Fic: Forged Destiny (Coeur Al'Aran)

Characters: Jaune Arc, Blake Belladonna

Status: Not Canon

Kinks: Female Oral, Missionary, Unshaven, No Protection, Intimacy

"Jaune… will you do something for me?"

"If I can. What do you want me to do?"

Her cold hands reached up to touch my cheeks, and before I could think to question, her lips were on mine once more. It wasn't the sweet, passionate kiss of the night before. This was one was hungry, desperate and bitter.

"Blake?" I asked, panting a little as we parted.

"I'd r-rather have a pleasant memory," she said, pushing up against me and placing a tiny kiss on my chin. "We need the heat anyway and… and honestly, I just don't want to die miserable, cold and alone."

Her lips were on mine once more before I could protest. Her hands pushed up against my shirt, underneath it and against my stomach. As cold as they were, it still felt like hot fire against my skin. I could feel my mind blur too, lost in the sensation as her tongue pushed against my lips and I granted it entry.

Her tongue roamed my mouth, my own pushed against it. No romance, no tender feeling, but hot, passionate lust, mixed with a desire to forget the world around us, to pretend it wasn't happening. My eyes closed, and for a moment it was possible. I was cold, as was the room, but Blake was so very warm.

Screw it, I thought. If I were to die here, if we were both to die here, then what did it matter what we did or didn't do? She wanted it, my body wanted it, I wanted it – and the consequences wouldn't matter a damn bit. She was right. I'd rather my last moments be happy ones. I pushed back against her, hands falling beneath the cloak as I ran them across her toned stomach, up her arms, to rest on her shoulders. Blake made an appreciative moan into my own mouth.

"Are you sure?" I asked, as I pushed her down atop the cloak.

Her cheeks were red, flushed with emotion. "Not really," she said, with an almost coy smile.

"Me neither," I admitted.

Her arms wrapped around my neck and pulled me down. We lost one another in a sense of touch and taste, of my lips against hers, and then her chin – then her neck. I felt her hands run across my chest, touch the amulet which allowed all of this in the first place. She pulled my shirt up and over my arms, revealing me without my lips ever leaving her.

Her hands traced up my stomach, bumping along every ridge and valley. A blacksmith's life was hardly relaxed, and my body had only toned more as my lifestyle had changed to that of a hero. Her hand circled back, and tugged at the waistband of my trousers, her tongue effectively distracting me as it circled its way around my mouth, deftly evading my own in a game of chase that seemed to mirror our very relationship.

I barely noticed as her deft fingers undid the knot at my waist, and started to tug them down until her hand cupping my growing bulging and fondled.

"Aa~!" I broke from our kiss, finally, and gasped into her mouth, pleasure coursing up and down my body like a fever. She nuzzled her nose and lips against my face, laying down kisses wherever she could as she giggled.

"I like that sound."

Before I could comment, she squeezed again, and my thoughts turned to jelly. I growled at her continued laughter, and resolved myself to take control.

And kissed her again, harder, pushing her bag against the woolen cloak beneath us and allowing my weight to settle into her body. She panted for breath, and leaned forward to recapture my lips as they left her, but her lips were soon busy, caressing each delighted moan as my lips devoured her neck.

I suckled, leaving a little pockmark as my lips left, and my tongue extended tracing a trail of fire down to her collarbone.

Her chest heaved, and I could feel her fingers tangling in my hair, petting with affection as I laid hard, wet kisses closer and closer to her breasts. My hands reached behind her, and she gladly arched her body up to me, her chest pressing against my own.

My fingers were just as deft as hers as I undid the knot at her back, and I tore away her top, hands immediately pushing against her breasts and pushing her back against the floor. Her nipples, hard and somehow hotter than the rest of her, pricked my palms, and she whispered my name.

I stopped immediately. "Yes?"

She laughed quietly, shaking her head. "I meant- ha… so attentive. I didn't want to stop, you just…"

Bemused, I kissed at her chin and neck, making my way up and pressing my lips to her own. I defensively replied, "I don't really have a lot of experience…"

She shook he head again, curtains of wavy dark hair falling to either side as she kissed me in return before settling back onto the cloak.

"It's okay. Just… keep this up, and I'll say your name a lot more…"

"But do you want me to stop?"

"No!" Her voice was desperate, eager. "Just… when I want you to stop, I'll tell you. But, if I say your name… take that as a sign that you're… um…"


She looked away, embarrassed. "That you're doing well."

I nodded, eyeing her cautiously. Now that we'd broken our momentum, I wasn't quite sure how to begin again. Blake rolled her eyes and grabbed my hands, moving them in circling where they still held her breasts. I mouthed a silent 'Oh', and my hands moved on their own, pushing against her chest.

She sighed contentedly, before I squeezed my hands and she gasped, her arms rising up and settling behind her head. My hips straddled her own, pants settled around my thighs, and the second cloak lay across my waist, the fur soft against my back. Blake's brassiere sat a few inches away, and I couldn't help but stare in awe at her body, the snow-filtered moonlight pouring through window to caress her skin.

It should consider itself lucky to dare illuminate someone so perfect. Despite the cold, Blake's cheeks were flushed with passion, her eyes closed in ecstasy as my hands worked her breasts in circles. Extending out from their softness was lithe muscle, conditioned for a lot longer than mine had been.

My eye's traced downward, following every ridge of her body as her fingers had explored my own body before. I watched her abdominals stretch with each shuddering, pleasured breath. Her neck was thin, but I could see cords of muscle their belying her true strength. My hands roved over her like creatures of their own, and my fingers squeezed at her aching nipples. My breath caught as she bit her lip, eyes squeezing in ecstasy as her body arched up, her body craving the touch of my own.

She was perfect, she was a goddess. And she deserved better than to die in some desolate cabin with a climbing Blacksmith. But that was where she was, and as much as it ached every fibre of my being, that's likely how she would say. And so, I would worship her with every breath left in my body.

She groaned in displeasure as my palms abandoned her teats to the chill air, but she gasped in surprise at what replaced them: my tongue slathering the hot flesh before closing and suckling. Her hands fell, tangling with familiarity into my hair once again, as if to keep me her prisoner.

'As if I would ever leave.' My tongue curled around nipple, and it pushed against it harder as she pulled at my hair. My lips left the first teat and moved to the second, layering it with the same wet treatment was my thumb reached up, brushing against her first nipple with slick ease.

"Yessss…" She hissed out the sound, her face twisting into my hair. "Nooo-" So soon after her expressed assignment, my lips left her. Her displeasured moan cut off as she froze, my mouth cupping and lathering its way down her belly. She gasped raggedly, her excited breaths shaking her whole body as my tongue dipped into her belly button. She seemed to guess where I was going.

The woolen cloak settling around my shoulders, my cut caught at cloth, and her labored breathing was almost at a feverish intensity. My hands caressed their way down her sides before settling on the little knots of her underwear, tugging hard and peeling it away to lay against the fur cloak.

My face lowered, and my mouth was tickled by curly dark hair. I extended my tongue out again and pressed at the sensitive flesh, the hair tickling against me. "Hoooooooooonnnggghhhh~" I looked up to see Blake's face peaking between her heaving breasts, her eyes lidded but desperate to stay open, to watch me do it.

My hands reached around, and my thumbs shifted, pushing and holding away the hair to reveal a pair of vertical lips, pink, puffy, and warming than the hottest fair in the world. My index fingers came and held back the hair, my thumbs freed to gently pry at her folds, pulling them apart to reveal the shiny flesh inside. "Oh god~!"

Her hands fondled at her own breasts now, and she gasped and panted, her face twisting from side to side as my tongue slithered out and licked at her inner walls. My tongue flicked in and out of her like I was some animal drinking from a pond. And right now, I felt like an animal.

My tongue ached to reach deeper, and so my face pushed in, her folds enveloping the wriggling muscle completely, and my teeth brushed and rubbed against something stiff. "Ah! Jaune!" Her body was like an instrument; I push my tongue here and she cried "Fuck!", over there and "Oh yes!", moving it here, "Jaaaaune~!"

I felt shaky fingers rope into my hair, and she pushed her hips up, desperate to have me touch more of her, deeper. My tongue wriggled through her insides, and some hair escape to brush against my face as I slipped a finger inside of her, rubbing against slick skin.

"Yes! Yes! Yeees! Oh god, Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaune~!" Her hips bucked up against my face, her body arching up. Her thighs closed around my head, quivering and shaking in blissful orgasm, before her body released, and she collapsed onto the cloak. Her fingers still clung to my head, and they flopped exhaustedly to the floor on either side of her hips. Something small and slick was still trickling from her core, and my mouth swooped in to lap it up, her body shivering appreciatively from the stimulation.

I crawled up, my elbows settling on either side of her shoulders as I kissed at her neck.

We lay there, for a while, wrapped around each other as Blake panted into the cold and empty darkness. I was very proud of myself. Blake looked like a steamed mess, her hair awry in the spots where it wasn't plastered to her face with sweat. I cleared away a few strands, and another long lock, tucking it back behind her ear.

She smiled up at me, and my breath caught again at just how beautiful she was. It was instinct that drew me to her face, pressing our lips together our tongues greeting each other like old friends.

We broke, panting. "Better?"

She chuckled tiredly. "Much. But…"

I felt a hand tugging at my underwear, and my eyes widened as she pulled it away, her hand stroking me quickly to an aching hardness.

"Blake, you don't- we don't have to-" Her other hand pressed a finger to my lips.

"I want to." She grabbed one of my hands and held it against her core, the heat radiating through the hair and the cold. Her arm reached up and pulled my face closer, and she whispered while kissing at my ear. "I really want to."

I swallowed, every anxiety that I had previously banished flooding my senses. A dozen raced past, but one kept coming back. 'Am I big enough?' Blake must have sense my question, for she kissed me, forcing open my mouth and comforting me with her tongue.

Her hand tangled in my hair, holding me against her, but the other slid down my back, before pushing at my hips from behind.

I got up, propping myself up on my knees, and one hand grasped my shaft, maneuvering it until my tip nudged insistently at her entrance. I hesitated.

"Blake, are you sur-?"

She thrust upward, taking my first two thirds, and the both of us moaned in bliss, our cries flying back to us from the chill walls. Her fingernails dug into my back, pulling me lower, with enough force that she almost lifted herself off the ground. Instead, I came down to her, and finished the impromptu thrust. Her folds spread before me, clutching onto me in a carnal embrace, and she shifted, her legs falling across my thighs so that her feet dangled behind me.

I pulled out, and my eyes fluttered from the waves of sensations. It was impossible for anyone to ever feel this good. Her folds clung to me, clutched at my shaft as it left her, and based on the look on Blake's face, it was as if the world was ending.

I thrust in again, an easy motion that made my world spin in dizzying shades of exquisite bliss. "Aaaah~!" Blake cried out, her head flying back as her hands scrabbled over my sweaty back for purchase. When I looked back, I saw her toes curling and uncurling, her legs arching before relaxing again.

We parted, I developed a relaxed rhythm, every inch given and lost dragging euphoric cries from each of us. My body hunched forward, and her hands slid slick across my back and neck to cup the sides of my face. She kissed me, sweetly, simply, and my pace increased, hips slamming into hers with growing vigor.

"Ongh! Ongh! Ongh!" Blake squeaked with every thrust, her mouth dropping and hanging open in an ecstatic 'oh', her jaw bouncing the tiniest bit every time I moved. Golden eyes gazed at me. Sometimes they fluttered closed, only to snap back open, picking apart every facet of my soul.

It's… not exactly the most original way to phrase it, but I can't think of any other way it could be said: we were one. Body, soul, mind, heart, all of it. We were tapping into older than either of us, and I couldn't imagine any other way I would rather die.

I was close, I could feel it. A force building up in the pit of my stomach, and my pace increased again, the loud slaps off our meeting bodies drowned out by Blake's cries and my feverish whispering of her name.

As I felt it come, I pulled away, meaning to finish outside, but Blake's legs wrapped behind me and pulled me in again, her face crashing into mine in a clumsy kiss, our teeth clacking together as she moaned, her thighs twitching around me. I came, hard, hot pumps of cum painting her insides as I moaned myself. Burst after burst of cream filled her, and my body began to ache. I wasn't sure what was and wasn't my body anymore, we were so tangled together, finishing together, just… being together.

After her body had finished convulsing, she collapsed onto the cloak, my body resting comfortably atop hers. She kissed tiredly at my face, and I at hers, lips caressing cheeks, hair, noses, eyelids, chins, necks, ears, anything to never part from each other.

After a while, we simply looked at each other, our final remnants of energy living us through our last act.

"You know, it may not have been timed that great-" I whispered into her neck, rolling until I lay beside her, my face lying on a curtain of sweaty, wonderful-smelling hair.


"But I can't think of anywhere else I'd choice to die."

She scoffed, in a way that only the near-asleep can. "A forgotten cabin, in the middle of a winter storm, on the side of a forsaken mountain?"

"In your arms."

She looked at me then, and smiled. I fell asleep to her strange reply, and her fingers combing through my hair.

"My strange knight…"


I stirred, blurry eyes opening.

Blake was already awake, and she stared at me intently. Were we already dead? Were we just imagining things?

No… There was a scratching outside, the sound of something striking snow.

Something stirred to life inside me. I pulled back from Blake, dazed blue eyes staring into pools of gold. "Is that…?" Blake couldn't finish. It sounded like she didn't dare believe it.

"Hello?" I called, hoping against all hope.

There was a pause. It lasted not even a second but felt like an eternity, in which all noise ceased to be. And then, against all odds.


"Pyrrha?" I yelled. "Pyrrha, is that you!?"

"Jaune! Oh, my goodness, you're okay!" The noise increased, what had been a dogged digging now became a frantic scramble.

"Faster!" Nora yelled, not an ounce of humour in her voice.

"Ruby, back away a bit," Yang shouted. "Let me get some space on this. Weiss, hit us up with some fire."

Relief struck me like a Beowolf. It was enough to make my arms collapse, to fall atop Blake and rest my cheek against hers. "They found us," I whispered. "They… they really found us. Blake, we're going to make it!"

"I-I guess we are," she breathed. What was once a tentative smile blossomed into something bigger. "I suppose I don't have to blame you for this accursed Quest just yet."

"Is Blake in there with you?" Ruby yelled through the wooden walls. "We couldn't find her."

"She's here," I called back. I turned to Blake with a smile. "She's…" My words cut off as I looked down on her. Completely naked, Blake's skin was flushed red with one or two telling marks on her shoulders. Her lips were bruised from mine, her hair in disarray and her arms still wrapped around me.

She seemed to realise what I'd seen at that moment too. Her eyes grew wide, then glanced away. Suddenly, it felt very warm in the room… overly so.

"Can you…?" she didn't finish, nor meet my eyes, but that didn't stop me rolling off of her and looking the other way as she scrambled for her discarded clothing. With a dry mouth, I pulled my own shirt and pants on, the armor scrabbling after.

It was a jumbled, bashful affair, in wish neither of us dared look at the other. How it could be so after what we'd done, I had no idea. All I knew was that I couldn't meet her eyes, even as we stood up, fully clothed.

It was not a moment too soon, either, for the door barged open and a bedraggled, blonde figure strode in. Yang took one look at us, standing at least twelve feet away from one another, and froze my heart with one sentence.

"You look like the most awkward pair in history."

"Ah…" Nothing came out, despite my best efforts. Did she… did she know?

"Don't tell me you two are still stuck in your little argument? Hell, you'd think being trapped in a cabin together would help get over that."

The argument? Oh gods, yes – anything I could grasp onto.

"You know me," I laughed – perhaps a little too hysterically. "I'm stubborn as a rock."

Fortunately for me I didn't have to explain any further, for something struck me as though it had been launched from a ballista. Small arms wrapped around me and crushed my ribs with deceptive strength. "Jaune!" Ruby wept, tears instantly staining my top.

"H-Hey Ru-"

"Jaune!" Pyrrha whispered, taking position on my other side and destroying all hope I had of escape. Okay, well, at least it could get any wor-

"JAUNEY!" Nora yelled.

We were bowled to the floor in a heap of tangled limbs.

"Belladonna," Weiss nodded to the Assassin.

"Please spare me the hug, Schnee."

"Everyone's alive!" Nora cheered. "Oh, my god, Jauney – we were so worried. First you and Blakey got swallowed by the ground, then the earthquakes got bigger and we went to look for you when we could, but a blizzard rolled in and then when it was over some Grimm actually thought it would be a good idea to get in my way an-"

I cut her off with a hand over her mouth, which wasn't an easy task with Ruby and Pyrrha crushing me. "How did you find us?" I asked.

"The smoke from your chimney," Ren answered. "It travelled for a long way. We didn't know it was you, but it seemed our only hope. I'm glad to see you alive, Jaune."


We were, weren't we? Through the haze of relieved tears that settled across my vision, I looked towards Blake. She was as stoic and steadfast as ever, but after what we'd shared, what she revealed and how she acted… I knew it was a mask. Her eyes met mine briefly, only for a moment, before we together looked down at her stomach. She cupped a hand to it for a moment, before coughing and looking away in embarrassment. Even in that brief instance, however, I caught the naked relief within her gaze. It almost made me choke.

"I'm glad to be alive, Ren." I said. "I'm glad to still be here."

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