Wow. Sorry it took so long. I mean You guys must admit, writing a Gravity Falls fanfic is hard. But I'm not going to give up!

Anyway, this chapter is about Rachel working at the Mystery Shack.

So, relax and enjoy the story!

Today was just like any other summer day. Dipper and Mabel was just watching TV with their Grunkle Stan, Soos, and Wendy. Then there was a knock on the door.

Stan - "Dipper would you go get it?"

Dipper - "Me? Why can't you?"

Stan - "Because I'm comfortable on this chair and I refuse to stand up. Besides, you're closer to the door."

Dipper - *sighs* "Fine."

Dipper got up and opened the door and it turned out it was Rachel who was knocking on the door. This time she was wearing a pig hat.

Dipper - "Oh hey Rachel! Come on in."

Rachel - "Thanks Dipper."

Rachel came in and saw the others watching TV.

Mabel - "Oh hey Rae Rae! I just love your pig hat! It reminds me of Waddles."

Mabel pointed to Waddles who was currently napping right now.

Soos - "Dude you're hat reminds me of bacon. Which remind me, there's a BLT I gotta eat. Be right back dudes!"

Soos left to go to the kitchen.

Stan - "So what brings you here?"

Rachel - "Well in a week it's my Aunt Karen's birthday."

Wendy - "That's cool Rach. What are you going to get her?"

Rachel - "Well I did want to get her new Gardening tools because she loves to garden stuff like flowers, fruits and vegetable plants."

Stan - "Oh that's smart. It's cheaper than buying some at the market."

Rachel - "Yeah but I don't have enough money, so I was wondering- "

Stan - "Hey you want the job you're hired."

Rachel - "What? But I just wanted money. I don't want to work."

Stan - "What do I look like a bank? If you want something in life kid like money, you need to either work for it or scam people for it. Since you're too young to be in jail, you're going to work for it. Starting tomorrow."

Rachel - "Oh Uhh great I guess."

Dipper - "Yeah that's sound really cool for you Rachel."

Mabel - "Hey Dipper, can we talk in the hallway for a minute?"

Mabel grabbed Dipper's hand and pulled him toward the hallway.

Dipper - "What is it Mabel?"

Mabel - "Maybe you should work with Rachel Dipper."

Dipper - "What? Why?"

Mabel - "Because she's your girlfriend and needs some Mystery Shack tips like she's still new to the whole thing."

Dipper - "Okay first, she isn't my girlfriend, and second, I think she can handle it. I mean she's not a little kid."

Mabel - "Well alright."


The next morning, Rachel name into the shack and Stan was showing Rachel around the shack. Rachel was wearing a name tag and a bunny hat.

Stan - "Okay so here's the gift shops that we sometimes charge double. Here's some snacks right over there.

He pointed to the ground and it full of half eaten foot that are either sticky or rotten since flies are around it. The sight of it is making Rachel sick.

Rachel - "Is it safe for people to eat? I mean that look like it's a week old."

Stan - "Eh its actually only a couple of days old."

Rachel - "And are you sure some of these stuffs is legal to sell?"

Stan - "Hey when there's no cops around, anything's legal! Now the store going to open in half hour, I need you to clean the floors."

He handed her the mop and bucket full of water.

Rachel - "Wait, what are you going to be doing?"

Stan - "I gotta do the most important things bosses can do: boss people around, go over selling lines, and counting money."

Stan left, and Rachel began mopping. Then she saw Wendy working at the counter just reading a magazine. Soos was fixing the vending machine and Dipper and Mabel came in.

Mabel - "Look at you Rachel, now you're a working girl!"

Rachel - "Yeah but I hate working. I even hate doing chores and going to school."

Wendy - "Heh. Welcome to my world I'm just doing this because it's the summer. Plus, it's beats doing nothing."

Rachel - "Yeah that's true."

Soos - "Plus it's great working here dude. You get to look at all the great stuff Mr. Pines is selling."

Dipper - "But some of these stuffs are way too weird and the others look too fake. Like the mini stripe pizza holder, it's just a paddle ball with the string cut off."

Mabel - "Well people would buy anything they would see."

Rachel - "Yeah plus the fake things can be interesting."


The Mystery Shack was now fill with people who are interested in either buying things or just looking around. Dipper was reading the journal and then Mabel came in with her Mabel Juice.

Mabel - "Dipper you want some Mabel juice? I added glitter this time!

A surprises Dipper jumped in shock and saw Mabel.

Dipper - "Mabel! You know that I hate it when you do that."

Mabel - "Sorry but I wanted to see if you wanted some Mabel Juice."

Dipper - "I don't want to drink of that. Like Grunkle Stan said: it's like if coffee and nightmares had a baby."

Mabel - "So what are you doing now?"

Dipper - "Looking in the journal."

Mabel - "Okay you spent way too much in the journal. Why don't you work with me and Rachel in the shack?"

Dipper - "Wait, you got a job too?"

Mabel - "Yeah. Grunkle Stan said I can work for him. I wanna buy new pig clothes for Waddles."

Dipper - "I guess making some money wouldn't hurt. I just hope he doesn't give us Stan Bucks'"


Dipper and Mabel was now wearing name tags now that they are working. Rachel was carrying heavy boxes and was struggling with it.

Dipper - "Oh let me help you Rachel!"

Rachel - *struggling* "Please!"

Dipper grabbed the other end of the box and help Rachel put it down on a table. They were both panting because of how heavy it was.

Rachel - "Man what's in this? Rocks?"

Dipper opened, and it turn out there was a lot of small and medium sized rocks.

Dipper - "Hey it is rocks!"

Grunkle - "That's right! I want you kids to paint faces on all of them. You too Soos and Wendy."


Then the whole gang was panting faces on rocks and Stan was showing the customers stuff from outside. Rachel was looking bored out of her mind because she doesn't like what she is doing.

Rachel - "Man what we are so stupid! Like painting faces on rocks?!"

Mabel - "Aw come on Rachel it isn't that bad. I mean look, *picked up a rock covered in big googly eyes and glitter* This rock just love the makeover and feel so much better about itself. Now it's going to a rock concert with it other friends whoo! Rock party!"

Soos - "Yeah plus look at this rock dude."

The rock he drew have crude drawing of Stan's face on it. He even started to do a little imitation of it.

Soos - *inmate Stan* "I'm Stan Pines! I like money and I think Soos is the best worker I ever had."

Rachel - "Well I don't want to waste my golden girls painting rocks. Maybe there something here that we can use to help us work."

Dipper - "I guess we can check it out. I mean we could use a break from painting rocks."


They went upstairs to the attic to find something. But all there was is just boxes full of old junk like clothes and broken things. They kept on looking until Mabel saw this old weird looking robot servant. The Robot was gray, with light bulb for the brain and reflector lights for eyes.

Mabel - "Hey Guys look what I found?"

Soos - "Is it another newspaper from the 80s? Because I call dibs on those."

Mabel - "No it's something even better."

They all saw the Robot and awe in amazement. Dipper wipe the dust off its chest and the name was R.O.N.A.L.D.O.

Dipper - "Whoa it's a R.O.N.A.L.D.O. Robot! I wonder what it stands for?"

He wipes more dust off and it said "It's doesn't stand for anything. We just like the name."

Dipper - "Oh well I guess that I explained it."

Rachel - "I wonder if it still works."

Soos - "Never fear dudes, Doctor Soos is here!"

Soos took out his screwdriver and just tap the robot. Then the robot turned on.

RONALDO - "Greetings. I am RONALDO. How can I assist you?"

Rachel - "Oh this is going to be sweet!"


When Stan came back he saw that the shelves and Shack looked clean.

Stan - "Whoa. I haven't seen the shack clean like that since well, a long time!"

Rachel - "Uh yeah. Although I had a little help from Dipper and Mabel."

Stan - "Well keep it up and that money will be all yours."

Rachel - "Thanks Mr. Pines."

Stan - "Now you'll excuse me, I'm gonna do what I do best: counting money!"

Stan took some money from the cashier and went to his office. After he left to his office, Rachel went to the closet and opened the door to revealed RONALDO, Soos, Dipper and Mabel in the closet.

Rachel - "That was great."

Mabel - "Yeah RONALDO is the greatest thing ever since sprinkles were invented!"

Rachel - "Man getting closer to buying Aunt Karen's present will be a snap!"


Over the next few days, RONALDO was a big help in the shack. Whenever Stan wasn't around or sleeping, they would use RONALDO to work for them. Mabel would use him to do her hair, Dipper would use him to solve riddles and Soos would even use him to help build stuff. The gang would even use RONALDO for fun stuff like fireworks and extreme karting.

But one afternoon, when the twins and Rachel was just busy playing cards upstairs, they heard a strange noise. Curious, they went downstairs and saw RONALDO changing the Mystery Shack with more robotic stuff.

Rachel - "RONALDO! What are you doing?"

RONALDO - "Changing the Mystery Shack. It's terribly out of date. It needed more changes and more robots. Since you aren't robots, I'm afraid I'm going have to get rid of you three children because you guys are outdated."

Mabel - *offended* "Outdated?! I'll have you know that I'm very high trend with fashion and lingo! *to Dipper* hey Dipper flipply bag what's in the bag you know get what I'm saying?"

Dipper - *confused* "No. I don't get what you are saying."

RONALDO grabbed the kids and threw them outside and put a forcefield around the Shack. Then Wendy and Soos came and saw the forcefield around the Shack.

Wendy - *confused* "Whoa what the heck happened?"

Rachel - "RONALDO went nuts that's what happened!"

Soos touched the force field and it shocked his finger which made him yelp in pain.

Soos - "Whoa that's is some forcefield dude."

Dipper - "How could this happened?"

"I'll tell you what happened."

They turned into the forest and saw Stan standing in the dark crossing his arms.

Mabel - *confused* "Grunkle Stan? How long you been standing there?"

Stan - "That's not important. What is important is that you guys use that crazy trash can!"

Rachel - *scared* "H-How did you know?"

Stan - "Please kid I know everything. Beside I saw it in the cameras I installed in the Shack."

Wendy - "Why you have cameras?"

Stan - "That's not important either. What's important is stopping that robot."

Dipper - "But how do you know so much about RONALDO? Like why you kept him and threw him away?"

Stan - "Well you see when I was younger, I needed help with the Shack since it was just beginning its popularity. I saw a commercial for a robot from the company Robotiny Inc. that's where I first got RONALDO. He was a great help with the Shack and the stuff I didn't want to do like cooking and cleaning but then over time he wanted to take over the Shack his own way with all the little robots and using fancy technology stuff. I couldn't let that happen to my precious Shack, so I turned him off and hid him ever since."

Rachel - "Oh Mr. Pines I'm so sorry. I was being lazy and didn't want to do the hard work myself."

Stan - "Eh don't worry about it. What's important is shutting RONALDO down."

Soos - "How did you do it last time?"

Stan - "Easy he had an off button on his back, but the tricky part is that he would use a little forcefield around it. The only time he would let it go off is when he is recharging its batteries."

Dipper - "So all we have to do is go inside and turn him off."

Wendy - "But how? The forcefield won't let us inside."

Rachel - "RONALDO said that he would only allow

robots into the Shack."

Mabel - *gasped and squeal* "I got an idea!"


There was a knock on the door and RONALDO opened it and it was "Robot customers" (really the Pines, Soos, Wendy, and Rachel dressed up in old tin cans to look like robots)

Mabel - *fake robotic voice* "Hello Beep. We are here to beep beep buy stuff."

Dipper - *fake robotic voice* Yes, we like to buy stuff. Beep."

Stan - *deadpan* "Beep."

RONALDO - "Ah new customers. Come right this way please."

RONALDO lead them inside and Soos said:

Soos - *fake robotic voice* "Beep. I'm a robot dude. Beep boop beep boop!"

Wendy - *whispers to Mabel* "Good idea for these disguised Mabel."

Mabel - "Thanks!"

Dipper - "Now we just need to distract him, so we can turn off the button."

Soos - "Leave that to me dude. I know the perfect thing *to RONALDO* Beep Beep Hey Robot Dude Beep Beep check out this dance!"

Soos began to dance by doing the robot. As RONALDO was watching, Dipper was slowly moving to RONALDO's back where the button was. Luckily for him, the force field was off, and it made it easier.

Soos - "Now the laser eyes! Pew pew!"

RONALDO use his lasers eyes and began to shoot red lasers. The laser hit a mirror and it burned Dipper's disguise, but he wasn't hurt. RONALDO saw that his "customer" was a human and was angry.

RONALDO - "A human in my store must be destroyed!"

RONALDO summons a forcefield around Wendy, Stan, and Soos. Luckily, Mabel and Rachel dodge it and hid behind the counter.

RONALDO - "Other robots be safe here. I will get rid of the human."

RONALDO began to summon weapons like a saw, flamethrower, laser gun, etc. He

Dipper - *scared* "HOLY MOLY!"

Dipper began to run away as RONALDO began to chase him.

Mabel - *defensive* "Hey! Get away from my brother you evil can opener!"

Mabel ditched her disguise and jumped on RONALDO blinding his eyes. It caused RONALDO to shoot his weapons around random places. It causes my damaged and it hit the cash register.

Stan - *sobbing* "No! My baby!"

Rachel saw that RONALDO was about to use his laser eyes to burn Mabel's hands.

Rachel - "Mabel look out!"

Rachel jumped and pulled Mabel out of the way and RONALDO's laser shot the window instead. Dipper tried to go for the button on RONALDO's back, but it was tough with him moving around a lot.

Dipper - "I need to find another way to turn him off! *see a cup of water* That's perfect! Hey RONALDO! Have a drink!"

He threw the cup at RONALDO and while it did wet him, it didn't make him short out. It just got RONALDO madder and summon more weapons.

Stan - "Oh yeah forgot to tell you: he's waterproof."

Mabel - "Aw come on!"

Rachel - "We need to do something fast!"

Wendy - "Dipper! Go under the counter!"

Dipper quickly did what Wendy said and found her axe.

Dipper - "You keep your axe under the counter?"

Wendy - "When you are living in a town like this, you will know what happen."

Dipper tried to pick it up, but it was a little heavy for him. He picked it up but was also losing his balance too.

Stan - "Come on kid you can do it! It's like how I taught you to cut wood!"

Dipper then focus on his strength and managed to pick up the axe. He saw that RONALDO got Mabel and Rachel and was about the shoot them with his laser eyes. Dipper let out a yell, jumped up and use the axe and strike at RONALDO's chest. The attack finally caused RONALDO to shut down and let go of the girls, the force field and free the others.

Soos - "Dude that was amazing! It's totally I can picture in an anime."

Wendy - "You were great Dipper!"

Stan - "Never been so proud!"

Dipper - "Aw thanks guys!"

Mabel held Dipper in a tight hug.

Mabel - "I knew my bro can do it!"

Rachel - "Yeah man you were great!"

RONALDO then stood up scaring the gang, but then fell on the ground dying again.


The gang was now cleaning up the messed after RONALDO's attack. Rachel goes up to Stan and said:

Rachel - "Mr. Pines, I'm really sorry for the robot. I was just being lazy and trying to avoid work. I promise to work hard this time to earn money for Aunt Karen's birthday."

Stan - "You better! You're even working overtime because of the damage the robot did! Which he is now the Shack new coffee machine."

She turned and saw that Soos rebuild RONALDO as a coffee machine. Rachel grabbed a broom and began to sweep, and Dipper and Mabel walked up to her.

Mabel - "Hey Rachel. Sorry about Grunkle Stan making you work overtime."

Rachel - "Aw it's alright. In a way I deserve it because I was being lazy and use that crazy robot to do my work for me."

Dipper - "Actually we were all being lazy and letting RONALDO do our work for us."

Rachel - "For now on, I gotta use my own two hands to do my own stuff."

Dipper - "At least you will get the money you need for your Aunt Karen birthday."

Rachel - "That's true."

Mabel - "Hey, why don't I also work overtime with you? That way you won't be so bored."

Dipper - "I'll do it too."

Rachel - *surprised* "Really? You guys would do that?"

Mabel - "Of course! We are the Mystery Trios! We stick together through any Mystery and Chore!"

Rachel - "Aw thanks guys! You twins are the best!"

Dipper and Mabel smiled at this and continue Rachel cleaning up the mess. Then she secretly went outside to take out the trash and she heard the voice again in her head.

"What the heck?! You were supposed to get the journal when the robot attacked!"

Rachel - "Well excuse me for not wanting to get killed!"

"Hey, you could have probably survived. I mean I just wanted to spice up that Robot a little. But then you and your so called "friends" ruined everything!

Rachel - "Hey! it's not my fault when the robot attack! And how was it cool that you added even more weapons?! You could have killed Dipper!"

"Who cares?! Those twins are nothing but trouble! Especially the boy! Maybe it's best that I "take care" of him."

Rachel - "No! *sighs* Please give me more time and I'll get the journal for you. I promise."

"You better! Or else!"

Rachel sighs and went back inside the Shack so she can continue cleaning up.

Hope you all like it!