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Chapter I

When I was very young, around five or six, both of my parents died because of an illness and we had no money to pay for a doctor. When they died, I was brought to my uncle.

My uncle was a drunkard, and he mostly consults to violence. He makes me do all the chores- cleaning the house, cleaning the barn, feeding the animals, cooking, ironing, laundry- everything. My only refuge was his daughter, my cousin.

She saw me at my worst and my best. She helped me when my uncle locked me in the basement when I did not cook him a satisfactory dinner. She helped heal my wounds every single night. She almost always tried to take the beating from my uncle- and unfortunately, she gets it.

Until one day when I was crying in the barn after I escaped from being thrown, beat up, and left to starve in the basement, one boy, about seven or eight saw me.

"Why are you crying?" he said. I shook my head, gulping my tears. He then sat beside me. I hid my bruises hastily but he saw it. "Where did that come from?" he asked worriedly. I just continued to cry, remembering that if I tell anyone that my uncle beats me up, I would be dead. He suddenly hugged me as an act of comfort, carefully avoiding my bruises. "Everything's going to be alright," he said. I gave into his hug, soaking his shirt with my tears.

I was bruised and hurt (both physically and emotionally), but I was happy.

That boy and I have been the best of friends ever since. He lived a block away from me, we went to the same school, and we always did things together. Even though he came from an aristocratic family, he didn't mind being with someone of my stature. I was happy about that.

He was someone I could share my music with, someone I could consult, someone I could go on my mountain with, and someone I could share everything with.

I finally had someone else to see me at my best and at my worst.

Soon, when we were sixteen, he courted me. I said yes, but then I suddenly started to fall for someone else. I had to end his courtship, and so the person I was falling for fell for me as well.

Six weeks later, I found out that the one I fell in love with has a relationship with someone else, and that he was part of the plan of a set-up so that I would be unavailable for my best friend. What's more is, the girl would get my best friend to like her so that they would be together, and the other guy was supposed to break up with me to break my heart, as the girl's punishment for me because of her jealousy that I was always around 'her' man.

My best friend was still there for me, even though he was really jealous of that guy, and he stayed there with me until I moved on. Then, he asked if he could court me again.

I realized right there that I was so stupid.

I had to experience someone else's love and get hurt before realizing that the one I really should be loving was the one who courted me those weeks ago. He was the one who has been with me for six years. He had known me so much and now, he's in love with me.

And I'm in love with him.

We sat on the grass near that tree we used to play around at when we were children.

"May I ask you something?" he says.

"What?" I reply.

"Can I love you?" he says.

I look at him, searching his eyes as I feel my heart swell. I chuckle lightly. "You have the ability to do so, silly," I say. He rolls his eyes.

"Alright, may I love you?" he says, looking deep into my eyes. I smile at him. "You may."

Right there, I felt overjoyed. So this is what it feels like to be loved. Yes, I may have felt the love of my father, my mother, and my cousin, but this- this was different.

Two months later, my uncle was suddenly laughing worse than a hyena at the living room.

"COME HERE YOU LITTLE BRAT!" my uncle called as I was going down the stairs. He pulled me down, making me stumble and shoved a piece of paper up my face. "You see this?" he says, crazed. He's really drunk, I thought. I nodded. He laughed again. He gets something from the paper and I see that he was holding lots of money. My eyes widen. "All of this is mine!" he said, rejoicing. He then went out of the house, his crazed laughter still heard from outside. The paper where in the money was contained fell as my uncle left, and I picked it up.

It was written in a hand writing I'll know at once whom it belongs to, and it was addressed to me.

I turned it over and saw a letter- and I almost choked when I saw its contents, and more importantly, from whom it came from.

It came from the boy I loved- the boy who said he'd love me.

But in his letter, he said that he did not want me to show my face to him ever again, for all I wanted was his money, and his possessions, given my low position in society, and that I was only using him and his high status in society, so that I could also be like that. He now had given me that money as payment for getting out of his life.

I couldn't believe my eyes.

This boy told me that he would love me no matter what. "To hell with society's rules," he said to me once, "I'll love you even if you were the poorest girl in the world."

He even stood up for me when his mother, who was a Baroness, degraded me when he introduced me to his family.

What happened to that?

Why has he sent me this letter?

Has he changed? Was it even possible that he, out of all people, would do that?

Would he really do it?

I've doubted the reality of this letter for months, waiting somehow for a letter that would come from him, denying everything, or just simply him, showing up and explaining everything to calm my troubled heart.

Sadly, no one came.

My only refuge was my cousin. She had never failed to show me her love and care, and I have never craved to have a sister even more than before.

As time passed, my expectations of him arriving were fading. The love I have grown accustomed to feel whenever I think of him was slowly turning into hatred.

He not only left me, he also bruised my ego, lied to me, broke his promises, and has now crushed my heart. He had made me hope for a future with him, an "us" with him, and a forever with him.

But now I know better.


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