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Chapter 25


Charlotte Elizabeth Cullen's POV

I am a very important person today. Daddy says so. Daddy also says I am a big girl. Mommy says that, too, but she is busy today. Also something Daddy told me but I just don't see it.

I mean, she is just lying there, doing nothing. Everyone else is doing something. Daddy is holding her hand and putting a wet towel on her head. He is telling her she is doing a good job and that he loves her so much. The doctor comes in and out, checking for something underneath her blankets and then telling her a number. Once it was one, then it was three, then it was three again. Mommy kind of growled when hearing that.

I guess she doesn't like the number three.

A few minutes ago, it was six. Mommy was happier about that number.

My favorite number used to be six. Now it is seven, cause that's how old I am.

Also, the nurses are doing something. One is in here almost all the time. I like her, she's nice. She gave me ice cream. She has a nice smile, too, like Mommy. I wonder if she is a mommy.

Nana Esme and Papa Charles are also here. Pawpaw has been hovering over Mommy while Nana sits next to me, knitting a hat. I think Mommy likes Nana better cause she keeps shooting the mean look at Papa. Usually she gives him a nicer look.

Daddy says I should be very quiet and a good girl today cause Mommy is going to have a hard day. So, I play with my iPad and watch movies with my headphones in. I like my iPad, though Mommy gave Daddy a mean look when he gave it to me. She said he spoiled me.

I don't mind.

The doctor is in again. She says eight this time. Mommy looks slightly more happy but she is still moaning. I think she is hurting but when I ask her if she is okay, she smiles and says 'I'm fine, Baby Girl'. I think she is lying but Mommy and Daddy told me that lying was bad.

A pretty lady comes in and she smiles at Mommy and hugs her and Daddy then walks over to me. I take out my earphones cause Mommy says it is rude to have them in when someone is talking to you.

She comes down to where she can see me better and asks my name.

I tell her 'Charlotte Elizabeth Cullen'.

I remember the day that became my name. I was five and Daddy wanted me to have his last name. I wanted it, too, because I love him to the moon and back. So I had to sign my name and he had to sign his and then he said that was the day I became his.

I didn't get that because I have always been his. Must be a grown up thing.

"My name is Kate. I work with your Daddy."

"Nice to meet you, Ms. Kate."

Kate is nice and she gives me some candy. She stays for a while then leaves.

Then Aunt Alice comes in, still in her blue outfit. She works here at the hospital and has only been in here twice today. She is smiling and looks excited. I make room for her to sit next to me and Nana. Papa is sitting in a chair and Daddy has his own. There's a lot of people here.

Which brings me to why I am a very important person today.

Cause today, I will be a big sister.

I am happy that I will get a sister or a brother. My friend Lacy from school has two brothers and I stayed at her house and we all had fun. I will play with my brother or sister all the time.

I even have a shirt that says 'I'm the big sister' and when the baby comes out, Aunt Alice said she would take me down to the gift shop and let me get the baby a shirt. We hafta wait cause Mommy and Daddy wanted to be surprised.

I like surprises, too.

Daddy said him and Mommy would stay at the hospital for two days then they would come home but that tonight I would go to our new big house with Aunt Alice and then come back tomorrow.

I like Aunt Alice. She is fun. So is Uncle Jasper, her new husband. He reads to me with funny voices and takes me to Chucky Cheese and dances with the big mouse. He's a doctor, too. He says he makes people beautiful.

The doctor comes in… again. This time she says ten. I wonder if she likes math.

Mommy and Daddy smile then a bunch of people come in the room but PaPa and Uncle Jasper leave. I don't know why. Aunt Alice puts me on her lap.

"It's time for Mommy to have the baby." She whispers.

It is?

I watch Mommy yell out in pain and scream and cry and I am not so sure I like the new baby now. It's hurting Mommy.

But a little while later, I hear a cry. It sounds like my baby kitten, Callie, but then it gets louder. Mommy is crying again, but she is smiling so I am not sure if that is good or not.

Mommy and Daddy look down at the little baby and Daddy kisses Mommy's forehead and tells her he loves her so much.

He loves Mommy to the moon and back, too.

Then Mommy smiles at me and tells me to come here. So I get off Aunt Alice's lap and tip toe over to her bed. Daddy lifts me up and puts me next to Mommy.

"Charlotte, I want you to meet your baby sister, Emily."

I bite my lip and then reach out to touch her tiny hand. It is soft and then Emily opens her eyes and looks at me. Her eyes are dark blue and her hair looks brown, like mine and Mommy. She is so cute that I am not even mad at her for hurting Mommy anymore.

"Hi, Emily. I'm your big sister, Charlotte. I'm gonna take good care of you. We will go to the park and we will watch movies and you can sleep with me and we can eat Cheetos and go to Chucky Cheese with Uncle Jasper." I tell her and then hear Mommy and Daddy laugh.

I wasn't being funny.

"She is too little to do all that just yet, Char."

I scowl.

"Yes, she can. She can do anything." I whisper.

Then I think of something.

"She's not sick like I was, is she?"

Mommy shakes her head.

"No, Baby Girl."

I nod cause that's good. I don't want her to have a scar like me.

I stay a little longer and even get to hold Emily. Daddy says I'm a natural, whatever that means. I think it means I did a good job.

But then Aunt Alice says it is time to go home. I kiss Mommy and Daddy then I lean over to where Emily is and kiss her soft cheek.

"I will see you tomorrow, Baby Emily. Be good for Mommy and Daddy. I love you."

I see Mommy wiping away tears. I hope she still isn't hurting but she assures me she is fine, just emotional.

I don't know what that means either.

I sigh dramatically.

Grown ups…

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