It's been a few days since while the zombie party fiasco, Dipper and Mabel was in their room and Dipper was reading the journal hoping it can tell him something about the laptop they found. But it was hard since he can basically hear all the construction workers outside repairing the "woodpecker" damage that Grunkle Stan had told the workers. Inside their room, Mabel was jumping up and down on her bed still excited from the party.

Mabel - "Man beside the zombie fight the party was fun"

Dipper- "Yeah it was pretty fun. But promise you won't tell anyone I sang that song along with the lamby lamby dance?"

Mabel - "No problem! But we were so good we should be in a band! Oh! We can call ourselves, "The Sparkly Sassafras!"

Dipper- "Wait, I thought we were The Love Patrol Alpha? Which by the way I still don't agree to the name."

Mabel - I change it because "Sparkly Sassafras sound WAY better! Plus, after the song I realize we have a lot more sparkle than love."

Dipper- *chuckles* "Is Waddles in the band too?"

Mabel - "Yes! He's the band mascot and keyboard player!"

Dipper- "Wait how would he... Never mind I'm not gonna question it."

Mabel - "Are you still reading that journal?"

Dipper- "Of course! Now that I know there is invisible ink all written all over the pages. There is a whole new layer of mysteries to explore. Plus, I feel like I need to know more about the laptop."

Mabel - "Well that is true."

Dipper - "I just wish I knew who the author is."

Mabel- "Hey don't you worry about it bro bro; Sir Mystery Ham is on the case!"

Dipper- "Again with the Sir Mystery Ham?"

Mabel - *laughs nervously* "Yes…"

Dipper - "Maybe we should look somewhere else."

Mabel - "Hmm...Oh! How about the library!"

Dipper - "The town have a library?"

Mabel - "Well I think they do. Let's check it out"

She was about to go downstairs but then Dipper said:

Dipper - "Wait shouldn't we tell Grunkle Stan?"


Grunkle Stan - *yelling* OKAY! HAVE FUN!"


At the library

The library looked normal and fancy. Which is weird because a lot of places in Gravity Falls looked weird. But there was just people reading books...Well expect for Old Man McGucket who was just eating the books.

Dipper- "Alright where should we look first?

Mabel- "Oh! How about the romantic drama section?"

Dipper-" Uh Mabel that's not exactly what we're here for. We need a book about the history of Gravity Falls maybe they have the author in it."

The twins began looking for history books. As they were looking Mabel began to make a fort out of books. Dipper was sitting at the table looking frustrated.

Dipper - "Maybe they don't have it here."

Mabel- "Aw don't worry Dipper you'll find it somewhere. But for now, join the S.S. Book of Love and Fun!"

Dipper - "Well maybe later."

Mabel - "Okay suit yourself."

Mabel picked out another book and it was old and dusty and ripped.

Mabel - "Ew gross."

Mabel throws it on the ground and looks for another book.

Dipper - "Are you sure it's okay to do that to books?"

Mabel - "Yeah I mean it's not like it's going to eat me. *picks out another book and it look big and little messy* hey what's this?

Dipper - Let me see."

Mabel gave Dipper the book and saw it was the history of Gravity Falls!

Dipper - Mabel you found it! This is the book!

He was about to check it out but bump into a girl. The girl has his skin color, long black hair with a blue streak in it, wears a medium sleeve green shirt and the middle is white, and the sleeves is white on top but the bottom is green, khaki capris, and red sneakers. She was also wearing a white cat hat with ears.

Girl- "Oh I'm so sorry let me get that for you."

Dipper- "Oh no it's ok I got it."

The girl helped Dipper up and picked up the book.

Girl- "The History of Gravity Falls eh? It's a pretty informative read, I've checked it out twice."

Dipper- "Oh really?"

Girl - "Yeah it has a lot of interesting facts."

Dipper - That is cool. Oh, uh what's your name?

Girl- "I'm Rachel, and you are?"

Dipper - "Dipper Pines."

Rachel - "Oh that's an interesting first last name."

Dipper- *nervously* "Oh uh yeah I guess it is."

Mabel was in her fort chuckling while spying on Dipper and Rachel.

Rachel - "Hey it's okay I got a weird last name too."

Dipper - "Really what is it"

Rachel - "McCloud."

Dipper- "Hey that's a nice name, Rachel McCloud."

Rachel- "Yeah I guess so. Anyway, I got to go find a book about planets but maybe we can get together and talk about that book, after you've read it of course."

Dipper - "Oh sure!"

Rachel- "Well bye then."

Dipper - "Yeah um bye!

Rachel goes to the other side to get her book. Then Mabel pops out of her book of fort which scared Dipper.

Mabel- "OMG! Are you finally getting over Wendy?"

Dipper -" What? What do you mean?"

Mabel- "Come on Dipper! She was totally flirting with you. Plus, I noticed she use the old "bump into the person I love" excuse."

Dipper- "No way! She's just a nice person that's all."

Mabel - "Ah come on you guys are made for each other! You both do like planets."

Dipper - "Well that's true but I barely know her."

Mabel- "Well maybe you should go get her phone number or something."

Dipper- "What?! Are you crazy? What if she says no or something?"

Mabel - "Hey you'll never know unless you try."

Dipper - "Yeah but-"

Mabel- "Oh just go!

Mabel pushes Dipper towards Rachel. Dipper saw Rachel got her books about planets.

Dipper - "Hey uh Rachel!"

Rachel - "Oh hey Dipper."

Dipper - "Hey umm isn't it okay we...hang out sometime or someday or any day or week?

Rachel- "Oh sure! What day and or week did you have in mind?

Dipper - "I don't know...Maybe tomorrow or the next day or maybe after that?"

Rachel- *chuckled* "We can hang out tomorrow if you want."

Dipper - "I guess but we can do it any day."

Mabel - Holy moly just say yes for tomorrow!"

Dipper and Rachel heard Mabel and saw her behind the bookshelf. Mabel then realize she was caught and quickly came out.

Rachel- "Who are you?"

Dipper- "That's my twin sister Mabel."

Mabel - "Hi! I'm Mabel!"

Rachel- "Well I'm Rachel, but you probably already knew that considering you were spying on us."

Mabel- "How did you kno-"

Rachel- "I saw your eye peeking through the books on the shelf."

Mabel - "*chuckled nervously* Oh yeah. *noticed her hat* Hey I do like your hat by the way!"

Rachel - "Oh thanks! Cats are one of my favorite animals."

Mabel- "No way I love cats too! I even have a meow wow sweater!"

Rachel - "Nice! Hey, how about you both come over to my house tomorrow."

Dipper- "Sure where do you live?"

Rachel - "I live a couple of blocks away from this place call the Mystery Shack."

Dipper- "Hey you know Mabel and I actually work there."

Rachel- "Really? I heard it's amazing but it seems like a total sham."

Dipper- "Well it's kinda is in a way. Our Grunkle Stan owns it."

Rachel - "Really?"

Dipper- "Yeah but sometimes he would put old stuff together to make it look rare."

Rachel- "Huh, this town was weirder than I thought."

Mabel- "That nothing. Dipper and I see all tons of weird stuff like with zombies, mermen, and dinosaurs, etc."

Rachel - "Wow that sound amazing."

Dipper - "Yeah but sometimes it does get weird and sort of scary and dangerous."

Rachel - "Hey it's ok. I like that kind of stuff because it's really interesting."

Dipper- "Really? How about you should come adventuring with us sometime."

Rachel- "Adventuring? You mean like mystery hunting?"

Mabel - "Yeah! We can become the Mystery Trio!"

Rachel- "Wow that sounds amazing! we should talk about that more tomorrow because I still have to go."

Dipper- "Oh yeah I forgot about that sorry."

Rachel- "No no it's cool, see you guys tomorrow."

Dipper - "See ya!"

Rachel waves goodbye to the twins, check her book out and left. Then then Dipper saw Mabel looking at him with a giant smile on her face.

Dipper- "What?"

Mabel - *while jumping around* "You love her! You love her! You really really love her!"

Dipper- What!? No! I just think she's an interesting person."

Mabel - "Yeah right! you're totally in love!

Dipper - "Mabel!"

Mabel- "Okay okay, I promise I won't bug you anymore."

Dipper- "Good let's just check out the book and go."

Dipper and Mabel checked out the book and left. They also didn't notice that the old worn out book Mabel threw was gone.


Then at the shack, Stan was busy with coming with new scams to pulled. Wendy was sitting behind the counter just reading a magazine and Soos was in the other room fixing a light bulb. Then Mabel burst through the door almost breaking it and Dipper looked surprised.

Mabel - "Grunkle Stan! Grunkle Stan!"

Stan- "What is it kiddo? I got a lot of people to scam."

Mabel - "You'll never going to Believe this! Dipper got a new girlfriend!"

Dipper- "Hey she's not my-"

Stan- "Whoa! Look at this little champion. Is she cute?"

Dipper - "Well I guess I-"

Mabel - "Her name is Rachel McCloud and she likes all the science junk Dipper likes!"

Stan- "Heh, excellent job kid."

He slaps Dipper on the back but it almost knocks him down.

Dipper - "But guys- "

Soos - "Hey dudes! I fix the lamp but I had to put a lot of tape and glue because it wouldn't stay still but it still works as a charm!"

Mabel- "Soos! Wendy! You'll never guess what happened! Dipper has a girlfriend!"

Soos- "Wow! I'm happy for you dude."

Wendy - "Whoa nice job Dipper!"

Dipper- "OKAY! I want to make it very clear that Rachel is not my girlfriend, just because I like her as a person does not mean we're dating."

Mabel - "But don't you want a girlfriend?"

Dipper - "Well yeah but-"

Stan - "Look Dipper, why don't you take this one? I mean Mabel just told me that she pretty."

Dipper- "Well I-"

Wendy- "Come on dude, you totally should. Based on what Mabel said, you two are perfect together."

Soos - "Yeah dude! Your pairing name can be Ripper or Rapper."

Mabel- "Or Dachel!"

Dipper - "Well I am visiting her tomorrow."

Mabel- "And I'm his wing girl!"

Stan - "Nice! You know I use to be a wingman."

Dipper- "Really to who?"

Stan- "Uh...That's not important. But what is important you should rest up before your big date."

Dipper - "It's not a date, we are just gonna hang out with each other."

Mabel- "Aren't you going to make one of those complicated list things?"

Wendy, Soos, and Stan- "What?"

Dipper- "Um... It's nothing."

Hope you all like it!