It was no one's idea of a clean getaway. Michael had a ricochet wound in his shoulder and Fi had taken a knife under her ribs. Michael half awake, Fi unconscious, they were both bleeding out in the back of the Cadillac, as Sam and Jesse dutifully applied pressure to the open wounds, when the CIA made their appearance.

"What seems to be the problem?" Jesse asked, standing up, bringing Fiona's limp body into his arms so he didn't have to take pressure off the cut in her side.

"We've got two options right now," Max said, his voice placating already.

"For what?" Sam asked.

"We're trying to take down a pro-UK terrorist cell in Northern Ireland. We think Fiona probably has some information about them that could help us out. Current options are to take her in for forty-eight hours questioning, give her full immunity for any crimes she was involved with while fighting this cell. Second option, if she won't testify against her old enemies, is to arrest her."

"But she just got stabbed five minutes ago?" Jesse put in, "Or is that unclear at this point?"
"I know. But look at it this way, we have incentive to keep her healthy enough to talk for the next two days, after that I'll bring her back and everything will be fine," Max offered.

"So you want her to forgo treatment for two days to answer questions about a terrorist cell and only offer her immunity for a couple months of her life?"

"That's the deal they're offering," Max said.

"Take the deal," Michael mumbled from the back seat.

"What?" Sam asked his friend in disbelief.

"Sam," Michael whispered, "I know it's bad. But if we don't take this offer they'll put her in prison for a long, long time. She's gonna be worse when she gets home, so find us a doctor that won't report to the police and pray."

"We'll take it," Sam said, climbing out of the car, "Take good care of her."

Max nodded and took Fi's limp body from Jesse's arms.

They watched the spotless Crown Vic drive away.

"You got a good doctor who won't report to the police?" Sam asked Jesse.

"No but we better find one fast."