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So sometimes when a reviewer makes an observation or asks a question, I send not only a "thank you" but also a little conversation back. Sometimes, I'm inspired by a detail in a review. The 4 drabbles below are responses I sent to reviewers and decided to copy onto a document later.

I thought they might be fun to share with the nomination announcement above.

They are super raw and casual and were written on the spot so don't expect Shakespeare lol.

I heart you guys :)

In reference to the scene where Draco (Jack) takes Hermione dancing for Valentine's Day and he's sort of bad at it:

I imagine him, a little boy with blond hair under his father's watchful eye, trying to keep up with an instructor, the finest money can buy, when really he just wants to go fly his new broom. But of course he made a deal: He could get the newest model of the Cloud Chaser but he needs to behave for Madame Pinkerton and,

Blast it all, stop that infernal fidgeting, boy! How will he function at all the Ministry events and pureblood balls and Charity galas if he can't even lead a witch in a proper waltz? The Greengrasses will expect much more than inheritance and breeding to give up one of their daughters in betrothal.

And, his mother pipes in, don't roll your eyes at your father, young man or I can march right back to Diagon and return that broom where I bought it.

Narcissa though, smiles in secret at the adorable pout on his face. There's no way she'd return the broom when it made him so happy...

One of those "10 years later" epilogues that I tend not to write except in my head:

I mean, not to worry, I can promise in my head cannon they totally get married and, once Hermione has settled into her career and feels confident and secure socially, they decide to have a family and Draco is relieved because Narcissa has been just HOUNDING him for ages by this point and

"no, Mum, we are not ignoring your wishes and yes of course I want you to be young enough to enjoy your grandchildren. You're only 53 for Merlin's sake. A witch's life expectancy is 136!"

Hermione is mortified that he would name a child after a poisonous bug with a stinger but when she offers up obscure Shakespearean suggestions they are at an impasse. Harry suggests Albus, you know, after Dumbledore, and Hermione raises an eyebrow and asks who the hell would name a child THAT. Suddenly she thinks Scorpius doesn't sound too bad, but only if his middle name can be a nod to muggle literature. Draco compromises and Scorpius Othello Malfoy is the beginning of a new era in the formerly pureblooded family

Request for a Hermione/Cormac story which was prefaced by an apology for my incapability of cheating on Dramione (plus, there's silly song lyrics):

"You'll be fine. I don't even know what you see in me, honestly. We have nothing in common."

"What about Breakfast at Tiffany's? Remember that film? That's one thing we've got."

Hermione rolls her eyes but concedes, "well we both kind of liked it... but that's not something to base a relationship on, Cormac."

"No," he sighs. "I suppose it's not."

They hug as they part and Hermione is left alone in the café, nursing a cup of sugar with a little coffee and cream.


She looks up. Hermione hasn't seen Draco Malfoy in ages. Not since that night at the Ministry fundraiser when he drunkenly admitted crushing on her since 4th year. She'd been disappointed when business pulled him away and their lives didn't cross again for nearly a year.

She smiles and gestures to the empty chair across from her. "Would you like to have a seat?"

He looks over but shakes his head. "I'm late actually, for a matinee. The Brew and View is playing Breakfast at Tiffany's and I told Blaise I'd meet him and Daphne."

"Oh... well enjoy it. It's a classic."

He thinks for a minute and then smirks. "Want to join me? Take away my third wheel status?"

Her smiles is slow but then broad. She actually doesn't care for the movie that much; she was only being polite to Cormac. But a date with Draco Malfoy? "Sounds great. I mean, I wouldn't pass up a chance to see a great movie."

After the movie is dinner in an intimate tapas place and suddenly Draco is working himself into the holes of her life that Cormac never quite fit. The next ministry gala, Hermione doesn't have to attend alone and no business can possibly keep Draco away.

Frank Granger and Lucius Malfoy: Unlikely friendship:

Frank Granger doesn't know it yet, but he's going to find a love for model ship building and end up spending a lot of evenings at the manor, attaching rigging while Lucius paints the figurehead because Lucius isn't very good at the rigging part but he LOVES painting. They drink coffee like they need it to live and after a few weeks Lucius convinces Frank to bring his car 'round to let him try driving. It's lucky Narcissa casts a mean Reparo because otherwise the Grangers' Nissan would show the scars of losing a battle with the Malfoy fountain...

Can't you just see him? You know he'd have, like, driving gloves and goggles and a white scarf. Imagine him puttering around the shrubberies, peacocks screaming as they run away, all the while he's grinning like a loon.

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