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I have no idea how I died. Don't remember it at all. Ideally, I would've died in a gunfight, waged by some idiot shooter that wanted to, I dunno, shoot up a place that I was in. I would've grabbed a gun from a fallen police officer and died saving everyone that wasn't dead as a result of the shooter.

Realistically, I died falling down the stairs. Or a car crash, but that'd ironic, considering the last fanfic I ever wrote involved the SI being killed by a car crash. Last thing I remember was typing then…blackness. After an indeterminant amount of time, a female voice.

Hey, sorry you died. You wanna reincarnate into another universe?

Who are you, why are you asking and it depends on the universe?

I had died. There wasn't much you could really do to scare me at this point.

Just a ROB looking for souls to shift around in my spare time, it had said. I like seeing what people from one universe do when placed in another universe. It's fun!

It was quite likely that this ROB had something to do with my death. But what was I going to do, call her out right there? At best, I lose out on a do-over on my life. At worst, I get sent to a death world like Warhammer 40k.

No thank you. Also, I should not be this calm with dying. Healing magic meets Psychological Trauma? I'm actually okay with that.

No name?

No point, you can't understand it.

Can I say no?

yes. But I hope you don't.

Alright, uh…would I be able to pass on to the afterlife like a normal person afterwards?

Oh yeah! Definitely! This is just a hobby…think of it like I'm borrowing you for a science project.

You promise?

Of course!

Alright then.

Would you like Star Wars?


Okay, have fun!

Can I use the force?


…are we going to talk again?

Nope. Well, maybe if you die again. I'll be watching!

And that conversation, which is more of a humorous exaggeration than the actual conversation which I can only recall at the fringes of the back of my memory, was the last I had ever heard from the...possibly benevolent ROB.

Being born sucked.

Like, more than I would have thought because it was facilitated by droids, which freaked me out a lot. They floated around, their mechanical arms held me, picked me up, wiped me down…you know. Being born things.

I was born on Coruscant, and let me tell you, this place is wild. Even looking out my bedroom window and watching all of the speeders flying in their assigned lanes, their headlights forming an endless sea of streaming stars…honestly, it actually made me happy to be here. This planet has lovely sunsets, and it only got better when it finished setting and the sky went dark, turning the space of Coruscant into a living galaxy right outside my window.

I was really happy to be here. I mean, I missed my family terribly, but…my memory of them was fading and it was horribly unlikely that I'd ever be allowed to go see them again.

This wasn't Harry Potter or Naruto, universes with any sort of functional, dimensional magic or teleportation that would allow me to get home in spite of that, in any event.

So…best thing to do is to just treat this as a whole new life. The old ship, with the United States of America, Canada, Mexico…it has sailed. No real way to get back…time to…

Oh, I'm crying. Great.

But I need to let it go.

The first step to that, I learning to accept my new name, in place of my old one.

Jethro Plite.

It's the name the droids have been calling me by and in a way, I like it. It's…different.

Coruscant has lovely sunsets.

I was an orphan, actually. I appreciated this, I don't think I'd be able to handle having parents since I have the memories of an adult. I mean, I'm under no delusions that I'll be as mature and developed as an adult mentally in spite of my memories, but some things…I don't think I'd be happy with that.

The orphanage I was placed in was manned entirely by droids. Nanny droids, something I still got a happy thrill whenever I see them, even after having been taken care of by them for the past three or so years. I mean…droids! Droids!

This is Star Wars!


But it's not all sunshine and roses. For starters, no one spoke English. Basic, the Language of the Galaxy Far, Far Away is not English. And neither is Aurebesh, the alphabet. Honestly, as far as Language goes, Basic felt…simpler than English did, but it was still a pain to learn. I mean, being immersed in it twenty-four seven was a huge boon in that regard but it was still annoying when I had to learn how to learn a whole new alphabet and its accompanying nursery song.

Aurek, Besh, Cresh, Dorn, Esk, Forn, Grek, Herf, Isk, Jenth, Krill, Leth, Mern, Nern, Osk, Peth, Qek, Resh, Senth, Trill, Usk, Vev, Wesk, Xesh, Yirt, Zerek are all equivalent to the ABC's in English. But Aurebesh had additional characters for letter combinations like Thesh for TH and so on. If I wanted to spell Luke Skywalker, it'd go Leth-Usk-Krill-Esk, then Senth-Krill-Yirt-Wesk-Aurek-Leth-Krill-Esk-Resh. Jethro Plite, my name, would be spelled Jenth-Esk-Thesh-Resh-Osk then Peth-Leth-Isk-Trill-Esk.

I find it odd that there's biblical names in this galaxy. I mean, I guess there's only so many syllables a human mouth can make, but still. It's bizarre. I will say that I think there's a kid in the orphanage named Lucas, a thought that amuses me to no end.

Most of the games the other kids play bore me. Like, really boring. That's to be expected to a point, I guess, but that's why I learned to read as fast as possible, so I can start reading. We weren't allowed access to the Holonet until we turned eight, sadly, but we were allowed to read anything that was available to us, which went from picture books with actual chapters, you know, those really short ones meant for children about age eight to ten?

Yeah, I picked those up really quick. Most entertainment I could find outside of the holo-nights er…movie nights on the fifth day of each standard week. Friday. Yeah. That.

There was also the technical books, again, meant for children. I memorized those. They were simple, easy to read, if not a little dry, but I learned everything I could. Because that's some very useful knowledge that I was going to need. Though by the time I was done, I had some of the absolute basics of how droids are built, how terminals are constructed, the base parts. Nothing fun, like how to make my own blaster but I imagine that comes later.

Did I have friends amongst the other kids?

Well, no. Not really. I played tag and stuff with them occasionally, but I was a loner here and that actually suited me just fine. For now, though as I get older, I think I'll be more open to friendship.

Anyway, the ROB said I had the force. Do I have it?

I think so. I've had a lot of time to meditate and I think I've been able to feel, I don't know, something on the absolute edges of my consciousness. But without a formal education in using the force, I don't think I'll be able to get all that far. Still though, the extra sense should be useful.

Well, I didn't get inducted into the Jedi Order, which is a thing right now. I'm pretty sure the droid nannies would have reported my force sensitivity unless it's not something that can be reliably measured. But it can be, because midichlorians are also a thing. At least I think. How would they know a child or infant is force sensitive without being able to test for it?

Though I imagine, since all they do is let the host organism talk with the Force (it is not the force itself) and I'm pretty sure that the Force decides if it wants to talk to someone or not and makes midichlorians in the person so that he or she can be 'Force Sensitive'.

I could be completely wrong, though.

Heck, where even am I in the timeline? The Old Republic era? The first Jedi-Sith war? Darth Bane's era? The Clone Wars? Before the Clone Wars? The Empire and the Rebellion? Thousands of years after the original trilogy? Until I have the answer to this question, I can't actually make plans for my future.

I mean, I can, but they wouldn't be very complete plans.

At least I have time to decide.

"In order to ensure the security and continuing stability, the Republic will be reorganized into the first Galactic Empire!"


Oh no.

That answers that question.

On the holo-screen was Palpatine, fresh from his fight with Mace Windu, his dark-side corruption visible to all and passed off as scarring. I…wow. It was honestly chilling, hearing the Emperor speak, knowing that that psychopath with enough power to create black holes (if I remember correctly) was on the same planet as me and currently ripping apart the giant, galaxy-spanning government which if I remember correctly had grown so bloated and rotten that it was more or less asking to get annihilated.

But the Empire, as much as I loved them as villains…are so much worse. I mean, if they start trimming the fat, that's a positive side effect but the blatant racism against aliens, the oppression, the fact that it's led by an Emperor whose so is insanely drunk off the dark-side that he makes Voldemort look like a playground bully all make it wrong.

So what do I do?


I don't know. I'm five right now.

I mean, obviously, I join the Rebel Alliance. I…didn't do much in my old life. I refuse to be an audience member to the galaxy while everything happens. So, join the Rebel Alliance. But in order to actually be useful, I need skills. Military, shooty-shooty bang-bang skills. That mean I don't get killed. How do I get those skills?

…I know the answer to that. But I do not like it. At all.

The quickest and best way to get those skills is to join the Imperial Military. The examples of that working…either it's Wedge Antilles or Han Solo, I don't remember which was canon, if they both were canon or whatever. They were huge boons, essential to the success to the Rebellion. But there's also the proof. The giant proof that this works.

His name is Kyle Katarn.

An imperial commando turned mercenary who…in Legend, got the Death Star plans and then moved on to deal with the Dark Trooper project. He was the bomb. He was incredible, he became a Jedi Master, kicked so much tail. He was my favorite character to make as a custom character in the Lego Star Wars games.

With the release of Rogue One, he is sadly non-canon. But for me, he was the quintessential Star Wars character. He. Was. Awesome. Greatest character ever. Interestingly, with Kanan and Hera from Star Wars Rebels and Jyn Erso and Cassian Andor, they can't stop making characters that look similar or have a similar character arc to Kyle Katarn and Jan Ors.


But following in Master Katarn's steps means joining the Imperial Military. A hard life full of danger, strict discipline and a cut-throat environment that makes organized crime look like a clean game of football. At its head are a pair of extremely powerful Sith Lords, both of whom can sniff out treachery by reading a person's thoughts.

If my Force Sensitivity is discovered, then I'm going to get forcibly inducted into…well, I don't remember if they had a branch of force sensitive operatives or if they just killed those they found to preserve the Rule of Two.

But Kyle found a way through it without his sensitivity being discovered…then he found the Valley of the Jedi. He helped the Rebellion and then the New Republic in gigantic ways.

Actually, is the Valley of the Jedi a thing, still? That'd be worth looking into.

So, after that, what do I need?

Well, I don't know.

But what I do know is that this plan is stupid, suicidal and due to the indoctrination that all the soldiers go through, I might not even want to leave when the time comes.

But I'm still going to go through with it.

Because I think I'd hate myself if I didn't try.

Author's Notes: This is another SI, something I wrote for fun in between updates for SHINOBI. I hadn't really planned for it, I just wrote what I wanted. I hope you enjoy what you read, in any event. Updates for this will be fairly irregular as my focus is still on SHINOBI, but I hope everyone enjoys it.

Because this is a for fun fic, I won't do my shout-outs unless they want me too. Other than that…enjoy! Tell me what you thought and I hope you like the idea of an SI that joins the Empire, at least until he gets what he wants.

Until the next time!