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OMPC Chapter 10

Bella's POV

I sniffed last week's Combo fried rice and sighed. I threw it in the trash with the rest of my take-out boxes. My fridge looked bare, its only belongings now being a twelve pack of Coke and various condiments. I don't see how other people manage to adult sometimes. They manage to grocery shop, clean their houses and go to work. Some even manage to raise tiny humans without screwing them up.

I obviously was not this sort of person.

I sighed again and moved to the contents of my cabinet, throwing out staples well past their prime. The only things really fresh in my kitchen was Tanya's cat food.

As if she knew I was thinking about her, she rubbed against my ankles and meowed loudly.

"You just ate, Bitch."

She nipped my ankle and ran off when I tried reaching for her. "Just for that, you don't get dinner!" I yelled after her. Yeah, right. She was relentless when it came to her food. Just like me.

I finished throwing everything out and after sweeping and mopping, I was done.

One room down, four more to go.

I was on my knees cleaning out from under my couch because… well, Tanya… when I was startled by Charlie's voice.

"Did you lose something?"

I looked over my shoulder. "Yeah, my mind."

"You won't find it under there but apparently there were eight… no, ten… empty cans of cat food and a lot of toilet paper." His mustache twitched as he tried to hide his smile.

"I knew I wasn't using that much shit paper." I settled in front of the couch and looked up at my dad.

"What is all this?" He asked, looking around at more chaos then he usually found at my apartment.

"Spring cleaning."

"It's January." He sat on the chair opposite me and stretched out his legs.

"Okay, so you know how I went to meet that guy and apologize to him for… well, you know?"


"Well, we hit it off and he's coming over tonight for dinner."

"So, you're cleaning," he stated.


"And cooking for him?" He looked alarmed at that prospect. "I thought you said you two hit it off?"

"Ha. Ha. No, I was just going to order Bella Italia and go pick it up."

He visibly relaxed as I rolled my eyes.

"You know how some women are just destined to be domestically inclined?" He asked.


"You are not one of those women. You are a walking Pinterest fail and I say that with all the love I have in my heart."

"What the hell do you know about Pinterest?"

Get this. My dad- my gruffly adorable, larger than life, police chief father- blushed.


"Sue has a thing on it and she showed it to me one day during some down time at the office."

Sue was Dad's secretary and one of the town's two dispatchers. Her husband died about five years ago but this was still a new development for me.

"A board. She has a Pinterest board. And why did she show it to you, in particular?"

"She was showing me some recipes and… we weren't talking about me."

"We are now."

He cleared his throat. "So, you and this Edward hit it off, did you?"

"Oh, yeah. That reminds me, Chief. When were you going to let me in on the fact that you know this guy?"

"I have no idea what you are talking about."

"You knew who he was the whole time, didn't you? And that's why you demanded I go 'apologize' to him."

He looked at me like he was trying to make a decision and finally after some time, he blew out a breath.

"Okay, look. Yes, I knew who he was once I read the ad. He's a good man- very polite and respectful. He makes a decent living and comes from a good family. He's also not bad looking according to the gals down at the station. You could do worse."

"Why didn't you just tell me?"

"Because I knew you would talk yourself out of it. And I want this for you. I want you to be happy. I want you to find a good man. I want you to get married. And damnit, I want grandbabies one day."

"What if…"

He held up his hand and I shut up.

"But if it turns out you are happier on your own, without a husband or children, that's fine too. But I don't want it to be because you never put yourself out there and tried. I want you to explore all options before you just default to one. I never remarried after your mother because she ripped my heart out. I have wasted so many years hung up on that woman that for the last three years, I didn't know that Sue was coming on to me. Finally, she cornered me in my office a couple of months ago and told me to shit or get off the pot. Said she would go out with Billy Black if I didn't make a move and it just ain't right using my best friend against me like that but it was effective. Damn women."

My eyes stayed wide throughout that whole tirade. That is the most my dad has said since he caught me sneaking out my junior year of high school.

"So, let me get this straight. How I decide to live my life is okay with you as long as I explore all options and you're dating Sue Clearwater now."

"That's about right."

"Okay, so I love that we are like bonding here but I gotta finish cleaning."

"I'll help. But we are not cleaning your bedroom."

"Why the hell not?"

"If it's dirty you are less likely to take him in there at the end of your date."

I pause shoving random shit in my linen closet and study my father.

"So essentially you are cock blocking me my refusing to help me clean my room. I thought I was to explore all options."

"You can explore those options after a respectable length of time has passed," was his gruff answer.

"And just how long did you wait to explore your options with Sue?" I teased.

"I am not talking about… that… with you. I mean, do you really want that image burned into your mind?"

"Oh. Eww. No." I shuddered. "Let's just clean, okay? No more talking."


We finished in record time especially after we cranked up the Classics on my iPod. I don't remember ever having this much fun with my dad. He did however help me clean my room after all was said and done. His parting words to me were "I hope you will be safe." Yeah, Dad, we have already had that talk and I was not revisiting that awkwardness ever again.

I showered and changed into nicer clothes and hopped into Myrtle to pick up dinner. I got back home with thirty minutes to spare. I put Tanya in the bathroom because she didn't like people. I wanted him to come back so springing Tanya on him was probably not a good idea. Maybe on the third date. That seems to be the answer for any relationship- the magical third date. Have sex, introduce your crazy cat…

I didn't have time until now to become nervous but as soon as the doorbell rang, I was afraid. I was petrified. Thinking I couldn't live without you by my side…

Okay, Gloria Gaynor, simmer down. Now was not the time for my crazy to come out. Again, maybe after the third date.

Crap. This is technically the second date. So, that means everything is supposed to magically change next time? Along with the maybe sex and introduction of your bitchy cat, you also introduce your crazy and hope the person doesn't mind?

I can't do this.

The doorbell rang again. "Bella?" His voice gently questioned through the door.

His voice calmed me instantly. I could do this. I could be a girl who dated this great guy and maybe once I showed all of me, he wouldn't run away like the other one did.

"I can do this." I whispered to myself.

I walked over and opened the door.

I am doing this.