Hi! So, I've decided to countinue with the story for the time being, so enjoy!

Percy looked around.
'Huh, almost nothing's changed.'
Slinging his backpack over his shoulder, he headed towards the taxi's.
"Take me to (1)?, Manhatten."
on the taxi, Percy mentally prepared himself for what ever his mom had in store for him. After paying the taxi, he walked up to the key/voice thingy that was usually found in apartment blocks. He entered the room number(sorry, I'm kinda making up at this bit) and waited for a response.
"Hello, this is Sally Jackson. May i help you?"
Percy swallowed.
"H-hey mom."
"...Percy?! Percy where were you-"
"Mom! I'lol explain everything, can I just go up first? I'm starving."
"Alright. I'm coming down."

Sally stared at her son. Percy started fidgeting.
"Uh, mo-"
"Where have you been for the past 2 Years, Perusues Achilles Jackson! Did you know how worried I was, Annabeth, your father?!"
Percy flinched.
"Mom, I-I'm sorry for just leaving you like that. And Paul. I missed you a lot, too."
She gave Percy a look.
"Where have you been, young man, and why are you starving? I know for a fact that Planes have food, and how did you get on a plane without Zeus knowing?"
Sighing, Percy told his mother everything. How he had run away, only to be found by Shinigami-Sama, DWMA, how he had weapon blood, how he'd gone on the plane, and, most importantly, why he was here.
"...So that's why I'm here. Shinigami-Sama said that he'd come-or, he'd mirror call me, and then we'd go to Camp together, so they wouldn't freak out."
Sally couldn't help but smile proudly at her son...what a fine man he'd grown into.
"You know, Annabeth still comes around. She hasn't lost hope that you would come back. And, the gods have learned their lesson. They even tried to search for you, but, now it makes sense. You were hidden by the...DWMA, was it?" She gave a small laugh. "Did you know that the gods have actually started going to camp for dinner? And the romans has started coming more and more daily."
Percy smiled. Oh how he'd missed his mom.
Percy gulped. Now what?!
"I have the feeling that you didn't tell me everything. What did you leave out?"
He sighed. Trust his mother to notice. So, he'd told her about Asura, how the madness had effected a lot of people, him included.
"...I'm just not sure how to...control my madness. After going through Tartures, according to Asura and Shinigami-Sama, my madness has been... how would you say this, leveled up?"
Sally hugged him.
"So you're worried about hurting Camp and Annabeth."
Percy nodded shakily.
"Since Annabeth came through Tartures with me, I'm not sure if Asura's madness will affect her as well. I'm not sure if any other Half-bloods who can see and sense soul wavelengths. Also, another part of this mission is to find a meister for me. And of course to become a Death Scythe."
"Don't worry, Perce. I'm sure it'll all work out just fine. ON the other hand, would you like any cookies?"
Percy perked up at the mention of cookies.
Sally laughed.
"blue and freashly made!"
Shaking her head, Sally couldn't help feel relived at the fact that Percy was still the same Percy she knew. The last thing she wanted was for her baby boy to become a just like the soldier that he, techinically, is, just, not like those seemingly lifeless soldiers. She shuddered. Just imagining her baby's sea-green eyes looking so lifeless and devoid of hope made her insides clench with fear and a horror only a mother could feel.

Later, when Paul had come back from work, he, too, had been rejoyced to see Percy, so much that he and Sally had thrown a little party for the homecoming of their baby boy. Percy had blushed, stating that he wasn't a baby anymore, and that they didn't need to through a freaking party just because he was back. Paul had laughed at that, apparently amused that Percy was still the same painfully modest boy he was when Paul had last seen him. After learning that the gods were true, he had looked up on the Greek and, recently, Roman mythology, and had been afraid that Percy would turn out like those heros, arrogante and selfish, uncaring.

1: I know that Percy lives in New York, but I'm not sure about which part,so, because i remember something about Manhatten, i just put that in. Sorry for all you PJO/HoO lovers! Don't kill me!

So how was it? Next chap will be when Percy goes to camp. Finally. Oh yeah, and for those who are confused, this is taking place after the HoO series, and after Asura has been resurrected. Percy has a mad side, and I have no idea what kind of weapon he should be. What do you guys think? A simple sword/scythe weapon or a demon something weapon like Tsubaki or a gun weapon? Please help me here guys! Anyway, so since school holidays have finally started, I'll try to update more!
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