Can you see me!"

"Yes Domon…" Mikino said. "You've gotten so big… I never knew how big you'd gotten… you never came home…"

"I was training mother!" Domon cried. "I won the 13th Gundam Fight!"

"I'm very proud of you, Domon." Mikino said. "What about your father and brother?"

"Father is alive." Domon said. "But Kyoji…. Kyoji… he… he was taken by the Dark Gundam! And in destroying it, I killed him!" Domon cried out in agony. "It was the only way, mother! I'm sorry!"

"Domon… do not blame yourself." Mikino said. "Because I need to ask you the same favor… I want you to destroy this Ultimate Gundam before it becomes a threat once again… I want you to end my life and the ultimate Gundam's life all at once."

"What…?" Domon asked.

"Destroy the Ultimate Gundam." Mikino repeated. "And end my suffering… please, Domon… I can no longer live like this… it's not living at all…"

"Mother…" Domon muttered. "I… I…"

"Please, Domon…" Mikino said. "End my suffering… allow me to pass from this world."

"Yes… mother…" Domon muttered almost inaudibly. "I… I will try…"


The battle outside the cave was still going strong. Unit–01 and Unit–02 were camped at the entrance of the cave, shooting any Dark Army grunt that got close. Wing Zero and Epyon were flying around, destroying everything in their path while the rest of the Gundams were doing their best to hold what remained of the enemy off.

And then there was Allenby, still locked in her struggle with Dark Asia, who at every chance, tried to get to the cave, but was blocked each time by Nobel Gundam.

"Get out of my way, girl!" Dark Asia shouted.

"Not a chance in hell!" Allenby shouted. "You're not going anywhere near Domon!"

"Try and stop me, girl!" Dark Asia screamed as Master Gundam tried to fly away again.

"Get back here!" Allenby screamed. "NOBEL HULA HOOP!" Nobel Gundam tossed a glowing ring towards Master Gundam, hitting its right thruster, causing it to plummet to the ground and land awkwardly. The ring returned to Nobel Gundam, being easily caught by its ecstatic pilot.

"I told you to stay still!" Allenby shouted. "You're going to have to deal with me first!"

"Fine, then I'll just have to DESTROY YOU!" Dark Asia roared. "MASTER CLOTH!"

Allenby drew her beam whip out and countered Dark Asia's attack, wrapping his beam cloth around her own beam whip. "Nice try, but you're not the only one who knows how to use a whip!" Allenby taunted.

"Damn you, girl!" Dark Asia screamed. "But can you handle this?!"

Master Gundam pulled back on its Master Cloth, and pulled Nobel Gundam up into the air, in a high arc above the ground. He moved his free hand up and charged an old attack. "DARKNESS… F…!"

"Wheeeeeeee!" Allenby said gleefully as she flew through the air and deactivated her beam whip, drew her other one and activated it, wrapping it around Master Gundam and using her own momentum to whip it into the air as Nobel Gundam gracefully landed, and slammed Master Gundam into the ground.

"Had enough yet?" Allenby asked tauntingly.

"How…?" Dark Asia asked. "HOW!?"

"Practice." Allenby said sternly. "Here, try this one on for size." Allenby drew her beam whip out again and flew forward, twirl it around her like a drill as Master Gundam struggled to get up. "This is for trying to kill me! NOBEL BEAM DRILL!"

The attack hit Master Gundam as I was getting up, and in her typical fashion, Allenby flew past her target, giving Master Gundam an opening as Dark Asia recovered from the attack.

"Never turn your back on an enemy, stupid girl!" Dark Asia shouted. "EXPLODING SHADOW FINGER!"

Allenby dodged the attack, narrowly, but landed hard, and the Nobel Gundam's balance system went out of what, landing the Gundam on its ass.

"Damn it… reboot faster…" Allenby shouted. "Come on!"

"Too slow, girl…" Dark Asia shouted. "Now to finish you off once and for all…" Master Gundam drew its hands together. "SEKIHA… TEN…"

"This is for Asuka you bastard!" Shinji shouted Unit–01 and Unit–02 appeared and fired at Master Gundam, riddling it with bullets, and damaging its right arm, blowing everything from the forearm down completely off.

"NOOOOOOOO!" Dark Asia shouted as Master Gundam flew off the best it could with its damaged systems.

"Allenby, are you ok?" Shinji asked.

"Yeah… system's almost back online… I think." Allenby replied. "But what about him?"

"We'll deal with him later." Mari said as Unit–2 reached down and picked up Nobel Gundam. "We need to get back to the cave entrance, so hold on."

"Wait, what?!" Allenby said as the two Evangelions moved quickly back to their previous position, skidding to a halt with Unit–01 firing a stream of bullets at some Dark Army soldiers attempting to get inside.

"So, can your Gundam stand?" Mari asked.

"Yeah, the system thinks so…" Allenby said as she was placed back on the ground. "Huh, it works…"

"Good, now you can help us old these fuckers off." Mari said.

"Is Domon still in there?" Allenby asked.

"As far as we know." Shinji said.


Domon stood nervously in front of the Dark Gundam, staring at his mother. He clenched his fists as he tried to hold back the emotions he was feeling. He didn't want to kill her, but he knew there was no other way. Shining Gundam was standing behind him and Domon heard Rain's voice over the loudspeakers.

"Domon?" Rain asked.

"Rain…" Domon muttered.

"Domon, are you ok?" Rain asked.

"Rain… I…" Domon muttered.

"I can't hear you, Domon." Rain said.

"Rain… I… I NEED YOUR HELP!" Domon shouted to cover his emotions. "Just like before!"

"Are you sure Domon?" Rain asked.

"I can't do this without you, Rain…" Domon said.

Shining Gundam moved towards Burning Gundam, and its cockpit opened and Rain leapt towards Burning Gundam, and Domon caught her as they stood and faced the Dark Gundam together once again.

"Domon?" Rain asked.

"Ready, Rain?" Domon replied.

"Always, Domon…" Rain said.

"Mother… are you sure?" Domon asked loudly.

"It's the only way to end my suffering Domon." Mikino said. "I'm sorry to make you do this, but it's the only way…"

"Alright…" Domon muttered with tears in his eyes. "Goodbye… mother…"

"Goodbye… Domon…" Mikino replied.

Rain held Domon's shoulder. "Are you ready, Domon?"

"Yeah…" Domon said as he clenched his right fist tightly, the mark of the King of Hearts glowing brightly upon it. "The Dark Gundam has to be destroyed!"


"THEIR LOUD CRIES TELL US!" Domon roared the King of Hearts emblem continued to burn brightly on his hand.

"TO GRASP HAPPINESS!" Rain cried as Domon twirled her around.

"ERUPTING…!" Domon and Rain cried in unison as the blue gantlets around both hands slid down, armoring the hands with them and morphing it into three fingered piercing weapons. "BURNING…!" The golden claws on the forearm armor also popped out and made the attack look all the more menacing. "FINGER!"

"SEKI!" Domon roared as the particle collectors on the back of Burning Gundam created a red and orange mandala within them.

"HA!" Rain cried as the then the chest plate followed suit and opened to reveal a particle accelerator that flashed the emblem of the King of Hearts and then glowed a deep red after it came online.

"LOVE! LOVE!" Domon and Rain cried in unison as Rain and Domon joined hands and matched Burning Gundam's stance.

"TEN!" Rain and Domon cried in unison as Burning Gundam drew its hands down and turned to the right, crouching and preparing to throw the attack. "KYO!" The energy began to form into a great ball of light that brimmed with power and crackled with electrical discharges. "KEN!"

The great ball of energy shot off in the direction of the Dark Gundam, with the emblem of the King of Hearts leading the way. The figure of the King of Hearts emerged from the energy ball as it got close to the Dark Gundam and roared angrily, just before impact. The Dark Gundam made no move to block or doge, and its skeletal looking arms almost seemed to embrace the attack as a burst of white light engulfed everything within the cave.

As the flash dissipated, all that remained was a pink stream of energy coming from Domon and Rain's hands going straight through the Dark Gundam's chest, leaving nothing but a heart shaped hole where Domon's mother was once suspended. As Domon turned to Rain, the Dark Gundam began to glow brightly, exploding from the inside, and being engulfed in a bright, pink, explosion that turned into a ravaging fire ball. Burning Gundam raised its arms up to protect Domon and rain on its exposed clavicle, and the flames swam around them, dissipating after a few moments.

"I'm sorry Domon…" Rain said to break the silence.

"Don't be…" Domon said. "I knew this would happen, it was always a possibility. But at least this time I got to say goodbye."

"That's all that matters, Domon." Rain said. "And you carried out her final wish, like any good son would."

"But, Rain…" Domon said as a tear ran down his eye. "Why did she have to die?"

"It was her time, Domon." Rain said.

"I… I know." Domon said. "All the Dar Gundam did was prolong her life in agony… that's why she asked me to do that… I understand why… I just… I just don't like it…"

"Domon, it's ok to be upset, anyone would be." Rain said.

"I know that, but this isn't the time or place." Domon said. "Get back to the Shining Gundam so we can go back outside."

Rain looked at him funny, but decided not to say anything as Domon climbed back inside his cockpit. Once he did, he moved Burning Gundam's hand up so Rain could hold onto it as Domon positioned her near Shining Gundam.

Rain climbed back inside the Shining Gundam, and reactivated it and the pair walked back outside. Once outside, the scene was far different from the one they had left. The remaining Dark Army soldiers had deactivated once the Dark Gundam had been destroyed.

"So, you did it, right?" Chibodee asked.

"Yeah, bro, is the Dark Gundam gone?"

"It's done…" Domon muttered.

"What about your mother?" Shinji asked.

"She… she didn't make it…" Domon said. "She was too far gone to be saved…"

"Domon…" Allenby muttered.

"Were you able to say goodbye?" Shinji asked.

"Yes, this time, I got to say goodbye." Domon said.

"That's a good thing." Mari said. "It sucks when you don't get to say goodbye…"

"Still doesn't make it any better…" Domon muttered.

"Domon, you did what many people would not have the courage to do." Argo said. "That is why you are the King of Hearts."

"How can he be the King of Hearts when he can't even protect his family?!" Dark Asia said as he appeared above the cave opening, his damaged Mobile Fighter holding its arms crossed.

"Where the hell did he come from?" Duo asked.

"Probably crawled out from under the little rock he hid under after Allenby kicked his ass." Mari quipped.

"What kind of man can't protect his older brother and poor, helpless mother!" Dark Asia sneered.

"How dare you talk about them!" Domon roared. "You don't get to talk about them!"

"What are you going to do about, it Domon?!" Dark Asia shouted. "You can't possibly stop me! You got lucky last time because I was dying! A worthless fighter like you could never defeat me! You needed Kyoji's help just to stop me!"

"LEAVE MY BROTHER OUT OF THIS!" Domon roared as he activated Burning Gundam's Hyper Mode. "DON'T YOU EVER SPEAK HIS NAME!"


"Should we be helping out?" Mari asked as everyone looked on.

"No, this is something Domon has to do alone." Rain said.

"For closure…" Allenby added.

"A warrior's fight against his inner demons…" Milliardo said.

"Whatever, it was just a question…" Mari muttered.

"I will defeat you!" Domon roared.


"I'VE HAD ENOUGH OF YOU!" Domon roared as he held his right fist up near his face, the mark of the King of Hearts burning brightly on its back. "IT'S TIME FOR YOU TO DISAPPEAR FOR GOOD! I WILL DEFEAT YOU IN THE NAME OF… KYOJI!"

"THIS HAND OF MINE IS BURNING RED!" Domon roared as he charged right at Master Gundam as it charged its own attack. "ITS LOUD ROAR TELLS ME TO GRASP VICTORY!"

The particle collectors on the back of Burning Gundam opened up, creating a red and orange mandala within them, and then the chest plate opened up to reveal a particle accelerator that flashed the emblem of the King of Hearts and then glowed a deep red after it came online.

"ERUPTING!" The blue gantlet around the right hand slid down, armoring the hand with it and morphing it into a three fingered piercing weapon. The golden claws on the forearm armor also popped out and made the attack look all the more menacing.

"BURNING!" The right hand began glowing with a tremendous orange light. Master Gundam began to charge as well, but it was just too late.

"FINGER!" Domon drove the glowing hand right at Master Gundam's chest, penetrating just below the cockpit, and lifted the Gundam into the air.

"I've defeated the Dark Gundam, and I've defeated you!" Domon shouted. "You are not Master Asia!"

"Of course not you idiot!" Dark Asia shouted. "I was brought to life by the Dark Gundam, I was never your precious Master, I was always Dark Asia! I am the spawn of the Dark Gundam!"

"It doesn't matter anymore, the Dark Gundam has been obliterated!" Domon roared.

"HAHAHAHAHA!" Dark Asia laughed as he began to die. "You think I'm the only one? I was the first one to hatch. In its dying breath, the Dark Gundam shot five eggs to Earth in case it was destroyed… by the time you get back, there may be far more than you bargained for waiting for you… you cannot stop the Dark Gundam from purifying the Earth and destroying all human life!"

"SHUT THE HELL UP!" Domon roared. "AND NOW… HEAT END!"

Master Gundam exploded in a brilliant fireball, leaving nothing behind but a smoldering dust cloud. Bring Gundam returned to normal as everyone realized the battle was finally over.

"Now it's over…" Domon said as the Burning Gundam returned to normal.

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?" Rain asked. "Domon, you shouldn't have done that… he had information for us."

"I had to, Rain." Domon said. "He was too dangerous to keep alive."

"Well, it doesn't matter now." Shinji said. "At least this is all over…"

"Except for the massive mess of parts from all the bad guys we put down." Mari said.

"NERV will handle that." Misato said. "Recovery and clean up teams are being deployed as we speak. Once we've confirmed everything's been destroyed, we'll send everyone home."

"How long will that take?" Milliardo asked.

"A few days…" Misato said.

"WHAT?!" Duo shouted. "I thought we were going home!"

"It will only take four days." Rain replied. "The machine needs to be tested and calibrated before we start messing with the fabric of the universe. I forgot to mention it before."

"She's right, Duo." Howard said. "It's gonna take a few days."

"Well, if one of the people trapped here says it will take a few days." Milliardo said. "And if Howard agrees, than it'll take a few more days."

"So, is that settled then?" Misato asked.

"I believe so." Heero said. "Duo?"

"Yeah, yeah, whatever." Duo muttered.

"Then return to base." Misato said.

"Understood." Domon replied as everyone began heading back to Tokyo–3.

December 2, 2016 – NERV HQ

Ritsuko was standing nervously in Gendo's spacious office. It had been some time since she had been in here with anyone, and even longer than she'd been in there alone, waiting for Gendo. She heard the doors open, and turned to see Misato and Kaji walk followed closely by Fuyutsuki. Gendo came through the other door from his living quarters, and walked calmly to his desk and sat down.

"Report." Gendo said curtly.

"Damage from the battles inside the city have been repaired." Misato reported. "There was no serious damage from any of the attacks, and it appears the Evangelions are in good shape once again."

"What about Unit–XP?" Gendo asked.

"It's still heavily damaged from the battle with the Sixteenth Angel." Ritsuko replied. "We're still rebuilding its cybernetic limbs."

"Very well…" Gendo said. "Unit–01 and Unit–02 are fully operational?"

"Yes, sir." Ritsuko replied.

"What about our displaced friends?" Gendo asked.

"They're ready to go home." Kaji said. "I've told them they're cleared for tomorrow afternoon."

"Excellent." Gendo replied. "And the recovery efforts? What have we gained?"

"A load of technology we can only begin to understand." Ritsuko said. "Between the beam technology, their engine technology, and their other advanced technologies, within a few years, we'll have more technological advances than we can shake a stick at."

"A highly advanced stick at that." Kaji quipped.

"Anyway, I should be able to begin reverse engineering some of these technologies." Ritsuko continued. "We could have a viable weapon in three to four years."

"Powered by what?" Misato asked. "We don't have compact fusion reactors like theirs laying around."

"The S2 Engine." Ritsuko said. "At least until we can make reactor technology like theirs somewhat feasible."

"So, weapons for Unit–01's use only then." Kaji said. "Doesn't seem very practical."

"Regardless of the practicality, it should still be researched." Gendo said. "Their weapons are far more powerful than ours, and could easily dispatch an Angel, if the need should arise again that is."

"Understood, Commander." Misato replied.

"Yeah, sure." Kaji replied.

"What about practical, world saving kind of tech?" Misato asked. "There must be some of that in everything you've seen."

"Well, there is a way to remove the remaining fallout from WWIII." Ritsuko said. "Inaccessible areas can become habitable again, if I can get the technology to work."

"So, we'll actually be helping the world I that happens." Misato said. "How nice."

"But the weapons come first." Ritsuko said bluntly. "For obvious reasons."

"Of course they do." Kaji quipped. "Why save the world when we can make a weapon to destroy it."

"Is the device ready to send them home?" Fuyutsuki asked to hurriedly change the subject.

"Yes, Sub–Commander." Ritsuko replied.

"Can you restore the Positron Rifle to its original condition once they're gone?" Gendo asked.

"Yes, it shouldn't take too long to do that."

"We can't lose that weapon." Fuyutsuki said. "It's far too important."

"I will make it a top priority one they've gone." Ritsuko said.

"Very well." Gendo said. "Dismissed."

"Sir, may I discuss something…" Ritsuko began as everyone else turned and left.

"Was I not speaking Japanese properly?" Gendo said. "Get out of my sight."

Ritsuko turned and left without a word, with a look of pure rage on her face.


Domon and Rain were in their borrowed apartment, packing up what things they'd gotten during their stay in Tokyo–3. It wasn't a lot, but they wanted to cherish the memories they'd had, so they went out and bought souvenirs.

"Rain, are you ready to go home?" Domon asked.

"Yes and no." Rain replied.

"Why don't you want to go back?" Domon asked.

"Well… my father didn't cause the Dark Gundam to be born from Kyoji's Ultimate Gundam here… no one can judge my family past here."

"Rain… what your father did isn't your fault." Domon said consolingly. "His sins are not yours, and if anyone says anything bad about my wife, I'll teach them a lesson they won't soon forget."

"Domon… I appreciate the sentiment, but…" Rain started. "I just like people not knowing what my father did. I feel respected here… but if I had a different name…"

"Rain…" Domon muttered.

"Domon, please let me take your last name… let me be Rain Kasshu, your loving wife." Rain said. "It would make me so happy if you'd let me do that."

"Rain… I…" Domon muttered.

"Please, Domon." Rain said. "Don't make me beg, I just want to have a family… and leave behind my family's past."

"Would… would it make want to go home if we did that?" Domon asked.

"Yes, it would." Rain said.

"Well then… I guess I should start calling you Mrs. Kasshu…" Domon joked.

"Really?" Rain asked. "You're not just joking, are you?"

"No, I want you to be happy, and after dealing with my mother…" Domon trailed off. "Honoring someone's wishes makes people happy."

Rain kissed Domon passionately on the lips. "Thank you, Domon." Rain said. "So, can I ask you something?"

"Rain, you don't always have to ask that." Domon said. "I'll answer any question you want me to… we're married, we don't have any secrets, remember?"

"Yeah, I remember." Rain replied. "Are you worried about the other Dark Gundam's spawn?"

"No." Domon replied. "He may have been lying, and even if he was telling the truth, we've killed two Dark Gundams, we can kill four more."

"Domon…" Rain muttered.

"It's true." Domon said. "With you by my side, no challenge is too tough."

"What a sappy romantic." Rain joked.

"But it's true!" Domon said emphatically. "I would never have beaten the Dark Gundam without your help… and your love…"

"You really mean that?" Rain asked.

"Yes, Rain, I do." Domon replied. "When we get home, we'll face that new threat together, and we will defeat them!"


The boys were in their relatively messy apartment. Even though they were out fighting and repairing their Gundams a lot of the time, they had still made a considerable mess in their two month stay in the apartment, and with their impending departure and no enemies in sight, it was time to clean things up so they could leave.

Quatre was humming quietly as he vacuumed and dusted, and Duo was busy grabbing whatever garbage he could find. Heero, Wufei and Trowa were scouring the apartment for anything that didn't belong to them, or that they weren't taking with them in an effort to make Misato's clearing of the apartment as easy as possible.

"I'm gonna miss this place." Wufei muttered. "It was nice here, even with the fighting."

"It was nice to be away from the Earth Sphere." Trowa mused. "No wars… minimal conflict…"

"What about the Angels?" Heero asked. "This world isn't free of war… they're simply tired of it."

"That sounds a bit cynical, Heero." Quatre said.

"It's the truth." Heero said. "This world may be more peaceful, but they still have many problems here to solve. But we're about to leave this relative peace to go back to our own endless waltz of war, peace, and revolution."

"Our own endless waltz?" Quatre asked.

"Yes, our own never ending battle." Heero said. "We have the White Zodiac to deal with, and any other threats that have come up in our absence." Heero paused. "Though, I will admit that it has been nice to not always be in the middle of a conflict."

"I know, right?" Duo quipped. "It's nice to give our poor Gundams a break from defending peace and freedom and shit."

"What, do not want to go home, Duo?" Quatre asked.

"Well, I mean, I miss Hilde, but I like it here." Duo said. "No colonies, just what's left of this planet. It's kinda nice not worrying about some crazy ass attack from space."

"Well, it is different living in a world where there aren't any colonies." Quatre said. "Their space is so unexplored, it's untouched by man…"

"I miss home." Trowa said. "It's not the same here, and I miss being on the colonies, and as odd as it sounds, it just doesn't feel right here."

"Because we do not belong." Heero said. "Which will be rectified tomorrow."

"Yeah, I'm glad they pulled through on their promise though." Wufei said. "For the longest time, I didn't think they'd let us go home."

"Well, does it matter now, we're going home." Quatre said. "So they were obviously telling the truth."

"Yeah, it's nice to know we can finally go home." Duo said. "But I'll still miss everyone we met."

"Well, we'll always have our memories of this place." Quatre said idealistically.


Shinji and Mari were sitting in the apartment. Asuka still hadn't been released from the hospital and wanted some time alone, and Misato was busy, so the two of them stayed in the apartment by themselves.

Shinji was reading some of Asuka's manga while Mari watched TV and boredly flipped through the channels. Every time she caught Shinji looking at her to see what she was doing, she'd pull her shirt down and jiggle her breasts just to tease him and cause him to blush and hurriedly look away.

"You know, puppy, after the fourth time, I think you just want to sneak a peek." Mari quipped. "I know how great they look, and I won't tell the princess…"

"I'm only looking at you to see why you keep changing the channel!" Shinji said. "Pick something already, the constant flipping is annoying."

"What, my boobs aren't good enough for you, puppy?" Mari asked.

"I'm not falling for that trap, Mari." Shinji replied. "Besides, Asuka would kill you if she found out."

"I…" Mari started. "Fine, I'll stop…" Mari sighed. "You're no fun anymore, puppy."

"I'm plenty of fun." Shinji said. "I just don't want Asuka to be mad at you, that's all."

"Yeah, sure…" Mari said coyly. "I guess if you're dating the princess, you don't think I'm pretty anymore…"

"Mari stop trying to trick me into something." Shinji said. "You know you're attractive."

"Well now… the student has surpassed the master…" Mari said as she bounded over to Shinji and buried his face in her tits. "I'm so proud of you!" Shinji was having trouble breathing, so he jammed his index finger into Mari's back, which made her jump away. "Hey, that hurt!"

"That's the point, I couldn't breathe…" Shinji said. "You don't learn any other way."

"Jerk…" Mari muttered.

Shinji sighed. "Fine, come here…" Shinji said. "Just hug me like a normal person, Mari…"

"So, I can still hug you?" Mari asked.

"As long as you don't try to suffocate me again." Shinji said.

"I'll do my best, but these things have a mind of their own." Mari joked.

"No, you just like shoving them in my face…" Shinji muttered.

"That's what friends are for, puppy." Mari joked. "Puppy, are you ok?"

"Yeah… I'm just gonna miss everyone we've met…" Shinji said.

"Puppy, it's so endearing that you're so sensitive." Mari said as she hugged him. "It's ok to be upset everyone is leaving, but they have to go back home sometime."

"I know…" Shinji muttered. "It was just nice to have so many people around, if an Angel had attacked, it may not have been so difficult to defeat. When they're gone, we'll still only have two EVAs… and that's just not enough…"

"Puppy, don't worry about that now." Mari said. "I harassed miso to tell me about my EVA, and it'll be fixed in the next couple months. So, we just have to hold on until then, and then we'll have three EVAs again."

"I know, but…" Shinji started.


"Who could that be?" Mari yelled. "Everyone's busy!"

"No idea…" Shinji mused. "I'll go…"

"Don't get up, puppy." Mari said. "We'll finish our conversation in a sec…"

Mari walked over to the door and opened it to the smiling faces of Hikari, Toji, Sakura, and Kensuke.

"Oh, it's you guys!" Mari said happily. "I forgot about you guys!"

"I take offence to that, Mari." Hikari said.

"Well, we haven't seen you in weeks, we thought you died." Toji said.

"Well, come in!" Mari said as she led them inside. "We've finally got some time to relax."

As Mari got back to the living room, the group looked around happily, but Hikari's face fell when she only saw Shinji. "Hey, Shinji, where's Asuka?"

"Hospital." Shinji replied. "There was an incident…"

"What kind of incident, Shinji?" Sakura asked.

"Yeah, what's been going on since you disappeared from school?" Toji asked. "We've been put into shelters a lot lately, so it's not you guys missed much."

"Well, there were a lot of fights." Shinji said. "And lots of enemies. But it's all over now, everyone's heading home tomorrow."

"Already?" Kensuke asked. "They found a way for them to get home?"

"Yeah, and they figured out the cause too." Mari said.

"Well, don't skimp on the details, tell us everything that's happened!" Kensuke asked excitedly.

"Well, why don't you sit down and we'll go over it all." Mari said. "Just try to hold the reactions till the end."

December 3, 2016 – Battle Zone of the Sixteenth Angel, Wormhole Origin Point

Everyone was standing around the crater where Unit–00 had self–destructed to destroy Armisael over two months ago. They were at the point where everything had started, where Shinji's outburst had started a very interesting chain of events. It had been a long time coming for some of the displaced arrivals, and not that long for some others, but no matter the amount of time they had spent in Tokyo–3, everyone wanted to go home.

Shinji stood nervously beside Mari, Misato, and Kaji while they looked down at the heavily modified Positron Rifle he's used against the Fifth Angel, Ramiel. It was pointing straight up into the sky, right where Unit–01 had been standing when Shinji had accidentally put all this in motion. Ritsuko, Maya, Rain, and Howard were going over the machine one last time before it was activated, to make sure there weren't any accidents when it was activated. While this was going on, everyone was doing what needed to be done… saying farewell to those not from their own universe.

As Rain and Howards walked away from the contraption towards the group, Domon walked up behind Shinji and tapped him on the shoulder, being the first to take the plunge.

"Hey, Shinji?" Domon asked.

"Yeah, Domon?" Shinji replied.

"It was nice meeting you." Domon said bluntly.

"It was nice meeting you too." Shinji said. "I hope you can fix whatever's going wrong in your universe."

"Well, when we get back, we'll set it straight." Domon replied. "I hope your Angel problem's been dealt with."

"So do we." Misato said as Rain walked over with Allenby.

"Thanks for tolerating us." Rain said. "You were very kind to us during our stay."

"It's the least we could do." Misato said. "Seeing as you were stuck here."

"And thanks again for saving me." Allenby said.

"That was just the right thing to do." Shinji replied as Allenby squeezed him half to death.

"Well…I guess we should go get ready to head out." Rain said.

"Just a second." Domon said. "Shinji… just remember one thing, don't doubt yourself. When you believe in yourself, anything is possible."

"I'll do my best." Shinji replied.

"Good." Domon said as he playfully punched Shinji's shoulder. ""

"See ya, Space Cowboy." Mari said as Domon walked off and Heero and the others walked over.

"Mission complete." Heero deadpanned.

"Way to break the ice, Heero." Duo said.

"So, this is goodbye." Noin said.

"It's been fun staying here." Lady Une said. "If not a little different from our own world."

"You'll be missed." Misato said. "It'll be a lot different without you here."

"I just hope you guys don't have to deal with too much when you go back home." Kaji said.

"Well, we have the White Zodiac do deal with, so it could be a bit challenging." Wufei said.

"But we've faced worse." Trowa said. "We will persevere."

"Yeah, we'll make it out of this, no problem." Duo said.

"Considering how you guys handled yourself here, I think you'll be fine." Shinji said.

"And you'll be fine too, Shinji." Quatre said. "You're the heart of Earth."

"What does that make me?" Mari asked indignantly.

"More of the same, really." Quatre said brightly.

"You guys are the defenders of this planet, you're what's keeping it alive." Milliardo said. "That's a job with more pressure than most people could handle, it's very commendable."

"Thanks guys…" Shinji said as he blushed.

"Shinji, I know you blame yourself for why we were all brought here." Heero started.

"Heero, perhaps no is not the time." Milliardo said.

"No, some things need to be said." Heero said as he turned to Shinji. "I made a mistake once, Shinji. I was tricked into it, and the only thing I can tell you is to not blame yourself. You can't change the past, but you can certainly try to shape the future. You're a fighter, Shinji, and even if you won't admit, you know what you're capable of."

"Wow, that's deep." Mari said.

"I know, and he's usually so quiet." Duo said.

"That's good advice, Heero." Kaji said. "You're a pretty smart kid."

"It comes from too much experience on the battlefield." Trowa said.

"There is one more thing, Shinji, and something you should pass on to Asuka…" Heero said. "And Mari, you should listen too."

"Yeah?" Shinji asked.

"History is much like an endless waltz. The three beats of war, peace, and revolution continue on forever." Heero said solemnly. "That is why you must continue to fight, Shinji Ikari. You must protect those you care about. Remember what ZERO showed you and you will be fine. I wish you luck."

"Thanks, Heero." Shinji said. "It's been great knowing you."

"I won't forget this place, or the people I've met." Heero said. "It would be difficult to forget a place like this."

"That doesn't sounds like a resounding endorsement…" Mari quipped.

"That's just his way of doing things." Quatre said.

"But we should get going." Milliardo said. "Farewell EVA pilots…"

"And thanks for getting us home too." Noin said.

"Well, you're first up, so as soon as you're ready, Ritsuko will fire that bad boy up." Kaji said.

"Right, we'll be ready shortly." Howard said. "Have her start the activation sequence."

"Roger that." Misato replied. "Did you catch that Ritsuko?"

"Yes, I heard it." Ritsuko replied. "Alright, beginning activation sequence." Ritsuko said. "Targeting appropriate space time coordinates."

"Yeah, activate that Stargate!" Mari shouted to an annoyed grunt from Ritsuko.

The capacitors around the wormhole generator began to glow as power was transferred to into the "Stargate." As more power was shunted into the generators, the ground began to shake like it did when Unit–01 lost control.

"Power output at 14%… 29%… 42%… 57%… 72%… 86%… 99%… 100%…" Ritsuko reported. "Wormhole opening!"

"Chevron 7 locked!" Mari joked as a massive blue beam shot up into the sky and illuminated the clouds as a wormhole was torn open in the sky.

"Holy shit, that's awesome…" Mari muttered.

"Yeah, is kinda beautiful…" Kaji muttered.

"I wish Asuka was here to see this." Shinji said. "I bet she'd enjoy this."

"Wormhole stable." Ritsuko said. "Lady Une, your party is clear to depart."

"Copy that, we're departing." Lady Une said as their aircraft and Gundams flew into the air. "Good luck with everything."

The Gundams and aircraft flew into the glowing blue maw of the wormhole and disappeared as soon as they made contact with the event horizon. Ritsuko waited for several minutes before she said anything else.

"Matter transmission confirmed." Ritsuko reported. "Closing wormhole."

In a flash, the blue rippling event horizon closed upon itself, and turning the sky back to the way it should look.

"Changing target destination." Ritsuko said. "Coordinates set, wormhole generator has cooled down, reinitializing sequence."


Someone was wondering into Tokyo–3, unaccompanied by anyone. He was tall and skinny, had silvery white hair and crimson eyes, he was wearing a white button up shirt and black pants with a backpack slung over one shoulder. His name was Kaworu Nagisa.

"Hmmm… giant robots… that's new…" Kaworu muttered to himself as he saw the flash of the second wormhole getting opened in the distance. "I bet those old fools didn't expect this…" Kaworu laughed loudly. "They follow those Dead Sea Scrolls like they are the written word of God when they're nothing but vague gibberish!"

Kaworu smiled intently as he watched the Gundams disappear into the second wormhole. "So clearly this time around things have changed quite severely…" Kaworu said as he say the wormhole close and another open up. "Perhaps this time things can finally be to my advantage."

Kaworu laughed loudly at the prospects of his dreams finally coming true. "Just you wait Shinji–kun…" Kaworu said maniacally. "You'll be mine this time around… one way or another…"


Shinji sighed as he saw Burning Gundam disappear into the event horizon. The wormhole closed a second time, leaving nothing but bright blue sky behind.

"Wow… that was kinda painless." Shinji said.

"Well, it's not over yet." Maya said. "We still need to keep this from happening again."

"I'm recalibrating the system now." Ritsuko said. "Simulating power output… activating emulation program… inverting the subspace frequency… preparing to seal the rips in space. Activating the system one more time."

The ground began to shake violently again as the machine charged up and sparked with electrical discharges. As the machine sounded like it was about to activate, a shrill sound cracked the air, and a this time, a red beam shot into the air, spreading out in the sky and highlighting dozens of holes in the sky.

"Are those…?" Misato asked.

"All wormholes… to all different places." Kaji said. "This could have been far worse than it was."

"You're pretty on point, Mr. Kaji." Maya said. "This could have been far worse."

"Repair process is half way done." Ritsuko reported.

"Already half way?" Shinji asked.

"Yeah, look at the red Swiss cheese holes." Mari said. "They're shrinking."

"So, it's almost fixed." Misato said. "I'm glad."

"See, kid?" Kaji said. "No harm, no foul."

"Repair process is complete, shutting down." Ritsuko said.

"Wait, that's it?" Mari asked. "Kinda anticlimactic, ain't it?"

"What, did you expect some long, drawn out ending?" Shinji asked. "It's just another day for us. But I am going to miss them nonetheless."

"Don't worry about it, puppy." Mari said. "Everything's back to the way it should be, and we can get back to our regular fucked up lives."

"It's not so bad, Mari." Shinji replied. "We still have each other."

"Awww, puppy, you're so sappy." Mari said. "It's nice you're looking at the bright side."

"Well, things are pretty good." Shinji said. "So, there isn't much too worry about anymore. Things should be pretty good once Asuka and Rei come out of the hospital. Everything will be just the way it should be…"

"You mean us all being friends and fighting Angels and shit?" Mari asked.

"Yeah, that, but at least now we can be happy." Shinji replied.

End Gundam Invasion

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