Neon Genesis Evangelion: Legacy – Gundam Invasion
A Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Crossover

Chapter 3 – Just Communication
October 6, 2016 – NERV HQ

Kaji was walking calmly down the corridor. He was heading to check on Misato before going down to interrogate the four Gundam pilots. He walked into her office to see her sitting behind another ridiculous pile of paperwork.

"Ah, I see the bureaucrats have sent their usual complaints and bills." Kaji joked.

"Bite me." Misato grumbled. "They've sent more than usual… apparently our battle damaged too much green space." Misato said sarcastically. "One of these actually says we should contain the battles within Tokyo–3 itself, like we can control where battles happen."

"Wait, we blew up too much grass?" Kaji asked. "That's what this paperwork is for?"

"Yeah, bills for ground resurfacing, topsoil replacement, grass seed and grass sod for some reason, care and maintenance costs for the fields, oh, and the best one is a bill for rebuilding the hill Asuka crushed." Misato said hysterically.

"They want it rebuilt?" Kaji asked.

Misato rolled her eyes. "Yeah, they want reparations for everything, apparently things are expected to stay pristine after a fight… the fuck is this?" Misato exclaimed. "Oh… I got an even better one right here." Misato held up what looked like a ream and a half of paper. "This one is for dirtying the air with dirt and noise pollution from the battle."

Kaji snorted loudly. "That's the funniest thing I've ever heard."

"Well, I wish I could shove this invoices and complaints up their asses, and then light the complaint on fire…" Misato muttered angrily.

"That's oddly specific…" Kaji said.

"I need to think of something to calm me down, and that does it." Misato replied.

"Well, as long as you don't actually go out and do that, I think you'll be fine." Kaji said nervously.

"I'm not Ritsuko." Misato said. "I'm not gonna go nuts and start hurting people for fun."

"Yeah… right…" Kaji said. "You're far more stable than her even when you're wasted."

"Awww… you always know exactly what to say." Misato said.

"Cause I'm just that good." Kaji said.

"So, has the shelter order been rescinded yet?" Misato asked. "I've been down here since yesterday, I don't know."

"Yeah, Commander lifted it an hour or so ago." Kaji said. "The city's back on the surface where it belongs."

"Good… these poor people must be tired of running to shelters. The past few weeks have been kinda nuts."

"You're telling me…" Kaji said. "Second Impact was less chaotic…"

"Well… that says a lot…" Misato said in shock. "Especially coming from you."

"It's true though." Kaji said. "But enough about that."

"Yeah, I'd actually like to know what you're doing down here, anyway?" Misato asked. "I'm guessing you're not here to actually help me with this shit…"

"No, sorry… but I think Maya or Hyuga would help if you ask." Kaji said.

"So, what are you down here for?" Misato asked. "I'm not in the mood for anything… plus my desk is covered in this shit, and the floor's a little gross…"

"I'm not here for that… although it sounds like a great idea…" Kaji said. "But I'm down here to go and interrogate those kids."

"Oh, they're better already?" Misato asked.

"Yeah, apparently they've healed quite quickly." Kaji said. "So, I can't really push it off seeing as they're doing so well…"

"Can you promise me something?" Misato asked.

"What is it, Misato?" Kaji asked. "I already told you, I love eating you…"

Misato blushed. "Not that…" Misato shook her head. "Stop trying to distract me, you moron. Promise me you won't make Shinji talk to those boys."

"I can't promise that, Misato." Kaji said. "I told you the other day, he's probably the only one that can get through to them."

"Fine…" Misato said. "Be that way."

Kaji walked over to Misato. "I don't mean it like that, Misato." Kaji said soothingly. "I just want to get the information I need the least violent way possible. It's either me or that Yamada, and he's an evil version of me… no fucking soul whatsoever. He would dismember them to get information."

"He would actually do that?" Misato asked as she shuddered violently at the thought.

"Yeah, that would be the easy way out."

"Why does the Commander even hire someone like that?" Misato asked.

"To get distasteful things done." Kaji said as he sighed deeply. "Do you remember Jet Alone?"

"Yeah, nearly blew up Atsugi with its overloading reactor…" Misato said. "I nearly died trying to stop it."

"Well, it wasn't an accident, it was intentional." Kaji said. "Yamada brought them data on the Evangelions, and it was laced with a program he designed. It was meant to actually destroy Atsugi… thankfully, the Commander modified it to be on the very edge of overloading… otherwise all those people would have died to prove the Jet Alone was unsafe… he has no soul."

"What is he, a demon?" Misato asked. "Who would do that?"

"A very sick and twisted person." Kaji replied.

"But why interfere with the project?" Misato asked. "I mean, sure the Jet Alone guy was kind of an insufferable asshole… but why sabotage it?"

"To get us more funding and prove that only the Evangelions are Angel destroying machines." Kaji said. "It was all about money, and the threat to NERV's supremacy."

"So they were in the way." Misato said.

"Exactly, and to be fair, I saw the data on Jet Alone… it would never have stood up to an Angel the way it was designed." Kaji explained. "It would have been ripped apart by any of the Angels we've encountered, and with a conventional nuclear reactor… it was a nuclear accident just waiting to happen, on the scale of Chernobyl. I just wish we found another way to discredit them…"

"You mean a way that didn't involve almost blowing up an entire city?" Misato asked.

"Well, I did suggest just wiping the OS and frying all the electronics in it." Kaji said. "Oddly enough, exactly what you tried to do as well."

"What else were they afraid of from that thing?" Misato asked. "I don't see how having a meat shield for the EVAs would be a bad thing."

"Well… there was always the possibility it could be deployed against NERV." Kaji said. "It seemed more suited for hand to hand combat with an Evangelion, even though I think the Evangelions would still win."

"Why would the U.N. attack us?" Misato asked.

"Ah… well that's for another time, Misato." Kaji said. "Right now, I have some work to do that I'd rather avoid."

"You never tell me the important stuff." Misato said gruffly. "Why don't you tell me more stuff like this?"

"It's to keep you safe, Misato." Kaji said. "I don't know what I'd do if I lost you."

Mari was sitting next to a very vigil Asuka. Asuka hadn't slept since she had awoken from her coma, and refused to sleep until Shinji was awake.

"Princess, you need to sleep." Mari said. "You're worrying me."

"I'll be fine." Asuka said stubbornly. "I want to be awake when he wakes up."

"That's stupid princess." Mari said. "You're gonna get sick or something before that… and then Shinji's gonna worry about you! All you need is a few hours. If he even twitches, I promise I'll wake you up."

"I SAID I WAS FINE!" Asuka shouted. "I don't need your help, just go away, Mari!"

"Asuka… I'm not leaving you here alone." Mari said. "You can't sit here all on your own."

"Yes you are." Asuka said. "Just go away, I can look after Shinji on my own… I'm more than capable of keeping him safe."

"I never questioned that princess…" Mari said. "I'm just saying that it's ok to ask for help."

"I don't care what you think." Asuka said angrily. "Just go away."

"Fine, princess." Mari said gruffly. "But if you decide you actually want help, or a nap, just call my phone."

"Whatever…" Asuka muttered as Mari got up and left the room.

Mari wandered out into the hallway and decided to go see Rei. When she got to the isolation ward, the nurses looked nervously at her and buzzed her in. Mari walked inside to see Rei still floating silently in a cylinder full of LCL. Her injuries still looked pretty severe, but otherwise she looked quite serene.

"Hey blueberry… how are you feeling?" Mari asked. "You look more buoyant today… do you have gas or something?" Mari smiled to herself. "You know, when you finally decide to wake up, I have to tell you all the jokes I've made standing here, just to see if I can get you to laugh or something. I don't think I've ever seen you laugh, so I'm gonna make it my mission to make you laugh." Mari sighed. "I know you wouldn't think it's weird that I'm doing this… talking to you while you're unconscious, but I wish I could actually talk to you, but they say if you're not in the LCL, you'll probably die… and I don't want that… so I have to wait patiently for you to get transferred to a bed so I can hold your hand… and you know how patient I am…" Mari pounded her hand on the glass separating her and Rei's room. "I hate seeing you like this… it hurts to watch you and not be able to do anything to make you feel better. Thankfully that technology they're using was created by someone super fucking smart, Asuka's mom… she was a nice lady… oh… forget I said that, blueberry, I was just kidding… I'm not actually older than I really am or anything." Mari chuckled nervously. "I hate lying about this… I just want to tell the truth, but I might lose everyone I care about if I do… Shinji hates being lied to, and I don't think Asuka will take it well, and I'm not sure how you'd react… I'd imagine you wouldn't care… but I don't want to risk it." Mari sighed again. "Anyway… just get better soon, blueberry… I miss you, and with Shinji in another coma, Asuka's no fun to be around…" Mari placed her hand gently on the glass and looked at Rei sullenly. "Just remember how much I love you, blueberry… and I'll come back and see you later, ok?" Mari smiled. "Bye, blueberry…"

Mari walked back into the hallway and scratched her head. "Maybe I should go see them too… I haven't talked to them in a while."

Mari now moved with purpose towards the Evangelion Cages to go see two people she's been ignoring, her two old friends Yui and Kyoko. As she got to the Cages she saw that they were empty with no working on either of the EVAs. Mari noticed that everyone was surrounding her Unit–XP as its limbs were being rebuilt following the battle with Armisael. When she looked over to the other two Evangelions, she saw that extra scaffolding had been erected around Unit–02, and that there was no LCL around it. However, Unit–01 was submerged with only its neck and head exposed from the LCL in its dock. Mari walked over to Unit–02 and stood right in front of its head.

"Heya, Kyoko… how are you?" Mari asked. "Doing well I hope? You know, answer like always, once for yes, twice for no."

Unit–02's four eyes lit up brightly and blinked once in response.

"Glad to hear it." Mari said brightly. "So, do you know about the princess and the puppy?"

Unit–02's blinked its eyes once again.

"It's exciting isn't it?" Mari asked.

Unit–02's blinked its eyes once again.

"I know, right?" Mari said excitedly. "Well, they're not off to the best start… Shinji's in another coma… but they both admitted they loved each other, it was kinda adorable…" Mari paused. "Am I bothering you?"

Unit–02's eyes blinked twice.

"Ok, I'm glad… you're daughter's not exactly so accommodating… who does she get that from, her father?" Mari said.

Unit–02's eyes lit up brightly, and turned from green to orange, and the metal restraining the jaw could be heard creaking.

"Sorry… I know that's a sore subject…" Mari said sullenly. "Are you mad?"

Unit–02's eyes blinked twice.

"Ok… you know, she reminds me a lot of you…" Mari said. "Smart and beautiful to start with, and of course she's nice… at least when she wants to be. I guess that's where she's different… she more like how I was back then with my temper… hating things even though I didn't have any reason to… I should try and help her… right?"

Unit–02's eyes blinked once more.

"Ok, I'll try to help her the best I can." Mari said. "But she got her stubbornness from you at the very least. I guess I should go talk to Yui… I have to tell her something important."

Unit–02's eyes blinked one last time, the light in its eyes have faded, and it went dormant once more. Mari walked a short distance to Unit–01, she was once again face to face with the giant purple head.

"Hi Yui…" Mari said nervously. "How… how are you… are you, uh… well?"

Unit–01's eyes lit up and blinked once.

"Oh, good…" Mari said. "Look, I have to tell you something… are you ready?"

Unit–01 blinked once.

"Well… I fell in love with someone else… Rei actually… she's a lot like you actually… she even looks like you. I guess I haven't really thought too much about it, but she's my best chance at finding happiness…" Mari said nervously. "I know she has to be cloned from you, and that you're technically gone, and I can't wait for you forever… I don't want to be alone anymore… I just want to happy… does that make sense?"

Unit–01 blinked once.

"Ok…" Mari said. "I'll always love you, Yui… just know that…" Mari cleared her throat. "Sorry… I'm being stupid."

Unit–01 blinked twice.

"So, uh, Shinji and Asuka… how you feel about that? You must be thrilled."

Unit–01 blinked once.

"So… did you actually help him in the last few fights?" Mari asked. "You know, the Fifteenth, and Sixteenth Angels, and those robots?"

Unit–01 blinked twice.

"What do you mean no?" Mari asked. "Are you telling me that was all Shinji?"

Unit–01 blinked once.

"Son of a bitch!" Mari shouted. "Does he even know he can do that?"

Unit–01 blinked twice.

"So, the next time he gets pissed, he could go on a killing spree?" Mari asked

Unit–01 blinked once.

"Would you try and stop him?" Mari asked.

Unit–01 blinked twice.

"So, you'd let him rampage?"

Unit–01 blinked twice.

"What do you mean, no?" Mari asked. "You have to be able to do something!"

Unit–01 did nothing.

"So, you have no idea how to calm him down…" Mari said. "We all better hope Asuka doesn't get hurt, otherwise it could get ugly…"

Unit–01 blinked once more.

"Well, at least you agree with that…" Mari muttered. "I just wish we could actually talk… but I need to ask you something else… should I tell Shinji and Asuka about who I really am?"

Unit–01 blinked twice.

"Alright… I'll keep my mouth shut then." Mari said. "I just don't like lying to them, especially considering everything we've been through, they've been nothing but honest to me, and I feel awful not telling them I know you two… maybe they could get some closure if they knew… but I guess it's for the best they don't find out." Mari smiled. "Well, I think the princess should be less angry now, I'm gonna head back… bye Yui…"

Mari walked back from the Evangelion Cages silently. She walked past several rooms with guards in front of them, wondering what they were for, but didn't really care about it. As she found Shinji's room again, she went silently inside, all set to apologize to Asuka, only to find the poor girl asleep, hunched over onto Shinji's bed, face buried next to his leg, holding his hand, and drooling slightly.

"See, princess… I told you that you needed to get some sleep." Mari said as she grabbed a blanket and put it over Asuka. "I hate that you're so stubborn… I hope Shinji can teach you to ask for help instead of being so insufferable all the time."

Mari plopped down in the chair next to Asuka and pulled a blanket over herself. "Maybe when you wake up, you won't be so damn cranky…" Mari mumbled as she smirked. "Who am I kidding, you're always cranky…"


Kaji had finally made it down to the Medical Wong and saw Mari disappear into Shinji's room. He picked the first guarded room and went inside. Inside the room was a boy with his hair swept over half his face, Trowa Barton.

"Hello there, I'm here to ask you some questions." Kaji said.

Trowa stared blankly at Kaji.

"Look, I just need a little information, and I'll get out of your hair." Kaji said. "My name's Kaji, what's yours?"

"I have no name." Trowa said.

"How can you have no name?" Kaji asked.

"That is just how I came to be." Trowa said. "I am no name."

"Fine, no name, what can you tell me about breaking the no fly zone over Tokyo–3?" Kaji asked. "That's why you're here, you know."

"I don't intend on tell you anything else." Trowa said matter–of–factly. "You may as well cut the small talk and just kill me."

"Well, I don't intend on seeing a kid get killed." Kaji said.

"I am an enemy combatant, it is your duty to kill me or imprison me." Trowa said.

"Fine, then you'll be confined here until you decide to talk." Kaji said as he left the room. As he stepped outside he sighed deeply. "Boy, that kid was tough… I hope they all aren't like that…"


Kaji took a quick break and then moved for a different room, hopefully with someone less angry on the other side. As he went in, he saw a young boy dressed as a priest, with a long, braided ponytail, Duo Maxwell, sitting up in bed and glaring at him.

"Who the fuck are you?" Duo asked. "You don't look like no doctor to me…"

"That's because I'm not." Kaji replied. "I'm here to ask you…"

"Are you gonna try and make talk?" Duo asked. "Good luck pal, the only thing you'll get out of me is a swift kick to your ass!"

"Why are you shouting?" Kaji asked.

"I don't like being shot and taken prisoner you dumb fuck!" Duo shouted.

"Well, I don't think anyone does, really." Kaji said.

"Yeah, well I didn't ask your opinion!" Duo shouted.

Kaji sighed. "Look, Father Psycho, I'm only here to ask you where you're from." Kaji asked. "That way we can try and get you back home."

"Who the fuck are you calling a psycho?" Duo asked angrily. "Why the hell did you attack us? We didn't shoot first!"

"That may have been an overreaction on our part, but the city gets attacked a lot." Kaji said. "Anyway, I just want to clear a few things up…"

"Why the hell would I talk to the people who tried to kill me?" Duo shouted "You're out of your fucking mind if you think I'm gonna tell you anything. So take your questions, shove them up your ass, and leave me the fuck alone!"

"Alright then." Kaji said as he left the room. He closed the door and sighed, leaning against it. "Man, he reminds me of an even more temperamental Asuka… and I didn't think that was possible." Kaji rubbed his head as he heard something impact the door behind him. "Well, maybe the next one will be less… abrasive."

Kaji walked bravely into the next room. Inside he saw a repentant looking young man with sandy blonde hair, Quatre Raberba Winner. Quatre looked up at him and sorrowfully from his hospital bed and began rambling quickly before Kaji should say anything.

"Please forgive us for this misunderstanding, I am very sorry we caused you think we were attacking, we were simply lost, and we couldn't communicate with you, and then you started shooting, we had no choice, we had to defend ourselves." Quatre rattled off quickly.

"Hey, hey, hey!" Kaji said. "Could you slow down? I can barely understand you."

"Sorry…" Quatre said. "I'm just so sorry that we had a battle outside your city. We really didn't mean to, but when you started shooting, we had to fight back, that's what we do, we didn't want to hurt anyone, we just wanted you to stop. You didn't respond to our communications, so there wasn't any other option."

"We couldn't communicate with you either." Kaji said. "But you didn't respond to our hails either, we had no other choice but to attack, even if that wasn't the best choice."

"What channel were you using?" Quatre asked.

"All the radio frequencies we have…" Kaji said.

"Were you using the upper end of the extremely high frequency bandwidth?" Quatre asked. "You know, somewhere in the far infrared part of the electromagnetic spectrum?"

"No, we call that the terahertz gap." Kaji said. "We have no technology to use those frequencies. We would never had been able to communicate."

"Well… I just hope that we didn't injure anyone." Quatre said. "Other than your living robots that is… the purple one and… and the red one."

"Well, there was someone inside of it, piloting it as you pilot your machines." Kaji said.

"Oh, please tell me that person is alright." Quatre said. "We really didn't want to hurt anyone."

"Unfortunately, one of the pilots is in a coma…" Kaji said.

"Oh, no…" Quatre muttered. "We ended up hurting someone… and all we wanted to do was find out what happened…"

"Hey, things like this happen." Kaji said. "And with that battle it was unavoidable."

"Well they shouldn't." Quatre said. "If we didn't fight, no one would have gotten hurt. Please, forgive us for injuring your pilot. I'm very sorry to have hurt someone try trying to defend the people they care about."

"How do you know that?" Kaji asked.

"I had a feeling…" Quatre said. "I can just tell things like that."

"Well, it would be a big help if you could answer a few of my questions." Kaji said.

"I'm sorry… I can't answer any of your questions." Quatre said. "I'm simply unable to."

"Why can't you answer any?" Kaji asked.

"If I answered anything you asked me I doubt you would believe me." Quatre said. "And anything I tell you would be a violation of my conscience."

"I'll give you the benefit of the doubt." Kaji said.

"I'm sorry, I just can't risk it." Quatre said. "Please, tell your pilots I am sorry for attacking them… they were only under orders."

"Excuse me then." Kaji said as he left the room.

Kaji stood outside and looked at the door. "Jesus, he reminds me of Shinji with all that apologizing and rambling. But he did tell me one thing… they use radio frequencies we can't… so where are they from?" Kaji said. "At least this one was polite… so I guess they aren't so bad after all… but I still need more answers from them. Maybe this last kid will be of more help in finding some answers."


Asuka woke up to find half her face covered in drool and a blanket on her that she didn't remember putting there. She lifted her head and saw that Shinji was still unconscious, and that Mari had come back.

Asuka wiped her face with her sleeve and glared at Mari. "Figures she'd help me when I told her I didn't need it… idiot." Asuka sighed. "I guess she was only being nice… I should probably apologize for shouting at her too… I really was tired."

Asuka got up and stretched. "Well, that was a nice nap… I really did need it." Asuka turned to Shinji. "And it was nice of you to stay in your coma until I woke up, baka, but it would be really nice if you woke the hell up now." Asuka grimaced at the boy. "Well, baka, I guess you're not as invincible as I thought. Now, if I leave, have the decency to not wake up without me in the room, but the second I get back in here, you better be awake."

Asuka walked out of the room as Mari emitted a large snore. "Well, if she keeps that up, he'll definitely wake up soon."

Asuka closed the door quietly behind her and walked into the hallway. She saw Kaji down the hall coming out of a room with several guards outside the door.

"What the hell is he doing coming out of there…" Asuka muttered. "And the room's guarded… what the fuck…" Asuka breathed angrily. "KAJI! WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?!"

Kaji turned and looked at her, and looked worried.


"Asuka, calm down!" Kaji said as she flew at him, pounding his chest with her fists. "Stop hitting, me, Asuka, and let me explain."


"Asuka, you need to calm down!" Kaji shouted. "You're not hurting anyone! We fired first, we started the fight, it's our fault Shinji got hurt!"


"No, we attacked them! We shot first!" Kaji said. "So, will you calm the fuck down?"

"NO, NOT UNTIL I GET SOME REVENGE ON THOSE FUCKS!" Asuka shouted as she kept punching Kaji.

"Asuka, get off!" Kaji said.

Before Kaji could do anything, Asuka was tackled to the ground by Mari, and she pinned Asuka to the ground as Asuka struggled to get up.


"Asuka, calm the fuck down!" Mari shouted. "Do you think Shinji would want you to hurt them?! Well, answer me, do you?!"

Asuka stared at Mari for a moment. "I… I don't know…"

"The answer is no, Asuka." Mari said. "Shinji's not like that… he doesn't like people getting hurt. You should know that."

"I…" Asuka muttered.

"If I let go, are you going to calm down?" Mari asked.

"Yeah…" Asuka muttered.

"Are you done yelling?" Mari asked.

"Yeah…" Asuka muttered.

"Fine, get up." Mari said as she let go and rounded on Kaji. "And you… scruffy… why are you visiting the enemy and not visiting Shinji, are you retarded or something?"

"No… I had to try and get some answers from these kids." Kaji said.

"Wait… kids?" Mari asked.

"You've got to be kidding." Asuka said.

"Nope, they're all about your ages." Kaji said. "So, don't be so annoyed, Mari, I didn't have much choice. We are trying to figure why they appeared here… and I don't think they're from Earth anyway."

"Where do you think they're from?" Mari asked. "Space?"

"No idea." Kaji said. "Out of the three I interviewed, I haven't gotten anything useful."

"Weren't there four?" Asuka asked.

"There are, but someone started beating me up before I got to interview the last one." Kaji said. "So if you'll excuse me, I have someone else to interview."

"What about Shinji?" Asuka asked.

"Why would I visit him when he has the two people who care about him the most taking care of him?" Kaji asked. "I care about him, and so does Misato… but not anywhere near as much as either of you."

"Kaji…" Asuka muttered. "I'm sorry…"

"It's ok Asuka." Kaji said. "Why don't you two go back to Shinji's room and keep an eye on him? I'll come see you later." Kaji said as he walked away.

"Sure." Mari said. "Come on, princess. We've left Shinji alone for too long."

"Yeah…" Asuka said. "And thanks for the blanket… it helped."

"You're welcome princess." Mari said. "So… are you sure you're alright?"

"Sort of." Asuka said. "I'm not exactly happy they get to live… but I don't want to disappoint Shinji."

"Yeah, I want to beat them up too, princess." Mari said. "But why don't we leave that decision up to him, huh?"

"I guess…" Asuka said as they walked back into the room to see Shinji still asleep. "It would have been nice to see him be awake when we got back."

"Well, I'm sure he'll wake up soon." Mari said. "Maybe you should kiss him like sleeping beauty… that might do it."

"I'm not kissing him without permission." Asuka said. "He's never done that to me. Even if it is a good idea…"

"Fair enough…" Mari said. "But you do want to kiss him, don't you?"

"I do…" Asuka said as she blushed. "But I'll wait until he wakes up."


Kaji was still rubbing his chest when he arrived at the last room. "Did she have to hit me so hard?" Kaji mumbled. "I get she's angry, but the girl doesn't know her own strength… thankfully Mari stopped her."

Kaji opened the door and walked calmly into the last room He looked up and saw a teenaged boy with messy dark brown hair and blue eyes staring back at him, Heero Yuy.

"Hello, my name is Kaji, I'm here to…" Kaji started.

"How badly are the pilots we fought injured?" Heero asked.

"What?" Kaji asked.

"The pilots, how injured are they?" Heero repeated. "I heard the girl in the hallway, she was quite loud. She also seemed very angry."

"Well, if you tell me your name, I'll tell you what you want to know." Kaji said.

"I am Heero Yuy." Heero said. "Now tell me, why does that girl want us dead?"

"She was one of the pilots." Kaji said.

"Of which Mobile Suit?" Heero asked.

"What now?" Kaji asked. "A mobile what?"

"Mobile Suit." Heero repeated. "Was she in the purple one or the red one?"

"Oh… the Evangelions." Kaji mumbled. "She was in the red one." Kaji replied.

"Who was in the purple one?" Heero asked. "Did the other pilot die? She said she wanted revenge…"

"First, answer me this." Kaji said. "How did you get here?"

Heero sighed. "We were investigating a gravity well and then we appeared here." Heero said. "It was sudden and unexpected. Now answer my question, is the other pilot dead."

"No, he's alive." Kaji replied. "Other than that, I can't tell you more."

"Understood." Heero said. "So, why are you here?"

"That I can explain." Kaji said. "I'm here to figure out where you came from."

"I doubt you'd understand where we're from." Heero said. "This place seems so much different than it should be."

"What do you mean?" Kaji asked.

"What happened to Hakone?" Heero asked.

"We built over it." Kaji said simply.

"Why, this area of Japan has no strategic value what so ever." Heero said.

"That's classified I'm afraid." Kaji said. "Now, about your machines…"

"I can't tell you about the Gundams." Heero said.

"Why not?" Kaji asked.

"It's classified." Heero replied.

"I see, we're playing that game." Kaji said. "So, can you tell me your friends names? I'd like to try and search for them in the database we have."

"I doubt any of us will show up in your database." Heero replied. "So their names are really of no consequence."

"Why is that?" Kaji asked.

"I'm sure you'll figure that out soon enough." Heero said. "I am curious as to why you attacked first however. We showed no hostile intent."

"Your machines were armed." Kaji said. "But you're right, we fired first."

"I just said that." Heero replied. "Why did you fire first?"

"Why?" Kaji asked. "In short… a lot of previous experience with unidentified armed contacts above the city."

"Because if you knew who we are, then you would not have attacked us." Heero said. "You would have known better."

"Oh, we would have?" Kaji asked.

"Yes." Heero said. "Other than your two Mobile Suits, your alert forces were a joke. They barely put up a fight, and your city's defensive screen of guns and missiles could barely hit us."

"Well, the reason we attacked you is classified." Kaji replied.

"I see…" Heero said. "Then I have nothing else to say."

"Really." Kaji said.

"Yes, you can leave now." Heero said. "Although, I will say that being your prisoner, these are by far the best accommodations I've been given."

"Well we may have attacked hastily, but we're not monsters." Kaji said as he left the room.

Kaji closed the door behind him and rubbed his forehead. "Well, at least Heero gave me more than any of the others to work with… but I guess I need to go with my backup plan get Shinji to talk to them…" Kaji sighed. "I hope for everyone's sake he wakes up soon, before Yamada gets his hands on those kids."

Kaji walked started to walk towards Shinji's room. "And what the fuck is a Mobile Suit?"


Heero sat alone in hospital room staring at the door Kaji had just walked out of. He got up and went to the wall that met the adjacent room and knocked lightly on the wall. "Duo… Trowa… or Quatre?" Heero asked.

"It's Quatre." Quatre replied. "Are you alright, Heero?"

"Yes." Heero said. "Are you alright, Quatre?"

"Mostly." Quatre said. "That impact with the ground really hurt. I just hope Sandrock isn't too damaged."

"Sandrock can be repaired." Heero said. "And you've suffered a lot worse before." Hero sighed. "Did that man, Kaji, ask you any questions?" Heero asked.

"Yeah." Quatre replied.

"Did you tell him anything?" Heero asked.

"Only the radio frequencies we were transmitting on. Apparently they can't transmit on those frequencies." Quatre said. "I didn't tell him anything else though. Did you say anything?"

"Plenty… but it will lead to more questions than answers." Heero said. "They also have no idea what a Mobile Suit is."

"Really?" Quatre asked. "But they have two…"

"He muttered something else when I said it." Heero said. "Called them Evangelion… probably thought I didn't hear him."

"Well they certainly look a lot like Mobile Suits… just with biological components." Quatre replied. "And they apparently have pilots. Did you learn anything else?"

"No I did not, but it appears our assumptions were right." Heero said. "We're no longer on our Earth."

"Then where are we if we're not on our Earth?" Quatre asked.

"Either a different reality, or an exact copy of Earth in a completely different part of the galaxy." Heero replied. "Those are the only logical solutions."

October 7, 2016 – NERV HQ, Medical Wing

Shinji was lying motionless in bed, breathing softly. He felt very warm and comfortable and could hear familiar voices around him. He opened his eyes slowly and saw four blurry figures surrounded by a combination of the ceiling lights and the natural light streaming in from the windows. Before he could say anything he saw one of the figures jump on top of him and assault him with a bone crushing hug.

"PUPPY! YOU'RE AWAKE!" Mari shouted in his ear.

However, the crushing weight from Mari didn't last long, as Shinji heard the sound of a fist connecting with flesh, and Mari exclaim and slam onto the floor. "Get the hell off of him, four eyes, he's my boyfriend, not yours!" Asuka shouted as she herself climbed onto the bed and straddled him, moving her face within a few inches of his. "Hi baka, welcome back. Did you miss me?"

"Was I in a coma again?" Shinji asked.

"Yeah, you had Asuka all worried, Shinji." Hikari said. "You should be more careful."

"Yeah, you need to stop playing the tragic hero." Sakura said. "Otherwise you're really gonna get hurt one day."

"What are you two doing here?" Shinji asked. "Shouldn't you be watching Toji?"

"He's fine, he'll be released in a few days." Sakura said.

"And he told us to keep an eye on you instead, considering you were in worse shape." Hikari added. "He'll be glad to hear you're awake."

"Well, baka, I'm waiting." Asuka said impatiently. "Did you miss me?"

"Asuka, the last thing I remember is jumping in the air to dodge those robots." Shinji said. "How long have I been out?"

"You've been out four days, puppy, like a champ." Mari replied. "And princess, that was brutal, even for you…"

"You were rubbing your tits and junk all over my boyfriend." Asuka said venomously. "Next time you do that, I won't go so easy on you."

"Asuka, will you relax?" Shinji asked. "I've told you how many times that I don't like you two fighting."

"But she was accosting you!" Asuka said defensively. "And I'm defending my baka!"

"Asuka… she was hurting me with her hug, but that it." Shinji said. "Although I'm flattered that you're so protective of me…"

"Well, you've been so protective of me… and I do love you after all…" Asuka said sweetly. "And now that you're finally awake, I can do this…" Asuka leaned down and kissed him hard on the lips, barely able to restrain her enthusiasm.

"Awww…" Mari, Hikari, and Sakura said in unison.

Asuka and Shinji ignored them and happily kissed each other, tongues lashing =

"Oh, get a room already…" Mari quipped.

Asuka stopped kissing Shinji and glared at her. "We are in a room you idiot!"

"Asuka, stop." Shinji said. "She was only kidding."

"Fine…" Asuka said. "But I'm not going to stop yelling at her all the time."

"Sure you're not, princess." Mari purred.

"Mari, stop." Shinji said. "Can you not tease her?"

"I can try." Mari said.

"Mari…" Shinji said. "Please?"

"Oh, alright… but only because I like you, puppy." Mari said. "Sorry princess, you may now continue to suck your boyfriend's face…"

"Good…" Shinji muttered.

"So, Shinji, you never answered my question." Asuka said. "Did you miss me?"

"Asuka, I didn't even know I was gone." Shinji said. "But thank you."

"For…" Asuka prompted.

"Coming out and saving me the other day." Shinji said. "Thanks for staying until the end."

"You're welcome, baka." Asuka said. "I'm just glad you survived."

"So am I." Shinji said. "I hope you weren't too worried."

"No, I knew you'd pull through." Asuka said. "You're the invincible Shinji."

"Don't lie, princess." Mari said. "You've barely slept since he went into a coma."

"And you've been worried sick about him too." Hikari said. "You just spent the last three hours telling us ow worried you are you'd never be able to tell him how much you loved him again…"

"Hikari… that was private!" Asuka said through gritted teeth.

"Well, shouldn't your boyfriend know how much you love him?" Sakura asked. "If I had one, I'd never stop telling him."

"As if your brother would allow you to have a boyfriend…" Hikari muttered.

"Like he has a choice." Sakura said.

"Do you have a boyfriend?" Shinji asked innocently.

"No… but someday I will." Sakura said. "And Toji can shove his opinion about it up his ass."

"Sakura!" Hikari said admonishingly.

"What?" Sakura said. "Does he actually think I'm not going to have a boyfriend at some point?"

"Well, good for you kiddo." Kaji said as he walked in the room. "Life shouldn't be lived without love… and your brother will realize that eventually."

"Thanks Mr. Kaji." Sakura replied.

"Well, Asuka, I didn't realize you and Shinji were that close." Kaji joked as Asuka glared at him. "What, you're straddling the boy… and seem to have caused an issue to pop up…"

Asuka looked at Kaji and then to Shinji and turned bright red. "Baka, what the hell?!"

Shinji blushed as well. "What… I didn't really know how to bring it up…"

"Bad choice of words, puppy." Mari quipped.

"Shut up, four eyes!" Asuka shouted. "Baka, you need to mention these things!"

"Well… I didn't know how…" Shinji muttered.

"How did it happen?" Asuka asked.

"Asuka, your junk is rubbing on him every time you move." Hikari said. "Those things tend to happen…"

"And you're wearing a skirt." Mari said. "There isn't anything between you and him except some panties, a thin sheet, and maybe a hospital gown."

"Thanks for that, four eyes." Asuka muttered.

"It's ok, Asuka, I don't mind…" Shinji said.

"We can all see that, Shinji." Kaji joked.

"What are you doing here, Kaji?" Asuka asked angrily.

"Oh, just here to see Shinji." Kaji said.

"Kaji, I know that look." Asuka said. "You're about to ask for something you know is going to piss someone off."

"How…" Kaji muttered.

"You make a face." Asuka said.

"I do not." Kaji said.

"The hell you don't." Asuka said. "What is it?"

Kaji sighed. "Hikari, Sakura, why don't you go visit Toji." Kaji suggested. "I need to talk to these three alone for a few minutes."

"Sure…" Hikari said. "Come on Sakura, let's go tell Toji Shinji's ok."

"Alright." Sakura said. "Later, Shinji."

"Bye guys." Shinji said as the two girls walked out of the room. "So, Kaji, why do you need to talk to us alone?"

"Yeah… why so secretive, Chief Inspector?" Mari asked.

"They have a point." Asuka said as she climbed off Shinji's bed. "Why do you look so guilty?"

"I need to ask Shinji a favor." Kaji said. "And what I'm about to ask, I'm only doing in front of you two so you don't think I coerced him or anything."

"What are you going to ask him?" Asuka asked.

Kaji ignored Asuka and looked directly at Shinji. "Shinji… I know what I'm about to ask is way beyond anything we've ever asked you to do before."

"What is it, Kaji?" Shinji asked.

"I need your help with the pilots of those machines." Kaji said. "I can't talk to them, they're too closed off. And I need information from them, but I don't want to have to force anything out of them."

"So what can I do?" Shinji asked.

"Shinji, you have an uncanny quality about you that makes people trust you. They tell you things, they talk." Kaji explained. "So, I need you to talk to one of them, the only one that really opened up a little bit."

"Absolutely fucking not." Asuka said angrily. "They almost killed him and you want him to talk to them?!"

"Yeah." Mari said. "Why would you think he'd do this?"

"Let Shinji answer." Kaji said.

"Do I have to lie to them?" Shinji asked.

"No, just be yourself." Kaji replied. "So, will you help me?"

"Yeah…" Shinji said. "I'll do it."

"What the fuck are you talking about, baka?!" Asuka shouted. "Are you out of your fucking mind?!"

"No, Asuka, I'm fine." Shinji said. "But, Kaji, I have one condition."

"What's that?" Kaji asked.

"I'll speak to whoever it is alone." Shinji said.

"Shinji, you really have lost your mind!" Asuka shouted.

"Yeah, scruffy, does he have a concussion?" Mari asked.

"I said I'm fine!" Shinji shouted. "I can make my own decisions, Asuka." Shinji looked at Mari as well. "And I'm not injured, I feel fine!"

"Shinji… you don't have to talk to those bastards." Asuka said. "He's not gonna make you, you know."

"I want to talk to them." Shinji said. "So, Kaji, do we have a deal?"

"Yeah, sure." Kaji said. "A one on one meeting with the talkative pilot. Easily arranged."

"So, where am I going?" Shinji asked. "Back down to the holding cells?"

"No, you injured them all pretty well, so they're under heavy guard here in the Medical Wing." Kaji explained.

"When should I go?" Shinji asked.

"Whenever you're ready, Shinji." Kaji replied.

"I'm ready now." Shinji said. "Should I walk?"

"No, I'll get you a wheelchair." Kaji said. "Hold on a sec."

Kaji left the room and Asuka turned to him and looked worried. "Shinji, why are you doing this? I said you don't have to…"

"Asuka, I want to." Shinji said.

"Aren't you mad that they hurt you?" Mari asked.

"Why?" Shinji asked. "It was a fight against other people… I never wanted to actually fight another person… I feel bad for hurting them."

"They were hurting you too, you know, baka." Asuka said admonishingly. "Why would you talk to them?"

"To get answers." Shinji said. "And if Kaji thinks I can actually be of some use, then I'll do it, ok? It's my choice, Asuka."

"But, I don't want you to get hurt." Asuka said tearfully. "I want to be in there with you."

"Asuka, I'm doing it alone." Shinji said. "But you're welcome to sit outside with Kaji."

"Do you really think it's a smart idea to go in there alone?" Mari asked.

"Kaji wouldn't ask me if he was risking my life in the process." Shinji said. "And besides, if either of you two hear me scream, you'll be in there faster than anything to save me."

"That's an awful lot of risk…" Asuka muttered.

"I'll be fine." Shinji said. "I doubt they'd want to hurt me."

"Why do you say that?" Asuka asked.

"I just have a feeling, that's all." Shinji said. "I mean, I had a feeling about you and me too, and look at us now, Asuka…"

"Fair point…" Asuka said. "But if you get hurt at all and live, I'll never let you forget it, and tell you how dumb of an idea it was."

"What happens if I'm right?" Shinji asked.

"Whatever you want, baka." Asuka said coyly.

"Ask to fuck her!" Mari said excitedly.

"Excuse you?!" Asuka asked. "Can you stop being a fucking pervert for five gottverdammt seconds?!"

"What, he might fulfill a great fantasy of his if he had sex with you…" Mari muttered.

"Mari, stop." Shinji said. "If I'm right, I want you to promise me you and Mari will stop fighting? Like really stop?"

"That's what you want?" Asuka asked.

"Yeah, you could ask for any kind of sex…" Mari muttered.

"That's all I really want… for my best friend and girlfriend to get along." Shinji said. "Is that so wrong?"

"No…" Asuka said. "It's kinda sweet…"

"So… do you guys promise to honor that?" Shinji asked.

"I promise, baka." Asuka said.

"Yeah, I'll do my best too." Mari said sweetly. "I can be nice, you know."

"Good." Shinji said as he checked under his sheets. "Now, can someone get me a hospital gown or something?"

"Why?" Asuka asked absentmindedly.

"He's naked, princess." Mari purred.

"Don't worry, I brought one back." Kaji said as he appeared with a wheelchair and a hospital gown. "Nurses said they had cut you out of the plugsuit… so here." Kaji tossed him the gown. "Pull that on and we'll leave whenever you feel up to it."

Shinji pulled the gown under the sheets and fumbled around for a moment while Mari and Asuka watched curiously. Shinji then threw the sheets off and pulled himself carefully to the edge of the bed. "Alright, I'm ready now."

"Wait, you're sure?" Kaji asked.

"Yeah." Shinji said. "I want to help, and the sooner I talk to them, the sooner things can get back to normal, right?"

"Right, kid." Kaji said. "Asuka, Mari, help him into the chair. I'll hold it steady."

"Sure." Asuka and Mari said in unison. They each took one of Shinji's arms and gently lifted him to his feet and guided him to the wheelchair. Shinji sat down and looked at both girls.

"Thanks." Shinji said. "You guys are coming along, right?"

"Yeah, someone has to protect you if things go south." Asuka said.

"Fine, but you're all waiting outside." Shinji said. "Remember that. And no listening at the door either."

"Fine…" Mari muttered.

"You're the boss…" Kaji said.


A few minutes later, Shinji was sitting in a room across from Heero. Shinji was a bit nervous, as he'd never met an enemy before like this, in reality, let alone a human enemy. He was used to fighting Angels and having them be sadistic fucks, but not this. So, Shinji tried to act natural and was smiling, but Heero only looked at him with a blank stare.

"Hi there, I'm, uh, Shinji, Shinji Ikari…" Shinji said nervously. "What's your name?"

"Your superiors didn't tell you?" Heero asked.

"Do you mean Kaji?" Shinji asked.

"Yes, him." Heero replied.

"Oh, he's not my boss, he's my friend." Shinji said. "And no, he didn't tell me your name."

"I am Heero Yuy." Heero said. "So, Shinji, why are you here."

"Just to talk." Shinji said.

"How did you convince Kaji to let you talk to me alone?" Heero asked. "You clearly are a very important person."

"No, I just thought it was the only way you'd talk with me." Shinji said.

"No, I can't really divulge anything." Heero said.

"Why not?" Shinji asked. "If it has to do with the Angels, you can tell me, I fight them too. One only attacked a few days before you arrived."

"What are Angels?" Heero asked.

"Angels are the monsters that keep attacking us." Shinji explained. "How do you not know that? I mean, you were sent to help weren't you?"

"No, I'm afraid we weren't." Heero said. "I don't know anything about the Angels you speak of."

"So, why are you here?" Shinji asked.

"I'm not entirely sure." Heero said. "We simply appeared here."

"From where?" Shinji asked.

"I doubt you would believe me even if I told you." Heero said.

"I deal with crazy geometric monsters that shoot laser beams at me, or are living tentacles, or a giant shark thingy…" Shinji rambled on. "So basically, whatever you tell me, I'm not really going to be surprised."

"We were at a Lagrangian Point L4 investigating a gravity well." Heero explained.

"What's a Lagrangian Point?" Shinji asked.

"It's a point in space between two objects that have gravitational fields." Heero explained. "There are five such points in any system."

"Wait… so you were in space?" Shinji asked.

"Yes." Heero replied.

"I want to say that's impossible, but I don't think so…" Shinji murmured. "I've seen some weird shit, so what you're saying isn't that crazy."

"I'm glad you don't think so."

"So, why were you in space anyway?" Shinji asked. "How did you get there?"

"We live in space." Heero said. "In space colonies."

"Wait… in space…" Shinji muttered. "So, you're not… we don't have space colonies…"

"Exactly…" Heero said.

"So… what does that mean?" Shinji asked.

"Well, there are two theories me and my friends came up with." Heero explained. "Either we've traveled to a different reality, or we're at an exact copy of Earth in a completely different part of the galaxy." Heero replied.

"So… then that thing you were investigating…" Shinji asked.

"Brought us here." Heero said. "It is a logical assumption to make."

"So, then… you're very far from home." Shinji said.

"Yes, with no way to get back." Heero said.

"So… why didn't you tell any of this to Kaji?" Shinji asked.

"I didn't think he's believe it." Heero said. "You seem to be having the same difficulty."

"No, it's just… a lot to take in all at once." Shinji replied.

"Understandable." Heero said. "But I don't understand why they sent you…"

"Oh, uh, Kaji just asked me." Shinji said.

"Why?" Heero asked.

"Oh, uh, I'm one of the pilots you fought." Shinji said plainly.

Heero stared at him for a second. "So… you're the pilot of the purple Mobile Suit. You were the one that was injured that angry girl wanted revenge for."

"What girl?" Shinji asked.

"I did not see her, but she was screaming very loudly." Heero explained. "She was somewhat graphic with what she wanted to do."

"Oh, that's Asuka, my… uh… girlfriend." Shinji muttered.

"Your girlfriend?" Heero asked. "She's a fellow pilot, isn't that inappropriate?"

"No… but it's a long story." Shinji said sheepishly. "But I do have a question… what's a Mobile Suit?" Shinji asked.

"A weapon of war." Heero said. "A giant mechanical machine capable of so much. They can be quite destructive."

"So, do you pilot a Mobile Suit?" Shinji asked.

"Technically, I pilot a Gundam." Heero explained. "With stronger construction materials and better weaponry, Gundams are far more powerful than a simple Mobile Suit."

"So, which one did you pilot?" Shinji asked. "The one with the big swords, the one with load of guns, the one with the huge rifle, or the one with a scythe?"

"I piloted the one with the huge rifle it's called Wing Zero." Heero said. "I hope you weren't too seriously injured."

"No, I've had much worse." Shinji said. "Much, much worse. Don't worry about it. And I'm sorry we shot at you first… with the Angels, I guess they just overreacted."

"Fair enough." Heero said. "So, tell me, how were you able to keep up with the four of us?"

"Luck I suppose." Shinji replied.

"What do you pilot?" Heero asked. "If you don't call it a Mobile Suit, what do you call it, that giant purple thing?"

"We call it an Evangelion." Shinji said. "I pilot Unit–01."

"What is an Evangelion?" Heero asked. "It seemed almost alive. And these Angels, what are they?"

"Well, that's a little hard to explain…" Shinji said.

"It's not like we're going anywhere…" Heero said. "I have plenty of time, unless…"

"No… I don't have anywhere to go." Shinji said. "I can explain it, if you explain more about where you come from, and about your Gundams."

"Deal." Heero replied.

"So, the Angels began attacking during an event called Second Impact." Shinji began.


In a few hours' time, Shinji had explained everything he knew about Angels and Evangelions, and Heero, everything he knew about the original Operation Meteor, and how it was actually carried out, and of course, the events of the Eve Wars. Both were stunned about so much of what they had been told, even though both sets of stories were true. So, Shinji decided it was time to explain all of this to those who needed to know, and Heero agreed wholeheartedly.

A short while later, Shinji and Heero were still sitting across from each other, however there were far more people in the room than before. Duo, Trowa, and Quatre were all sitting behind Heero, while Asuka, Mari, Misato, Kaji, and Fuyutsuki were either standing or sitting behind Shinji.

After some awkward introductions, where Asuka and Mari glared at the four Gundam pilots, Shinji and Heero than began explaining everything they talked about, leaving both sides speechless as to the information they got from the other. When they finished speaking, the room was silent. Mari however was the first one who could think of anything to say.

"So… you're telling us that these kids from another reality where they fight wars in their Gundams…" Mari said. "Building a time machine that activates at 88 miles per hour out of a DeLorean that sounds more fucking plausible."

"Or a time machine that's a phone booth or something." Asuka muttered.

"Well, Maya said that the energy spike could have been a wormhole…" Misato said.

"Yes, well, we don't have fucking Stargate!" Asuka hissed.

"Ms. Soryu, an Einstein–Rosen bridge doesn't require a device to open… at least not in this case." Fuyutsuki said.

"So, you're saying that something created a portal, and we got sucked here as a fucking result?!" Duo shouted.

"Duo, please calm down and be more polite to our hosts." Quatre said.

"Whatever…" Duo muttered.

"Duo does have a point." Trowa said. "How did we end up getting pulled here?"

"We honestly are as clueless about this as you." Kaji said. "Or uh… top scientist is working on the issue, as well as trying to understand your Gundams."

"Someone is touching my Deathscythe?!" Duo shouted. "I'll kick their ass!"

"Duo, will you stop, please." Quatre repeated.

"Why, they're touching our Gundams!" Duo said.

"Considering that NERV has Evangelion, I'm sure that the Gundams would be far simpler." Heero said.

"Well, your technology is far beyond our own in certain areas." Fuyutsuki said. "But if you're willing to help out our chief scientist, things would progress much faster."

"I can conduct Heavyarms' maintenance." Trowa replied.

"I'd like to keep an eye on this person." Duo added. "I don't want them messing up my killing machine."

"I'm not as worried about Sandrock as I am about getting home." Quatre said. "What about our duties… what about the Protectors and everyone else. They must be worried sick by now."

"Whether they are or not isn't the issue." Heero said. "Right now, we have no way of getting back, correct?" Heero asked.

"Well, save for 1.21 gigawatts of electricity… I don't see how we're getting you home." Mari joked. "Or, am I wrong?"

"There is always a way… uh… Ms. Makinami." Fuyutsuki said.

"Yes, but wormholes don't just pop out of nowhere." Mari argued. "They need a powerful source of energy to even open. And we're only talking theory here, there isn't any concrete proof of anything."

"Mari, stop it." Shinji said. "We have to get them home, they have responsibilities like ours… they have their enemies to fight, and we have the Angels."

"I don't know, puppy." Mari replied. "They could be trapped here."

"Mari!" Misato said admonishingly. "You're not helping."

"What, I'm only pointing out the truth." Mari said. "They might be trapped here with no way home… they need to be prepared for that possibility."

"We will find a way to get them." Kaji said. "Anything artificial that brought them here can be reversed to send them home."

"That is a very simplified version, but not inaccurate." Fuyutsuki said.

"So, we can get home?" Quatre asked.

"The possibility exists for you to get home." Fuyutsuki explained. "However, we need to figure out how you got here before we can do anything else. One we know the cause, we work on the solution."

"When will you the cause be known?" Heero asked.

"Within a day or so." Misato replied. "So, with any luck, we can send you on your merry way without a hitch."

"That seems far too simple." Heero said. "Like they may be something we're missing."

"Yeah… more stuff could come through, right?" Asuka asked.

"Well, if is still open it could." Fuyutsuki said. "But if it's not, then we're safe."

"Well, whatever the cause, I know we'll get you home safely." Shinji said. "We've dealt with worse, right? This should be easy."

"Shinji, things are easier said than done." Kaji said.

"Well…" Quatre said. "Maybe it is this simple."

"Quatre, if anything we've ever done is anything to go from, we're not in for an easy fix." Duo said. "We might be here a while…"

"I don't care, as long as we can get home at some point soon." Quatre said.

"Well, there is always the possibility that our problems could follow us." Heero said.

"Why would you say that?" Shinji asked.

"Because, if we investigated the disturbance, the enemy may do the same and end up here." Heero replied. "And that is something we don't need."

"You're not wrong." Kaji said. "We've got our own Angel issues to deal with, we don't need an army appearing and causing havoc… so the sooner we get you guys home, the better… I'd rather avoid all hell breaking loose, wouldn't you?"

To Be Continued

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