Welcome to my brand new fanfiction everyone. This was a request/idea giving by red lighting. Red lighting made the request of if Henry was attacked somehow (they suggested Gideon) and the only way to save him is by turning him back into a infant. And Emma gets a second chance at raising him, I admit I had thought about doing a story where Emma raises Henry before but this gives me the push to do it. So lots of my favorite mommy Emma fluff, and adorable young Henry.

I do not own OUAT or its characters just my imagination.


The whole group stood by helplessly watching Emma and Gideon fight it out. Emma wouldn't dare let any of her family come to harm because of her, especially by the hands of a monster like Gideon. Watching this was hardest on Henry, this was his mom, if it didn't end well he would lose her. Sure it would tough on Killian, Mary Margaret and David also, but for a kid losing his mom, well that was worst loss of all. Henry couldn't stand by any longer watching.

"Hey" Henry yells "that's my mom." Gideon appears in front of him suddenly, not knowing he was coming Henry steps forward a step, a sword suddenly glides into his stomach, everything went in slow motion after that for him, falling to his knees, then to the ground. He hears his family calling out his name.

Emma meanwhile manages to stab Gideon in the back; Killian and David quickly come and restrain him so Emma could get to Henry. She wastes no time getting to his side, taking his hand "Come on kid stay with me" she says watching him barely able to keep his eyes open. She watched Regina trying to heal him "why isn't it working?" she asks worriedly.

Regina seems confused by this as well "I don't know Emma, it should work" she tries again.

Emma looks up at her mom who is standing right there "Mom call a ambulance we need to get him to the hospital" she says trying to keep Henry awake.

"No need" they suddenly hear and see the blue fairy walking towards them. "He doesn't need a hospital."

"What do you mean?" both Emma and Regina ask.

"A hospital won't help him" Blue started motioning to Henry "that is a magic sword, not just anything can cure a wound inflicted by it."

"What do we do then?" Emma asks looking down at Henry.

"I'm afraid, it's complicated" she says getting worried looks from the moms "the only way to save him, will be to de-age him."

"Why de-age him?" Regina asks.

"The magic used on that sword is quite complicated and strong. To lose the effects left by the sword, we need to take him back several years."

"Ok" Emma starts "how far back are we talking here?"

Blue looks down seeing that both of Henrys mothers are holding a hand, she smiles some "He will be a infant again, nine to ten months old."

Emma's eyes go wide "So he basically will have to grow up again?" blue simply nods.

Regina looks at Emma then down at Henry "What will he remember?" she asks not taking her eyes off him.

"Not much, only what a child that age would. Faces will be it, I can have him recognize you both" she motions to both woman.

"No" Regina says stopping her "just Emma."

"Regina, what are you saying, he needs to recognize both of us" Emma says "we're both his moms."

"I'm aware of that Emma, I've had my chance with him" she takes Emma's hand "now it's your turn Ms. Swan. You can have your chance to raise him now."

"I can't Regina, there is no way I can raise him to be the amazing kid he is" tears where quickly filling Emma's eyes, as well as her mom's.

Regina gives her a sad smile "You have me and your mother to help, you can do this. I have faith that you can raise him well. He loves you Emma, and I know how much you love him you can do this."

Emma looks down at Henry, then over at Hook who is helping get Gideon into the squad car. "Alright, I can do this" she says with a teary smile at the three women.

"Ok Emma" blue says, she takes the few steps over to Henry "Henry will recognize you Emma as his mother; in his mind he will remember you as the one taking care of him up to this point.

Blue was about to change him then Emma says "Wait" she holds up her hand "I live with Killian, won't he need to remember him too."

"I forgot about captain guy liner" Regina says.

"Does this change things?" Emma asks looking at Regina.

Regina takes a second "No, I'm not his biggest fan, but I know he cares for you and Henry, so I can deal with it."

"Ok, here we go" Blues states. She waves her hand, and in the blink of a eye, a little boy appears, Regina instantly remember Henry looking the same way at about 10 months, she quickly magic's him in a diaper and blue footie pajamas.

Henry looks up at Emma with a big grin on his face, holding his arms out to her and whimpers wanting to be held. Emma picks him up "Hey kid" she says kissing his forehead.

"I still have his crib and stuff at home" Regina says rubbing the little boys back "I will go get it, along with the clothes I saved."

Emma can't stop staring at Henry, who is happily babbling in her arms "Thanks Regina" Emma then looks at her "for everything" she says tears starting up again.

"It's my pleasure Emma" Regina starts "you both deserve this chance together."

"Why don't I come help move things to Emma and Kilian's house, while David and Killian take care of Gideon" Mary Margaret adds.

"Thank you Snow" Regina says "we will meet you at the house Emma" she says giving little Henry's back a rub.

The two woman climb into David's truck, and Emma stands there looking at her young son with a teary smile "Alright Henry, just me and you for now" she gives him a bounce or two patting his little butt. And she walks them towards her and Kilian's house "Well I guess this is officially your home now kid" she says with a smile as she climbs the front steps onto the porch and lets them in. She walks in and heads to the upstairs, she passes her and Kilian's room, across the hall was teenage Henry's room. Emma looks inside "Well this room won't do will it?" she asks him receiving some cooing from Henry "will have to figure out what to do with this stuff." Emma walks out into the hallway, Henry cuddles more into her arms, and she can feel his breathing evening out, which means he was falling asleep. She goes into the room next to hers and looks around inside "I think this will perfect for your nursery kid" she whispers.

A little while later Regina and Snow arrive with a truck full of baby supplies and furniture. First Regina brings in the swing to put Henry in while they unpacked the boxes and brought in the furniture. The three women manage to move everything easily and are able to unpack the box of clothes Henry would currently fit in, and put the other boxes in the attic. Once they get everything set up how Emma liked Regina and Snow leave. Emma called Killian, he should be home soon, so she takes Henry into the nursery and sits in the rocking chair with him and lightly rocks them both "I hope I can do this Henry, that I can be the mom you deserve. I mean I'm a lot better off than when you were first born, but the only time I got to be your only parent was when we were in New York and you could pretty much take care of yourself mostly. A baby is different, at least I know I have our family right?" Henry makes a grunt "I will take that as a yes."

Downstairs Killian comes in the door and hears talking from upstairs, he can tell it was Emma. He goes up the stairs and sees light coming from the room next to theirs. He sees Emma peacefully sitting in a rock chair holding Henry against her, the lad clearly asleep. He steps in "Hey love" he says quietly.

Emma looks up and smiles "Hey babe" and continues to rub Henry's back like she was.

"How's the lad settling in?" Killian asks squatting down next to the chair.

"Good" she now starts tracing small circles on his back now "according to Blue, we are all he remembers, us taking care of him. So to him this is all he knows."

Killian slowly nods "I guess that's good love. He will know nothing but love, and that he is loved with you as his mom."

"I need to ask Killian" Emma starts, Killian giving her a nod "what do you want to be to him?"

Killian is confused "What do you meant Swan?"

"Well obviously when talking to Henry about me, all of us will refer to me as mommy or mama. Mom and Dad will grandma and grandpa. Regina wants to be Aunt Regina. What do you want to be?"

"I feel the same as I did before; I will be whatever the lad wishes for me to be. If he decides to just call me Killian that's fine, if he feels I deserve to be dad I will gladly accept, but I don't want to force him to feel a certain about me Emma. Especially since I don't know how you feel being honest about Neal with him now, I don't want him to feel like I'm trying to replace Neal."

Emma nods "Thanks I think the other Henry would appreciate that" she looks down at the little guy asleep against her "I hope he will consider you a dad one day though, you and my dad will be the men in his life."

Killian kisses her head "Me to love, I have become quite fond of him, and I'm sure the baby version will be the same."

Emma chuckles and slowly stands "I think its time for me to get to bed, full day tomorrow" she says. Emma places a soft kiss on Henrys head "Night Henry, mommy loves you, sweet dreams" and she lays him in the crib.

Emma and Killian walk towards the door, but Emma stops in the doorway, and turns to look back at Henry. She feels Kilian's hand on her arm, she turns and sees him smiling, and turns back to watch Henry not ready yet. Killian walks back up behind her and wraps his arms around her waist "You're going to be a amazing mom Emma, you already are, he is one lucky lad. Now I think his mommy needs to get to sleep so she's ready for a full day with him tomorrow" he kisses her cheek and she nods, and he leads her to their room.

Alright, chapter one done. Please let me know what you think, should I continue?