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Chapter 16- I won't give up, I won't give in.

The eccentric red panda owner/editor of BarkFeed known as Mr Boehm was sat behind at his desk in his spacious office with Sasha Jones AKA Miss Ojos. She had come in to hand over photos of the 'Monster of the Meadowlands' that had saved her from three drowned attackers. Boehm had been looking at the photos for about thirty seconds in silence until he dismissed them as"Crap, crap, mega crap."

"What? Those photos are good." Sasha protested.

"Kid these are blurry as hell and look like they've been ripped from a cheesy horror film, I'll give you $50 each for them cuz' of the crappy quality." Boehm bickered.

"I give you three images of not only a urban legend but three drowned members getting killed as well and you're only going to offer my a $150 for the lot?! Pfft, I'll take my business elsewhere." Sasha tutted, taking back the photos.

"Fine, $175." Bohem replied.

"$250." Sasha bartered.

"$200, that's my final offer." Boehm stated with force.

"Deal." Sasha grinned, watching Mr Boehm write out the payment slip.

Boehm handed over the slip and grumbled "I ask you to get photos of those costumed nut jobs and you bring me a god damn conspiracy theorist's fantasy, I thought you said you could get those pictures."

"Oh but I did." Sasha gave a coy smile.

"What!?" Boehm squeaked "Why didn't you show me them in the first place!?"

"To make sure you'd pay for the monster photos." Sasha smirked.

Mr Boehm let out a simmering grunt before asking "So what have you got kid?"

"Dozens of photos, interviews with all five superheroes, their names and powers, all the stuff you could ever want." Sasha taunted, holding up a USB stick.

Boehm looked at the USB stick as if it was the holy grail with the red panda's brown eyes shiny and wide "Kid...you best not be fooling me."

"It's all on there," Sasha tossed the stick to Boehm before adding "but I want that recommendation typed up by tomorrow…plus my pay."

"If you keep bringing me stuff like this you're going to bankrupt me." Boehm griped, inserting the stick into computer on his desk, already picturing how the article would look on his website. The article was online within ninety minutes and was trending within another twenty, soon enough everyone was reading the story of Zootopia's super heroes…

EXCLUSIVE: BarkFeed conducts exclusive interview with Team Ceartais, Zootopia's newest vigilantes! Are they friends or foes?

The article went in depth with how their freelance photojournalist Miss Ojos was rescued by Spitfire and Scarlet and how she asked for an interview which they gladly gave. However the real team embellished (or flat out fabricated) their origins to make them seem more epic and theatrical with high quality photos of the team member for extra oomph, but there was also the added bonus of throwing the scent off their true identities. For example;

The Undying Scarlet. This mysterious maiden in red was killed the night of the Wave but rose from the grave when her restless spirit witnessed how criminals are preying on the weak of Zootopia, with her enhanced strength and athletic skills there are no thugs in the city she can't chase down.

Bullet. A gunslinger with pinpoint accuracy, this arctic vixen is always two steps ahead of any criminals in this city. With her special sleeper ammo any criminal who is caught in her crosshairs will fall into a deep slumber and then wake up in a jail cell.

Roar. This titanic cat is a powerhouse of strength that can best the largest of enemies without even breaking a sweat. Created in a lab to fight in wars across the globe this brave feline chose to fight the war at home.

The Mage. Trained in the mystic arts from a young age this wolf uses his magic to make Zootopia a safer place. Whether criminals are face to face with him or he's behind the wheel of his trusty truck the cards will always favour this wizard.

Spitfire. This mechanized vigilante has been about for just over five years but was seen by many as urban legend. This Robot is programmed to protect the innocent mammals of Zootopia and won't stop until the job is done.

It wasn't long before Team Ceartais was made aware of the article, thanks to a text from Sasha. Robyn and Hannah were sitting in the living room of the Wilde family home after getting back from their schools. Robyn had just finished reading the piece from the BarkFeed app "They make me sound like a zombie." Robyn criticized, staring at her phone.

"Oh it's not that bad." Hannah hushed, lounging on the sofa beside her girlfriend.

"It says 'I rose from the grave', that's a zombie right there." Robyn parried.

"Would you rather have the fact that you're a high schooler with nanomachines in her blood giving you superpowers, be publicized?" Hannah smiled.

"No." Robyn sighed, leaning back on the sofa. "Anyway how was school?"

"Still humiliating," Hannah admitted "I'm still in class with six year olds."

"I'm sorry babe, I wish I could be there with you." Robyn supported, entwining her paw with Hannah's.

"Thanks but actually, I'm more worried about my Mom and Dad over this whole Drowned thing." Hannah confided with a downtrodden look "Don't get me wrong I like staying here but I miss them."

"I'd miss my folks too if I were your situation, but we got to stay positive. The sooner we catch Fuli, the sooner everyone will be safe." Robyn encouraged.

Hannah smiled for a moment, imagining Robyn's beautiful face in her mind before leaning in and saying "Well there is one advantage to staying here, I get to spend more time with you."

Despite the fact that they had been dating for a nearly three months Robyn still got giddy and flustered when Hannah flirted wither. Robyn's navy blue eyes focusing on Hannah's paw as it was raised to her face, the striped hybrid then touched Robyn's cheek so she could 'See' her smile. "I love it when you smile." Hannah said in a gentle voice.

"You always make me smile." Robyn replied with a goofy lovesick grin on her muzzle.

Hannah then leaned in closer, her mouth was an inch away from Robyn's "Let's see if I can make that smile bigger." Hannah then caressed Robyn's face before her paws moved up behind her ears in an attempt to pull her in closer for a kiss, however she didn't bank on Robyn's reaction; the red furred hybrid let out a gasp, her heart rate sky rocketed and her foot started thumping the floor very fast like her rabbit kin. This odd reaction caused Hannah to fuss worry "You ok? Did I do something wrong?"

"No," Robyn answered with haste and embarrassment "it's just, um, my ears are my weak spot."

"You mean it feels good?" Hannah asked further, her tail swishing as mischievous thoughts entered her head. Before Robyn could say another word Hannah's paws snapped to the roots of Robyn's ears and massaged them causing a mew to escape her mouth and her to melt onto the sofa like a puddle.

"Hannah…stop." Robyn breathed, her voice almost purring as the odd massage made her head hazy.

"You sound so cute though." Hannah gave a puckish grin.

Robyn gathered her strength and focus to break free of the hypnotising sensation then pinned Hannah on the sofa to the sound a playful growl "Watch who you're calling cute."

"I'm half bunny, I can say the C word all I want." Hannah chuckled, making no attempt to break free of Robyn's pin. "Cute, cute, cute! My girlfriend is so cute!"

"Shut up!" Robyn said bashfully, not really minding being called cute by Hannah, but if it were anyone else she's knock their block off.

"Make me." Hannah masked an invitation as a dare.

Robyn took the hint and connected her lips with Hannah's, both of them closing their eyes and getting lost in the kiss. Robyn let go Hannah's wrists and wrapped her arms around her, pulling her close. Hannah hugged back and positioned herself so the two were both laying on their sides while they continued to kiss, Robyn had just sneaked her tongue into Hannah's mouth when both girls heard the sound of keys jingling in the door, both their eyes shot open in panic as the two fumbled away from one another as fast as they could.

"Robyn, Hannah, you hom-" Judy began to call out as she walked through the front door but stopped when she saw her youngest daughter and her girlfriend awkwardly trying to separate and act natural.

"H-hey Mom." Robyn greeted anxiously, her paw pads sweating.

Judy arched an eyebrow and smirked at the two lovebirds "Busted."

"We weren't doing anything." Hannah lied unconvincingly as Nick came through the door behind Judy.

Nick read the awkward tension in the room and asked his wife "Carrots, what's going on?"

"Just teenagers being teenagers." Judy laughed, watching both girls move to separate ends of the sofa and keeping their heads down to hide their embarrassed expressions.


A week can seem like a short amount of time in some places but not in Zootopia, a lot can happen in a sprawling metropolis within a week. It had been seven days since Sasha Jones' photos hit BarkFeed and everyone in the city was now obsessed with the superheroes, the antics of Team Ceartais were often the top news story leaving the mayoral election and the crimes of The Drowned at second billing. Even after the very graphic execution of three mammals at the hands of The Drowned was posted online the cult had gone rather quiet. Some mammals started speculating after the robbery of some food and water supply trucks that the cult were preparing for an epic battle against Team Ceartais like the Iron Ram or Super Mongoose movies. But the week had been excruciatingly long for one mammal in particular; Kion Priderock.

Ever since he had seen the photographic evidence of Kiara alive he had been more determined than ever to find his big sister, he and the rest of the team had been searching across the meadowlands every night for the last week and yet there was no sign of the infamous 'Monster of the Meadowlands'. Kion's mind drifted to thoughts of; if Kiara was hurt? If she was trapped? And most grimly, if she was even alive? But everyone in the team dashed those thoughts as soon they were spoken making sure that Kion knew they weren't given up on Kiara and neither should he.

But now that a week had passed, the day of the election had arrived, no opponents stepped forward to challenge Nick and Alana for city hall, so as long as one Zootopian voted for them it was a done deal that they would be elected, but seeing as both Nick and Alana had both voted for themselves it was already confirmed; Nick Wilde was the new mayor of Zootopia. And despite the fact that Nick and Alana wanted to save tax dollars by skipping the victory party the state governor had already told them that a wealthy donor had already sprung for the victory party at the Chesterfield Hotel's function room in the heart of Savannah central.

It was just before 11pm when Nick and Judy along with Alana and her boyfriend Bailey walked into the function room to be met with a crowd of three hundred or so mammals cheering as the entered the room. Both candidates were stunned by the reception but the suave Nick Wilde fixed his tie and joked aloud "Well looks like I'm crashing the party." Which garnered some chuckles, Nick scanned the room while they were laughing there was a high end buffet, a bar, streamers, balloons and a DJ in the corner playing hits from when Nick considered himself a young fox, bottom line was this party was expensive.

"Thank you so much for tuning out and voting today." Alana thanked in a loud voice, the white tailed deer wearing a gorgeous claret dress.

"Ok so which one of you schmucks forked out so much dough for this party?" Nick asked in a joyful manner but inside he really wanted to know who had paid for the party.

"Right here," A familiar voice sounded, raising her paw "I'm the schmuck." Luna Wilde walked out of the crowd up to her father, flanked by Robyn and her boyfriend Aleks.

"You, Kiddo?" Nick asked in a quieter voice, genuinely surprised.

"Yeah, I figured you'd pull one of those 'Saving money' ploys so I decided to pay for this whole thing." Luna smiled before pointing at her younger sister, who felt uncomfortable in a ruby coloured dress "Actually you can thank Robbie, it was her idea."

"Yeah well I heard you mention you weren't going to have a party so I roped Luna in." Robyn explained.

"Thank you girls, you two are the most perfect daughters a parent could ask for." Nick replied genuinely and lough enough for the crowd, including the press to hear, before instinctively adding "But it ain't over till it's over, until the polls close I'm still just a cop."

"Oh come on Captain, I voted for you, one vote surely that means you're mayor." Aleks threw in, the dapper grey fox was dressed in his best suit.

"Thanks Rookie, but remember if I'm not elected that means I'm still your boss and rest assured if I'm still your boss in the morning I'll make you do thirty laps around the precinct." Nick jibed, part of him wishing he was still able to torment his daughter's boyfriend a bit longer.

"Aleks, he's just messing with you." Judy assured while giving her husband an elbow in the gut "Thank you for your vote."

"Oh my little kit is going to mayor, I can't believe it." A excited voice gushed, Nick turned to his parents; Marian and Robin sr. appeared out of the crowd and wrapped their son in a very tight hug.

"We're proud of you, son." Robin sr. spoke, hardly believing that his son had come so far in life, much more than he could've imagined.

Alana smiled at the scene and felt a paw take hold of her hoof, she turned to see her boyfriend Bailey looking at her with love and admiration, the cougar was dressed in a grey suit with a white shirt "I knew you were destined for great things." He said to her, staring into one another's eyes.

"Well I am the toughest doe in Sherwood." Alana bragged jokingly "But I am going to miss working at the relief centre."

"Don't worry I'll be fine running it plus with you and Nick in city hall those mammals in the wave towns will get the help they need." Bailey encouraged, Alana didn't reply with words but showed her appreciation by kissing her love on the cheek before nuzzling into his neck.

Across the other side of the function room Hannah was just stepping out of the female bathroom when her super sensitive ears picked up two voices that she had wanted to hear in person all week, with her cane out she made her way across to the source of the voices, sat at the bar were Jack and Skye chatting about what drinks they were going to order. "Mom, Dad?" Hannah asked hopefully.

The Savages turned to see their daughter and both their faces lit up with joy "Little one!" Jack exclaimed, hopping down from his bar stool and rushing to hug his much taller daughter.

"Oh, we've missed you." Skye chimed in, joining the hug.

"I wasn't sure if you guys were going to be here or not." Hannah said, treasuring the hug.

"Well we wanted to come and cheer Nick on." Jack commented "But we also wanted to give you some good news."

"Hmm?" Hannah sounded.

"You can come home." Skye revealed with a smile, happy that her baby would be coming back.

"Really?" Hannah nearly squeaked.

"Yep, your Mom got some MCB agents from another state to keep an eye on the house and protect us if The Drowned come a knocking." Jack explained.

Despite still be worried Hannah was overjoyed with this news and hugged her parents again.

An hour or so passed at the party and the polls had been closed for a while, it was only a matter of time before the results were declared and Nick would officially be mayor. Judy was at the bar getting a vodka and coke while Nick was chatting to Jack, she was happy for her dumb fox and was trying to enjoy herself but a niggling thought kept chipping away at her happiness; The Drowned. Ever since Skye had shot and killed Calvin Wayne in the interrogation room she had been haunted by the information disclosed during that interview, that there were Drowned informants within the ZPD and MCB. Judy took pride in the fact that she knew all the officers under her command by name, she had known most of them since she joined the force eighteen years ago, and she had seen the new recruits come fresh from the academy and blossom into great cops but now the difficult question remained; could she trust her officers? It's was a painful question to ask but the facts added up, it was too big of a coincidence that The Drowned knew exactly where Jack Savage and Detective Corona were going to be, someone had tipped the cult off. Judy of course had informed internal affairs of this accusation but due to the Zootopia branch being destroyed in the Wave the investigators would have to come from another city and there was no agents to spare until next week, but that was too long in Judy's book, someone innocent could die if this wasn't taken care of soon.

"Something on your mind, chief?" A intrigued voice asked, snapping Judy out of her muddled thoughts.

Judy turned to see one of her youngest cops, Aleks Rojek, collecting a fresh pint of beer from the bartender "You could say that." Judy admitted "And it's Judy when we're not a work, remember?"

"Sorry, Judy." Aleks corrected himself, taking a sip of his ale.

Judy looked around to see if any other cops were around before opening "Aleks, I need to talk to you about something."

"Yes?" Aleks replied, puzzled by the serious expression on his superior's face.

"You're aware of what was said during the Calvin Wayne interview?" Judy asked back.

"Sadly yes, the whole precinct is talking about it." Aleks answered honestly.

"I've begun an investigation into whether or not we have an informant in our ranks and I want your help?" Judy requested

"Me? But why? I'm in SWAT, I'm not a detective." Aleks responded.

"I've ruled you out as a suspect." Judy stated.

"Not to criticize you Judy but just because I'm dating your daughter doesn't mean that you should rule me out." Aleks observed.

Judy shook her head before correcting "That isn't the reason, furbook is the reason."

"Furbook?" Aleks repeated, wondering how the social media platform proved his innocence.

"You and Luna are pretty active on Furbook, you pretty much document your whole lives on that thing, so I know whenever you're not at work you're with Luna. To put it bluntly, you don't have the time to be a member of The Drowned." Judy elaborated.

Aleks gave an impressed smile at Judy's deduction before replying "So what do want me to do?"

"I want you to be my eyes in SWAT, you spend more time at the armoury and at the firing range than me, if I was a member of The Drowned I'd want to interfere with the ZPD's weapons." Judy proposed.

"You can count on me." Aleks promised with a nod.

"Ladies and gentlemammals," Nick's voice announced loudly, turning everyone's attention to him "the first results are coming in; I'm now mayor of Zootopia!" This caused a round of cheers and applause from everyone, Judy rushed over to husband to kiss and congratulate him. She willed herself to enjoy this moment, even though tomorrow she'd have to continue investigating her own cops.


It was just after nine am and Judy was sitting in her office in precinct 1, she was typing away at her computer, searching for any irregularities with her officers' computer activities when a knock came at her door, "Come in." She answered, closing the window on the screen just be safe.

The door opened and in entered Nala Priderock "You wanted to see me, Judy?" the Lioness asked, knowing that was ok to call the chief by her first name when it was just them.

"Yes Nala, please sit down." Judy said, motioning to one of the chairs on the opposite side of her desk, she wasn't looking forward to this conversation in the slightest.

"So, how come it feels like I'm in trouble?" Nala tried to inject a joke into the situation as she sat down.

"I just hope you're not in trouble." Judy commented, she felt awful about doing this, she had been friends with Nala for years, the lioness was one of her bridesmaids at her wedding, this sucked but Judy had to follow this through "I need to talk to you about some suspicious activity with your security clearance password."

"Um…" Was all Nala could manage.

"Internal affairs are coming to the ZPD next week to investigate the possible snitch in the precinct and I'm looking into any red flags…and your name came up. You've been using the CCTV room to look at security footage unrelated to your cases, now you need to give me a good reason for doing this or I'm going to have to pass this info onto internal affairs." Judy explained, feeling like the worst friend in the world.

"Judy, I'm sorry, I didn't realise I was doing anything wrong." Nala lamented, looking ashamed.

"Just tell me why and we can sort this out before it's too late." Judy persuaded.

"I was looking for Kiara." Nala confessed.

"What?" Judy reacted with surprise, she wasn't expecting this answer.

"Kion said something that's been playing on mind," Nala opened up, her eyes getting glossy with tears "he said that Kiara was in the canal district the night of the Wave, not at the army base. I went check the footage and I saw her park her car in an alley before sprinting off into the night."

"Nala." Judy whispered, not fathoming the heartbreak her friend was going through.

"The army lied to me, my baby might be alive somewhere." Nala wept.

"But how did Kion know about that? Have you asked him?" Judy enquired, trying to wrap her head around the new information.

"…Kion's not living at home anymore, he moved out." Nala confessed, tears soaking the fur on her cheeks.

Judy read the guilty look on Nala's face and asked "What happened?"

"I hit him," Nala revealed the painful truth, the actual sentence burned in her throat "I nearly broke his nose…oh god, what have I done?" she then began to bawl.

Judy instinctively jumped atop her desk and raced over to hug her upset friend "Oh, Nala." Judy sympathised, close to tears herself.

"I'm a terrible mother, I've lost one cub and the other hates my guts!" Nala wailed, hugging back the bunny as best she could but one paw easily covered most of Judy's body.

"Listen to me; you are a great mother! Kion loves you, things might be rough now but it will get better." Judy rallied.

"But what about Kiara, what if she's not really dead and lost out there somewhere?" Nala cried.

"Then we'll find her." Judy committed.

The heartfelt moment between the two cops was rudely interrupted by the ringing of Judy's smartphone, Judy pulled back from the hug with Nala and quickly said "Sorry." Before retrieving her phone from her pocket, she read the screen 'ALEKS CALLING', she pressed answer and opened with "Rojek, this isn't a good time."

"Chief, I need you to come down to the firing range ASAP!" Aleks gave a stressed whisper over the phone.

Judy clocked onto the anxiety in the rookie's voice and asked in a serious tone "What's wrong?"

"Just come quickly and quietly, try to act natural." Aleks instructed, sounding a little scared.

Judy knew it was best not to ask more questions and simply replied "I'll be right there." Before hanging up and telling Nala "Listen, I have to go the armoury to check something, I'll be back soon."

"Is something wrong?" Nala asked, wiping away some tears.

"I hope not, just hang tight, I'll be quick." Judy said, jumping down from her desk and heading out of her office.

Within two minutes and with a brisk pace Judy arrived in deserted armoury/firing range, well deserted apart from an alarmed Aleks standing by one of the firing range lanes, Judy marched over to the silver fox and asked "What's got you so spooked?"

"I was heading down here to practice my aim when I spotted a janitor I didn't know leaving very hastily out of the room, no one was around so I searched the room." Aleks explained before crouching down beside the lane and pointed under the table top where ammo was usually laid out "Then I found this."

Judy stepped over and peeked under the table to see a detonator usually used by SWAT officers to breach doors but this one had been modified with a lump of plastic explosive so large it could reduce this entire room to ashes, a crude digital timer was counting down 2 hours 58 minutes and 12 seconds, that's when alarm bells started ringing in Judy's head; Judy always practised at the firing range at midday without fail and this bomb was set to go off at ten past midday. Then Judy took note of the lane, lane number 4, the lane she had always used since she became a cop at this precinct. This bomb was meant for her.

"What do we do?" Aleks asked, trying to stay calm.

Judy quickly formed a plan in her head then said "We leave this room, lock the door, then pull the fire alarm, once everyone is out of the building we call in the bomb squad from another precinct."

"Very methodical and efficient, classic Hopps." A deep voice commented, startling Judy and Aleks.

The two scrambled from under the table top to see who spoke, both were shocked to see a white stallion detective and female warthog uniformed officer standing in the doorway. "Anders? Corona?" Judy gasped, hardly believing that these mammals she considered 'by the book' cops were traitors.

"Sorry about this chief, it's nothing personal." Anders spoke, getting her tranq pistol out of her holster "But you could ruin the Wave's will."

"That is why you must be removed." Maximus Corona added, getting out his own tranq pistol.

"No, no." Judy uttered with disbelief "Anders, I was there at your graduation, you were valedictorian of your class. Maximus, you were a cop before me, my Luna used to babysit your kids. Please tell me you were forced into this."

"I'm afraid not ma'am, please don't make this difficult." Anders replied.

"So it wasn't just a coincidence you were there during Calvin Wayne's interrogation? You were there to make sure Calvin's 'Suicide by cop' happened." Aleks accused the warthog.

"True, Calvin was willing to sacrifice himself for the cause, I was happy to help him achieve his goal." Anders answered in a steady voice.

Judy then realised and theorised aloud "There was no call to dispatch was there Corona, you led Jack to the Drowned?"

"He would've been a valuable ally to us, my role as the helpless detective was a back up in case things went awry, which it most certainly did." Corona explained.

"So what happens now?" Judy asked, throwing all sentiment away and replacing it with anger.

"We're going to knock you two out with Tranq darts then kill in your sleep, consider it a mercy." Anders informed, levelling her pistol on Aleks.

"You'd betray the badge?" Judy pointed to her own shield on her shirt, feeling a rage bubbling in her heart "You're no better than the criminals we fight against."

Maximums and Anders had blank expressions on their faces as they pulled the triggers of their tranq pistols…but nothing happened causing Aleks to snigger "I had a feeling you two were traitors, that's why I broke into the armoury first thing this morning and sabotaged your pistols."

"Sneaky fox." Anders grunted, putting away her gun and getting into a fighting position.

"Looks like we're going to do this the old fashioned way." Maximus grumbled, raising his hooves ready for combat, confident him and Anders could beat the much smaller mammals.

Judy and Aleks were unarmed, as Chief Judy rarely carried her sidearm, she kept it in the armoury and checked it out when she needed practice and as for Aleks he only got armed when SWAT had a job to take care of. Aleks got into a fighting stance and said to Judy "Chief, if this is it, let me just say it was an honour serving under you."

"We're not dying today, we're not giving up." Judy rallied, before eyeing the armoury, she knew that you needed the proper keys to get in however there was a slot in the cage to pass guns and ammo through, a slot small enough for a bunny to get through, she eyed the weapons behind the cage and quickly constructed a plan in her head. "Aleks I need you to buy me ten seconds." Judy mumbled.

Aleks trusted his chief and nodded "You got it."

Judy took a breath before bolting into action which in turn caused everyone else to spring as well, Maximus charged after Judy as she dashed for the armoury but she was too fast as she leapt up to the cage's desk and slipped through the hole. Aleks was across the other side of the room ducking and diving from Ander's strikes, delivering jabs to her body but they were having zero affect on the muscle bound sow. Maximus ran around to the cage's door trying to kick it open to no avail, Judy meanwhile had grabbed a baton that was a little too big for her and a tazer gun meant for a mammal her size, she knew that she would need the code to actually get into the guns and ammo but they were left with the quartermaster who was nowhere to be seen, Maximus saw Judy grab the weapons and ran back around to the hole in the cage just in time for Judy to spring out of the hole and escape Maximus' hooves as he tried to grab her, while she was in the air Maximus caught a glimpse of Judy's face that resembled thunder; dark, foreboding and unmerciful. Judy then let out a cry of wrath as she forced baton into Maximum's left eye, fracturing the bones around the socket and causing him to make a very equine neigh in pain before Judy landed on the armoury desk and fired of the tazer with both prongs embedding itself in the stallion's chest, her jerked and convulsed before falling to the floor in an unconscious heap.

Judy didn't have time to revel in her victory as heard a canine yelp from across the room, she saw Aleks slumped and dazed against a wall after being thrown against it. "Aleks!" Judy yelled, which only caught the attention of Anders who let a furious hog squeal erupt from her mouth before charging at the chief. Judy who was enraged herself galloped straight towards Anders and leapt at her face, she grabbed onto one of her tusks with one paw and started hammering the baton into her face with the other, but with each connected strike Anders' rage just grew more and more as she changed into the wall, slamming Judy against the concrete and knocking all the wind out of the bunny as she fell to the floor with a pained squeak. The out of breath Anders picked up the baton and raised above her head, ready to smash the bunny's skull in. Then the whistle of a tranq dart echoed through the room, Anders felt a sting in her back before the drugs worked through her bloodstream knocking her out completely, she collapsed on her side with the tranq dart poking out of her spine. The winded Judy looked up to see Nala in the doorway with her tranq pistol in her paws "Bet you're glad I didn't follow your orders for once." The Nala nervously jested, running over to her injured friend.

"We have to evacuate the precinct," Judy choked, looking over at lane 4 "none of us are safe." She then looked at the unconscious traitors and felt only anger, this was not a victory to Judy, this was a defeat.


While the battle in the Precinct 1's armoury was raging on, nearly three thousand miles away in New York another battle had just wrapped up. In a luxury skyscraper a very influential wall street accountant was set to have a meeting with the IRS around midday, to give evidence about how a certain insurance group had swindled millions from their share holders, customers and co workers to the tune of over a half a billion dollars. Suffice to say a lot of mammals on wall street did not want this meeting to happen, they wanted the accountant to disappear and all his evidence to be recovered, but there was one problem, or more specifically twenty problems; bodyguards. The accountant was not stupid, he knew that the wall street crooks would send someone to silence him, so he had hired twenty elite bodyguards, all with prestigious records in military service, he had also been clever enough to rent the penthouse of one of the tallest building in the city that was near impossible to infiltrate. But someone had.

It was all over within six minutes, the assassin had the foresight to sever all land lines and plant a signal jammer so that smartphone or radios would be useless. And then one by one, the assassin took out each bodyguard, she killed the first fourteen without making a sound and going unnoticed. But the last six she had to get messy, she enjoyed the messy parts, true it wasn't the best strategy but it was a lot of fun. She would dart around the room like a demon slicing through her enemies like they were blades of grass, tossing shuriken into the heads and hearts of her foes and if a enemy was too troublesome a few shots from her handgun would take care of them. To be good at job one most love their job, and the assassin really did love her occupation.

The accountant, a Llama by the name of David Kuzco, was on the floor of his bedroom, with shuriken impaled into both his wrists and both his ankles so he was stuck to the floor, the shuriken were embedded so that it wouldn't hit any arteries but would still cause a lot of anguish. Kuzco was whimpering as the assassin circled above like a shark around it's prey, twirling her katana in her hand "Pathetic, you weep instead of fighting back, have some god damn respect for yourself." The assassin spoke with a divine French accent, Kuzco looked up at the assassin with watery eyes. She was a white furred rabbit with a slender frame cover by a black sneaking suit that hugged and complimented her heavenly curves, and from the belts and holsters that hung from the suit were daggers, shuriken, a rabbit sized pistol, a few smoke bombs, garrotte wire and the scabbard for her katana. Her mouth and nose were covered by a thin black piece of fabric that was printed with bones of a bunny's skull, atop of her head were a pair of seemingly normal goggles but had many secrets tricks within. But what scared Kuzco the most were her eyes, her pupils were a light brown but when the light hit them they almost seemed golden, and those eyes were filled with joy, she was enjoying making him suffer.

"Who are y-you? Who s-sent you?" Kuzco asked, his voice trembling from the torment he was feeling.

"I am a Ronin and the highest bidder sent me, a lot of mammals want you dead." Ronin revealed, her voice smooth as silk. "But that is not what you should be thinking about."

"What do you m-mean?" Kuzco asked with a sob.

"You know that I'm going to kill you, it's a fact. It's your choice or not whether it's slow and excruciating or quick and painless." Ronin said bluntly, before pointing her sword at a painting of a boat on a lake "So I know you're keeping the evidence against my client in a safe behind that crudely drawn picture, if you give me the combination I can promise a swift and painless end but if you defy me well let's just say I have a vivid imagination and I can think of many ways to make you talk."

All of a sudden the annoying vibrating buzz of a smartphone interrupted the tense moment, Ronin let out a sigh, fetched her phone and saw it was very wealthy contact calling, she looked to Kuzco and said "Excusez-moi, juste une seconde." Ronin then answered her phone "Bonjour, Kirabito tutoring services, how may I help you?"

"Good Morning Ronin, I'd like to book your services." A charming male voice came down the line that the Ronin noticed with ease.

"Kit Cloudkicker, you old bastard." Ronin grinned "It's been years."

"I'd love to chat but I my boss needs you in Zootopia on urgent business, we have a truant student who needs to be brought to the principal's office." Cloudkicker coded the request.

Ronin interpreted the code easily, Cloudkicker wanted someone captured alive and brought to whoever the boss was "And a strapping teacher such as yourself can't reign in such an unruly student?" Ronin enquired teasingly.

"This pupil is a special case, I'm sending you some photos now." Cloudkicker stated.

Ronin's phone beeped, she took the phone away from ear and open the photo files sent over to her, the first image was of Kiara Priderock in combat fatigues, the next one was of a giant white Lioness jumping into the air and the final image was of the same titan lioness lifting a tank over her head. Ronin's grin grew under her mask, this was going to be challenge, and she loved a challenge. She put the phone back to her ear "Oh I see, she's such a disruptive student." She cooed.

"Me and my employer think your special touch is needed here." Cloudkicker persuaded.

"But of course, I'm just finishing up teaching a class in New York, I'll be in Zootopia by tomorrow." Ronin promised, already excited for the next contract. "Au revoir." She added before hanging up. She then stared back at the terrified Kuzco and asked "So what's going to be? Quick death or long death?"

Kuzco was sobbing uncontrollably now, he knew his fate was sealed but he didn't want to suffer "The code to the safe is 05121901." He revealed.

Ronin saw no need to check the code, she knew the terrified Llama was telling the truth. "Merci Beaucoup." Ronin said sweetly before swiftly swiping her katana at Kuzco's neck, severing his head. She then got out her phone and checked the flights to Zootopia and said to herself "Alonzi."

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