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Percy Jackson sat on the couch, eating his thirteenth blue cookie after arriving home from school that day. In retrospect he should've known something was wrong – his mother never let him have more than 10 in one sitting unless things were serious.

As Percy lounged on the couch, his mind wandered idly – he could afford to daydream about life with Annabeth now they had had a month of peace which seemed like it would continue – there had been no wars, no near-apocalypses, not even any Monster attacks. Percy Jackson could live like any other normal teenage boy.

Of course, the Fates would never let the demigod have some peace – at that moment his mom and Paul entered and sat down opposite, with serious expressions on their faces.

'What is it?' Percy asked warily. 'Is anyone dead? Is the baby alright? Is-' he asked, becoming more anxious every question.

Sally patted her stomach gingerly and smiled – at eight months pregnant (with a girl), she had reduced mobility (and increased worry). 'No, Perce it's nothing like that. It's just that-'

Paul cut in, 'You know how I've always wanted to teach in a middle school? Well, I've applied to work in several and… I've got two offers.'

Percy grinned 'That's great Paul. Congratulations.' Then he noticed that both adults still seemed serious, and sobered up. 'Wait, what else were you going to say?' he asked.

'The thing is, Percy, neither of the offers are for schools in Manhattan… or even New York.' Paul explained.

'There's one in a place called Franklin Grove, in Illinois, and another somewhere called Charton Lakes, in Utah. We haven't decided which one, but we will inevitably move. I'm sorry Perce.' elaborated his mother. 'We wanted our daughter to grow up away from the bustle of NYC – I wanted to for you as well, but we couldn't afford it-'

Percy was shocked. They were going to move away from New York, his only home. Where his school was, where Olympus was, where Camp and Annabeth were… It was too much to take, after a long day at school especially.

'You're old enough to make your own way in the world of course Percy, maybe go year round at Camp, or New Rome, or rent an apartment – with Annabeth maybe. We understand that. But we'd love for you to come with us. You can even choose which one we go to if you like – your mom and I have no preference.' Paul said.

Percy nodded mutely and muttered 'I need to IM Camp Half-Blood before I make a decision-' before he left the room.