World: The Harem AU

Characters: Jaune Arc, Yang Xiao Long

Status: Canon

Kinks: Female oral, cloning, male oral, double penetration, gang bang, facial

Another commission, this time from AFiddlingSnail, a rising star on FF, and very much a kind, generous, and patient person. The prompts for this were from a brainstorming session on my discord server, where we were discussing a scenario. Yang clones Jaune for her own personal gang bang. Commission and info at the bottom.

EDIT: For those curious about the double notification, I originally published this on the mobile app, and then received many complaints that the story wasn't showing up. I took it down, then republished it on the desktop.

"When I think something is crazy, then you know something is crazy."

Yang was slowly lowered from the ceiling, descending into the hallway, "This is really not the time to talk about this."

"I'm just saying."

"And you keep say- stop!" Yang's hushed whisper echoed agonizingly loud off the metal walls off the dark hallway. She winced, and fumbled at her belt for something, small clicks escaping past her fingers. Taser? Not it. The weird jelly thing? Not till later. Spray ca-

The small aerosol can slipped past her fingers and fell to the ground below. If it hit, it would set off pressure sensors, laser sensors, and god knew who other kind of sensors. Her hands flailed in the open air, flying, and-

Cool metal smacked against her palm, and she huffed. She…was a terrible spy. Then again, she didn't exactly need to do this ever again. This was a onetime thing, so she could- she stopped and shivered at the thought. Shit spy or no, Yang was looking forward to tonight. She could feel his hands on her-

"Wonder spy!" A voice crackled in her ear.

"Ouch! No need to yell! I've got your voice in my ear, and you're only ten feet away, anyway!"

Nora peered down a hole, her hair falling 'upward' to the floor above her. Things were weird when you were upside down. "I was just gonna say, you haven't moved in a while."

"Nora, are you crazy!? You aren't wearing any headgear!"

Nora looked at her oddly, brought a hand down and tweaked at one of the dangling ginger strands. "My hair is four inches long. I don't need a freaking helmet to keep my mane in check."

Yang turned and glared at her from said biker helmet, blonde locks oozing from the bottom and out the front. "You suck."

Nora just shrugged and stuck her tongue out. Yang suddenly turned white (not that you could tell, past all the hair; seriously, it's a wonder she could even see).

"Nora…if you're here…who's holding the other side of the rope?"

Her turquoise eyes went wide, and she held a finger on her other hand to her chain. Wait a minute, how wasn't she falling through the skylight? "Oh, I tied it to a radiator!"

"You are crazy!" Yang hissed at her and shook the spray can at her partner in crime, but the movement caused Yang to slowly spin in circles. "God damnit!"

"You kiss your boyfriend with that mouth?" The two smirked at each other. At least, Nora guessed she was smirking at her.

"You know I do."

Yang's frustrating and lethargic rotation took Nora out of her sight. The rope gave an inch. Yang did not scream.

Nora's pattering footsteps could be heard across the roof above her. She called to her, comms off so she wouldn't destroy Yang's ears. "Uhhhhhh, it's just the house settling!"

"You are the worst person I could've picked for this!"

She heard a 'pop' in her ear, and Nora's panting, breathy voice crackled over the earpiece. "And the only one crazy enough to agree."

Yang winced. She had her there. "Nora, move the mic, it's too close to your mouth."

She winced much harder as her ear was filled with horrifically loud scraping and rustling, before Nora's voice came to her again, clearer and blessedly quiet. "Like this?" Yang's sigh was confirmation enough. "Jeez, no need to be rude."

She chuckled to herself, continuing her lazy spin in the weird hallway. A door sidled into her view, a biometric scanner and keypad to its right. "Alright, Nora, you got the thing?"


"Then do the thing!"


Yang hummed as the thumb drive did its work, the turning movement almost soothing, in a way. Nora's voice crackled to her again "You know, I think it's a bad idea to play a guy like that."

"What, the nerd?"

"See, you don't even know his name."

"He was a creep! Kept staring at my boobs!"

"Because you didn't wear a jacket that day. Everyone would've stared at your boobs."

"He didn't." Yang felt a bubbling warmth in her chest, and an idiotic grin spread across her face. He never looked at her that way, except when they were alone.

"You're doing that stupid smile again, aren't you?"


"Ugh, stop trying to distract me, I-"

"But it looks so good on you." Yang dangled her arms down, the blood rushing to her hands.

"Wait, what does?"

Yang smirked. "Distraction."

"Ugh. I'm saying…you shouldn't use boys like that. It's creepy."

Yang shrugged, even if Nora couldn't see, occupied as she was on the roof with the laptop and flash drive. "He knows I have a boyfriend-"

"The whole school knows about your little arrangement."

Yang continued, ignoring her, "-so he shouldn't have honestly expected anything. I just held my neck a certain way, and patted his arm, and he was kind enough to make me a little virus to turn off some of the sensors."

"I still think it was cruel." Yang wouldn't- couldn't admit it, but the guilt ate at her a little as well. But she assured herself, it would all be worth it.

She heard a faint beeping in her ear, and the closing of a laptop. "Alright. The thing is did. I'm still confused what I was thinking when I agreed to all of this."

"That I'd let you use it on Ren next?"

There was a long pause, and if it was possible to hear a shiver over radio, then Yang just did. "Fair. Okay, I'm coming down."

"What?! No, you can't! I haven't sprayed yet!"

"You spent all that time in there and you haven't sprayed yet?!" Damn Nora, and damn herself even more for forgetting something so stupid. She even had the freaking can in her hand, for god's sake!

"Damnit, damnit, damnit," Yang pressed on the top of the aerosol, a fine white mist hissing out into the dark. It fell softly to the floor, passing through beams of light and illuminating them for her to see. A patchwork of white bars criss-crossed over the floor, with occasional patches free.

"Oooooh, are they gonna slice our feet off?" Nora slid down the rope above her, the bottoms of her feet bumping against Yang's and the rope swinging dangerously.

Despite being a little nervous, Yang snickered "Not those kinds of lasers. They're just gonna set off lots of alarms if we touch them."

"Oh…that's still pretty bad."

"Yup." Yang popped the 'p', then coughed and sputtered when it accidentally pulled a clump of hair into her mouth.

It was Nora's turn to snicker. "Smooooooth."

"Shut up!" Yang growled at her, hair obscuring her vision even more so than before. "You have to go back up so you can lower the rope down." Nora pouted at her, but complied, shimmying up the thick black cord they'd brought with them and onto the roof. The rope gave again, and Yang, once again, did not scream.

"Did you just scream?"

"Give me a little bit more slack, almost there!" Yang had not screamed. It was just…mildly surprising. The thick white beams of light were starting to fade, and she sprayed again, the bars coming back to life as if they had never faded. She slowly descended, the ground creeping towards her face, agonizingly slow, and yet too fast. She found a patch free of lasers, landed gently on her hands, unclipped the rope from her boots, and gently, gracefully set her feet down onto the hallway floor.

She may not be as flexible as Blake or as graceful as Weiss, but Yang Xiao Long was a huntress, and she'd be a pretty sorry one if she couldn't come down from a handstand. The sound of rope zipping through gloves came from above, and she had to lean to the side to keep Nora from falling on top of her.

"Jeez! Watch where you're going!" Nora happily hopped in place, spinning around and facing Yang, free of the nerves that shook her.

"So! What next?"

Yang bit her lip and glanced at the slowly fading white bars that spread across the floor at ankle level. There were spots where she was pretty sure she could stand, next to other spots where she could take her next step. She took a deep breath. It was just like hopscotch. If you stepped on a line, she would…go to prison, instead of being laughed at by her sister. Another deep breath. She was going to be fine.

She sprayed again, the lattice brightening by her feet. "And now…" She exhaled deeply. She was fine, fine, perfectly fine. "Hopscotch."

Nora snickered again. "Did you seriously just say that?"

"Shut up!" Yang turned around and pushed at her, but Nora, amazingly enough, pushed back…and she happened to weigh a bit more than Yang did. Her world tilted, spiraled, she was falling down to the terrible gleaming beams of the sensors, she was going to prison, she was going to die, she-

She felt a fist catch the front of her coat and pull her up, strong and controlled. Nora grinned at her, "Hopscotch."

Yang smiled shakily and nodded, Nora letting go once she was sure Yang could stand on her own. She carefully lifted a foot, lifting it over a laser and setting it down in the next patch of gridwork. Repeat, and repeat, and repeat… As terrified as she had been, the journey over to the door passed surprisingly quickly. She stood on one foot in a particularly tight triangle and braced herself against the wall. After rummaging around on her belt, she found an odd little rubbery oval. It was, squishy, and a little warm. When she pulled it out, she saw it was a small gumdrop of silicon, with a fingerprint on one side.

Even more nervous than she had been before, she pressed the silicon button to a dark black plate next to the keypad…and held it there. Oh god, was it not going to work, what if-

There was a beep, a small green light, and the door slid open. Nora giggled at her from a few feet further down the corridor. "You're gonna need some stress relief once tonight is over."

Yang laughed back to her, one hand coming up to hold her pounding helmet. "Don't I know it?"

She pushed off the wall, stepping over the last few sections of laser, and into the room. The first thing that hit her was that it was air conditioned, very much so, and she was very grateful for the jacket she'd worn (though she'd been the first to admit that it was more to make her feel like a spy than for warmth).

She cautiously reached up, grasping the sides of the helmet and pulling up, waterfalls of tousled blonde cascading out across her shoulders, front, and back. With a huff, a fountain of yellow burst into the air, and Yang set about straightening her hair as best she could while Nora clambering inside the room.

"Wow! It's cold!"

"Yeah." Yang puffed again, fretting when she couldn't remember which way a blonde lock naturally fell. She eventually gave up, carrying the helmet in one hand as she stepped forward, ignoring the various posters and computer terminals that surrounded them. Instead, she strode for the far end of the lab, and a small looking device that rested in a clear plexi-glass box.

"Yang?" She paused, and turned around. Nora was staring wide-eyed at one of the warning posters, her face rapidly paling. "'Not for use with humans, faunus, or other aura-bound animates.' Why exactly is that, dear partner-in-crime?"

Yang smiled sheepishly, combing at her hair and turning to the side. "Well…the thing is…"

"Does it kill people?"

"No, it- Well, sometimes-"

"It kills people!?" Nora's voice was far too loud, and she heard it echo down the hallway behind her.

"No, no, it just, us…splits the aura, when you make a copy, and if a person doesn't have enough aura…"

"They die." Nora finished, her normally animated face stony and disapproving.

"Yeah." Yang finished lamely, a halfhearted shrug her only line in the way of 'defense.'

"Damnit Yang," Nora stomped a foot and turned away. Yang blinked, her tense shoulders coming uncoiled. Nora almost never swore. "You know this wouldn't work for Ren."

"What? No, I-"

"'Splits the Aura?' Yeah, Jaune's the only way with an aura large enough to survive that."

"I just thought, maybe, Ren's might be big enough."

"Ren's aura is almost as small as Weiss'."

Yang's face twisted into an ugly grimace, and she looked down at the floor. "I'm sorry." She hadn't meant to trick Nora, and her omission of the gun's 'requirements' hadn't been out of malevolence or anything like that.

She heard Nora huff and felt a hand on her shoulder. "It's fine. I'll still help you out. But you owe me be time!"

Yang's face came unclenched, and she beamed, "Yes! Thank you, thank you!"

She whirled on the spot, staring hungrily at the little plastic cloning gun. She threw a hand to the sky, the helmet clenched in her fingers. "Tonight is going to be the best night ever!"

"You know you're gonna have to put that back on, right?" Nora gestured to the helmet.

"Yeah, I know…"

Yang slipped quietly into the hotel room she had reserved earlier that day, still fidgeting with a lock of blonde hair that wasn't falling quite right. Jaune said he didn't care, but she did. Everything had to be perfect. It always did when it came to him.

It had taken far too much time to get back out of the lab, changed, touch-up her makeup and hair (which Nora said she didn't need to do, but she totally did), and drive to the hotel.

The room was very dimly lit, but she could still make out the lush details, the carpeting, the lamps, the pillows. A slightly brighter light shone through the door of the bedroom, and she stepped forward, her eyes drawn up at the creak of a spring.

"You missed dinner." He took her breath away sometimes. Jaune leaned against the edge of the bed, dressed in a dark jacket that emphasized his broadening shoulders, a deep purple shirt that his fingers were slowly unbuttoning, and crisp dark pants. His bare feet sank into the plump carpet, his shoes somewhere she couldn't care less about right now.

She tried to yank her brain back on track, to tear her eyes from his soft, freshly-washed hair, or the growing triangle of deliciously toned chest she could see. She shook her head again, and tossed on a coy smile, crossing her hands behind her back. "Did you miss me~?"


She laughed at that, and stepped forward, kicking off her heeled shoes. "Dick."

"Yang, I thought that was the idea."

"Ha!" A few paces carried her to him, and his arms reached forward, sliding around her waist and pulling her closer. She leaned in, eyes closing on practiced instinct as their lips met. He was warm, and his tongue met hers the moment they touched, the two meeting as old friends who hadn't touched in an agonizing four hours.

She could feel her brain settle into an all too familiar haze of hormones as they kissed, their lips parting in a satisfying smack before pressing together again, and she couldn't help but moan as a warmth spread from her mouth to the rest of her body. God, she had missed this. Missed the touch of his skin against hers. After a year of wanting it, months of fantasizing about it, and weeks of actually doing it, it still surprised her that this was real, that she was kissing this boy, after all this time.

"Hold on, baby." She was disappointed in herself as she pulled away, Jaune's hands settling over her rear and giving it a firm squeeze.

His hand recoiled instantly, and his eyes grew wide with worry, "What's wrong? It wasn't too much was it? I'm sorry, I just wanted-"

Rolling her eyes, she learned forward and kissed him again, stopping the flow of silly, stupid words. "You're too attentive sometimes. No, were this any other day, I would be thrilled that you were taking initiative, and would gladly let you fondle my ass-" he rolled his eyes at the word, a reference to a light argument they'd had before "-until I turned into a jelly, but..." Her eyes flickered over to the purse she had set down on the ground beside her, and the prize that lay inside. "I wanna try something special tonight."

"Of course, anything." God, she loved him so much. His hand returned to her waist, and she rubbed a hand at his shoulder, his neck. Yang had always been a deeply physical person, and, as Jaune did for all of them, he adjusted as best he could. They petted and pawed and stroked and caressed at each other's bodies, exploring each other in ways that no one else ever would. There wasn't anything overtly sexual about their touches, but it was deeply intimate, and something they could never do in front of others.

She smiled coyly up at him again, one hand stroking at the side of his neck while the other traced gently shapes across his bared chest. "Could you get naked for me, baby?"

"Like…slowly, or…?" She bit her lip and considered. Professional stripper though he was not, she liked to watch Jaune's body as he de-robed, each cord of muscle and stretch of skin like a present being unwrapped just for her. She shook her head. It was too late into the night, and she wanted to get to the main event.

With practiced movements from many previous nights, his shirt, slacks and briefs were off, folded and set on a little table by the bed. She eyed him up hungrily, tracing each ridged muscle that he had worked so hard on, and that she and her friends had helped him to get. She remembered how self-conscious he used to be, hiding under a sheet and throwing out his clothes so that Yang couldn't see him naked. It would have been erotic to feel a person before you saw them, if it wasn't for such dorky reasons.

But now he stood, fully presented to her, swinging freely and rolling his eyes as he watched her expression. She grinned. "Okay baby, I've got something special for us tonight."

He nodded slowly, and Yang was delighted to watch several muscles slide past each other in his shoulder. "Yeah, I remember."

"Right, just…don't freak out." She reached into her bag (she refused to call it a purse) and pulled out the little gun of plastic and wire, concealing it behind her back. She bit her lip, mulling over her decision at the last moment, which she hated doing.

"Babe, are you alri-?"

"Wi-cha!" She hurried pulled her arm out, aimed, and fired, a flash of light forcing her eyes shut. They opened warily, and where once there had been one naked boyfriend, there were now two. Jaune looked at himself, confused, and his left hand raised on both bodies.

"What the hell?" The two Jaune's spoke in unison.

"Ta-da!" She held her hands out, presenting one Jaune to the other, as if he were some prize he had won at a fair. Inside, she was terrified. Sure, it had worked, and Jaune wasn't dead, but was he going to be angry, confused? Were they two separate Jaune's, or one mind in two bodies?

They slowly turned to face each other, and raised their right hands. "Wait, crap." It was weird, eerie even, to hear that voice from two mouths at the same time. They both put their hand down and reached up with the other. "Damnit." One left hand came down, the other, right hand, staying raised. The curled into fists, tilted, and gently tapped against one another. Jaune had just given himself a fist bump.

She rolled her eyes, smiling at the goofy display. "You are such a dork."

Jaune's turned to her, scowling. "I think I'd be-" they stopped talking simultaneously, before both looking left. They swore under their breath, one of the heads turned back to face the other, and then left Jaune raised a finger at right Jaune. The indicated Jaune turned back to her, his scowl reforming. "I think I'd be less worried about me being a dork and more about what the hell you just did! What did you do?!"

Yang shrugged abashedly, accidentally proffering the cloning gun. "I just, uh…picked up some tricks on the way here."

His face was flat as he pointing to the little plastic thing. "That's a hell of a trick. Where did you even get something like that?"

"I, uh…I borrowed it."

They both sighed and facepalmed, "Yang…"

"Look, just, don't worry about it, okay baby?" She took a gentle step forward, reaching out to the way who had been talking.

They raised their faces to the ceiling, as if in prayer, their hands shaking in front of them. "How can I not worry about this? I have two bodies!"

"Not forever…" She shrugged again, looking for a bright side.

He sighed, apparently accepting the craziness for now, their hands resting on their hips. "Okay then, how long?"

"About half an hour?"

"You don't know?"

She stomped her foot and pouted at him ferociously. "Look, I know, alright, just- ugh, I'm not sure how long we've spent talking."

They ignored her expression, long-since immune. "Okay then." It was the one of the left who was talking now, the other's mouth only twitching slightly before relaxing. "So, why exactly did you do this?"

She smiled coyly, gently twirling the gun between her hands. "Well, you remember the conversation we had last week about threesomes...?"

Their eyes widened, and they raised their hands to run through their shaggy blond hair. "You cloned me for sex?!"

"Look, it'll be fine! Don't be such a worry wart." She was simultaneously glad and frustrated that there wasn't a clock in the bedroom. They were wasting precious time that could be spent on 'activities'.

"Worry wart?!" She ran up to him, and kissed him softly, the other mimicking the pose as if he were being kissed too.

She wanted this, needed this. "Please, baby? I just wanted to share something with you. Do it for me?" Her hand rubbed at his chest fondly, her lower lip jutting out in a pout that put the last one to shame.

"I-" He paused, the two bodies looking at each other. "And it'll only last half an hour?"

"Less, cause you're being such a chatterbox." He chuckled, and her fingers bounced where they rested again him.

"Alright, I think I've gotten a little bit of practice on this. A threesome, ri-?"

"Actually…" she interjected, grinning sheepishly and avoiding his eyes. Both sets of them. "Could I make one more?"

"One more?!"

"Cause, you know…I've got three holes."

She squeaked when a hand slapped against her butt, and she turned to see the other Jaune grinning at her. "You're a dirty little girl, you know that?"

She winked at him, leaning into the Jaune that was still holding her. "I'm not hearing a 'no'~…"

They shrugged, and replied in unison. "Why not?"

She laughed gleefully and flung her arms around him, nuzzling her face into his neck. "Thank you thank you thank you! You're the best boyfriend ever!"

He raised one shoulder, trying to cut off her access to somewhere she knew was ticklish, even as he was laughing. "Alright, alright, get on with it." With the gun still in one hand, she stepped back, pointed it at the one she'd just been hugging, closed her eyes, and squeezed the trigger.

Another flash of light, and when she opened her eyes, smile fell. Three Jaune bodies lay on the ground, all panting for breath. "Oh my god!" She tossed the gun away and knelt, raising one up to look at her.

"I'm alright, I just need to-" he cut off, apparently having spent too much time talking instead of breathing. He gasped at hacked, and Yang hated the sound. She cradled his face, glancing nervously at the other two bodies. "-to catch my breath," the one in her arms finally finished.

They all clambered up, stretching and coughing, but all very much alive. Yang however was terrified. She'd almost killed her boyfriend. Her hands were shaking as one Jaune took the clone gun away from her, setting it on a side table.

"Yang, I'm alright." His words were comforting, and he wrapped one set of arms around her as the other two took the covers off the bed, pulling the top sheet down as well. "I'm fine. I can still totally do this, unless you don't want to."

"I-" She didn't know if she did anymore. She'd just risked the life of the man she loved most in the world for something cheap and fleeting and- She sighed and shook her head. She had no idea what she was supposed to do, or how she was supposed to feel.

"Here, I bet I can think of something to get you back in the mood." The Jaune she was hugging stepped away, and a different set of wiry, toned arms settled around her waist. She felt a pair of familiars lips kiss at her neck, while an equally familiar tongue traced at the other side.

"Oh…" The hands at her waist slid up, gently cupping her breasts and giving them a soft squeeze, and she gasped, sucking in a quick breath as expert fingers gently massaged her chest, each finger pressing in before releasing for the next to do the same. His tongue gently darted into the shell of her ear, and she released the breath she'd been holding as a long and pleasured sigh.

One hand slid up her calf to the zipper at the bottom of her tight dress, tugging it up. The whole thing gently loosened and started to come away from her body, held there only by the hands at her chest. Even as her clothing fell from her skin, the hands relaxed, the dress pulled out from under them by a different pair before settling in surprise onto bare skin.

"No bra?" As the lavender dress hit the floor, the one that was kneeling in front of her legs whistled softly. "No panties either. You have been waiting for this."

She looked down at him and nodded, biting her lip as a hungry gaze filled her eyes, and a needy tone saturated her voice. "Mhmm." She stepped carefully from the dress, her entourage of blond stepping with her. She turned her head to the left, locking lips with the Jaune on that side, hungrily moving her jaw as delightful moaning and lip-smacking filled her senses.

The Jaune on her right switched purposes, from gentle kisses to burning licks and hungry bites. She felt him leave the imprints of his teeth in her shoulder, before moving to a new patch of skin and sucking in, leaving a little pockmark.

"Ah!" She gasped softly and broke from her kiss as she felt another tongue mark her in an entirely different place. The Jaune at her feet had inched forward, and was licking softly at her entrance, drawing sweet droplets of pre from her nether lips. Two hands, one from each of the standing Jaune's clasping her breasts and squeezed, and her eyes fluttered when Jaune's tongue slipped inside her entrance. A different hand clasped her chin and pulled it to the side, a tongue filling her mouth as her eyes quickly fell closed. She raised one hand to tangle in Jaune's hair, the one that was kissing her, while her other hurriedly grabbed the other Jaune's head, the one who was eating her out.

Her nipples ached, they were so hard, and she jumped when they were squeezed in unison, pulled at, the pain turning to pleasure and rocketing straight to her core as Jaune's tongue explored deeper. Her hips rocked backward and forward, but Jaune's face remained glued to her entranced, lapping at the trickles of juices that seeped from her. They tugged at her nipples, harder, and she groaned in satisfaction. There was so much, too much, she could feel the pressure rising in her too fast, too fast, too-

"Nnnnnngh!" She rose up onto her toes as she came, squeezing at heads and tongues and god she didn't even care anymore. Her legs shook as her orgasm peaked and slowly fell, a multitude of hands supporting her. She panted, but she couldn't help grinning, looking from one blonde face to the next. "Oh god. I forgot how good you are."

They winked, before one gently picked her up and placed her on the bed. As she shifted around, eventually coming to rest on her knees, the third Jaune's looked at her, then around the bed, confused. "So, uh…how do we do this?"

She gently took the arm of one, and pulled him onto the bed, laying him down, so that is knees and calves hung off the side. "Now…" She swung a leg over him, giving his shaft a few strokes to return it to 'full mast', before placing the tip gently at her still-slick entrance. She let out a soft breath, before relaxing her knees, and sliding him inside of her. Their gentle moans echoed into each other, almost harmonizing.

As her mound came to rest against her base, she let out her breath in a pleasured hiss, before biting her lip and looking to Jaune with pleading eyes. She knew he always loved that. "Now, one of the other ones, there's a purple bottle in my bag." Both initially move towards it, before laughing to themselves.

He pulled out a tall bottle, and looked at the label, before glaring lightly at Yang. "Layla's Long-Lasting Lube?"

She pressed her hands against the stomach of the one she was riding, gently moving her body up and down out of carnal instinct and habit. As distracted as she was, she still replied, "You're sure as hell not going in dry."

He nodded, point taken, before uncapping the bottle and squeezing some into his palms.

"Now, the last one," she smiled at the unoccupied Jaune, "climb up on the bed, and stand over this guy's head." She tapped the chest of the one beneath her. As he clambered up, she increased her pace, rising halfway up the cock buried inside her before sliding back down.

Jaune's hands gripped at her thighs, "Stop."

"What, you don't like it?" She tossed her thick hair over one shoulder, and grinned innocently down at him.

"You know that's not it," his scowl was just as playful as her smile, before he looked up oddly. "You know, I never expected to look up at my own balls."

Yang chuckled, before leaning forward and bracing her legs against the standing Jaune. She really should give them names. "Uh, Mouth-Jaune, Pussy-Jaune, and Ass-Jaune."

"Yang, you know I don't like it when you don't talk about yourself that way." Ass-Jaune's voice (for that was how she was going to think about them, if only to keep things straight in her own head) sound from behind her, and she felt something hard and slick press at her other entrance.

She gasped softly, before turning her sultry expression on him "What're you gonna do? Punish me? Have I been a bad girl?~"

He pressed in, and her eyes squeezed shut, a guttural moan jumping from her throat, deeper than the others. She and Jaune had tried anal before, a few months ago. He'd been super afraid of hurting her, enough to the point that she didn't enjoy it, not because she was in pain, but because they had to keep stopping so she could convince him that she was having fun.

Ass-Jaune's cock slid for what felt like miles, inch after agonizing inch grinding pass her sphincter. In the back of her mind, she felt his hand slid up her back and grip into her hair, another thing she had to convince him she liked. His fingers gripped it at the base, where it would pull the least amount out, prevent tearing, and allow him the most amount of control.

"Yes," his voice was dark, even if Jaune could never fully manage 'menacing'. "You've been a very bad girl." He pulled her hair back, until her face was level up another of Jaune's cocks. He released her head, and she leaned forward, bracing herself on Mouth-Jaune's knees. She licked her lips, then licked his cock instead, and it jumped a little. She giggled, taking one hand and stroking at the velvety soft skin as she took his tip into her mouth.

"So just, go?" Pussy-Jaune asked. She nodded absent-mindedly, still devoting her attention mostly to the shaft in her hands and mouth.

That quickly changed as the other two pulled out. Mouth-Jaune popped out and she leaned forward, her eyes clenching closed. "Oh fuck!"

They stopped, gentle hands touching her back, her front, her face. "Are you alright?"

She nodded, and grinned down at him, "This feels sooooo good." They still looked apprehensive, but the one in front of her shrugged, and she her two new favorite things continue their exit from her holes. She buried her next moans into Mouth-Jaune's cock, eagerly sucking it down to about the halfway mark. Her lips buzzed; she couldn't help making noise, her senses were on fire.

Ass-Jaune grabbed a hold of her hips, and lifted her slightly off the bed, so Pussy-Jaune actually had some room to thrust, and her hands clutched at Mouth-Jaune's knees, propping herself up. She sagged forward, Jaune's dick sliding forward and down her throat, till at nudged at the back, where it slid down into her stomach. She'd long since conquered her gag reflex, and if she had any more control over her facial features, she would have grinned with pride.

Instead, she slid it back out, his member slick with spittle. A pair of equally slick dicks slid from her other holes, and she seriously thought she might cum after 30 seconds. She could feel it building, her oncoming orgasm as they started to pick up the pace, sliding in and out of her greedy holes. She felt hot and cold, like waves of sensation travelling across her skin.

"Just face-fuck me," she gasped out, the concentration of a blowjob too much for her rapidly-devolving mind. And so, he did, Jaune gently clasping either side of her hair. She relaxed her jaw and he slipped past her lips, the tip nudging at the back of her throat before sliding back out.

Yang's moans increased in volume, frequency, pitch and incoherence as every Jaune increased his pace. Her ass cheeks jiggled as Jaune's hips slammed into them with enough force to shake her whole body, while her pussy made vulgar, slick, squishing sounds as Jaune pounded her there. Spit dribbled from her mouth and down her face, Jaune balls frequently tapping against her chin. She choked and gurgled and moaned and panted, but all ecstatically.

Two thumbs reached up and tweaked at her nipples, and her eyes rolled back into her head. She could feel it now, like a tidal wave of hormones. Sparks travelled from her scalped down to the tips of her hair, shining soft light into the dim room. As their hips clapped and shlicked and pounded, her body tensed, and she screamed, Jaune hurriedly pulling out of her mouth.

"Oh god oh god oh god oh fuck! Jaune! Jaaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuunnne! Nnnngh! Aaah! Aaah!" The other two however, did not stop, railing her through her finish as she cried out over and over again. Her hair ignited, shining a brilliant warm gold.

She could've sworn it lasted a solid minute. She braced herself forward against one Janue's legs while the other two kept pounding away, dragging her orgasm out across an eternity. Suddenly, Jaune grabbed her face and slid his cock back in, and she could hear him muttering to himself.

As the glow of her hair faded, she stopped him once he pulled from her throat. "I want to hear it." He thrust in again instead, clasping the sides of her head far less gently than he had before. Three sets of hands held her in place, while three gloriously massive cocks drilled and railed and fucked her. She felt used, and she loved it.

"Oh shit, oh god, Yang, I-" Jaune's panting muttering had grown louder and louder as he let himself go, and the voice was echoed twice again behind and below her. His cock twitched in her mouth, pre staining her taste buds, and she felt something throb and stiffen before. All three sets up hips stopped simultaneously, and she felt the familiar heat of Jaune's cream as it filled her. She even felt the pressure, little jets pushing against her walls.

A rivulet of cum shot down her throat, but that wasn't wear she wanted it, and she pulled out, holding and stroking his face as the next shot landed on her eyebrow, trickling down her nose. She pumped again, and the next load sailed into her hair, the next one following after. Jaune, due to various circumstances, came a lot, and she wasn't surprised when her holes filled, and the excesses seeped out, dribbling down her legs.

The next shots on her face were less energetic, and they fell onto her face, one dropping into her open mouth. She pooled it there on her waiting tongue, the sweet scent and taste saturating her senses. Jaune's own orgasm finally slowed and finished, and she leaned forward, squeezing the last load onto her cheek before smiling up at him, kissing the tip.

"Good boy~…" she crooned as Jaune's cock slid from her ass. As first one Jaune then the next fell heavily onto the bed, she gasped. "Wait, grab your scroll!"

One of them sat up, and looked at her curiously. "You sure?"

She grinned, straightening her knees so that the Jaune below her could slid out. "Positive. I want you to remember this forever!"

"I'm pretty sure that's already gonna happen." Jaune walked over to his folded pants, and pulled out his scroll. As he came back, Yang waved the other two out of the shot, lying down with her face down, rear in the air. She turned back and looked toward where Jaune stood at the foot of the bed. She reached her hands back and stretched her cheeks, cum dribbling from asshole and pussy and leaving a blazing trail down the inside of her thighs. That same cream was painted across her face and hair, marking her as much as a signature.

She changed expressions as Jaune snapped each shot, first pouty, then hungry, then needy. He straightened back up, setting the scroll down on his folded pants before gently petting at Yang's arm. She bit her lip and glanced nervously at him. "You want show anyone, right?" They all scowled, really scowled at her, hurt and angry that she would even think something like that. "Right, of course. Duh. Sorry."

One of them kissed her, and her body relaxed. "You never need to be sorry to me."

"Well that's dumb." She licked her lip as one of the little rivulets of cum slid onto her lip. "I do dumb stuff too."

The Jaune's laughed softly, before one asked "Do you need any help cleaning up?"

She shook her head and stood up, before her legs gave out and she fell to the floor. "I'm okay!" Three worried faces peered over her, and six hands cradled her and lifted her to her feet. "You just…really did a number on me."

"I thought that's what you wanted." The one behind her spoke in a worried voice, and she was reminded again just how much Jaune cared about her.

"I'll be fine, just- Hmmm, could you maybe get me a towel?" As she was placed gently on the bed, one stepped quickly into the bathroom, wetting a towel and bringing it back to her. She wiped off her face, reaching down to do the same to her thighs, before handing it to one of the Jaune's. "Could you do my hair?"

He nodded, grasping one of the locks before squeezing the cloth along, wiping as much of his cream as he could from her hair. "I didn't get all of it."

She shrugged, "It's fine, it washes ou-"

Her eyes blurred, and the world suddenly changed. When she could refocus, a single Jaune was lying at her side, his body rigid and tense, as if he were having a seizure. "Oh my god! Jaune!" She tossed the cloth away and rushed to him, picking his flailing body up into her arms. But before her worry could grow into hysteria, his body relaxed, and he fell, gasping, into her arms.

"What was that!?"

He blinked and gulped at the air, sweat droplets having a raise down the side of his face. "How should I know? I just experience three orgasms at the same time, or something." She hugged him and buried her face into his neck, her hair swaying and falling over his face and shoulders.

"I'm so sorry."

"I'm okay now, it's alright." He hugged her back, before gently prying her from his shoulder. He sat up, crawling his way back to the head of the bed. He laid down on a pillow, opening his arms toward her. He didn't have to gesture twice. She grabbed one of the sheets, crawling forward and wrapping her arms around his chest at the same time she wrapped the sheet around them. He stroked at her hair, and now that she took the time to experience it, she could finally feel how sore she was.

Her cheeks were raw from friction, her lower holes aching from vigorous activity. Her legs begged for rest, but despite all of these minor pains, it all felt good. She had never felt so thoroughly fucked in her life.

"You're thinking something dirty."

She grinned up at him and batted her eyelashes, before kissing his chin. "No idea what you're talking about."

She settled back into his chest as he rolled his eyes, and his arms wrapped around them, finding the curve of her waist. As she fell asleep, she felt the familiar feeling. She was where she belonged. With him.

"Of all the irresponsible, half-brained, dimwitted-!"

Yang had obviously been found out. The cameras hadn't been disabled, and it had taken the police and the R&D section of the SDC about two hours to find her once the morning had come.

"How could you have been so stupid, so callous, short-sighted-!?"

She hadn't really expected to get away with it, only intending to use it for a single night. She'd gladly returned the little gun, had even been willing to spend a few days in jail.

"That was serious, proto-typical, military, experimental technology, and-!"

Weiss however, would never allow someone on her team to suffer something like that. She was like a honey badger, in a way. Ferocious and loyal in defending the things and people she cared about. She'd said a few words, made a few phone calls, and through the magic of lawyers, Yang wouldn't be going to jail.

"I never expected you to be so ridiculous, shallow, incorrigible-!"

But Yang's freedom didn't come for free. Weiss had, and was still letting her know just how much of an idiot she'd been.

The white-haired girl still had her scroll in her hand, stomping back and forth as Yang sat on Blake's bunk like a child awaiting a time-out. "And what- What- What was it even for!?"

Yang smirked blearily up at her, still tired from last night. "The best night of my life."

Weiss' pale skin meant that when she got angry, you could see. When Yang was certain she couldn't get any redder, she exploded, "I just traded in fourteen favors, woke up my legal team, performed the equivalent of logistical gymnastics because you were HORNY?!"

Before Yang could reply, she gutturally screamed her frustration and whirled around, typing hurriedly into her scroll. Yang chuckled to herself. She never liked making Weiss mad, but she had to admit that the aftermath was entertaining.

"But c'mon, you gotta admit, you're kinda curious, right?"

Weiss went very still, before her fingers hurriedly leapt back into action. She whispered, very quietly, "I've already received the requisition forms."

Yang's cackling laugh chased the scarlet-faced heiress from the room.

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