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Chapter 19- Salut d'amour

On the drive over to the bunker Robyn explained that she was in fact the super heroine 'The Undying Scarlet' to the astonished Aleks. She gave him a brief explanation of how she got her powers and what her actual abilities were and despite hearing some unbelievable Aleks had no doubt that he was hearing the truth, he had already seen the vixen he loved ferociously take out The Drowned tonight, she even went as far to kill one of them so hearing that Robyn was a super hero wasn't too far fetched. Aleks voiced his wanting to know who the rest of the team were but Luna pointed out that it was not their secret to tell. Luna of course pulled into a KFC drive through and ordered a ten piece bucket and three milkshakes before driving onwards to the Bunker.

Aleks looked on in amazement as they entered down the hidden ramp and spiralling driveway down into the heart of the bunker. The two foxes and one hybrid got out of the Bugatti with Alek's eyes soaking in every detail of the high tech underground base. Luna spied up to the observation deck and could see no one attending the monitors "Hood and Maid aren't here?" Luna wondered out loud, holding onto the bucket of chicken.

"We all decided to take the night off after what happened earlier." Robyn answered, sounding awkward.

The memory of Luna pinning Robyn by the throat flickered through the young doctor's mind before saying sincerely "I'm sorry Robbie."

"It's fine, really." Robyn tried to ease.

"What happened?" Aleks queried, noting the guilty look in Luna's eyes.

"Nothing." Robyn ended, not wanting to shame her sister.

Luna then took a deep breath before suggesting "We best go into the Armoury, it seems fitting to talk about it next to my old uniform."

"Uniform…" Aleks uttered, he was about to ask why she had a uniform but didn't bother, he wanted answers. Luna and Robyn led Aleks into the main corridor and into the armoury, the silver fox gasped slightly as he saw the vast array of weapons hung on the walls, he then watched as Luna walked up to a glass case. In the case was a mannequin wearing what looked to be an emerald green leather bodice, matching tight fitting trousers, gold plated gauntlets and a yellow hat with a large red feather decorating it.

"I felt so proud when I first put this on, now I keep it here to remind me of how bad I messed up." Luna sighed, before putting the bucket of fried chicken on a nearby workbench "I never deserved the title of hero."

"You used to be a vigilante?" Aleks had already assumed this, but he wanted conformation.

"Yes, I was Andraste, named after the celt goddess of the hunt and war. I first put this uniform on a few weeks after my sixteenth birthday, two years later I promised myself I'd never wear it again." Luna recalled with sorrow, grabbing a piece of chicken and began to chew at it, she was a comfort eater.

"Are you finally going to tell me why you quit?" Robyn asked, looking at Luna with worry.

Luna swallowed her food before answering "I am but you're not going to like what you hear."

"Probably not but we need to know and I think you need to get it off your chest." Robyn said in a understanding voice, taking a drumstick from the bucket.

"Wait I need to know something first," Aleks spoke up "how did you get involved in heroism?"

"You could say it's the family business." Luna answered, taking another bite of the chicken.

"Hold on, Nick and Judy were vigilantes!?" Aleks asked, completely flabbergasted.

"What? No." Robyn scoffed "Our Nana and Grandad used to play dress up and beat up bad guys."

"Robin and Marian? But I met them the other night at the victory party they seemed…." Aleks trailed off, his head beginning to hurt.

"Like normal mammals, like I'm a normal surgeon and Robbie is a normal high schooler." Luna finished Aleks' sentence before adding "They may not look like it now but they were once two members of the most infamous group of vigilantes ever; The M.M gang."

"I thought they were all dead." Aleks mumbled.

"Only one of them is gone." Luna lamented, looking at Little's John's uniform "Anyway my grandparents saw the potential in me and Olivia and trained us to fight crime. For two years we were an unstoppable force, the crime rate dropped at least 40% with us around…but I had a problem."

"Your anger?" Robyn guessed.

"Yeah," Luna admitted "I was getting too lost in my second life, the only time I truly felt alive was when I was wearing my uniform and beating the snot out of bad guys. Everyone who knew my secret started to notice I was losing control, it had been building for about six months when it all came to a head."

Aleks could see the pain in his belle's eyes, he walked over and took hold of her spare paw then assured "It's ok, you can tell us."

"One day a story comes up on a news about a Binturong named Wayland Chen, he was a business man caught by the MCB laundering drug money through the fine art auction houses all across Zootopia for years." Luna began to explain "When the case went to trial Chen's lawyers produced documents that implicated that someone else was behind the money laundering and Chen was just a fall guy. The mammal they blamed for everything couldn't defend herself because she was already dead for twelve years."

Robyn actually gasped, realising what the next piece of the puzzle was, "Lu…" Robyn sympathised.

"Victoria Todd…my birth mother." Luna said in a steely voice "They accused her of being the mastermind of the operation, laundering millions all the way until a few weeks before she died. The worst thing was that jury believed the fabricated evidence, Chen was acquitted. Suffice to say, I was not satisfied with the result…I did something I can never forgive myself for."

Aleks gripped Luna's paw a little tighter and gently urged "Tell us."


Andraste stormed out the Bunker's elevator with Spitfire beside her already in mid argument "…You let that piece of shit get away!? You could've taken him!" Andraste shrilled.

"He had his wife in the car, she's innocent in all of this!" Spitfire argued, heading to armoury to dock the mech.

"Oh likely story, she's probably in on it too." Andraste parried following Spitfire "You should've shot their tyres, then we could've beat the truth out of them."

"A confession from a beating won't clear Miss Todd's name." Spitfire stated, unable to shake the habit of using Miss Todd instead of Victoria. Spitfire stepped into the docking terminal for her mech, once it was attached, the chest cavity opened and Olivia stood up from her seat and continued her point "Your mother wouldn't want you to act like this."

"Don't you dare tell me what my mother would've wanted, I knew her better than anyone!" Andraste snapped taking off her domino mask and tossing it aside.

"Look we need to be smart about this, we need to trust Marian to get us the evidence we need." Olivia underlined, climbing down the purpose built ladder from the docking terminal to the work table.

"We need to punish Chen, that's what Team Ceartais is about; Punishing Criminals." Luna growled, hanging her bow up on her wall of weapons.

"Team Ceartais is about justice not punishment." A stern voice cut in, the two teen heroes turned to see their three mentors walking through the doorway; Marian, Robin Senior and Little John "If you punish criminals without the courts you are no better than the M.M gang." Marian reminded, glaring at her eldest granddaughter.

"They tried to lock Chen up through the justice system and looked what happened." Luna replied bitterly "Even if we could get evidence against Chen you can't try someone for the same crime twice."

"Then some fresh charges of perjury, fraud and misleading a federal investigation would be brought against him." Robin tried to calm both fire furred vixens "Now why don't we have a nice cup of tea and plan our next move."

"Is that your answer to everything? Tea!?" Luna scolded her grandad "We all know that Chen has fifteen armed assholes on his payroll, if you're an innocent man you don't have that many heavies protecting you."

"We're not saying Chen is innocent, we know he's rotten to the core." Little John interjected "But patience may be a virtue on this one, trust in Marian to get the evidence we need."

"Oh, so all of you are ganging up on me now?" Luna accused "This is my mother we're talking about. The media are painting her as some money grubbing monster and you expect me to just take it laying down?"

"Luna I lost my both parents at the same age you did, I let my rage consume me and look what I became…Don't make the same mistakes as me." Marian advised with force.

"Proving my mother's innocence and throwing Chen in jail is not a mistake." Luna retorted.

"But harming innocent mammals to do that is a mistake." Robin sr. threw back "…Luna, we're worried about you."

"What are you talking about?" Luna grunted, taking off her quiver and grapple belt.

"You've been acting different lately," Oliva said, sounding apprehensive "a lot more…aggressive."

Luna went still at the word 'Aggressive' and demanded "Such as?"

"That buck deer in the canal district four months back, you put him in intensive care and he only got out last week." Robin sr. recalled with a glum voice.

"That guy was harbouring a rapist, what did you expect me to do?" Luna slung back.

"How about that she-wolf hacking ATMs in Savannah central in April? You gave her an open ulna fracture, she'll never be able to use her left arm properly ever again." Olivia reminded, trying her best to sound intimidating but no matter what Luna was her best friend and it still sounded like a gentle suggestion.

"She attacked me first, I hit back…harder." Luna emphasized the last word.

"Do you remember that Pig you mistook for a car thief last week? You broke that poor mammal's jaw…Face it Luna, you need a break." Robin sr. tried to persuade.

"You want me to take a break now? While Chen is still out there?" Luna asked, sounding increasingly frustrated.

"We're not asking you to, we're telling you to." Marian said bluntly.

Luna let this sink for a few seconds before asking in furious voice "You're benching me?"

"Two weeks, no hero work, no practice and no going after Chen…Trust us to deal with it." Marian ordered.

"No." Luna defied with a growl.

"I've revoked your security access to the bunker for the next fortnight, so no weapons or intel." Marian informed "I suggest you take this time to relax and act like a normal eighteen year old for once."

"You made me what I am, you expect me to forget who am I am at the drop of a hat?" Luna barbed.

"I warned you about what would happen if you continued down this path, and time and time again you've defied me." Marian said before turning her back on Luna "Go home Luna, me and your grandfather will see you for Sunday Dinner as always."

Something then snapped in Luna, she went to charge at Marian and send a few blows to her face but just as she went to move the large and powerful claw of Little John clasped her shoulder, holding her back. Luna looked up to Little John with confusion, he just responded with a shake of his head leading Luna to think she had an ally in the fight against Wayland Chen.

A minute later once Robin sr., Marian and Olivia had left the armoury Little John beckoned the sulking Luna to sit down at the workbench and talk to mammal she saw as a great uncle "You doing ok Angel?" Little John asked, calling her the same pet name he used when she was little.

"No." Luna answered, her anger having simmered down.

"You know Rob and Marian are doing this because they love you, right?" Little John asked gently.

"I know but whenever I think of the lies Chen is spewing, I just want to smash his face in." Luna replied, looking up at the grizzly bear.

"So what do you really want Luna? To put him in hospital or in a jail cell?" Little John questioned critically.

Luna thought about this for a moment, she couldn't deny there was a part of her that desired to beat Chen to within an inch of his life but she knew that wouldn't really solve the problem "In a jail cell." She answered.

Little John sighed heavily before instructing "Leave the Bunker and head to the top of the multi-storey parking lot on the edge of the Canal District, I'll bring your uniform and your bow just after 1am."

Luna was confused, but glad a helping hand was being offered, she whispered "Thank you." Before heading out of the armoury.

1am came and Luna was waiting in her civilian clothes on the top level of the parking lot when she heard the familiar sound of Little John's old clunker of a van ascending towards the top. The beaten up van pulled up beside Luna, the grizzly exited the driver's door and Luna was stunned to see he was in his old battle armour and holding his bo staff. "John why the hell are you wearing that? If you're caught in that you'll be arrested!" Luna criticized.

"This is a one time thing, I'm only doing this to help you out." Little John told, twirling his staff.

"But why? Don't get me wrong I appreciate but you seemed to side with Nana and Grandad on this." Luna voiced her puzzlement.

"And I'm still on their side," Little John corrected "but you and I both know that you'd never obey your suspension, you'd found a way to go after Chen and it would end badly. So I'm going to help you just like Rob helped me all those years ago."

"Thank you John." Luna said, hugging onto Little John's big belly.

"But I have some conditions." Little John declared "You follow my every order, we stick together and when this over you will be back on a two week suspension, we clear?"

"…Yeah, we're clear." Luna accepted begrudgingly, still not pleased about being side lined.

"Ok then," Little John seemed satisfied "your uniform and equipment are in the back of the van, get changed."

A couple of minutes later Luna emerged out of the back of the van in her Andraste garb with her bow in her paw, Little John was over by the edge of the Parking lot staring at something across the street. Andraste trotted over and asked "So why are we here?"

"For that." Little John answered pointing at a brick building with the sign 'Den Storage – Specialists in student storage needs' "This place may have the answers we're looking for."

"How do you know this?" Andraste asked sounding eager, already scouting the opposite building for security cameras, there were two on the entrance but none by the roof access, perfect spot to infiltrate.

"Marian's been digging in Chen's family and his daughter is off at Yale and has rented a storage locker in this building, seems normal right? But when Marian hacked the security footage archive she found that before he was arrested Wayland visited this place once a week, every Friday to be exact, for around ten minutes then leave." Little John explained.

"So you think he's storing money and documents in the locker?" Andraste assumed.

"It's a safe bet, before your little tantrum earlier Marian was going to give you this info but she decided to leave it for Spitfire tomorrow." Little John added "We go in and check for evidence, as soon as we find anything solid, we call the police and let them take care of Chen, understand?"

Andraste was a little steamed she wouldn't get to take down Chen personally but this was the closest thing to a win she was going to get, she had no choice but to answer "Yeah."

It didn't take long for the two heroes to get across to the other roof and break open the roof access door, taking care to disable the alarm before busting the lock. They went to the second floor of the building to locker 75, it was just big enough for a bear to fit in but no larger could get inside. Andraste got out a small aerosol can of liquid nitrogen and sprayed the padlock, letting it freeze for a few seconds before shattering it with her bow, it was a neat little trick her grandmother had taught her. Little John pulled up the heavy shutter and flicked on the light switch inside the locker to reveal a pretty standard collection of student belongings, a bookcase, a sofa and suitcases of what were supposedly filled with old clothes. "Where do you think he's hidden the documents?" Little John asked, having to duck his head to enter the locker.

Andraste made a b line straight for a old desk and started to look in the draws "It could be anywhere, search everything." She told, sounding agitated.

Little John ignored the young heroine's tone and started open boxes only to find video games and other un-incriminating stuff. After a few minutes of searching Little John unzipped one of the small suitcases and opened it to find it stuffed with money "Jackpot!" He cheered.

Andraste rushed over and looked at the money with awe "I knew it." She yipped before grabbing another suitcase and opening it to find even more cash, the only difference being that it was filled with euros instead of dollars "Crooked son of a bitch." Andraste huffed.

Little John picked up another suitcase and opened it to find it overflowing with papers "Andraste, look at this." He invited.

The archer stepped over and pulled out a few pieces of paper, she quickly scanned them and said smugly "These are transaction records of sales from auctions houses and not just in Zootopia, he's been doing this all over the country…this is it. This proves my Mommy is innocent."

"Ok, time to call the cops." Little John replied in satisfaction, the bear was about to retrieve a burner phone out of his pocket when voices caught his attention.

"Are you sure you want to get the money now? The feds could still be watching the place?" A unsure voice asked.

"After that flying tin can and crazy fox with the arrows nearly caught me tonight I'm not taking any chances." A stern voice affirmed, a voice Luna had come to despise, Wayland Chen.

Andraste's body just reacted on her rage; she bolted of the locker to see Chen surrounded by five bodyguards, three tigers, a rhino and a porcupine. The archer then started storming towards Chen with fangs glinting "Andraste stop!" Little John bellowed.

"Kill em'!" Chen panicked as he high tailed back to the stairs.

But before any of the guards could get their guns out, Andraste fired a flash arrow at the ceiling, blinding the guards and making them yell in pain while they covered their eyes, Andraste shot two tranq arrows into the porcupine and one of the tigers before heading for the stairs Chen had fled down "I'll get Chen, you take care of these losers!" Andraste shouted, leaving Little John to contend with the three guards.

"Andraste!" Little John roared in anger and disappointment before getting into a fighting stance with his staff.

Andraste got down to bottom level and raced to the door to see a jeep speeding away, she got out side and immediately fired a grapple arrow imbedding itself on the roof of the speeding car, she pressed the button on her belt and flew through the air and landed on the roof with a loud thud. She could hear Chen cursing in the passenger seat, Andraste was preparing a tazer arrow to shoot through the windshield to hit the dash and overload the electrics in the car and bring it to a stop but just as she was about to fire the driver made a sharp right turn causing Andraste to loose her footing and was sent hurtling head first into the waters of the canal. After a few seconds Andraste emerged from the water gasping for air then she screamed "SHIT!" in frustration.

It took Andraste five minutes to get back to Den Storage, soaking wet and hoping Little John had left one of the goons awake for her to beat the hell out of. Andraste traipsed up the stairs, ready for another fight, she reached the second floor and froze. The three remaining bodyguards were gone, the two Andraste had managed to knock out were still sprawled on the floor along with another motionless body. Andraste dropped her bow and whimpered "Little John?" before racing over to where the grizzly bear fell, she fell to her knees and started to shake the outlaw "John, wake up!" she yelled, but then she stopped when she was blood oozing from the left side of his head, his eyes wide open in terror, his mouth clasped shut never to speak a word again and his paws still gripped tightly around his staff. Little John was gone. "No…no,no,no." Andraste sobbed, crying into the armoured chest of the fallen hero before throwing her head back and screaming in emotional anguish.


"My anger and my arrogance got Little John killed," Luna said with guilt staining every word "if I had listened to him, if I stayed and fought beside him he would still be here."

Robyn was crying freely, she looked towards Little John's armour display and felt a chill run through her. Robyn didn't resent her sister for this but there was no denying the fact that her actions had gotten the kind old bear killed. Robyn then turned to Luna and said shakily "I always wondered why you were sad when anyone mentions Little John, now I know."

"Do you hate me for it?" Luna asked, prepared for a verbal tirade.

"No…but now I see why you warned me about my anger." Robyn answered timidly, even if she didn't hate her sister, she couldn't bring herself to go over and hug her right now.

Aleks however had no trouble putting an arm around his girlfriend and offering words of comfort "I know this isn't what you want to hear but you didn't pull the trigger, you didn't kill your great uncle."

Luna shook her head and countered with "The only reason John was with me that night was to help me, to stop me before my anger got the better of me and that stupid blind rage of mine got a mammal the Wildes considered family killed…there is no escaping that."

"But now we can help you move past this, I'll support you with whatever you're going through." Aleks dedicated.

"I'm with Aleks on this, you made a mistake and we can help you move on. You said you already go to therapy, maybe we can go with you." Robyn offered, wiping away some tears on her sleeve.

"…The story doesn't end there." Luna admitted, pulling herself out of Aleks hug and walking over to her old bow still hung on the wall.

"What? You mean there's more?" Aleks asked, wondering what else could've happened.

But Robyn had already figured the next part of the puzzle "Chen." She spoke, slightly afraid of what she was going to hear.

"Yes…he was still out there." Luna confirmed, she ran her paw across her bow then continued "In their haste to get out of the storage place the bodyguards only grabbed the money, leaving behind the payment documents and invoices, it was enough to get Wayland arrested but I didn't want that anymore."

"What did you do?" Aleks questioned, already knowing Luna was capable of killing someone in self-defence but murder? Could she murder someone?

"In that moment I was no longer Luna Elise Wilde, I was Andraste in body and soul." Luna told, the horrible sense of guilt pitted in her gut "As soon as I stopped crying I called Grandad and told him what happened before he could ask any questions I hung up and went hunting for Chen. I hunted him for three days, day and night but I found him eventually. The stupid little bastard was getting nervous, Spitfire had passed on the evidence to the cops and now they were after him too. His bodyguards had abandoned him and the asshole was trying to get on a freight train when I finally nabbed him."


The millionaire Binturong Wayland Chen's eyes fluttered open, he had massive headache, he remembered sneaking into the trainyard and this shadow appearing above him and then nothing. Chen's head was still foggy but he looked at his surroundings he was in a large dark room with lots of beds and medical apparatus that looked at least thirty years old, the smell of decay and mould filled the room. He looked down at himself and began to panic when he saw himself strapped to one of the beds, and a IV cannula had been inserted into his paw with a bag of saline running into his vein, he struggled against his bonds and began to pant in a panicky manner. "Good you're awake." A blunt voice came from the darkness.

"Who's there?!" Chen barked, his heart going into tachycardia with anxiety.

"We met the other night," Andraste reminded, stepping out of the darkness and over to the bed "you tried to kill me and your men killed my friend. I found you trying to run from your mistakes and took you here, it's an old free clinic, it's very useful to patch myself up during hero work."

"Look, in my bag is nearly half a million dollars, take it." Chen bargained.

"Ugh, why do all you scumbags think money will save you?" Andraste dismissed.

Chen looked at the IV bag and shrieked "Is that poison!? I though you heroes didn't kill people."

"It's just saline I promise you, you seemed dehydrated and I want you fit and healthy for when you're put in prison." Andraste clarified "But don't get me wrong I've thought of killing you a lot over the last few days. I thought about beating you to death, strangling you, firing an entire quiver of arrows into you…but that would be to simple. Someone long ago said 'Dying is easy, living is hard', and I don't want things to be easy for you."

Chen had began to blubber and he sniffed "Fine hand me over to the police, I'll confess to everything."

"I'll arrange your imprisonment soon but first I want to know something." Andraste snarled before leaning into the Binturong's face and demanding "Why did you frame Victoria Todd?"

"Because it was easy; she was dead and everyone thought she was crooked anyway, I tried to bring her in on the laundering racket years ago but she refused, so I made arrangements for her to be blamed if I ever got caught." Chen explained through tears.

"That's it? That's the reason you dragged a dead vixen's name through the dirt? Because it was easy!?" Andraste growled, resisting the urge to grab an arrow and plunge into his heart.

"Y-yes….now please just call the cops." Chen pleaded.

"I never said anything about calling the cops." Andraste said, looking at the fear in Chen's eyes and smiling.

"But you said I was going to Jail!?" Chen shouted.

"What I said was I was going to put you in prison, but I never said it would be one with brick walls and steel bars." Andraste informed "You see if I handed you over to the law the max sentence you would receive would be about twelve years, you'd probably get out in seven…I want you in prison for a lot longer than that, I want you imprisoned for life."

"You're not making any sense!" Chen yelled with fear.

"Do you know what Hypoxia is?" Andraste asked rhetorically before continuing "It's when parts of the body are starved of oxygen for a period of time, it can happen anywhere in the body but where you really don't want to affect is your brain. Do you know why? Because that can lead to a stroke and we all know what those can do. A small stroke ain't so bad but a big one well that can stop your motor functions, make your face droop and remove your ability to speak…it's like being a prisoner in your own body."

"You…you wouldn't." Chen stammered.

"Oh but I would." Andraste assured in forceful voice "Your greed got a good mammal killed."

But then Andraste spotted something across on the other side of the bed Chen was tied down to, it was vixen who looked around six years old with big amber eyes "Stop it!" Luna cried.

Andraste growled at the apparition "Go away Mommy's girl!"

Chen looked to where Andraste was looking and asked nervously "Who are you talking to?!"

"Mommy wouldn't want this! She wanted us to be a good girl!" Little Luna implored.

"I said shut up, this needs to be done." Andraste responded, getting up from the bedside across the room and opening the cupboard before grabbing an empty syringe "An air embolism is better than a trial."

Andraste went to step back towards to Chen, who was now thrashing, trying to get free himself in desperation and saw the vision of her six year old self standing in her way "Little John tried to stop you making a mistake, think about what he wanted before you do this!"

Andraste ignored her conscience and walked around the illusion, taking the syringe out of it packet and pulling back the plunger filling it with air "You deserve this." She spoke down to Chen.

"Don't!" Little Luna howled as Andraste grabbed Chen's paw and injected the air bubbles into his blood stream, sealing his fate.

"Oh god no" Chen bawled.

Andraste tossed the syringe aside and said coldly "I sentence you to life in prison."

Andraste could still she the vision of her younger self, who had gone to Chen's bedside and was crying at what the vigilante had done. It only took three minutes for Chen's body to start shaking and his cries to become slurs and that's when Andraste began to crack, she felt a surge of disgust not for Chen but for herself. That's when she heard it…a violin…. "No." Andraste mumbled as she looked at the illusion of her younger self playing her violin, performing the last song she ever played with her mother 'Salut d'amour' "Stop that!" Andraste shouted.

But little Luna continued to play the piece of music that meant so much to her, the fox kit's amber eyes filled with tears matching Andraste's own weeping eyes. It's then that she heard the sound of a piano making all her fur stand on end "Mommy?" Andraste whispered, looking around for the source of the piano but she couldn't find it "Mommy where are you!?" she screamed but the music continued to play and Chen carried on fitting. The music kept on playing while Andraste looked around in vain to see her mother until she couldn't take it anymore, she ran over to little Luna and begged "Where's my mommy?"

Luna stopped playing her violin abruptly, the piano ceased as well, the illusion of the kit looked up at Marian and said in a mourning voice "She's my Mommy, not yours." Before vanishing leaving Andraste alone with Chen who was still suffering from the stroke she had caused.

Andraste turned to face Chen and began to cry uncontrollably, she had not only done something truly evil she had killed a part of herself that she could never resurrect.


"Afterwards I called Nana, Grandad and Olivia, we got Chen to a hospital, he lived." Luna said, feeling the full weight of shame and guilt pressing on her heart "He got moved to a special home, his wife moved close by and she helps take care of him…I ruined their lives."

"Luna…you…" Robyn couldn't find the right words, she was too in shock.

Aleks seemed shook to his core, not wanting to believe the kind and gentle vixen he loved was capable of such a brutal act "What happened next?" he had to ask.

"I wanted to hand myself over to the police but the others convinced me that by continuing with medical school I could do more good saving lives then rotting in prison. I never wore the costume again, I never became her again." Luna revealed, looking at her old uniform and imaging it in flames.

"But you saw, well, you. Were you ok? Mentally?" Robyn queried, not sure how to feel about the revelation.

"No. I threw myself into my studies and put what happened to the back of my mind, I convinced myself that Andraste was someone else, it made the guilt easier." Luna told "But it never went away, I kept on remembering what I did, I'd remember the anger that drove me to that point and I'd have panic attacks. That's when I began therapy."

"I knew there was a reason you never played that violin in your study, it reminds you of that night." Aleks stated, his voice flat, not revealing any emotion.

"Yeah." Luna nodded before looking at her sister and her boyfriend "So what now?"

"Well…" Robyn started but stopped when Aleks turned on his heel and began marching quickly out of the armoury.

"Aleks?" Luna reacted, surprised by the action. The two Wilde sisters following the silver fox as he stomped over to the open elevator. "Aleks!" Luna called again.

"I need time to process this." Aleks stated, his eyes betraying him, showing his sadness.

"P-please, don't go." Luna choked, running over and wrapping her arms around Aleks waist.

Aleks sighed, pushed Luna's paws away before turning around and delivering a heartfelt kiss to her quivering lips a moment later he pulled back and said "I love you but I need you to give me a little time." He then stepped into the elevator and the doors closed.

The heartbroken Luna crashed into a crying heap on the floor with Robyn wrapping her sister in a comforting hug "Have I lost him?" Luna wailed.

"No, don't say that," Robyn hushed "it's just a lot to process. Just give him time."

"Time won't change what I did." Luna sobbed, feeling her one true love slipping away.

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