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Chapter 43- Love isn't a rose…

"It's ok, I'm so glad you're here." Luna replied honestly, taking hold of Alice before surprising the lapin with a long and passionate kiss.

When Luna freed Alice from the embrace, the white furred doe said breathlessly "Wow." Luna had never kissed her that way before, it felt different, it felt like heaven.

Luna then took hold of both of Alice's paw, plucked up her courage and began to speak "I need to tell you something, I tried to tell you last night but I wimped out, Alice I-"

"Hey Luna, the train's arrived, so let's…" Judy said, walking from behind the magazine rack and stumbling into the romantic moment, Judy's amethyst eyes went wide when she realised she had ruined a very private moment "Ohhhhhhhhh, hi." She said awkwardly.

Luna's head was spinning with how awkward this moment was, she couldn't react, Alice read this and greeted Judy in an equally embarrassed manner "Bonjour Chief Wilde."

Luna looked at her Mom with a combination of frustration and disbelief. The poor vixen was starting to feel like she couldn't catch a break. Luna was screaming mentally; Mom! Please leave! Turn around and leave! Don't ruin this for me…

But of course, the overly polite police chief extended her paw and said in a gauche manner "You must be Alice, it's so nice to finally meet you."

Alice was convinced that Judy felt the same social discomfort she was experiencing right now but Alice had the extra factor of being one of Zootopia's most wanted, the swordswoman was praying that the cop wouldn't recognise her voice from the Rose Thorn "And you, Chief. Luna talks about you all the time." Alice responded in a clumsy manner.

"Oh please, call me Judy." She replied, getting a good look at the rabbit, Alice really was beautiful but there was something familiar about those golden eyes.

Luna decided to intervene before the conversation descended into a more cringe-worthy level "Um, Mom, you should head to the platform, I'll be there in a second." Luna ushered, placing a guiding paw on her Mom's shoulder and gently pushing her towards the book's shop's exit.

Judy got the hint and let out a garbled "O-Oh right, the train, uh, bye Alice." Giving a small wave and early bumping into a boar as she hurried out of the bookstore.

"Well that was painful." Alice breathed, relieved that Judy didn't notice her alter ego "So what did you want to tell me?"

Luna felt put on the spot, her ears went flat against her skull and her pulse started to pick up pace again. Judy had innocently wrecked the perfect moment. But Luna was still determined to say those three little words, despite losing her nerve and having to catch her train, so the vixen came up with a compromise that was cunning, cowardly and childish. The vixen crouched down so she was eye level with Alice, caught off guard with a quick kiss before swiftly whispering in her ear "I love you." Before springing up and running out of the bookstore leaving the stunned bunny frozen in place.

Alice's eyes were locked on Luna as she sprinted towards the train, all the while there were butterflies fluttering in her tummy. She felt dizzy as the words echoed in her mind and her heart swelled with too many emotions to count "She loves me." She murmured softly, having to stop herself from weeping in the middle of the book store; only one other mammal had said these words to her, Oni, her master and more importantly, her adoptive mother. Alice was caught between joy and sorrow; joy at being told 'I love you' and sorrow for knowing that she would break Luna's heart soon enough. "Je t'aime aussi." She spoke, looking at her love hop onto the train.


The train from Zootopia to Bunnyburrow was always a packed one, most of the passengers were city rabbits off to visit their families in the farming county but there were also tourists, looking for a vacation in the idyllic countryside. But this train was especially packed for a reason; Carrot Days. The annual harvest festival was usually seen by most Bunnyburrow families as a time for a reunion and the Hopps clan were no different. But this would be the first time Nick would attending the Carrot Days festival as a political guest and not just as a son-in-law of the Hopps. This was one of the many thoughts bugging him as he sipped a cup of blueberry tea in his seat, Jack who was sat opposite his oldest friend took note of the troubled look on the mayor's face and asked "You going to tell me what's bothering you or I'm going to have to guess?"

"Huh?" Nick sounded, emerging from his thoughts.

"You look like something's eating at you." Jack pointed out "And don't bother denying it, I've known you since we were in diapers."

"Just a little stressed about a few things, Skippy." Nick answered, knowing it was ok to call the striped buck by his childhood nickname "I'm a little nervous about meeting the Bunnyburrow mayor, I don't want to make a fool of myself or Stu and Bonnie for that matter."

"That'll be fine," Jack waved off before accusing "but that's not the real thing bothering you, is it?"

Nick gave a grunt before confirming "No…I'm thinking about my folks."

"Oh." Jack sounded, surprised by the answer, he had expected Nick to remain stoic when it came to Marian and Robin senior.

"It's dumb really, I'm furious with them but this trip doesn't feel the same without them. I mean this has been a tradition for nearly sixteen years; my family and yours heading to Bunnyburrow and having a great weekend but this time it feels…wrong." Nick explained, sounding pissed off at himself for being upset.

Jack shared his best friend's longing for the company of the elder Wildes, but knew Nick was still deeply hurt by his parent's betrayal "Are you regretting barring them from this trip?" he asked with caution.

"Yes and no." Nick pouted "I love my parents but I'm just so…argh! They just keep acting like irresponsible assholes."

"Maybe it's best you keep your distance from them for a while, the wounds are still fresh, just give it time." Jack advised.

Nick took the words on board before adding "You know my old man one told me he loves my Mom but he doesn't trust her, now I know how he feels."

In the same train carriage, Skye, Hannah and Robyn were up on the higher deck taking in the sights of the California countryside, well Skye and Robyn were at least. Despite Hannah's vow to be less clingy, the striped hybrid couldn't help but keep her paw locked with Robyn's. The teen took note of her excessive handholding and made up an excuse to give Robyn a break "Listen, I'm going to head to the dining car to get some snacks, do you two want anything?"

"Nothing for me, honey." Skye replied, not taking her eyes off the view.

"A can of sprite please." Robyn smiled, watching her girlfriend unfold her cane and make her way down the small flight of stairs.

A minute or so passed with a comfortable silence between Robyn and her godmother before the silence was broken by a giggling behind them, both of them spied a smitten bunny couple cuddling on a seat with the female marking her boyfriend with the scent glands in her cheeks. Robyn turned back sharply, seemingly embarrassed by the very public display of affection, her long ginger ears went droopy and her fur went on end.

Skye noticed the teen's reaction and chuckled "For all your bravery and bravado, I still can't believe you're flustered so easily."

"Skye…" Robyn gave a very teenage groan.

"I'm just messing with you," Skye eased "you're so easy to wind up."

"You're a riot." Robyn replied with dry sarcasm.

"Oh you look like your dad when you pout," Skye sniggered "I bet you got just as worked up when Hannah marked you."

"Uh…" Robyn sounded.

"You marked her? Well I am surprised." Skye said, sounding impressed.

"Actually, we haven't marked each other." Robyn corrected in a timid tone.

"…Oh." Skye reacted with quiet shock, genuinely caught unawares by the revelation.

"Is that weird?" Robyn asked anxiously.

"No, no, of course not. All couples move at a different pace." Skye tried to extinguish the fire she just started.

"But…but when did you and Jack mark each other?" Robyn asked a thorny question.

Skye gave a unsure smile but still told the truth "After a few weeks."

Robyn hung her head and spoke with sad realisation "Me and Hannah have nearly been dating six months and…oh no."

Skye cursed herself for bringing up the subject, she scooched over to Robyn and wrapped an arm around her goddaughter before saying "Listen you and Hannah are the perfect couple, everyone can see that you love each other, so don't let this bother you."

"But marking shows you love someone, right?" Robyn asked, sounding worried.

"Not always, it's also a sign of being attracted to someone." Skye tried to gloss over.

"But I am attracted to Hannah, she's sexy as hell." Robyn declared before realising what she had said to Skye "I-I mean, Hannah's v-very beautiful!"

Skye had to use all her mental strength to not laugh at the girl she hoped would one day be her daughter-in-law. She took a moment to compose herself then suggested "Then why don't you mark Hannah the next time you two are alone?"

"I can't do that!" Robyn exclaimed at low volume as to not embarrass herself in front of the other passengers.

"Why not?" Skye let a small smile emerge on her face as she spoke to the ruffled girl.

"Well…Hannah's always been the one to make the first move. Hannah kissed me first, she was the one who got me to dance at pride…she's so confident, I'm nothing like that." Robyn pitied herself.

"I'm sure Hannah gets nervous too when it comes to relationship stuff, maybe she's a little scared of taking the next step." Skye figured.

"Really?" Robyn asked, relaxing a little.

"It's possible, why don't you make that your mission this weekend? I know Hannah will be over the moon if you marked her." Skye smiled.

"…You're right, I'll do it." Robyn rallied herself.

"Atta' girl." Skye grinned, ruffling the fur atop the hybrid's head before heading for the stairs "I'm going to head to the bathroom, think about what I said."

A few minutes later, Skye emerged from the train's bathroom and was met with the sight of Luna marching away from Judy. "Listen I'm sorry, ok?" Judy fussed, following her eldest kit like a lost puppy.

"I've already told you that it's ok, now can we drop it?" Luna asked, clearly wanting some space.

"But-" Judy began.

"Listen, this weekend is about Robbie's birthday, we're not focusing on me, I just want to see the family and make sure Robbie has a great birthday." Luna underlined, before stomping off, leaving a dejected looking Judy in her wake.

"What the heck was that about?" Skye queried, puzzled by the exchange.

"It's complicated." Judy sighed.

"When is anything not complicated with our families?" Skye jested "Come on, what's the story?"

"Ok but keep this to yourself; Luna's dating someone new but she's keeping it under wraps." Judy explained, omitting that Luna's new flame was female "Anyway when I went to get Luna out of the bookstore at the train station I kind of ruined a private moment between them."

"Why is Luna keeping it a secret?" Skye asked in a perplexed manner before joking "Let me guess, she's a lesbian now."

"Uhhhhh…" Judy sounded.

Skye read Judy's reaction and gawped "Oh my gosh, I was joking."

"Ssshhh, keep it down." Judy hushed, nervously looking around to make sure no one was eavesdropping.

"Luna's dating a girl?" Skye whispered "But why doesn't she want anyone to know?"

"She says she's still trying to figure her sexuality out. Which I get, when she comes out it has to be on her terms, I don't want to force her." Judy answered, wishing she could talk and support Luna, but the defiant vixen was making it difficult.

"I guess." Skye agreed "But how did you find out?"

"I could smell a bunny doe's scent on her." Judy replied absentmindedly.

"Wait, she's dating a bunny? Luna's inter too?" Skye quietly gasped.

Judy facepalmed herself before groaning "When am I going to stop screwing up today?"

"Damn like father like daughter, Nick fell for a rabbit and so did Luna." Skye commented.

"Um, you're married to a bunny too. Is it just a fox thing to be attracted to us?" Judy pointed out before pondering.

"Must be." Skye shrugged "But honestly I think you're worrying too much, just let the conversation come naturally."

"I suppose you're right." Judy concurred "But it's so hard to get Luna to open up."

"Well, tonight we're going to do our traditional girls night out with your sisters, right?" Skye grinned "So get a few drinks in Luna and I'll bet she'll be coming to you for advice."

"Your solution is getting Luna drunk?" Judy asked dubiously.

"Have you got a better idea?" Skye responded.

"No." Judy sighed.


Seeing as it was the Carrot Days weekend the entirety of Bunnyburrow train station was swamped with rabbits greeting their loved ones as they got off the train from Zootopia. So Bonnie had to text Judy telling the party to head straight to the Hopps farm homestead instead of fighting through the mounds of bunnies at the train station. Luckily for the Wildes and Savages, there were Zuber drivers in the farming community. As the minivan pulled into Hopps farm they could already see dozens of Bunnies waiting for their arrival. "Ready to get mobbed Skippy?" Nick asked, bracing himself for inevitable bunny pile.

"I'm never ready." Jack laughed nervously, remembering how sore his neck was after last year.

"Oh don't be such babies." Skye said, shoving her husband.

"It's a traditional Bunnyburrow welcome, getting tackled by a swarm of rabbit kits is our way of saying welcome to the neighbourhood." Judy smiled before opening the sliding passenger of the minivan.

Before everyone was out of the van the kits had raced over and started jumping all over the guests, with only two left standing; Robyn and Hannah. Robyn was standing because of her super strength but Hannah was left confused asto why none of the kits had leapt at her like they usually do, leaving her to ask "Where's my hug?"

One of the smallest kits, a nephew of Judy's by the name of Herb, walked up to Hannah and hugged her leg "Sowwy Hannah, Gwandma said we can't tackle you." The little bunny said, his speech impediment making it easy for Hannah to identify him.

Hannah crouched down and scooped up Herb while asking "And why's that?"

"Cos'Gwandma says we might huwtyou cos' you'we blind." Herb answered innocently, not noticing the hurt expression on Hannah's muzzle.

"Oh Herb, you can't hurt me, I'm a tough city girl." Hannah tried to brush off despite feeling wounded, she actually loved all the kits swarming her whenever she came to Bunnyborrow.

"Ok!" Herb said brightly before turning to his siblings and cousins and shouting "Guys Hannah said it's ok to tackle her!"

A collective "YAY!" came from the kits and they all jumped on Hannah, who fell to the ground with a laugh.

"Kids, what did I tell you about jumping on Hannah?!" Bonnie Hopps shrilled, walking over with the rest of the adults.

"It's fine Bonnie, I'm blind, not made of glass." Hannah assured, covered head to toe with bunny kits.

"R-right." Bonnie stumbled, caught off guard by the response.

"Ok, kids I think they've had enough, get off them before they suffocate." Heather, Judy's older sister, ordered.

"Awwwww." The kits sounded as they unenthusiastically clambered off the party from Zootopia.

"Ow." Skye murmured, putting a paw to her sore back.

"Don't be such a baby." Jack grinned, echoing his wife's earlier words.

Robyn and Luna rushed to Bonnie and hugged her before Judy could get a chance "We missed you Grandma." Robyn smiled, genuinely happy to see the matriarch.

"You look great." Luna complemented, the mature bunny still looked fit and healthy despite being in her seventies.

"Oh it's so nice to have you all home." Bonnie gushed, hugging tightly onto her granddaughters.

After ten or so minutes when all the hellos and catch ups had been completed the sound of a rickety old tractor reached the ears of Luna and Robyn, the sisters who were on the porch knew exactly who was coming from the fields, they bounded off the porch and ran towards the dirt track that led to the fields to see Stu Hopps on his tractor. "Grandpa!" Luna and Robyn hollered joyously, both girls loved all their grandparents but were especially close with the old bunny.

"Well if it ain't the prettiest girls of all Zootopia." The pudgy old rabbit chuckled, turning off the engine and climbing down.

As soon as his feet hit the dirt the sisters ensnared him in a huge hug "It's so good to see you." Luna beamed.

"Aw, you two never change do ya'?" Stu tittered, hugging the girls back.

"Nope and we never will." Robyn smiled.

Nearly two hours later the Wildes and Savages, along with a hundred or so members of the Hopps clan were sat at the picnic tables outside the big house. These tables were always used during special occasions and family get togethers. Bonnie and some of her grown up children had prepared lunch which included some chicken and fish for their predator guests, although there was an awkward moment when Stu asked where Robin Senior and Marian were, to which Judy quickly fibbed about them having the flu.

"So…full." Jack breathed, pushing away his plate.

"The foods lovely as always Bonnie." Skye smiled at the hostess.

"Thank you Skye, we gotta' feed you up on some good country food while you're away from the city." Bonnie replied, sipping a cup of coffee.

"I'm surprised you get any decent food at all in Zootopia, with The Wave and all." Heather commented, munching on some carrot sticks and hummus.

"Never mind the Wave. All I see on the TV these days is those Drowned psychopaths." Stu worried aloud "I do worry about you folks being in that darn city."

"It's not so bad, Zootopia's got it own guardian angels." Luna gave a knowing smile.

"You mean those super heroes?" Heather responded "To be honest I couldn't believe it when I saw them standing next to Judy during that press conference."

"Awe they weal supewhewoes Aunt Judy?" Herb asked with his eyes shining bright.

"They sure are, they help the police lock up the bad guys." Judy smiled, eyeing the small smirks on Luna, Robyn and Hannah's faces.

"So who's your favourite hero Herb?" Robyn asked with curiosity.

"The Mage!" Herb declared, grabbing a celery stick and pointing it like a wand.

"Mage? Really?" Hannah asked, scrunching up her nose.

"Yeah he's so cool with his magic wand, his awesome pick up twuck and he can even tuwn invisible!" Herb listed with excitement.

"But what about the others? Like Andraste?" Luna asked, partly insulted that her own cousin thought another hero was the coolest.

"Or Scarlet?" Robyn chimed in.

"Or Bullet?" Hannah added.

"They'we ok I guess, but The Mage is still the coolest." Herb smiled.

Nick couldn't help but chuckle as he observed the irked faces of the three heroines "You heard him girls, The Mage is the coolest." To which the three gave a deadpan stare to the red fox.

"So Nick, what's all this business you got to with our mayor?" Stu asked, leaning back in his chair.

"Mostly contracts that reduce taxes between the two counties, trade incentives and getting Bunnyburrow some workers from the city." Nick explained

"Didn't you say Mayor Beets was dropping by today?" Judy asked her mom.

"Mayor Beets retired in the spring, we've elected a new mayor." Bonnie corrected.

"Oh, who's the new mayor?" Judy asked, not surprised that Beets had retired, that old rabbit was mayor back in her childhood.

"Well…" Bonnie started.

HONK-HONK! The sound of a car horn stopped the conversation and everyone turned around to see a rusty old military style jeep coming up the drive. "Yeesh, who drives that rust bucket?"

"The mayor of Bunnyburrow." Bonnie smirked.

The jeep parked up and out of the driver seat stepped out a black wooled ewe in her early forties with blue eyes and a pink muzzle "Hey ya'll." She waved.

"Sharla!" Judy's face lit up, getting out of her seat and trotting over to her childhood friend.

"Judy, it's been so long." Sharla smiled, opening her arms and letting Judy hug her.

"I can't believe you're the mayor, last thing I heard you were still with NASA." Judy said, pulling back from the hug.

"I quit NASA and the air force a few years back, it was actually my husbands who convinced me to run for mayor." Sharla replied.

"Husbands?" Judy asked, thinking that the sheep had got her words jumbled.

"Yeah but we were right, you do make a great mayor." A chipper voice cut in.

Judy looked past Sharla to see two more familiar faces from her past, one was a heavyset fox holding two boxes with the words 'Grey Bakery' on them, the other was a slim ferret holding a sleeping white wooled lamb in his arms. "Gideon, Travis?" Judy gawped before looking at the baby and cooing "Oh my gosh you're such a cute family."

"Good to see you Judy." Travis smiled

Judy hurried over to Travis looked at the little lamb who was less than a year old and grinned "Oh sweet cheese and crackers, he is adorable."

"That he is," Gideon said with pride "we adopted little Levi here six months back."

While Judy gushed over the baby Nick sauntered over to Sharla and introduced himself "Nice to meet you Sharla, I'm Nick Wilde, Judy's husband."

Sharla shook Nicks paw and replied "Nice to meet you Mayor Wilde."


After joining the Hopps for a spot of lunch the Greys made their way home but not before Heather and Judy convinced Sharla to tag along to their 'Girls night out' at the Cloven Hoof bar later. So while the rest of the family continued preparations for Carrot Days and Robyn's birthday party, Judy, Skye, Luna, Heather and fifty or so Hopps girls made their way to the Cloven Hoof. The place was a typical country bar with American flags everywhere and country music playing but this place was the Hopps family usual watering hole seeing as it was the only bar for miles around.

It was close to ten pm when Sharla showed up and Judy wasted no time catching up with her old friend "So your eldest kit is your step daughter?" Sharla asked, looking over at Luna who was in the middle of a pool game with one of her cousins.

"Yeah but she's called me mom since she was seven, she's my little girl no matter what." Judy smiled, supping her sixth vodka and coke of the night.

"And you're youngest is turning sixteen on Sunday, damn I'm 42 and I just became a mother, I feel like I'm playing catch up." Sharla sighed, taking a swig of her beer.

"But Levi is so cute, plus you've got two good fellas to help raise him." Judy encouraged.

"Yeah, Travis and Gideon are my world." Sharla said in a mushy manner, all the beers were starting to get to her.

"Can I ask how the whole poly thing came about with you guys?" Judy asked carefully.

"It's kind of funny really, I never thought I'd get married to one of my childhood bullies let alone two of them." Sharla said with warmth "When I quit Nasa and the air force I was in a bad place, I had PTSD after a test flight went wrong, three of my crew died and was too scared to step foot on a plane again."

"Sharla, I'm so sorry." Judy sympathised.

"It's ok. Anyway I started going to group therapy and Travis was one of the mammals who attended the sessions with me, he had his own demons to deal with after being in the marines. Anyway we became friends, he reintroduced to Gideon, who he was already married to and after that we just started hanging out a lot." Sharla recalled "But soon enough I was staying over in the guest room of their home a lot, we'd go to dinner and the movies together and then one time while we're at this restaurant a waitress commented that we were such a cute unit. I asked what a unit was and Travis had to explain what polyamory was and after that the three of us talked about it, both Gid and Travis are Bi and said they were open to the idea. So we took it slow, went on a few dates and before I knew it I fell in love with them."

"Aww, so when did you get married?" Judy asked.

"Well we're not technically married." Sharla corrected "Poly marriages aren't legal yet, so we had a spiritual wedding and I legally changed my name from Shears to Grey."

"That's so sweet." Judy gave a tipsy smile.

The rest of the night passed along with drunk shenanigans ensuing; the fluffle of bunnies plus the two vixens and ewe got up and danced, sang karaoke and made fools of themselves. Judy was at the bar waiting to be served when the intoxicated Skye came over and whispered "So how's the plan going?"

"Plan? What Plan?" Judy responded, feeling buzzed from the booze.

"The 'Get Luna Drunk' plan." Skye reminded in a quiet voice.

Judy looked over her shoulder and could see Luna having a drunken arm wrestle with her Aunt Heather while being cheered on by Sharla and some other Hopps does. "She looks pretty drunk already." Judy noted

"Well I don't think she's drunk enough to talk about 'That', I think we need someone's help with this predicament." Skye grinned.

"Who?" Judy asked, wary of Skye's smile.

"The Vodka Witch." Skye answered and before Judy could react the arctic fox whipped out her credit card and hollered at the Ram behind the bar "Barkeep, a bottle of your strongest vodka please!"

"Well I got a bottle of Good Ol' Sailor vodka, it's 170 proof. You sure you can handle that?" The Ram Barkeep chuckled.

"I can't but I know a Rabbit and Vixen who can." Skye replied mischievously, handing the credit card over to the jolly Ram.

"Skye what are you doing!? I'm not going into Vodka Witch mode, it's been like four years since I went that crazy." Judy flapped, memories of her past drunken escapades came into focus as the Ram placed the colourful bottle on the bar.

"Then it's time for her triumphant return and I think you should introduce Luna to the witchy way of life." Skye persuaded before spotting Luna had won the arm wrestling match against her aunt, she shouted over the sounds of cheering bunnies "Hey Luna, how about a victory drink?"

The plan worked well. Too well. By the time the bar closed Judy and Luna were both the most inebriated out of the whole group and Skye grinned with satisfaction as the mother and daughter were laughing like idiots and holding onto one another for support. Most of the Hopps sisters dispersed, having home all-over Bunnyburrow leaving a quad of drunk mammals walking to the Hopps family farm; Judy, Luna, Skye and Heather.

"I WANT WAFFLES!" Judy declared loudly "Let's find a diner!"

"Oh my gosh, YES! I want fired chicken with mine!" Luna yipped, nearly tripping over.

"It's nearly 2am the diners around here are shut." Heather pointed out, she was drunk but nowhere near the levels of her sister and niece.

"Booooooooooo." Judy whined, stumbling down the road towards her childhood home.

"Maybe-hick-if we a-ask Grandma she could make us some?" Luna pondered while hiccupping.

"I don't think Bonnie will be impressed if you wake her for waffles." Skye smiled, picturing the peeved face of the matriarch.

"Ok f-forget about the waffles, we'll steal cookies from the kitchen!" Judy slurred, her amethyst eyes were bleary from the booze.

"Yeah!" Luna agreed over-enthusiastically.

Heather just shook her head and laughed at the two, they had arrived at Heather's homestead, a mile west of the main Hopps household, this was her stop and also Skye's since the Savages were bunking in this home since the main house was so packed. "Ok, this is where we part, you sure you guys are ok to walk back?" Heather asked in a protective manner.

"Ugh, of course we a-re, you sound like Mom." Judy sniped before giggling.

"Yeah-Hick- it's a straight road, we'll be fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine." Luna dragged, struggling to stay balanced.

"Have a puke bucket ready for the morning." Skye taunted as her and Heather walked towards the wood panelled farmhouse.

"Puke? Ha! As if, I'm n-not even that drunk!" Judy rebuffed, her body swaying from side to side as the mother and daughter began the last mile to the main homestead…at a very slow and stumbling pace.

Judy looked up at her eldest kit and started giggling like a child causing Luna to ask "What's so-Hick-funny?"

"Sk-Skye's plan worked." Judy gave a cheesy smile.

"What plan?" Luna questioned, her amber eyes half open.

"Getting you wasted!" Judy declared dramatically "You n-need to open up about that pretty doe you're dating!"

"That's-Hick- sneaky!" Luna responded, wagging her finger at the police chief.

"Moms have to be sneaky." Judy smirked "Look you m-may as well tell me, there's a 99% chance I w-won't remember this tomorrow."

Luna pondered this for a moment before agreeing "Fine, what do you want to know?"

"Ok, does s-she come from a big bunny family?" Judy queried.

Luna paused before answering, knowing that she would have to omit some stuff "Hick, no she was adopted, it was only Alice and her mom but she's gone now."

"So she's going to be in for a t-treat when she meets our f-family." Judy slurred.

"She's NOT meeting our family!" Luna said firmly, trying to sound serious despite her blood alcohol level.

"Aw, whyyyyyyyyyy?" Judy moaned.

"Cos' we're not g-going to last, everyone's going to h-hate-Hick-her." Luna answered, morphing into a sad drunk.

"Why would we hate h-her? Is it because she's French?" Judy attempted to joke.

"I j-just know, ok." Luna dodged.

"Alright then, tell me this smart ass; do you l-love her?" Judy probed.

"…That's not fair." Luna mumbled, turning away from her mom.

"Do you love her? Y-yes or no?" Judy forced.

"Of course I love her." Luna admitted "B-but it will never work long t-term for us."

"Oh sweetie!" Judy gushed, hugging onto the vixen "If y-you love someone you gotta' fight for them, none of that 'If you love them, let them' c-crap."

"I dunno…" Luna reacted, sounding reluctant.

"Ok try this; tell m-me what you love about A-Alice?" Judy suggested.

"…S-she's a little nerd." Luna couldn't help but smile.

"Go on." Judy willed.

"She's got this dry wit that always make me l-laugh." Luna answered with a drunk grin before listing "We're a lot alike, she's-Hick- a bit of rebel, we understand each other, I feel w-warm when I'm with her."

"That's it, keep going!" Judy encouraged.

"She's so flirty, it almost like she knows what I'm t-thinking. Hick- she's so passionate too and oh my god her scars are so…" Luna drifted off, a naughty smile creeping on her muzzle.

"Anything else?" Judy asked with a sly smile.

"Yeah, she's got the sexiest ass I've ever seen." Luna purred.

Judy threw her head back and laughed at the answer before adding "I'd say you've got someone worth fighting for."

"…I guess I do." Luna said, feeling a little more positive about her and Alice's future. She looked at Judy and smiled "Thanks mom."

"Anytime sweetie." Judy replied, glad that the awkwardness between them had gone. The bunny went back to looking down the road they were walking on, there was only half a mile left until they reached the main homestead but on the opposite side of the road she spotted something. There was a small construction area, surrounding some potholes in the road, there were all the hazard signs around it but also some traffic cones causing Judy to grin at Luna "I think it's time you join my coven."

Back at the homestead Nick was slumbering in one of the guest rooms, the forty nine year old fox had found it hard to fall asleep without Judy beside him and was only asleep an hour when he heard a loud slam come from downstairs. Nick stirred instantly, he sat up in bed and was listening for anymore noise, SLAM! It sounded like it was coming from the kitchen, Nick got up from the bed and opened the doorway to the upstairs hallway to find Bonnie and Stu had emerged from their rooms as well as Robyn. "What the heck is that noise?" Stu yawned.

"Did you lock the doors?" Bonnie fretted to her husband.

"I thought you did." Stu replied awkwardly.

"Burglars? I'll sort them for ya'." Robyn smirked, rushing to the staircase and making her way down stairs.

"Robyn!" Bonnie and Stu gasped.

"Damn it, kid." Nick groaned, chasing after his daughter with Stu and Bonnie close behind.

Some of the other Hopps clan had stepped out of their rooms causing Bonnie to order sternly "Stay in your rooms!" as she followed Nick downstairs.

Robyn slunk through the unlit house towards the kitchen with Nick and her maternal grandparents following, the hybrid was ready for a fight but all that tension went when she head a familiar voice slur "Where are those d-damn cookies?"

"Mom?" Robyn asked aloud as she came around the corner to see Judy and Luna looking in the kitchen cupboards, both of them wearing orange traffic cones on their heads.

Judy and Luna looked toward Nick, Robyn, Bonnie and Stu with half amused, half guilty expressions on their faces "Uh oh, busted." Luna sniggered.

"Geez, Jude, you nearly gave us a heart attack." Stu huffed.

"And what in tarnation have you two got on your heads?" Bonnie asked in a tone only a mother could muster.

"Our witch hats!" Judy answered.

"Oh no." Nick groaned.

"What do you mean witch hats?" Robyn asked, trying her best to contain her laughter at the two inebriated women.

"We're the Vodka Witches!" Judy proclaimed, waving her hands "And we d-demand cookies! Or we'll turn you into toads!"

Bonnie wore a scowl like thunder before pointing to the living room and nearly growling "The only thing you're getting is some sleep, now get on those sofas, I don't want you throwing up in the bedrooms."

"But we want-Hick-cookies!" Luna whined like a child.

Bonnie snapped her fingers and yelled "Sofas. Now!"

Luna's felt like a little kit again, she lowered her head and swayed towards the living room, leaning on Robyn for support. Judy was less compliant though, she stumbled over to Nick and grabbed him by his sleep shirt, pulling him down and whispering in his ear "This little witch w-wants her fox."

"C'mon Carrots, you heard your mother, let's get you on the couch." Nick laughed nervously.

"But I want you to knot m-me." Judy whispered seductively despite being soused.

Before Nick could react Bonnie stepped over and grabbed Judy by one of her ears and dragged her away "Ow, ow, ow! Mom let go!" she winced while being pulled into the living room.

Stu shook his head and sighed at his son in law "Looks like you've run into a vodka witch before."

"You have no idea." Nick breathed.


Dawn rose across Zootopia on Saturday morning but it was a grey and cloudy day, the clouds looked like they would burst with rain at any moment. Blake Gusteau was half asleep as he rode his bicycle to Gusteaus. The reason for going into work so early was due to the fact that every Saturday, the elite restaurant would do a brunch menu and Chef Remy always prepared for the rush of customers early and would rope in his nephew to help. He parked his bike outside the back door and chained it up, he opened the door and could already smell some of the fresh fruits and vegetables being prepared. He hung up his coat and walked into the kitchen but was met with a sight that made his heart sink and blood boil in the same moment; twenty rodents all armed with handguns were posted all around the kitchen; kneeling on the ground were Blake's uncles; Remy and Emile. And just behind them, sat on a chair and supping an espresso was Rattigan. The mob boss looked at his son and said coldly "Good morning Blake, I thought it'd be nice if we shared breakfast together."

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