Chapter Nineteen

Gethik entered the function room, slightly ahead of Maura and Jane, who were again holding hands. Gethik made his way to one side of the room where there was a small dais. Climbing up, he cleared his throat, which immediately caused all the talking in the room to stop.

"In order to ensure the neutrality of the investigation, it has been decided to hand it over to the Boston Police. They have been called and should soon be arriving. They will take your statement and then, providing they have no need for you to stay, you will be free to leave. If however, you refuse to co-operate with the investigation, either tonight or in the future, you will be detained in the Council holding cells. Once the police arrive, I will provide you with the details. Until then, please help yourself to food and drink." Gethik announced, indicating a long table to one side that was full of food and numerous servers who were carrying trays laden with glasses of wine.

Jane looked at Maura, gave her a smile and led her over to where she had seen her family and Vince gathering. As they walked up, Angela enveloped Jane in another bear hug. Jane stayed still for a few seconds before trying to pull away.

"Enough Ma! We can do hugs later." She grumbled.

"I've got thirty years to catch up on." Angela replied, releasing Jane. She remembered her Daughter had never been fond of hugs, or any public displays of affection. Which made the natural hand holding with Maura all the more remarkable.

Jane made her way over to an empty chair and sat down facing Rosa. Maura immediately came over and, without preamble, sat on her lap.

"So what happens now Auntie?" Jane asked Rosa.

"What do you mean Janie?" Rosa asked.

"Now that I'm bonded, I can take over as the family representative. Does a formal handover or something need to be done?" She asked.

"At the next Council meeting, it will be formally announced that you have taken over and you will be expected to make a speech. Meanwhile, you can expect to be approached by numerous magical families who have no presence on the Council, to represent them. When your Nonna was alive, the Rizzoli's represented well over a thousand families. The largest by quite a margin. I expect that over the next few weeks, many of them will be in contact. Also, you m ay be contacted by some of the other families to propose support for things they want the council to rule on. If anyone comes to you with a request of that sort, my advice would be to get their proposal in writing so you can examine it in detail later as nothing is ever what it seems. Especially in Council or Court politics. Speaking of the Court, you should receive a formal invitation from the Chancellor, within the next week or so, for you to take up the Rizzoli seat." Rosa said.

"Great! More formal wear!" Jane muttered.

"Don't worry about it Jane. It will only be for a few hours and you will look stunning." Maura said, giving Jane a kiss.

"Is no-one going to talk about what happened in the chamber?" Frankie asked.

"Which bit?" Jane asked, trying to keep a straight face and mostly succeeding.

"He means the bit where you made a bow and arrow appear out of nowhere, shot someone and made it disappear again." Maura said, giving Jane a little shove.

"I know Maur. I was just joking." She said smiling at Maura before turning to Frankie. "I have no idea how I did that, though I think I may have an idea what it was." She added.

"Well?" Frankie asked.

"It matches tales I've heard about something called the Bow of Diana!" Jane replied.

"That's where I recognised it from!" Maura said. "I read the tales of Diana when I was a child, but I thought they were just stories. I never expected them to be real!" She added.

"What I know about it comes from my Hunter training. When my Talent developed, I was sent to DC to be trained by a Hunter Cadre there. I was, according to the instructors, the most talented Hunter they had ever seen. So much so as I was headhunted by the FBI and US Army when I left school. I turned them down to join BPD."

"BPD was flattered, why do you think that they snapped you up so fast?" Vince remarked, smiling.

"What about the Bow?" Angela, Frankie and Rosa asked at the same time.

"Well the tale goes that Diana, the first of the Huntresses, was so talented that she could call upon a mystical bow to take down her prey. It was so powerful that no matter the size of the target or how far it was away, as long she could see it, she could hit it. One tale describes the Bow as made out of energy, another describes it as light. Some say it fired normal arrows, others say they were magic arrows. However, no-one since then has demonstrated that talent, so it has be written off as either a fanciful tale or an exaggeration." Jane replied slowly. "Did I miss anything Maur?" She asked.

"That matches with what I read. Regardless, we will have to call upon some senior Hunters to let them know what you can do." Maura added.

"How come I've never done it before?" Jane asked.

"Have you ever been in a situation where you needed something like it before?" Maura asked.

"Well no. I've been in numerous situations both as a Patrol Officer and a Detective, but in those situations I was armed so had no need of a magic bow." Jane replied.

"Exactly. Now you'll need to figure out how to do it at will, I expect it will involve practice." Maura said.

Just then a tall thin woman with a short dumpy man next to her approached the group.

"I apologise for interrupting Lady Rizzoli, but may I have a moment of your time?" The lady asked, addressing Jane and pointedly ignoring everyone else.

"Of course." Jane replied. "What can I do for you?" She asked.

"Thank you. My name is Patricia Newhaven and I am looking for a co-sponsor for a bill I want to put before the Council at the next session. I was wondering if you would be willing to meet me to discuss it further?" She asked.

Jane thought for a minute.

"Forgive me Lady Newhaven, I'm all at sixes and sevens at the moment. If you could let me have a draft copy of your proposal so I can read it at my leisure and then get back to you next week sometime?" Jane asked. Causing both Mura and Rosa to gasp.

"Of course. I will get my staff to send you a copy and I will look forward to hearing from you." Lady Newhaven replied. "Thank you for your time!" She said as she sailed off, the man trailing in her wake.

"Well done Jane! How did you know what to say?" Maura asked, astounded but impressed.

"I might not enjoy politics Maura, but that doesn't mean I'm ignorant. I was listening to how all these people address each other and remembered the advice Auntie Rosa gave me. Speaking of which, ow does she know where to send it?" Jane asked.

"She'll sent it to the Council who will place it in your Council office. Which reminds me, we need to get someone to man it for us. The Council will pay for it, but we will need to organise it." Rosa said. "Do you know anyone who might be interested" She asked.

"What about Tommy?" Jane asked. "He needs a job and despite his poor choice of friends, he would never voluntarily harm any of us." She added.

"Good thought. It's always best to keep that job in the family." Rosa replied.

"Who's Tommy?" Maura asked.

"My baby Brother. He is in prison at the moment for drunk driving and nearly killing a priest. Though he will be out on parole from next week. If we can keep him sober and away from those so called friends of his, he'll do well. He's a good kid but never had much of a chance." Jane replied.

"Right. You mentioned you had two Brothers." Maura remarked. "What about your Father, is he around?" She asked.

There was silence in their little group as Frankie, Angela and Rosa all tried to look away.

"Pop had an affair and left Ma over a year ago. Last I heard he was in Florida with his new girlfriend." Jane said quietly.

"Sorry Jane, I didn't know." Maura blushed and tried to turn away.

Jane wouldn't let her and tilted Mauras' chin until they were looking at each other again.

"Don't worry about it. Like you said, you didn't know. Pop was always the least magically gifted in the family and the only one of us without a Talent. That made him resentful and eventually left us. Thankfully the house was in Ma's name, so we all pitched in sorted it out." Jane replied softly.

Just then Gethik came up with Kavanagh right behind him. Jane immediately got to her feet.

"You ok Rizzoli?" Kavanagh asked.

"We're all good Sir." Jane replied.

"I hear they found out first-hand what a hunter can do!" He remarked.

"They did. I'm sure that they didn't know what hit them." Maura added.

"Good. Now we've got people here taking statements so I think the best thing you can all do is go home. If we need to speak to you, I'll call round tomorrow." He said.

"I probably won't be there. Call me on my cell and I'll let you know where I am." Jane replied.

"You got it Rizzoli. Now as for you being on made unavailable, that has been withdrawn but I think you should use up some of that ridiculous amount of outstanding leave you have accrued. Take a week or two. That way you can take the time to figure out what you'll be doing." Kavanagh said before looking at Maura. "I take it you'll be taking some personal time too?" He asked.

"I intend to Lieutenant. I will arrange for cover until such time as a decision is made regarding the future." Maura replied.

"Then I'll let you get off. See you around ladies!" Kavanagh said, heading towards a group of uniforms.

"I'll get a car to take you and Dr Isles home Jane. We can then meet up tomorrow to go through all the bureaucratic paperwork that is to come." Gethik said.

"D'you mind if it just drops me at home to get some things before taking me on elsewhere?" Jane asked, sounding tired.

"It'll take you wherever you want Jane. Make your way up to the main entrance and a car will be waiting for you." Gethik replied, before heading away to make the arrangements.

Jane turned to Maura to ask her a question but was suddenly struck dumb. Maura however, knew exactly what Jane was going to ask. So she decided to save her fiancé's blushes.

"Jane, would you mind spending the night at my house again. I'm not sure if I want to be alone tonight." Maura said.

"Good idea. You should plan on being together at night from now on." Rosa said, smiling at her niece.

Jane just smiled, took Mauras' hand and the two of them went back to the entrance where a car was waiting for them. It stopped off at Janes' so she could pack a bag then onto Mauras' where the two exhausted women barely made it to bed before falling asleep.