Whose Stupid Idea was this in the First Place?

by: Yumiko


[author's notes]


disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters except me and I also don't own whose line is it anway.


Suddenly the black poster with the word 'Censor' was removed. It seemed that Yumiko had been thrown into it and it had fallen since the only thing that held it up was some masking type.

Boy that Censor Lady was cheap...

"Owieeeee" Yumiko sat up and rubbed her head.

"God. You people take things so seriously." Kisaru was crawling to her seat. Both Yumiko and Kisaru were trying to recover from their recent beating.

Suddenly a voice was heard, "Kurama is sooo sub-hot.." The girl of India was starting to get hearts in her eyes.

Both Yumiko and Kisaru new what was coming next, "Uh oh..." Kisaru went under the desk with the blue button on it while Yumiko placed the pitcher of water right in front of where she as scrunched down.

"HIEI, RUN NOW." The kitsune had a look of fear in his eyes. Kurama had experienced Candy from Kisaru's fic 'Mokeys and Moogles: A Kurama and Hiei story.'

Unfortunetly, the 3-eyed demon was stubborn, "Hn. The great Hiei does not run from little girls." The short demon wasn't moving. Keyword: WASN'T.

"But Hiei is soooo HOTT.." Candy was getting up and was ready to glomp.

"AHHHHHH" Hiei was running. And running really fast.

GLOMP. "NOOOOOO," The inenvitable had happened. Hiei had been glomped by Candy.

Hiei was runing around in circles,"GET IT OFF, GET IT OFF, GET IT OFF NOWW."

Kurama sighed, "I told you," Kurama then desperatley tried to catch up with Hiei. "Ya know Hiei, if you stop running I might be able to help you, " Kurama yelled to the sprinting Hiei.

"Oh." Hiei stopped and Kurama fell on Candy who was on top of Hiei.

Meanwhile, a red light was blinking away.

"This is entertaining, wouldn't you say so Yumiko?" Kisaru had somehow gotten out from under the desk adn was now sitting cross legged with her head in her hands.

"Yep!" Yumiko had a digital camera in her hand, in other words she was recording the whole thing.

Four feet away from Yumiko...

Grunt, "Hiei I don't think..." He trailed off and grunted again.

A very feminine squeal was erected from Candy's mouth.

"JUST GET THE BAKA NINGEN OFF ME, " It was obvious to who said that.

Sigh, "But Hiei, the darn thing is just not coming off. It might be..." Kurama did not complete his thoughts because of the horror.

"Ooooo, Hiei. That feels niceee." Hiei was squirming from under Candy.

"IT MIGHT BE WHAT KURAMA?!?" Hiei was feeling VERY violated at the moment...

Kurama hung his head. "It might be permanent."

Hiei's head bolted up, "WHAT?!?!?!?!?"

"Well how else would you get this thing off? It has an iron grip on your hair and back." The red head replied.

Meanwhile, four feet away...

Kisaru fighting off laughter, "You do realize, Yumiko, that we might never get to the games?"

Yumiko nodded, "Yes, in fact I don't mind. This is enteratining. Just think about it Kisaru, " Yumiko was still taping the whole thing. "We have another tape to blackmail with."

"Another?" Kisaru questioned.

"Yep, I made exactly one million sixty-four thousand five hundred seventy-two copies of the toilet incident. " Yumiko grinned a Chesire cat grin.

"Oh, " Kisaru didn't seem susprised at all, "Can I have another copy? Since they destroyed it."

"If you have anther Fifty bucks." Yumiko grinned even wider.

"WHAT?!?" Kisaru was outraged, "Fine," she mumbled.


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