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Prologue: Wilde Sisters

Robyn Heather Wilde wore a sulk mixed with frustration as she sat inside the principal's office, the fifteen year hybrid girl wasn't looking the two faculty members in the eye as they kept watch over the scrappy teen. If you were to take a brief glance at Robyn you would almost certainly assume she was a very tall hare with a long ears and red fur but if looked closer at her you'd notice something a little more canine about her; her inside of her paws had pads which no bunny or hare possessed they also had sharp claws unlike dull rabbit ones, her coat was thicker and fluffier than a bunny, also the fur colourings on her face resembled a European red fox complete with white speckles on her cheeks that looked like snowdrops, if she was talking you would notice her very sharp predator like teeth but the dead giveaway was her tail which instead of a cute fuzzy wuzzy little cotton tail was long and beautiful brush. Robyn had been dubbed many things; a hybrid, a interspecies child, a box, a funny and by crueller tongues a freak. The teen didn't care if she had no official species name, she liked who she was and knew her family and her friends loved her, and despite her tough exterior a lot of mammals would say she was beautiful. But at the moment there was dent in the beautiful rabbit like face, a swollen and cut right eyebrow and a busted lip that had yet to scab over.

Robyn had got into a fist fight with Patricia Autumn, a very popular Chinese water deer the same age as her during Food Technology class which resulted in both teachers and classmates having to separate the two brawlers, even though Patricia was taller and had hard hooves Robyn had used her superior speed and strength to land some good strikes on the pretty doe. The big question that lingered though was what the fight was about. Neither girl was willing to say what had triggered the bout, the no snitch rule was absolute even when dealing with enemies, it seemed like a complete mystery to the teachers as the pair had zero troubles in the past. Patricia was brought to the school councillor's room while Robyn was sent to the principal's office on the other side of the school; St. Zoo High. The principal, Mr. Thorn, a hedgehog had left the office twenty minutes ago to call Robyn's parents and the implications of this made Robyn's stomach turn, her parents were seasoned cops and when they wanted to be they could be very intimating and strict. Forty one year old Chief Judy Wilde may appear as a sweet and kind bunny on the surface but also had the ability to strike fear into the officers under her command and as for her forty nine year old Dad Captain Nick Wilde well he could fast talk and get the truth out of anyone. The door of the principal's office opened and Robyn's navy blue eyes shot to it expecting to see Mr Thorn and her parents in the doorway but by some saving grace someone else was standing there, a gorgeous red furred Vixen in her early twenties dressed in a simple jeans and purple t shirt combo looking at Robyn with worried amber eyes. "Luna?" Robin gawped in surprise.

Luna hurried into the office while fretting "Oh my god Robbie are you ok?" the Vixen getting a closer look at Robyn's injuries.

"Not that I'm complaining but why are you here? Where are Mom and Dad?" Robyn gave an awkward smile to her big sister.

"Lucky for you Robyn both your parents are tied up with work," Mr Thorn cut in, scurrying over to his desk, climbing the specially placed ladder so he could be atop of the desk "the chief is attending a meeting at city hall and your father is conducting some narcotics bust so they directed me to call your sister."

"Who did this to you? Are you feeling dizzy? Have you cleaned these cuts?" Luna fussed over her baby sister.

"I'm fine honestly, I just got in a scrap is all." Robyn tried to play down.

"That so called scrap resulted in three other mammals having to pull you off Patricia." Mr Thorn sniped. "We know it was Patricia who punched first but if you want to escape punishment you'll have tell us why you two were fighting."

There was a brief silence before Robyn mumbled "…sorry I can't."

Mr Thorn let out a sigh before saying "Ok Robyn you have detention for the next four Saturdays and I'm sending you home today."

Robyn took her punishment on the chin with a nod and a simple "Yes sir."

Luna still looked worried but instructed "Come on, let's get you home." Putting a gentle paw on the schoolgirl's shoulder.

The Wilde sisters walked out of the office in silence, and through the quiet halls of St. Zoo high, luckily all the other students were still in class so they couldn't see Robyn's embarrassed and bloody face, the hybrid was the same height as her big sister and even taller if you counted her ears. It was only when they got into Luna's very pricey Bugatti sports car (Which she had bought with her inheritance from her birth mom; Victoria) that Robyn said anything. "Thanks for coming to pick me up." She said sheepishly.

"It's ok," Luna gifted a comforting smile before questioning "so are you at least going to tell me what's going on?"

"Luna please." Robyn dodged turning away from her sister's pleading face.

"Come on, it's me Robbie, we tell each other everything." Luna egged on.

"It's complicated." Robyn avoided.

"Ah yes the default teenage answer," Luna said with mocking wistfulness "look you owe me an explanation."

"Owe you?" Robyn responded cynically.

"I got in from a night shift at the hospital at 9am, I was scrubbed in surgery for most of my shift covered in blood and guts. I get home and have a nice relaxing shower then crawl into my warm and welcoming bed, my happy place. But I only got three hours sleep because Mom calls me raging that you got in a punch up, so my dear baby sister you owe me an explanation." Luna guilt tripped, noticing the ever growing regret on Robyn's face.

It's at this point Robyn did something unexpected; she began to cry. Robyn was is no way a crier, when she was a baby she barely wailed, when she was a toddler and fell over she would pick herself up and march on, when she was in elementary school and bullies used to pick on her for being a hybrid she'd give them a knuckle sandwich and snide remark but at this moment the fifteen year old couldn't stop her beautiful blue eyes from bursting with tears. "Luna…." Robyn mumbled with a quivering lip.

Luna's sense of worry only grew, she couldn't remember a single instance of her sister crying, the Vixen took hold of Robyn's paw and asked with the kindest tone possible "What's wrong?"

"P-promise me you won't laugh." Robyn forced, still crying.

"Of course I won't, just tell me what's wrong." Luna promised.

"I'm in love." The red furred hybrid said way too quickly but Luna had heard the confession.

Luna's worried expression softened, she was actually surprised that her baby sister hadn't come to her earlier for romantic advice but she still had the niggling aspect of Robyn getting in a fight over the said infatuation. Luna quickly formed a strategy in her head, like she always did before saying "Ok if we're going to talk about something as serious as love we're going to need a bucket a KFC and some milkshakes got it?"

"Got it." Robyn complied, wiping away some of her tears.


While the hallway was bustling with students walking to class Robyn was stood at her locker looking at the photos that adorned the inner side of the door, a few were of her and her family, most of them contained her and her friends but she was focused on one photograph in particular, it was taken a year previous on the beaches of Sahara Square; She was captured mid laugh and in a hug with a beautiful white vixen with black stripes decorating her body. This mammal she was hugging in the photo was Hannah Savage, her best friend since they were babies, Hannah was only three months older than Robyn and their fathers had been best friends from childhood thus resulting in the two of them becoming best friends. But even though both hybrids were best friends they couldn't look or be anymore different, Robyn was loud, energetic and wore her heart on her sleeve while Hannah was reserved, relaxed and was always wearing a smile. For the first fourteen years of their lives this odd friendship had worked but it was Robyn who first realised a change, Robyn was an athletic type of mammal joining the under sixteen MMA squad for Zootopia and the school track team, her natural beauty and down to earth charm had earned her the affection of some of her fellow students. Robyn had been flattered by all the attention and had agreed to date a muscle bound bobcat from her MMA squad named Mike, he was nice looking and just plain nice, he was a real gentlemammal and treated Robyn with the upmost respect. But at the same time as Robyn started courting Mike, Hannah dropped a bombshell; she was gay. Robyn was as surprised as everyone else to learn this but was genuinely supportive when Hannah started dating a coyote lass in the year above. But then something that confused Robyn reared it's head, she was becoming envious. Every time Robyn would see Hannah and her girlfriend kiss she would get this little stabbing feeling in her chest and she started to think of Hannah when she was making out with Mike. Robyn tried to dismiss these feelings as simple jealousy, that her best friend from birth was hanging out with someone else but soon enough she realised she wanted hold Hannah's paw, hug her and most of all kiss her. Robyn ended her brief relationship with Mike, things were awkward between them for a while but it passed, then after a month or so Hannah had broken up with her older girlfriend leaving Robyn with the possibility of forging romance.

"Yeah right." Robyn criticized her thoughts, looking at the photo. "As if I have a chance."

"I'd say you have a good chance." A friendly voice offered, behind her. Robyn turned to see a male wolf smiling at her with kindness, his fur was mostly black but from his muzzle down the hair was white that covered most of his abdomen under his shirt, his brown eyes looked at Robyn with a little sympathy and in his paws he was shuffling his lucky deck of cards like always "I can see the ship now; WildeSavage or would it be Robnah or maybe Hanbyn."

"Quit it Kodi." Robyn groaned closing her locker door.

"Ah I see you are having your daily pity party as usual, you know it will do you no good." Kodi advised. Kodi Jones had been a friend to both Robyn and Hannah since kindergarten and since the age of 4 the wolf had always been happy, positive and a little bit of a show off. The trio of friends had always been close but Kodi was the first to pick up on Robyn pining for Hannah, when he voiced his suspicions to Robyn she begrudgingly agreed to tell him everything in return for keeping his trap shut.

"Like I'm going to take dating advice from you." Robyn smirked at her taller friend.

"Hey I can't help it if the she wolves of this school can't handle me." Kodi grinned.

"You know there is a word for a mammal like you." Robyn poked, putting her rucksack on her shoulder.

Kodi knew what Robyn was getting at but still jested "Heartthrob? Hunk? Desirable?"

"A player." Robyn shot down.

"Speaking of which I think I just spotted my new player two." Kodi grinned putting his cards back in his jacket, his brown eyes trained on an attractive silver furred she wolf in a red dress walking down the hallway. Kodi practically twirled in front of the girl and flashed his winning smile "Hey Beryl."

Beryl rolled her eyes and groused "For the last time Jones I'm not going to go out with you."

"But my beautiful Beryl surely you must realise there's a certain," Kodi teased before waving his paw and rose appearing out of nowhere "magic between us."

"Lame." Beryl snorted before turning her nose up at the wannabe Casanova and walking away.

Kodi's defeated face turned to irritation when he heard the laughter of his old friend "Ha ha ha, oh man you are such a dork." Robyn chortled.

"Alright, alright at least I tried, unlike someone I know." Kodi countered, folding the fake rose and tucking it back up his sleeve.

"Oooh was that bitchy comment aimed at me?" Robyn sassed.

"Seriously though, you need to tell Hannah how you feel." Kodi said quietly, keeping Robyn's desire secret.

"Look it's just hard ok." Robyn replied, noticing the real concern in her friend's face. "I mean I haven't told anyone else that I'm Bi apart from you."

"Not even Luna?" Kodi sounded surprised.

"No." Robyn answered, sounding guilty.

"Look you and Hannah have been best friends since you were kits, when you tell her that you have a crush on her one of two things will happen; one you'll start dating or two you'll stay friends. Your friendship won't end just because of this, you two are too important to one another." Kodi spoke his mind.

"…I guess." Robyn shrugged unconfidently.

"Can you just give it a try? Please." Kodi pleaded.

"Give what a try?" A voice chimed in.

The two friends looked to their side to a see Hannah Savage looking at them, she was dressed in black yoga pants and a pastel pink gym top, her luxurious white fur looked extra shiny today and her black stripes made her look exotic and to top it off her beautiful vixen like face framed a set of aqua blue eyes that always entranced Robyn. "Uhhhhhhh." Robyn sounded, the skin under her fur heating up.

"I just wanted Robyn to join my guild on this new MMO I'm playing." Kodi fibbed, rescuing his friend from embarrassment.

"Oh is that all?" Hannah chuckled.

"Hey what's with the sporty get up?" Kodi asked, nodding at Hannah's attire.

"That's what I came to tell you guys, I just got some amazing news." Hannah beamed, sounding hyped.

"What?" Robyn asked, smiling at her happy crush.

"I've been made captain of the dance team! My first practice is tonight." Hannah gushed.

"Hey congrats Stripes." Kodi grinned, playfully shoving her.

"That's awesome, all those years of ballet practice are finally paying off." Robyn praised.

"Thanks, listen I have to get to art class, I'll call you guys later." Hannah proposed, waving before going to walk away.

"Wait!" Robyn said abruptly.

"Yeah?" Hannah responded.

"Um, well after your dance practice, uh, could we hang out? I want to talk to you about something." Robyn asked, wondering if it was possible to die from awkwardness.

"Sure, how about we meet at the Bugga burger near your house around five?" Hannah suggested.

"G-great see you there." Robyn stammered, Hannah then turned on her heel and made her way to the art room oblivious to her best friend's affections.

"Whoa, nice going Wilde." Kodi quietly cheered.

"I'm going to tell her." Robyn stated in a determined voice.

"You two are my real life OTP." Kodi admitted.

"Ok now you just sound like a shipper." Robyn cut down "What's next you going to draw some fan art or write a fanfiction?"

"Don't tempt me, and don't pretend you don't want to see a piece of art of you and Hannah kissing." Kodi taunted.

An image of Hannah leaning in for a kiss flickered through Robyn's mind turning the visible skin of her ears pink thus triggering Robyn to punch Kodi in the arm and mumble "Asshole."

A few minutes later Robyn and Kodi arrived in the Food Tec classroom, it was still a couple of minutes before the lesson began, students were talking at the various kitchen islands and the teacher was writing down the recipe for a tofu madras curry on the white board. Robyn and Kodi went to their usual kitchen island, the friends always teamed up for most classes together but as Robyn put her rucksack on the floor she heard something that made her long lapin ears twitch "Did you hear that skank Hannah Savage got the dance captain spot over ME?"

Robyn directed her gaze to Patricia Autumn who was chatting to two of her cronies "I mean why the hell did she get the spot?" The Chinese water deer ranted "I bet it's because she's a hybrid, the faculty didn't want to seem prejudice."

Robyn instinctively stepped over to Patricia, tapped her on the shoulder and said defiantly "Hannah became captain because she's a great dancer, she's been doing ballet since she was five."

"Who asked you Wilde? Mind your own business." Patricia dismissed.

"You insulted my friend, I was just setting the record straight." Robyn replied with steely eyes.

Kodi noticed what was going on and tried to pull his friend back "Come on Robyn forget about it."

Robyn shook off Kodi's paw before adding "She got the captaincy fair and square."

"No she didn't that little bitch played the hybrid card to get what she wanted." Patricia falsely theorized.

Robyn's tail fur went on end at the word 'Bitch' and she subsequently growled "Don't call her that."

"Call her what? A dumb hybrid bitch with a dumb bunny for a dad and a fox bitch for a mom with an ugly ginger hybrid bitch for a best friend." Patricia verbally attacked.

It took of all Robyn's mental strength to stop herself using her claws to tear the deer's eyes out but Robyn decided to parry with her words "At least I'm not a mammal who gets some perverted thrill out of bullying, Hannah will always be amazing and have friends while you will become a lonely bitter doe who nobody likes."

That last sentence struck a nerve in the popular girl because she brought her hoof slamming into Robyn's jaw, the whole class gasped at this but Robyn licked away the blood from her newly busted lip and gave a toothy predatory grin before diving on Patricia and hammering her fists into her face.


"And you know the rest." Robyn lamented, dipping her fries in a tub of gravy before munching them.

"Oh Robbie." Luna empathised, the two Wilde sisters were back at the family apartment sitting at the dining table with a bucket of fried chicken. Luna had long since moved out of her parents' home and had relocated into her inherited penthouse not far from the hospital where she worked.

"You don't seem shocked." Robyn commented, still chewing.

"About what?" Luna asked, sipping on her strawberry milkshake.

"About me being Bi." Robyn answered, sounding a little shy.

"I guess I'm not, but saying that I've never been bothered by other people's sexuality." Luna summed up.

"So what do you think I should do?" Robyn sought advice.

"Well you can't meet Hannah tonight, Mom and Dad will be home soon and more than likely ground your butt, you should message her and tell her that you can't make it." Luna planned out loud.

"And then? Should I tell Mom and Dad about me being Bi? Should I tell Hannah what the fight was about?" Robyn asked thrice, growing agitated.

"Calm down, getting worked up over this won't solve a thing but as for your answer; it's your choice about your next step." Luna soothed.

Robyn considered her options, all of them daunting and frightening but she eventually said "I know what I have to do."

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