Chapter 13

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The group continued to walk through the secret tunnel for several minutes before it opened up into a large underground cavern with a pool of water in the middle. They noticed several villagers carrying and stacking dozens of wooden crates and carefully snuck behind one of said stacks.

Mole looks at the crates and notices the same marking on all of them "These are all from the sunken freighter" he points out.

Kida then peeks over some crates and sees Volgud standing at the water's edge "There's Volgud" she says as the rest of the group turns to look at the creepy magistrate.

The group watches as suddenly Volgud's eyes turn completely green and start glowing much to their shock as the water then begins to bubble and churn. Moments later five of the Kraken's tentacles emerge from the water and set down several crates next to Volgud.

Naruto narrows his eyes seeing this "Volgud appears to be controlling the Kraken and using this cavern which connects to the ocean as the perfect place to stow the cargo from ships he has it sink" he says while internally wondering just how Volgud is controlling the Kraken.

Audrey then furrows her brow "Yeah but how? Table scraps and a rolled up newspaper?" she remarks sarcastically.

Vinny then shakes his head before pointing towards one of the men carrying crates 'He's not using table scraps" he states grimly.

Naruto notices the vacant almost trance-like stare in the villager's eyes and cups his chin in thought "It looks like it's some of hypnotic mental power. He must have used that power to enslave the Kraken and direct it to attack certain ships. The issue though is him being able to also control this many of the villagers to aid him as well" he says.

Kida raises a brow hearing this "What do you mean by that?" she asks.

Naruto narrows his eyes "I have encountered hypnotic/mind control abilities before and they vary in degrees of power. Controlling an animal even one as big as the Kraken can be relatively easy depending on the intelligence level of the animal. However to control a human especially a grown adult is MUCH harder and requires a decent amount of power and that requirement multiples the more people it's used on. For Volgud to be able to control not only the Kraken but also this many people means he is using a EXTREMELY powerful ability or has a vast amount of power and skill either of which is VERY bad for us" he says explaining things to the group.

However unknown to the others Audrey gains the same vacant stare in her eyes as the villagers and begins walking towards the water. Obby sees this and begins to whimper and pace in front of the group. Meanwhile Naruto is continuing his explanation "If we break Volgud's concentration we could potentially break the mind control however there is no guarantee given how strong this level of mind control appears to be.

Vinny then chimes in with "Tickling could work after all nobody can concentrate while being tickled…or uh a bomb. A bomb is a very good distraction" he says.

Before the group can discuss further Obby begins whimpering louder getting their attention finally. Naruto tries to quiet him down so they don't get caught when he notices something "Wait where's Audrey?" he asks

Obby then moves to the other side of the crate and jerks his head towards the water causing them all to look that way 'Sacrebleu!" Mole whispers as they see Audrey begin wading into the water before stopping her eyes noticeably glowing green the same as Volgud's as a number of the Kraken's tentacles emerge from the water right in front of her.

One of the tentacles begins slithering towards her and then wrapping around her all the while Volgud smirks. Seeing this Naruto jumps out from behind the crate yelling "Get Audrey I'll distract Volgud" as the others jump out from behind the crate and run towards Audrey.

Naruto reaches Volgud and delivers a brutal haymaker punch to the side of the old man's head sending him flying to the ground which he bounces off from a couple of times due to the force of the punch and knocking him out. The blonde former shinobi then turns to look at the Kraken which still has Audrey in its tentacle grasp and now lifting her into the air. Seeing this he curses "The mind control ability appears to be powerful enough to remain even when Volgud is unconscious, get Audrey out of there!" he yells before being tackled to the ground by several of the hypnotized men. Obby begins barking at them getting their attention and giving Naruto the chance to flip onto his back and begin kicking them off him.

Kida meanwhile jumped onto one of the Kraken's larger tentacles and held on as it lifted into the air. As it passes by where Audrey is she reaches out and grabs a hold of Audrey but is unable to pull her free due to the strength of the Karaken's grip on Audrey. Kida is then flung off the tentacle and falls to the ground behind Vinny and Mole.

Vinny seeing this pulls out a stick of dynamite and lights it "Okay now we try Plan B aka Plan Bomb!" and makes to throw it at the tentacles.

Mole however grabs his arm right before Vinny throws the Dynamite stopping him and says "No not at the creature! Aim at the ceiling" he says pointing to a large fissure in the roof of the caver right above the Kraken's tentacles.

Vinny gives Mole a sidelong sarcastic glance and says "How about picking the target before I light the dynamite next time" he says before throwing the dynamite into the crack. A moment later it explodes shaking the whole cavern as the ceiling begins to cave in a bit as several large chunks of rock fall onto the Kraken's tentacles resulting in it releasing Audrey and her falling to the ground.

Kida rushes over and picks Audrey up wrapping one of the mechanics arms over her Neck to help support her. Having finally broken free fo the hypnotized workers Naruto rushes over and does the same as the two help Audrey walk "Get to the Sub Pods we have to stop the Karen from getting out!" Naruto yells as the group begins to run back to the tunnel they entered in and the Kraken's tentacles begin to recede into the water.

However when they reach the secret tunnel it is blocked by more hypnotized villagers to which Mole simply yells "Out of the way barbarians!" before running into all them knocking them to the ground and clearing the way. As the group begin running through the secret tunnel they fail to notice Volgud getting up shockingly uninjured despite the brutal punch he was hit with that should have crushed his skull.

The group manages to quickly make it out of the tunnel and to their sub pods where they immediately get in. Naruto gives each pod a shove into the water before jumping into Mole's former pod where she, Kida, and Obby are and the group begins heading to where the cavern exits into the open ocean. As the group travels Naruto turns on the radio "Talk to me Mole we gotta find that cave exit as our best chance to stop the Kraken is to trap it inside that cavern" he says to Mole who is now sharing a sub-pod with Vinny.

Naruto then looks to the side where Audrey is in her sub pod and asks "Audrey are you doing all right?" in concern.

Audrey shivers a bit before answering "Yeah now but ugh it was so creepy. It was all cold and slimy and everything faded away like I was drowning" she says. However as she is describing her experience Vinny's eyes widen before they become half-lidded and glow slightly with the light forming into a tentacle that curls up in the center of his eye replacing his pupils.

Mole seeing Vinny starting off into space shakes him and says "Pay attention!" which seems to snap Vinny out of the trance. Mole then looks out the viewport and shakes his head "it is too dark to see fire the magnesium flares which Vinny does resulting in two bright flares firing from their pod.

Naruto's eyes widen seeing this "What are you doing we want to sneak up on…Never mind!" he yells upon seeing the flares illuminate the behemoth form of the Kraken right in front of them. The group plot their sub pods up over and around the Kraken's many tentacles with Naruto and Kida narrowly avoiding the beasts gaping maw as it snaps at them.

Having cleared the tentacles the group loops around to head back at the beast and Audrey says "I'm gonna take a shot!" and after narrowly avoiding several tentacles manages to fires off two torpedoes at the Kraken. However the shots miss the Kraken hitting the rocks next it. Seeing this Audrey curses "Damn missed, its' no good I can't line up a decent shot while trying to avoid the tentacles!"

Naruto and Kida pass by her heading straight towards the Kraken's face "It's alright we're on him" Kida says as Naruto fires two torpedoes at the beasts gaping mouth. However they are then rocked to the side as the Karen hits their sub pod with a glancing blow.

Mole seeing this turns to Vinny asks "What are you waiting for fire the…"before gasping as Vinny turns to him with glowing green eyes. Vinny then pulls the trigger firing a torpedo that is heading straight for Audrey.

Audrey manages to spot the incoming torpedo out of the corner of her eye enabling her to dodge it but only barely "Jeez what the hell!"she yells.

Kida seeing this gasps and turns to Naruto "Tell him to watch is aim he almost hit Aud..Look Out!" she begins to say only to change when she sees Vinny fire another torpedo this time heading directly at them.

Naruto curses and fires a torpedo in response at the incoming one and says "Really hope this works!" though prepared to yank the control stick to maneuver out of the way if need be. However luckily the two torpedoes hit each other and explode.

Audrey seeing this yells "Shoot at the squid not at us!"

Mole who is trying to wrestle the control stick out of Vinny's grasp yells "Vincent has gone Mad! His mind is blank!"

Kida's eyes narrow hearing this "But Volgud is…" she begins to say.

Naruto's eyes widen as he realizes something and cuts her off "it's not Volgud it's the Kraken that has the mind control power!" he yells

Audrey's eyes widen as well hearing this "Of course that would explain why it felt cold, slimy, and like I was drowning when I was hypnotized!" she says before a clang is heard over the radio.

Mole lets out a celebratory "Ha it is okay I have distracted him" while holding a large wrench in his hand while Vinny is knocked out next to him with a bump on his head.

However immediately after this Naruto yells "WATCHOUT monster on the move" as the Kraken begins to rapidly give chase to the three sub pods.

As the group quickly makes their way through the undersea ravine with the Kraken right behind them Vinny regains consciousness "Whoa that was really strange" he says as for the next several minutes the group desperately tries to keep ahead of the Kraken.

Audrey looks to the side of her sub pod and sees she only has a single torpedo left "I'm down to my last shot!" she says informing the group. Mole then replies that he and Vinny are down to their last shot as well.

Naruto curses hearing this "Damn….Head to the beach we have to get on dry land" he yells as the group begins heading towards the shallow water and the shore.

However as they are doing this Vinny sees something and says "No" before grabbing the control stick away from Mole and turning their pod towards the Kraken.

Aurdey sees this and yells "Are you crazy? You're headed right at it!"

Mole thinking Vinny is under mind control again grabs the wrench and says "I will distract him again…" only to gasp as Vinny grabs his goggles pulls them out and lets them go causing them snap Mole in the face "Aah I am blinded!" Mole says dramatically.

Vinny shakes his head and says "It's Naruto and Kida's original sub pod. It's still got a full load of torpedoes we can blow them all at once"

Hearing this Naruto smirks and says "Alright then we'll follow your lead Vinny" before looping his and Kida's sub pod around to follow Vinny with Audrey doing the same. As the three pods regroup the Kraken is nearing the crashed sub pod so Vinny, Naruto, and Audrey fire their last torpedoes. The three torpedoes sail through the water and hit the sunken pod detonating it and all the torpedoes on it resulting in a massive explosion that engulfs the Kraken and buffets the group back.

Back in the cavern Volgud screams in agony his eyes glowing green as light blue glowing markings resembling tentacles appear on his face and he falls to the ground. The same markings appear on the Krakens body as it begins to disintegrate and when the Kraken is fully gone all that is left of Volgud back in the cavern is his empty clothes that are filled with dust.

Seeing the Kraken vanish Vinny chimes in saying "You know I think Mr. Squid was a little Hocus Pocus himself.

Several minutes later the group is back on dry land with the fog having finally lifted revealing a bright and sunny day. After taking about two hours to firmly anchor their sub pods and just take in the sun they head up to the village to see the villagers already hard at work fixing up their town. Several are scraping mildew off the sides of buildings while others are paining. A pair of men use a rope to pull down the statue of Volgud as children run around outside in the sunshine for the first time.

Naruto can't help but smile seeing this proud of how they have been able to help these people with the whole situation honestly reminding him a little of his mission to Wave Country back in the Elemental Nations..However he is grateful that he didn't have to fight a giant Kraken back then.

He then wraps his arm around Kida's waist as she smiles leaning into his embrace "The curse is lifted, the fish are back, and the mildew is already being scrubbed away" she says seeing fish jumping in the ocean and people hard at work scrubbing away the mildew very quickly.

Vinny then quirks a brow with a lopsided grin as he looks back over his should "So if something stinks now…" he says seeing Audrey walking with her hand over her nose and mouth with Mole following her asking why she is doing that as they head towards a small boat with the Atlantean anchored off shore.

Kida smiles as she looks around and at seeing the villagers hard at work "For 8,000 years I have lived with the same faces. It's strange to meet new people. However each new person has new thoughts new ideas…The surface world has much to offer. I hope one day my people, the people of Atlantis can offer as much" she says before hugging Naruto.

Naruto simply returns the hug for a moment before Kida looks up at him "There's no reason we can't. We can find a way to make a difference like we did here. Now that there's no Kraken its left to people like Inger Eliassen to raise their little ones in peace and teach them the ways of kindness and compassion" he says as they turn to look up a the cliff and wave seeing Inger there holding her baby in a blanket and waving back.

Inger looks down at the group as she continues to wave with a bright smile on her face "We can never thank them enough for what they have done and given back to us. Now you can grow big and strong in a sunny world" she says with a smile watching as the saviors of her village board the small boat and head towards the Altantean the sub pods having already been loaded back aboard.

End Chapter 13

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