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Chapter 16

Emma had woken up early this morning to go for a run, these days it was the best time to go. Her husband and their two kids where still sound asleep, it gave her time alone (pretty much the only time during the day now) and time to think. This morning her thoughts surrounded her daughter, her baby was turning one today, she couldn't believe it, that also meant Henry was only a few months away from being 7, the older Henry would have been turning 20 then, something she could not wrap her head around. She missed the kid a lot, but she also wouldn't trade this Henry either, being there for all the things she missed before, especially having lost the memories Regina gave her back in the year they were in New York. She rounds the corner onto Main Street; nothing had really changed since she came almost ten years ago now. Granny's was still the go-to place for food, and Granny herself was as feisty as ever, all though she starting to slow down a bit now. With Ruby having moved back with Dorothy and the woman had adopted their daughter, Ruby was starting to learn more about the business to take over soon, to provide for her little family. Archie was the one and only shrink in town; there was no shortage of patients in the small town. Yep, the town she couldn't wait to leave that night was now the town she couldn't imagine ever leaving now; she has family and friends now. A amazing husband who would do anything for her and their kids; and of course there are the kids. Henry he was becoming one hell of a kid, Regina always gushed what a great kid he was, now she was seeing it. He was smart, god so smart, kind and sweet, she couldn't be prouder of him if she tried. Then there was Ella, her mini-me with blue eyes, she was stubborn but loved with all her heart, and was always willing to cuddle if her parents or brother needed it. She was also proving to be her father's daughter, loved the water and up early most days, but also loved naps like her mom. Emma still couldn't believe it was a year ago today that little duckling of hers was born, Emma wasn't one to get emotional but when it came to her kids she couldn't help it.

Emma suddenly finds herself approaching the house, which brings a smile to her face, she never felt, before Henry came, that she would ever have a home, especially one filled with love like hers was. She walks in to find that everyone still seemed to be sleeping, not all that surprising for 7 am on a Sunday. She heads upstairs to the rooms, first she cheeks on her daughter, she was surprisingly asleep, but she wouldn't be surprised if her and her daddy where up while she was out. She then heads to Henry's room, she stands and watched his chest rise and fall as he breathes , clutching 'quack' the duck to his side, it was still his favorite thing since Killian brought it home for him. Once she saw her kids where safe and still asleep she went into her and Kilian's room, he too was asleep, even though Henry was not biologically his, they somehow slept so similar, one arm resting above his head while the other was at his side, his face was facing her empty side of the bed, she kisses his cheek before moving to get clean clothes. As Emma finishes her shower, Killian walks into the bathroom.

"Morning love" Killian says as Emma moves the shower curtain.

"Hey" Emma says with a smile as she dries off.

"How was your run this morning?" he asks.

"Good, its so peaceful, being pretty much the only one out" Emma says and she steps out the shower and kisses her husband.

Killian smiles at her "That's why I always enjoyed waking up at dawn, peaceful."

Emma smiles and kisses him again, and puts a hand on his chest "I can't believe Ella is one today."

Killian puts his arms around Emma and kisses her forehead "She's still our baby girl love. And look how well Henry has come around to being a big brother."

Emma can't help but smile, and leans in for a hug that Killian gladly accepts and returns "They are both great kids, I still don't know how I got so lucky to be their mom."

Killian tucks some hair behind Emma's ear and gives her a kiss "Well love, I think me and the kids would agree we are the lucky ones."

"You know you don't have to suck up right?" Emma says and walks over to the bed to get dressed "I'm already yours."

Killian watches as Emma quickly throws on her sweats and a older shirt "So you want to get the birthday lass or should I?"

Emma blushes "I will" and with that Emma goes to the room next door. She walks in and sees her little girl standing up in her crib with a huge grin on her little chubby face "Hey there love bug" Emma says and lifts up her daughter and holds her close and gives her a kiss "happy birthday Ella" she says quietly, with that Ella puts her little hands on her cheek and gives Emma a slobbery kiss "love you too baby."

Emma quickly changes Ella's diaper and goes to head downstairs, bumping into Henry at the top of the stairs "Hey mom" Henry says wrapping his arms around her waist. Emma squats down knowing he would want to see Ella "Hi Ella" he says kissing her cheek "happy birthday."

Emma watches as Henry is so sweet to his sister, then pulls him close being careful of Ella "You're such a sweet boy Henry" Emma says and kisses his cheek. Emma then stands up taking her sons hand "Lets go see what dad is making huh?"

"Mom?" Henry asks.

"Yeah bud?" Emma answers.

"Did I get a big party to for my first birthday?"

"Yeah you did. You know it was your first birthday that dad surprised you with the pirate ship."

Henry smiles, as they reach the bottom of the stairs, he loved the pirate ship, but the last couple years he had gotten too big to play in it "That pirate ship was the best. I really like the tree house me, dad and grandpa made even more though."

Emma looks at Ella as she plays with her swan necklace "You guys had a lot of fun building that last summer."

"Yeah we did" Henry says thoughtfully "mom, can we do something just us soon?" he asks as they approach the kitchen.

"We can bud, you know all you have to do is ask" Emma says running her fingers through his hair.

Henry stops them in the doorway "Like you promised when Ella was still in your belly?" he asks putting his hand on her flat stomach.

Emma smiles and crouches down to Henry's heights, being careful with Ella on her hip "That's right Henry, mommy always has time for you" she adds cupping his face with her hand and kisses his forehead. She then stands backs back up, and takes the kids hand again and they go into the kitchen.

Killian turns around when he hears footsteps "There is my favorite people" he says walking up and kisses Emma "lad, I see you got up" he says ruffling his hair earning a laugh. Then Killian takes Ella from Emma "Hello little love happy birthday" he adds kissing her cheek.

Emma smiles watching them, she pulls Henry close to her side, and he buries his head into her side while she rubs his back. "So daddy what you got going for breakfast?" she asks leading Henry to the table, while Killian gets Ella in her high chair.

"I was making us omelets, and for the birthday girl" Killian says going to the fridge and pulls out a bowl "some fruit."

Emma moves to the counter and sees a omelet cooking "Looks good babe. Ok kid, chocolate milk or orange juice?" Emma asks Henry.

"Chocolate milk please" Henry says.

"Ok kid" Emma says getting out the milk and nesquik mix. She mixes it up, and sets it in front of him. Then Emma moves to the stove "what can I help you with?"

"Can you make the toast love?" Killian asks as he flips over the omelet.

"Right on it" Emma says.

Emma and Killian move about the kitchen making breakfast, this had become quite routine for them. Emma remembers clearly how her dad had told her when they got back from Neverland how life is about moments and that you need to enjoy them. Since they defeated Gideon and the black fairy that is what she had been doing, enjoying the moments, the nice quite moments that they have had the last six or so years. Emma loved that she could just live her life, and have her own happy beginning and not have to fight for anyone else's. When they move back to the table Emma enjoys watching everyone, Killian helping their daughter with her fruit, even feeding her a bite or two of his omelet, while also talking with Henry. She was so thankful that she found him, he was such a great man to her, and father to the kids. No matter how big or small a matter something was, he always fully there for them. Whether Henry wanted to talk about his comics, or telling a story about school, Killian listened, he never seemed bored or uninterested in any way.

Then Emma is taken from her thoughts "Huh?" she says.

"I asked how your omelet was love" Killian says slightly worried.

"Oh yeah its great babe" Emma answers giving Henry a wink.

"You sure love, you seemed to be else were?" Killian asks.

"I'm fine honest, just was thinking" Emma says adding a smile; it seemed to put him at ease.

Killian nods accepting the answer "So Emma when are we expecting everyone?"

"Um well… my parents and Regina will come first, wanting to help set up. Then Ruby and Dorothy will be coming with Isabel and Granny, then eventually the rest of our friends."

"Aunt Regina is coming?" Henry asks.

Emma smile, she loved that this Henry loved Regina too "That's right pal."

The family finished breakfast and cleaned up the kitchen. Then started setting up for the big day, around noon Emma took the birthday girl upstairs for her nap. Soon Mary Margaret, David, Neal and Regina came and helped finish. Regina was nice enough to pick up the cake and the smash cake for Ella.

Henry comes from up in his room and sees Regina "Aunt Regina" he exclaims loudly, running to her.

Regina smiles and lifts him up for a hug "There is my special boy" she says kissing his temple, then sets him back on his feet. "Excited for today?"

Henry shrugs "I guess."

All the adults were surprised by the answer, especially Emma and Killian. Like they have done since telling Henry he was going to be a big brother they included him in planning this party, and he seemed to be enjoying it. Henry with no question loved his little sister, he played with her, and was protective, sometimes even more so the Killian, which made Emma smile.

"Hey kid, why don't you go show Aunt Regina your tree house, she hasn't seen it" Emma says, giving Regina a look, hoping Regina could have a talk with him.

Henry nods and takes Regina's hand and takes her outback. Henry climbs the latter and Reina follows. It was a fairly typical tree house, it wasn't big, a few kids could play there comfortable.

"So Henry, why aren't you excited about Ella's birthday?" Regina starts.

Henry shrugs "I was" he says playing with a loose string on the rug that was in the tree house.

"Why aren't you now?"

"I guess… I guess I'm… I'm kinda jealous" Henry says sadly "I know mom and dad love me still."

Regina takes his hand "They do Henry, very much. They don't like seeing you sad like this."

"I know Aunt Regina. It's just that… lately with Ella walking and stuff mom and dad have been focusing on her more" Henry says and feels his aunt's hand hold his a little tighter, her thumb rubbing the top of his hand. "I know they don't mean to, I'm just ready for the party to be over and for her to really walk so it's like before."

Regina reaches and moves hair to behind his ear "It will little prince" Henry gives her a small smile "I know for a fact you can tell your mommy what you just told me."

Henry nods "I just… I just didn't want to make her sad, because I really do love Ella Aunt Regina."

"I know you do Henry, you're such a great big brother, she is a very lucky little girl to have you" Regina says giving him a smile and giving his little hand a gentle squeeze. "Now I need to go back and help, are you ready to go back inside?" Henry shakes his head no, earning a sad smile from Regina "Ok, well come in when you are ready ok? We will be waiting."

Henry nods "Ok, and thank you Aunt Regina" he says then moves to give her a hug.

Regina gladly accepts the hug and kisses his head "My pleasure little prince." Henry pulls away and sits where he was "See you in a little bit sweetheart."

Henry gives her a genuine smile "Ok."

Regina climbs down the latter and heads towards the house being met by a concerned Emma.

"Is he alright?" Emma asks.

"Yes he is" Regina says giving Emma a reassuring smile.

"He feels left out doesn't he?" Emma asks running her hand through her hair.

"Kind of yes, but he says he knows you guys still love him. He said that with Ella's birthday and her learning to walk now, that she getting more of your attention."

Emma runs her hand through her hair again "Shit" she says then covers her hands over her face, and sits down keeping her face covered. Regina sits on the chair next to Emma, after a moment she uncovers her face "I never meant to…"

"He knows Emma, if you don't mind me saying… I think Henry could use a hug from his mommy right now" Regina says putting her hand on Emma's shoulder. "Go sit with him, we will take care of decorating."

"You're sure?" Emma asks sounding a bit like a kid.

"I'm sure Emma. I recognize the look in his eyes from me raising Henry; he just needs a bit more reassurance. This being Ella's actual birthday, the day is focused on her, and he was uncertain when you told him about being a big brother, he needs some extra mama love today" Regina says.

Emma smiles and gives Regina a hug "Thank you Regina, seriously."

"My pleasure Emma" Regina starts then motions to the tree house "now go talk to our boy" she says adding a smile.

Emma chuckles "I can do that" she says and heads to the latter of the tree house. She climbs up the latter, she stops when she can see inside the tree house and rest her arms on the floor crossed "Hey kid, can I come in?"

Henry looks up and sees her, and gives a small smile, "Yeah, come in" he says scooting over for his mom.

Emma moves in and sits next to her son and pulls him close and places a kiss on the top of his head "I'm so sorry kid that you felt left out lately" Emma says not letting up on the hug "you know I never want you to feel like that right?"

"I know mom" Henry says wrapping his arms around her "its not easy being a big brother sometimes."

"I know kid" Emma says giving his arm a rub "is that why you asked about us doing something soon?"

Henry nods his head "I know you said to tell you when I need more cuddles and stuff, but you seemed so happy about Ella starting to walk and her birthday."

Emma moves Henry to look at her "Henry, don't ever feel like that ok? I will always have time for you, sometimes with so much going on, you need to tell me ok?" Henry nods "I love you so much kid, you where my baby first, mommy will always have time for you, no matter what" Emma adds pulling him into her front again.

Henry wraps his arms around Emma and buries his face into her neck "I love you to mom."

Emma smiles and kisses his temple as she rocks them both, she can feel Henry tearing up a bit. "Shh its ok Henry I got you" she says giving him another kiss and rubs his back as she continues to rock them back and forth.

Emma hears footsteps coming up the latter "Love you ok up here?" Killian says as his head appears in the door way.

Emma gives him a smile as she holds her son close still, he had calmed but was still sniffling a little "Yeah, we will be in soon" she says.

Killian normally offer to help but can sense from his wife, this was something only she could help the kid with "Alright, see you soon lad" he adds letting Henry know he was there.

"Ok dad" Henry says quietly, Killian barely heard it, he gave them a smile and let them be. Henry now shifts himself, he is still on Emma's lap, his side against her front, and his head resting on her shoulder "I'm sorry mom" he says using the back of his hand to wipe his nose.

"No need to be sorry bud" Emma says kissing his forehead. Emma looks at her phone "Think we can go in and change for the party now huh?" she asks earning a shrug. "Do you at least feel better now?"

Henry sits up and looks Emma in the eyes "Yeah, thanks mom" he says giving her a real smile, one that melts her heart.

"No problem kid. Now let's get inside, and change, you can wear whatever you want" Emma says knowing that will make him feel better to.

Henry gets a big grin on his face "Cool."

Emma manages to get Henry inside and changed, Henry had chosen to wear is new favorite shirt. It was black and said my cape is being washed. Emma loved that shirt to she had to admit, and Regina was nice enough to get Ella dressed in her my first birthday onesie; Emma saw it and knew her daughter needed it. Once Henry came downstairs and started to play with Neal, he seemed to really cheer up. Her talk with her son seemed to help, she knew it wouldn't always be that easy to do, but she was happy for the time being some kind words and cuddles seemed to do the trick.

Once the party started they had a packed house, all their family and friends where there to celebrate their little princess. Emma spots Ruby and Dorothy with Isabella, Emma takes Ella over to see her little friend who was now 2 and a half.

"Hey Ruby" Emma says with a smile at her friend and her wife who was sitting on the couch with their little girl. "Hi Izzy, hey cutie" Emma says dropping a kiss on the little girls head before sitting on the floor in front of them with Ella.

"Hi Emma" Isabella says crawling down off the couch, and moves to Emma "Hi Ella" she says giving the birthday girl a hug.

Emma smiles "Can you say hi love bug?" Ella waves her arms, Emma could tell her daughter was getting close to real words now, it was just a matter of time.

"I can't believe she's one Emma, it seems like it was just yesterday you brought Ella over to meet Izzy" Ruby gushes, Ruby was tough but since becoming a mom she has let her more sensitive side out.

"Your telling me" Emma says with a chuckle, pulling her daughter a bit closer "I remember the first time I felt her move in my belly, I couldn't believe it, and now here she is walking up a storm around the house."

"So she is finally getting walking down?" Dorothy asks.

"Yeah in the last couple days she seemed to really get the hang of it. Problem is she wants to move faster then she should" Emma says smoothing down her daughters hair as she plays with Isabella.

Then Henry comes over "Mom" he says putting his hand on her shoulder. Emma turns to looks at him "Can I show Neal my tree house; he hasn't been up there since we painted it?"

Emma smiles "Yeah kid, just be careful ok?"

"Ok mom, come on Neal" Henry says, and then the two boys run outside to the tree house.

Emma chuckles "Now Henry is the one growing up to fast" she says turning back to the couple.

"He has" Ruby says "you really have done a great job with him Emma."

"Thanks" Emma says with a smile, looking down at her daughter and Isabella "some days don't always feel that way." Ella looks up at Emma behind her almost falling back into Emma which makes Emma chuckle "Careful baby" she says softly and kisses her head, Ella grabs a block and hands it to Emma with a smile.

"Sorry to interrupt, but love should me and your father start the grill?" Killian says poking his head into the room.

Emma takes out her phone and looks at the time "Yeah babe, thank you."

Killian smiles "As you wish" he says then walks away.

Emma smiles as she watches him leave "Ok well I should so set stuff up. You guys keep a eye on Ella?"

"Of course Ems" Ruby says and moves down to the floor while Emma gets up and goes to the kitchen to help her mom.

A little while later found Emma and Killian in their living room with all their guest surrounding them opening up Ella's gifts with Henry's help. She got all kinds of new clothes, and toys. Mary Margaret and David got her a sweet keepsake picture frame that had something about first birthday on it. Even Regina got Ella beautiful gifts. But the thing they love most was a family gift from Regina, Mary Margaret, and David; they had taken a picture from Henrys first birthday (one the couple never seen before) and a family picture from the day Ella was born (also one the couple never seen before) and where specially framed with the saying Mommy and Daddy's greatest adventure. Emma was not a emotional person, but this brought tears to her eyes, which earned her sweet hugs and cuddles from her babies.

Once they are done with gifts, it was time for cake, but first was Ella's smash cake, Emma had the yellow cake frosted in purple and couldn't wait to see her princess dig in. Emma, Killian and Henry stood by her high chair, as the crowd and them sang happy birthday once they finish Emma says "Make a wish for her kid" wanting Henry to feel included.

Henry beams at her and closes his eyes I wish I will always be the best big brother and blows out the candle "Happy birthday Ella" Henry says and kisses her cheek.

Ella smiles and reaches for her brother, when he leans in she gives him a wet kiss back on his cheek, Henry lets out a 'eww' earning laughs from their guests. Mary Margaret called for the family to look at her for a picture; Emma, Killian and Henry standing around the high chair for the shot.

Once the picture is taken Emma pushes the smash cake towards her daughter "Dig in bug" she says with a smile.

Ella looks down at the cake, look unsure, then glances up at her daddy as if to ask 'what do I do?' Killian lightly takes her little hand and sticks it in the frosting. When Killian lets go of her hand, Ella looks at it and sticks her hand in her mouth, a huge grin covers it, making everyone smile. Before Emma and Killian knew it there little princess had both hands in the cakes making herself a sticky mess, but Emma being the proud momma she was, took pictures enjoying every moment.

A few weeks later

Emma sits out in the backyard, Henry was shooting hoops with his brand new basketball hoop, and Ella was sitting in her baby pool, with Emma sitting right beside her on the grass. Emma was letting Ella splash around a bit on the warm day; it was her first time in the pool and was loving it.

"Mom" Henry yells "watch this?" Henry makes a shot from the side and it goes swish right through the net. Emma claps her hands "Great shot kid" she says proudly. Henry beams at the praise, which makes Emma smile as well. Since Ella's birthday almost a month ago things where getting back to normal again, Emma and Killian getting back to giving the kids equal attention. Ella makes a big splash which gets Emma's arm. Emma jokingly turns to her daughter with a stern look "What was that love bug?" Emma says while lifting her up and covering her with kisses.

When Emma stops Ella smiles at her and puts her hands on her mom's cheeks "Mama" Ella says gleefully.

Emma looks at her stunned "What did you say?"

Ella smiles again, she senses that she did something good "Mama" she says again clapping her hands.

"Mom did she…?" Henry says.

Emma chuckles "Yeah kid" now she smiles "Ella's first word." Emma pulls her little girl close "That's right baby girl" she kisses her daughters head while tears start in her eyes "I'm your mama."

Henry smiles and comes and sits with them, putting his arm around his mom "And she's the best."

As if Emma wasn't enough of a mess, she was even worse now. Hearing that from Henry always melts her heart. For years she could only dream of meeting him maybe one day, but here she is getting a second chance with him. Henry seeing her as the best mom, its something she never thought she would be able to hear from him, the day he was born when the doctor left the room Emma never holding him or even looking at him. But here she was surrounded by not only him, but her baby girl also; she wouldn't trade it for nothing.

Don't worry guys it's not the end of the story, I know I kinda made it sound that way but plenty more to come. Thoughts?