Aphmau's POV:
When I fell asleep after the movie I woke up in Aaron's room but he was no where to be found I went done stairs to see a plate full of bacon,eggs and toast! But there was a note on the table it says " hi babe, I have gone to work so stay at home and watch the house, hope you enjoy the breakfast. XOXO, Aaron" aww he's so sweet I guess I am home alone then...

Aaron's POV:

I felt bad leaving Aph home alone but I had to. I had to go to work, but I made a delicious breakfast for her. When I get home I am gonna cuddle attack her.

When I got home she was asleep on the she's so cute when she's asleep, I am gonna take her to my room.

Aaron took Aphmau to his room but she woke up and said "W-W-Welcome home A-Aaron" she's still half asleep, "shhhh... go to sleep" Aaron said with a smile on his face. "I love yo-" Aphmau fell asleep mid sentence. "Good night Aph" said Aaron. He put her on the bed and tucked her in, he laided down next to her and fell asleep too.

To be continued...

Thanks for reading again I tried to make it longer but I dont know ? hope you enjoyed!