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Chapter 15- Hearts and Minds.

Spitfire was not in the right frame of mind to be fighting crime at the moment, in fact she was merely watching on as Scarlet restrained three criminals with cable ties and during the proceeding fight all she had done was fire a single tranq dart at a brawler. Scarlet and Robyn were patrolling the Meadowlands when they heard smashing glass and shouts of anger coming from a few streets away, they arrived to find a group of right wing thugs smashing up a gay bar and attacking the innocent patrons but all the way through the fight Spitfire couldn't concentrate on what was going on, her mind was on her time with Blake nearly 24 hours before…

The Previous Night at Gusteaus…

Olivia was exhausted, she had collapsed on top of Blake's chest panting heavily while he was trying to catch his breath as well. Both of them were naked and on the floor behind the bar at Gusteaus, neither of them spoke for a minute after the climax, they were both coming down from the electrifying sensations that had coursed through their bodies and they could feel one another's exhilarated heart beats thumping. Olivia was trying to gather her thoughts when she felt Blake's arm wrap around her and gently held her close before delivering a kiss atop of her head; usually Olivia would dismiss such signs of affection from a sexual partner but for some reason this felt nice, so much so she nuzzled into his chest fur in response. "Comfy?" Blake asked, his breath starting to come back.

"Move and I'll kill you." Olivia replied playfully.

Blake out a small laugh before smiling "So this is not how I expected this evening to go."

"Same here." Oliva responded still sounding drunk "…I am sorry for shouting at you."

"Don't be, if we didn't start that shouting match this wouldn't have happened." Blake eased her worries.

"…So what is 'This'?" Olivia asked with a slur, seeming uncharacteristically timid.

Blake read between the lines and queried back "What do you want 'This' to be?"

Olivia fought past her insecurity and answered truthfully "I want to see you again, and not just for sex, I want to date you."

Blake's smile grew at this answer before saying "I want that too."

"So are we like official?" Olivia asked, still sounding shy.

"Yeah," Blake chuckled "you act like you've never had a boyfriend before."

Olivia avoided Blake's eyeline and confessed "That's because I haven't had a boyfriend before."

"Huh?" Blake sounded, signalling he wanted to know more.

"Look all the other guys I've been with have just been casual, nothing serious. You're the first bloke I've had a genuine crush on." Olivia explained, rather bashfully.

Olivia half expected Blake to laugh or say something critical instead he just hugged a little tighter and said "I guess I'll have to be the best first boyfriend ever." This simple response made Olivia's heart swell, she knew she had fallen hard and her emotions were getting the better of her, but for the first time in her life she didn't care.


"Ok that's the cops called, where should we head next?" Scarlet asked, tossing one of homophobic thug's phones away.

"Huh?" Spitfire lazily responded, sounding odd with the voice changer. She hadn't even noticed the amazed patrons of the besieged gay bar had come outside and started taking photos on their phones.

"You ok? You've been a little spacy all night?" Scarlet probed, wondering what was up the engineer.

"It's nothing, just personal stuff." Spitfire avoided before looking at the bar goers and asking "Does anyone require medical attention?"

"We've already called an ambulance, it's fine." A male Stoat replied, seeming star struck as he videoed the two superheroes.

"Hey…Spitfire, who's… your…. friend?" A curious male Sloth asked, very slowly, as he pointed at Scarlet.

"This is 'The Undying Scarlet', one of my team mates." Spitfire revealed.

"Uh, Hi." Scarlet let out a little wave, unsure of how to act with normal mammals when she was in her super hero guise.

The Sloth looked like he was about to ask another question but suddenly a holler of "Help!" could be heard coming from a few streets away grabbing both Scarlet and Spitfire's attention. Spitfire used her jets to raise into the air while Scarlet used her used her increased athletic capability to jump to a roof top across the street. "Help! Please!" Another cry came, from the south. Scarlet and Spitfire followed the distressed voice until they landed in the middle of street to find a terrified teenage antelope racing towards them.

"Sasha!?" Scarlet quietly gasped, running to meet the girl half way with Spitfire following.

"Oh thank god!" Sasha wailed, ceasing her sprint and fell to her knees.

"Miss, what's wrong?" Spitfire asked, sounding way too formal.

"The..D-Drowned tried to grab me." Sasha explained, breathing so hard she was close to hyperventilating.

"The Drowned!? Did they hurt you?" Scarlet asked sounding protective, crouching down and taking hold of Sasha's hooves.

"The Monster…it killed them." Sasha uttered, her eyes wide with shock "It tore them apart."

Scarlet look up at Spitfire with a puzzled look who asked Sasha "Where did this happen?"

"The construction site." Sasha answered, her trembling hoof pointing behind her.

Spitfire looked at Scarlet "Stay with her, I'll check it out."

"Right." Scarlet nodded, having no intention of leaving the traumatised Sasha alone. As Spitfire flew into the sky, Scarlet looked at the petrified thirteen year old and soothed "It's going to be ok Sasha."

Sasha blinked at the masked hero and mumbled "How do you know my name?"

Crap! Robyn thought, realising she had put her foot in it before effortlessly lying "I saw your photo on the news, you won Young Photographer of the year the night of the wave."

"Yeah…" Sasha replied, letting go of Scarlet's paws and started nervously fiddling with the camera hanging around her neck "…What are you called?"

"I'm Scarlet." The heroine replied in the calmest voice se could manage, wanting to make Sasha feel safe. "So what are you doing out so late? Do your family know you're out and about?"

"No, please don't tell them!" Sasha fretted.

"Relax, I'm not a snitch." Scarlet responded, holding her paws up. "But why are you out alone?"

"…Trying to get photos of you and the other heroes. " Sasha confided.

"What?" Scarlet reacted, partly mad and partly confused.

"I wanted to get photos of you and your friends, you all have stars so I figured you were on the same team." Sasha explained, pointing at the Star of Ceartais on Scarlet's arm.

"I don't want to make you feel bad but you gotta' know that's a dumb idea." Scarlet scolded mildly "You could've gotten killed."

"Believe me, I know." Sasha concurred with a shaky voice, she still seemed like a nervous wreck.

At that moment Spitfire arrived back and cursed as she landed back on the ground "Shit."

"What?" Scarlet asked.

"I've got Maid to call the cops, that place is a bloodbath, it's just like the kid said; they were torn apart." Spitfire relayed then looked down at Sasha "You said it was a monster?"

"The M-monster of t-the meadowlands." Sasha stammered, intimidated by the mech "It told me to run."

Spitfire eyed the camera around her neck and asked "Did you take any photos of this Monster?"

"Yeah…" Sasha answered, sticking close to the friendlier seeming Scarlet.

"Hand the camera over." Spitfire ordered holding out a large metal hand.

"No!" Sasha shrilled clutching the camera to her chest.

"I don't have time for games kid, hand it over." Spitfire enforced stepping closer and looming over the frightened photographer.

Scarlet stepped in between the two, shielding Sasha before saying in a stern voice "Spitifire, can I have a word?" before turning back to Sasha "Don't worry Sasha we'll only be a minute."

Scarlet took hold of Spitfire's arm and guided her to about ten feet away then harshly whispered "Take it easy on her, will ya'?"

"She has evidence of a murder, it has to be passed to police, both your parents are cops you know how this works." Spitfire justified.

"Look you can't take Sasha's camera, she needs it." Scarlet informed in a very quiet voice, glancing back at the young antelope who was gawking back. "She has anxiety issues, the camera helps her cope, if you want her pictures you'll have to be a bit more gentle."

"How do you know this kid?" Spitfire questioned, wondering how Scarlet knew so much about the youngster.

"She's Mage's little sister." Scarlet unveiled with a whisper.

"What!?" Spitfire barked "But they're…"

"Adopted, both of them." Scarlet pre-emptively answered.

Spitfire took a moment before saying "Mage needs to know about this, we can't keep him out of the loop. She needs to come to the bunker with us so we can sort all this mess out."

"Are you sure about this?" Scarlet wondered, debating whether or not this was a good idea.

"No, but what other choice do we have?" Spitfire asked rhetorically before speaking into her comm link "Spitfire to Maid; send Bella to my location and put the kettle on, we're going to have a guest joining us at the Bunker."


In their race to repair the damaged weather plant and regain environmental control over all districts of Zootopia, the engineers had unfortunately screwed up. The plant was making it cooler than the sweltering heatwave that had plagued the district for a few weeks, but now it was too cool. It was ice cold in savannah central, so much that if you were blindfolded and lead into this district, you would assume you were in tundra town. Pipes and vehicles were not freezing solid, but mammals were. It didn't help that the heating system in Kion and Jasiri's apartment had broken as well, something she was openly mad about seeing as every other apartment in the building was nicely heated.

Right now Kion was laying in bed trying to go to sleep. The lion was dressed in a sweatshirt and long pants, and hoping he didn't have to patrol around here as his hulking alter ego while this engineered cold snap gripped the district. As he grumbled internally about not being able to fall asleep, the door to his room opened and Kion's ears perked up when he heard Jasiri's sweet voice "Kion?"

"Uh, yeah?" He said turning his head to look at the hyena, seeing that she was dressed in the same sort of clothing as he was, thick and insulated.

"I'm f-freaking freezing" Jasiri stated while standing in the doorway, Kion noticed her teeth were chattering and her body was shivering. "This is the warmest room in the ap-apartment. Do-do you mind if I sleep in here?" she asked with puppy dog eyes.

"Umm…. No, I don't mind" Kion answered in a flustered manner, unable to refuse that face. He also figured out that this was the most the pair had talked since the embarrassing 'Tent-Pitching' incident. Kion expected the alluring hyena to curl up on the floor with a blanket, but instead she came over to the bed and lifted the blanket up partway. Kion froze not from the cold but the sheer shock of Jasiri's boldness, he couldn't believe he was about to share a bed with a girl, even if it was just platonic and just for warmth. Don't get excited, don't get excited he willed mentally, praying that his body wouldn't embarrass him yet again.

"Oh, you are warm!" Jasiri said happily.

"GAH!" Kion yelped as her ice cold tail touched some of his exposed fur. Jasiri wrapped her arms around Kion and nuzzled into his warm body while Kion was too stunned to move, he was like a statue unwilling to move because he didn't trust his body not to react to having his crush so close. The smell of the honey shampoo Jasiri used on her mane was making Kion's pulse hasten and the feeling of her body pressed against his was sending him to the brink of an infatuation fuelled nervous breakdown

"Put your arms around me, I'm still cold" she urged, her cheek resting on Kion's soft red mane.

Kion gathered his courage and carefully put his arms around her, getting a content sigh and some purring out of the hyena. Kion was feeling warmer, well at least his face was. The lion assumed he must be blushing under his fur. He was thankful that the freezing cold temperature was preventing certain parts of his anatomy from getting excited.

"Goodnight" Jasiri said, smiling as she was finally able to warm up. As the hyena nodded off, Kion felt his heart pounding and wondered how he would get to sleep while he was feeling so nervous. Luckily he was pretty tired and eventually Kion couldn't stop his eyes from closing.

However the sleep didn't last long; two hours later Kion was woken up by the bleep of his phone's text alert, he reached over to his bedside table and read the message 'Bunker ASAP, Emergency!- Maid' "Ugh, great." Kion groaned, attempting to get of bed but the snoozing Jasiri had tangled herself round Kion. As Kion made a second attempt to climb out of bed he felt Jasiri's arms holding him back, she made displeased sounds as he tried to escape her grasp.

"Sorry, I have to get going" he spoke softly, trying to break free. "I have to go to work."

"But I'm warm and cosy" Jasiri whined in a sleepy voice, her eyes still shut "What kind a job needs you in the middle of the night?"

"Look I really have to go." Kion dodged, really not wanting to leave.

"Five more minutes" she said, akin to a child.

"Sorry." Kion said before finally managing to wrangle free of Jasiri's embrace, he grabbed a change of clothes from his closet before going to the bathroom to change leaving a perplexed Jasiri pondering what her roommate's job was and more importantly how many more hints would she have to drop that she wanted to be something more than just friends.


Sasha was feeling overwhelmed over how the last hour had played out, between seeing a monster destroy a few Drowned members, meeting Scarlet and Spitfire and now being sat in their secret base after being brought here by a talking pick-up truck was flooding Sasha's mind with bafflement and questions. What made it more odd was the fact that two English foxes in their sixties were manning the secret base, with an elderly vixen typing away at a massive bank of computer screens with multiple keyboards and a tod who was more concerned with serving tea. "Here you go miss, drink up." Robin sr. smiled, passing the cup and saucer to Sasha.

"Thank you." Sasha replied politely, grateful for the beverage. She was sat on the sofa in the observation deck with Scarlet beside her, whom had comforted all the way through this crazy journey, although Sasha couldn't shake the feeling that this hooded ninja with a scarf covering her muzzle was familiar not just by looks and her voice but also her protective nature.

Spitfire, who was still in her armour, had been stood at the window of the observation deck for the last thirty minutes looking at the bunker entrance waiting for the three other members of Team Ceartais to show up, just when she was about to call Kion's phone the ramp atop of the spiral driveway came down and Bella with her three passengers descended. "They're here." Spitfire stated.

"Who's here?" Sasha asked Scarlet anxiously.

"The rest of the team, you wanted to meet them right?" Scarlet soothed.

Kodi parked Bella up in her usual spot and the three remaining heroes emerged, all in their hero uniforms but Kion wasn't in 'Elixir' mode. The three climbed the stairs to the observation deck with haste, Hannah was the first to enter the room already talking at high speed "Sorry we took so long, it was hard sneaking out of Nick and Judy's apartment, luckily there's a drainpipe by the spare room window….wait." Hannah then sniffed the air, noticing a familiar scent and then she sensed the extra body in the room sitting next to her girlfriend, she was about to say Sasha's name when Kodi burst in with Kion behind him.

"What's the emergency!?" He asked with urgency but all his bravado was swept away the moment he saw his little sister "Sasha?" Kodi's worried mind exploded with so many questions Why is she here!? Did someone hurt her!? Oh my god, she's been crying! Did Robyn and Olivia rescue her? Did she sneak into the bunker?

"Kodi?" Sasha asked sounding unsure, rising to her feet and tilting her head to look at 'The Mage', the fur markings, the voice, his eyes, there was no doubt about it, it was her big brother "Kodi!" Sasha gasped racing over to him and leaping into his waiting arms.

"What are you doing here? Are you ok?" Kodi asked speedily in Spanish, hugging Sasha tightly.

"I'm ok, I got away, the Drowned nearly caught me." Sasha responded also in Spanish, feeling tears starting to sting her eyes, she was so happy to see Kodi right now no matter how confusing the situation.

"The Drowned!? Oh my god, did they hurt you!? How did you escape!?" Kodi panicked, all the worst possible scenarios playing over in his head making him feel sick to his stomach.

"Ahem!" Robin sr. cleared his throat, catching the Jones siblings' attention, the old thief then said in perfect Spanish "I know you're happy to see each other but we have business to discuss and sadly not everyone here can speak Spanish."

"My bad." Kodi apologised, nodding at Robin sr.

"Wait." Sasha mumbled before yelling "You're a super hero!?"

"Y-yeah." Kodi confirmed with an awkward smile.

"But the powers?! Are you really a wizard?!" Sasha asked loudly.

Kodi sighed and motioned Sasha back to the sofa "Time for me to explain some things."

Over the next thirty minutes everything was explained to Sasha; the other members of the team unveiled their identities to the stunned girl with Olivia's emergence from her mech suit the biggest (Or smallest) surprise. The role of Team Ceartais was laid out for her, along with how Robyn, Hannah and Kion had gained their powers as well as how tech made it appear Kodi was actually a wielder of magic. Sasha was struggling to absorb all this info but she got the gist of it; her big brother and his friends were now super heroes.

"Have you got any questions for us?" Hannah asked, concerned for the younger girl's mindset.

"Do any of your parents know about this?" Sasha asked, doubting her own parents knew about Kodi's secret.

"No, none of us have told our parents." Kion answered, not feeling guilty in slightest.

"Technically my sister and grandparents on my Dad's side knows, but that's about it." Robyn clarified, nodding at Robin sr. and Marian.

"Um, Hannah, what about your stripes?" Sasha asked a question that had been bugging her.

"Oh, it's a surgical fur paint, watch." Hannah said, taking out one of the aerosol cans off her belt and spraying it on her tail, making her signature stripes reappear.

"Huh." Sasha sounded, looking at Hannah's swishing tail.

"So now it's my turn ask you a question," Kodi announced "what the hell were you thinking? Going out late at night trying to get photos, why?"

Sasha already felt terrible about what had happened but saw no need to hide the truth from her brother "I was trying to get photos of you guys for BarkFeed, I kind of got a job there." She admitted.

"Wait, what?" Kodi exclaimed "Why do you need a job? We're rich as hell!"

"Because one recommendation from their editor will get me into the best photography school in the country, I want to do this on my own, I don't want a generous donation from Mom to be the reason I get ahead in life." Sasha justified.

"Sasha…" Kodi simply said, seeing his sister's point but unable to quiet his anger over her actions either.

"Well maybe this whole situation could work to our advantage." Marian's cheeky voice cut in.

"How do you mean my love?" Robin sr. asked knowing his wife's mischievous tone anywhere.

"We want Team Ceartais to be the opposite of the MM gang, we want them to be in the limelight so they can give hope to Zootopians but to do that we would need someone we trust in media," Marian explained before looking at Sasha "someone like this young lady right here. You'll introduce yourself to public and give Sasha here the scoop of the year."

"You mean you'll let me take pictures of you guys?" Sasha asked, gaining back a bit of her excitement.

"Of course my dear, but we will need one thing in exchange." Marian stipulated.

"Which is?" Sasha queried dubiously.

"The memory card from your camera, we need to see if this Monster of the Meadowlands is more than some urban legend." Marian gave her terms.

"I don't know…" Sasha mumbled, clutching her camera tighter.

"Look Sasha, if you do this you can take all the photos you want of us, we win the hearts and minds of the public, you get your recommendation and we find out what this monster is; it's a win-win." Olivia persuaded, Sasha found her a lot less intimidating now she was out of her mech.

"Kodi?" Sasha looked up at the wolf for advice.

"We're not going to force you, it's your choice." Kodi replied, trusting her judgement.

With a sigh Sasha open the side of the camera and popped out the memory card and passed it to Kodi while saying "Please be quick."

"Right." Kodi smiled trotting over to the computer bank and inserting the card into one of the memory card slots.

Marian began typing away and uttered "Now what have we got here." She clicked on an image from a couple of hours ago and it appeared on the large screen so everyone can see, it was blurred but they could clearly see a figure about twelve feet in size covered head to toe in rags slashing it's claws across a giraffe with a streak of blood flying from it. "What the?" Robyn mused, trying to figure out what she was seeing.

"What does it look like?" Hannah asked, eager to know.

"Like a giant hobo, I can't even tell what species it is." Robyn answered as best she could.

"The largest predator around is a Polar bear but the body doesn't look right." Kodi tried to decipher.

Suddenly Olivia erupted with a "BOLLOCKS!" which sounded extra angry with her Scottish accent, everyone's eyes darted towards the mouse stood on the table "I'm thick, I'm so bloody thick! Ugh, I'm a bleddin' idiot!" she cursed self, stomping around the table pulling at the longer fur atop of her head.

"What is it?" Hannah questioned, wondering why the rodent was raging.

"I was so focused on the search I didn't even consider the possibility of a change in appearance!" Olivia continued to berate herself.

"Olivia, talk some sense." Robyn implored.

"The tail! Look at the Monster's tail!" Olivia barked, pointing at the photo on the screen.

Kion looked at the tail and noticed a long white feline tail with a tuft of black fur on the end "It's a lion's tail." He realised.

"Correction, a Lioness' tail, it's Kiara!" Olivia dropped the bombshell.

"What? No, Kiara ain't that tall." Robyn commented.

"Yeah plus her fur's golden." Kodi threw in

"Hmm, let me think; which other Lion do we know change's body size and fur colour?" Olivia asked sarcastically.

"Kiara." Kion gasped, his brown eyes getting watery at finally seeing evidence of his sister alive.

"That must've been why Phelps arms targeted Kion directly, he shares similar genetics with his sister who must've already had the elixir system implanted into her, they knew he wouldn't die from the transformation." Olivia summarised, still mentally kicking himself for not figuring it out sooner.

"But why hasn't she come home? Why didn't she go back to the army?" Kion asked, forcing back his tears.

"I…don't know." Olivia answered in a defeated voice.

"But now we know she's alive, we can help her, we can bring her home." Hannah rallied.

"Yeah, the Monster of the Meadowlands should be a lot easier to track down than a normal Lioness." Robyn chimed in.

"…Um, what's going on?" Sasha spoke up, feeling out of her depth.

"Long story, we'll tell you while you're snapping pics of us." Kodi promised.


Fuli Duma was stood in front of a high spec camcorder with about a dozen or so of her Drowned brethren behind the camera watching her as she began her 'sermon'. Fuli who was dressed in the same grey cloak with the emblem skeletal paw holding a dagger clearly displayed on the right arm looked straight into the camera and greeted in her serene voice "Hello Zootopia, I am Fuli, the first of the Drowned. I am sure you have heard of us through various news outlets be it ZNN or BarkFeed, the news has been spun to describe us as a cult of killers…but this is a half truth. Yes we are the ones behind the so called bucket murders but in actual fact those corpses are the failed initiates who didn't pass the test the Wave set out for us."

Fuli then moved to another part of the large room she was stood in and the camera followed her to a red curtain covering a large cube like object that was easily ten feet tall "You see the Wave washed away the weak and only the strongest remained, now it's time for all of Zootopia to be tested by the Wave's will. The rich elite, the specists, the gangsters, the rapists and those who align themselves with them will now be targeted, they will not be tested, their fates have already been sealed by their crimes against mammalkind. And as for the normal everyday Zootopians whom cross of her path, you shall be given a chance, the same chance that I and the rest of my Drowned brothers and sisters had, if you pass the test you be welcomed into our family with open arms but if you don't then the Wave's will has been done."

Fuli then pulled away the red curtain that was covering the cube shaped object to reveal a massive glass tank filled with water "And now we will show a demonstration of the Wave's justice, Hathi bring out the weak!"

An bull Indian elephant came into view dragging three mammals in chains behind him; a female groundhog, a teenaged male maned wolf and a pangolin. "Oh Christ, please let me go!" Gloria Drake, the groundhog, pleaded.

"No, no, no." The Maned Wolf whimpered, actually wetting himself with terror.

The Pangolin was the only one keeping his composure, he had a stern look on his face which defied the fear he was feeling in his heart.

"Each of these mammals are guilty of making society weaker;" Fuli announced in an engaging manner, looking into the camera "this groundhog is Gloria Drake, the head of the Zootopia Conservative Association, she has spread her multiple prejudices through the populace while embezzling tax payers money during her time as a city councilwoman to fund her lavish lifestyle. The Maned Wolf is Clark White, a boy millionaire who ejected those left homeless by the wave off his spacious acres of land surrounding his mansion, going so far as to shoot an elderly puma who begged for mercy. And finally the pangolin; Manuel Iniesta, a hitman for the mob in the rainforest district, countless lives including those of innocents have died by his hand. All of them escaped judgement the night of the Wave, but now we will finish what the wave began."

Fuli then took a deep breath and bellowed "This city shall be cleansed!" hoping this message would burn into the hearts and minds of Zootopians.

Hahti, the bull elephant took this as his cue and lifted all three captives by their chains and tossed them into the tank with the screams of Gloria and Clark screaming in horror. The weight of the chains caused all three to sink to the bottom with a clunk and thud, Manuel had closed his eyes and decided not to fight against his doom, letting the water fill his lungs. Gloria thrashed and screamed so much that the precious air escaped her mouth and the water flooded her airway killing her quickly. Clark was trying his best to hold his breath but the immense pressure of the carbon dioxide in his lungs was agony, finally his body betrayed him and his opened his mouth and breathed in his watery end. It was all over in less than three minutes, Gloria's terrified face twisted and frozen, Clark's open eyes bulging with terror and Manuel had curled up into a ball and let death take him.

Fuli nodded to the pig holding the camera as a signal to stop recording she then instructed "Make sure that video gets online within the hour, send a copy to all the media outlets as well."

"You got it." The Pig obeyed, trotting away.

The crowd dispersed leaving Fuli watching the first three victims of the cleansing, the first of many to come. "You did well." A deep voice complimented, Fuli turned to see her generals; Beshte the Hippo and Bunga the honey badger approaching wearing the same cloaks as Fuli.

"I was only doing the work of the wave Beshte." Fuli smiled.

"Of course." Beshte responded, bowing slightly at his leader.

"I am afraid we bring some bad news; our contacts in the ZPD have informed us that three of our brethren have been slain by some creature." Bunga informed, his voice was higher than you would expect.

"A creature?" Fuli repeated, wanting an explanation.

"This beast tore a giraffe in half and ripped the other two to shreds, we must avenge our fallen siblings." Beshte stated with a fire in his voice

"No." Fuli gave a small smile, the cogs in her head turning.

"Fuli?" Bunga gawped, wondering what his leader was thinking.

"This creature is strong and we need strength," Fuli mused "Bunga I want your scouts to search for this monster, do not approach or fight with it, when you have it's location come to me."

"Of course, but what are you going to do?" Bunga obeyed.

"I'm going to recruit this mystery monster into our family." Fuli informed with a coy smile.

"Is that wise?" Beshte worried.

"If I am killed during this little conversation I know you both will carry on the Wave's work." Fuli said with surety.

"The Wave's work will be done." Both commanders replied in unison and with a small bow.

"I am glad you are Beshte here actually, I have a gift for your troops." Fuli branched, walking over to a stack of twenty or so wooden crates stacked in the corner of the dark room and lifting off one of the loose lids, showing dozens of assault rifles.

"Whoa." Bunga exclaimed.

"Where did you get these?" Beshte questioned Fuli, looking at the guns with awe.

"A friend in a high place shares our goal of cleansing Zootopia of the weak, these guns are a sign of his commitment to the Drowned." Fuli informed, taking out one of the rifles from the crate "And these will come in very handy for our next objective."

"Oh?" Bunga sounded "Is it to do with our next cleansing?"

"Exactly." Fuli confirmed.

"Which three are next for the tank?" Beshte asked with eagerness.

"I want you to track and capture the entitled children of criminals who got rich from other people's misery. I want the heiress to the Big fortune; Judy Big, the spoilt son of that gangster Missad; Samson and the daughter of one of the most corrupt bankers that ever lived; Victoria Todd, bring me her daughter Luna Wilde." Fuli ordered, looking at the tank and already picturing their dead faces floating in the water.


Dawn rose across Zootopia, the streets were just starting to fill up with traffic, mammals in both homes and wave towns woke to face the challenges of their day, soon the city would be abuzz with activity and noise but in one small corner of the Meadowlands it rarely got noisy. The Grand Pine cemetery was reserved for the richest citizens of Zootopia and consequently was not very full and rarely hosted a funeral. But on this dawn a mourner came to pay their respects, he had been out of Zootopia for far too long and wanted to visit his departed friend, he got out of his chauffer driven Rolls Royce and slowly made his way to his friend's gravestone. Three minutes later the mourner reached the gravestone which was gigantic compared to his rodent form, the grave itself was black marble with a floral design etched with gold surrounding the name 'Madame Bahati Missad.'

The mourner took off his top hat before laying down a small daisy, which seemed large in his paws, but it was a tradition among rodents to lay the tiny flower at graves. Professor Padraic Rattigan looked at the gravestone and spoke "Hello Bahati, I have missed you so much. I'm sorry I wasn't there for your funeral, I'm glad you weren't buried in a jail yard, you deserve this gravesite, it befits your standing."

Rattigan stepped closer and touched the gravestone and continued "What has happened to our city? We used to rule this place like the emperors of old, but now street thugs litter our streets, the Bigs have gone legitimate, a cult is murdering mammals left, right and centre and all those so called 'Gangsters' pale in comparison to the example we set."

The sixty year old rat felt a tear roll down his face "We were the only ones who truly understood one another, the only ones who had the vision to create an empire, you really were my best friend…and I'm going to claim back our empire and make sure no one forgets your name."

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