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Many months passed and soon it was February, but the trio of girls still hadn't found any proof of Percy's oddness and Percy was still oblivious.

In general, he was still struggling through school life (although he was getting mainly Bs and As now he was a year below) and killing the odd monster that dared stray as far out of the way as Franklin Grove. Thankfully, Paul would cover for him whenever he came in covered in yellow monster dust.

The girls thought they might never find any proof and Percy thought that it would just be another fairly boring year, until on a cold morning at the beginning of Spring a familiar face was waiting for Percy at the entry to the school.

It was Nico.

'Nico!' Percy cried happily, rushing towards his cousin. Then he added in an undertone, 'you here for Hades business?'

'Do I need an excuse to see my favorite cousin?' asked Nico smiling.

'Don't let Thals here you saying that.' joked Percy. 'But seriously though, you said you be coming for Hades business if anything.'

'Yeah.' He sighed. 'Hades wants me to get a move on with the v-problem around here and do some more investigating… I think it's because he's moping now Persephone's left for the spring.

'I guess.' Percy agreed, nodding understandingly. 'Well do you know where you're staying?'

'Yeah.' Said Nico too quickly.

'Neeks.' Said Percy in a tone that said he knew that Nico was lying.

'Okay, fine, no. I was thinking maybe sleeping rough? Maybe in the cemetery.' Seeing Percy's shocked look he added 'Perce, my dad is the god of the freaking dead – graveyards are like my favorite place. And anyways, I'm probably going to find more v activity there.'

'You have to come and stay with us.' Percy announced firmly. 'Mom and Paul would be cool with it.'

'I don't want to be a burden.' Nico replied.

'You don't have any choice, Death Breath, if I have to drag you there by your left ear then Hephaestus help me I will.'

'Hephaestus help me?' questioned Nico.

'Stop changing the subject.'

'Okay, okay, fine.' Agreed Nico seeing his cousin's determined expression. Percy breathed a sigh of relief.

'Now that's out of the way, I've been meaning to ask you – why do you keep saying 'v'?' Percy asked.

Nico looked around furtively and hissed 'you know why – or did you forget about the vampire thing?'

'Of course not. I've spotted some potential ones here at the school – mainly Goths. But why don't you just say vamp-'

Nico cut in 'because I'm under cover and vam- they have strong hearing. I don't want to be overheard.'

'Then why dont you just speak in Ancient Greek / Then why don't you just speak in Ancient Greek?' asked Percy.

'Annabeth's been rubbing off on you, smarty. But yeah, I forgot / Annabeth's been rubbing off on you, smarty. But yeah, I forgot.' Nico replied and they walked indoors, finishing their conversation in Ancient Greek.

But the three girls crouched behind the bushes in surveillance had heard enough (after all, two of them had superhuman hearing).