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Chapter 26- Shatter

Most mammals have that moment when they wake up and wonder if they are still dreaming and that was happening for a certain vixen right about now; Luna's amber eyes had opened and realised she was not in the bed she usually shared with Aleks. The bedding was a different colour, the room was smaller and the skyline out of the window was different, it looked like a dream but the feel of the sheets and the smell of the room made her doubt that theory, she looked under the sheets to find she wasn't wearing anything. As she sat up in bed a divine French voice greeted "Good morning."

Luna's amber eyes shot to the doorway and saw a white furred female bunny wearing an oversized t shirt holding two mugs of coffee. The vixen panicked and grabbed the duvet to cover her bare chest before screeching "Who the hell are you!?"

Alice had a dumbfounded look on her face as she replied "Um, it's me Alice?"

"Where the hell am I?" Luna demanded in a frightened tone "How did I get here?"

"My apartment and you climbed through the window, are you feeling ok Andi?" Alice asked back, growing quite concerned.

"Andi? Who the heck is Andi?!" Luna barked.

"Andi as in Andraste, are you playing with me right now? Because it's not funny." Alice reacted, feeling wounded as she put the coffee mugs down on the dresser table.

"Andraste." Luna mumbled in fear, this bunny knew that she was a vigilante. As anxiety began to grip her mind she looked across the room and a saw familiar katana in a red scabbard on a stand, her eyes then darted back to Alice and yelled "You're Ronin!?"

"Of course I am, look Andi this isn't funny." Alice retorted, getting agitated.

Luna got up from the bed in a very cautious manner using the sheet to cover her body, looking around the room for weapons and figuring that they were most likely in the locked black trunk near the sword stand, but then she looked at Alice and wondered why the assassin was not acting in a defensive manner "Why are you just standing there!? Why aren't you attacking me?" She snapped.

"Why would I attack you? Especially after last night." Alice said, getting more scared than confused.

"Last night? What are you talking about?" Luna asked, fearing the answer.

"You tracked me back here, you wanted to get back at me for hurting Scarlet, we fought but we ended up kissing again and then-" Alice tried to explain.

"We kissed?!" Luna barked, but then Luna questioned the fact that she was naked and that her enemy was being very friendly "Oh god, did we, you know?"

"Have sex? Yes…are you saying don't remember?" Alice asked, looking hurt.

"Did you drug me!" It was more of accusation than a question from the surgeon.

"What!? No, you instigated everything! I tried to stop you because you had a boyfriend, but you said 'The real me wants you'." Alice paraphrased.

Luna froze at those words, she tried to recall the last memory she formed, she was in the bunker she told Olivia she was going to track Ronin and the mouse had wished her luck then nothing. Luna had wanted her more aggressive side to help in her hunt, she had willingly submitted to this other side of her and the worst thing she feared was that Ronin would wind up dead but instead she had slept with her. Luna let out a low growl "I can't believe her! That bitch!"

"Who's a bitch?" Alice asked, noticing the unsure and clouded look had returned to her lover's eyes.

"Andraste, I trusted her and she does this!" Luna snarled.

"Um, you're Andraste though?" Alice pointed out.

"No, I'm Luna." Luna replied in frustration before clasping a paw over her mouth in frustration and muttering under her breath "Shit."

"Luna? Wait but you're still the same vixen from last night…right?" Alice questioned, growing more unsure by the second.

"No you slept with Andraste, not me…we're different, look it's hard to explain." Luna stressed.

"So…it's like you're two sides of the same coin, the same body but different sides?" Alice hypothesised, while trying to appear calm but her heart was shattering like glass.

"Basically." Luna sighed before her face morphed back to anger "Wait a second! You're a criminal, why the hell am I talking to you?"

"I'm not a criminal, I'm an assassin. There is difference." Alice snorted "And besides, Andi didn't seem to care."

"Like I said before, I am NOT Andraste." Luna barbed back "Just you wait, I know where you live and team cear…wait no, no I can't tell them, they'll know what happened."

"Look, Luna, was it? Let's just calm down." Alice eased, walking closer to the mentally stricken vixen.

"How can I calm down!? I've cheated on my boyfriend, oh god, I have to tell him, I can't keep it secret!" Luna rambled.

"It's like you said; you're not Andraste. You didn't cheat, she did." Alice convinced both herself and Luna "Your boyfriend never has to know."

"But I don't want to keep this from him…I've already put him through so much." Luna began to cry.

Alice knew she had to repair the situation, even if it would break her heart. She took a deep breath before offering "Ok, how about we make a deal?"

"A deal?" Luna sniffed, tears staining her beautiful amber eyes.

"Here it is; I won't breath a word about any of this; what we did or your name, also I help you get to wherever you need to go and in return you never target me at home, if you catch me while I'm Ronin so be it, that's fair enough right?" Alice bargained.

"And I have your word?" Luna asked, attempting to appear stoic despite her weeping.

"You said when we first met that I was an honourable warrior, then please trust the word of this warrior." Alice persuaded, extending her paw for a handshake.

Luna quickly shook Alice's paw before snatching it back "Well…Alice, can you at least tell me where my clothes are?" Luna asked coldly.

Alice pulled an awkward face before answering "Your mask, hat, bodice, and weapons are in that bag over there," pointing at sports bag in the corner of the room "but your trousers and underwear are…well…gone."

"You've got to be kidding me." Luna groaned, guessing what had happened "So how am I supposed to go home with no pants?"

"I can text my friend, she's a hyena, her clothes may be a little big on you but it's better than trying to squeeze into my clothes." Alice offered.

"Tch, fine." Luna tutted, marching over to the bag and hastily retrieved her phone that she kept concealed in one of the pouches on her belt, she read the screen and gasped at the 74 missed calls. Most were from Aleks, the others were Olivia and her nana Marian. "Shit, shit, shit." She cursed as she selected Aleks' number and began a call.

It only took Aleks a few seconds to pick up "Luna!? You ok?" the polish fox sounded beside himself with worry.

"I'm fine Aleks, just things on my hunt didn't go as planned." Luna was trying to sound positive but internally her heart was tearing itself apart with guilt.

"What happened? Did you find Ronin?" Aleks asked, sounding tired and anxious as if he had been up all night.

"Yeah, I found her, but she beat me." Luna responded, the lies burning her throat "She managed to stab me with one of my own tranq arrows."

Alice took her mug of coffee and made her way out of the bedroom, leaving Luna to converse with her true love, the bunny's head hung low and her ears were droopy as she wandered into her kitchen, her brain trying to figure out how a passion filled night had turned into a morning full of heartbreak. When Alice had woken up this morning she found she herself encircled by her dream vixen's warm and beautiful body, Alice had been hugging onto Andraste's long brush whilst she slept. The French/Japanese lapin had simply stared at the vixen's ravishing face for about ten minutes with her heart fluttering all the while, she actually thought her luck was changing, that she had found someone like her but now within moments of the vixen waking up the hope of a kindred spirit had faded and now Luna only saw Alice as she saw herself…a monster. "You know you don't deserve to be happy." Alice whispered to herself, looking at the breakfast she had prepared for herself and her lover so happily and now feeling pathetic. She sat at the kitchen table and nibbled on some honeyed toast while texting Jasiri about the clothing predicament, while the terrible nature of the situation weighed heavy on her mind.

Luna then appeared in the kitchen, with the sheet still wrapped around her to cover her body "Ok, my boyfriend and the team think you knocked me out last night, that's one crisis out of the way," she sighed, clearly stressed "did you text your friend?"

"Oui, she'll about half an hour, she's waiting for one of her employees to turn up at the store." Alice explained, finding it hard to look Luna in the eye.

"Store? Wait is your friend normal?" Luna scoffed.

"Yes, she doesn't know what I do for a living," Alice confirmed but stating "and I'd like to keep it that way."

"A deal's a deal," Luna reminded "I'm just shocked a little psycho like you has a normal life."

"That's rich coming from the girl with two personalities in her head." Alice sniped "Besides I'm sure you have a regular life besides being an archer. I bet you're shacked up with Rojek and playing the perfect little girlfriend."

"How did you know Aleks' surname?" Luna half snarled.

"He told me you two were dating at the Rose Thorn." Alice told before chuckling darkly "Wait, he didn't tell you?"

"No…but we had a lot going on that night," Luna justified "but I know what you did my sister."

The temporary malice Alice had possessed quickly shrank away and was replaced with a guilty look "Yeah, Andi was pretty angry at me too." She uttered.

"Andraste was mad over Scarlet? I don't buy it." Luna dismissed.

"It's true," Alice insisted "we both had daggers at each other's throats before things…you know."

Luna still looked pissed as she simmered "What you did to my sister was just sick. You could've just stopped after you downed her but you didn't, you just kept torturing her like the maniac you are."

Alice took a breath before admitting "What I did to Scarlet was wrong, I know that, I've been thinking about what I did since it happened, it was evil and monstrous…but we both know that girl needed a lesson or even better be convinced to quit."

"You broke her! You're just twisted!" Luna barked.

"I know!" Alice yelled, close to tears "But if you love your sister you should have never let her into this world…she's too young, she should be enjoying her teenage years not facing monsters like me."

"Robbie chose this life herself, no one forced her." Luna snapped, before realising she had blurted her sister's name.

Alice just sighed again before saying "You may as well just use real names, we made a deal and my word is my bond."

"Forgive me if I'm still apprehensive." Luna scorned, fixing her sheet.

"Fine you want to know my name? It's Alice Kirabito." Alice announced "Everyone thinks I'm a grad student and that I tutor high school French but that's just a cover, you know what I really am."

Luna knew she didn't have to reveal anything but for some reason she wanted to show her enemy that she wasn't afraid "Dr. Luna Elise Wilde, I'm a paediatric general surgeon, that's not a cover." Luna introduced herself.

"You're the mayor's daughter?" Alice gasped "So that means Chief Wilde…"

"Is my Mom…well Step Mom, technically." Luna explained "But yes they are parents."

"So Scarlet was that girl I saw on the news at the victory party...oh god, she is just a child." Alice lamented "And a hybrid, it makes so much sense, she moved like a rabbit but was bigger than a hare."

"Don't act like you care about what you did, you're a killer, you have no remorse." Luna barbed.

Alice's annoyance began to reappear on her face, she locked eyes with Luna and said proudly "You're right I don't regret killing any of my targets, because they were scum…just like me."

"Oh come on, you kill for the money, whether the mammal is good or bad wouldn't matter to you." Luna accused in critical voice.

"I've never killed an innocent, ever." Alice declared "For example I killed a Llama back in New York who was about to snitch to the IRS, this was the same guy who killed a six year old kid in a hit and run and got off on a technicality. Those three hits last night? One was a serial rapist and the other two were enforcers for the mob."

"But you stabbed Robyn the first time you met, you didn't know she was immortal and yet she's innocent." Luna remembered.

"Scarlet is a warrior, like you, I have no problem killing a soldier in war." Alice justified

"What war?" Luna queried.

"Against crime, in a way we're both crimefighters." Alice answered.

"You don't fight crime, you allow it to grow, you work for Rattigan." Luna disagreed while looking at Alice with disgust.

"Crime will never be defeated, but it can be controlled. Rattigan doesn't want chaos in the streets like the Razors or The Drowned. Is Rattigan evil? Of course he is but at least he'll keep crime under control." Alice argued.

"Well there's a right side and a wrong side in every war and you chose the wrong side." Luna replied, sounding sure of herself "Anyone who chooses to be an Assassin is just plain evil."

" 'Chooses to be an Assassin'? You think I chose this life?" Alice uttered, her golden eyes narrowing. Suddenly she hopped off her chair and in a one swift movement removed her large t-shirt covering her naked form.

Luna quickly averted her gaze before shouting "Why the hell are you getting naked?

Alice stood there with a stony expression on her face, her heavily scarred body trembled slightly as she pointed to a jagged scar that horizontal over abs "I want you to look at this scar!" Alice demanded.

Luna returned her view to the rabbit and did her best to ignore Alice's more intimate parts and focused on the scar "What about it?" She asked in an irked tone.

"I don't remember much about my parents but I do remember we were on vacation in Japan when I was abducted." Alice told with a strained voice "I was seven years old and bundled into a van, the next thing I now I was in a cage with five other girls around my age, all of us were different species. We were terrified and crying, none of us knew what was happening. Then a figure stepped out of the shadows, it was a amur leopard, in her paw was a shard of glass, she placed it in arms reach of the cage and told us if we didn't want to be sold we'd have to scar ourselves. None of the other girls were brave enough but I did..."

"Ronin…" Luna was lost for words.

"All the other girls were sold by the Yakuza just like the leopard said, I was beaten within an inch of my life for scarring myself, the clan boss was about to kill me when the leopard said she could train me to be like her. At that moment I lost my childhood." Alice forced, her hands beginning to shake.

"I…" Luna couldn't form a sentence at the moment, she was just shocked.

"Oh it get's better!" Alice hissed with sarcasm "I was trained to be a killer from that day on, no fun, no friends, no mercy." She turned around so her back was facing Luna, her back was even more scared than her front but most noticeable was the brand between her shoulder blades, the burnt skin showed a Japanese letter "You see that brand? It's kanji for 'Death', I got that burnt into my skin as a reward for my first kill…I was ten and forced to fight this badger not much older than me, I still see that poor boy's face in my nightmares."

"Alice…I'm sorry." Luna spoke, her hatred for the rabbit at odds with her sympathy.

Alice turned around with her golden eyes weeping "No, you're not I'm just a killer, remember?" she cried, grabbing her t shirt and putting it back on.

"Look I-" Luna started but was interrupted.

"I was dragged into hell but you and the rest of Ceartais walked into the fire willingly, so who's the twisted one really?" Alice asked with venom "…You have everything I ever wanted; family, friends and someone who loves you yet you chose to put on that mask and pick up that bow. Why?"

"…Because I enjoy it, because I can help mammals and I hate to admit but I get a rush from being a vigilante. It isn't like I haven't made mistakes, god knows I've made mistakes but I can't stop." Luna replied honestly "What about you? If you hate your life so much, why don't you quit?"

"Killing is the only thing I was ever good at and assassinating monsters like me keeps innocents safe plus it pays the bills." Alice admitted, tears still falling from her eyes "Even if I wanted to quit and live a normal life it wouldn't last, I've made a lot of enemies on both sides of the law. They would find me, kill me and everyone else I care about…Monsters are lonely creatures for a reason Luna."

Alice walked out of the kitchen causing Luna to asked in a worried tone "Where are you going?"

"I'm going to get changed, you should eat some breakfast." Alice replied in a morose tone.

Luna watched as the bunny walked out of view, her head now muddled with the questions regarding the assassin Is she really evil? She calls herself a monster, why? She hurt Robbie so why am I feeling sorry for her? All those scars, why did my heart race when I saw them? Why did Andraste sleep wiith her? What am I going to tell Aleks? I can't keep this a secret from him! Luna was actually quite hungry and while this maelstrom of thoughts swirled in her mind, she had eaten two slices of jam on toast and a banana. Feeling curious the vixen got up from the kitchen table and decided to explore the rest of the apartment, she made her way into the living room and was surprised by how messy and cluttered it was.

There were unwashed clothes and knickers spread around the room, there were video games cases spread on the coffee table mostly consisting of samurai or ninja games but there was the odd Japanese dating sim thrown in there. Luna wandered over to a packed and unorganised bookshelf and found some collections of poetry by Victor Hugo, Guillaume Apollinaire and other French poets but the majority of the books were volumes of manga, mostly of the samurai genre but some clearly were pure fluffy romance. Couple these manga and all the video games Luna voiced her realisation "She's a nerd?"

"I prefer Otaku." A voice sighed behind her.

Luna turned around to see the forlorn Alice dressed in a pair of black jeggings with a long sleeve dark blue rugby jersey that was in fact a replica of the French National Rugby Team's shirt. Luna got a flicker of the word 'Cute' flash through her mind but pushed it to the back of her mind before saying "You don't seem the type to be geeky."

"What? Assassins can't nerd out?" Alice asked with a sad smile before noticing that a pair of knickers with cartoon frogs on them were on the sofa, she quickly snatched them away in embarrassment, nearly tripping over in doing so.

Luna saw this and couldn't help but titter "Chill out, I've already seen you naked, it's not like seeing your panties is any worse."

Alice looked at her feet and mumbled "I guess…" while subconsciously pulling down her sleeve that showed one of her scars.

Luna picked up on this action and said softly "Don't read too much into this but you shouldn't be ashamed of your scars, they're beautiful."

Alice stiffened at these words and her fur stood on end, she knew she was blushing under her fur even though she knew her embarrassment would be replaced with sadness soon enough. "Andi said the same thing." Alice replied.

Luna didn't seem surprised by this, she had a thing for scars herself and would often marvel at Aleks' old wounds "Well that's one thing me and her agree on." She figured.

Alice was still avoiding eye contact with Luna when she asked a difficult question "You're not like me are you? This side of you isn't queer?"

Luna couldn't help but feel a little pang in her chest when she answered "Sorry, it's like I said in the Rainforest District; I'm hetero and not inter."…I think.

"But Andi is into females? Merde, this sucks." Alice regretted.

"So what do you identify as? Sexuality wise I mean." Luna quizzed.

"I'm pansexual and inter." Alice answered simply, but her tone was still down.

There was a lull of silence between the two, it was the definition of an awkward silence but Luna felt like she needed say something to bunny she saw both as an enemy but also as a clearly heartbroken mammal. "I'm sorry that this happened, I'm sorry Andraste seduced you, if I'd have known her intentions I would've never let her take control and I'm sorry she led you on. You're still my enemy but I feel guilty that you're hurting over this." Luna spoke from the heart.

Alice let the words sink in for a few seconds, her eyes met Luna's before responding "I'm sorry for messing up your relationship with Rojek, I'm sorry for hurting your sister and I'm sorry for making this morning a nightmare for you. But I won't apologise for what I shared with Andi last night…that was one of the best nights of my life and even though it will never happen again I don't want to look back on it with sorrow."

Luna looked like she was going to add something when a knock at the door came and a bright voice greeted "Hey girl, it's me, open up."

Luna looked panicked so Alice whispered "Go to the bathroom and take a shower, I'll deal with my friend."

Luna nodded in agreement and dashed towards the bathroom while Alice went and answered the door. Ten minutes later Luna stepped out of the bathroom and went back to the living room with two bunny sized towels covering her nude form. Alice had laid out some clothing options for Luna on the sofa, "Hey, I told my friend you were a vixen so she said these might work." Alice quickly explained, before pointing to each article of clothing "Ok so we got her really short shorts that you could tighten with a belt, a pair of sweatpants or one of her strappy tops which actually would look like a dress on you."

Luna looked at the top, it was slim yet long enough to look like a dress on her, she picked it up before saying to Alice "Can you turn around please?"

"Oh y-yeah." Alice realised, swiftly turning around to let Luna change.

After a few seconds Luna signalled "You can turn around now."

Alice turned back around and was surprised by how much the top did look like a dress on the beautiful red fox but she felt it would be weird to compliment her, given the circumstances. Instead she just handed Luna the large sports bag with her gear in "Here, I put fifty dollars in there so you can get a taxi home." Alice informed, trying to be strong.

"Thank you." Luna replied, still feeling awkward. She walked to the front door with Alice following, as she put her paw on the handle she looked down at the doe and asked nervously "The next time we meet can we act like this never happened?"

"I think that's for the best." Alice hated to admit. There was no goodbye, Luna just opened the door, stepped through and promptly shut it behind her. Alice stood there, her soul shook to the core, thinking it was impossible to feel this much heartache in the space of an hour. Her eyes were full of tears again as she crashed onto the sofa, buried her face in a cushion and began to cry.


Olivia Dawson was happy that Luna was safe and sound, she had been worried about ever since she heard from Marian that she hadn't checked in but after the brief call from the archer Olivia's attention was supposed to return to her work…but that didn't happen. The brown mouse was in her personal lab in the Dawson Tech building, she was supposed to be testing a new type of ultrasound machine but instead she was nibbling on candy, as usual, listening to death metal at the max volume, as usual and thinking about her fathers' connection to Rattigan. Marian had been digging into Basil and David's past and as of yet had found no link between the mice of science and the rat kingpin, only that all three of them were English which was not a lot to go on.

Olivia was also dwelling on Blake, ever since her undercover mission at the Rose Thorn she hadn't heard off the strapping rodent, she had called and left messages but he hadn't replied to a single one. She knew the reason of course; his father Professor Padraic Rattigan. The drug lord's return was most certainly putting the straight arrow Blake through the wringer.

Suddenly Olivia's music stopped, bringing the engineer out of her daze, she knew the only reason the music would stop without her doing so was that her Personal Assistant Pua was alerting her about something. She scooted over to her workstation and looked at the CCTV feed of Pua's desk and gasped when she saw Blake stood on the desk casually chatting with the pig. Olivia raced towards the lab exit, which was quite a distance for a mouse, before exiting through the rodent sized door and contain her happiness at seeing her boyfriend "Blake!" she happily squeaked, looking up at the desk.

"H-hey." Blake responded, the muscle bound rat looked timid and nervous.

"Miss Dawson, I've just be chatting to your lovely fella and I can't believe a little devil like you snagged an angel like him." Pua gushed, lowering his trotter so Olivia could climb on.

"Pua, stop." Olivia reacted in a shy manner, knowing that her assistant was a natural shipper. She hopped off onto the desk a few inches from Blake and couldn't believe how hard her heart was beating, it had only been a few days but she had missed him greatly.

"Ok so I'm going to take my break, I'll be back in a bit." Pua smiled at the couple, before making a speedy exit to the elevator so the couple could be alone.

As soon as the elevator door closed Olivia sprung at Blake and hugged him tightly, Blake appeared startled but soon enough hugged back, he had obviously longed to be near her too. "Hellfire, how I've missed you." Olivia confessed, not wanting to let go of the brawny rodent.

"I missed you too," Blake said softly before adding "I'm sorry I didn't call or text." Each word soaked in guilt.

"It's ok, you're here now, that's all that matters." Olivia eased, breathing in her lover's scent.

Blake pulled back from the hug and sighed "I've been avoiding you cos' I got some bad news the other day and I've been trying to process it."

"Is everything ok?" Olivia asked, fully knowing what was bothering him.

"Not really," Blake said, looking more reserved by the second "you know my Mom was a single parent? And that I said my Dad was a waste of space who ran off years ago? Well he's back in Zootopia and I saw him the other night."

"Blake, I'm so sorry that must be horrible." The mouse sympathised.

"Look…he's a bad mammal, like the worst possible kind, but I feel like if I don't tell you about him I'm betraying you." Blake struggled.

"Don't be daft, so your old man is bad news, I don't care about him, you're the one who matters to me." Olivia encouraged

"No Olivia, I gotta' tell ya' this, it's been eating at me." Blake said, his face showcasing his tormented emotions "Ok here it is; my father is Rattigan, the mobster."

Olivia wasn't shocked by news she had already heard but at the small tears forming in her lover's eyes, she took hold of Blake's paw and spoke "It doesn't matter Blake, I don't care if your dad is the devil himself, you're not your dad. You are the most honest, most sweet and most caring rat in this city."

"Sweetheart…" Blake mumbled, subconsciously holding Olivia's paw a tighter.

"Because this weekend I'm introducing you to my Dads and I know they're going to see what I see when I look at you." Olivia spoke with absolute honesty, she gathered her courage to add three more words that she had wanted to say since the Rose Thorn "I love you."

Blake's eyes went wide and his jaw fell slack at this confession, he gawped "You…"

"I know we've only been dating a short time but it's the truth; I love you Blake Gusteau." Olivia professed, her cheeks feeling like two bonfires.

Blake didn't let logic control his reaction, only his heart, he lifted up the slender mouse and held her so they were level with each other before declaring "And I love you Olivia Dawson." The two then joined lips in a kiss that was soft and gentle but inside both of their hearts had melted with love.


"Why are we here?" Robyn huffed, leaning on the wall of the Bunker's elevator "It's not even our shift today and I've had crappy day at school, can't we just go to BuggaBurger?"

"We're going to train," Hannah replied in a chipper voice "it'll help beat your blues."

"There is a reason why I'm feeling down Babe." Robyn answered back, the memory of her fight with Ronin was still fresh.

"Look I know you're not feeling the best right now," Hannah empathised, taking a step closer to her girlfriend "but working out always cheers you up."

"I dunno'." Robyn mumbled, wanting to go home, hide under her covers and watch old kung fu movies.

Hannah boldly grabbed Robyn and brought her in for a deep kiss, the ginger hybrid moaning slightly and thumping her foot as Hannah massaged her weak spot behind her right ear. Just as the elevator reached the bottom Hannah ceased the kiss, pulled back and willed "Trust me."

"Ok…" Robyn responded in a dreamy tone, giving a lovesick expression.

The door opened and both teens stepped out hand in hand, to find the two surviving MM gang members waiting for them, Marian and Robin senior were smiling at the young couple as they approached them. "Why have I got a feeling I'm being set up?" Robyn asked playfully, nudging her grinning girlfriend.

"That's because you are being set up, my dear." Marian chimed in "We've got a little gift for you."

Robin senior presented a metal briefcase and handed it to his namesake "You're going to need this." The old fox smiled.

Robyn set the case on the ground, and flicked the catches open and lifted the lid, inside was one of her uniforms but with some notable changes, a pair of red coloured metal gauntlets with six sharp hooks on each one "What are these for?" Robyn asked, lifting one of the gauntlets out of the case.

"Those are made out of the same metal Olivia built Spitfire with, both bullet and blade proof, you'll need some kind of defence if you're going to beat Ronin." Marian explained.

"…I appreciate this, but I don't think I'll ever-" Robyn began to self pity but was halted by her grandfather.

"Quit it with that talk, young lady, you're a member of Ceartais. You're not going to let one defeat keep you down, we're going to train every day to get you ready." Robin senior rallied, before tossing what looked like a small black stick to Robyn.

Robyn caught it before pressing the red button in the side of the plastic stick, suddenly a telescopic metal rod rose from the end of the handle. Robyn twirled the nightstick in her hand and suddenly felt a lot more confident, she looked at her grandparents and smirked "Let's get started."


Luna had kept in constant text contact with Aleks since leaving Alice's place, the young cop had cut short his sick leave and was back with his SWAT team at precinct 1. Luna had gone home and changed into her own clothes before calling her therapist's office, but the vixen was horrified to learn that Dr Thrash was vacation and wouldn't be back for five days. This was disastrous, she needed to sort out this Andraste personality mess, either with therapy or drugs and Thrash was the only mammal who could help her, but what she needed help with most was the overwhelming sense of guilt she felt over cheating on Aleks. She tried to tell herself that it was Andraste's fault but that didn't make it any better, she felt like the worst mammal on the planet at the moment. She needed to talk someone before she went crazy but she had so few options; she wasn't ready to tell Aleks, she was terrified of what Robyn might say and she knew if she spoke to Olivia or any other members of the team they'd demand to know Ronin's location. All these factors left her with one obvious option.

Luna stepped into precinct 1 and immediately she noticed it seemed like a much different place than when she last visited, there were armed guards at the doors and there were a lot more mammals in suits and national guard than before. Luna went towards the staircase leading to her Mom's office and her way was instantly blocked by a yak national guardsman "State your business." He ordered.

"I'm here to see my Mom, Chief Wilde." Luna answered in a polite manner.

"Chief Wilde is a Rabbit, you sure as hell look don't look like no cottontail." The Yak sniggered.

"I'm fully aware of my Mom's species and my own, now can I please pass?" Luna asked, slightly irritated.

"How do I know you're not Drowned? You could be a killer, maybe I should detain you and interrogate you." The Yak blustered.

"Just radio to your guy upstairs and get them to ask my Mom if I can come up." Luna instructed, refusing to be intimidated.

"You telling me how to my job, fox?" The Yak asked in a threatening manner.

The penny finally dropped for Luna, this guy was speciest against vulpines but she wasn't backing down "Radio upstairs now or I'll make sure Chief Wilde knows that there is a prejudice national guardsman in her precinct, my mom has a zero tolerance policy against that shit."

"Are you threatening me, fox?" The Yak asked in a cold voice, flicking the safety off of his assault rifle.

Luna knew she could disarm the yak easily if he went to shoot her, it had been a terrible day and she was nearly at her breaking point. "Listen, you-" Luna began to tirade but was stopped by a high pitched squeal.

"O.M. Goodness, is that little Lulu?" Clawhauser nearly shrieked as rushed over and wrapped the vixen in a hug.

"Benjamin." Luna breathed, glad to see a friendly face, hugging the chubby cheetah back.

"What is the most adorable vixen in all of Zootopia doing in this drab little precinct?" Clawhauser asked mischievously "Could it be you're having a secret rendezvous with a certain spectacles wearing silver fox?"

Luna felt a stabbing sensation in her chest when Clawhauser mentioned Aleks but she quickly replied "Aleks is actually on a raid at the moment, I'm just here to see my Mom, but I'm having trouble getting past this mall cop." Luna glared at the national guardsman.

The yak ignored the jibe and asked Clawhauser directly "You know this girl?"

"Yeah I've known her since she was little kit, this is the Chief's daughter." Clawhauser replied, giving the yak a judging look.

The Yak grunted "Go on ahead." Before stepping aside.

"Thanks Benjamin." Luna smiled, kissing the cheetah on the cheek before making her way up to her Mom's office. But when she got in ten feet of her office she could her mom yelling at someone over the phone while her Mom's two secretaries rushed around trying to sort out much needed business. Luna knew both of her Mom's secretaries and politely nodded at them as she opened the door to the office to find Judy hollering down the phone.

"You listen to me Fitzpatrick, if you can't get your precinct in order, how the hell are you supposed to keep law and order?!...Fine, tell Bogo, I'm sure he shares my feelings on the shitty job you're doing!" Judy shouted before slamming the phone down.

"H-hey Mom." Luna opened, slightly shocked by her Mom's outburst, she was usually so calm and collected.

Judy looked up at her daughter and replied in an apologetic tone "Hi Sweetie, sorry you had to hear that, some of the other chief aren't taking their fair share of work and I'm trying to fix it."

"Sorry to hear that." Luna responded, not sure if she should be dropping such heavy news on the stressed police chief.

"What are you doing here? Oh sweet cheese and crackers, we're we supposed to meet up and I forgot?" Judy fretted.

"No, no…I just need to talk to you." Luna said, knowing now that there was no turning back.

"Oh Luna, can it wait? I've got a stack of papers to sign and meetings until my shift ends." Judy responded.

Luna was about to say 'Yeah, that's fine, we'll talk later' but her sadness betrayed her, a tear ran down her left cheek and her mouth whimpered "Mom, please…"

Judy's ear fell to droopy mode in a heartbeat, she ran to the door and said firmly to her secretaries "Clear my appointments for the next hour."

"But Ma'am what do I tell regional director Winter?" One of the secretaries, a male otter asked in a panic.

"Tell Skye it's a family matter with my eldest, she'll understand." Judy instructed before closing and locking the door, she dashed back to Luna who was no crying heavily, the doe hated seeing her daughter so distraught and instinctively grabbed both of Luna's paws and asked "Sweetie, what's wrong?"

"Mom, I screwed up." Luna blubbered, before falling to her knees, the weight of the situation had finally broken her.

Judy placed Luna's head on her chest and kept one paw on the vixen's cheek and the other on the back of her head, she gently rocked her child in a maternal manner before saying softly "Tell me what happened?"

Luna didn't answer straight away, she felt like a child again being comforted by the step mother she cherished, for the first time since she awoke on this hellish day she felt safe. But she knew she had to come clean, she took a deep breath and confessed "I cheated on Aleks."

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