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Trixie cruised through LazyTown in her confiscated car. She patrolled the streets, looking out for anyone being active or overly healthy. As she drove past the sports field she idled by the bench where Pixel was sleeping. With a mischievous grin she beeped the horn at him but the computer kid gave no reaction, continuing to snore. She scratched her head and puzzled over the lackluster response.

Before Trixie could try anything else she was interrupted by Stingy, Stephanie, and Ziggy walking across the hardtop. They came to a stop in front of her standing shoulder to shoulder, putting up a unified front of frowning faces.

"Well, well," Trixie drawled, "back for more, are you?"

"This isn't a game anymore," Stingy said, "stop playing around!"

"Trixie, Pixel needs your help," Stephanie tried to reason with the pigtailed girl. Trixie glanced between Pixel and the rest of the kids.

"He seems fine to me. I'll bet that's the best sleep he's had in a long time."

"But he won't wake up until you use the Vigorometer again," Ziggy said. "Won't you do it, please?"

"What's that? I don't have the 'Vigorometer' anymore," Trixie said. She held up the device and the kids took a collective step back. "All I have here is my Lazy Ray Gun. It only makes people lazy, so it looks like Pixel's going to get his forty winks and then some."

"You can't be serious!" Stingy exclaimed. "Are you really more interested in keeping up this dumb charade than helping Pixel?"

"I'm just being the best super villain I can be," Trixie said. "It's not my fault if you can't handle it."

"You're not the best," Stingy shouted, "you're the WORST!"

"You always want to ruin my fun!" Trixie shouted back. "None of you were good at being Robbie and now that I am you don't want to let me do it. You're all just jealous!"

"Jealous!" Stingy stomped his feet. "Why should I be jealous of you, you're just a— a bully! Nobody wants to play with you when you always take things too far!"

"Well nobody wants to play with you because you take EVERYTHING!" Trixie snapped. She narrowed her eyes at all of them, spitting like a viper. "Who wants to play with a greedy kid who does nothing but tell you what to do, and some sticky candy boy, and— and some PINK GIRL!"

"Trixie," Stephanie said, "you don't mean that, do you?"

"What if I do?" Trixie stood up in the car so that she looked down on them. "I'm having fun now, and none of your are going to stop me this time." She waved the Lazy Ray Gun around, driving the other kids farther back. "So you'd all better just watch it or you'll get the same treatment Pixel did. Maybe with all of you asleep I'll finally get to do things how I want."

"Let's get out of here," Ziggy squeaked and pulled on Stephanie's arm.

"We can't," Stephanie insisted, "not until we help Pixel."

"You guys can't even help yourselves," Trixie said. She started pushing buttons on the Lazy Ray Gun. "But if you want to make it that easy for me, go ahead." She raised the device, pointing the antenna at Stephanie first.

"Hello over there!" a strange voice shrilled. Trixie froze with the ray gun jutting forth. All together the kids turned in unison to look.

"Who are you?" Trixie asked.

She was the biggest kid they'd ever seen. The children stared at this strange new arrival, this tall and gangly girl with a big toothy grin and freckles on her face. They gawked at her bright red overalls that matched her equally bright red hair all tied up in pigtails. She jiggled a big slingshot in one hand making the rubber saddle swing.

"I'm Pippi Wrongstocking," the strange girl declared in that same high-pitched voice. Stingy wiggled a finger around in his ear while Ziggy's head twisted back and forth between Pippi and Trixie so fast his face was a blur.

"She looks like you, Trixie," Ziggy said. "Well, kind of."

"As if!" Trixie glared at the new girl. "Why don't you just move along, Beanpole, we're busy here."

"Who are you supposed to be?" Pippi asked. "The president of our country? That's an awful nice car you've got there. Maybe I could take it for a spin."

"Be careful, Pippi," Ziggy said. "Trixie is big trouble."

"That's right," Trixie said, puffing out her chest. "I'm LazyTown's new super villain."

"You? A villain?" Pippi laughed a loud and low laugh. "You don't look so tough to me. That's a fine game you're playing. I'd like to play too."

"Oh, would you?" Trixie sneered. "All right, why don't we play a game just you and me? Winner gets the car." The other kids waved their hands and shook their heads but Pippi paid them no mind.

"That's just what I was going to suggest." Pippi waggled the slingshot in her hand and gestured with it to the machine Trixie held. "How about a standoff at twenty paces?"

"We can do that," Trixie said. She dug around in her pocket and pulled out the radial accessory to the device. "You've just got to put this on first."

"Don't do it!" Ziggy cried as Pippi stepped forward to accept the blinking widget. "If you put that on you'll really be in trouble!"

"That's the one I gave back to Trixie," Stingy said. "She can't use her Lazy Ray Gun on you unless you're wearing it."

"That should make this more interesting," Pippi said. Trixie flashed a wicked grin as Pippi plucked the widget out of her hand. The gangly girl turned back around to the other kids and held out her hand to them next. "I see some of you still have them. If you're that scared, I'll take those too."

Stephanie and Ziggy exchanged nervous glances but neither of them turned down the offer. Everyone watched as Pippi clipped the widgets onto her overalls one after another. She lined them up on one shoulder strap so that they flashed like traffic lights all stuck on yellow.

"And now," Pippi said, "we can begin."

Trixie climbed out of the car and slammed its door shut. The rest of the kids retreated to a safe distance while the two pigtailed girls stood back to back. Pippi towered over Trixie but neither of them seemed to mind. Trixie held the Lazy Ray Gun in both hands, running her fingers over the buttons and dials. Pippi tightened her grip on her slingshot and slipped her free hand into one of her pockets, fishing out a big marble to secure in the saddle.

"Count us off, Pinkie," Trixie said.

"One," Stephanie said, raising her voice as she continued, "two, three..."

Ziggy chewed on his fingers and Stingy wrung his hands. The girls separated and the distance grew between them with each step. They had nearly the whole sports field between them by the time Stephanie reached sixteen, seventeen, eighteen…

On nineteen Trixie spun around and pointed the Lazy Ray Gun at Pippi's back. She let out a gleeful cackle as she punched the buttons and locked the device's satellite and antenna on her target. Ziggy and Stephanie gasped and Stingy screamed, "NO!" but their warning was too late.

"Sweet dreams!" Trixie yelled, and zapped Pippi in the back.

Pippi went rigid like a beanpole and spun stiffly around on one heel so that she faced everyone. The widgets blinked bright green up and down her shoulder strap, like all the traffic lights were saying Go! Go! Only Pippi wasn't going anywhere.

"That's cheating!" Stingy cried.

"Poor Pippi," Ziggy wailed. "She's going to sleep longer than the Lazysaurus Rex..."

But Pippi wasn't asleep. She stood swaying gently in place on her long and lanky legs, her eyes low-lidded as she gazed at Trixie. Everyone was still for a moment just staring at her. Slowly Pippi raised her slingshot up to eye level and pulled the saddle back, aiming it at Trixie.

"That's not possible," Trixie protested. "How can you still be awake? You're wearing three clip-ons for the Lazy Ray Gun!"

"These won't work on me, Loud-Girl," Pippi said. "I'm always lazy."

Pippi launched the marble from the slingshot. With a screaming whistle it hurtled through the air and cracked into Trixie's hand. Trixie screamed and dropped the Lazy Ray Gun, grabbing her hand tight to her chest.

Pippi sauntered across the sports field and bent down to scoop up the ray gun. She turned it over, looking at it from all sides, and shrugged.

"Looks like I win," Pippi said.

"Way to go, Pippi!" the kids cheered as they ran over. Pippi handed the device over to Stephanie without any further delay.

"Oh, thank you!" Stephanie said. "That was the bravest thing anyone has ever done, and we only just met you!"

"No problem," Pippi said. "It looked like you guys could use a new friend around here."

"No kidding," Stingy said. "If Trixie wants to be the villain so bad, she can't be our friend anymore."

"Sounds like I couldn't have come at a better time," Pippi said, giving them her big toothy grin.

Trixie glared daggers at Pippi, her eyes gleaming with a fiery anger. Only it wasn't fire that made them shine so bright. Trixie took in a sharp sniff and rubbed furiously at her eyes, blotting out the trickle of tears. She jerked away from the rest of the kids and ran across the sports field, running away from their shouts.

"She looked upset," Ziggy said.

"Humph! Let her go," Stingy said, hiking his nose up high in the air.

"Come on guys, let's take care of Pixel," Stephanie said.

Stephanie ran across the sports field back to the bench where Pixel sat. They all crowded around the sleeping boy while Stephanie figured out how to use the device. She punched some buttons and the mini satellite lined up with the antenna, pointed at Pixel. Stephanie cranked up the dial and the machine gave a couple beeps and hums as it interacted with the radial accessory clipped still in Pixel's possession.

Pixel stirred on the bench, his arms and legs fidgeting. He jerked in place and bolted upright with a scream, his eyes flying open.

"WAKE UP!" Pixel shouted. He stared at everyone surrounding him, his eyes wide. "Am… I still asleep?"

The kids cried out with joy and relief. Stingy ran behind Pixel and yanked the red blinking widget from his collar. Pixel jumped off the bench and spun around to watch the fancy boy throw the clip-on far away from them.

"Is this really real?" Pixel asked.

"Of course this is real, Pixel," Ziggy said, "everything's okay now! Were you having a bad dream?"

"It was a nightmare!" Pixel said. "I thought all of you were trapped in there with me. I couldn't wake up no matter what I tried to do! And there was this terrible man, all dressed in black, and… man, am I glad to be awake." He kept looking around himself. "But where's Trixie? What happened?"

"After Trixie put you to sleep we tried to end the game, but she wouldn't quit," Stephanie said. "If it wasn't for Pippi you'd still be asleep."

"Pippi? Who's Pippi?"

"Pippi Wrongstocking," Ziggy said, "she's our new friend!" He turned to introduce Pixel to the girl and stopped. "Huh? Where'd she go?"

Pippi was nowhere to be seen. Ziggy ran around the sidelines of the sports field calling for the strange girl but soon returned to the group shaking his head.

"She was here a second ago, I don't understand."

"Let's find Trixie," Pixel said.

"Why?" Stingy huffed. "She ran off on her own after all the trouble she caused, why should we go after her?"

"Trixie's our friend," Pixel said. "No matter what's happened." He started to walk with or without the others. "I'm going to see her."

The other kids hesitated a moment longer. Stephanie was the first to follow, then Ziggy. Stingy dragged his heels the longest before running to catch up with the group.

They didn't have to go far to find her. Trixie was sat down under the apple tree next to the newly filled in hole. She had her legs bent up close to her body, her arms wrapped around her knees. Trixie's eyes were red and glassy and she ducked her head down to dry her face on her sleeve. Sportacus, sitting beside her, patted her on the shoulder.

Sportacus glanced over at the approaching party before looking back to Trixie. "They're here now," he said to her in a gentle tone. "Why don't you tell them what you told me?"

Trixie peeked out from between her arms at the other kids. "Guys," she said in a small voice, "I'm sorry."

"That's good," Sportacus encouraged her, nodding, "go on." Trixie nodded too, just a small dip of her head. She uncurled slightly from her ball and looked at each one of the kids, meeting their eyes.

"I'm sorry I took your car, Stingy," Trixie said. "And Ziggy, I shouldn't have made you climb that tree. I'm sorry for the way I've been talking to you, Stephanie, to all of you. And Pixel..."

"It's okay, Trixie," Pixel said, "I forgive you."

"We all do," Stephanie said, "right, guys?"

"Right!" Ziggy said.

They looked to Stingy. The boy had his eyes narrowed at Trixie, one finger tapping at his chin in consideration.

"You can have my forgiveness," Stingy said. "This time. But don't let it happen again."

"It won't," Trixie said, letting out a shaky breath she'd been holding. "I don't know what came over me. I really was only playing at first, but I didn't want to stop, I couldn't, even when you guys wouldn't play anymore. Then, when you said you wouldn't be my friends anymore..." Trixie sniffed and rubbed her nose. "It's lonely being the villain when no one likes you."

"We do like you, Trixie," Stephanie said, stepping forward. She knelt down in front of Trixie and threw her arms around her. "We like you when you're just yourself." Trixie hugged Stephanie back, letting out a little laugh.

"Me too, Pinkie."

"What's going on here? This doesn't look very lazy to me."

The kids turned and let out a collective gasp. "Robbie Rotten!" they shouted, and ran over to meet the man halfway across the street. Robbie stood stiffly in place while the children milled around him jumping around and shouting and laughing.

"You're all as noisy as ever too. It's just as I feared. I knew that vacation was a bad idea."

"It's good to have you back, Robbie," Sportacus said with a chuckle, standing just outside the swarm of kids.

"Really?" Robbie asked.

"Absolutely," Sportacus said. "Ever since you left the kids have been getting into all kinds of trouble." His eyes crinkled in his laugh and he winked. "LazyTown is much easier when you're here."

"Robbie, I was totally wrong about you," Trixie said. "Being LazyTown's villain is really hard." The others murmured their agreement. Robbie looked around at them all, his mouth twitching with a smirk.

"I told you, didn't I?" Robbie drawled.

"Yeah, but we had no idea just how hard you really have it," Trixie said, "when you have to do everything alone."

"You don't have anyone to eat candy with you," Ziggy said.

"No one will do you want," Stingy chimed in.

"There's no one to test run your inventions," Pixel pointed out.

"You have to dig a hole by yourself too," Stephanie added.

"And everyone," Trixie said, "is trying to ruin your plans." She cradled her hand that had been struck with a slingshot's marble. Already a little round bruise was taking shape on her skin.

"Don't remind me," Robbie said. "It's enough to make me want to take another vacation."

"No!" all the kids shouted at once, making Robbie jump on the spot.

"Don't go away again," Ziggy pleaded. "You can share your cake with me."

"Yeah, we'll do whatever you say," Stingy said. "At least sometimes, anyway."

"Well," Robbie said with a grin, "if you want me to stay that badly, I guess I will."

"All right!" The kids clamored and clapped with even more energy. Robbie covered his ears at the noise but otherwise seemed in a good enough mood to grin and bear it.

"What should we do now?" Pixel asked.

"What do you want to do, Robbie?" Trixie asked. Robbie pointed at himself while everyone looked at him.

"Me?" He scratched his head. "Well actually, I'd like to get back to the beach and finish my nap."

"Are you sure you want to nap outside again?" Ziggy asked.

"Why shouldn't I?" Robbie asked, cocking an eyebrow at the little boy. Ziggy pointed up at Robbie's face.

"It looks like all the sun has given you freckles. You don't want to get a sunburn."

Robbie's eyes widened. He turned away from the crowd and scrubbed at his face with both hands. When he spun back around his face was a little red but otherwise clear.

"Oh, this is nothing, just a couple of sunspots. Now then, let's go!"