Time upon a once, under the sea. There lived a little merman. His name was Alexander Hamilton. He lived in an undersea palace with his adoptive family - the Georges' - surrounded by his brother, Aaron Burr, a stickler for rules who never wished to take any risks. But Alexander was different from his brother.

He was very interested in the politics above the waves and didn't want to go to war with the humans, as his adoptive father had just declared. His brother and sisters found this very odd as they had been training to fight their whole lives, leading up to this point. Well, everyone except Aaron Burr of course who would rather lock himself in his rooms. (He wasn't fooling anyone though, everyone from the palace to the kelp forest knew he was really skiving his duties to go see his girlfriend Theodosia, a selkie.)

Well, no matter, Aaron Burr is only a minor character anyway, up until the end where he nearly kills his brother over an illegal affair with a human. But that happens much later so you don't have to worry just yet. Anyway, on this particular day Alexander was out exploring the seas with his two best - and arguably only - friends; Lafayette, the youngest captain in the royal guard - no one knew where he had come from but his fighting skills were renowned throughout the entire kingdom - and Hercules Mulligan, the royal tailor's apprentice who was quite a bit older than the other two mermen but still tagged along for fun not wishing to be cooped up in his mentor's store. On this particular day, Hamilton was composing a speech out loud to his two friends as they swam through the clear blue water, passing by tall towering forests of kelp and mountains of coral. They were far outside the palace grounds but neither one of them was worried, for they had visited this area many times before on similar escapes from the hustle and bustle of palace life. As the three young men cruised by, fish darted across their paths in schools of bright colours. We enter our story while Hamilton is regaling his friends on his newest scheme.

"If we could just be friends with the humans this whole war wouldn't be happening anyway, I'm sure they think the same way as we do! There's nothing remotely barbaric about them! Except for the fact that they walk on two legs... and live on land... And eat fish..." Alexander swam in front of his two friends who were giving each other resigned looks, "Okay. I'll admit. They are a bit weird. But I'm sure if we actually got to know them we could strike up diplomacy! Maybe even negotiate an alliance against Jefferson and his band of goons! What if we could strike up a trade agreement?! What if..."

"Alexander," Hercules interrupted his ramblings, "All this is wonderful and all but how in the seven seas are you going to get your dad to agree?"

"Adopted dad." Hamilton muttered under his breath, black hair swirling in the current behind him as if it had a mind of its own.

"Adopted dad," Hercules amended, "But my point still stands, your folks seem pretty adamant about this war." Alexander scoffed and rolled his eyes.

"Hercules is right mon ami," Lafayette added placing a hand on his smaller friend's shoulder to stop him from swimming away, "He won't listen. None of them will"

"That doesn't mean I can't try Laf! Just think of what we could accomplish if we could strike an alliance with the humans!"

Hercules and Lafayette glanced at each other again with knowing looks.

"Just think of how amazing it would be to see a human! A real live human!", Alexander turned a circle in the water his navy blue tail trailing bubbles as he span, "I know what we should do today!" he suddenly exclaimed with glee, "Come on guys! We're going to the surface!" And with these words he took off through the water, leaving a current in his wake.

"Alex! You know you're father hates it when... Here we go again." Hercules muttered fondly before, with a few quick flicks of his tail, racing to catch up.

"Oh mon ami, Pourquoi devez-vous être comme ça? You will be the death of us all." And with these final words Lafayette shook his head with a grin and swam to reach their slowly disappearing forms on the seafloor. But little did he notice when a dark figure came out from behind a structure of coral.

"So, George's son is going to the surface?", the figure grinned, "What a naughty, naughty boy, just wait until Thomas hears about this."